N.C. Gov. McCrory Eliminates Latino Affairs Office, Raising Community Concerns

Franco Ordonez and John Frank, McClatchy, March 28, 2013

North Carolina’s Latino advocates are voicing alarm following the governor’s decision to eliminate the state’s office for Latino affairs.

The closing of the Office of Hispanic/Latino affairs was sudden and caught many by surprise. The move appears to have exacerbated the already tense relationship between Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and the Latino community.

Advocates says it sends a message that McCrory and Raleigh conservatives are less concerned with the needs of the Latino community. Paradoxically, it comes at a time when issues of deep concerns, like immigration, are at the political forefront.

The closing of the Office of Hispanic/Latino affairs was sudden and caught many by surprise. A spokesperson for the governor said the office was not being closed, but that its duties were being shifted to the office of community and constituent affairs.

“We are committed to serving the needs of all of North Carolina’s citizens,” Thomas Stith, the governor’s chief of staff, said in a statement. “We don’t segment our constituents by race or cultural background, any more than we separate them by age or gender. In addition, the Governor’s Advisory Council on Hispanic/Latino Affairs is a valuable resource to help us address culturally sensitive issues.”

But advocates like Jess George, executive director of Latin American Coalition in Charlotte, sees the move as a contradiction to national efforts by the Republican Party to appear more welcoming to Latinos. Those efforts include officially supporting calls to legalize the nation’s 11 million illegal immigrants.

“The message from Raleigh is that Latinos in North Carolina don’t matter,” she said. “To close the office of Hispanic affairs only goes to confirm what many people suspect in our state, which is that, despite movement with the Republican Party at the national level towards more bipartisan solutions around comprehensive immigration reform, North Carolina conservatives don’t seem to have gotten the same memo.”

The office was where Latino leaders went to get the governor’s feedback on policy decisions impacting the community. It was a resource for victims needing shelter and bilingual assistance during hurricanes and other natural disasters. It also held community forums and collected demographic statistics on the state’s fastest growing ethnic community, which now exceeds 800,000 residents.


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  • I don’t really understand how “mexican affairs” (what in the world is a “latino”?) can be so different than human affairs, If they are so different, maybe they should have their own country and government.

    • The__Bobster

      I thought they did. They need to go back to it if they feel so neglected.

  • The closing of the Office of Hispanic/Latino affairs was sudden and
    caught many by surprise. The move appears to have exacerbated the
    already tense relationship between Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and the
    Latino community.

    They must not have brains, eyes and ears to have been “surprised” by this. When McCrory ran for Governor in 2008 and again last year, he explicitly took a relatively hard line on immigration issues. Then again, a Republican campaigning on right wing things then going back on his word when he wins happens so often that when one holds true to his words, it actually is a surprise.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Exactly. Wow, someone, a Republican for that matter stuck to his guns. Hey, if the Latinos don’t like the NC governor’s stance, then perhaps they can move to another state. Since action isn’t happening at the federal level, states need to play hardball and just make things as unwelcoming as possible for the doritos er, I mean Latinos

      • Major

        And I’m sure their bus fare to TN, SC, VA won’t trouble them that much. I’d like the Gov to tell them don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on your way out either.

        “Latino Affairs”…what a load of crap. White affairs is what keeps these parasites well fed and siphoning off every states assets…and now patience.

  • ncpride

    At least my trip to the polls last election wasn’t a complete waste of time. Go Pat!

    • So CAL Snowman

      Mine was

    • joesolargenius

      I am going to be in Raleigh for a few days next week in an attempt to get the Governor and several other agencies involved in exposing a huge scandal which involved a democratic appointed chair of a state agency sabotaging a workers comp case . They did this right before the election to cover up the fact that illegals are buying our jobs and then ganging up on Americans that work with them in an attempt to run them off from the job .Every politician I have approached about this has referred me to another as they are afraid of losing financial backers if they get involved .

      • DelmarJackson

        This practice of denying whites and blacks jobs and giving them to latinos who pay bribes to get and keep the jobs is spreading. I have seen it here in Florida.
        Read Ricardo Charles book Mexican Cliques in Texas Construction.

