UNC Graduation Rates Lag Significantly for Black Males

Grace Raynor, Daily Tar Heel, March 2, 2012

Forty years after a major milestone for African-Americans at UNC, the University’s black males are suffering from exceptionally low graduation rates.

Richard Epps, who is now deceased, became the University’s first black student body president 40 years ago today, during a time when barely 60 black students walked the campus, said Pam Campbell-Chisholm, a friend of Epps.

Epps’ success was a testament to UNC’s growing accessibility for African-Americans. But today University administrators have shifted their focus to a different concern—fostering academic success for black males while also maintaining the historic accessibility.

UNC’s four-year graduation rate is just 49.2 percent for black males, compared to a 70.8 percent graduation rate for white males, according to a 2010 study.

Taffye Clayton, who became UNC’s vice provost for diversity and multicultural affairs in February, said the University is looking for solutions.

“We have to study the research that exists and determine what are the models of success that are out there?” she said.


But Clayton said the issue clouds not just UNC, but the nation, and the University needs to look for partners around the country to work with on this problem.


Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Bruce Carney said the low graduation rates are a product of economic need.

“Needy students generally don’t do as well as non-needy students,” he said.


UNC’s Carolina Covenant program aims to aid students in this situation. It allows participating students, whose family income must fall at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines, to graduate debt-free.


Race isn’t the only factor that might have a bearing on the lagging graduation rates, Carney said. Males as a whole graduate at lower rates than females.


The four-year graduation rate for black females is 71 percent, about 22 percent higher than their male counterparts. Meanwhile, there is about a 10 percent difference between the graduation rates of white males and white females.

Moving forward, Clayton said the issue of academic success for black males needs to become a national one.

“As we look at issues of African-American challenges to the African-American community we have to look at that as a challenge to the American community,” she said.

“It is about race, but it’s also about the entire American society.”

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  • The whole game isn’t for them to graduate, anyhow. It is for appearances and for robbing White taxpayers to send idiot blacks to college. The blacks then suck more White tax money when they get an Affirmative Action “job” in the government or even more wastefully and shamefully, as a “contractor.”

    Half of the “smart” black men don’t even graduate high school so why would anybody expect them to graduate college in 4 years, if at all?

    That 40 percent is inflated in at least 2 plainly obvious ways. One, the college is totally embarrassed that blacks fail 60 percent of the time so giving a black enough poor grades to kick it out of school or expel him must be just short of impossible. Two, the black men can take fraudulent soft science degrees in things like African American Studies and other black-is-beautiful anti-White Marxist nonsense. Without kid glove treatment and sham degrees what do you suppose the graduation rate for black men would be? Half of what it is now? A quarter of what it is now? Something like 10 percent?

    • Anan7

      A more substantial problem is the brainwashing of Whites that “affirmative action” is a good deal for everyone.  A lot of them actually buy it.  Then we are the bad guys when we  become furious about the obvious moral implications.

      Another more pernicious problem is affirmative graduation.  Seriously, I will not take a black doctor.  EVER. They don’t have to work as hard as the White ones.

      Blacks, and to a lesser extent Hispanics, have made themselves into a burden on the rest of society.  The Blacks, Mulattoes, etc. should go back to Africa.  I am 100% serious.  It would solve SO MANY problems.  We could then rebuild America.

      If you think this is racist, check out what happened to the Whites in Zimbabwe in the 70s and South Africa right now and tell me THAT isn’t much worse.

      Peaceful and voluntary separation is the ONLY answer.

  • crystal evans

    I wonder what their high school gpa was when they were admitted to UNC? Did they need any remedial courses in English and math? These courses are noncredit courses that students who do not have satisfactory SAT/ACT scores or scores on placement tests must pass in order to take college level English and math courses.

  • Curiously, the graduation rate for black women is higher than that of white men.  White women have the highest graduation rate.  What is truly scandalous isn’t the racial graduation gap, but the gender gap.

    • White females have taken over liberal arts. In other fields, especially exact sciences-from mathematics to astronomy, excepting biology- they are a rarity.

      I guess I’m a sexist- partially- but, there are no truly significant female creative minds even in humanities (philosophy, linguistics, history, arts history, literary criticism, …). Heck, even imaginative literature is, in past 30-50 yrs, still a man’s field.

      Jung put it well (roughly): Man is Logos, Woman is Eros.

      • A lot of women in college today are hardly Eros!! Many of them are Sluttos!! And Hippos!

    • Absolutely. And how much of that is due to M-O-N-E-Y?? Are females getting the mnoney and opportunity to go on while whit men are denied. Seems likely. We are not wanted there. 

  • chuck_2011

    what the statistic fails to say is those black males who manage to graduate take less academically demanding programs. Its all they can manage as their wee brains struggle to cope with readin, and thinking and  essays and stuff.

    • Mayne dey goss ta keep up on all da latest jams,you nomesayne? You can always  find the black males at the student rec center,chillin’,talkin at da honeys. At the library,theyre as rare as hens teeth.

      • Detroit_WASP

        No, they’re in the library….TALKING ON THEIR CELL PHONES.

        •  Or else they are watching streaming music videos on the campus internet connection and making the internet connection SLOW AS HELL FOR THE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO USE IT TO STUDY AND RESEARCH.

