Study: African-American Teen Abortion Rates Reach Twice National Average

Scott Greer, Daily Caller, March 14, 2013

African-American teenage abortion rates are more than twice as high as the national average, according to a new study.

The African-American abortion rate, according to the study conducted by the Guttmacher Institute, is 41 per 1,000 women among the 15-19 year old age group. The national average abortion rate is 18 per 1,000 women among 15-19-year-olds.

The rate is also four times higher than the teen abortion rate among non-Hispanic whites, which sits at 10 per 1,000 women, and twice as high as the Hispanic rate of 20 per 1,000.

The state-by-state study also reveals that in states with high abortion rates, teen pregnancy among African-Americans has the greatest chance of resulting in an abortion than it does in any other racial group.

In New York, for example, pregnancies among black teens—excluding miscarriages—result in abortion 67 percent of the time. New York has the highest teen abortion rate in the country, according to the study.

Another study shows that the number has been nearly halved since the recorded high of 80 per 1,000 in 1990. But the percentage of pregnancies that result in abortion among black teenagers has stayed nearly the same, with a 42 percent ratio in 1990, and a 40 percent ratio in 2008.

Another recent study, also from the Guttmacher Institute, revealed that black women account for 30 percent of all abortions, despite African-Americans making up only 13 percent of the total population.



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  • Calvin

    I am trapped in a social service agency serving these people. Contraception is a rare instance among my ‘clients’…. STDs are rampant among them. Many use abortion as just their means of contraception, another freebie from the gubment…. Though I believe this is a cost effective government expense….

    • 48224

      I think that even blacks who work and pay taxes would see the wisdom in giving abortions to these idiots who will likely never be productive. Calvin, you must work with many blacks since you are in a government job…..would you agree or no?

    • tearcollector

      Abortions aren’t paid for with gubmint money. How are they possibly free?

  • David Ashton

    What is the impact on the total number of African-Americans year after year?

    • Howard W Campbell

      About the same as the (expected) Detroit riots of 2013. The city burns down and the total amount of damage is $1000. I wonder if we could really save some money in this fashion. When the black girl comes in for an abortion, we will throw in a free Ipad, Smart Phone, a free year of weaves and nails or some other such item if she will agree to sterilization. Then we won’t have to worry about little Dontavious engaged in Arson, Car Jacking, Robbery, etc. 15 years down the road. If you have to, send the girls ovaries to be incinerated at the local funeral home to make sure that she does not ever have the chance to conceive in the future.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        And the same thing for male nads, so they can’t go around raping and making little mixed babies.

        Offer them a free ipad or whatever in exchange for their nads, and tell them it’ll make ’em MORE virile.

      • 48224

        I agree with you but the Democrats will never allow it because it will eliminate their voting base.

    • The__Bobster

      It just slows down their rate of increase. To make up for the abortions, Obongo is importing 100,000 purebred bluegums every year.

      • Daisy

        From where…any links to this?

    • crystalevans

      I recently saw a video stating that Roe v. Wade is responsible for the lower crime rates in the 1990’s. The reason being is that those who would have committed crimes in the 90’s were never born.

  • Jim Crow

    Best news I’ve heard all day!

  • MekongDelta69

    Was there a problem here? I must have missed it.

    Next article…

    • 48224

      Yes, the problem is that the government doesn’t offer these girls an incentive to actually get abortions. Instead, they receive incentives to have the baby out of wedlock and everyone else pays the bill. They get: foodstamps, bridge cards, WIC, free health care, free rent, special education programs for their kids with an IQ of 80, training program after training program to TRY and get them on their feet and productive (which will never happen), when they get old they get SSI, lots more free health care, it is cradle to grave help on the backs of others…..that’s the problem I see!

      • AB7

        It really is a perverse system that has destroyed the black family. Liberals need to admit it and take the blame for it and start eliminating these destructive programs.

        • Major

          Yeah…they traded one form of slavery for another.

  • They should be encouraged to have abortions.

    • 24.39 times more abortions.

      • 48224

        Imagine of the religious right got their way and abortions were banned. It would bring on the ruin of the world even sooner. They should also encourge these girls to get their tubes tied and even offer them incentives/money to do so.

        • AB7

          It is actually worse for America to be killing MILLIONS of innocent humans every year, at this point surpassing even the killing done by the Nazis. The damage that is doing to society far outweighs the increased number of blacks that would result from zero abortions. And you must factor in unintended consequences, such as, to mention just a few, the decreased respect for life that comes from killing one million innocent humans every year affects many other aspects of our society in very costly ways, also, if abortion was not available, some of the women getting pregnant would either not get pregnant or would raise the children or put them up for adoption. And chances are good that adopted parents would raise the children quite well.

          • CharlesFinley

            Hey, why don’t you go out and adopt ten or twelve groid offspring?

            And after that, geaux phuque urself.

          • AB7

            Your mother wouldn’t say that, she loves the dark meat.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            We’re still waiting for you to adopt some. Hypocrite.

          • AB7

            Why don’t you, and the censor deleting my comments, but not yours, suck my asshole clean?

