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“What can you best invest in if not in your future generations?”

The government plans to spend $2.92 billion to show gratitude and respect to mothers and grandmothers.

Viktor Orban promotes a Rome-Warsaw pact to save Europe.

How the BBC Manufactured ‘Hate’

An insider’s story.


200,000 Poles celebrate the restoration of Poland’s independence in 1918.

A Frank Assessment of Nationalism in Poland

A basically sound country is beginning to crack.


“We can be called ‘populists,’ ‘nationalists,’ ‘racists,’ I don’t care — I care about my family, and about my country.”

“Across Europe, nationalist and far-right parties have made significant electoral gains.”

At 1.45, the birthrate is still below replacement.

Only when one immigrant returned to Poland “did she understand what it means to feel really safe.”

Poland’s Baby Bump, First Things

Poland’s birth rate is increasing, but it’s still not up to replacement level.

Polish government gets the same treatment as AmRen.

Eastern Europeans understand what it means to struggle for their identity.

One of the biggest gatherings of white activists in Europe in recent years.

Reversing one of the lowest birth rates in Europe.

Notes from a White Country Part V

Why would Poland want huddled masses?


They enjoy 47 percent public support. Their opposition? 16 percent.

Notes from a White Country, Part IV

Diversity and tokenism in Poland’s media.


“We are also open for migration not only from Ukraine but also from Belarus and other countries.”

“The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive.”

Says their secure borders are incompatible with the EU’s mission.

Claims the three are “in breach of their legal obligations.”

Notes from a White Country, Part III

Polish schools get great results at low cost.


Hungary will make its case at the European Court of Justice on May 10.

Notes from a White Country, Part II

Low crime is one of the benefits of living without diversity.


Notes from a White Country, Part I

If diversity is a strength, I live in one of the weakest places on earth.


Poland is set to follow Hungary’s path.

But prosecutors say there are “no grounds for allegations of terrorism.”

Opponents call it “shameful.”

Country rejects EU’s imposed refugee quota.

“Poland for the Polish.”

Anti-immigration party wins an absolute majority in parliamentary elections.

25,000 rally against “Islamic flooding.”

Creation of Facebook group is being investigated as a crime.

Hospital got rid of illegal immigrant who did not have medical insurance.

Right wing groups seek a “mono-ethnic society.”

“More than one in every 40 newborns in the UK are born to Polish mothers.”

Muslims participate in “Prayer for Christian Unity.”

How many Poles does it take to elect a Nigerian?

Nigerians in Poland?

Poland’s Muslim population is small, and Poles like it that way.

La Raza is warning us.

Britain attractive to foreigners only when the economy is doing well.

There are many anti-Obama jokes said to be circulating in Poland.

Says Obama victory marks the “end of the civilization of the white man.”

The decline of another majority-white country.

. . .  Because desegregating schools works so well in the US.

Liberal darling’s trial begins.

Poles find life in London much harder than expected.

Baby Boom In Poland, Polskie Radio

And the names are traditional Polish names.