Abortion Targets Blacks in England: Blacks Are 3.3% of Population But Have 9% of Abortions

Carole Novielli, Life News, June 13, 2014

According to The Telegraph, black or black British people make up only 3.3 percent of the population but accounted for 9 percent of abortions.

The information is from the 2013 Summary information from the abortion notification forms returned to the Chief Medical Officers of England and Wales published in June of this year (2014).

Of women who had an abortion and whose ethnicity was recorded in 2013, 76 percent were reported as white, 9 percent as Asian or Asian British and 9 percent as black or black British.

Repeat Abortions High in Black Community

The percentage of women having an abortion in 2013 who had one or more previous abortions varies by ethnic group. Thirty-three precent of Asian women who had abortions in 2013 had previously had an abortion, compared with 49 percent of black women (See Table A below). Thirty-six percent of white women had previously had an abortion.

United States

According to 2010 US Census data, 14 percent of the total population reported their race as black yet 35.7 percent of all abortions reported in 2010 were on black women, as documented in the CDC Abortion Surveillance Report dated November 29, 2013.

According to the Report there were 415,479 abortions for known ethnicity reported for selected states in 2010. 153,045 (or 36.8 percent) were non-Hispanic white babies, 148,261 (or 35.7 percent) were non-Hispanic black babies, 87,240 (or 21.0 percent) were Hispanic babies, and 26,933 (or 6.5 percent) were babies of other races or ethnicity.

The report reveals that in many states the majority of babies aborted were black or Hispanic:

• 73.3% of babies aborted in Mississippi were Black or Hispanic

• 73.2 % of babies aborted in Georgia were Black or Hispanic

• 64.8% of babies aborted in DC were Black or Hispanic

• 61.4% of babies aborted in Alabama were Black or Hispanic

• 55.9% of babies aborted in New Jersey were Black or Hispanic

• 55.6% of babies aborted in Virginia were Black or Hispanic

• 54.1% of babies aborted in Tennessee were Black or Hispanic

• 54.3% of babies aborted in Delaware were Black or Hispanic

• 45.7 % of babies aborted in South Carolina were Black or Hispanic

• 43.5% of babies aborted in Missouri were Black or Hispanic

• 42.6% of babies aborted in Ohio were Black or Hispanic

• 41.6% of babies aborted in Arkansas were Black or Hispanic

Black Abortion Stats Fuel Suspicions of Targeted Black Genocide

The high abortion rates among Blacks in the UK and America raise the question of whether the Abortion lobby and Planned Parenthood are targeting that community:

“Into the black community stepped Planned Parenthood; only when they came into the black community they’ve become Planned-Black-Genocide.” ~ Black civil rights activist, William Bouie Haden, 1971.

“When we said we would no longer sit at the back of the bus, a place was being reserved for us down at the abortion clinic.” ~ Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 2009.

Majority of Abortion and Planned Parenthood Facilities Located in Minority Neighborhoods

A report issued a few years ago by the group, Life Dynamics, revealed that it was, in fact true, that family planning organizations place their centers in minority communities.

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, responding to the CDC report, “This confirms what we have said all along, that abortion is not about women’s rights or reproductive freedom it is simply about eugenics. We not only documented the eugenic targeting of minorities in our film, Maafa21 but also in a report we published in 2011. Research we produced for our report, ‘Racial Profiling by Planned Parenthood and the American Abortion Lobby,’ clearly shows that a majority of family planning centers market abortion to minorities by locating their centers in minority communities.”

Crutcher continues, “Maafa21 cites a study conducted by three American university researchers into the criteria used to decide the placement of U.S. population control facilities. Their finding was that the primary consideration in making this determination is not poverty but the percentage of blacks in the area. Historically, the population control movement’s eugenic efforts have been primarily focused on the African-American community and that was the underlying theme of Maafa 21. In our most recent research, however, we have seen unmistakable evidence that the family planning establishment is also ratcheting up its efforts to deal with the Hispanic population.”

Life Dynamics identified 116 ZIP codes nationwide with more than one population control facility. Of those, 84 were disproportionately black and/or Hispanic.

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  • MekongDelta69

    Like I said under the “50% of AIDS cases are black” article the other day…

    Oh well.

    Moving along (again)…

  • Andy

    “Abortion” can not “target” anyone.

