Peril from ‘Patriots’

Los Angeles Times, March 8, 2013

There are, in increasingly frightening numbers, cells of angry men in the United States preparing for combat with the U.S. government. They are usually heavily armed, blinded by an intractable hatred, often motivated by religious zeal.

They’re not jihadists. They are white, right-wing Americans, nearly all with an obsessive attachment to guns, who may represent a greater danger to the lives of American civilians than international terrorists.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has been tracking hate groups for 30 years, released its latest report on the growth of these organizations this week. Its findings were, to say the least, alarming. The center divides its subjects into militias, which are mostly groups of weekend warriors who train for combat against imaginary foes; hate groups, which target minorities; and “patriot” groups, whose beef is with the U.S. government. {snip}

Since then, the patriot movement has been growing at a blistering pace, especially following the election of President Obama in 2008, according to the report. From just 149 groups in 2008, the number jumped to 512 in 2009 and has been rising sharply since. In 2012, it hit 1,360. {snip}

Patriot groups are motivated by a host of anti-government attitudes, but their primary focus is guns. {snip}

{snip} These groups should be closely monitored, with resources adequate to the task, even if it means shifting some homeland security money from the hunt for foreign terrorists.


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  • Jim Crow

    How can they use the word “patriot” and terrorist in the same sentence?

  • MekongDelta69

    Morris $leaze/$PLC’s assets must have dipped below the $100,000,000.00 mark.

    “There are 50 Million white ‘hate groups’ out there.”

    *psst* ‘Is that enough? Waddya think?’
    *psst* ‘Nah – make it more. Really scare ’em.’
    *psst* ‘Ok’

    “There are 50 Billion, err, I mean, uhh, 50 Trillion white ‘hate groups’ out there. But, but, but – YOU can stop this by sending us a very large donation so I can upgrade my Rolls Ro… I mean, so I can fight for YOU, against these 50 Trillion, err, I mean, uhh, 50 Quadrillion white ‘hate group’ out there.”

    “PayPal Donations gladly accepted. Give NOW.”

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      Well said. Echoes of Alexander Cockburn, columnist for The Nation, Editor of CounterPunch, a man of impeccable leftwing credentials:

      “The Southern Poverty Law Center: We published a piece about them years ago in CounterPunch saying . . . it’s scare-mongering for elderly people . . . elderly Jewish people across America, saying that if you don’t send us ten bucks or twenty bucks the brown shirts will be marching down your main street tomorrow. SEND CHECK NOW . . . It’s a racket, a lot of it.”

      SOURCE: One hour into a three-hour interview on C-Span’s In-Depth on, April 1, 2007. To see video, click on “Watch” at:

    • haroldcrews

      Sure, but once you subtract out the Federal agents it’s actually only a handful of talkers left.

    • The__Bobster

      My web page, Watching the Watchdogs, has reviewed the SPLC’s latest “hate group” numbers and has identified numerous errors, obfuscations and outright deceptions. See SPLC — 2013 — “The New Hate Map is Here!”, March 13, 2013. Here’s a sample:

      Potok provides a bar graph to illustrate the steady growth of “hate groups” since 2000:

      It’s worth noting at this point that the SPLC’s bloated “Endowment Fund” has doubled in size over the same span of time, from $120,000,000 to over $245,000,000.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        One thing the $PLC never mentions about these “hate groups” is that many of the “haters” belong to more than one group. Because of this, even if the $PLC numbers were honest – which I don’t believe at all – they are statistically meaningless.

        • Another thing they don’t mention is that they consider singing nuns in a convent and men who call themselves “pickup artists” to be “hate groups.” They also multiple-list the same group, in one instance, 14 times in the same state.

      • bigone4u

        Good job with your website. Back in 2005 I was doing some research into hate when I consulted SPLC’s list of hate groups. Mostly, the alleged hate groups with websites seemed to be nonviolent and concerned with freedom from government and freedom of association. No hate there. I had no idea there was so much money in “opposing hate.”

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Sounds to me like every white man alive in the U.S. constitutes a “hate group.”

  • Yet such blather tends to get under the skin of the Timothy McVeighs of
    the world. These groups should be closely monitored, with resources
    adequate to the task, even if it means shifting some homeland security
    money from the hunt for foreign terrorists.

    If you want to believe 100% of the “official narrative” re OKC, and I don’t, then you have to concede that:

    1. Timothy McVeigh and his Nichols sidekick didn’t do what they do because of anyone’s “blather,” or because of anything anyone said, he did it because of what politicians did, their actions. Namely, Bush 41 and Ruby Ridge, and Clinton and Waco.

