Posted on November 12, 2019

In Poland, Thousands Join Nationalist Independence Day March

US News & World Report, Associated Press, November 11, 2019

Polish flag

Tens of thousands of Poles joined on Monday in a yearly Independence Day march organized by nationalist groups, an event that has grown over the past decade as the far right across Europe has strengthened and gained a degree of social acceptance.

Participants burned flares and shot off firecrackers, creating a thick cloud of smoke in the national colors of white and red. City hall estimated that 47,000 people took part, while organizers put the number at 150,000.


Throughout the day, observances, Masses, runs and historic reconstructions were held in cities and small towns to commemorate Polish statehood regained at the end of World War I, after 123 years of foreign rule.


Two years ago, some participants carried banners with white supremacist slogans, creating an international scandal. However, many people, some with their children, join the yearly march now, considering it a show of patriotism, and are either unaware or not bothered by the fact that that it is organized by far-right groups.


In October, a far-right party called Confederation won 7% and entered parliament for the first time.

[Editor’s Note: An American Renaissance reader, Jack Krack lives in Poland, and has written a fascinating series of articles about what it is like to live in a white country. Check out his dispatches here, here, here, here, and here.]