Transgender Hormone Treatments, Abortion Access for Detained Illegals Irks Congressman

Caroline May, Daily Caller, March 1, 2012

Hormone treatments for transgendered detainees, abortion services and extensive outlets for complaints—these are just a few of the reasons Texas Republican House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith is not pleased with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) recently released Performance-Based National Detention Standards (PBNDS).

In the spirit of detention reform, in 2011, for the first time since 2008, ICE finished its revision of detention standards for those being held for being in the country illegally. Those new standards were released this month. ICE has already started to implement the changes.


“The Obama administration’s new detention manual is more like a hospitality guideline for illegal immigrants,” Smith wrote in a statement. “The administration goes beyond common sense to accommodate illegal immigrants and treats them better than citizens in federal custody.”

The standards chronicle a wide range of amenities and rights accorded to each detainee during their stay, including extensive regulations on things such as body searches, room space, recreational time, visitation, the interaction ICE officials can have with them and food expectations—including adherence to detainee dietary restrictions.

The standards also outline a wide range of medical procedures available to those in detention facilities, including services such as abortion access, hormone treatments for transgendered people, dental work and a 15-day supply of medications upon release, deportation or transfer.

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  • Well, as gross and heartless as it may sound, I have no problem with aborted anchor babies.

    The “transgendered” freak show for felony invaders is obviously insane, though.

    • All TGs-post op- are not freaks. You would be surprised what they can offer. To a straight man.

      • Sonya610

        What they can offer to a straight man? Sorry but many would argue “straight guys” that have a fixation with TG’s aren’t straight at all.

        •  Sorry, but you’re not well informed. Some TGs are much more feminine -looking than “real” women. I won’t delve into issue because this is not an appropriate place, but will only add that it’s common  knowledge that biological women are frequently very inimical towards TG women.

          And I’m not “fixated” on anything- in this area- but a female physical form.

          • Guest

             There’s no such thing as a “TG woman.” A man who has “turned himself into a woman” is just a man who has undergone radical plastic surgery and hormone treatments.

          • I think it’s best to put this issue aside. Anyway, it’s marginal, statistically.

          • The_Bobster

            I smell a Danny Bonaduce story here.

          • Cyb

             I know you are just replying with your limited knowledge. And I know you think you are right. But actually, you are hopelessly uneducated on the science and the facts. You do believe in science and facts don’t you? Not hokus pocus and vodoo? Let’s address some of them. First of all if one of your testicles is cut off are you still a man? Why yes, I think you would say you are. Why is that? Because your GENDER resides in your brain, not your testicle. Now, Transsexuality is an INTERSEXED condition whereby a female brain develops and a body develops as intersexed, ambiguous, or along male classification. If the brain holds gender (not your testicle, remember?) then the correct gender of these individuals is female. WAIT you scream, there’s no way this can possibly happen. Sorry, there is. Creation of male gendered fetus requires TWO washes of elevated testosterone within the womb. If the second one does not occur, then you are left with a child with a female gendered brain but male body. Or the Y antibodies reaction, when there are older male siblings. Yep we know it very well. Wait you say, PROVE they have female brains. Well in fact they’ve don’t that too. Dissection studies of transsexual brains demonstrates female patterns in the BSTc region stria terminalis.

            Well they’re just icky and GAY. ICK! you recoil in horror. Thats gross and icky and gay you.  Well did you know a large majorityof trans women date women (which actually makes them GAY but not the male homosexual GAY way you are thinking)

            You see the biggest mistake you make is you take your own world experience as a starting point. Because they have to be just like you. And that makes them gay boys with cosmetic only changes. But that would be a mistake. They were born nothing like you. In fact they were always WOMEN. The surgery is reconstructive simply cosmetic. I know it takes effort and reading and some what of an open mind but you don’t have to be THAT smart to understand these points. So how about joining the rest of the moderately intelligent humans on the other side of this issue.

          • blight14

             WHY are these two mentally challenged people on AmRen?

          • crystal evans

            They do not have all of the body parts that a natural born female has.

          • Oil Can Harry

            You’re right, Crystal.

             Then again, at least Bardon is being honest unlike the Brothas-On-the-Down-Low like Eddie Murphy who get caught with transvestites and then pretend they thought it was a woman.

          • Cyb

             Thats right, just like some women they don’t have a uterus.

          • pfic


      • Cyb

         I can tell you the sex is better. Their pussies are tighter and less smelly. Plus they have more muscle control. And no worry about unwanted pregnancies.