          • GM (Australia)

            As a contributor to the website who could be classed as “Religious & Right” I will say that “officially” I have to say that abortion is wrong except in the case of sexual assault. BUT, in the case of all these black teens we are looking at babies which for the most part are unwanted, not planned and do not come from any sort of meaningful or responsible relationship. They are babies who at the best are destined for a pointless existence involving crime, poverty and early pregnancy in the case of the female offspring. As such I lower my otherwise strong opposition to abortion by a couple of notches.(only)

            What we must really condemn is the irresponsible and immoral conduct which has brought about the situation where it seems to be quite normal for a black or immigrant teen to be pregnant at puberty. This is encouraged by far too generous social welfare programs and immigration anchor baby policies for 3rd worlders. The first step in changing things should be a simple policy of having the parents pay for the baby, not the taxpayer and not allowing “anchor” babies to become citizens, ever.

            As for adopting parents raising these children quite well, sorry it does not work out that way. The story of well intentioned couples adopting unwanted black/3rd world babies is generally a story of heartbreak and unhappiness There are documented cases of these kids even murdering their adoptive parents just to get their money.

          • AB7

            You raise some very good points, no doubt about it, but bottom line has to be the life issue, and to the extent that Abortion is killing, literally millions of people, God is clearly not going to let that slide. God will not be mocked, and our civilization WILL pay the FULL price for these murders at some point. White families adopting minorities does often end in misery, but attempts would need to be made to get minority families to adopt, and to the extent that babies are adopted from birth, not all of them would end up criminally dangerous. Blacks were fine before the 60s rights movements, they had normal families, jobs, communities, it was just that they were mostly separate from whites, operating on their own level. Many of the problems we have today are from trying to force integration, force equality of outcome, magically eliminate poverty with government handouts. I still say, eliminate abortion, for all races, and let the chips fall where they may.

          • GM (Australia)

            Hello Guest; Anyone who knows me personally will know that I have very little time for either abortion or euthanasia. Unfortunately a debate on these subjects is way out of the scope of this Amren post. (And I would have a lot to say!) I also have very little time for forced racial integration and multiculturalism and I have seen at close hand the tragedy and heartbreak of mixed marriages and interracial as well as same race adoptions.

            As you alluded to, life is sacred, babies do not “just happen” and a return to some sort of personal responsibility at every level is going to be required if we are to exist as a civilized society.

          • John

            Your comments are alarming, appalling, offensive, and shocking to say the least. I think you may have wandered into the wrong forum. The bleeding hearts egalitarian forum is located elsewhere.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Publicly funded.

    • John

      Extremely well said, and it should be a completely free service for all Blacks and Browns. This is one area where I do not mind my taxes being spent to help Blacks and Browns. Also, when a Black or Brown woman receives an abortion, she should receive free counseling which encourages her to have her tubes tied at state expense. This will permit her to have as much sex as she wants without the problem of having troublesome infants to care for, and later going through the grief of them being shot in ‘da hood’ at 7, or shooting up a mall and going to prison once they reach their teens.
      Moreover, free sterilization upon demand should be available to all Blacks and Browns, including males and females.
      The free abortion service should also be extended to White women who become impregnated by Blacks or Browns.

  • bigone4u

    Looks like that abstinence message failed to take among black teens. Failed to take along with reading, writing, arithemetic, science, geography, civics, history, economics, and every other serious academic endeavor. Meanwhile, the taxpayers (read as “whites”) get stuck with paying for abortions or supporting the teen baby machines FOREVER. Ugh.

    • Morris LeChat

      they can’t even pronounce the word let alone perform it’s meaning. When people talk about abstinence , they think people are talking about abba-mints…..for d’air brehffs.

  • NaiveWhiteGuiltLibtard

    This is the reason that I support legal abortions. There should be a free abortion clinic in every ghetto.

    • Morris LeChat

      I would donate money to such places!

      • crystalevans

        You could always donate money to Planned Parenthood. You can even specify that the money is to be used to pay for an abortion for a black woman,

        • I actually came up with this same idea about a year ago. Can you actually state that “This donation must be used to abort a XXXXXX baby?

        • Morris LeChat


        • Anonymous

          The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a eugenicist. Were she alive now, she would absolutely love to agree to the condition.

    • The__Bobster

      Free? We should pay the Jemimas to get them.

      • GREG PACE

        That’s a charity for blacks i would donate to.

    • Salarino

      I don’t know if it is still like this, but there used to be Planned Parenthood ads on almost every traincar on the L in Chicago. It was always a black or mulatto looking young woman in them.

      • I haven’t noticed them lately. But it could be that the CTA is selling enough other ads to fill the space — Planned Parenthood being a 501(c)3 would not be paid advertising, it would be free when space is available.

    • Paleoconn

      Better yet, paid sterilization. African doctors can be hired to do the work so they feel comfortable among their own.

  • APaige

    I wish they could perform surgery on the sperm donor. Planned Parenthood needs to do more ‘outreach’ in the black community.

  • Morris LeChat

    I’m all for abortion….of black babies that is.This is a feel good story if there “ebber” was one!!!!

  • Morris LeChat

    This just means fewer “baby bullet shields” for the gang bangers.

