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The Myth of Hispanic Family Values

Taylor Scott, American Renaissance, March 2004

In January 2004, President Bush proposed a “guest worker” program that would, in effect, grant amnesty to the eight to 14 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. Of this number, an estimated 90 percent are Hispanic, and nearly 80 percent of these are Mexican. They are said to be a wonderful addition to America because they not only offer cheap labor, they have “strong family values.”

All good family men.

Hispanics themselves promote this idea, and President Bush endorses it. As Pedro Celis, Washington state chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly says, “President Bush shares with the Hispanic community a strong sense of family values.” During the 2000 campaign, Mr. Bush announced that “family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande River.” Two years later, promoting amnesty for Mexican illegals whose relatives are here legally, Mr. Bush said, “I want to show our friends, the Mexicans, that we are compassionate . . . We believe in family values.”

To praise Hispanic “family values” is to imply that the social and moral character of Hispanics is superior to that of other Americans. Presumably this means Hispanics are particularly likely to marry, have children within wedlock, support their families, care for their children, and set a good example for them. In fact, none of this is true. By virtually every significant social measure, Hispanics rank below whites and even, on occasion, below blacks. Strong Hispanic “family values” are a myth.

Probably the single best indicator of the strength of “family values” in any community is the illegitimacy rate. As the graph to the left shows, fully 42 percent of Hispanic women who gave birth in 1999 were unmarried. The black rate of 69 percent was even worse, and the white rate of 22 percent is hardly admirable, but Hispanics were still nearly twice as likely as whites to have illegitimate children.

Many of these children are the result of pregnancy at a very early age. As the graph to the right shows, Hispanic girls under age 14 give birth at a rate more than four times the white rate. Child-bearing as young as this is nearly always a prelude to disaster. When it comes to births to girl ages 15 to 17, Hispanics, at three times the white rate, are even more fertile than blacks (left). This country has put a huge effort into persuading teenagers not to have children; Hispanics are not listening. Moreover, Hispanic teenagers are not giving birth because they are Catholic and avoid abortion for religious reasons. As the graph to the right shows, Hispanics are 57 percent more likely than whites to abort. Yet Republicans somehow persist in believing Hispanics are a naturally “pro-life” constituency that will respond to conservative appeals.

Hispanics do marry, and are considerably more likely to do so than blacks, but are less likely than whites. As the graph to the left shows, they are also more likely than whites to be divorced, and never to have married.

Are Hispanics good parents? One minimal measure of success is keeping one’s children from being killed. As the graph to the right indicates, Hispanic children, ages 10 to 19, are four times more likely than whites to be shot to death. The figures in this graph are for California rather than for the country as a whole, but California is the state with the largest number of Hispanics — 11 million, or 32.4 percent of the national total — and there is no reason to think it unrepresentative. As the graph below shows, Hispanics are more likely than whites to abuse their children, though they do so less often than blacks or American Indians.

Hispanics are also bad parents when it comes to automobile safety. A study of Colorado traffic accidents published in the December 2000 issue of the Annals of Emergency Medicine concludes that, compared to whites, “Hispanic drivers have higher rates of safety belt nonuse, speeding, invalid licensure and alcohol involvement, with correspondingly higher rates of death in traffic crashes.” How much higher? A University of Colorado study found that the death rate in accidents was 75 percent higher for Hispanics than whites. For children the figures are almost as bad. A study in 1998 by Johns Hopkins University found that Hispanic children are 72 percent more likely to die in traffic accidents than white children. Hispanics are equally irresponsible after an accident. As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has noted, they are “more likely to run after a crash,” partly because many are here illegally and do not have insurance. Uninsured drivers raise the cost of insurance for everyone else.

Hispanics are also more likely than whites to drive drunk. A University of Texas study published in 2002 found that 19 percent of Hispanic men reported having been arrested for drunk driving, compared to 13 percent for white men. Is this because Hispanics simply drink more? This is suggested by death rates from cirrhosis of the liver (right), a condition usually brought on by chronic drunkenness. Nor is Hispanic alcoholism restricted to men. The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Surveillance Network reports that in Arizona and Colorado — two heavily Hispanic states probably typical of the nation as a whole — Hispanic babies are twice as likely as white babies to be born with fetal alcohol syndrome, which leaves them disfigured and mentally retarded. There is only one way for a mother to give her child FAS: stay drunk for most of her pregnancy. Many people think irresponsibility at this level should be a crime, and some legislators have tried to pass laws to jail and forcibly dry out alcoholic mothers.

