Andrew Breitbart’s Obama Tapes to Be Released, Friends Say

The Star, March 2, 2012

A friend of arch-conservative U.S. Andrew Breitbart say he will make good on Breitbart’s promise to release tapes that he said reveal Barack Obama as a radical bent on “racial division and class warfare.”

“We are going through a series of tapes of President Obama at Harvard,” filmmaker Steve Bannon said on the Sean Hannity Show on Thursday night

“We will show them in a week to 10 days.”

Breitbart, whose six websites are worth an estimated $4 million, had promised to release the tapes March 1, but dropped dead while walking home early Thursday in Brentwood, Los Angeles, at the age of 43.


Breitbart last Friday told the Conservative Political Action Conference about the alleged Obama tapes:

“We are going to vet him from his college days to show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008.

“The videos are going to come out, the narrative is going to come out, that Barack Obama met a bunch of silver ponytails in the 1980s, like Bill (Ayers) and Bernardine (Dohrn), who said one day we would have the presidency, and the rest of us slept as they plotted, and they plotted, and they plotted.

“Barack Obama is a radical, we should not be afraid to say that! Okay? And Barack Obama was launched from Bill and Bernadine’s salon. I’ve been there.”


Ayers and Dohrn were founders of the Weather Underground, a violent radical leftist group formed in 1969 who went on to become university professors in Chicago, where they met Obama.

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  • Eagle_Eyed

    Should wait until closer to election time.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but his death does seem suspicious.

  • These tapes are too little, too late and too early. Too little in that it won’t really matter, too late in that Barack Obama has already had a disastrous 10 trillion dollar debacle of a presidency and too early in that it won’t matter to the 2012 election. Americans are de-racinated and have the attention spans of county-fair prize goldfish. Anything released in March 2011 might as well not even exist in November 2012.

  • jackellis

    Folks should be targeting working class White union workers – Reagan Democrats like Nixon, Reagan and Buchanan successfully did, instead of always trying to expose some ties to the radical 1960s. The past is history.

    • John W. Burns

      The past is history?  If you control the past you control the present….control the present and you control the future.  Right not Obama has no past as long as all Papers, documents, etc. are locked up.  I say put it all out there.  I want to see it all and I can guess about America’s future.

  • First, I’m not yet ready to believe that this was an assassination.  By Breitbart’s own admission, he had some pretty bad habits in his younger liberal days (e.g. drugs), and even after his political conversion, he was a self-admitted workaholic obsessive.  Those had to combine to do a number on his health.  Earlier, under what was the mistaken assumption that his liberal days were also his homosexual days, (as it turns out, he was never homosexual), I speculated STDs, until Scoop Stanton, the D.C. correspondent for the James Edwards show, reminded me that Breitbart didn’t have the “about to keel over from an STD” appearance.  So FAIL that.

    On the whole, his media empire has done more good than harm, it has been more positive than negative.  In what turned out to be his last weeks, he really took it to Tim Wise.  I’m assuming that there will be enough money in his estate for the “Big” sites and his others to continue, so whatever virtues and vices came of his websites in his life, they will probably continue in his death.

    Time for the “But” Monkey.

    Breitbart was hardly a white nationalist, much less a race realist.  Much of what he did was based  on lamestream conservative racial egalitarian ideology.  He gets a lot of grief for “editing” the Sherrod/NAACP video.  Actually, he did her a really big favor, if you want to believe it was deliberate, (and he did eventually post the whole thing), because what was left out at first actually presents her in a worse light, and self-exposes her for the hard core extremist she is, than the original part. 

    No, the real big hangup I have from the way he handled the Sherrod episode wasn’t the mechanics, but the base assumptions.  Remember the timeline:  NAACP denounces tea party “racism.”  (As if.)  Breitbart posts the Sherrod video to expose NAACP “racism.”  What’s the underlying assumption behind both sides?  That racism is somehow wrong.  For Breitbart et al. to have reacted to the NAACP’s initial idiocy in the way they did only endorsed the “power” of “racism” accusations.  In the process, he needlessly borked his reputation a little bit.  (As an aside, Sherrod will continue her lawsuit against Breitbart’s estate).

    The better tack would have been to ignore the NAACP.  If not ignore them, then use the James Edwards axiom of saying “Racism Schmacism.”  Responding to them only gives them legitimacy, and trying to say that “they’re racist” only endorses their tactic of “racism” accusations having teeth.  It would have been far better in the long run to neuter the “racism” missile than to return fire.  If you’re in a war, which would you rather do?  Fire cannons back after your enemy fires them at you first, or make your enemy’s cannons disappear?  We don’t have the power literally to make cannons disappear, but neutralizing “racism” accusations is within our grasp.