  • haroldcrews

    How is this possible? Everyone knows that Blacks are more devout Christians than Whites. It is the same with Hispanics. The Republican Party has been saying for years that Blacks and Hispanics are natural Republicans because of conservative social values. Could the Republican Party have been lying to us all this time?

    • Dutchman

      That reminds me of one of the most humorous incidents of cognitive dissonance that I’ve read about recently, During last year’s “Burning Man Festival”, a number of the alternative DWL attendees were wringing their hands online about the lack of diversity at the event. You see, the BMF is overwhelmingly made up of dread-locked, tattooed. and pierced white hippies. The only explanation that the DWLs could come up with is that blacks are TOO SEXUALLY CONSERVATIVE to feel comfortable at Burning Man! So African Americans, with 75% illegitimacy, the highest rates of STDs, and the highest propensity to rape, are now “too sexually conservative.”

      • jambi19

        This is exactly what they are saying about electronic dance music festivals. Yes, it never enters my DWL friends minds that blacks don’t like the art/music! Don’t worry, in the future they are planning on rappers performing to bring out all the “diversity”.

      • robert

        Everything white liberals love most is all-white. That includes Burning Man, opera, crossfit, horseback riding, the Sierra Club, organic food, all of it.

        • BAW

          Plus, white liberals go to extreme lengths to distance themselves from non-whites.

  • Ralph

    Finally, some good news!

    Free abortions for all non-Whites, fertility drugs for all Whites!

    • crystalevans

      Free birth control for all blacks and Hispanics as well as free abortions sounds good to me. We will never have it because the religious nuts who protest at the abortion clinics will prevent this.

      • Uh, speaking as almost one of those “religious nuts” who has done the obligatory time on the picket line at St. Louis’s aborticide mill, I want birth control that is free or as inexpensive as possible provided for all who want it. For both genders. That’s because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

        • jambi19

          First worlders have a habit of endorsing laws without understanding the third worlders’ inability to comprehend common law much less embracing it in the USA.

    • jeffaral

      A practical solution would be the castration of all black males, as the Arab slave traders used to do.

      • sbuffalonative

        A more politically palatable solution might be to offer black males reversible vasectomies.

        • rightrightright

          That is unlikely to prove effective. A girl on the hunt for a babyfather will simply move on to the next chap and then the next, until she is pregnant by this, that or the other one.

        • Ralph

          Agrre, except for the reversible part.

          • sbuffalonative

            I know. It’s a compromise. Blacks and their apologists would never consent to sterilization. However, they might agree to a reversible procedure if we presented it in the right way (cutting down on unwanted pregnancies, fewer abortions, fewer unwed single mothers, etc.). Give them a few bucks to sweeten the incentive and blacks might go along with it.

          • George

            In Thailand, thousands of men have vasectomies on the king’s birthday. They are given a small gratutity from the government.

            Perhaps we could hold a similar celebration on Martin Luther King Day?

            ‘Hi DeShawn! Here’s your vasectomy. Here’s your bag of frozen peas. Here’s your cheque in the sum of $5,000. And here’s your thank you note, signed on behalf of 300 million grateful Americans’.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            My aunt used to sterilize black women in a New York hospital using that same language.

  • The African-American abortion rate, according to the study conducted by the Guttmacher Institute, is 41 per 1,000 women among the 15-19 year old age group.

    We need to encourage blacks to increase the rate 24.39 times (24.39 x 41 = 1000).

  • pcmustgo

    As I have said before, they don’t know how to use birth control. That- not “natural fertility”/biology, or even promiscuity, explains their high std and birth rate. That whole “planning” thing. Like planning to take a pill each day or buy condomns or get free ones the city hands out at various locations.

    I know this because I have known many of them personally in life and they would confide such details to me.

    • crystalevans

      That is why they need to have long term birth control such as the IUD or Implanon that will prevent unwanted pregnancies and the resulting abortions.

      • Luis

        Years ago, I heard stories that Bantu girls would actually insert IUDs in their rectums and birth control pills in their vaginas, because that’s how they worked – or so they thought. I’m NOT making this up.

      • convairXF92

        I’ve heard about a black woman who was prescribed vaginal jelly for some sort of itch or irritation. She assumed “jelly” was something to eat, and spread it on crackers. She couldn’t figure out why her itch wouldn’t go away.

    • Daisy

      Have they really reported not knowing how to use a condom?!

  • JohnEngelman

    The high abortion rate among unemployable people with low IQs is the main benefit of the Welfare Reform Act of 1966, which ended Aid to Families with Dependent Children.

    • IstvanIN

      Actually, under TANF, the “chronically” unemployable are eligible beyond the 60 month lifetime limit. Also, if the TANF is repaid by one of the baby daddies the amount repaid is deducted from the lifetime total and she gets to stay on.

  • JohnEngelman

    In 1991 the rate of violent crime in the United States rose to an historical height of 758.1 per 100,000 inhabitants. By 2011 that had declined to 2011.

    In their book Freakonomics Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner attributed the decline mainly to the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973, which legalized abortions. They reasoned that the same kind of female who is most likely to give birth to a boy baby who will grow up to be a violent street criminal is the kind who is most likely to have an abortion. She is likely to be unmarried, poorly educated, unemployable, and stupid.

    A potential criminal who was aborted in 1974 would have been eighteen in 1992.

