British Attitudes Harden Towards Immigrants

Guardian (London), June 17, 2014

Nearly two-thirds of British people believe immigrants from within the European Union (EU) should wait at least three years before they are allowed to claim welfare benefits, a major survey of social attitudes has shown.

A hardline view of immigrants is revealed in the 31st NatCen Social Research British Social Attitudes survey, in which nearly a quarter of British people said the main reason immigrants came to the UK was to claim benefits.

There was also a considerable drop in the number of people who believed legal immigrants who were not British citizens should have the same legal rights as British citizens–from 40% in 2003 to 27%.

The survey of more than 3,000 Britons was published after Ukip’s unprecedented success in the recent local and European elections presented major challenges for all three major political parties.

Elsewhere, 95% told the survey that to be “truly British” you had to be able to speak English, while 74% said it was important to have been born in Britain to be considered British.

Penny Young, the chief executive of NatCen Social Research, said: “In an increasingly diverse, multicultural country, we might expect people to be more relaxed about what it means to be British, yet the trend is going in the opposite direction.

“It is now harder to be considered British than in the past and one message comes through loud and clear: if you want to be British, you must speak English.

“And as we debate whether Ukip’s vote will hold up in the general election, British Social Attitudes shows that the public is yet to be convinced that politicians have got a grip on immigration.

“They want tougher rules on benefits and many are unaware of the policies that are in place to control immigration.”

Sixty-one percent of British people think immigrants from the EU should have to wait three years or more before they are allowed to claim welfare benefits.

The prime minister, David Cameron, rushed through measures at the end of last year to ensure EU migrants will be unable to claim out-of-work benefits for their first three months in the UK.

Half of all people–exactly 50%–believe the main reason immigrants come to Britain is to work, according to the survey, but nearly 24% think the main reason is to claim benefits–a higher proportion than think they come mainly to study, to join their family or seek asylum.

Those most concerned about immigration are more likely to think that immigrants come to Britain to claim benefits, NatCen said.

More people than a decade ago–43% in 2013, up from 37% in 2003–think that immigrants increase crime rates.

The survey also found those who are better off and better educated are far more positive about immigration than the rest of the population, with 60% of graduates believing immigration benefits Britain economically, compared with 17% of those with no qualifications.

There is also a geographical divide, with 54% of Londoners taking the view that immigration is good for the economy compared with 28% of people around the rest of the country.

In determining whether someone is “truly British”, 77% said you had to have lived in Britain for most of your life, 51% said it was important to have British ancestry, while only 24% said you needed to be Christian to be considered British.

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  • A three year waiting period to get on the dole is “hardline?”

    • Ike Eichenberg

      No kidding. I was thinking a three generation wait would be down right charitable.

      • Anon

        I was thinking a swift hanging followed by sterilization of the country of origin with nuclear weapons and a flogging for anyone who objects.

        • Sick of it

          I’m sure many would settle for mere expulsion of said foreign parasites.

        • Kenner

          The Islamosphere is begging for it.

          • Ace

            Let us not disappoint them.

        • Ace

          A lecture on gender discrimination should do the trick.

  • David Ashton

    Londoners are a minority in the country and a collection of minorities themselves.

  • Pro_Whitey

    Note how the question is crafted so that it is directed at white Eastern Europeans, rather than at Africans (the fellows who killed Lee Rigby), Muslims, or Afro-Caribbeans. Not that the British aren’t within their rights to object to Eastern Europeans, but the media is trying to black out that they have the same attitudes towards the other groups, and if they had to choose, they’d probably choose to keep the Eastern Europeans (except gypsies) rather than the others.

    • Anon

      Without guns, the question itself is literally moot and likely no polls were done at all. Brits have no say, at all, in what goes on in their country and no one with any power has any interest in what they think since they gave up their guns.
      Britain is very close to a south African style situation where anti-white racism is codified into law and police openly harm whites instead of enforcing the law.
      This is no joke. Everyone I know from Britain has FLED that country for more or less this reason. A typical explanation by some guy I know. He’s on a bus. A black person is beating an old lady. No one says anything and no one calls the police. Why? Because, in these situations now, the one who calls the cops is likely to be arrested for “racism”, is likely to have serious consequences for it and the police refuse to arrest the black. That’s why.
      Yeah….it is that bad now.
      There are many people in Britain who’ve say, had property, even real estate, stolen by gypsies and been told by the cops that it would be “racist” to do something about it. Imagine. You come home one day and the locks have been changed on your house. A group of thugs with knives and baseball bats, send you to the hospital. You call the police and they tell you they can’t do anything. You speak up too loudly about it and you are arrested.
      This is Britania for many right now.

      • IstvanIN

        You are not exaggerating. I read of a case where a young family moved out of their home during renovations, a gypsy family moved in and the owners had to spend thousands of pounds in legal fees to get them out.

    • Anna Tree

      “51% said it was important to have British ancestry”

      This brightened my day! I thought it was much less.
      It should be much more of course: I hope this percentage will become close to 100% of the whites the soonest possible. For that either the situation will have to worsen, or more people need to be initiated with Jared Taylor and other white racialists’ messages.

