Fanning Racial Fires

C.J. Sullivan and Dan Mangan, NY Post, March 1, 2012

A tutorial workshop for the upcoming FDNY entrance exam turned raucous last night when the organization that represents black firefighters—which was hosting the Queens event—turned away whites who wanted to attend.

“This is absurd,” fumed Rob, a 21-year-old who was one of about 60 whites refused entry by the Vulcan Society at MS 72 in Jamaica and whose angry reaction drew 30 NYPD cops and school safety officers.


But a Vulcan volunteer said he was told to admit people only if they had received a confirmation e-mail from the society, and that the decision had nothing to do with race.


The Vulcan Society and the US Justice Department recently won a lawsuit against the city and the FDNY after a federal judge ruled the department’s hiring practices were discriminatory, and ordered reforms.

Paul Mannix, a deputy FDNY chief who is president of Merit Matters, which opposes the reforms as a watering-down of standards, said that in two earlier workshops this week, the Vulcan Society admitted whites.

“It’s incredible in this day and age” that whites were barred last night, said Mannix, who called the Vulcans’ explanation “disingenuous.”

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  • As if the Whites need to prep with the blacks who ALWAYS FAIL these exams and cry DAS RAYCISS.

    I can’t imagine why a White would study for a test with a black. It would be like copying answers off the paste-eating kid’s paper.

    • Not if they where giving out the answers to the test in order. If it was “ok class write down the following ACCDEDBBCAEDBCEEDSDAabcdccbaddaedbdc

  • crystal evans

    I wonder if they admitted any Asians? The difference is that whites and Asians study while blacks complain that the test is racist and unfair. Give me a break!

    • I bet dey admit dem white wimmenz!!!

    • Sheila

       And just how many of your sainted, high-IQ racial compatriots are firefighters, Japanese Crystal?  They are overwhelmingly White men.  While your ethnocentric prattle is offensive in all your comments, it is blatantly out of place here, discussing a profession and a fight you have absolutely no connection to.

  • Hirschibold

    It doesn’t matter. Make the white men wear blindfolds, place loads of stones around their necks, or make them hop on one leg. They will steal beat black men in an intellectual footrace, no matter what impediments are thrown in their paths.

    • What about if the blacks where given the answers in the form of ACCDEDBBCAEDBCEEDSDAabcdccbaddaedbdc

      • Hirschibold

         The black method of guessing on standardized tests, as revealed in the movie “Who the Man” is to spell ABBACADABA (abracadabba, get it?).

  • bubo

    The reason why they didn’t want whites present is because they were handing out copies of the test, complete with answers and with the full backing of the black union and perhaps even the FDNY brass.  

    Firefighter is a jobs program for blacks.  It pays very well and little is expected of them.   A few years ago we had one of the trademarked “noose” situations in my town.  The FBI was called and the black “victims” refused to aide in the investigation after one failed a polygraph.  People would be surprised at the number of militant blacks that are employed as cops or firefighters.  

    • and the number of gangsters.We havea story here in Chicago right now where a “Black Imperial”–thats a gangster,not a car–is working in a highly sensitive court position!!The gangster gets to see all the requests for search warrants–and he is a CROOK!!! Blacks canNOT and will NOT EVER operate in a corruption-free environment.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Incidentally, over the years I have observed many Black police officers in the Los Angeles area and I can tell you I wasn’t particularly impressed by them. A good number of them were rather slovenly in appearance, and their ghetto attitudes and gestures were always apparent when they got agitated. Although I’m sure there were exceptions, the Black officers just never seemed as professional, organized and articulate as the White officers. Black cops were also lazier than the White and Hispanic officers from what I recall. I remember one time years ago at LAX Airport in which several Black airport police officers were standing around and talking. When an attractive White lady walked past them, these ‘officers’ did not have the decency nor professionalism to keep their mouths shut and remain low key. Instead, they stared her down, started with the ‘cat calls’, followed by hoots and hollers! It was an amazing thing to witness! The funny thing about it is that I didn’t think it was unusual for Blacks to conduct themselves in this manner in the presence of women. What I was surprised at was how brazen and uncouth they acted all the while wearing the uniform of a police officer. Now, at my age, I would not be shocked if I were to witness the same event again.   

  • If they where cheating and giving out the test & answers before hand wouldnt you want to know.

  • I wonder if they where teaching the test answers or  “ok class write down the following ACCDEDBBCAEDBCEEDSDAabcdccbaddaedbdcbadeedbcabcaababaed

  • Oil Can Harry

    That’s right, this had NOTHING to do with race. The black volunteer explained that they were merely turning away those who did not receive an invitation via email.

    And who received the invitations? Only blacks… but it had NOTHING to do with race! 