    How is this relevant to this story?  Well, read this Breitbart quote from CPAC:

    We are going to vet him from his college days to show you why racial
    division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold
    in 2008.

    Therefore, these tapes will still be released.  And the Breitbart empire strategy is to try and take down Obama by denouncing his “racial division” tactics.  As if “racial division” is somehow wrong.

    Uh, hello?  I’m for racial division.  If I didn’t know any better, and I heard that Obama was for dividing the races, I would vote for him. 

    This stupid strategy just might guarantee Obama’s re-election.

    • Oil Can Harry

      If Breitbart’s takedown of ACORN was the only thing he did in his life he would still deserve the thanks of a grateful nation.

      Another cool move was when black Congressmen John Lewis and Emmanuel Cleaver claimed that Tea Party protesters chanted the N-word at them “at least 16 times”. Breitbart responded by offering $50,000 to anyone who could provide proof.  The result? Dead silence- and this despite the fact that dozens of reporters had videotaped and audiotaped the confrontation.

      Of couse he wasn’t perfect- his Big Peace website is neocon propaganda and a complete waste of bandwith. Still, I’ll tip my hat to the man. RIP. 

      • Of couse he wasn’t perfect- his Big Peace website is neocon propaganda and a complete waste of bandwidth.

        Three cheers.  When they started Big Peace, I thought to myself, “Did National Review suddenly turn into Stormfront overnight such that the internet needs yet another medium to poodle for that curious alliance between 25% of the American and 40% of the Israeli electorates?”

    • Tom P.

      “I’m not yet ready to believe” 

      I find myself noting that I have no beliefs–that I deal in degrees of likelihood among the various possibilities I can see or am informed of.  I don’t make up my mind–Mr. Fact and Mr. Reason do that.  Mr. Fact is often a fast growing person who changes size and shape.   When he gets mature, I introduce the two and stand back for direction.   A “conspiracy theory” is just something that for want of evidence prevents the two from getting introduced one to the other .  Truth, fortunately, is not decided by a show of hands.    We are at the point in  (what’s left of ) America now where the odd  is as  likely to be real as is  the filtered and comfy commonplace fed up to us by the MSM. 

      • I find myself behaving the same way you do.  I’ll believe anything for a short time, but I won’t keep on believing it unless it has a credible chance of being true.  I handicap in my head the odds of controversial or unproven or impossible to prove theories.  On a scale of zero to ten, zero being impossible and ten being all-but-proven-true, I rate the “Breitbart was assassinated” theory at a 3.

  • Hugo

    It should be instructive that Breitbart reeled in Rep.  Anthony Weiner like a fish.  He told everyone that he had evidence but held on to it until after Weiner made statements so he could catch him in a lie.  He flushed him out for maximum effect. 

  • Sorry about that. Oops. 😀

  • His death strikes me as suspicious.  Does anyone else find it odd he was drinking in a bar just prior to his death? I certainly hope there will be a coroners inquest.

  • blight14

     Oh really (his brother), I had no idea…..thanks for the info……that speaks volumes about Mr Breitbart………..another Alex Jones type perhaps?

  • I’ve been thinking about that, too.  Curiously, Darrel Issa is taking his good ole sweet time with the Operation Gunrunner (*) investigation.  At this pace, the final report would come out in late October.  Hmmm.

    * – For propaganda purposes, I will not call that scheme “Fast and Furious,” because when you say “Fast and Furious” to most people, they think about a drag racing movie.  “Gunrunner” is more obvious and more likely to engineer public disgust — “Gunrunner” = running guns, simple as that.

  • Kurt Plummer

    Until the nature of the politics changes, it’s all just label gaming as advertising presentation for the next round of thimblerig gaming psychology we call politics.

    Yes, you can pick the pea from the pod but the problem is that ‘we’ own all the shells.  Because ‘we’ pay for the candidacies whose platforms as planks are all utterly different from the promises of the campaign trail.  So different as to not even hold the same theme as much as answer.

    We need to be rid of racial problems, not by removing the masks of the racists.  But by replacing the entire concept of distributionist-centrist capitalism (Own the process, take a penny from each step, pay wage slaves only enough to buy the products of that process without any left over.  And you get it all back while ruling the entire -system-…).

    With advanced, anthropomorphic, robotics.

    Once we get to that point, our entire notion of how society functions and specifically -why- we invest in the present system at all.

    Think about it:  20 years in institutionalized day care, 10 years in serious job training, 30 years in breeding our replacements and paying for their debt as ours, only to die <10 years after we retire because SSDI is gone and our savings doesn't grow like it did.

