Immigrant Who Fell into a Coma in New Jersey Wakes Up in Poland: Hospital Deports Stroke Victim Who Lived in US for 30 Years

Matt West and Helen Pow, Daily Mail (London), June 26, 2013

An immigrant who suffered a stroke in a New Jersey hospital has woken up from a coma in Poland after being carted ‘like a sack of potatoes’ to his homeland while unconscious.

Wladyslaw Haniszewski is receiving treatment at a hospital in the town of Boleslawiec, despite having lived in the U.S. for the past 30 years.

Polish officials are furious after Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick deported the 69-year-old, who had been living in America illegally, because he had no medical insurance.

Meanwhile, the Boleslawiec hospital claims Mr Haniszewski also lacks health insurance in Poland and his care is costing the medical facility ‘a few hundred dollars’ a day. Its director said the patient was ‘dumped on the doorstep’ before they had even agreed to the transfer.

Polish Consul General, Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka, said she and other diplomats were trying to help Mr Haniszewski, after the hospital suddenly shipped him overseas without informing his friends or family.

They learned only last week that he was gone, Ms Junczyk-Ziomecka told the New York Daily News.

‘Imagine being carted around like a sack of potatoes,’ she said.

Mr Haniszewski is awake but unable to speak with doctors, the consul said. ‘He can smile from time to time, but he is unable to communicate,’ she added.

The 69-year-old suffers from a blood disease and lived for many years in Perth Amboy, near Staten Island in New Jersey.

He had lost his job in recent years, which, in turn, saw him lose his apartment. When he became sick, he was living in a local shelter, according to his friend, Jerzy Jedra.

‘This is a very good man who I saw on a daily basis for some 12 years,’ Mr Jedra told the Daily News.

Mr Jedra took Mr Haniszewski to the New Brunswick hospital earlier this month and it was while he was in hospital that he suffered the stroke.

U.S. hospitals are legally bound to give emergency care to all, but can ship ‘undocumented patients’ back to their homeland through a process called ‘medical repatriation.’

In order to do so the patient must be ‘stabilized,’ which is not the equivalent of ‘stable condition.’ In many cases, the patient has an ongoing critical illness. The hospital must also get consent either from the patient, family or a court guardian.

In Mr Haniszewski’s case—first reported in the Polish-language paper Nowy Dziennik—consular officials say this did not happen.

‘It’s an incredibly disturbing case,’ Lori Nessel, director of the Centre for Social Justice at Seton Hall University School of Law told the Daily News.

‘This kind of action seems clearly illegal and also not ethical, but it’s hard to bring a legal action.’

A spokesman for the hospital said it had followed proper procedures—but refused to discuss the specific details of the case.

‘The individual was informed regarding his discharge plan and care. As the hospital’s understanding of the facts differs from the published reports, we are conducting a thorough review of the procedures and communications surrounding this gentleman’s care,’ said the spokesman.

He said the hospital only repatriates patients if they are satisfied a health care provider in the patient’s home country will provide treatment.

U.S. Immigration and Customs plays no role in medical repatriations, which are paid for by hospitals themselves as way of ridding themselves patients that need costly, long term care.

The Centre for Social Justice says U.S. hospitals from at least 15 States have sent or attempted to send more than 800 immigrants back home since 2006.

Hospitals generally use private planes and ambulances to carry the sick who are often too ill to object. Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital reportedly transported Mr Haniszewski to Boleslawiec using a specially hired Air Escort Medical Flight and ambulance, after tracing his last known address to the town.

Air Escort said such a flight could cost anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000 depending on the number of personel and the type of equipment needed.

The Boleslawiec hospital has confirmed the 69-year-old was not in a fit state to sign off on the transfer.

Its deputy director, Nikolaj Lambrinow, told a local TV station that the U.S. hospital had contacted him regarding the transfer but before he agreed Mr Haniszewski was dumped on their doorstep.