    • Cannot Tell

      What do you call an abortion clinic in Harlem?
      Crime Stoppers.

  • Seek

    Most people may not be aware of it, but the Christian Right and radical black identity activists have made common cause around the abortion issue. Indeed, any number of conservative pundits, not to mention Tea Party-style message posters, believe that almost all blacks would vote GOP if only they could be “reached” on abortion. Many conservatives wildly cheer MLK niece Alveda King, who has been claiming for several years that Roe v. Wade has created black genocide. They openly lament that this country supposedly otherwise would have at least 30 million more blacks.

    What do people here make of this?

    • crystalevans

      The end result of this would be more criminals to terrorize the community. Why do we need more blacks when all they are going to do is to cause more trouble and cause more crowding of already overcrowded prisons.

    • What I make of it is if the blind leadeth the blind, they both shall fall into the ditch.

      If you’re part of a social movement heavily linked to the Republican Party, why would you want to breed more of the racial group (blacks) that has the highest rate of Democrat voting?

      I also tend to think that this “common ground” only exists in the delusional/wishful mentality of conservative Christians.

      • David Ashton

        Prudential sterilization is not in the same moral category as killing babies.

      • Luis

        QD, as you know, Bantus have a “gibsmedat” mentality, and have more faith in the federal government than a saint has in Christ. So why TF would the Republicans – who preach “smaller government” – want to pursue this demographic, seeing as how they are at such loggerheads, when it come to the role of government?

        • Michael_C_Scott

          That’s easy; they’re not Republicans anymore.

    • 48224

      Republicans could gain a lot more support from a lot more young people by simply having a “pro choice” stance.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Don’t forget that it would be 30 million unwanted black kids with absent fathers – er…sperm donors and mothers with no parenting skills and more interest in using street drugs and hooking up with the next baby-daddy than in actually raising a child. While we’re at it, let’s also remember that in black America, mommy’s boyfriend quite often brutally mistreats kids that aren’t his, which exacerbates the social patholagies already common to blacks.

      The last thing the United States needs is 15 million more Lemaricus Davidsons.

  • fakeemail

    Another reason why the universalist Christian right are fools. Can you *imagine* what this country would be right now if blacks could not get abortions? The social issues often can be boiled down to racial issues to a great extent.

    • Andy

      I say make sterilization the price of receiving benefits (which will be handed out as food, clothing, and shelter at a homeless institution, not money) and the result of committing a violent crime.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I disagree about the crime thing. My federal felony was technically “violent”, but I have a daughter who has never been hit.

        I tried to convince my friends from prison to go legit when they got out, and they’re all back. At AO&E in Ft. Worth, they said 99% of us would be coming back. I utterly believe it now. I thank my mother and my wife and the neighbors who have decided to trust me that I have not gone back as well.

  • Skipper

    Those idiot social conservatives try to sell their political doctrines to blacks by proclaiming that millions of black babies have been killed by abortion so blacks should join their movement to stop this outcome. Did it ever occur to those conservatives that blacks both start and end their pregnancies by their own free will? Or perhaps the social conservatives desire if abortion was curtailed that whites would start adopting those millions of black babies? That is the last thing whites in this beleaguered nation need!

    • Sherman_McCoy

      As I have often mentioned in the past, I would be far more concerned if these were human babies being aborted.


    Still not high enough.

  • ConcernedYoungAmerican

    Margaret Sanger (and the rest of the Social Darwinists/eugenicists) was a genius. The evangelicals don’t realize that the black population would have reached 20% without her efforts.

    • sbuffalonative

      A friend of my once talked about that. He said, ‘can you imagine all people there would be without access to abortions?’

    • Luis

      At LEAST 20%, and maybe much higher, by now.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Conservative Christians brag that there is only one abortion clinic in all of Mississippi. I think to myself, “Good grief! If there were a place in the US that needed an abortion clinic on every corner it would have to be there.” And driving through Florida I saw a number of billboards trying to turn Democrats rightward by pointing out the disproportionate number of blacks aborted in the US. More competitive altruism.

  • ken

    So much win.

  • Raydonn

    I fail to see a downside to this news……Well, other than its just at the 41/1000 rate…..surely they can do better….I’ve always said that a fat, tax free cash incentive would be a great investment…..$25,000 for voluntary sterilization, male or female…..If you did the math and factored the immense costs of crime/mayhem/prison/welfare/etc, that number may easily show that $50,000/person may still be a great bargain.

  • raygun

    There you go again. And that is supposed to be a bad thing? Even blacks like abortion and being free at PP is a win win.

  • josh

    Dont you laugh at these “conservatives” who like to go on the radio and blubber about how abortion is genocide against po black folk!! These are the same ones who go into spastic seizures of rage about school “choice”–get the irony? –and vouchers. “Vouchers! We need vouchers like Milton Friedman said!! Poor blacks and hispanics have incredible success at schools with vouchers!!” And of course these are the SAME guys whom you do NOT want to get started on their “Dr. King”: “Dr. King,he spoke for ALL of us!! Content of character thats what Dr. King said!! Dr. Kings dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam!!!”

    • jeffaral

      It’s obvious that conservative Christians are more dangerous than the so called Liberals. It’s some kind of dysgenic trait.

