Would you send your ten year old child to travel unaccompanied 1,800 miles from Guatemala to the United States–riding on top of gang-infested trains? It’s quite commonplace south of the border.

So much for “immigrant family values”.

It’s anticipated that 60,000 children will be sent up–or sent for–to sneak into the United States in 2014, and the number is expected to more than double to 130,000 in 2015. {snip}

We, the taxpayers, are paying to house, care for, and transport these illegal aliens to parents and relatives in the United States. The White House has projected a staggering cost of $2.28 billion to care for and resettle child migrants from Central America, and they are asking for another $1.4 billion to keep the kids here. On top of that, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. announced that the Obama administration would pay for 100 lawyers to help these underage illegal aliens remain in the United States.

Who are these Unaccompanied Alien Children and where are they from?

An unaccompanied alien child is a child under 18 who has no lawful immigration status in the United States–that is, they are illegal alien children. In 2013, only 24 percent were under 14 years old, and 73 percent were male. (As of June, 2014, ICE is bowing to political correctness by dropping the word “alien” from the term “unaccompanied alien child”.) The following chart shows official unaccompanied alien child referrals through the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR):


The following chart from the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) shows where these alien children are sent from:


Why are they sneaking into the US, anyway?

In 2010, the DREAM Act (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) failed to pass the House. It specified a six-year path for illegal alien “children” between the ages of 12 and 35 to eventually become US citizens. Nevertheless, in 2012, President Obama unilaterally implemented a new program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Now, Obama is renewing this two-year amnesty for a half-million illegal aliens.

The message is clear to those who listen. Everyone knows that Obama isn’t enforcing immigration laws. In particular, foreigners in South American countries are quite attuned to which way the immigration wind blows. They know that the US isn’t deporting illegal alien children, so their rational response is to send even more. Central American newspapers are reporting that kids sent to America will be fed and cared for and will get to play Pong-pong and Foosball. The Center for Immigration Studies summarized interviews with 230 of these migrants, who stated that they came here to “to take advantage of the ‘new’ U.S. law that grants a free pass or permit.”

In the video clip below, documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch warns that the invasion is only beginning:

“It’s about to get worse. . . Entire villages are emptying out and coming from Central America through Mexico to the United States. They’ll be hitting in the next couple weeks. What you are seeing right now is the tip of the iceberg.”

Where are they being relocated?

This interactive map by NumbersUSA shows where the Unaccompanied Alien Children are being relocated. For a larger version of this map click here. You can see a full list of all the communities in the left column.


Follow the money

Remittances are monies sent by foreign-born workers (legal immigrants and illegal aliens) back to their home countries. Remittances are essentially a tax-free transfer of wealth out of the U.S. Approximately $20 billion of Mexican remittances each year disappear from the U.S. economy via the institutionalized money transfer industry, never to return.

Central American countries obtain a significant portion of their GDP from remittances sent from the United States. Remittances to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras comprise at least 10% of each country’s GDP. Thus, there is no real incentive for Central American countries to curtail the outflow of their excess population to the United States. Indeed, it results in a guaranteed revenue stream.

Cartels have cashed in on the Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) kiddie trade, charging a family up to $12,000 to deliver a child to the U.S. border.

What is to be done?

Some say that it our responsibility to house, feed, clothe, and care for these kiddies while finding homes for them in the United States. Certainly, we should not let them starve. The common-sense, humanitarian, and legal thing to do would be to send them back home–along with their illegal alien parents and relatives living in the United States.

In order to shut off the flow, an effective action would be to send the National Guard to secure America’s southern border. Obama established precedent when he deployed 1,200 National Guard troops in 2010. While they essentially held desk jobs, this time around they could actually spend time helping our understaffed, underpaid, and highly dedicated Border Patrol agents.

For the cost of taking care of these kids, we could secure our border. As John Derbyshire points out, if you divide $2.28 billion by two thousand miles of border, you get a little over a million dollars per mile. Every year. The Isralis spend less than that to safely secure their own border. For that amount, we could permanently staff border patrol posts every ten miles, and have rapid response teams and drone surveillance to boot.

Naturally, President Obama isn’t lifting a finger–nor his infamous executive pen–to secure our border. Not wanting to miss a grand–and grandstanding–opportunity to cater to Undocumented Democrats, the White House is framing the onrush of kiddies as a “humanitarian crisis”. Senator Jeff Sessions noted that “Obama has nobody to blame but himself,” although perhaps missing the point that Obama is achieving precisely the results he is looking for.