An important duty of parents is to see that their children are educated. Hispanics are even less likely than blacks to finish high school, which reflects as much on parents as on students (left). Those who do graduate have test scores far below those of whites, and only a few points higher than blacks. The billions America has poured into bilingual education and other programs to boost Hispanic performance and keep them in school are not working.

Hispanics do a poor job of providing medical care for their children. As the graph to the right shows, more than a third — a proportion even greater than for blacks — do not have medical insurance.

Hispanic couples do not treat each other any better than they treat their children. They attack their spouses — legal or common law — twice as often as whites do, and at about the same rate as blacks (left). As has now been well established, women generally attack men slightly more often than the reverse — but not Hispanics. Here, perhaps the myth of machismo lives on, with Hispanic men slightly more likely to beat their women than the other way around.

Rates of sexually transmitted diseases are a good indicator both of promiscuity and indifference to hygiene. Rates for Hispanics for syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV infection are considerably lower than for blacks, but are about three times the white rate (below).

Most people expect parents to work hard to support their children, and we hear over and over that Hispanics are ready to take any job, even jobs native whites refuse. Why, then, are they more likely than whites to be unemployed? Eager-to-work Hispanics pouring across the border should have virtually no unemployment, yet their jobless rate is nearly double that of whites (right). And why are Hispanics more likely than whites to be on welfare (left) if they are willing to take virtually any job?

Although refraining from criminal violence is not usually considered a family value, it should be. It is hard to be a good parent from inside a jail, and a criminal record is not a good example for children. There are no national crime figures that separate Hispanics from whites, but once again California gives an indication of what is likely to be true for Hispanics generally. In California, Hispanics are nearly three times as likely as whites to be murdered, and about four times as likely to be shot to death (left). They are also about 3.7 times more likely than whites to be arrested for murder (right). Those who assume arrest rates reflect nothing but police “racism” should note that in California, Hispanics are actually slightly more likely than whites to be convicted of murder (77.7 percent v. 75.6 percent) once they are arrested. If there is a “racist” plot to jail Hispanics, it must pervade the justice system top to bottom, including the increasingly Hispanic jury pool. California statistics show that Hispanics are well over twice as likely as whites to be arrested for rape and other sexual offenses.

Family Values?

By virtually no conceivable measure do Hispanics demonstrate strong “family values.” In a few respects even blacks are more family-oriented than Hispanics. Do Hispanics in any way deserve the reputation everyone from George Bush on down seems willing to give them? Perhaps in one. Hispanics have the highest lifetime fertility rates of any ethnic group in America, with 3.2 children per woman as opposed to 2.2 for blacks and 1.9 for whites. This means Hispanics who are married, keep their children from being shot, do not abuse them, stay out of jail, have medical insurance, wear seat belts, have a job, drive sober, and do not beat each other probably have more children than white parents who do all the things we consider normal. But do big families necessarily reflect “strong family values?” Not if, as often happens, Hispanics are bringing children into poverty.

A population that suffers disproprtionately from the very problems we are most desperate to solve.

By every standard measure, therefore, a burgeoning Hispanic population only exacerbates problems that have festered for decades: crime, illegitimacy, teen pregnancy, unemployment, poor school performance, poverty. Even if Hispanics really do take jobs no other Americans will — and their unemployment and welfare rates prove that certainly not all of them do — the habits they bring with them make them a very bad demographic bargain.

Opposition to Mr. Bush’s amnesty plan has mainly been against the idea of rewarding people who have broken the law. This is certainly a good reason to oppose the plan. However, this suggests that if these seven to 12 million Hispanics were here legally rather than illegally we should be pleased to have them.