    2. And McVeigh/Nichols were able to do what they did precisely because they weren’t affiliated with any “groups” that the SPLC reprinting service known as the LA Times thinks should be “closely monitored.” Linus Torvalds’s Law states that given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow. Or, to put it another way, given enough people watching, all terrorist conspiracies eventually get called in to the FBI. The real authorities (and, when you press them to be honest, even the SPLC) are far more worried about lone wolves than groups.

    But, like I said above, I don’t buy 100% of the official narrative. No truck full of animal waste could have caused the damage that was caused to Murrah. And I think Ramzi Yousef plays into it somehow. However, I turn 36 at the end of the month, and I’ll have one foot in the grave by the time we finally get the whole truth about OKC.

    • joesolargenius

      Mr McVeigh did have contact with Larry Potts and had said that he was his handler ,Mr Potts was the FBI agent in charge of Ruby Ridge and the Waco tragedy where Janet Reno a female homosexual attorney general authorized deadly force against American families ( breeders) . There was also a local newscast on the same day as the OKC which mentions them having found two more bombs inside the building , this news cast was not allowed to go national and was pulled the same day. I saw this newscast and so did thousands of other Americans .

      • anarchyst

        Not only that, but FBI and ATF officials were told to “stay home” that day. There was an extra “foot” with camo and boot found in the debris. McVeigh was only peripherally involved. He was told to drive a truck and park it. At the same time, someone (of interest) removed the license plate from McVeigh’s car assuring that he would be stopped by “law enforcement”.
        Yes, the whole situation stinks . . . by the way, blue “recyclables” barrels wer being shipped and used at the Murrah Federal building.
        Explosives expert General Parkin stated that a “fertilizer bomb” would not have produced the destruction that was evident. In fact, no windows were damaged in the Water Department building across the street. Shaped charge, anyone??
        The main reason for this “false flag” operation was to defuse the “militia movement” which was gaining strength.

        • joesolargenius

          Military experts have stated that the only way you could shear off those major beams without doing the same to the minor ones was if the explosives were strapped to the beams , this means inside job.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Which military “experts” are these?

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Wrong. Three people were actually killed in other buildings (one in the Athenia Building and two in the Oklahoma Power & Water Building) and a fourth in the parking lot across the street. The explosion destroyed or damaged 324 buildings and broke windows in 258 more.

          The fact that the buildings across the street were substantially less heavily damaged does not require the use of a “shaped charge”. Any explosion obeys the inverse square law: the force of the blast decreases proportionately to the square of the distance from the explosion. Thus the blast 100 feet across the street would be only 1% of the force exerted against the Murrah Federal Building 10 feet across the sidewalk from the bomb truck. The building across the street also had considerably more “setback” from the explosion, due to the presence of a large parking lot between it and the street.

          Author Ragnar Benson has written extensively about the use of ammonium nitrate and how the material can produce substantially more detonation velocity if nitromethane racing fuel is substituted for the more usual diesel fuel: quite enough to do the job here.

          • yeah that’s right . the fib office was not in the building. it was the ATF. and the siesmic institute recorded 2 EXPLOSIONS at the time of the “bombing”. also there are pictures of mc veigh being trained at a military explosives school, taken during the time he had “vanished and his whereabouts were unknown.” he was in a tank, dressed in an army uniform.
            also, you commit the most heinous crime ever,at the time, take the plates off your car, and drive 100 mph to escape? and this makes sense to you? you need to research what you try to call lies.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            The second seismic event was many tons of masonry crashing down to ground level.

        • i heard that all the evidence to whitewater, the clinton land scandal, was being held in the murrah building.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            That would have been in Little Rock, Arkansas and not Oklahoma City. Little Rock has its own federal courthouse.

      • i saw that footage. they were in white trailers. i believe it was on cnn. wht i have always looked for and couldn’t find was on 9/11 i was watching bill o’reilly. during the program an asian reporter a pretty girl, broke in to say that there were 2 sites where they found pieces of flight 93(IndianLake), indicating it was shot down. this conflicted with the hero story, and BO got really mad,discounted her as a storyteller,and refused to believe her. did anyone else see that,and does anyone have a copy of that show?