      • Xerxes22

        They aren’t as dangerous as the leftest Liberals because they don’t have the same power and influence as the left does. However, they do great harm to the Republican party. The GOP humors and encourages these people in order to get their votes. This alliance hurts the party with normal people. They lose more votes than thy gain. Being the stupid party they just don’t get it.

  • Bill

    Now, if we can get that abortion rate up to 100%, in a generation we may have no racial problem left to speak of………………I’d much rather see a 100% abortion rate among black teens and 20 somethings, than a birth rate of ANY percent to unwed teen and 20 something blacks.

  • jeffaral

    At last some good news, though I wished their abortion rates would be 100%.

  • bob

    Is there anything we can do to “improve” those rates?

  • Charles Edward Lincoln III

    Abortion is infanticide (that must never be denied).

    But infanticide (e.g. “exposure”) has been known throughout the world and it is very strange that Christian Conservatives have spoken out so strongly against it. Infanticide as a method of population control was known in Ancient Greece and Israel and never condemned by either Christ himself or any of the Apostles, including Paul.

    In historical time and reality, once modern (20th Century American) Christian Conservatives were forcibly silenced on the issues of race and miscegenation, they felt they needed a “unifying issue” and that is why they gravitated towards abortion.

    But to be Christian and against contraception makes no sense, except as part of a plan of racial suicide.

    Rather than constantly harping on Hitler, Pope John Paul II deserves to be called the real racial criminal of the 20th Century for his perversion of the birth control, contraception, and abortion issues into a major crisis for the United States—for the sole purpose of destroying the United States.

    In 1970, Mexico had a modest population of around 60,000,000 or so. Creole White Presidents Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, Luis Echeverria Alvarez, and Miguel de la Madrid, all supported rural health clinics which disseminated birth control to the masses.

    Pope John Paul II counteracted this completely sound and responsible policy by telling the ignorant peasants, the Indians, and the slum dwellers to throw away their contraceptive medications and devices.

    In short summary then, if there is a problem with the Hispanic invasion of and domination of Anglo-America, the blame falls squarely and almost exclusively on the shoulders of the Catholic Church which seems to have planned the whole thing starting in the 1970s. “Humanitarian” aid to the Third World was also sponsored and supported by the Catholic Church in the 1950s-1960s, hand-in-hand with the advocates of one-world government. Ironically, of course, nothing worse could have ever happened to “under-develop” both Africa and Latin America than the retreat of colonialism coupled with lavish but irresponsible “foreign aid” to build up the population and maximize poverty.

    • jeffaral

      Agreed! Any ideology, like Christianity, that preaches Universalism and Egalitarianism is morally perverse.

      • KingKenton

        Communism, Secularism, and Humanistic Democracy (Liberalism), are certainly not Christian. Yet each are even more universal and egalitarian in both doctrine and execution. Christianity is only universal to the extent that it declares all human beings are subject to God’s sovereignty and able to participate in salvation through Jesus Christ. The idea that Christianity is a “universal” doctrine responsible for our current multicultural ills is a canard the circulates among White Nationalists who are hostile to Christianity in general. It needs to stop. It is intellectually dishonest and counterproductive to the larger White Nationalist cause.

        • Dude

          Secular humanism comes from Christian humanism.

          • KingKenton

            There is no such thing as Christian Humanism. It is a contradiction in terms. Christianity is belief in Jesus Christ as God and savior of the world. Humanism is belief in man able to save himself (and the world), through the perfectibility of men.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Men are not perfectible. The Communists made the mistake of believing that and then attempting to inflict it upon others.

          • Dude

            I mean the idea that “we’re all God’s children” turned into “every human life is equal.” In the pagan world, people weren’t so crazy.

  • Major

    Why am I not surprised? They have to pay for condoms, right? Abortions are free and their chosen means of contraception.
    They’re doing a better job themselves then Sanger could ever have dreamed of.

  • Digitalis Purpurea

    A sound reason to donate to Planned Parenthood.

  • David Axelrod

    “Our failure to segregate morons who are increasing and multiplying … demonstrates our foolhardy and extravagant sentimentalism … [Philanthropists] encourage the healthier and more normal sections of the world to shoulder the burden of unthinking and indiscriminate fecundity of others; which brings with it, as I think the reader must agree, a dead weight of human waste.

    Instead of decreasing and aiming to eliminate the stocks that are most detrimental to the future of the race and the world, it tends to render them to a menacing degree dominant. We are paying for, and even submitting to, the dictates of an ever-increasing, unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all.”

    — Margaret Sanger. The Pivot of Civilization , 1922. Chapter on “The Cruelty of Charity,” pages 116, 122, and 189. Swarthmore College Library edition.

    • Luis

      To think that was written over 90 years ago, and it has come to pass, certainly in this country.

      Margaret Sanger was controversial, but she nailed this one on the head.

  • ynotfmawl

    The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) seems like it could be a bit of a disincentive to abortion. The EITC runs something like $1500 to $3000+ per child depending on the taxpayer’s income. Of course, that assumes that the taxpayer had a job. I’m suspect that there’s plenty of fraud involving EITC. I’m aware of low-income working people claiming the kids of their non-working friends and relatives in order to get large EITCs.

