Posted on January 30, 2017

Poland’s Crackdown: Migrant Bill Tightened for ‘Quick Deportation’ of Illegals

Sebastian Kettley, Express, January 30, 2017

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Błaszczak announced a bill giving protection to refugees in Poland will be revised “to quickly deport” those who enter the country illegally.

The plans are part of the Ministry’s priority aims for 2017, to stop Poland from being vulnerable to illegal border crossings.

Mr Błaszczak said: “It’s about introducing border measures. It’s about those who enter illegally, it’s about having them quickly deported.”

He added: “The thing is, many of the non-governmental agencies funded by the EU are busy schooling economic migrants from Asia, on how to successfully file asylum documents, that is, how to cheat Polish border forces.”

A “significant” group of Asian immigrants were stopped in 2016 along the Belarusian border, in what Mr Błaszczak described as an attempt to establish a new trafficking route.

The Minister also brought to attention the case of a Tunisian man suspected of murdering a Polish man on New Year’s Eve in the town of Ełk.

A judge has ruled the man has been living in Poland under a fictitious marriage arrangement to avoid deportation.

Mr Błaszczak said with the recent terrorist attacks across Europe, “terrorists have crossed the Balkans and then the took part in the attacks in France”.

He continued: “In my opinion, as the Interior Minster, it is my duty to keep Poland safe. [The borders] are secure today, however, it is all about making sure deportation measures are faster and more efficient.”

He underlined that all measures will run in accordance with EU laws, similar to practices introduced by Hungary in 2015.