    • Howard W. Campbell

      Even if they had 7000 lbs of fuel oil and fertilizer; that combination doesn’t have the brisance to shear concrete columns. Also, with that much explosives, why wasn’t there a hole big enough to fit a 3 BR ranch house? The whole thing reeked from the moment I heard it on the radio.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I knew how to do that; one uses nitromethane instead of fuel oil.

        This would have been easy.

    • Anon

      McVeigh was only able to do what he did because none other than Eric Holder supplied him with the high tech explosives to get his large bomb to ignite.

      That is an undisputed fact….one almost no one knows about because we have a controlled media.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I am disputing this “fact”. The “high tech” explosives were nothing more than garden-variety det cord that McVeigh and Nichols stole from a quarry.

        • Daisy

          So are you asserting, Michael, that McVeigh pulled this off without any governmental ‘help’ or enabling? I’m just trying to clarify what people think; up until now I’d never heard or considered the possibility that he was not a lone spontaneously organic actor.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            He admitted doing it without outside help after his conviction, saying he didn’t need some “Mr. X”.

            I still believe there was a third conspirator, and that this “John Doe #2” was Jose Padilla.

    • Daisy

      Loners are the hardest to ‘catch’ as they often don’t talk much. Some think it was a false flag attack or that some form of purposeful enabling, etc., went down. What are you suggesting happened?

      • I have no clue what happened, except to say that I doubt the entirety of the “official” story. I’ve toyed with various theories, except most of them turn out to be as problematic as the official story on OKC. Like I said, my about-to-turn 36-year old self will have one foot in the grave by the time we find out the whole truth.

        If you really want to press me up against the wall and nail me down on my favorite theory du jour which might be true, it’s that Ramzi Yousef taught Timothy McVeigh how to enhance the “junk in the truck” to cause the kind of damage to a building like Murrah in such a way that plain ole animal dung plus detonators couldn’t. (There is eyewitness evidence of McVeigh and Yousef hanging out together in the Philippines circa 1993-1994).

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Bingo! Terry Nichols had a Philippina wife.

  • wattylersrevolt

    An authentic terrorist:the Kenyan Foreigner and his former secretary of state Hilary Clinton whose economic embargo of Iran has harmed millions of Iranian Civilians. How many American Civilians have been harmed by Iran? Answer:0. Who shills for these two international terrorists? The LA times. This makes the LA times a terrorist organization.

    • wattylersrevolt

      What ethnic group has the highest representation on the SPLC board of advisors? What ethnic group provides around 90 percent of the SPLCs funding? What is the ethnicity of the lovely Hiedi Bierich? What is the ethnicity of Mark Potok? Well,..I reckon that they both have the same ethnicity as Noel Ignatieve and Abby Ferder. What insect species does Mark Potok belong to?…these days,entymology questions are most definitely relevant.

    • Paleoconn

      Surely you don’t mean our Nobel Peace Prize Winner In chief? He’s an anti-war president, dontcha know.

    • YngveKlezmer

      Right on the money, Wattylersrevolt!! He is a Muslim as well. Muslims have a plot to destroy European culture. The Muslim hordes, mostly illiterate, are destroying Europe, and he is probably laughing up his slimy sleeve about this every night.

  • Nathanwartooth

    I live out in the sticks where you would guess to find these kinds of groups.

    I have never seen any ever. They must be hiding under some pretty big rocks.

    • Anders

      “The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has been tracking hate groups for 30 years, released its latest report on the growth of these organizations this week. Its findings were, to say the least, alarming.”

      It is indeed alarming, to those that believe everything the television tells them.

      • YngveKlezmer

        In a sane world, the SPLC would be classified as a hate group. Their hatred for all Whites who dare to be proud of our heritage is insidious. The SPLC wants our country to turn into another South Africa, where violent Blacks conduct a daily reign of terror on our people.

    • YngveKlezmer

      Exactly! Plenty of wigger boys cooking meth, though, and Blacks moving in with their White girlfriends to beat them and use them, bringing Black violence, drugs, and low morals to formerly placid small towns. Why isn’t the Mulatto in the White House worried about this stuff? This is what is messing up small town America, not some so-called “Patriot Groups”. Just more proof of the anti-White sentiment that drives this man. He is a race hustler with a polite face, far more dangerous than Jackson, Sharpton, or Farrakhan. At least White Liberals know better than to trust these obviously anti-White monsters. Mulattoes like him, who do not speak ebonics and pretend to be Gentleman, know that they can fool the non-racial realist masses.

      • When a black guy shows up in our little town no one bothers them, but some of the whites fawn over them just to show how un-racist they are I suppose.