    • Amused

      No kidding! I feel like, at least on a local scale, I’ll be able to breathe a bit more freely, for the next 4 years…After Bevvie Perdoo-doo, I need the break!

      • ncpride

        I’ve really admired Pat for years, especially after he refused to grovel to the NAACP after making accurate statements about black youth in Charlotte while he was Mayor.


        • Major

          The NAACP and all the other sniveling, racist commie fronts don’t just have their heads in the sand when they can’t admit their “youts” are by and large self anointed gangsters, hoodie hoodlums and general savages….they have it some where else far away from the light of day.

  • Hunter Morrow

    North Carolina neither needs nor wants “Latinos.”

    Did the governor shut down the White Affairs Office? Oh, North Carolina has never had one.
    That would have been el racisto.

    • The__Bobster

      Apparently their media think they do. I remember reading a newspaper in the Charlotte Airport 25 years ago, where in the lead story, the writer lamented the fact that the city had less than 1% of these “vibrant” Mestzos. Well, things have certainly changed and it was no accident.

      • Bobby

        It’s an illustration of how the left has 100 percent usurped the whole news media of the U.S, The fact that every main newspaper in the U.S. can neither see nor support the American citizens side of things, which is proven by pole after pole, (most Americans don’t want illegal immigration and less immigration overall) proves what traitors they are to the citizens and that they are pushing their own leftist open borders agenda.. Is it any wonder that the latest figures on how many people read newspapers, is down to about 11 percent. They’re anti-citizens and therefore irrelevant.

        • nobody special

          It’s an illustration of how JEWS have a grip on news and entertainment in the U.S.

  • Every one of these special interest offices across the country needs shut down.


    They are all just political patronage jobs.

    • saxonsun

      You are truly mad. What you are saying is that only jobs taken by white het males are legitimate and that white het males are the only legitimate people. If you were not so silly and pathetic, you’d be dangerous.

      • Mark

        Yes, in essence that is exactly what rjp is saying and he is 100% correct. The only truly legitimate people in our Country are the White, Christian Europeans.

        We built this Country and it belongs to us. Everyone else should go back to their respective hell holes and stay there. We don’t want you here!!!

  • So CAL Snowman

    Funny, I don’t remember the descendants of the Mayflower Compact needing an Office of Latino Affairs to succeed in the new world.

  • bigone4u

    These parasites can’t stand it when a government office that was a waste of money is closed. They will never be satisfied until they control the whole countryl. I will never be satisfied until they are looking at the USA through their rearview mirrors.

  • crystalevans

    I wonder what percentage of them are not supposed to be here? What people do not realize is that the Latino invasion is a relatively recent one and unlike the blacks, most of them are not citizens, I think that they made a great move by stop catering to a group that refused to assimilate with the rest of the population.

    • The__Bobster

      It’s better that they don’t assimilate. It’ll make them easier to remove.

      • Tom Iron

        They can’t assimilate. It’s way beyond their abilities to be Americans.

  • The__Bobster

    North Carolina’s Latino advocates are voicing alarm following the governor’s decision to eliminate the state’s office for Latino affairs.

    They no longer need one. Gov. Sanford is gone. (rimshot!) Okay, he was from the neighboring state, but it’s still funny.


    • Except he’s not gone. He’s running for the House seat that the big affirmative action lug abandoned when Governor Lady Pradesh Patel sent him to the Senate.

  • My narrow minded thought is…Government should stay out of peoples affairs and tend to matters such as infrastructure and other concerns which only the local government has oversight thereof, ie, law enforcement and such.
    This is my pipe dream and big gov lovers will call me names, but I don’t understand why any government should be involved with peoples lives on the scale we see today.
    If people want a ‘Mexican Affairs” committee then they should build it with their own money and shut up about “Governments not doing this or that for me.”

  • IstvanIN

    Want to save your state? Get rid of all the ethnic offices, welfare for the able-bodies, multi-lingual government services, affirmative action and the losers will self-deport.

    • White Mom in WDC

      Exactly. Make things as unwelcoming as possible. Then they will get stepping.