      • blight14

         You’re on the WRONG site, take your rotten pablum elsewhere…..

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Even if you support abortion, it shouldn’t be done at the taxpayer’s dime.  Deportation is a much better solution, as is a sane reading of the 14th amendment.

      • anonymous_amren

        I’m happy to fund abortions for illegal immigrants. Sure, it’s not fair for taxpayers, but it needs doing, and who else is going to pay for it?

        Actually abortion then deportation is a much better solution than just deportation.

        Sex change operations on the other hand, I will not accept (except perhaps castrations of some sex offenders).

  • crystal evans

    I can just see it now, transgendered detainees will demand sex change operations at government expense. I have no problem with the abortions because it will control the number of anchor babies that are born every year.

    • Cyb

       No, they wont, certainly they wont get very far. It’s not provided to FREE CITIZENS so it CERTAINLY wont be provided for INCARCERATED people

      • Beloved Comrade

        It’s provided to plenty of citizens for free as part of their work-related health care plan.

        This year, 39% of Fortune 500 companies offer transgender surgery as part of their health care benefits, up from 1% in 2004.  The city of Portland covers 80% of gender reassignment surgery for its employees, San Francisco covers 85% of the cost.

        The surgery costs ~ $75,000.  Obamacare will certainly provide transgender surgery for “free” to American citizens and illegal aliens as well.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        Earlier you talked about female brains in male bodies.

        What nonsense is this?. Absolutely ridiculous!

        Look, I’m not a sexist or anything, but I just think that when women think too deeply about things they come up with all sorts of silliness. Like men with female brains.

        Unless you’re a trannie yourself, I think that if you just consentrated on looking after the kids and preparing meals for your husband you’d feel a lot better. Real peace of mind.

  • Guest

    I have an idea: maybe hormone treatments should be not just free, but mandatory!  “Did dju here what happened to Jose?  He tried to cross the border, and La migra catch him, and when he came back he was Josephina!  I’m staying here in Mexico, no way I want to come back a girl!”

    • The_Bobster

      Not permanent enough. They need cutadickoffomy operations.

  • Abortion for non-whites is fine.  If you can’t get these people to understand that is their Duty to house, feed and educate their own, they shouldn’t be allowed to pump them out like they do.

    Or, you can simply Obey the Law and get rid of the ILLEGAL Aliens.  Oh and by the way, I don’t care what anybody says about any “law”, you CANNOT Birth Legality from Illegality period (anchor babies) so those Illegal Aliens go to and I don’t care how long they’ve been here neither.

    • Anan7

       I’ve had this argument before.  The act of killing one’s own offspring is a savage act, and it should be legally limited to such savages.

      Maybe this sounds horrible, and I definitely see that.  One has to take into account the destruction these creatures are bringing along with them.  Go to Philadelphia, East St. Louis, Los Angeles, Detroit, or New Orleans and tell me how much they’re loving the diversity there!  Or tell that to the White who was rejected for college admission in favor of an under-qualified minority and see how much he/she loves diversity.

  • Cyb

     I think that anyone who considers stopping hormones for trans women who are in custody as the right thing to do when these are doctor prescribed is basically a mad person. You don’t realize that running the human body with ZERO hormones causes severe problems. Even most menopausal women still have some hormones well into their seventies and even that can cause serious distress. It always amazes me that just because people are mentally limited and homophobic (not that trans sexing has anything at all to do with being gay, it doesnt) that they react in horror at the fifth grade level to something that is accepted and common in every civilized country EXCEPT third world backwards America. America is truly a shameful place

    • Alexandra1973

      I put the word “homophobic” in the same place as “racist.”  In the trash bin where it belongs.  It’s just all mind games, and I refuse to play.  Besides, I don’t “fear” homosexuality; I am disgusted by it.

    • Beloved Comrade

      Give me a good reason why American taxpayers should pay for anyone’s hormones, especially if that person is in jail or prison.

      You want hormones?  No problem, pay for them yourself.  I could not care less whether you or anyone else has GI issues.  

  • I thought I might write something about TG women, but…

    1. the atmosphere is tense & not conductive to rational discourse

    2. it has landed on AmRen under rather bizarre circumstances & is not of vital interest (unlike school system, media, crime, ..)

    3. TS & TG people- male plus female- are truly marginal. They account for ca. 0.01% of the population.

    Nuff said.

  • Cyb

     Thats a pretty piss poor ad hominem argument. First of all, yes mentally limited IS the apt term to use people who are … oh say 100 years behind science and facts in their arguments.  Homophobia IS the root of their dementia even though as I clearly state, trans sexing has little to do with homophobia except for a utterly warped misunderstanding of gender.