    If 20-30% of our population doesn't want to work and is indeed -being bred to a notional acceptance of dependent living- because they are such a huge fraction of society that they can threaten unrest to get what they want.  If another 40% are moving from high school straight into trades jobs which they ruthlessly monopolize to the point of being openly hostile to indigene workers who try and compete.  And only TEN percent have the intellect to truly excel in life.

    Where does that leave the thirty or so percent who are middle-road genetic placeholders until -their- kids hit the genius or immigration or social reject lottery and can move up to success or dependence?

    It leaves us in a dying culture which can no longer sustain itself on a system of rigid class hierarchies as the poor use the race card to help themselves and the rich help them to destroy us all.

    Advanced robotics could change -all- of this.  First and foremost by removing the Ponzi Scheme manipulations of social engineering as a fraudulent vehicle of 'paying for elderly care'.  Second, by allowing every U.S. born child to be given, outright, the productive value of ONE robot to ensure a basic lifestyle of food and housing.  And third, by reversing the course of imported Third World 'culture' as an artifact of low IQ genes transposing low IQ civilization as high birth rate inheritance.  So that we may send robots to build up Africa and India and China.  And not fear the severe and entirely deleterious effects of exploitationist totalitarianism further 'oppressing' these places.

    Because -we- control the 'supply side economics' where all the logistics, labor and payment plan are by for and to a zero sum endgame.

    In building up the world, for free.

    Give everyone a standard of living that they don't fear for their own lives even as they hope for their posterities improvement by 'moving over there' and you can also begin to talk serious genomic therapies for low IQ and high birthrate suppression as well.  Something that none of the other races have ever mastered, to their eternal social deficit.

    Talking about anything else is talking about fixing a broken system by replacing a single political look-alike cog with another of identical function.

    THE SYSTEM is what needs to go.  And it doesn't need to be replaced by multicult idiocy of globalist ideals to do so.

    • Tom P.

      “label gaming as advertising presentation…”  Yes, indeed.  The most nearly “real” thing
      about the whole Circus is that it  is like some vast tee vee game show–something the MSM
      are setting up in order to have “news” fodder.    Why not just reactivate the electoral college,
      have the legislatures elect U.S. Senators…..a great leap forward from the current degeneration.

  • razorrare

    The truth is not a one can say with 100%  certainly that a “conspiracy” of sorts existed to end the life of Breithart on the day he was to release the tapes.However, Good and Evil exist as does wrong and right.Those who conspire to deceive and hide the truth are the “Conspirators.” I would urge others to watch this video i am pasteing..another post on another thread had posted it but it only showed about 5 minutes of the video..this video shows the full commentary.

  • What a disgusting worthless good for nothing Obama is.

  • JohnEngelman

    Since the election of 1980 real after tax income for the richest one percent of the American population has increased dramatically, while for eighty percent of the country it has declined.
    Accusing the Democrats of waging class war is like accusing a woman of rape when she fights back. Many of the same American Renaissance posters who complain about the activities of various elites lie prostrate before a predatory oligarchy that enriches itself by cutting payrolls.
    They blame the Democratic Party for changes in personal values and behavior while accepting the U.S. economy as a force of nature that is beyond politics. 

    • Kungfoochimp

       Are you still talking?

  • candide

    It would be wonderful if the truth about this president foisted upon us by the media were finally uncovered.

    • JohnEngelman

      What truth? That he was born in Kenya? That he is a Marxist Muslim? That he hates America? That he wants the terrorists to win? 
      Do you really believe that nonsense?

      • Kungfoochimp

         Barack Obama hates white people.

  • Kungfoochimp

     You need to download a PDF of the Weather Underground’s communist revolution manifesto/instruction manual “Prairie Fire”.  After you read it, much of the last 3-4 years will make sense.  In it, whites are the evil oppressors, and blacks are the victims who need to rise up violently. 

    I note that Larry Grathwohl infiltrated the upper leadership of the WU.  He claims to have been at a meeting where the 85% jewish leadership calmly discussed building slave labor camps in the SW for re-education post-revolution.  They figured 10% of the population (20,000,000 at the time) would refuse to accept the “new way” and would have to be killed.  Their ghoulish plans gave none pause.

    I’ve been telling people that Obama is the Weather Underground candidate for a while.  I’m glad proof is coming.

  • They’re basically going to water them down; so they have no impact.  Fox News was not Breitbart’s friend.  If they have the tapes, I guarantee you that they are destroying the most damaging ones and will put together a sad little montage to make it look like Breitbart claimed to have more than he really did.  If Breitbart said the tapes would be ready by 3/1, then they were ready by 3/1.   The delay is exactly for the reasons you state.   Whoever scammed Breitbart on the Sherrod tapes is going to edit these tapes to make Breitbart look bad; not Obama. 