In matters of immigration, it is essential to ask ourselves which newcomers are good for America and which are not. Decisions about immigration affect the nature of our country for generations to come, a matter far too important to be side-stepped. We must be blunt: Hispanics, on the whole, are not good for America. It is folly to open our country to a population that suffers disproportionately from the very problems we are most desperate to solve.

Hispanic immigration also brings challenges impossible to quantify in standard sociological terms. Hispanics are already creating language enclaves that in the long-term could threaten the country with the kinds of divisions that wrack Belgium and Quebec. At the same time, more than half of all Hispanics are Mexicans, who bring with them a deep loyalty to a foreign country that lies just across our southern border. There is already a vigorous irredentist movement that goes by the name of Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA) and has chapters at hundreds of American colleges and high schools. Wherever Hispanics arrive in large numbers they so thoroughly change the feel of a neighborhood that many non-Hispanics, white and black, feel uncomfortable and move away.

If President Bush continues with his plans for amnesty, there will be a national debate about immigration, but it is a debate that will miss the point. The question of legality or illegality is a side issue. The question is whether America should become more Hispanic, and the answer is clearly no.

35 responses to “The Myth of Hispanic Family Values”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I make the same criticism of this article that I did back when it was first published.

    Three is no such thing as a Hispanic. Nowhere else in the world is that word used, except in the US. And in the US, it is used to imply a solidarity with Mexican drug gangsters that does not exist. Worse, it is used in gerrymandering….to give political power to individuals and groups that do not represent the people they are padding their numbers with.

    If you go outside the US, everyone know what a black person is, what a white person is, what an Asian person is. But nobody uses the term Hispanic.

    Why. Simple. Use of a language is not a racial characteristic. This is an old trick that was used to divide and conquer whites in the past. You aren’t white, you are “German”, “Italian”, “Spanish” etc.

    Today, it’s used to silence real racial subgroups. Rather than being a white person who speaks Spanish (complete with blonde hair and blue eyes, and high IQ), you are a “Hispanic”. You aren’t the same as other white people….we lump you in with these smelly, violent, drooling black people who speak Spanish. There is no bigger insult. The issue is further muddied by the fact that American Indians didn’t just disappear as the liberals would have you believe. They migrated south and started speaking Spanish. Hey….those people are “Hispanic.”

    These three groups hate each other that a state of constant low level warfare exists. In most South American countries you have normal white people, a problematic Indian lower class, and blacks that are either kept behind barbed wire (I mean literal barbed wire not just segregated) with the occasional extra-judicial slaughter when they start to move into white areas and kill people.

    Specifically, for this article, “Hispanic” family values, the so called myth you would have people believe comes from the REALITY of white Spanish speakers and how they take care of their families. And then, when going to disprove the “myth of Hispanic family values”, you point to blacks who speak Spanish and go, look, its all lies. Meanwhile, the bigger part of the problem is the Indian Spanish speakers have gotten into their heads that they can use the drug trade to siphon off enough money from stupid American welfare to fund an armed takeover of much of the southwest……and intend to ethnically cleanse the area of all non-Indians.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am a Catholic. I never cease to point out to non Catholics that the major things Catholics are forbidden to do is to murder or abort a fetus.

    Then I point out that hispanics have the highest rate of abortion, the highest rate of unwed teen pregnancies and the second highest murder rate.

    nuff said

  3. Anonymous says:

    #1: “There is no such thing as a Hispanic. Nowhere else in the world is that word used, except in the US. And in the US, it is used to imply a solidarity with Mexican drug gangsters that does not exist.”

    Nevertheless, there is some solidarity among whatever you want to call them. I recently mentioned to a Cuban woman that there were a lot of Dominicans and Puerto Ricans in the area. Her nodding response–“They’re with us” (emphasis on WITH). I can’t picture a White English-speaker from The US, Canada, The UK, etc., saying that about fellow Whites.

  4. Bilvo says:

    I agree with first comment by anonymous. I live in Arizona and know the differences among Mexicans, etc. The word “Hispanic” should be replaced by the word “Mestizo” when talking about these brown skinned people from Mexico.