        • Defoe

          “You won’t date me ’cause I’m black” is the most successful pick-up line ever for black men with a certain type of White girl.

          • YngveKlezmer

            Yes it is. A racial realist lady will answer back: “That is absolutely right!! I will not date a Black”, and will get away from the predatorial Schvarza who is harrassing her as quickly as She can. In the good old days, this was seen as harassment by White ladies. It is still seen in that manner by racial realists.

        • YngveKlezmer

          I guess that is the norm in small town America anymore. I’ve seen this kind of stuff so often, and it turns my stomach to see folks fawning over Blacks. If most folks still used the approach that respect is earned, not given, few Blacks would garner any respect. This is why they had no respect in the old days, not this bogus racism that the Liberals want us to believe existed.

          We need to get back to the old days, when small towns in Northern states were all White, and determined to stay that way.

    • “They” don’t need to hide, just a nod and hello. People come to me on occasion and comment on my ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ flag and they like it.

    • Daisy

      I wanted to infiltrate one when I lived in Pa in 2010 so that I might make a film based on my experiences. I was just starting to strategize on some angles to find one, like hanging out in recreation historian groups. when I had to abort my whole plan. But I don’t know if there were any out there, at least in my area, much less how to become part of them as a woman who’s had no military experience. I don’t think most take chicks so I tried to talk a redheaded guy friend who looked like me, drove a motorcycle and was a civil engineer into pretending to be my brother and dragging me along to no avail. I would have been really scared of the FBI though had I succeeded. There is a famous Yale constitutional law scholar who heads one of the more high profile group; Time Magazine did a story on him and the various ‘movements’ in 2009.

  • bigone4u

    So how many murders have these alleged hate groups committed? Zero. How many bombings? Zero. How many rapes? Zero. How many assassinations of government officials? Zero. How many bank robberies? Zero. How much embezzlement? None. Threats? None that I know of. And how well armed is this army of patriots? Tanks? Bazookas? Submarines? Nukes?
    Cui bono. SPLC. Paranoid liberals. But most of all, the anti-white, anti-freedom element in the US government. Obama now has an excuse to launch his drones skyward on a mission of death.

  • connorhus

    I keep trying to make the hate group list but I can’t seem to get there.

    I think this year I will send Potok an email or something to see if I can incur his ire.

    Their list, like being called a racist, has no value any longer other than for entertainment and bragging rights.

    • Get it from the SPLC. Who knows, maybe their list will help out in due time.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      A better idea for inexpensive entertainment at $PLC’s expense would be to print up fliers for a variety of fictional “hate” groups and then staple them to telephone poles at night. I wouldn’t use the bulletin boards inside supermarket entrances because you will be videotaped by store security cameras, and don’t do this on other private property, but telephone poles on public sidewalks are fair game. So long as you don’t actually threaten anyone, you can use as much vitriol in these fliers as you like, along with racial, sexual and religious stereotypes (use your imagination). Use lots of misspellings, poor grammar and punctuation – playing to the left’s stereotypes about us will make the fliers more believable. Searching online will quickly get you a collection of images you can use in the fliers: shirtless black guys wearing overalls and straw hats carrying watermelons or chickens, obese white women with black guys, Central Americans wearing sombreros and serapes, etc.

      Vary the names of your “hate groups” and always handle the fliers and even the unprinted, blank paper while wearing gloves. Do not post the fliers in an area where people know you. You know why.

      Dees and company will freak out.

      • YngveKlezmer

        I like it!!

  • Lacocoon

    The article is correct: the hard core Right (as in not Republicans and not the average NRA guy) is preparing for Armed Resistance. They simply will not accept the 2nd Ammendment being mangled as is planned. These are Veterans and Constitutionalists who took their Oaths seriously – perhaps the husbands and sons of those women whose images the DHS uses as targets. They will not fire the first shot but await the atrocities to be committed during the Confiscation. Yes, and they are dangerous – to some. And they aren’t White Nationalists and don’t like us either. Some have some degree of racial awareness. I sometimes post trying to get them to think a little ouside their box.

    Here is their Amren:

    • And they aren’t White Nationalists and don’t like us either.

      Google “Sipsey Street Irregulars.” Then search that blog for “AmRen.” Its author has referred to us here at AR as “racial collectivists,” and he doesn’t mean it as a compliment.

      • connorhus

        Those guys are coming around. The latest white band thing out of Wisconsin got some replies from them that could have come from here.