    • EITC has been expanded so much (thank you Bush 43) that you need not be a single parent head of household working a job with dependent minors any longer. Hells bells, Donald Trump might qualify for EITC.

  • sam sneed

    If you are black they should raise the age limit on abortions to 60

  • anarchyst

    Q: What do you call a black woman that has had 3 abortions.
    A: A crimefighter. 🙂

  • Luis

    What is the problem here? Abortion has always been the holy grail of liberalism, and Roe v. Wade is a landmark court case for them. Bantus in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, Newark NJ and elsewhere, are Democrat-voting liberals.

    Obama is the champion of unrestricted abortions, and Bantus voted 97% for him in the last presidential election. So what’s the problem?

    What I find amusing in the original article is that the “researchers” pretend not to know why Bantu teenagers have higher abortion and pregnancy rates than the rest of the population. They trot out the old canards of “poverty” and “lack of sex education”. But didn’t New York city schools pass out free condoms. Or did the Bantu “yoof” think they were party balloons, and blow them up?

    It’s like these so-called “researchers” must never have seen the studies and articles that say Bantus reach puberty at earlier ages than do other races. Or that the sexual antics among Bantus in Africa were noted by ancient explorers and modern-day visitors, in their writings.
    Haven’t these “researchers” ever seen an MTV rap program?

    Imagine the astronomical crime rates if Roe v. Wade had never been promulgated. That’s one blessing. So what’s the problem?

  • KingKenton

    I consider myself a committed White Nationalist. Saving Western culture and preserving our White homelands are the most important tasks that lie ahead of us and to which all our energies must be directed.

    Having said that, I want no part in being responsible for or party to the deaths of innocent human beings, especially infants. I am appalled when I see White Nationalist supporting, even cheering, the death of infants because those infants are not White. As White men we must be men of honor and have a moral code that reflects the best and greatness of White / Western morality and thinking. When we view people of other races as sub-human we demean ourselves and our cause.

    It is possible to achieve our White Nationalist goals and maintain respect for people of other cultures and races. They are not mutually exclusive endevours. I am not saying this article is encouraging abortion or infanticide, or that most of the people here at AmRen would support such activities. But I do see the idea that we should be indifferent or even supportive non-White infanticide among some White Nationalists more than I would like.

    • IstvanIN

      Have to disagree. While I am opposed to abortion as a means of birth control for Europeans/European-Americans, what blacks/Africans do is their business. I am tired of supporting them. I am tired of them killing us and destroying our society. I am tired of the “white man’s burden”. I also strongly believe they are, at best, a sub-species of the human race and certainly not our “brothers”. While I would never advocate being cruel to them, as they are to us, trying to save unborn blacks, or even living blacks, is pointless and self-destructive. If we lived in separate nations, as we should, their problems wouldn’t be ours.

      They seem to be soulless creatures who simply do not function on the same moral plain that we do.

      • KingKenton

        I am tired of supporting them. I am tired of them killing us and destroying our society. I am tired of the “white man’s burden”.

        I share you sentiments…

        They seem to be soulless creatures who simply do not function on the same moral plain that we do.

        There are one heck of a lot of White people that fit that description. Radical feminists, homosexuals, and nasty skanks like Madonna and Lady Gaga. White people who abort their White babies. Whites who adopt non-White children to be hip and trendy. POS White liberals who want to take away my right to keep and bear arms. In fact, on a day to day basis, it could probably be argued that there are a lot of Whites who are more of a detriment to my long-term well being than any minority group. Detestable as these White lowlifes are, it hardly justifies a program of infanticide against Whites.

        And what of Asians? Throughout history, Asians have little better track record than Africans in terms of their barbarity. Should I therefore support infanticide of Asian people?

        If Whites are unable to muster the courage and will power to separate ourselves into our own homelands free of non-whites for our own good, and if White people are too stupid to see the need to reproduce themselves in sufficient numbers to sustain ourselves, then we deserve whatever may come.

        • George

          With the greatest possible amount of respect, King, I’m a homosexual.

          At least as far as anyone can know, I’m pretty sure I have a soul. Again, with great respect, I object to being classed as a ‘lowlife’. I don’t rape children, I don’t want special rights beyond those extended to any other human being. I don’t go out ‘recruiting’ others to be gay. (I wasn’t selected for that committee, nor was I selected to be on the floral arrangement team, but I digress. :o) )

          Having said that, I’m a racial realist. I completely reject the common ‘gay-rights activist’ sentiment that subscribes to the belief that being gay means that one must also support blacks, feminism, open-door immigration or whatever left-wing cause-du-jour strikes their fancy at any given moment. I want to live my life quietly, in peace, with the people I love. I want to live without fear of blacks or hispanics destroying what I’ve worked to build for myself and my family.

          Yes, the Asiatics have a track record of acting with depravity, and without regard to the sanctity of the individual. Certainly, the blacks are moral and intellectual inferiors to whites. The great acheivements of human civilisation have been, almost without exception, created or designed by whites. I long for the day when whites can enjoy the fruits of their labour without underclasses of inferior beings demanding handouts, reparations, subsidies or other drains on our productivity. I yearn for the day when, again, white children will recognise, instinctively, that their culture and its forms of expression are innately superior to those of the African or other races. That their culture should aspire to greatness, rather than seeking the base common denominator of Jerry Springer, NASCAR, the Kardashians or Jersey Shore.

