Posted on November 9, 2018

A Frank Assessment of Nationalism in Poland

M.K. Lane, American Renaissance, November 8, 2018


When I first started living in Poland a few years ago, I thought about writing an article on the contrast between this country and the West. I’d note Poland’s nearly homogeneous population and the conspicuous lack of the intellectual terrorism known as political correctness. I’d mention the virtual absence of feminist and LGBTQ propaganda and the mockery that meets it here. I never wrote that article, but many others did.

Sadly, today I must write a different article. Things are not entirely as they seem. From the outside Poland may seem like a white fortress that rejects immigrants, ignores gays, and upholds traditional norms. Yet ever since the decisive victory of the Law and Justice party (PiS) in 2015, the cultural paradigm in Poland has been gradually shifting. Liberalism and cultural Marxism are on the offensive, while nationalism seems to be in retreat. This article is about changes that have taken place over the last few years. It should correct the misconception that Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe are somehow immune to Western degeneracy.

Immigrants, and lots of them

Law and Justice made a big hullabaloo over being forced to accept a few thousand Syrian refugees. It talked tough about protecting our borders and lambasted Germany for inviting over a-million-and-counting refugees of dubious origins who remain a massive social and economic problem.

However, while putting on a tough-guy act for their conservative electorate, Poland has accepted a much larger number of immigrants than the numbers originally proposed by the EU. Exact statistics are difficult to get, but in April this year Foreign Affairs Minister Jacek Czaputowicz confirmed that Poland had accepted 2,700 Syrians. This number is of little concern, as most of these “refugees” probably emigrated almost as soon as they set foot in our country. So did the Syrian Christians brought in by Mariam Shaded, a Polish-Syrian anti-Islam activist.

The danger lies in the growing number of legal economic migrants. Again, exact numbers are hard to find, but anyone living in Warsaw or any other prosperous city can see that brown and even black immigration has increased dramatically. In the past, there were rare sightings of non-white people who looked educated and well off, usually here temporarily for business. Now, they are increasingly common.

Believe it or not, Poland now has a labor shortage. We used to be famous for exporting cheap labor to Western Europe. Now, the economy is booming and we are bringing in people to do jobs Poles allegedly won’t do.

Poland has been caught by surprise by the number of Uber Eats Indians. Eats is Uber’s food delivery service, and as soon as you set foot in Warsaw city center, you will almost certainly see at least one Indian with a square backpack delivering food. For some reason, this work is done almost exclusively by sub-continentals. And our prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, recently bragged to Angela Merkel that Poland has brought in many immigrants from Uzbekistan.

Sometimes the only way to find out about immigration is from investigations by nationalist organizations. Chechens have been trickling into Poland as refugees (and receiving all the benefits that entails) ever since the First Chechen War in 1994. Chechens, of whom there are tens of thousands in Poland, tend to be very clannish and stick to themselves. In 2017, Polish nationalists wrote a report on Chechen violence against Poles. The report focused on the “cultural differences” between Chechens and Poles that lead to confrontations in which Chechen gangs rob and beat Poles. Nationalists deserve credit for this report, since this information is rarely mentioned in the mainstream media.

Poland has generally been safe from criminal and terrorist immigration, but this is changing. For example:

– In March 2016, three Arab men were arrested for trying to buy firearms in the northern city of Gdynia.

– On New Year’s Eve 2016/17, a Tunisian man stabbed a Pole to death when he reportedly found him stealing a bottle of cola from his fridge.

– In July of 2017 an Israeli with an Arabic name stabbed two police officers in what may have been Poland’s first terror attack.

– In July 2017, an Iraqi was found with a small amount of explosive material in the city of Lodz.

– In July 2018, an Uber Eats Indian tried to rape a Polish woman while delivering food.

– In August 2018, a Moroccan stabbed a Polish woman several times for allegedly trying to steal his phone.

– In October, two Chechens were arrested for beating up an Australian businessman.

I have deliberately included the provocation by Poles in two of these incidents. The immigrants overreacted, but it’s important to know the full story.

Generally speaking, immigrants are more likely to be the victims of some kind of attack than the aggressors. Their relatively small numbers as well as the tough attitude of Polish nationalists means that most newcomers don’t want to do anything to upset their already precarious welcome. However, earlier this month, two Georgians and a Belorussian were arrested for the rape and murder of a woman in Lodz. This may be the first cold-blooded murder committed by migrants in Poland.

The rape/murder victim, Paulina D.

Most foreigners do not stir up trouble, but we should remember that the migrants who came to Britain and France in the ’50s and ’60s did not immediately start plotting terror attacks, assaulting women, demanding welfare, and setting up Sharia courts. They were often some of the best people in their home countries. It wasn’t until the extended family and friends began to arrive in large numbers that they began to throw their weight around.