        But yes those sites did fly the Multi-Cult flag and promote it’s propaganda for a while. The last four years have made it’s mark and changed their tune a bit though.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          Constitutionalists are always trying to prove they aren’t the “racist” far right. The media is lumping everyone on the right together, calling the Teaparty and patriots “racist”. The Constitutionalists will be among the last to admit the truth, but even they will have to acknowledge how anti-American your average non-White is.

          • And at the same time, it’s illogical to be both a Constitutionalist and an “anti-racist” or egalitarian or race-denier or whatever one wants to call it. If nothing else, for the mere fact that the framing and construction of the Constitution was an outgrowth of a given civilization which was in turn built on the DNA and experience of a particular group of people.

          • Daisy

            I don’t agree with this, although I loathe the anti-white apologia of the militia and patriot movements. Interestingly enough, from the shallow research I conducted ‘they say’ that more disaffected black ex-military types are involved than one would think, although I’m skeptical. The Iraq War created a lot of distrust in the military for how big our government has become, along with the Patriot Act…

          • It’s not just them. Almost everyone at every point on the political spectrum, from hard left to hard right, and everyone else in between, comes off sounding like idiots, morons, kooks and crackpots, and the worst part about it is that most of them don’t even know how idiotic they sound, and the few who can discern that they’re something amiss can’t quite figure out why they come off as kooky as they do.

            Meanwhile, just about everyone reading these words see things a lot more clearly and come off as sane and rational, because we grok a simple one-syllable four-letter word: Race.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Of course I will fight, but that costs me nothing at all.

      • Daisy

        I wonder if we’re being watched as we type…

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I can’t possibly be. Seven PCs (five work) plus my wife’s laptop, but not one webcam in my house, don’t you know. I wouldn’t have a webcam here if it was free.

          • Daisy

            I was more thinking of on this site under this article’s thread specifically, although I’ve heard of a virus that turns on your PC’s camera. I guess yours don’t have one.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            They can read whatever they want as far as I’m concerned. What are they going to do: put me on the Terrorist Watch List? I’m already there. Lock me up again? I’m not afraid of prison anymore; I’ve already been there. Take away something Ioved better than anything else: shooting? They’ve already done that as well. I would have more invested in society if I could have my gun rights back.

          • Daisy

            With the Patriot Act expanding with every exhalation of Obama’s, I honestly think soon for writing on here we could go to prison or be interned. Wouldn’t you miss your family?! There’s worse places to be locked up than prison.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Of course I would miss my family and my mother, if I were alive. It seems more likely they will miss me. I’m practical about these things. As I understand it, my life was a gift, the ultimate “free lunch”. Even federal prison was mostly OK. The mathematics study group I taught on my own time there was worthwhile. I was so unnoticeable that even the guards in my unit sometimes asked me why I was there.

            Nobody ever said this would be easy, or even possible. I hope Mr. Taylor or someone much like him is President of our US Second Republic.

          • Daisy

            Our voluntary restraint, maturity and civility mean nothing to the US government that hates middle and lower class whites. Nothing whatsoever. I guess now I’m the nihilist.

  • Shattered

    Pure nonsense. The LA Times has reached a new low and should be ashamed of themselves for calling everyday patriotic moms and dads “terrorists.” Unbelievable.

    • refocus

      This is the signal, the sea change.

      Its the beginning of the real de-kulakization pogrom.

  • There’s an irony to this.

    At late as the 1960s, there were people on the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Times who were also members of the John Birch Society, an organization now mentioned prominently in this SPLC report.

    • joesolargenius

      The John Birch Society were the first to expose how banks were financing wars and as a result banking laws were changed so it would be harder to discover just what type of nefarious activities they were up to. This also changed after it became profitable to go after money launderers such as Wachovia .

      • Salarino

        I came across G. Edward Griffin when getting lost on the web one day and found out how much sense he and the J.B. Society made. Every time an opportunity arises I bring up Secrets of the Federal Reserve.

  • Tom Iron

    Once this all gets rolling, they’re going to look back at terorists as pussy cats next to our young White Nationalist Patriots. The blacks and hispanics are going to think they died and went to hell.

  • The__Bobster

    The SPLC is such a paranoid, extremist, ultra-liberal organization it would seem that only those who are the most biased and prejudiced in their liberal philosophy could even take them half-way seriously. Unfortunately, however, the SPLC is one of the most-often quoted sources by the mainstream media. Of course, most Americans realize that the mainstream media, for the most part, is itself extremely biased in favor of a left-wing agenda, so it is not surprising that they would gravitate to the left-wing paranoia that emanates from the SPLC.