      • antiquesunlight

        You are a “half-full” kind of person, I guess. 51% made me sad. Only 74% think being from Britain is an important part of being British.

        But I shiver to think what the percentages would be if a similar poll were taken here…

        • Anna Tree

          Sometimes we white racialists may think we are a minority, but maybe we are just the spearhead of a White Sparta, a White Renaissance.
          Those 51% are the people we must reach to, they are potential white racialists, they can be the ancestors of the future white race, the allies and soldiers who will stand with us, the eventual neighbors in the inevitable white countries that will reborn.

          It is saddening that it is so low but I am a “half-full”. More relevant was that I thought that with all the brainwashing going on for decades, this percentage could be lower.
          It seems to me lower where I live, if I feel correctly the people around me.

          I think it was lower in the first phase after governments opened the gates, but with experience and the following waking up of our people to the diversity and anti-white reality, I think this opinion is on the rise and will continue to rise.

          We can win if 51% of the whites understand that to be British you need to have British ancestry (and German, and Australian etc). And indeed I want to be optimist that more and more Americans and Canadians will discover this truth as well.
          A “half-truth” and an optimist (realist).
          The alternative is unthinkable.

      • benvad

        What do they mean by that?

        • Anna Tree

          What part didn’t you understand Benvad?
          Maybe I was clearer in my additional answer to AntiqueSunlight above.

          I think this percentage will rise because sadly the anti-white ideology will get stronger and the reality will worsen until whites stand for themselves everywhere. I think it will rise also because more people will become acquainted/receptive of the message of great men like Jared Taylor.

          White racialism can’t be stopped because it is the default state and natural.

          It has been silenced and repressed only because it was an obvious truth that most people didn’t think about. One appreciates health only when one gets sick…
          Our countries and people are sick, so the pursuit of the truth will prevail and white racialism will be known. It is just a matter of time. We Amrenists, are all just making it happens sooner than later.

      • Nevsky

        Don’t assume that all the surveyed were white Brits. I bet good chunk of those in the poll were non-whites.

        My point – if only white Brits were asked this question, the percentage would be considerably higher.

        • Ace

          Very good. I saw a ranking of nations recently showing homicide rates per 100,000 population. The U.S. was at the top as you would expect but that’s only because black killings are lumped in with all others. I can’t source this but years ago some commentator observed that whites in the U.S. have “gun crime” or homicide rates below those of Europeans.

          Along the same lines, I have to laugh at the news stories of “Brits” or “Americans” who’ve gone to fight in Syria.

          • Nevsky

            I know) First you read a story of a “Brit” fighting in Syria, then they mention his name, something like Mohamad Abd Ali.

            I love this saying “Being born in a stable, doesn’t make one a horse”. In case of many so called “Brits, Americans, French” and so on, they’re not even born in a stable.

  • …nearly a quarter of British people said the main reason immigrants came to the UK was to claim benefits
    The other 75 percent are either on the dole, stupid, or libtards, which is the same as stupid.
    If only 25 percent have the common sense to see the truth, it says something really disturbing about the British. But the media are controlled tightly over there, which probably accounts for why pro-white American bloggers are popular in Britain.

    • Nevsky

      If the poll was done in London, then don’t be surprised. Probably majority of those who participated in a survey were non whites.

  • borogirl54

    The only way to stop this is to not allow immigrants to get on the dole. the UK needs to get out of the EU to save themselves.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Why does any western country need third world immigrants? Third world immigration is stupid.

    • Magician

      They have to prove they are not racists

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Misguided economic policies that are tied to a continuous growth model. Most of the modern world economies are Ponzi schemes that must have a regular injection of people added to the system regardless of where they come from. Western nations have screwed themselves by not finding a better way and by not having larger families. “Overpopulation” is a myth sold only to white people.

      • Ace

        Either more bodies paying taxes or more taxes from native bodies. Either works per the reigning static analysis. But we know what Mrs. Thatcher said about socialism and it’s crystal clear what immigration colonization is doing to European countries. The twin lies of socialism and multiculturalism will live on for a while but scientists now estimate the half life of either to be much shorter than previously believed.

        It will get very ugly in the near future but the outcome is not in doubt. People can only swallow so much treachery for so long before they vent their fury.

  • JohnEngelman


  • LHathaway

    I don’t know about the question itself. . . but I would be more concerned with the ones that come to the UK to make money. . . Why they are there isn’t as important as that they are there, if you ask me. Anyone focusing on their ‘reasons’ for being their is missing the real issue. Jared Taylor says whites are ‘altruistic’ hell, anyone reading this article is forced into a false mindset about altruism in the first place, are they not? Anyone focusing on what they are doing in the UK and not that they are in the UK in the first is also easier to be made a fool of explaining their ‘reasoning’

  • Sangraal

    ‘95% told the survey that to be “truly British” you had to be able to speak English’
    I’m hoping the 5% who think you can be British without speaking English have Welsh, Cornish (the original British, ie. Brythonic, tongues) and Gaelic in mind, rather than Urdu or Arabic etc.