          Another great thing are those little ear bud headphones they put into every computer in the lab. Somehow they magically turn every little dumpy Dell in the joint into a Marshall full stack.

  • It’s not only the US. Look at the Caribbean, Colombia, Brazil, Africa,… Blacks are not “meant” to be students. They are not the only ones- look at indigenous peoples like American Indians or Russian  “native” peoples in Siberia, or even Polynesians (aloha….).

    In my book, this is not such a great fault. Not everybody is for education, study etc. What I strongly resent about Blacks is: they are aggressive parasites. Lakota, Dakota, Cheyenne, Navajo,..you name it- they’re not aggressive criminals in White environment.

    But, with Blacks- unlike Polynesians or Sioux- any normal White person associates:

    a) aggravated assault, rape, robbery ..

    b) obscene & vulgar behavior, STDs, lack of even conventional moral standards

    c) squeaking about slavery, white privilege whatnot

    d) physical presence that is- at least in my experience- odious, with something animalistic around it. I didn’t experience this with Indians (from India), Asians or American Indians. To be honest, it was absent from some Blacks, too. But, statistically ….

    • MikeofAges

       Not to mention — among those with lesser educational levels — far too often a lack of any normal aspirations. If there were people who were complaining that they wanted to be butchers, bakers, shipyard workers, steelworkers, autoworkers, whatever and couldn’t find work or were not hired when there was work, you would have an issue that a normal person could respond to. Aspiring to the things that could allow a man to live a normal adult life, as whites, Asians and Hispanics of the same ilk do, are not on their radar screen.

    • Detroit_WASP

      I generally agree but…..I think American Indians have the highest high school drop-out rate of any group.  Also have the highest teen suicide rate.

  • gemjunior

    “Moving forward, Clayton said, the issue of academic success for black males needs to become a national one.”
    I wonder what that means – does it mean that black males nationwide need to become concerned about their lack of academic success?  Or, I suspect, does it means that it should be a national issue concerning everyone in the entire nation?

    I’m so tired of it all.  Why can’t we just segregate forever.  Things would be so much better for us all.

  • bubo

    UNC is a typical blue blood liberal school that takes great pride in their artificial diversity.   Let the liberal prof’s twist themselves in knots trying to figure out how to socially promote blacks.  I’m sure whoever keeps their basketball and football players eligible can give some pointers.  

  • JackKrak

    49.2% four year graduation rate for black males?

    That high? Really?

    • Mostly in Afro-American studies and other social sciences where you get an A for showing up. Half of them still dropped out. 

    • Detroit_WASP

      I doubt that number as well.  A professor at a college I attended said that 90% of black males don’t graduate from that college in 4 years.  

  • MikeofAges

    What a bunch of crybabies. Considering, a 50 percent graduation rate is pretty good. Maybe some either don’t have enough motivation or lose their motivation. Some make bad decisions. Some are at the wrong type of school. Are any of these thing unheard of among white students? Not to mention, how many varsity athletes are included with these result, a group with a notoriously low graduation?

  • Beloved Comrade

    Next time put up a warning before you post anything like that.

    I almost lost my lunch.

  • Beloved Comrade

    Moving forward, Clayton said the issue of academic success for black males needs to become a national one.

    Nothing should be of concern to the white community except that black males enjoy hunting whites for torture, rape, robbery and murder.

    Tell everyone you know and spread the word far and wide:  black males pose an immediate threat to white lives and to stay as far away as possible or arm yourself with deadly force.

  • Detroit_WASP


    Wayne State in Detroit stopped keeping numbers on minority drop-outs.  In my opinion, they did it to hide the the truth about minority students wasting taxpayer dollars on attempts at college.  

    These kids needing remedial classes should be in a communtiy college, not a university at 4 times the price. 

    • MikeofAges

      Letting people go to college accomplishes one social purpose. They don’t have to run around for the rest of their lives complaining about how they couldn’t go to college because they were poor. Or black. Or whatever. They got to go and found out it wasn’t for them, not when the bar started getting higher.. Either that, or they weren’t for it.

      Not to mention, if you realized that all welfare is corporate welfare, you wouldn’t feel so bad. Historically, the biggest supporter of need-based financial aid has been the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). Any surprise here?

  •  She was pretty good in “Shrek.”

    • Beloved Comrade

      And as the Wookie in Star Wars.

  • Beloved Comrade

    Thanks.  Next time put up a head’s up such as W*A*R*N*I*N*G!!  graphic content, open at your own risk!! and offer some form of remediation such as industrial-strength eye wash.

    I couldn’t get the horrible image out of my brain for hours.

  • Beloved Comrade

    They may appear dumb, but most are not.  They are threatened.  Their careers and livelihoods are threatened if they do not obey the PC monitors which dictate that they mouth lies such as “blacks and whites have equal IQs.”
    No one wants to be “Watsoned” or suffer the same fate as Don Imus, Fuzzy Zoeller, et. al.   Rush is fighting these monsters at the moment.

    Yes, Red Army is a propos. That dumb army you refer to, the one that is set against us Whites, are known as useful idiots.  They have been known to suffer a fate worse than their enemy once their mission is complete — a bullet in the back of the head delivered with extreme prejudice.  

    Sometimes there is justice; they will eventually suffer a fate worse than ours when their “benevolent” masters turn on them.