‘His status in Poland is the same as in the United States. He is a Polish citizen without an address, without certification, pension and insurance,’ Lambrinow told TVN.

He said that his care at the hospital is costing a few hundred dollars a day.

Officials are trying to find out from the New Brunswick hospital the legal basis for sending the patient back to Poland.

‘Behind our backs they transported the unconscious man to Poland,’ Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka told TVN.

‘I cannot imagine such a situation that the decision about transporting an unconscious person could be made without agreement. Between the two institutions must be a contract, there must be documents. You cannot simply leave a patient at the door and drive away,’ she said.

In another example of medical repatriation, the Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital last year obtained legal permission to deport Chicago resident Barbara Latasiewicz to Poland after she suffered a stroke in 2009 that left her paralysed.

The cleaner had originally come to the US in 1990 but stayed on after her original visa expired. She became paralysed as a result of the stroke and required 24-hour care.

The hospital asked around 30 other U.S. medical facilities to take her in, but their request was denied each time.

The hospital continued to treat her for two years despite her lack of medical insurance at a cost of $1million (£650,000).

Eventually the hospital applied to the courts to force her to return to Poland, a country she had not seen for 22 years, leaving her son and grandchildren in the U.S..

‘It’s hard to document how often it happens because it happens in the shadows,’ said Shena Elrington, director of the Health Justice Program told the Daily News.

‘We have been doing some outreach to consulates and are hearing that it happens with increasing frequency.’

Advocates fear repatriations will become more common from 2014, when the US government, under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, begins to reduce payments to hospitals that care for a disproportionate number of the uninsured.

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  • One down, thirty million to go.

    • Antipodean WN

      This guy is white. In a sane world whites would be charitable to other whites.

      Does this Pole deserve any better than a Mexican illegal under the same circumstances?

      By any objective criteria, of course not.

      But if I were the powers that be, would I make an exception for this Pole and go all out to save him and give him a new life? Of course I would.

      Why? Because he is racial kinsman. That’s why.

      Racial kinship is about feeling. Not about logic, and certainly not about law.

      You don’t seem to get that Michael Scott. Its obvious from your choice of marriage partner.

      • If we complain about illegal aliens here, we must do it across the board. I’m not a hypocrite.

        • whiteuncleruckus

          Antipodean is right. This guy is White. It’s not his legal status that matters, it’s his racial status. He is one of us. Those white liberal race traitors would never send a Mexican back to Mexico or an African back to African. Illegal Whites are better than legal non-Whites. This story is disgusting.

        • Guest

          I agree with Michael. Illegal is illegal, irrespective of race. The US has to be a nation of laws, period.

        • Camielle Belle Poole

          I’m not sure why this is down voted. This is EXTREMELY correct. I don’t care where you care from. If you are illegal, you should be treated the same way as ANY illegal. Regardless of where you are from, you are a drain on resources. Real Americans can’t get student loans and decent educations because foreigners come here illegally and drop their anchor babies and suck up all the money. Then when Americans apply they say, “No, you aren’t poor enough to deserve a little help.”

      • saxonsun

        Agreed. Not all illegal immigrants are created equal.

    • NM156

      I, for one, would support keeping our illegal immigrant non-beneficiaries of affirmative action. We need all the demographic support we can get. Besides, Chicago Poles aren’t the problem with illegal immigration’s high costs.

    • gemjunior

      Not at all. No Mexican or black African illegal would ever have this done to them, if anything they would get put to the front of the line for everything free and treated like royalty maybe even bee given someone else’s organ transplant on the US taxpayer… actually that now goes without saying… but you must see the double standard here?

  • Spartacus

    Why does it seem they’re only good at deporting white illegal aliens, but not the brown ones ? You’d think the latter are easier to identify…

    • borogirl54

      Not true, there have been instances where illegal Mexican immigrants in the same situation have been deported back to Mexico.