    However, even more unfortunate is the fact that the Department of Justice (DOJ) in Washington, D.C., also gives credence to the SPLC’s ultra-left-wing propaganda. This is the most disturbing part of the SPLC hysteria: the nation’s law enforcement agencies that receive instructions, bulletins, memos, briefs, etc., from the DOJ are watching the feds regurgitate the left-wing propaganda of the SPLC. This is why State police agencies, such as what we saw happen in Missouri’s MIAC report, end up characterizing conservatives as “extremist hate groups.” They got it from the DOJ, which got it from the SPLC.

    • YngveKlezmer

      You are right on the money. Their crude views of Jared Taylor, a first class Gentleman who is a courageous, intellectual spokesman for racial realism, show their true colors. They are the ones who, in a sane world, would be classified as a hate group. They attempt to villify those who have the courage to respectfully disagree with them, and attempt to bully these persons out of expressing their views.

      • Smitty

        That’s what so called Jews do and your one of them,always poking your nose in White peoples bussiness. More likely than not your another splc mut..

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Why are you after this guy Yngve? If you don’t like what he writes, explain why he’s wrong instead of just calling him a Jew over and over. If he’s merely uninformed or mistaken or even completely delusional, the civil approach might work better. I’ve been called a “Jew” and “Crypto-Jew” before, but since I’m almost entirely Celtic and Amerind (my north German ancestry was Lutheran) and agnostic to boot, I interpret that accusation in my case to mean some variety of hereditary racial enemy of the inarticulate person making the accusation. Since I have married a Japanese, I can not even be accused of poisoning the white bloodline with Amerindian DNA. See: I fixed it.

          I suspect Smitty here is the $PLC “mutt”. The rest of us here are not obsessed with who might or might not be Jewish. Mr. Taylor certainly does not appear to be.

          • YngveKlezmer

            Thank you Michael!! I think it is kind of funny how Smitty is carrying on, all over my screen name. I don’t see why he doesn’t head on over to Stormfront, if anti-Semitism is his thing. He obviously knows where Jared Taylor stands on the Jewish question. I suspect Smitty is a Stormfronter trolling on this site, trying to get a rise out of us.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Even Stormfront sends me a birthday greeting every year, and they know I married Sayaka, although some of them admit to feeling “uneasy” with the idea. Most folks are extremely polite about this subject. I doubt Smitty is even a “Stormfronter”. He probably really is an $PLC troll.

          • YngveKlezmer

            Actually, I hope you’re right, that he is just an $PLC troll. These fringe types are the ones who have given White Nationalism a bad name. If all White Nationalists were unified in framing our goal as preservation of our White European culture and heritage, and we put the biological facts of race out there sensibly and politely as Mr. Taylor does, I think that we would gain a following among the masses. We have to define European Culture, define who the White race is, and spell out for the masses what has been, and will be lost by allowing Black culture, Muslim culture, and Hispanic culture to prevail. A lot of every day folks can see that these three cultures are our key threats, and only refrain from saying more about them because of political correctness.

          • Daisy

            Your heritage revolves around, uh, I think, some sandpit in the Middle East, last I checked, NOT European culture and heritage.

            Your semitic, as opposed to european, people, founded and still largely fund, the NAACP!!!

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Jews? Perhaps it does, but there are two kinds of Jews: the kind who shoot Polish army officers for the NKVD and the kind who don’t, and I would never dream of driving one of the latter into the arms of the former. The last guy who invited me shooting was Jewish – I always say “no” and explain exactly why. It doesn’t even hurt much anymore.

            Last I checked, Christianity didn’t originate in Europe, but in that same ugly Middle-Eastern sandpit.

          • Daisy

            The defining characteristic of jewish is that a person swears an oath to defend and unite with jews in their imperialist quest to dominate ‘other’ peoples. I do not recognize their form of patriot group as a religion, nor do I espouse Christianity, so where it originated is irrelevant. I am celtic and germanic but not particularly christian, and it wouldn’t matter anyway if I were as they are totally separate dimensions of existence. I do originate in Europe, thank you very much.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Which Jews are those? I’ve met plenty, and Alex Rosenberg, Matthew Kauffman and Sylvia Salzberg were my favorites. Alex was hilarious, and I sure miss his jokes.

