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Beto O’Rourke’s Strategy Is Ethno-Masochism

Will non-whites love him or despise him for it?


Feeling bad about being white.

Ashamed of Dixie

Politicians eat dirt to placate critics.


Allowing students to op out of attending a Black History Month assembly is a “microaggression.”

His presence would “detract” from a “civil rights event” taking place on campus.

Cherokees say the use of DNA to prove you’re an Indian is “inappropriate and wrong.”

Apologies, Apologies

White liberals again unwittingly offend their new rulers.


Anti-Racism: The Church of the Damned

The only salvation is white identity.


He can’t set foot in his child’s school, either.

Nation of Little Swine

Selling out your family for media applause.


She apologized but lost the election anyway.

Justin Trudeau: Canada’s First (And Last) Postnational President?

White Canadians are tired of his antics.


Sales are down and the CEO has stepped down.

Milwaukee relief pitcher will undergo reeducation.

“[W]e find it difficult to simply forget, regardless of how long ago it was.”

Papa John Burned at the Stake

Another victim of secular theocracy.


National Geographic Pushes Pseudoscience

Claims race is a fiction.


Science “must welcome everyone”—except for Nobel-laureate James Watson.

Agent says black, Asian, minority ethnic-only casting calls are putting white actors out of work.

Payday for Donte and Rashon

Starbucks non-customers win “undisclosed amount.”


Who Should Apologize for Baltimore?

Black police commissioner thinks white cops are to blame.


Starbuck’s will add “training” for store managers to deal with “unconcious bias.”

Superdrug has apologized and “launched an investigation.”

They will make amends by hiring more non-whites.

Expropriation Without Compensation

South Africa is a window into a non-white future.


The apology is of course not good enough.

Spiritual guru asks white audience members to repeat after her: “I apologize . . .”

“Promoting historical awareness in public schools.”

Nothing from President to mark Festivus, another made-up December holiday.

‘Gentrification’ or ‘White Flight’

Whites can’t win.


She suggested a room full of blonds could still be “diverse.”

Another scalp: Because apologizing is never enough.

He also said that Islam is not a religion of peace. But he’s sorry for all that now.

American Airlines wants to meet with NAACP and grovel.

Black woman apologizes for suggesting a group of white men could be “diverse.”

Dove apologizes and pulls the ad.

A “poor effort at jocular humor” goes badly for renowned Holocaust scholar.

Goes on to claim that Christian missionaries, past and present, are “migrants.”

Another university President proudly cowers.

It now say it didn’t mean to endorse white supremacy.

40 years ago.

Major companies are tripping over one another to grovel the most.

Race, Crime, and Loathing in Minnesota

The more clear a pattern, the less our rulers are willing to face it.


Joke app would turn your face black, Asian, white or Indian.

A Diamond in a Dungheap, Frontpage Mag

Sylvi Listhaug—Norway’s voice of reason.

NYT thinks it’s because students don’t want to go to a “racist” university.

“I do not feel that I can continue to bear the weight of the police chief position.”

White nationalism is the hot topic of their national meeting.

Apology says Jesus and the Holy Spirit “cleansed” him of racism.

Understanding Black College Protests

And how to stop them.