          Please do keep in mind that there are regular posters here that are Jewish, or female, or homosexual, or even mulatto. Our general aims and goals are the same.

          I have the honour to be your most humble & obn’t servant,


          • IstvanIN

            KingKenton mentions gays no doubt because he just dislikes gays. This site, while quite protective of Jews, is hostile to gays. In my limited experience most gays seems to be race realists, even the “liberal” ones if you argue with them enough, they break down and admit the truth. But then most white liberals know the truth. One of the “advantages” of living in NJ, you meet just about everybody. I also get why most gays are Democrats, it must be pretty hard to vote for people (R) who simply do not like you because of an accident of birth. And while it may not be politically correct I truly believe homosexuals are born, a birth defect if you will, and not recruited.

            Gay rights groups, however, do simply come across as wildly liberal and pro-diversity, just like the two main political parties. It has been my impression that most gay groups, like feminist groups, are run by Jews, which may explain the extreme left-wing point of view. Of course I haven’t done any sort of survey, just my causal impression from reading various stories over the years.

            As for Asians being our equals or betters, I think not. But that is another story. And doesn’t really matter, because even if we were the dumbest people on the face of the earth, I would want my people to survive because they are my people. It is that simple.

            As I have said many times in the past, gays and women will lose mightily in this insane transformation of America. Actually, even blacks ultimately lose. Good luck to you.

          • George

            This is one of the issues the Democrats face with their ‘big tent’ of social groups and competing special interests.

            Proposition 8 in California passed narrowly, dissolving all gay marriages already performed in the state. It passed in 2008 because blacks & hispanics came out in droves to vote for Obama. The media mentioned that blacks and hispanics allegedly have ‘very conservative social values’. That was their code word for ‘Jeez, these blacks and hispanics are bigoted, but we can’t say so directly’.

            Gays know this.

            Gays and lesbians have higher median incomes than their heterosexual siblings. We stand to draw greater-than-average benefit when Republicans are at the helm. Fiscal conservatism is good for everyone, but more so for gays. In the social sphere, conservative or libertarian policies are better for us, too. Laissez-faire freedoms, such as recognition of civil relationships and minimal interference from the state is to our benefit.

            And yet, too many gays can’t see past the fire-breathing of folks like James Dobson (Focus on the Family) and thus reject aligning with the Republicans, where our natural interests generally lie.

            Hate on the left from blacks & hispanics, intolerance on the right from the Bible thumpers. The media regularly reports when a high profile right wing Christian leader speaks out about us accursed sodomites but is silent on black or hispanic gay-bashings. This is the unfortunate reason why too many gays & lesbians vote Democrat and align with the progressives.

          • sbuffalonative

            The problem many people have with gay rights fits into the same category of minority rights; it’s a smaller percentage of the population insisting that a minority should be elevated or given special privileges or exemptions.

            Most people know homosexuals and have them as family members. Most people are accepting and take them as they are.

            The problem comes when you start including everyone in everything, the system breaks down.

            Take gay marriage. Once gay marriage is acceptable by law, gays will use it to press for changes in every and any social institution. After gay marriage, one can envision schools forced to hire transvestites to teach pre-school and have them, if not openly talking about their husband or boyfriend with the children, at least sending a very confusing message to young children. Now I’m not going to argue that it will make some kids gay but the natural instinct is to see a relationship of one man and one woman as normal. I don’t believe this is a social construct. I believe it’s innate.

            The left has framed opposition to homosexuality as based in religious dogma. I don’t believe that. It’s deeper than that. For some, it’s an innate, natural sorry for this word, revulsion.

            I’m all for leaving people alone to do what they do in private. Homosexuals have been shacking up and hooking up for centuries. The push for gay marriage and homosexual rights have larger and as yet unforeseen consequences.

          • George

            Your post is what I mean about respectful debate on Amren. We can differ, but we’re polite. I can understand a feeling of revulsion, but also appreciate your apology for using it. When I see that you’ve posted on a topic, sbuffalo, I always read it with great interest.

            Anyhow, I, naturally, approach the issue of gay marriage quite differently. From my perspective, I see people who *want* stable relationships, and those relationships recognised in a traditional way. I don’t think any church or religious group should be forced to marry gays; each group has its own criteria for eligibiliy for a rite or sacrament. E.g. the Church of Rome refuses to marry those who are divorced or to marry a non-Catholic to a Catholic if they don’t agree to raise the children within the Church of Rome. A divorcee’s right to re-marriage doesn’t trump the church’s right to refuse to hold the sacrament. It’s a simple matter of black letter First Amendment negative liberties.

            From my persepctive, I see people who do more than ‘shack up’ or ‘hook up’. Many gay & lesbian couples have been together for decades. What heterosexual people take for granted through marriage, gays must jump through countless expensive legal hoops, or do without. It’s a matter of equity. Health decisions, for instance. If your wife is critically ill, the hospital will take your word that you are married, and you can make decisions for her care. If my partner were in the same position, even if I present a power of attorney and health care proxy, the hospital may refuse to accept it (they often do).