A manufactured crisis–Cloward Piven strategy

In the 1960’s, Marxists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven developed a hard-hitting strategy (the Cloward Piven strategy) to overload and collapse democratic welfare states. The idea was to inundate the system with demands which could not be morally refused. The fiscal cost of these demands would ultimately break the state, paving the way for socialism.

Barack Obama’ immigration actions (or lack thereof) seem to be an efficacious implementation of this strategy. He invited these minors into the US. He has virtually gutted America’s immigration enforcement system, and is talking of even more executive actions. {snip}

This is a manufactured crisis of the first order–and it has backfired. Virginia voters just fired House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), predominantly because he signed on to the Republican amnesty plan and expressed intent to work with Obama on a “Kids Act” for Dreamers.

One thing is clear: a nation without a border is not a nation. Perhaps this is how Obama intends to implement his “fundamental transformation of America.”

[Editor’s Note: References for many of the claims above are available at the original article link below.]

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  • Puggg

    This puts a lot of the blame on Obama for not doing any enforcement, but a lot of it should go on some of these Republicans too. And that was missing from this piece until the end.

  • Luca

    GWB had the perfect opportunity to seal the borders on 9/12/01.

    In my mind, this is yet another horrible mistake and missed opportunity of historic proportions.

    • Sick of it

      Considering he was a friend of the bin Laden family…

    • Manaphy

      Every Republican president since 1964 had the perfect opportunity to reverse Teddy Kennedy’s demographic genocide bill. Yet none did. By all rational reason, this is yet another horrible mistake and missed opportunity of historic proportions. Because of this inaction, White Americans are set to become the the western world’s Palestinians by 2042.

    • Pro_Whitey

      And the GOP is seriously considering Jeb Bush for 2016. Like a dog returning to its vomit . . . .

      • Luca

        Which is a perfect example of why we need a new 3rd party in politics. The GOP is completely off target and doesn’t know it.

        • Nonhumans

          No, I think they know it. The bribes that they stuff in their pockets from business donors and special interest groups say it to them quite clearly.

  • MekongDelta69

    Would you send your ten year old child to travel unaccompanied 1,800 miles from Guatemala to the United States–riding on top of gang-infested trains?

    Like I said last week..

    Well hell, what normal parents wouldn’t?!?


  • Bill

    The press hasn’t mentioned (at least to my knowledge), the fact that had an American sent their child off unaccompanied through several countries, riding atop freight trains, the parent would have been thrown in jail.

    • gemjunior

      Yes, funny that, how standards are so different between our parenting skills…. Ever notice how these people take ALL their children wherever they go no matter what time it is? If they have to visit a lawyer for something, then 15 kids of all ages are crawling all over the office. Same with a doctor’s visit, the DMV, or any store. It could be almost 11pm and I’m running into Stop n’ Shop to get milk for the morning and I see an entire family doing their week’s food shopping and all the kids are with them – school age – who should have been in bed 3 or 4 hours ago.
      And with black parents: Anyone ever notice the way the parents sling the kids all over like they’re an inconvenient object? It’s cringeworthy and looks like they will break the kid’s arm by swinging them from hip to hip or from hip to stroller, just throwing them around… Jeez.

    • thomasdosborneii

      In America, they throw them into jail if they send them off to play alone in the neighborhood park.

  • dd121

    The Cloward strategy. None of this is accidental or due to neglect. Obama is deliberately doing this to our country. I pray that there will one day be a reckoning for the traitors.

  • me

    Stop paying taxes and go on government assistance. This death by a thousand cuts is agonizingly slow. Break the machine before it breaks you.

    • Pro_Whitey

      One thing for people to consider is that you don’t have income if you do work without getting paid, or if you take less pay than you otherwise might be able to command, and gifts of services are not gifts for gift tax purposes, so you can give a lot of services without tax consequences. Gratuitous or discounted services, provided they go to the right people, can be a neat method of mutual aid that the gubmint cannot touch. The other I have been thinking about as an income sink is a combination of mutual insurance companies and retirement plans, but that’s a bit too phosisticated for me.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Plus there are things you can do like buy and sell cars, and start you own cash business on the side like snow removal..A friend owned a pizza place for ten years and claimed he made no money during that time while driving a BMW and owning his own home and of course paying no federal taxes.