    But, why don’t you be a grown up and actually attack the MEAT on the BONES of the argument because really thats the point of it. Oh wait, you can’t. Gee wonder why?

  • Cyb

     Just remember these OMG THE HORROR comments come from Lamar Smith the same DOUCHE BAG who screamed during the NDAA hearings “AND IF THEY ASK FOR A LAWYER >… THEY DONT GET A LAWYER” 

    psycho christian nut cases shouldn’t be allowed in congress but then again by the same reasoning south carolina should be sterilized and re-populated. I guess the low brains need a place to go too.

  •  This is a flawed argument-many things are now “normal” that were considered abnormal not very long ago: universal literacy, abolition of slavery, universal male suffrage (not dependent of class or money), women’s suffrage, pensions, vaccination, …

    As for 2 questions:

    1. there are numerous investigations on why sexual “orientation”, rooted in unborn child’s brain, isn’t in sync with their sexual anatomy- having heterosexual male and female as the norm. Of course, TG people are just a tiny fraction in these investigations (most of them being about male and female homosexuals). Cyb has given basics in some other comment below & it’s about testosterone levels during pregnancy.Well, AFAIK, because there are so many factors affecting pregnant women’s physiology- scientists simply don’t know. They have eliminated a few substances as potential causes, but due to complexity of the subject, I suppose the progress will be achieved only when we’re capable of serious investigation at genetic level- something we still are not.
    And- why do you think nobody has tried to resolve this puzzle ? Try to look at this way: this real stuff is a truly complex one, as complex as, say, cancer or race differences on genetic level.
    It just cannot be resolved overnight.

    2. this is a behavior present & known in every civilization, and it IS NOT reducible to homosexuality. This intersex thing is different. Also, you wrote that it is very prevalent now. No, it isn’t- it’s just more present in the media. Numbers are following: out of 100 men, 2-4 are homosexuals (gays); out of 100 women, 1-2 are homosexuals (lesbians); out of 10,000 people (both sexes), 1 is TG. So, it’s not very common.

    As for miserable lives etc.- yes, many TGs lead such lives. Their suicide rate is extremely high. But, lo and behold- after sex assignment surgery it drops dramatically, almost to zero.

  • Ironies aside, the true problem- immigration-has been redirected to a very marginal one, TG status as “freaks”. I objected since I disagreed with this characterization. Of course ALL illegal immigration should be halted, as well as THE MAJOR PART of the legal immigration. This is what we – I suppose- agree on.

    But, most of the comments swirled around the question of sexual identity and not the immigration policy.

  • Alexandra1973

    I’m pro-life, but it seems to me that aborting illegal immigrant babies would have the same effect as shooting illegals as they’re trying to sneak in.

  • As I see, you didn’t address real issues, but only expressed your grievances and dislikes. For instance, “who is normal” is a red herring- it wasn’t a topic discussed.

    Having read your comment, I don’t see how any other exchange of bytes would be fruitful. There are two ways to discuss something:

    1. both participants focus on debatable points & try to define and express their position on the issue

    2. each just states their opinions, disregarding what the other side had said. In short- people don’t talk TO each other, but PAST each other.

    Since I’m not interested in soliloquys posing as dialogue, all I can say is: have a nice day.   

  • Let us get back to the
    meat of the issue shall we. I could not care any less if Pedrita gets his/her
    hormone treatments while in custody. He/she should have thought about that
    before violating our sovereignty.  The
    question is, why are illegal invaders languishing in ICE custody long enough
    for this to be an issue? Either you’re in this country legally or you’re not!
    If not, you should be processed and put on the next plane, bus or ship out of
    here. There should be no appeals, no hearings, no anything. If your initially
    entry into this country was in violation of our immigration laws, (not to
    mention our sovereignty) you have automatically forfeited any “right”
    to protest your removal.

    If any “immigration
    reform” is needed, this is where it should be.

    • The question is, why are illegal invaders languishing in ICE custody long enough
      for this to be an issue?

      Yeah, this is THE question.

    • Because they are fighting their removal from the US. They are given chances to voluntarily depart the US but they refuse and they are kept in custody until their case is resolved. With all the appeals, it could take years.

      • Yes…I know why they are doing it. My point is they should be given no choice in the matter, if their initial entry into this country was in violation of our immigration laws.

        They should be processed and put on the next mode of transportation back to their rightful country of citizenship.

  • That should not be.. They should pass a bill against discrimination to them..