  5. Ciccio says:

    As usual the white racists are denigrating the proud cultural achievements of their neighbours. You are merely judging by your own prejudices, in Mexico the age of consent is 12, they are merely following their own culture. There is nothing unusual there in seeing a 25 year old grandmother.

  6. Embra says:

    @1 — Anonymous:

    Agreed. “Hispanic” can mean anything from gente indigena de Guatemala to the coolest possible porteños. But, statistically, a US Hispanic is most likely to be of Mexican descent, followed by Puerto Ricans. And these guys are mostly villagers, or the descendants of villagers, and haven’t broken with their peasant ways–among their habits is to have many children, and to expect something FROM them, not do much FOR them.

    That makes them (statistically) not such great parents.

  7. madison grant says:

    From reading the news for decades I had noticed that hispanics appear to have the highest rates of DWI. It probably has to do w/ genetics: many of them have Amerindian blood.

  8. François says:

    Hispanics do not really strong family values; but many of them have strong Familia values, if you see what I mean…

  9. Roger Lee says:

    Where are these “white hispanics”? Name some for me?

    Jennifer Lopez, even though she plays “white” roles? No, black and Indian blood.

    Penolope Cruz? Arab blood, from the Muslim conquerors of Spain.

    Antonio Banderas? Arab blood.

    Calderon and Fox and all the other almost-white presidents of Mexico? All have Arab and Indian blood.

    Martin Sheen? Maybe, but I would have to see his parents, and his grandparents.

    Cameron Diaz? A mixed-race bag.

    Remember that the non-white Moors occupied Spain for seven hundred years, so there was a lot of mixing even before the Spaniards got to the new world and mixed with Indians.

    If there are any white hispanics, the number is so tiny as to be statistically insignificant.

    If any of your parents or grandparents are obviously mixed-race then you are mixed race too.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The “hard-working Mexican” is not only a myth, it is insulting to the hardest working people in the world–White people. Do you think that we built this country and Europe by sitting around on a street corner waiting for someone to pick us up for day work?

    My brother in-law has a landscaping business, and he recently hired a Mexican who spoke reasonably good english for $10 an hour. On the second day at work, he was told that he would have to split fire wood for the day (with a hydraulic wood splitter!). At the end of the day, he quit, stating the the work was “too hard”.

    When a “hard-working” Mexican decides not to show up to work one day, guess who has to do his job that “nobody else wants to do”? Someone like my White brother-in-law. Yes, even though he owns the business, he’s got to take up the slack and do the “dirty” work or he’ll lose his customers.

    If all Americans were as “hard-working” as Mexicans, this country would look like Mexico in no time at all.

  11. AmericaFirst says:

    I agree with Anonymous at 8:47 a.m. Two members of my immediate family – both soft-hearted liberals (yeah, both women) – had experience with these characters, one at her home, and another at a building where she worked. Both had to admit that the Mexican workers – probably illegal, by the way – would do the work, but did it sloppily, and it had to be corrected and re-done. Also, one saw European-born workers doing more skilled labor along side the Mexicans and noted how neat and clean THEY were, took their work seriously, did not smoke or drink on the job (apparently the Mexicans did), and how they did not spend their off-hours boozing, either. Bottom line is that there is no true work ethic in the Mexican culture: they’ll work as long as the money is easily available, but just as soon go on the dole, or engage in illegal activity if they can get away with it. Think what Mexicans have done with their own very wealthy country (in natural resources) and over 200 years of freedom.

  12. Anonymous says:

    10 — Anonymous at 8:47 AM on July 30:

    Thank you! I most certainly agree with you. Whites NEVER get any applause, only condemnations, for building this nation from scratch!

    I have had the same experience with these Mexicans AND blacks. I get so tired of hearing how “hard working” these Mexicans are when in reality they are NOT! Also about their “family values”…yep, I see it everyday. Just 3 days ago a Mexican 17 year old stabbed a White woman at a car wash “because he wanted to kill somebody”……of course now excuses are made for him…

  13. John Engelman says:

    In “The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution,” Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending argue that the longer a race has practiced agriculture and urban civilization the higher its average intelligence and the lower its crime rate are likely to be. This is because agriculture and urban living exert different population pressures than hunting and gathering.

