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“What can you best invest in if not in your future generations?”

A Frank Assessment of Nationalism in Poland

A basically sound country is beginning to crack.


“She was made to learn the Koran in Arabic and allowed to speak only in the Pakistani languages of Urdu and Punjabi.”

The most intelligent women in China are not having children.

Dallas Morning News will no longer publish her articles.

Blacks account for 40 percent of the country’s abortions.

In Defense of Eugenics, AR Classic Article

The high-stakes race for a better future.

Can they be a gateway drug to race realism?

In America, whites have 36.1 percent of abortions; on TV, the figure is 87 percent.

You can get an ultrasound in villages that don’t have clean water.

New crimes for a new era.

Blacks “targeted” in the US as well.

24,700 black babies were born in NYC; 31,328 were aborted.

Another way to fight population decline.

He asks: “Are we prepared to select out the imperfect among us?”

More evidence of Hispanic “family values.”

Police had to be delicate with the case for fear of being called “racist.”

Four times the white rate, twice the Hispanic rate.

U.S. immigration policy: the makings of a Kafka novel.

Law is part of greater effort to reverse population decline.

By no measure do Hispanics have “strong family values.”

It’s now illegal in Arizona to abort because of the race or sex of fetus.

In NYC, 60% of black pregnancies are aborted; 20% of white.

Bill seeks to reduce the number of black abortions.

They claim abortion is “ethnic cleansing.”

Black women more than three times as likely to get abortions as white women.

Black abortion rate five times that of whites.

By no measure do Hispanics have “strong family values.”

Non-profit group pays Jewish women not to abort.

Australian politician opposes abortion drug because it will make Muslims the majority.

The Roe Effect, OpinionJournal

Abortion may have had a eugenic effect: fewer Democrats.

Indian abortionist’s clinic was a house of horrors.

Abortion—and infanticide—kill five million Indian girls every year.

Black women are three times as likely to get abortions as women of other races.

More British race riots.

The richness of diversity.