      • Nathanwartooth

        I did some research and apparently there have been 600 illegals deported this way in the last 5 years.

        Basically what happens is that no one will pay for the illegals, so the hospitals have to eat the cost. So they say “screw that!” and send them on a plane home.

        Very funny that hospitals can do what the government isn’t willing to do.

        • OlderWoman

          600 deported in five years.

          Not acceptable. There should have been thousands deported each year.

      • The__Bobster

        I’ve seen more cases where the squat monsters whine to the media and end up draining hospitals dry for decades.

        First, the situation has gotten worse

        There are now four more of them regularly making their way to the emergency room at University Medical Center. And doctors say the illegal immigrants coming in for dialysis treatment at University Medical Center are sicker than they were before, making their care even more expensive.

        Six months after the Review-Journal revealed that 80 illegal immigrants with failing kidneys were running up about $2 million a month in bills for dialysis and other medical treatment at the only publicly supported hospital in Las Vegas, the situation for both patients and taxpayers only continues to worsen.

        With …monthly visits jumping from 216 in August to 243 currently — the billed charges for the 84 illegal immigrants are now at about $2.4 million a month — or $28 million a year.

      • NM156

        Yes, I’ve read about comatose Mexican patients in SoCal being flown via helicopter back to Mexico, where they were placed in homes or hospitals at the expense of the US hospital, if I recall.

  • bigone4u

    Poland should send the senior citizen back and dump him on Obama’s doorstep, with a note pinned to his pajamas saying, “Here, you love illegals so much, he’s your problem now.”

  • kjh64

    It seems amazing that they can deport Whites in the country pronto. Just look at the German family. They would never do this to a Mexican. Having said this, Poland has the gall to be “furious” too. This man is a Polish citizen living in the US illegally. It is not the job of America to provide, at taxpayer expense, costly medical care for free. This is Poland’s responsibility.

    • The criminal slug was not merely living here illegally. Without a Social Security number, he was working “under the table” for decades without paying a dime in federal or state income taxes, and now expects either a US hospital or the US taxpayers to pony up for free medical care.

      • brengunn

        It’s a bit rich for you to be calling someone a criminal slug for the crime of working undocumented. No doubt he would have paid his taxes had he been given citizenship, he may have even paid taxes under an assumed name, how do we know.

        • He’s been here 30 years. Couldn’t he have taken advantage of Reagan’s amnesty? Couldn’t he have married a local just for a Green Card and then had a Social Security number for the asking?

          Of course not. He didn’t want to pay income tax.

          I paid plenty of income taxes when I was a research chemist. In 1995, I probably paid more in Federal income taxes than members of the US House of Representatives did on just their USG salaries.

          I’ll bet this “Pole” is really “Roma”, meaning a gypsy. While we’re on that subject, I’ll bet he worked at night in the identity theft, prostitution or drug trades – or some combination of the three.

          My living will says “No heroic life-saving attempts”. If I get cancer or diabetes, I know how to take care of things. Socialized Medicine says “dying with dignity” is croaking on an IV drip while the nurse is getting high with her mulatto boyfriend and the painkillers don’t work because the two have ground up the medication and are smoking it. If I go down and can’t get up, my mother and wife are required to show the papers and have me taken off the ventilator. Either of the two is sufficient; they do not have to agree.

          My main fear has always been heights, but when I’m finally dying – hopefully several hundred years from now – I think the Royal Gorge, not far from here – would be a fine place for a good long drop. It’s not the fall that does the job; it’s the sudden stop at the end of it.

          • Guest

            I’d doubt he was a gypsy, his name sounds really Polish.

          • NM156

            His name indicates that he is Polish, not Gypsy. You may be right about his tax dodging, but really, at this point, I don’t care what white immigrants do as long as they stick around and reproduce. Conflicts with welfare, tax evasion, etc., etc., can all be taken care of later, after the door has been slammed shut to the Third World.