    Whites began using agriculture 10,000 years ago. American Indians began 5,000 years ago. The Bantu, who are the ancestors of American blacks, began 3,000 years ago. Whites started the first civilizations 5,000 years ago. The American Indian Olmec civilization began 3,500 years ago. The Bantu never developed indigenous civilizations. Large numbers of them, and their American descendants only began living in cities in the twentieth century.

    Hispanics are a hybrid race of whites and American Indians. Average differences between them, whites, and blacks in terms of crime, intelligence, and sexual behavior can be explained by the number of generations between them and their paleolithic ancestors.

  14. Josh Harlan says:

    I think that when statistics say that some of your racial pathologies are even worse than Blacks that it is time to reconsider your very existence. We always thought that Blacks were the floor; now we discover people that can conceivably sink even lower. What next, our elites telling us that some sub-Saharan 70 IQ black has better “country loyalties” and so would make good Americans?

  15. MrGJG says:

    Ah yes, just like we hear how blacks and hispanics are a very conservative people.

    Yet they keep voting for democrats.

    Conservatives do not vote for liberals.

    Lets not forget blacks being fervently religious people.

    Sounds great until you get a peak on what goes on in their houses of worship.

    Their Christianity has about as much to do with religion as islam.

  16. Cid Campeador says:

    9 — Roger Lee wrote at 1:55 AM on July 30:

    “Where are these “white hispanics”? Name some for me?

    Jennifer Lopez, even though she plays “white” roles? No, black and Indian blood.

    Penolope Cruz? Arab blood, from the Muslim conquerors of Spain.

    Antonio Banderas? Arab blood.

    Calderon and Fox and all the other almost-white presidents of Mexico? All have Arab and Indian blood.”

    Actually Fox is an irish name. Many Irish immigrants took advantage of an offer by the Mexican govt. to attract skilled farmers to Texas which was at that time, still part of Mexico. Anthony Quinn is another example.

    My wife and I are both of Sicilian origin and that means that we very well may have some Arabic DNA. Arabs are from the Semitic branch of the Caucasian race and therefore related to Jews as much as they hate to admit it. Israelis who were in Israel before the establishment look like Arabs.

  17. Question Diversity says:

    10 Anonymous:

    Even the ones that do “work hard” for awhile only do it because they haven’t figured out how to work the system, both welfare and immigration. Once they do, good bye hard work, and the business owner has to import a whole lot more to find a few “hard workers.”

  18. Jefferson says:

    There would not be so many Hispanics in gangs like MS-13, Nortenos, Surenos, Mexican Mafia, etc if family values were so strong in the Hispanic community.

  19. Periapsis says:

    Give me a break, there is no such thing as family values to Hispanics. The females start having sex the moment they start having periods, if not before then start having kids for others, read the white tax payers to pay for. They don’t marry, they shack up. In the meantime, their machismo driven and low IQ male counterparts not only whelp kids with Hispanic females then do not raise them, they harass, or rape white girls and women too. I hear their filthy and vulgar talk towards every white female in my presence, and I give them an utterly icy look to let them know this Slav knows what they are saying. They better be glad I do not have a daughter, because I would kill a Hispanic or Hispanic who rapes or assaults her. That is why we have a bunch of Hispanic gang bangers, killers and drug fiends in our midst, and why I armed myself with very lethal weaponry to defend myself and family against their racist, violent hatred of whites.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Ahhh, and when you’re speaking of Hispanic family values, don’t forget the charming custom of rapto… which is kidnapping a woman, raping her, and then marrying her. Also don’t forget that in their culture, it’s apparently acceptable to have sex with underage children, which they do on this side of the border as well. *sigh*

  21. Whiteplight says:

    5 — Ciccio wrote at 11:33 PM on July 29:

    “As usual the white racists are denigrating the proud cultural achievements of their neighbours. You are merely judging by your own prejudices, in Mexico the age of consent is 12, they are merely following their own culture. There is nothing unusual there in seeing a 25 year old grandmother.”

    This guy is serious. So I will respond to him seriously; If those 25 year old grandmothers only had a life span of 30 years!