    As for pro-abortionists, I’m sure they think they’re doing the black population a favor.

    • ejXinMI

      Well, they’re doing me a favor.

    • IstvanIN

      Maybe it is the Dr. Gosnell’s who are targeting them.

  • RebelliousTreecko

    9% isn’t high enough.

    I’d prefer if they didn’t have kids in the first place as opposed to aborting a fetus, though.

    • GhostlyBlue

      Yes, but the good news is that when they abort, there’s always a chance their reproductive organs might be damaged and they’ll never be able to procreate again. This is actually a fairly common result after multiple abortions.

  • M.

    For those baffled about the high percentage of abortions in Asians, in Britain, “Asian” also includes Middle Easterners. I know, it’s ridiculous, but that’s how it is.

    • Steven Barr

      “Asian” only includes South and Southeast Asians. Chinese actually have a seperate category. We have virtually no Japanese or Koreans so I don’t know where they fit in.

      • M.

        But my understanding is that Pakistanis are also included as “Asians”. And they’re not exactly from Southern Asia.

        • Steven Barr

          Southern Asia is the Indian subcontinent but generally when you hear about problems caused by Asians it’s usually only the Muslims (not that I want any living here in large numbers though). Many Indians are angry with being called “Asian” because they don’t want to be associated with Pakis.

          • Einsatzgrenadier

            In the UK, Canada and Australia, but unbeknownst to most Americans, the term “paki” refers to any south Asian.

      • borogirl54

        Asians probably have sex selection abortion because they do not want daughters.

        • Matt Turner

          What’s that? Abortionists are waging a war on women? But… but…

      • obot

        As far as I know, Asian means Pakis and Indians over there. Hardly any Southeast Asians at all over there.

    • Adolf Verloc

      I would imagine that abortions for sex selection would also play a part.

      • M.

        They do, indeed. Check the link I left for “borogirl54” under this thread.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Yeah its just like Aids and crime targets blacks and they are helpless to stop it.Yes indeed its very tricky to figure out why this happens .

    • Laura Dilworth

      katrina targeted blacks

  • Steven Barr

    They made up three percent of the population during the 2001 census thirteen years ago. I seriously doubt they make up that now.

  • Publius Pompilius Quitus

    Blacks are targeted because they are the likeliest to get
    abortions. They are also the likeliest
    to do a cornucopia of things that would get me shock looks if I mentioned them
    in polite company; the same, I suspect, is true in England. Of course, contemporary conservatives pretend
    Blacks are targeted for abortion, just as cultural Marxists pretend they are
    targeted for fast food; it is because of food deserts, not gluttony and poor
    impulse control, that there are so many Burger Kings in Detroit, Atlanta, Harlem,
    and ghettos all over the USA.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Yes, in the past I would have attributed the discrepancy to malign unstated motives by Planned Parenthood, but now, thanks to the teachings of Mr. Taylor and others, I realize that a large part of the discrepancy is that blacks and hispanics are too stupid and dysfunctional to use birth control correctly, or even use it at all, so abortion becomes their birth control plan. As others have written, it’s still not enough. The evidence is that their populations are still increasing, while white populations are static or falling. Evidence that whites use birth control better.

  • Magician

    If I could have it my way, it should be legally mandatory for future parents of all races to prove their economic stability before having children. Otherwise, it will be too much of a burden for the government.

    A photo of Luton, a large town located only 30 miles above London England, taken just a few days ago

    • HJ11

      I disagree and I believe we Whites need to stop taking a universal outlook on reality in which we say things such as “parents of all races.” I care only about Whites and our survival and expansion.

      And, I would like to see Whites–even if they can’t afford to have White children–have White children. We need more Whites, not fewer.

      • Magician

        I would rather have this world have 800 very intelligent and happy white kids than

        1000 less happy and less intelligent white kids.

        • HJ11

          Not me. I have faith in the White genotype and I know that with greater numbers we can return to being on top of the heap as we once were. With fewer numbers, we face extinction.

          We need Whites to fill every niche in society from janitors to CEOs.

          And, remember, the problem with eugenics–which is what you are implying is good–is that it doesn’t work. The children of geniuses are not always geniuses and the children of non-geniuses sometimes are. Our genes get a big shuffle in each of us.