    • Major

      Just as soon as Comcast, AT&T, Home Depot, Walmart, Office Depot, Staples and every other corporation and box store take down the signs in spanish and make it easy for the invaders, interlopes and idiots that they’ve chose to adopt and cater to. And insulting all us Americans, our culture and our language in the meantime.

      Either that or they post signs in 12 other languages too…just to make it…”Fair”.

      • IstvanIN

        That aggravates me to know end. Try to read the instructions or ingredient label on a box or can? Tiny bi-lingual print. Infuriating.

        • Major

          I’m…sadly…in FlaDuh…we have to deal with Creole for Gads sake. Plus the Mexi criminals outside of their…RELIEF CENTERS. WTF??

      • me

        Brilliant! Let’s each start a grass roots campaign to DEMAND signs, labels, etc. to be worded in Swedish, Russian, Pig Latin, etc. or HUGE LAWSUIT! I bet CORPORATE AMERIKA would quit printing things other than English, if we forced the issue. Let’s turn their own weapons against themselves….

  • Seek

    Finally. A governor with some real spine.

    • Greg Thomas

      We’ll see how long its lasts…..

  • Greg Thomas

    I would like to know why there was ever an office for latino affairs to begin with.

  • LHathaway

    McCrory lost to Governor Bev Perdue in a previous try, I believe. His base is Charlotte, NC. McCrory came surprisingly close in this previous contest. All I could wonder is why do so few people like Bev Perdue? This is good news for conservatives in NC

    • ncpride

      He barely lost to Perdue in 2008….. by 3 percentage points I believe. The question is, how on earth she won to begin with since her approval rating was at 32% just 3 months into her term as Governor? She didn’t stand a chance for a second term, so she didn’t even bother to run.

    • Observing from afar, he was set to win in 2008. Then, Obamamania came along, Obama wound up ekeing out NC, Perdue rode his coattails. Last year what was curious is that McCrory won by a bigger margin than Romney beat Obama in the same state on the same day.

      One thing that may have hurt McCrory in 2008 — You said it yourself with one word — “Charlotte.” Evidently, in NC politics and affairs, there is a Charlotte vs rest-of-the-state dichotomy, that the rest of the state thinks that Charlotte has this uppity “We’re too good for NC” attitude, and this makes the rest of the state resentful. North Carolina’s political energy, it seems, is mainly Triangle and Triad. That hurt McCrory just enough that, combined with Obamamania helping Democrats in 2008, sunk him. Probably in 2012, Perdue and the statewide Democrats were so unpopular that McCrory’s “Charlatan” status didn’t matter. At least now, he’s off to a good start.

      By the time AR was supposed to have the conference in Charlotte, McCrory wasn’t Mayor anymore.

  • Underton

    These people are the vanguard of a foreign invasion. They have NO place in Antebellum – none. These colonists need to leave. They block vote democrat, the enemies of my people and their freedoms. The more of them that invade, the more democrats, the more our people are displaced and the fewer freedoms we have. GET OUT.

  • common sense

    McCrory for president in 2016?

  • 1proactive2

    I’ve never seen the need for any race-specific department in government unless you want your trash picked up once a week in an Hispanic or black manner, if such exists, or if your utility bills need to be sent by carrier pigeon or some other kind of (ethnic specific) delivery system.

    Like blacks, Hispanics don’t like adults such as this governor in political office so it’s not surprise this action is alarming to them. What’s next? No special preferences or set-asides for them in hiring, college admission, or government building projects? Oh my! The horrors of actually having to earn something!

  • Bobby

    This man is simply a citizen, an elected official doing his sworn duty to the CITIZENS, and should be re-elected. Same goes for Governor Jan Brewer in Arizona. It isn’t these people that are wrong, it’s all the rest of the Governors, who are NOT doing their sworn duty to the citizenry. This stuff isn’t rocket science. Why some American citizens continue to be snowed by the open borders left on this stuff is a mystery to me. Don’t they believe in the valute of upholding immigration law? It’s truly sick, how little Democrats and NOW, OPEN BORDERS RINO’S care for the fate of their country and the kind of world their kids will live in. When the U.S. becomes third world and untenable, where do they plan to go? Every single group that is for massive immigration legal or not, is a group that sells out American citizens AND SHOULD BE KNOWN FOR THE CREEEPS THEY ARE.