          • brengunn

            Do you have any respect for anyone who works in the public sector? Or are they all stealing painkillers and sleeping with mulattos in your mind?

            It may shock you to know that in socialized medicine all around Europe, doctors and nurses give their all for their patients just as much as the doctors that your insurance will pay for. Oh, but you don’t have any insurance, so will be left to die without care.

            It really is strange to me that you find some kind of perverse pleasure or bravado in your thoughts of being ravaged by cancer without need for the state. I guess you just love freedom!

          • I have absolutely no respect for anyone who works in the public sector. None.

            As for my thoughts about cancer or diabetes, I’m 47. I know that even if by some accident of genetics I am somehow immortal, I will still be maimed in an accident someday. That wouldn’t be much fun, so I’d still have to make that date with a certain bridge.

            The fact that you and I have roughly the same complexion and probably even similar hair and eye color does not make us the same inside. The whole point to this site is that the differences between human phenotypes is more than skin-deep. We really think differently from each other, religion notwithstanding.

            You and probably have about as much genuinely in common as a bird has with a bat.

          • brengunn

            Yes, I imagine you’re right, we may share only skin colour as common.

          • Irishgirl

            “Even if by some accident of genetics I am somehow immortal…”

            That would have to be one hell of an accident, Michael. And remember Sisyphus – be careful what you wish for.

          • gemjunior

            No way was he a Roma, this guy is completely Polish through and through. The Roma are less in Poland because they weren’t well tolerated at all in the past and the memory is still there…

        • kjh64

          He is not “working undocumented”. He was in the country illegally. Why should he be given citizenship? No foreign national, in any country, is entitled to citizenship. It’s not a right.

          • brengunn

            That was not my point. My point was is someone a ‘criminal slug’ because they are an illegal immigrant.

            In my mind, no, but in Michael’s, yes, but then he has such a colourful imagination he has invented a whole life for this man as some sort of Hollywood wise guy, only stopping counting his dirty cash to slap around one of his tricks.

          • Criminal tax-dodging parasitical freeloading slug.

            Is that better?

            I wish I could visit him in Poland just so I could laugh in his stupid criminal tax-dodging parasitical freeloading slug face.

          • Freey’all

            Michael and Svigor accuse me of lying about POC crimes against white women; Svigor even accused White Mom in WDC, a blonde, of being me at one point while both were harassing me. Colorful imaginations indeed.

          • brengunn

            Why do they think you are several people? And what was the harassment? If you don’t mind me asking.

          • gemjunior

            Really? The way whites are treated all over the world today, in South Africa and in their indiginous homelands all across Europe, is disgusting. They’ve been rendered utterly and completely helpless by democratic or electoral means. The only real way that will be left to whites to gain power will most likely be violent means. That is one reason why a fair nation should give citizenship to white Europeans peoples since they’ve been deliberately excluded from the country since 1965. They have been told they are NOT welcome here in no uncertain terms, and they were flat out lied to when told over and over by scummy Ted Kennedy that the demographic mix of the nations would not be affected – we all know what a crock that was. So speaking as a white woman with white children, presumably grandchildren someday, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews — I think it is our responsibility to advocate for every white person who comes here under any circumstances. See, “fairness” “across the board” like yours is not white racial solidarity – and that is what we need, no, what we will need to even survive – in the future. I think that everyone should look at Beppo’s post and sear it into our brains because that is what we will need from now on. Otherwise we will not survive, quite simply.

          • Erasmus

            Really? The way whites are treated all over the world today, in South Africa and in their indiginous homelands all across Europe, is disgusting.

            Ironically, except in Russia and the countries of the Eastern Bloc.