          More Whites means a better world.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      And IQ, not sure where the cut off should be, but certainly the room temp IQ crowd showed not procreate in a civilized society.

    • Matt Turner

      I like the pithy inscription on the youfs shirt. A future Captain of Industry, no doubt.

  • Black = no birth control = lots of sprogs = abortion
    Imagine how overrun with young blacks the USA would be if there were no legal abortion services. But of course, we have Christians who demand that abortion be stopped, even though most of the abortions are not performed on Christians. And simultaneously supporting the mass importation of African refugees.
    Anything that reduces the black race’s presence anywhere in the world is good, IMO. Abortion, tribal warfare, disease–all good.

    • borogirl54

      These Christians claim that they will adopt these black babies that are unwanted. But the majority end up in foster care.

    • Steven Barr

      Abortion has killed hundreds of millions of unborn white children, especially in Eastern Europe. It certainly isn’t something we should favour.

      • HJ11

        We need a revival of the life instinct among Whites to keep them from aborting White babies.

      • When Sayaka was pregnant, she got tested to see whether Ariadne had Down’s Syndrome. We’d have pulled the plug and started over without a second thought. Even though Ariadne is half Japanese, we didn’t want her to be a retard.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      500 black babies are aborted for every 1000 live births.

      As an aside, I do believe most Christians have good intentions, so many good intentions that they have enough left over for an eight lane highway to Hell.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      And its Christians, white Protestant Evangelicals especially, who directly encourage the black race to breed and multiply. They’re the ones preaching the sanctity of all human life and going out of their way to discourage blacks from getting abortions.

      Make no mistake, the average Christian is a moron. Belief in Christianity is negatively correlated with both intelligence and education, as even daily observation confirms.

      As a general rule: the higher the level of Christian religiosity, the greater the stupidity. That’s why so many blacks and browns find the religion of Christianity, particularly in its Evangelical form, to be so theologically and emotionally appealing. It’s a crutch to lean on for those who need childish, ready-made answers from the bible. But for whites, Christianity is genocide.

      • Alexandra1973

        This fundamentalist Christian would rather they go back home, and then be fruitful and multiply–over there. (And no foreign aid.)

        A problem I’m seeing is that Christians associate “racism” with Darwinism. I view it this way: A broken clock is right twice a day.

        So it’s not necessarily Christianity that’s genocide, but the twisting of Scripture. God split up humanity for a reason.

        And don’t mistake Catholicism for Christianity. It’s a counterfeit.

  • JackKrak

    Stupidity, criminality and uselessness also “target” blacks too.

    And they don’t miss.

  • borogirl54

    I know when the birth control pill came out, black activists saw it as a form of genocide but many of them are silent on abortion. In NYC, there are more abortions among blacks than births.

  • HJ11

    I say free abortions for all non-Whites. In fact, I think we should pay them to have abortions.

    All life is not the same. All humans are not the same.

    • rightrightright

      Abortions in Britain are free, on the NHS.

  • HJ11

    Free or subsidized abortions for all non-Whites and even payments to not have children, but let’s pay Whites to have White children and reverse our decline and ensure our survival.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    There is no downside to blacks and abortion. More black women getting abortions means less crime, less welfare payments, less ghettos, but more saved white lives.


    I am so sick of seeing black people constantly portrayed as innocent victims targeted by the always evil Whitey. Even when the supposedly viciously racist White “assault” is entirely self produced. Since when do White “youths” go looking to find and drag off to some “White Supremacist” abortion center, the first pregnant black girl they see on the street somewhere? You know, the way black “youths” search for White victims to randomly beat to death as a preferred past time? That’s right, you don’t! Why? Because black people, just like White people, are the ones seeking the abortion themselves! No one is forcing LaQwanda and LaTrine to go and get an abortion.

    ( FUNNY STORY – I actually met a black women who worked with my mother named Shanna Hole. She had a daughter who she named, I kid you not, LaTrine Hole! Ha! )

    They do the same stuff with the number of blacks in prison. As if they don’t have to commit a crime to get themselves there. With many of those crimes being committed against White people, yet still, their murder of a White person instantly turns THEM into a victim. No, scratch that, it turns THEM into the REAL victim because they are now sent to prison where they belong. You know the game is entirely rigged when the consequences of their own bad behavior is used with a straight face. As supportive evidence to their idiotic claims of racial oppression, with no one calling them on it.