  • Jim Bob Lassiter

    Don’t put too much stock in this. As has been noted, McCrory has long track record as mayor of Quenietown in which his positions regarding Hispanic illegal aliens have flip-flopped tremendously. There is also an “on the down low scheme” in the works with support of certain Democrat and Republican legislators and certain leadership elements of the NC Sheriffs’ Association to resume issuing NCDLs to most all illegal aliens, not just DACA Drag ’em Babies.

    On a related note, “El Pueblo” of NC (the NC La RAZA branch office–think Thomas Perez’s Casa Maryland) has run into severe financial problems over the last few years and has had to furlough staff, move out of prime Capitol District Raleigh lobbyist office space and reduce salaries. This led to it’s ex-Director Tony Asion (cane cutter Delaware State Trooper for 20 years and all round Cuban Renaissance Man) resigning his position there to take office as the interim Chief of Capitol Police (a “special” LEA that provides dedicated security and patrol services for State Gubimint bldgs. and gubimint events in Raleigh apart from the regular City of Raleigh PD, Wake County Sheriff and NC State Patrol) Asion’s appointment was back in August, 2012 under the Perdue administration Of note, The Capitol Police has a longstanding reputation of being staffed with officers that have screwed up in other agencies but are connected politically or have bulletproof AA hire status and thus wind up here eating donuts and getting into other dirty business.

    So in a matter of six to seven months Jefe Cane Cutter Tony and one of his Anglo surnamed sergeants are fired amid allegations that they (in the course of using their badges and service weapons while contracting off-duty private security services) engaged in some sort of “improprieties”. It seems they hired themselves out for security duty at some large Brazilian-Ecuadorian Bunga Bunga Bacanal QuilomboTable Dance Sex Worker Night Club out on N. Capitol Blvd. in Raleigh. The Raleigh PD had characterized this location as being “problematic” over the course of ten years with shootings, stabbings, assaults, dope dealing, and prostitution. If I am not mistaken the window for administrative appeal on these firings is now closed and not a whimper has been heard from Asion.

    I have some Raleigh connections who say they will find out the gory details on the story,

    This can be verified by using the search window in the Raleigh News & Observer on line edition but with a few caveats:

    1-Just last week the N&O changed to a paid subscription scheme to read beyond the current day’s headlines. How that works out will be a story in itself.

    2- If you use the N&O’s search window for “Tony Asion” you will get only the “good stories” about him from back in his El Pueblo glory days. You have to use “Antonio Asion” to get his “bad boy” stories. There should be at least two–one announcing his administrative leave and the other his subsequent quick firing.

  • Joe Sewell

    Good for Pat. I felt he was a good mayor and may turn out to be a great governor. Unfortunately, one of his first moves was to gut the unemployment compensation system.

  • RHG

    When my ancestors immigrated here from Ireland and Scotland-legally-they did ok without an office for “Irish and Scottish Affairs”.

  • Bobby

    What B.S. “Who” exactly and in “what” community is there concern? Since “latino affairs offices in every state in the U.S. are interfering with U.S. immigration law, ALL OF THEM SHOULD BE ELIMINATED, and those polticians who don’t get around to doing it are telling their citizens something. Those citizens should understand what those traitorous polticians are telling them and then act accordingly at election time. P.S., Use paper ballots.

  • Concerned Citizen

    The comments in this blog are beyond racist, thoughtless and hurtful. I can’t believe that a country literally founded on immigration would be so incredibly thoughtless to those that are also now looking to our country to seek refuge and a home. PS: Latino is not the same as Mexican, there are many cultures under the umbrella of latino, and Mexico is one country for gods sake.

  • As a white Christian born and raised in America, I simply want to say I am sorry for the loss of this service and even more sorry for the divisive and vitriolic comments written about Latinos. This North Carolinian is thankful for her Latino friends and colleagues.