            There are other areas where gays pay the same, but receive less back. Pensions are one key example. When you shuffle off this mortal coil, your wife will automatically recieve a survivor’s pension. My partner? Sorry, he doesn’t qualify. Filing taxes? Home ownership. If we buy a home together, and our relationship later ends, courts will not divide our assets in the same way they would do so between you and your wife.

            I agree that most people consider one man, one woman relationships normal. With a bit of thought, though, they can also see a gay relationship as normal, if not standard. As an analogy, the Church of Rome recognises marriages or baptisms performed by protestant demoninations that have not maintained apostolic succession. Those rites performed by Baptists, say, are called ‘Valid, but Irregular’.

            I don’t think gay marriage is a matter of asking for special or additional privilege. It’s a matter of wanting the same rights & obligations as everyone else. The leftwing do-gooders aside, all most gays are asking for is ‘valid, but irregular’. Whilst nearly half of marriages end in divorce, and more couples are living common law, gays are wanting traditional family values.

    • George

      I agree with you that we must hold our honour high. One of the things I enjoy most about AmRen is that people may disagree; we may even hold diametrically-opposed points of view. Still, we debate with respect for the other person. Irrespective of race, in our dealings with individuals, we must always be fair, and act with honour.

      I must admit that I’m of two views on this article. Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sangster was an eager proponent of the eugenics movement. Blacks, being inferior to whites, were actively to be discouraged from reproducing by several methods, as a means of reducing their share of the national gene pool. There’s a reason that even today, Planned Parenthood’s offices and clinics cluster around minority neighbourhoods.

      In general, I oppose abortion on moral grounds. A woman’s right to control her body is *not* absolute. We don’t allow her to consume certain substances. We prohibit her from consuming large amounts of alcohol and then getting behind the wheel. Even if her right to control her body *was* absolute, the zygote/foetus/baby within is not her. Strictly speaking, it’s a parasite. Since it is a human parasite, I believe society has an interest in protecting it, even if it inconveniences the woman in which it resides.

      Conversely, in any conflict, the innocent suffer. An embargo on Iran or halting food aid to North Korea may be politically necessary, but it is not the leadership of those nations who suffer. It’s the poor, ignorant masses who do so. They are the ones who are reduced to boiling tree bark over dung fires, not the elites.

      The innocent suffer. That is a (sad, but unavoidable) truism. Every time an infant is not born to an unwed black teen, society benefits. It’s been said that the best way to reduce the crime rate (along with the poverty rate and a host of other social ills) would be to abort every black baby.

      In Paved With Good Intentions, Mr. Taylor notes that society could (and should, but won’t) explore certain options. Mandatory birth control for women on welfare, for instance. In this day & age, I would add that all unwed black females in the 15-24 age group should also be given depo provera. For various reasons, this is unworkable. As a society, we lack the political will to say to these people ‘If you want to receive benefits from the government, you will be, at least temporarily, unable to reproduce’. We lack the means to say ‘You are a burden on society, and society has the right to ensure that you do not create further burdens’.

      Since that is the case, I believe that the right of White society to protect itself outweighs the right of black women to produce offspring that add to the black problem. Since we do not mandate long-term birth control, we should recognise that blacks who choose to solve their own problem, and, by extension, society’s problem, have chosen the greater of competing goods.

      • KingKenton

        I believe that the right of White society to protect itself outweighs the right of black women to produce offspring that add to the black problem.

        I would fully support forced sterilization of women (and men) after two (or perhaps even one) out-of-wedlock children. People do not have the right to act irresponsible and create unwanted children. But sterilization of irresponsible and culpable adults is entirely different than killing an innocent child who is a product of the adults who recklessly created the child, IMO. And yes, I would apply this to Whites also.

  • Gunrunner1

    I used to be Pro-Life, but then I became Strongly Pro-choice….for blacks

  • Young Werther

    Doesn’t that mean that without legal abortion the whites in America would have been a minority race no later than 1980?


    Best news all day

  • JD

    Do you know what you call a black lady that has a abortion???
    A crimestopper. Just a little humor for the day.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      My first book project was a book about black jokes I started in prison. I saved just over 300 pages of notes, front and back. The last time I laughed was Friday, reading “Dilbert” comics with one of the guys at the warehouse during our dinner break. It feels good, but I don’t know many clean jokes, and I brought maki-zushi and soup, so I was also busy eating.

      My favorite joke was an unexploded aircraft bomb with the Semtex steamed out and poured into a wooden casing, an antipersonnel mine, and 50-100 yards of det cord. Point man sets off the mine and the UXB goes off under the rest of his platoon. Maybe that’s not funny. I’m not certain.

      By the time a sapper has his mine-detector turned up so far sensitive he’d pick up the copper or aluminum in the det cap, he’s getting constant noise from other metal scrap in the ground.

  • MahDick

    They should allow pregnancy termination up until 18 years old.

  • Andy

    I am opposed to abortion. Killing babies of any race is wrong. A much more humane and sensible solution would be making it illegal to have sex with retarded people. That would include the 1/6 of blacks that are committing most of the crime.

  • I see minorities having abortions as a good thing.