  • Magician

    To make things worse, many young black men think using a condom while having sex is for wimps. And that is also one of the causes of the high HIV rate in the black community.

    Have a couple of stints behind bars by the time you turn twenty, share needles with his homies, and never, ever use protection while having sex….

    It is not hard at all to figure out why the birthrate, abortion rate and HIV rate are very high among African Americans.

    • HJ11

      So, Blacks are dying for aids and are having abortions. Not my problem. I only care about Whites.

  • WR_the_realist

    Blacks are less future oriented. They are more likely to jump in the sack and have sex without using birth control. So they compensate by having more abortions. Nothing to see here. When the black population declines in absolute numbers, as the white population in America is already doing (and I suspect in Great Britain too) then maybe I’ll fret about the “black genocide” of voluntary abortion.

  • TheCogitator

    I like to remind those who don’t favor abortion, that if abortion is stopped, we would be overrun with blacks. There are too many of them as it is. Only a crazy person would want more.

    • Alexandra1973

      I favor sending minorities home AND criminalizing abortion.

      • TheCogitator

        I’d rather send them home too, but that ain’t gonna happen. So I’ll take the best I can get, and encourage them to abort.

  • Nimadan

    I’m been aware of this pattern for some time. From what I can see, it’s one of the few demographic trends that are postive for Whites. I know I have no problem with it.

  • obot

    The only problem I see is that it’s too low

  • JohnEngelman

    This is good news.

  • TruthBeTold


    I’m FAR more concerned about this:

    76 percent were reported as white


  • Mr Realist

    What can we do to INCREASE the rate? Fewer black babies = fewer welfare babies.

  • Ellis Kurtz

    The numbers above don’t show the real abortion picture. The CDC computes a statistic called the “abortion ratio”, defined as: “Number of abortions obtained by women in a given race/ethnicity group per 1,000 live births to women in that same race/ethnicity group”. This is not affected by the age-structure of a population, as an abortion rate (number of abortions per 1000 women) would be.

    The abortion ratios for the different groups are

    White: 140
    Hispanic: 195
    Black: 472

    (cdc dot gov slash mmwr slash pdf slash ss slash ss6015 dot pdf, table 14)

    Yes, those devout, Catholic, family-values Hispanics that we keep hearing about abort one baby for every five born live. But look at the the black figure: one black baby (pretty nearly) is aborted for every two born live. Why is this not considered a “crisis”, to be blamed on white oppression? Surely there must be a way to squeeze money out of the government to bring this figure down, or to attempt to. Blacks are probably keeping quiet about it out of embarrassment, just as they keep quiet about single motherhood and murder stats. But what about whites, particularly pro lifers? Could it be that lowering the figure substantially will cause more problems than it solves?

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    I think if we could get some voluntary sterilization going as a precondition to getting welfare we might be talking some serious progress here. I think we can really build on these numbers. Color me happy on this one.

    • Kenner

      A more marketable option would be DepoProvera shots for welfare recipients. I could envision a private foundation offering cash payments for sterilizations.

      • Kenner

        I would really like to load them in a fleet of oil takers and dump them on the Ebola Coast, but for now…

  • Matt Turner

    Ahh. Another story on Amren that warms the cockles of my heart. Plus, Blacks can now boast of being #1 at something. So everyone wins!

  • After Sayaka told me she was pregnant, I was delighted. We did it on purpose. My ex-girlfriends and I were always smart enough to know how birth-control worked, so Ariadne was not an accident.

    I remain delighted that the dirt-people hate their own unplanned children so much. I don’t want their kids, either. Ariadne is half me; Sayaka and I like to joke about who her mother was, as she looks so much like me. She’s now seven.

    • Alexandra1973

      My son was no accident either. 🙂 He’s getting to look more and more like his dad, though–big hands and feet.

      I think I can fit in his shoes now.

      • I hope to dear God that Ariadne does not wind up with my hands. They would look hideous on a woman.

  • superlloyd3 coon

    There is no such thing as black British people.

  • blight14

    Surely they don’t mean this in a bad way………….

  • jeffaral

    One more good reason for liberalising abortion legislation. Surely christians will oppose since they want a a majority black and brown society.