    Cicco – An age of consent of 12 only proves that Mexico is a land of sickos and perverts. But when you come to the U.S. you must learn and follow American laws. Age of consent is 18!

    If whites only had their former chivalric values, people like Cicco would never get within ten feet of any white minor, let alone lady!

    I would love to see a list of Mexico’s proud cultural acheivements.

  22. François says:

    @ Cid Campeador (16):

    Vicente Fox’s real surname was Fuchs, but he wanted to become a politician, and changed his name.

  23. Dario says:

    Piff, this isn’t surprising. Anyone who lives in a community with even a minimal Hispanic population knows that the whole ‘Hispanic family values’ statement is pure myth. And it doesn’t even take mental gymnastics – just an easily observable truth.

  24. Anonymous says:

    @ 1 Anonymous 6:22 PM

    Dream on buddy. You’re Hispanic, deal with it. People don’t choose their race and neither do you. Some black people may feel it’s an insult to be called black and lumped with other blacks. But that’s life. So you’re lumped with people you think you’re better than. Why do you think you’re better than them, when you’re Hispanic too? You’re one of those Hispanic people that causes no black Hispanics to be on Spanish or Brazilian TV, bringing racism to a beautiful tropical continent.

    By the way, black Hispanics brought culture to Latin America. You’re probably from racist Argentina, and no one wants to go to boring Buenos Aires. Everyone wants to go to monkey Brazil with the samba.

    It’s not a divide and conquer strategy to break up whites. It’s a legacy of the one-drop rule, meant to keep the white race pure. When American see you, they don’t see a white person. You’re tainted. Mestizo or moreno is almost the exact same thing as Hispanic so why not just own up to it?

  25. AmericaFirst says:

    21 — Whiteplight wrote at 10:35 PM on July 30 (responding to what)

    5 — Ciccio wrote at 11:33 PM on July 29:

    I think Ciccio was being facetious. The fact that any female post-menses is available for sex is, unfortunately, part of the Mexican/”Hispanic” culture, and is the reason why so many violent pedophiles in the U.S. are Latin or Central American.

  26. Cid Campeador says:

    22 — François wrote at 1:13 AM on July 31:

    @ Cid Campeador (16):

    “Vicente Fox’s real surname was Fuchs, but he wanted to become a politician, and changed his name.”

    OK. So then he was of German origin. Nicht wahr?

    Spanish surnames like, Guzmán, Rodriguez, Gonzalez etc. are derived from Visigoth surnames.

  27. Kradmelder says:

    I live in an area infested by mestizos. I see, hear, and suffer from their ‘values’ every day. One thing I notice is that their kids are always screaming. It makes living around them a nightmare. They never even look out a window as their brats scream like they are being murdered. How is that for strong family values? It is me, the hated gringo, that is the only one who cares enough to look outside and make sure they are not being raped or murdered for real.

    Recently the little mestizos have came up with a new game… They run in front of moving cars in the apartment parking lot and try to hit them. They do this in front of their ‘parents’ who are too busy drinking and playing loud afromexicano music to stop them from this dangerous pastime. How is that for family values?

  28. Deniz says:

    Ahhh, Roger Lee strikes again:

    I recommend reading some papers before posting. Non-European admixture in Spain is statistically insignificant. In fact, non-Arab Berber Moors were of Caucasian stock who were anyway deported after Reconquisita. Even Spanish converts to Islam were deported to North Africa. If you go to Spain and tell the people they are non-white you most probably may get beaten up.

    I regularly visit Spain and have never noticed a non-white admixture (excluding recent 3rd worldliers). There is plenty of blonds and most of the “darkish” people are in fact not darker then the “Celtic” Irish and British. Noses are rather straight and narrow than strong convex and broad which indicate Semitic admixture. The similarity between Iberians and Celtic British were even mentioned by Roman Tacitus.

    Haplogroup R1b is in Basque region at its peak. It’s the most common group in Western Europe (predominant in British Isles and all Atlantic Europe).

    By the way, I’m neither American nor Spaniard so I can “evaluate” them quite good.

    Subsequently Spain started to rise as a world empire. The words “the empire on which the sun never sets” was first used for the Spanish and not for the British.