American readers will be surprised to learn that Poland has had two black members of parliament, John Godson and Killion Munyama. Neither can be said to be uneducated or unintelligent. Likewise, many Turks and Arabs who have come here to set up business are certainly above average in intelligence, perhaps even by Polish standards. There are exceptions, such as Simon Mol, a Cameroonian immigrant and anti-racism campaigner who was put on trial for knowingly spreading HIV. Naturally, he claimed it was all a racist set-up. He died of acute renal failure in October 2008, insisting to the end that the accusations were strictly political.

My point is this: Poland is gradually becoming easy enough for non-whites to live in to attract a large number of Third World immigrants. Things could get worse. The Polish government was one of the signatories of the recent Marrakesh Political Declaration along with other European Union countries. One of its purposes is to “promote regular migration and mobility, especially of young people and women, between Europe and North, West and Central Africa” and to “fight against xenophobia, racism and discrimination.” Astonishingly, the same government that regularly boasts to its citizens and to the foreign press that it refuses to take migrants signed an agreement to increase African immigration.

Homosexual propaganda

I personally do not see homosexuality and transgenderism as something to celebrate, but the homosexual lobby wants to flaunt it. The movement is growing in Poland. Every year, the Warsaw gay pride parade gets bigger and bigger, while the annual pro-life, pro-traditional family parade gets only a fraction of its attendance. This is in a country where the population is officially 95 percent Catholic. Just as in the West, proponents of homosexuality advertise their proclivities. Rainbow-colored fabric bags are a common sight in the capital.

In 2016, Adrian, a company that makes stockings, used transexual ex-MP Anna Grodzka (born a boy) on an advertising campaign with the slogan, “Stockings for all women/Everyone has the right to be themselves.” This year a printing company was successfully sued for refusing to print materials for an LGBT organization. In a country that is overwhelmingly Catholic and conservative, this is significant. There is now a precedent that one must compromise one’s beliefs or face punishment.

On October 26, an event took place known as “Tęczowy Piątek” (Rainbow Friday) which was effectively a propaganda effort by the “Campaign Against Homophobia.” It aimed to ensure that schools were “safe” for homosexuals, as if there were some sort of ongoing pogrom.

As always, the campaigners sold their program as one to curb bullying and promote acceptance, but mere acceptance is never the final goal.

Due to large-scale protests by parents, the Ministry of Education is now determining whether the organizers broke the law, since most of the 211 schools that were involved did not seek the consent of the parents before approving Rainbow Friday.

“An LGBTQ youth in my school can count on me.”

Spreading feminism

Leftists, and especially feminists, are fanatical supporters of abortion. They have been especially active since the election of Law and Justice, because some within or close to the party have toyed with the idea of restricting abortion further.

For the record, I am not for further restriction. I think the cases in which it is now approved (rape, threat to the life of the mother, or severe birth defects) are justified. Feminists want total liberalization, and we now have a yearly “Black March” in which women dress in black and march for the “right” to an abortion.

Besides the Black March, there is also the “Woman’s Strike,” which takes place on March 8. It’s organized by Maria Lempart, a candidate for mayor of Wroclaw and a striking confirmation of the stereotype that militant feminists are unattractive. It is hard to tell what these women are upset about, aside from the proposed changes in abortion laws. Women in Poland not only have the same rights as men, but can retire a full five years earlier, at 60 instead of 65. Furthermore, Poland also has one of the lowest rates of rape in Europe. It is ironic that feminists often call for more Third-World immigration, which would certainly increase the incidence of rape. Feminist ideas are spreading further and further into Poland as ever more women see men as competitors rather than companions, and family life as a burden rather than a blessing.

Maria Lempart

Radical leftists becoming less cowardly

When I first started going to nationalist marches and demonstrations in 2014, there were almost never any counter-demonstrators. Up until that year, the police tried to disperse the nationalist November 11th Independence Day march, but antifa or their more presentable liberal counterparts were nowhere to be seen. Sometimes they would have separate demonstrations or marches, but they never dared confront us. The annual Warsaw “solidarity march” organized by antifa groups musters only a fraction of the nationalist turnout, and until recently it was also held on a different day.

However, beginning around last year, a small but persistent coalition of far-leftists has become a staple of virtually every nationalist event. This can be a good thing. For example, every March 1, we hold a march to commemorate the Cursed Soldiers (Zolnierze Wykleci) of the various partisan groups that fought against communism long after World War II ended. Antifa and other far-left groups claim these partisans were bandits and murderers, and it is true that some were criminals. However, far-left groups do not want to have an honest discussion about history, but to drag Polish history through the dirt. They instinctively recoil at anything patriotic or nationalistic, and this puts them at odds with most Poles.