        • gemjunior

          Yes, he was probably one of the lucky white people who benefited from Ted Kennedy’s traitorious immigration restriction of Euro people from this country — the poor man was a better example of “living in the shadows” than the precious minorities we are told about all the time. You know, the white men that hold all the privilege and hegemony and throw their weight around all over, being allowed to do whatever they want, like get citizenship if they feel like it…. I think every white European who emigrates here should be treated like treasure since there’s that teeny chance they might wake up in time to turn this mess around.

      • NM156

        Not much room for white immigrants in post-1965 America. He can stay, as far as I’m concerned. This White Zombie has made more of a positive contribution to America than 20 semi-retarded Mexicans from the ranchero.

        • kjh64

          While the Polish are certainly much better than Mexicans and 3rd world people, we still have to enforce our immigration laws and this goes for Whites too.

          • gemjunior

            No – we don’t. If half the people of every European country came here right now I would rejoice. They would quickly grab jobs and start getting involved in their communities and schools. They would learn English and they would fix up crappy neighborhoods, paint and fix garbagey houses around Detroit and places that have been in the toilet bowl for some times. I don’t think white European immigrants would be anything but an asset – legal or not. And history in every place they’ve ever gone – Canada, America, Australia – testifies to the truth of this.

      • curri

        It’s time to give up the patriotard nonsense- Murrica is dead, time to envision something new.

    • Sick of it

      He would be better off back home in Poland (where he probably has relatives) than staying here on the streets as an illegal. Or in a shelter for that matter…not exactly the best place to stay.

    • Ella

      Thank you, you’re right because EU would do the same with an American in a coma unless US health insurance / govt. agreed to pay the hospital bills. This is long term care, not a medical emergency now.

  • The__Bobster

    Of all the illegals to deport, they had to find a Polish one?

    I suppose they don’t have a racial identity group fighting for them like the parasitic Mestizos do.

    • sbuffalonative

      The Hispanic staff needed to make space for Hispanic patients.

      • NM156

        I wouldn’t doubt that immigration at O’Hare would give the medical deportation of any Third World illegal much closer scrutiny, at the behest of Janet Napolitano and the rest of Eric Holder’s DoJ, if they allowed it all.

    • evilsandmich

      Should have changed his name to Alfonzo Rodriguez or something and then he’d be on easy street.

  • Allan477

    If she has grandchildren, her son is certainly old enough to contribute to her upkeep, but apparently made no attempt to do so. I suspect there is more to this story then is given here.

    • JDInSanDiego

      Obama is certainly old enough to contribute to his illegal aunt and uncle’s upkeep but…

    • gemjunior

      Who’s she? I thought it was a man named Vladislav?

  • TheCogitator

    Hooray for the hospital. Some years ago, a local hospital had a patient from Guatemala who came here illegally, got drunk, climbed a tree, fell out, and broke his neck. I called the hospital and suggested they do what this hospital did. They person at the hospital told me they did not know where he lived in Guatemala. I suggested thy just put him on a plane, and when he got to Guatemala, they would figure out what to do with him. They may decide to ensconce him in the presidential palace, or feed him to the hogs. Either way, the taxpayers here would off the hook for caring for a freeloaded who was not a member of our tribe.

    You cannot simply leave a patient at the door and drive away…

    What they hell do they think happens to hospitals here when illegal indigents turn up at their door?

    • NM156

      The Polish guy is a member of our tribe.

      • He was a freeloader for 30 years.

        • gemjunior

          No, he obviously wasn’t a freeloader, but paid his rent and hosptial bills till he was too sick to work and pay rent. You know Michael I am really surprised at you adhering to legal dogma here, rather than thinking like you do on almost every other matter. Try thinking of letting the white illegals here INTO the country as sort of “affirmative action entry” because can you really not see that we are screwed now because we have BEEN screwed for the past 40-50 years since 1965 Hart Cellar “keep out whites”? How can it be helpful for us to keep abiding by “rules” that might have been fair once but no longer even allow for racial continuity?