  • antiquesunlight

    “The survey also found those who are better off and better educated are far more positive about immigration than the rest of the population.”

    This is a major problem. I’ve run into this wall several times when talking with family and friends. Part of the problem is that college indoctrinates everyone into multiculturalism. But the bigger problem is that middle and upper class people are less likely to have contact with non-whites. They probably don’t live around them, they may not work around too many. The ones they do work with are more likely to be 90th percentile. And so they develop the idea that most blacks are like the ones they work with.

    It’s the working class whites that have to deal with average blacks and Hispanics on a daily basis.

    • Alexandra1973

      I take “better educated” to mean “more thoroughly indoctrinated.”

      My dad had only a sixth-grade education but he was still smart in his own way. A lot of it was street smarts, but he knew quite a bit.

      I’ve seen so many college graduates who don’t know how to spell. I’m only a high school graduate, but I can run rings around these people when it comes to spelling. I think my mildly-autistic 12-year-old can spell a lot better than some of those people!

  • benvad

    Now that’s the $64 question?

  • Alexandra1973

    You Brits know what we’re going through on this side of the pond.

  • Nevsky

    How many out of those 3000 surveyed Britons were actual Britons?

  • Nevsky

    I have the same feeling at ANY European or North American airport. International airports are the worst. It is a third world cesspool.

    I bet all those black, Muslim and Hindu employees are happy to harass white passengers and flirt with white women.

    Frankfurt airport had insane amount of African enrichers.

  • Nevsky

    Just a random story: I was in a line up at the airport and one Chinese woman was trying to cut in while screaming something in chinese to another chinaman who was way ahead of her.

    So while not giving a damn about all other people in the line, she was just cutting through, and one white man turned around, looked at her and angrily said: ” You cannot not cut through like that. Get back in the line. You’re in a first world country now!”.

    I chatted with him for a bit afterword. Many of us are mad. But I guess not many enough to change something.

    • Ace

      I was in the Canary Islands after a flight from Mauritania. One of my Muslim fellow passengers spat on the marble floor inside the terminal while waiting to clear passport control. I told him to do that outside and he at least had the decency to be embarrassed.

      • Nevsky

        Btw, have you noticed how on flights the flight attendants first serve special meals such as Kosher, Halal, vegetarian and then they serve all the rest?

        I was sitting on a flight the other day observing how mainly white flight attendants were serving a few Muslim passengers with their halal food. And I was thinking how much the world has changed. Only a few decades ago these Muslims where riding camels, and now they’re being served by white people. Just a random thought.

        • Ace

          It will not last for much longer, my friend. I read a book about the Winter War once. The Finns ran circles around the Soviets until, so the author alleged, the latter said, “What the heck is this? We’re flockking Russians!” and they went after the Finns. My sympathies with the Finns, of course, but you get the point. The mueslis will moan one time too many, “You hurt our feelings!!” and it will be berserkers time.

  • Lion’s Mane

    Why should a small country that is overpopulated have any foreign immigrants at all? If, as an old pop song put it, “We all know / People are the same wherever you go,” then why don’t peoples thrive and prosper the same wherever you go? What is the real agenda behind mass immigration?

  • Ace

    Excellent point. The gents nearby correctly picked up on the absurdity of the three-year requirement. It just can’t be truthful reflection of British feeling. By now it just isn’t plausible that Brits aren’t of one mind with Ike Eichenberg, whose comment is just below:

    Q. When should immigrants to Britain be eligible for welfare?

    A. Oy dunno, Guv. ‘Ow ’bout nevuh? Does nevuh work f’ you?

    The world is simply awash in lies. Psychotherapists must surely have an easier time of parsing the ravings of lunatics and sociopaths then citizens of Western countries do in figuring out which political party is committed to the more rapid course for national degradation.

    The E.U. is a farce so far as being any kind of a representative body is concerned. It’s sold as a cure for beastly nationalism but it’s a cure for democracy clearly. But the European “democracies” drool at the mention of the word “Brussels.” Chinese opera makes more sense to me.

  • Ace

    The beautiful people are able to see into their souls and discern the humanity that is common to all human beings suppressed for so long by materialism, patriarchy, sexism. They know that these lost souls just want to better themselves and make their unique and valuable contribution to whatever Western country in which they decide to live.

    Preferably they will make this contribution a safe distance away from the residential neighborhoods of the beautiful people.

  • Whirlwinder

    You have got to be kidding me! You actually believe that Islam would come to England, put his 4 wives and 16 children on welfare, just to free himself from having to work and engage in jihad against western civilization? Why, Islam is the religion of peace and all Muslims want to assimilate in the English culture and share the British system and help to advance England in the world. Do not believe that Islam has slaughtered over 250,000,000 peoples all over the world in their conquering of new territories. Do not believe that Muslim warriors take sex slaves and sell women and children into slavery-even to this day. They do not fight armies but every man woman and child that is non-Muslim. They just want to take over the world much as all the past totalitarians have aspired to do from time immemorial. Trust Islam as you would an invasion of poisoned serpents.