These leftist groups have appeared at demonstrations against immigrants, against Israeli/Jewish criticism of Poland, against American attempts to persuade Poles to pay Shoah reparations, and even at our national march to commemorate the Battle of Warsaw of 1920, where Polish forces routed the Bolsheviks and prevented them from penetrating deeper into Europe. Antifa now attend virtually every one of our publicized events and scream slogans such as “No Pasaran” or “Nationalism needs to be cured” or “Down with fascism.” But to most ordinary people, it just looks like they are trying to defend the memory of communism, which indeed they are.

Demonstration by All-Polish Youth.

Unwashed punks, obese women, and elderly communist sympathizers do not make a good impression for their cause. Yet these leftists are becoming bolder and more numerous. Only time will tell whether they will become brave enough to start attacking us. Luckily, for now, they will be routed if they try.

Left-wing attempts to impede nationalists

The first of August marks the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, probably the greatest tragedy commemorated in Polish history. On this date we remember the heroism of the Home Army that valiantly fought the Germans for 63 days until they could fight no more. In the aftermath, the city of Warsaw was almost completely destroyed. Every year we nationalists commemorate the sacrifices made by our heroes by pausing at exactly 17:00, to the blaring of sirens and burning of flares, followed by a march from the city center to the Old Town.

The commemoration of an uprising against National Socialist Germany should be uncontroversial, but this year the mayor of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, canceled the march. The one event organized by Nationalists that even antifa should celebrate (but don’t) was banned under the pretext that people would wear shirts that “propagate totalitarian symbols.” People use the same symbols at pretty much every nationalist event.

The falanga, symbol of the prominent group, National Radical Camp (ONR).

The cancellation drew heavy criticism from all sectors of the Right, but leftists applauded her for “fighting fascism.” It didn’t matter that we were commemorating an uprising against fascism. The nationalist groups held their march anyway, but used a different route.

Miss Gronkiewicz-Waltz’s attempt to ban the Warsaw Uprising March went further than most leftist/liberals have tried to go, but a candidate for mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, wants to take it to the extreme. He proposed a ban on National Radical Camp (ONR), one of the biggest nationalist groups in Poland. That is unlikely to happen — banning such an organization would be unprecedented in Poland — but the preliminary skirmishes in the battle for the legality of the nationalist movement in Poland have begun.

Right-wing treachery

We expect the Left to do everything it can to attack us. It is a greater disappointment when the lighter Right attacks us. I have already explained that immigration has increased dramatically since the rise of the supposedly nationalist Law and Justice party. Equally bad, the center-right betrays us in a vain attempt to court the political center.

The worst incident of this kind came during the commemoration in the city of Marcin Krupa of the Silesian Uprising. As with most nationalist events, it began with a march, but was to be followed by a picnic and a concert by the nationalist rock band Nordica. The march went ahead, but the picnic and concert were called off by the mayor, who claimed that the band’s lyrics are “hate speech.” Unlike Miss Gronkiewicz-Waltz, the mayor of Marcin Krupa is not with the liberal Civil Platform, or any other left-wing party. He is allied with (though not a member of) the ruling party, Law and Justice. I suspect he was trying to prove his anti-racist credentials to a Left that doesn’t care.

Another incident occurred more recently, after Civic Platform’s candidate for the presidency of Warsaw proposed a ban on ONR. When Law and Justice’s candidate Patryk Jaki was asked about the proposal, he said that he “could” support such a ban, but would rather focus on managing the city than on national issues. When Media Narodowe (National Media — our nationalist platform) pressed him about this, he flip-flopped and said that ONR had a “fantastic history” and that it was only certain elements within the group that he would ban. In other words, Patryk Jaki is a typical politician with loose principles. This does not comfort those of us who will still vote for him to prevent his more transparently hostile opponent from getting in.

Nationalist treachery

Sadly, even some of the people we consider our own occasionally punch right. Last year a spokesman for one of the largest nationalist groups in Poland said in an interview with the conservative magazine Do Rzeczy that his group could be classified as “racial separatists,” though not racists. He said no race is superior to any other, but that different racial groups evolved separately and should not be mixed. He added that Poland is a white nation, and that though a black person could become a Polish resident or a citizen, he could never become Polish.

Let me explain the context of these remarks. Do Rzeczy is conservative but not nationalist. The relationship between conservatives (such as those in Law and Justice as well as their satellite parties) and nationalists (National Movement, All Polish Youth, National Radical Camp) is a temperamental and confusing one. On one hand, the conservative media occasionally portray our activities and marches positively, or at least in a neutral manner. They are pretty much favorable to commemorations such as the Warsaw Uprising March, and blast its critics. In their magazines, newspapers, YouTube channels, and sometimes even on the government-controlled news channel TVP, they offer realistic commentary on immigration, feminism, homosexuality, and even the influence of left-wing Jews. Do Rzeczy has gone so far as to write about the genocide of whites in South Africa. Yet conservatives always drop the ball on race. Their criticism of immigration is much like that of the alt-light. They talk about the incompatibility of Islam with Christianity, and sometimes propose taking in Christian Arabs and blacks.