  • freddy_hills

    “Majority of Abortion and Planned Parenthood Facilities Located in Minority Neighborhoods”

    They’re just going to where the unplanned single mother/teen pregnancies are. And there’s STILL a 70% illegitimacy rate.

  • blackjack322


  • Alexandra1973

    There’s a saying: Build it and they will come.

    I do believe minorities are “targeted” on purpose, which is why they’ll set up these butcher shops near “da hood.”

    But here’s the thing: No one’s forcing these women to get abortions. Instead of whining about it, maybe they shouldn’t abort…?

    Now a disclaimer: I’m not saying I want our country overrun by these types (which it already is), I’m just pointing out that they don’t like to take responsibility for their actions.

    As far as drugs, I wouldn’t doubt that they were introduced to “da hood” on purpose. But again, no one’s making them use drugs. All they have to do is “just say no” and nip it in the bud.

    The powers that be know fully well what certain races are like, and they are using it to their advantage.

    • This alleged abortion “targeting” is just more of blacks’ aversion to taking any responsibility for their own behavior.

      Let’s run down the list:

      They’re targeted for abortion.
      They’re targeted for drugs.
      They’re targeted for HIV.
      They’re targeted for dropping out of school.
      They’re targeted for possession of no useful job skills.
      They’re targeted for crime.
      They’re targeted for prison.
      They’re targeted for gang membership.
      They’re targeted for murder.
      They’re targeted for unwed, teenage pregnancy.
      They’re targeted for mortgages they can not afford.

      Blacks don’t actually do these things themselves; these phenomena are just out there, floating in the air, and they target blacks because privileged whites use racism to unfairly avoid these effects.

      I can whine like the rest of them:

      I was targeted for physical and emotional abuse as a child.
      I was targeted for ingrown toenails.
      I was targeted to be a sarcastic @$$hole.
      I was targeted to be a cheapskate.
      I was targeted to work for complete jerks in the microelectronics industry, which targeted me for an emotional breakdown.
      I was targeted to be a mercenary.
      I was targeted for iritis, which means I am also ground-zero for rheumatoid arthritis later in life. Bullseye!

      Life is just so un-(moderated) fair! Poor little me!

      • Alexandra1973

        What I’m saying is–say they *are* targeted.

        All they have to do is not take the bait and just shut down that operation, so to speak, instead of taking the bait and whining about the results.

        I really, truly believe that TPTB are stirring the pot. Why? To create chaos…and one of the mottos of the New World Order bunch is “order out of chaos.”

        You have to kind of think like they do, as repulsive as it sounds. It’s like a huge chess game and we’re all pawns.

        • We’re not all playing chess, and that matters. Have you ever tried chess on one side and checkers on the other?

          A multiple jump can often result in heinous casualties to the chess side. The checkers rule where if you have a piece you must take it is a handicap, but since only a king can go backwards, this creates a serious disadvantage for the checkers.

          When I was released from federal prison, they gave my a free psychiatrist for three years. When creative people lunch their sanity, they go crazy in creative ways.

          • Alexandra1973

            They’re chess and we’re checkers, is that what you’re saying?

            Interesting view.

          • It is just that there is an asymetrical thing going on here, and it it difficult to describe. It could easily be backgammon versus poker, but I can’t imagine how that would work.

      • Dear Moderator: I am not a sarcastic “jerk”. I would prefer my real title to be used in this respect. I completely own that, but I have never been a mere “jerk”.

  • I miss Mr. Kinison. I think part of what made him so good at stand-up comedy was that he had previously been a Pentecostal preacher.

  • Nevsky

    I’m starting to hate the pro-life movement.

  • Down’s is the unfortunate result of an extra chromosome, which is why it can be tested for.

    Rats. I ended a sentence with a preposition.

  • MarcB1969

    NAM’s tend to have a very high rate of unplanned pregnancies so it makes sense that they would also have a corresponding percentage of abortions.

  • Magician

    I just looked it up, and after the video clip above was made public, this Tampa woman had become pregnant for the SIXTEENTH time in her life in 2012

    Anyone still wondering why our government is going bankrupt?


    • The feds are never bankrupt. They will just steal more money from you. I won’t work a regular job to pay taxes to support these bipedal vermin, so that’s now your job.

  • Cannot Tell

    I wish we could use robots to abort babies. That would drive the cost of abortion down and blacks would probably have more.