  • chuck_2011

    Its well known black firefighters are not the sharpest tool in the shed…and in my opinion, this closed meeting barred whites who could easily realize the fact that blacks would not perform well. Given that there IQ id subpar, their spoken english is poor, and that a general state of mental dissonance occurs in each one, then I understand their desire to close the meeting. I would suspect this meeting was more about how the race card should be played when the test results come back. Suppose a white did poorly on the test…he would be fired or demoted immediately. Somehow the blacks want the job but do not expect to perform. This needs to change.

  • East St. Louis is almost burned down to the ground and depopulating as it is.  Unfortunately, that means they’re moving further east to do the same to Belleville.

  • Tillerman Ray

    In 1965 I sat for the San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) written examination along with 2,000 other men, most of whom were white; some black, some Asian and some Hispanic.  The exam resembled in length and difficulty the written test I had taken to get into San Francisco State College, and the written I had taken for employemnt with a large brokerage firm.  I was accepted into SF State, and by the brokerage firm, but refused that job.

    In the mid 1980s, a Northern California “judge” decided that there were not enough black, Asian or Hispanics in the SFFD, so she forced San Francisco’s Civil Service testing office to make the SFFD written and physical/strength tests easier.  The existing tests “discriminated” against certain minorities, she claimed.
    My youngest brother took that written exam in 1986 and told me that it actually asked the following questions:
    “Which pickup truck is most likely to lose its load when rounding a corner.  The one with load piled high, or the truck with the load piled no higher than the side of the truck?”
    And, “Which is more difficult.  Pushing a wheel-barrow up a slope, or pushing a wheel-barrow on the flat?”
    My brother’s test scores gave placed him around 1,500th place out of  nearly 5,000 applicants.  We knew he would not be hired.  However, the SFFD was forced to hire 12 women and scores of “under-represented minorities” with lower test scores than my brother.

    • One of the recent promotion tests of the St. Louis Fire Department was controversial because it had a race gap.  Eventually, promotions based on the test results were made.  One of the questions on this test?

      You are 90 feet from the fire.  A section of hose is 30 feet long.  How many sections must one tie together to reach the fire?

      That wasn’t a trick question either.  Remember, this was a promotion test, not an entrance test.

      90 divided by 30 is racially discriminatory.

  • D.H. Andrews

    This is loosely related to the above story and one I like to tell.

    In the mid-70’s I was a naive pre-med student. Anyone who knows anything about pre-med knows that not only is the curriculum one(if not THE) most difficult of any. Add to that, the competition to be admitted to medical school is fierce. At the time, there were approximately 2,000 applicants for only 144 positions at LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans. About the same figures existed at Tulane, also in New Orleans.

    At the time (around 1974 or ’75) there was no such thing as Political Correctness. My advisor (usually the head of the biology dept.) told me flat out – and in no uncertain terms – that if it weren’t for Affirmative Action, there would be virtually no Black doctors.  I didn’t know what AA was and asked him. When he explained to me that it was a system of racial discrimination against Whites whereby MUCH less qualified Blacks were given admission so the school could meet their “quota”.

    I was outraged. Later that same year a Black female got admitted to LSU med school with a 2.2 GPA.

    We few guys still remaining after 4 years(we all knew each other; I’m still in contact with a couple of them after all these years) found out later she was accepted to THREE medical schools including Baylor and Harvard. She decided on LSU because it was “more convenient”.

    The minimum GPA at that time for admission if you were White was in the 3.5-3.6…and a high score on the MCAT (medical college admission test) was a must as well.

    This was the beginning of my racial awareness. I was sort of liberal before I got slapped in the face with a healthy dose of racial reality.

    With this policy of admitting much less qualified applicants on the basis of race, there’s no telling how much medical malpractice that goes on out there that goes unreported by the liberal media.

    Two high profile cases did make the news, however. The first was rapper Kanye West’s mother who was having some routine liposuction done by a Black doctor. Due to the “doctor’s” incompetence, she bled to death. Seems Kanye West doesn’t like White people and had to hunt to find a Black plastic surgeon.

    I wonder what he thinks now.

    The other high profile case was Micheal Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray.  He had only ONE patient and he blew it. He was found guilty of SEVENTEEN flagrant violations of medical practice and incompetence.

    It would be one thing if these schools were cranking out incompetent engineers or lawyers, but DOCTORS. The Supreme Court will once again examine AA in a few months. Let’s hope they do the right thing and put an end to this outrageous nonsense. AA can indeed have lethal consequences. 

    • redfeathers

      Also Patrick Chavis, one of the earliest frauds to benefit from affirmative action.  Another liposuction butcher who killed a patient. 

    • Christopher_Nelson

      All the more reason NOT to have a black doctor of any kind.  The problem is, you can’t always control it. Especially if you go to the emergency room. 