It is here that nationalists differ with the conservatives. Whereas the conservative Right operates within the leftist paradigm on race, our spokesman said what pretty much 95 percent of the nationalist movement take for granted, that race and nation are one.

So what happened after the interview? Naturally, the Left took this as proof that Polish nationalists are Nazis. The mainstream Right also insisted that blacks could be just as Polish as every Nowak and Kowalski. And the Nationalist Right? It caved too, though not as loudly. Some high-ranking nationalists insisted Polish nationalism is a Catholic movement, which allegedly prevents it from being a racial one. It is true that it is Catholic, but that doesn’t prevent the majority of Polish nationalists from having solid racial views.

Despite the denunciations and the fact that the spokesman was removed from his post, he remains an important figure in his organization. Many members and supporters spread a twitter hashtag applauding him, thus showing certain leaders in the movement just whom they agreed with more. Furthermore, while the spokesman in question “clarified” some of the things he said, he in no way backed down or retracted key points. This is a sharp contrast with, say, Britain, where a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet was removed for saying that Pakistani child rapists were, well, Pakistani child rapists.

Race-mixing propaganda

Another new development is the visual bombardment of blacks, Arabs, Asians, mixed race couples, and similar figures in advertising. It gets people used to looking at foreigners before actually meeting any. I wouldn’t care about seeing, say, one Asian per 100 or 200 ads, but the number of non-whites in Polish catalogs, internet ads, billboards, etc. is enough to make you think you’re living in Brazil.

While most non-white faces are slipped in fairly subtly, some are much more audacious, as in this poster that celebrates the 100-year anniversary of Polish independence.

No blacks fought for Polish independence. This is intentional propaganda meant to convince Poles that their nationality has nothing to do with blood, but is simply a social construct. This is something nationalists rarely challenge.

Destruction of the nationalist music scene

Nationalist music can be divisive within our movement. There are those who care about “optics” and frown on the skinhead/black metal scene because the aesthetics affect the broader movement. This is certainly a legitimate concern, but culture, or at least cultural influence, is vital to the success of any political movement.

We nationalists don’t yet have the means to produce blockbusters that compete with Hollywood, but we can create powerful music and put on awesome concerts. This means people who may not be particularly interested in electoral politics are still inspired to be a part of something greater than themselves by being involved in the artistic expression of our movement.

Up until recently, Poland had a wonderful nationalist music scene with many bands, and concerts almost every month. The style of music varied from acoustic/folk, to hard rock and black metal, and even to hip-hop (yes, there is nationalist hip-hop in Poland). Foreign bands would come several times a year to play with native bands at music festivals such as Night of Terror and Eagle’s Nest.

All that came to a halt in April, when an undercover report by TVN caught the organizers of one music festival celebrating the birthday of Adolf Hitler in a forest, complete with two participants dressed in full SS regalia shouting “Seig Heil” next to a burning swastika. The footage ended with the celebrants digging into a cake with a swastika on it.

The footage was a leftist journalist’s dream. TVN linked as many people from as many organizations as possible to this small fringe group of LARPers, and torpedoed the Polish nationalist scene.

Polish band Obłęd.

The bands still exist, of course, but there have been almost no concerts since the exposé. The fact is that most Polish nationalist bands have shied away from National Socialism since the early 2000s, with some formerly “Nazi” bands rebranding themselves as patriotic. They sing about the Cursed Soldiers (see above) rather than the SS.

There have been recent stirrings, and a handful of concerts are on the horizon, but for a long time the music scene was smashed by a few idiots who got excited about an Austrian painter.


Some of my Polish friends tell me that things will never be as bad here as they are in the West. Similarly, outside observers see “Based Poland,” “Based Hungary,” etc. as impenetrable fortresses that Soros will never reach. I wish that were true.

A podcast that I listened to recently from an organization that is a pillar in our movement concluded with a short conversation about why Eastern Europe has been relatively untouched by the evil forces destroying the West. A participant said one reason was the East’s separation from the West for over 40 years, and that another reason was some supposed fundamental difference between the Slavic/Eastern European character, and the Western. I think the first reason is true, but I do not think Poland held out for this long because of something unique to the Polish character. We just haven’t been exposed to the rot for as long. But as Poland becomes an easier place to live, develops a more “liberal” market, and continues to allow itself to be influenced by NGOs, the US, and the European Union, things will get worse.

Poland is by no means hopeless, but I do want to shake the belief that the East is somehow going to save the West. I also want to wake up my Polish brothers and sisters to the dangers we face.