  • rentslave

    You can see the evil all over that moulinyan’s face.

  • DavidLAlbert

    Regardless of how you think these events will affect the election – you better “PRAY” that Barry stays safe! If he doesn’t – and the worst happens – we will be in for the ride of our lives! Your sons and daughters will be dragged into the streets and slaughtered. Your homes will be invaded by thugs intent on causing you serious harm! You will be given no quarter – you will be slaughtered at will! Your slain carcass will be displayed on the hood of a 66 Impala! Sounds weird. Huh?

    • Let it be and those of us who survive may actually receive the freedom they deserve.

  • MikeofAges

    There is a lesson here, which many have learned to their rue. The only safety sometimes is being out in the open. Once the secret you are keeping is out, you are a detriment, that is true, but nevertheless a bigger burden dead than alive. If things ever get that far. If Andrew Breitbart  had some tapes-videos or whatever, he should have just cut out the drama and released them, and talked later.

    Keep in mind, it is in fact more likely than any other possibility that his death was just an eerie coincidence. I read someone somewhere complain that people like him under treatment for minor heart condition do not, at his age, die suddenly. What we do not know is how carefully he followed his prescribed treatment and preventive regimen. A guy like him, I would say not perfectly. Maybe not very well at all.

    What I wonder about, if his tapes-videos were due to be released Mar 1, why they were not. Wouldn’t most people, if they were in possession of world shaking information, make arrangement for that information to be released as scheduled in the event of their death? Who reading these pages, or who that would not read them even if you paid them, knows whether they will be alive tomorrow? The answer is no one.

    If makes me think that these iconoclastic web journalists who claim that they have shocking information that is due to be released, or will be released if “anything” happens to them, are engaging in more than a little self-promotion.

    • What you just said was sorta on the tip of my tongue, but I just couldn’t translate into words.

      People keep complaining about Wikileaks.  The problem is, most of their stunning revelations are stuff we knew already either as a matter of fact or a matter of logical induction or common sense.  Water is wet material.  Their latest “shocker” last week is that the Pakistani ISI and Osama bin Laden were in regular communication while he was hiding out in Abbottabad.  That is something us people with three-digit IQs figured out within 0.001 second after the news came out that the SEALs knocked him off in Pakistan’s military town after he hid there (i.e. was held prisoner there by Pakistan’s Deep State) for years.

      And that’s what this famous Breitbart “expose” is going to be.  It will be stuff most of us already knew, combined with Breitbart’s famous neo-liberal racial histrionics.

  • MikeofAges

     Depending on the condition and how carefully he was following his treatment and preventive regimen. If he was not doing so with diligence, then his risk would rise dramatically. Probably an eerie coincidence, as I noted in my own post, but everything has to be on the table, until proven otherwise.  There had to be plenty of people with a motive. Probably some who didn’t give a whit about American presidential politics.

  • JohnEngelman

    A friend of arch-conservative U.S. Andrew Breitbart say he will make good on Breitbart’s promise to release tapes that he said reveal Barack Obama as a radical bent on “racial division and class warfare.”                                                                                 
    The Star, March 2, 2012                                                                                                                            
                                                     There is growing support in the United States for a more progressive tax system, and very little for cuts in middle class entitlements. If that is what this “class war” is all about I doubt these tapes will do anything but increase the anger of some white folks who identify with a class they will never join, and who would never vote for President Obama under any circumstances.   

  • The first “installment” of this “great expose” is out, to coincide with a visual redesign of the Breitbart/Big sites:

    And whaddaya know, we found out that water is wet, i.e. left wing extremist black and white (or “white”) fellow travelers in a very black and leftist heavy city sang each other’s praises.

    While I’m on the subject, something that bothered me about the Breitbart-O’Keefe expose of ACORN, which was a good thing overall, was this:  We were supposed to get all worked up over something like prostitution, and a lot of people did in earnest.  But where were we all getting worked up over the real scandal with ACORN, its being a community activist arm of a hostile racial lumpenproletariat for the benefit of the political party for which they vote almost monolithically almost all the time?  ACORN suborns prostitution?  Snore.  ACORN advocates for blacks?  There’s the real sin.

  • JohnEngelman

    These tapes will anger some into voting for Mitt Romney who would otherwise not vote. They will not be something equivalent to the Watergate tapes that finally destroyed the Nixon presidency. For every vote the tapes win for Mitt Romney they are likely to win at least one vote for the President from those who do not think he is radical enough. 

  • ageofknowledge

    And now we know the back story to “yes we can.”