      And ofcourse, black nurses couldn’t care less about helping you. I know that from experience. 

      For a black nurse, eatun is more important than helping whitey. They act like they are doing you a favor.

      • chuck_2011

         to understand thw worth of a black nurse google the story about king drew hospital in LA. the care in this hospital was so bad that a review uncovered the fact the majority of the nurses lacked basic skills…such as taking a temperature, a pulse or how to determine if the patient was responsive. most of them were hired because of skin color and not for any skills. read the story and you will be amazed that this hospital was allowed to exist in the US.

      • ncpride

        You also can’t control it if you are admitted into the hospital. I had the same experience when I was breifly hospitialized several months ago. I wasn’t worried about my care because I had given birth to both my children at the same hospital in an ‘upscale’ part of town, and the care was excellent…. and yes, the staff were all White. Skip ahead 11 years to my brief stay, and there were many minorities working there, to the point that it looked like they had taken over. I’m not kidding when I say the tension between the black and White nurses was so thick you could cut it with a knife. They hated each other, and didn’t even bother to hide their arguments. I was so shocked at how far that hospital had fallen in its standard care, and couldn’t wait to get out of there. I will NEVER go back there again.

    • chuck_2011

       race based quotas are the end of these fine schools as the “graduates” will be questioned as to their competence resulting a distrust of the school to make good doctors. Maybe there should be no black doctors or engineers or anything else for that matter. Its high time someone took a stand and let only those who merit a position enter the university. Next time I visit a doctor and see a LSU diploma I will wonder about his/her qualifications.

    • The_Bobster

      Do you think cranking out incompetent engineers has no consequences? Do you realize that a bad engineer could wind up killing more people than a bad doctor?

  • Kurt Plummer

    Robots and Smothering.  Seriously.

    Save the 4 million plus it takes to set up a fire station with trucks and men, while fighting fires in minutes rather than hours, reducing total losses as both direct induced and through flame spread.

    All while keeping ‘the real heroes’ of disasters from so much as breaking their nails, let alone a sweat on an IQ driven test.

    Life is the first priority, insurance, made cheap and multi-state rather than divided into multiple mini-monopolies could replace everything else at incredibly low premium rates.

    If the House is beyond saving, use armored vehicles and foam blankets to save the surrounding buildings (as the greater insurance writeoff) _soonest_ by denying the height as windspread and cinder flue effects of fire expansion.  Just the collapse of the building will do WONDERS here as the fuel source becomes the principle smothering agent and you can take your time to control the smolder.

    If there is a worry over possible casualties and/or the house is still largely intact enough to serve as a self contained atmosphere bubble, send in the robots to do the casevac search and/or use pyrotechnik inerting gas generators to remove atmosphere, many of our military systems (used to inert fueltanks on combat aircraft or AFV fighting compartments) can be tailored to inject massive volumes of heavier than air nitrogen variants, almost instantly.

    Which means they cling directly to the fire:fuel interface, massively retarding the lateral spread of flames as saturation removal of the oxy component of the fire triangle.

    We still live in the early 20th century of firefighting as an axe and hose macro skillset and the FDNY is worshiped because a fire chief made a stupid decision to go up Tower 1 when Tower 2 was still unhit, rather than save the lives he could which is what they paid him the Chief Money to be the man on the spot for.

    His choice condemned both Towers at a time when anyone with an ounce of structural engineering experience would have seen the inevitable and saved not just the innocents (if the first tower collapes into it’s structural well, there is an excellent chance the other will too, even if the first building remains in it’s own footprint) but also the fires-happen-365 FDNY.

    The ONLY excuse ever given, publically, for not evacuating the second tower was that it would result in a streaming mob of civilians in too small an area and interfere with ongoing rescue efforts.  Anyone who has been to the memorial knows this is utterly bogus tripe as the Tower Center was and remains _huge_.

    FDNY suffered a brain drain a long time ago.  We spend -way- too much on firefighting coverage over too wide an area with too-late arrival to stem the effects of what could be a one-truck call.  And if fewer men had died on 911, it’s likely we would not have spent 800 billion dollars and ten years chasing a ghost for Haliburton’s annual stock report because we idolized stupidity.

  • If blacks had their way, they’d build a society that favored them in a way which would make Jim Crow look like a cake walk.     They are obsessed with race and black entitlement. 

  • libertarian4339

    “The reason why they didn’t want whites present is because they were handing out copies of the test, complete with answers and with the full backing of the black union and perhaps even the FDNY brass. ”
    There have been people these last few years who claim that the even law exams can be passed by unqualified people who are tutored on how to do it and given information to study prior to testing, part of which are actual questions given on the test itself.

    That would explain why we see some black talking heads on T.V. who claim to be lawyers, but come across as too incompetent to be high school graduates.