          • Daisy

            Gosh, go read their Torah then prepare yourself for the Talmud. The jews made a covenant with their god, whom they consider everyone’s god but who in their mind chose *them* to dominate, to treat each other a certain way so that ‘god’ then will hand over to them, or help them take in a blood libel, others’ land! All the arable land in the area was already inhabited when the jews were handed down this promise and made a contract on Mt. Sinai, but that was of no consequence to a god who sanctified and authored/authorized their imperialism.

          • PesachPatriot

            Seriously….most people who aren’t holy book thumping religious fanatics tend to take things written in the bronze age and during the roman empire with a pretty big grain of salt….the people who wrote these texts lived in a world with no real concept of science, rampant superstition, constant brutal tribal warfare with sharp pointy objects, hunger, inexplicable disease and child mortality where you were considered ancient if you made it to 50… maybe you could cut them some slack….besides didn’t ireland just finish up a bunch of catholic vs. protestant violence that most of the rest of europe dealt with during the reformation? I understand your dislike of jews given your life experiences but those of us outside the garden state are generally not so bad. I am sorry about what happened to the canaanites and the jebusites but it happened a few thousand years before I was born several continents away.

          • YngveKlezmer

            Exactly!! And that tribal warfare was not based on any kind of loyalty to one’s race. Whites hadn’t even encountered the other races back then, but there was still tribal warfare between different nationality/language groups.

            In Africa, this kind of regressive tribal warfare is still the rule of the day right now, in the 21’st century, because the Negroid race is the most regressive of the human races.

          • YngveKlezmer

            Let’s remember how long ago these books were written. Until not too many years ago, the English saw the Irish as inferior, and the Germans saw the Poles as inferior. Yankees looked down on Southerners. Pan-European unity is, unfortunately, a recent thing. If it wasn’t, Hitler wouldn’t have ordered his soldiers to kill Millions of Polish Gentiles, and brother would not have shot brother, in the Civil War, all over the issue of freeing Blacks from farm work, when we could have just sent all of them back to Africa.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Isn’t their God the same as that of Christians, though without Jesus as a Messiah? Do you actually even personally know any Jews?

            My old gun show partner was Jewish, and he was obsessively honest.

          • YngveKlezmer

            That is what I wonder as well. I’ve lived near both Jews and Blacks all of my life, and none of the Jews I’ve known want to dominate us Gentiles. Most Jews want to succeed in life, yes, but through hard work and education, not through some plot to dominate us Gentiles. This kind of stuff is conspiracy theory, plain and simple, and is most definitely, in my opinion, the key thing that chases folks away from White Nationalism, and keeps us from becoming mainstream. As far as Blacks, huge numbers of folks agree that they cannot be integrated with us at this point, and that it is futile to keeping trying to integrate them. A good number of folks who feel this way are Ashkenazi Jewish extraction, and it is a shame that White Nationalism degenerates to fighting over the Jewish question so often. I say this as a Gentile, of German/Norwegian/Swedish descent who understands the Jewish question from growing up around both Jews and Blacks. Never had a problem with the Jewish kids. They dealt with bullying from the Blacks just like the rest of us White kids, and, actually, the Blacks were quite anti-Semitic.

          • YngveKlezmer

            It is interesting how some folks on here, such as yourself, are gleaning so much from my screen name. Klezmer is Yiddish for a male musician, yes, but Yngve is a Scandinavian first name. Bear in mind that Klezmer is Yiddish, not Hebrew. Yiddish is basically a dialect of High German with Hebrew influences.

            Actually, my ancestors did not come from the Middle East, or even Southern Europe. They came from Germany, Norway, and Sweden, and nobody was Jewish. So, why did I not choose a screen name like YngveViking? Because I agree with Jared Taylor on the issue of Ashkenazi Jews. Take Robert Weissberg as an example. He is obviously a White guy, and he is at the forefront of White Nationalism and Racial Realism, and lends firepower to our cause. I am sure that, as someone of Ashkenazi background, he has some Semitic in his background, but he is obviously mostly Teutonic and/or Slavic descent. Just look at the guy. He is too light complexioned to fit in in Greece or Sicily, and that would not be true if he was mostly Semitic descent. To say a White person with Blue eyes and light hair is non-White is just plain stupid, and that is why Jared Taylor refers to Ashkenazi Jews as White. Yes, there is some Semitic in their background, but they are mostly Teutonic and/or Slavic descent. To highlight the craziness of classifying Ashkenazis as non-White, that would make the following persons non-White: Billy Joel, Barry Manilow, Fran Drescher, David Lee Roth, Barbara Streisand, Mayor Bloomberg, Adam Sandler.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I believe Yngve translates as “Eugen” or “Eugene”.