    Lumping Mexicans from the remotest parts of the county and her ruling elite into the same “Hispanic” category is probably the biggest insult to white people from Central and South America.

  29. on the lam from the Thought Police says:

    I give Hispanics credit for standing up to blacks. Whites should start doing that again. When we became more civilized blacks became more barbarous.

  30. sandy says:

    Democrats are for the little people that’s why they want amnesty for illegal aliens. Yeah, right! If these Mexicans were would-be Republicans see how fast these kind hearted dems would slam the door on these people. Liberal Democrats are hippocrytes

  31. Pandora says:

    there is no such thing as family values to Hispanics. The females start having sex the moment they start having periods, if not before then start having kids for others, read the white tax payers to pay for.

    Good point!

    Here are a few more “Hispanic Family Values:”

    Hispanic parents in California and elsewhere don’t believe it’s their duty to feed their own children breakfast, lunch or dinner, that it is the schools’ job (read white taxpayers) to do this.

    On top of this, Hispanics also receive SNAP benefits for free food, no questions asked.

    Neither do Hispanic parents feel it is their duty to take their kids to the dentist: At the elementary school level, 59 percent of Latino students suffer tooth decay from never having been to a dentist.

    Drunk driving?

    Hispanics believe knocking back 10 or 12 beers and getting behind the wheel of a car is normal — a Hispanic value!

    I wish they’d take their values, leave white societies and go back to where drunk driving, not feeding your children, reckless breeding and expecting the government to take care of you is normal. Because here, these things are perversions.

    Why not have a large brood of offspring it you don’t have to feed them!

  32. Southward Eternal Vigilance says:

    @26 — Cid Campeador: Visigoth, perhaps, but Iberians have had a reputation as tough people even before the Germans intermarried with them. And I’ve known Basques named Guzman. Fuchs is certainly a German name–I remember when I first moved among the upper class of Mexico City, circa 1975, how surprised I was at how white and–well–un-Mexican they seemed: lots of English, German, and French surnames.

    and Merhaba Deniz! So right! Dualist economies contain people of very different genetic stocks. True in Anatolia, but even more true in Latin America: there are plenty of people, even in Central America, who in ability far exceed the average gringo. But these folks are way too rich and comfortable to sneak across our border,and except for their occasional legal trip to Disney World with the kids, we never get a peep at them.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Dear Mr. Roger Lee

    The next time you make an assertion like that, you should quote some references, specifically scientific ones. DNA studies conducted about the Spanish people this decade have concluded that the Spanish people are overwhelmingly of European origin with the Rb1 Haplotype. The Rb1 haplotype is the most common gene in Western Europe.

    Viva España!

  34. Deniz says:

    @Southward Eternal Vigilance:

    Merhaba 🙂 I experience the same problem here in Europe, too. Most people don’t know the differences between people in Asia Minor and Middle East (including Jews). I don’t know how many of Amreners consider Turks as white what I actually don’t care too much, my extended family contain many blonds and light eyes are quite very common in Turkey.

    You are probably sick of it but I need to post it again:

    As you see immediately, Spain is predominantly of R1b origin and contains even less E3b (more common in South-East Europe and Middle East) than her northern neighbor France and little Nordic country Switzerland, despite its proximity to Mediterranean basin. They form everywhere in Southern America the upper class, together with other Europeans, in some countries like Uruguay and Argentina almost the whole population (mostly with Italians).

    And Mr. Roger Lee,

    if you aren’t a troll who suddenly appears every time when Spain is mentioned, I recommend you to refrain posting without any scientific proof.

    And please apologize me for my imperfect English.

  35. Jack says:

    “Nevertheless, there is some solidarity among whatever you want to call them. I recently mentioned to a Cuban woman that there were a lot of Dominicans and Puerto Ricans in the area. Her nodding response—“They’re with us” (emphasis on WITH). I can’t picture a White English-speaker from The US, Canada, The UK, etc., saying that about fellow Whites.”

    Why not? I have said the same in the past.

    The game here is simple, it’s a poor performing group stealing the name of a better performing group.