  • Since I spent a huge amount of time with Mexicans before my racial awakening, and was even engaged to a lovely brown-skinned Mexican girl for several years, I have a special insight to add to this thread, I think.

    Which is that in my experience, nonwhites do not feel the same emotion of love that whites do. They know the word love, they say it, but they do not feel it the same way.
    Thus, the parents of these little brown spawn do not have the same emotional ties to their children as whites do. The Mexicans view their children as an old age insurance policy. Genuine affection and sacrifice for a loved one is just not there, and I speculate that it’s genetic.

    Mexican women view marriage as a business exchange, not an emotional tie and committment, like whites see it. As such, many Mexican parents around south Texas encourage their daughters to marry white. There’s a name for this tradition, but I can’t remember what it is.

    Family values? Bush BSed you, America.

    • IstvanIN

      Absolutely. Our emotional makeup is much different from theirs, or any other non-White, especially the more primitive, savage races.

    • Read about the Indians the Spaniards encountered…these are the same people. The Spaniards wrote on how these women were more bloodthirsty and sanguinary than even the men.

      • Nonhumans

        That would explain the mustaches that many of their females sport.

  • IstvanIN

    Tibetans still protest the Chinese occupation and even small countries like Belgium attempted to resist the German invasion when WW2 started but our government encourages it. It didn’t start with Obama but he sure is the best at at. The US is over.

    And Republirat Governor Crispie Kreme of NJ says NJ will be happy to take the little TB carrying gang members.

  • Georgia Boy

    The Cantor case is what disproves those who say elections make no difference. If one primary of one Congressional district (not even a statewide Senate race) can stop an amnesty from coming to a vote this year, imagine what could happen if everywhere people started waking up to the danger of the left’s agenda. It would be massive. No need for most of them to put their jobs at risk speaking on Twitter, all it takes is a private acceptance that it’s OK for white people to vote your own interest and not feel guilty about it. That’s what I most want them to realize.

    • Zimriel

      Elections do make a difference… until they don’t. If McDaniel loses his suit, Mississippi will have a choice between a candidate owned by black Democrats and a candidate owned by black Democrats (hey, their words, not mine).

  • David Ashton

    Is it so impossible to repatriate them?

    • It is VERY possible but they wont do it; even though, American citizens don’t want this. I guess they don’t “don’t want it” enough.

      • David Ashton

        Absurd – a foot in the door for thousands more, not from Afrkanerdom or even the Southern Cone. Incidentally, your BDM pin-up resembles my wife at a similar age (but I haven’t told her).

  • Paleoconn

    Every politician saying we should keep these people should be forced to take at least one Dreamer into his house. You want these people in the US? Put your money where your mouth is. Christie should take 3 given his huge girth, 3 should put a dent in his dietary habits.

    Sessions-Kobach 2016

  • RIP America…hopefully the citizens can wake up. White American children will NOT have a future in this new America.

    • ElComadreja

      We’ve already passed that point.

  • IKUredux

    I don’t care about these children. I don’t care about the children in Africa. I don’t care about the children ANYWHERE, except “here” in White Western civilization. I ONLY care about future Mozarts and Michelangelos, and Newtons, Henry Fords, and Carnegies. I could not care less about MLK’s and Mandelas, and, ooh, ooh, I got one! Pancho Villas. The world is a brutal place. It was equally brutal for Whites as it has been for others. Admittedly, Whites have leaped ahead of the other races on this planet. We didn’t cheat. We didn’t copy the answers off some other races’ test. Nope. Everything we have done for our race(and other races), we have done on our own. We have righted our wrongs. No one else can say that. We have shared our brains and bounty with the rest of the world. (Just imagine, if you will, the Asians having accomplished the same as Whites, based on everything you know about them, would they have shared the bounty and technology as selflessly as Whites? Or at all?) How about the muslims? How would they have treated having the first atomic weapon? Obviously, this is just idle speculation, because the race that discovered and invented EVERYTHING, was the White race. Lucky for everybody else.

    • ElComadreja

      The white race is the only one that foolishly shares with other races. The others would let us die if the positions were reversed. “White man’s burden” indeed.

  • ElComadreja

    I’m sick of hearing how we have to do this or that for “humanitarian” reasons. Enough. Let the brown skinned masses learn how to take care of themselves or perish. Preferably the latter.