  • AngloCelt

    There is evidently one rule for Hispanic illegal immigrants, and another for those of the white variety. It’s astonishing that authorities didn’t hesitate in deporting this Pole, complete with all necessary medical equipment, on a costly flight home, while simultaneously refusing to lift a finger to send the masses back to the other side of the Rio Grande. Eisenhower did it to the tune of millions with the resources available in the 1950s, but priorities have clearly changed since then.

  • Ella

    The article said “undocumented.” US hospitals at times do ship illegals back to their home country, including Hispanics, but get sued during process of deportation to prevent it. EU countries do the same if you refuse to buy healthcare as an illegal or legal. I lived abroad and you have to pay into their insurance system “by law” or they can refuse care to you unless it’s life and death. I had to pay cash a few times since my health insurance was denied. Yes this goes on in other wealthier countries. They treated and stabilized him, and now they sent him back to country of citizenship, Poland. Europe would do the same for us in this situation.

    • When I had what was either a really bad TIA or a mild stroke with some overlap in March 2006, I drove myself to the hospital after I could get up, having been paralyzed for two hours. Sitting down in the car felt so good, for a while. The neighbors said I hit 45 mph in second gear on the way down the street. I felt dizzy when I stood up, so I got to the 1995 Saturn on my hands and knees in the garage.

      Once I was at the hospital I tried to remember why I was there. Getting up out of the car was difficult, but I walked to the ER desk and said “I believe I have had a stroke”.

      • Ella

        That’s a sad story since you drove yourself to the hospital after a stroke. People have died behind the car wheel having strokes or heart attacks. That was risky. Hope you’re doing much better.

        When I read the article closely, it mentioned “estranged daughters” and coma. Well, the Polish have a really high alcoholism rate. Polish tell me stories about drunk ambulance drivers crashing and then killing the sick patient. We’ve got some Polish relatives through marriage and I’m very aware of their social / economic situations. It is a sneaking suspicion.

        Germany also sends back sick/injured Polish who don’t pay their healthcare premiums by ambulance so that is the name of the game everywhere. People don’t here the EU stories here.

  • gemjunior

    this is a white man who truly lived the american dream – his white privilege and the power he held over others must have caused the hospital to want vengeance so badly they shipped him out of the country. What an inconvenience these whites cause to the multicultural America of today – what with German homeschooling families, elderly Poles. Such a bother. Now give me an enriching, vibrant person of color, or Hispanic of any origin (except Spain of course) who is preferably from the third world with no skills and that would be so much better…. You know, hopefully they will not be able to communicate so they’ll cost every municipal place they enter to have to pay translators to spend extra time and hopefully waste the nurse’s and doctor’s time waiting for the translators, and then spend double the amount of time asking the back and forth questions of “ask him this” “tell him that” “what did he say” etc. And it would be great for the shortest squattest ones with tons of upper body adipose tissue and plenty of diabetes with no pre-natal care, to waltz in to the hospital suffering from fulminent pre-eclampsia, seizing all over the place to beat the band, needing general anesthesia. Hopefully the entire family will be in tow milling all over and getting in our way, and if they’re black from any country they’ll be acting really sullen like they’re all doing whitey a favor by being there. Threatening us would be really enjoyable too – like “I be waiting awn you, bitch, when you git outta here in da parkin’ lot, imo fix yo ass” or preferably in unintelligable Africanus Erecti lingua franca…. oh, what joy!!!!! So much better than boring old English spoken in a slight German or Polish accent right? So blah. Not enriching at all. NOT vibrant…..

  • NM156

    I’d take millions of them until the demographic slide stops. Whatever they cost is greatly outweighed by the costs of Third World immigration. My tax money well spent. We can make them legitimate tax payers later.

  • brengunn

    What? Did I miss something?

  • Erasmus

    U.S. hospitals are legally bound to give emergency care to all, but can ship ‘undocumented patients’ back to their homeland through a process called ‘medical repatriation.’

    Wonderful. So happy to see that someone still follows the law.