          • iahushua

            Yiddish is language of the Khazars–FACTS are FACTS

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Yiddish is an offshoot of German. The Khazars on the other hand were a Turkic-speaking group from the Russian steppes.

            Facts are facts, except when some dimwit just makes them up.

          • Glickstein44

            iahushua is correct…these are the Facts


          • gfdreds


          • Daisy

            Michael, you have called me a socialist when frustrated with me, then exulted in the fact that I had cancer, albeit potentially deforming basal cell. I don’t consider the manner in which I’d engaged you uncivil up to that, so even if you found it ‘uninformed or mistaken or even completely delusional’ the civil approach may have worked better.

            Marrying a japanese person does not excuse you in any way from the rules of civility. Unfortunately the results of semitic lack of civility in the US may engender the same in whites. I don’t get how people start conjuring Mr. Taylor on here every time they feel whingey. I have gotten enormous amounts grief, most of which I feel is undeserved, and have only resorted to help from moderators all of once! in indirect defense of you oddly enough. The jews are obsessed with who may or may not be jewish, and white people would be in a profoundly different circumstance were that not so.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I am sorry about that, but really, what are you going to do, die of it? I had a stroke seven years ago and I don’t complain. I just cowboyed back up, though walking was quite a chore for a few years.

            I am not Jewish, Christian or Muslim and I don’t hate Jews or Christians. Some of them have hired me privately to work in their homes, and they paid cash.

            I am sorry that I said I was happy you had cancer. Only my ex-father deserves cancer, and he has enough of it for a small city. I am not as well-spoken as Jared Taylor, and have a bit of my ex-father in me, so I can be a tad cruel. Genetics wins out yet again. He was the meanest man who ever lived, and I’m half him.

            Do what your doctors say, but also eat plenty of brightly colored fruits and vegetables. These contain anti-oxidants, which will help keep the cancer from spreading.

          • Daisy

            I don’t harbor a grudge or sense of grievance about your comment so much as a passing whim to point out that you yourself aren’t particularly consistent regarding strict rules of civil debate, which is not to say that I am so perfect in that regard either.

            It’s odd that you seemingly interpret me as expressing ‘hate’ of jews My read on jews is just the reverse in that their creed essentially pivots on the jihadist-like war towards or at least subjugation of the other. Christianity is a religion in which god is universal and transcendent, not a nation state ethnicity, so comparing the two never makes much sense to me.

          • YngveKlezmer

            The universalist philosophy of Christianity is also one of the key elements enabling our dispossession. Too many churches are not just allowing, but encouraging Whites to attend church with Blacks, and encouraging miscegenation, when the Bible is very clear on why miscegenation is against God’s will. Children are to be born “in the likeness” of both parents, which obviously is not the case with a Mulatto. Obama has no resemblance to his Mother, only to his Black father. Yet, some churches push this satanic contamination of our racial purity. There are pastors who go on and on about us all eventually being “coffee colored”, totally ignoring racial differences in behavior and intelligence. We are suffering mightily as a society from the satanistic approval of miscegenation by churches who are following trendy LIberal politics instead of God’s will. God’s will entails segregation.

          • Glickstein44

            Ah,but whom is responsible for subverting Christianity–whom was responsible for purging certain verses from the new testament not complimentary to jewry? Benjamin Freedman explained how this had happened here–Facts are Facts…


            for origins of Yiddish dialect(Khazar) you can also study here…


          • YngveKlezmer

            In all fairness, Daisy, it seems that you are quite obsessed, yourself, with who may or may not be Jewish. Michael and myself are not. For me, as long as someone of European Jewish descent is pro-White, racial realist, and pro European culture, I am not concerned about them being Jewish. Preservation of the White race, in order to preserve European culture, and a focus on actively preserving European culture are, to me, the essence of White Nationalism.

    • Daisy

      I think you overestimate the extent to which most Americans realize the MSM is biased in favor the the left, especially when it comes to the classification of hate groups and in this case ‘militias.’

  • StillModerated

    Its findings were, to say the least, alarming.

    I guess the journalist scum have figured out that they will be the first ones to be fed into the mulching machine. I wonder what they thought the findings were, to say the most? Let’s see they like to use the word frightening a lot, or scary, they’ll probably stick with Reaganesque.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I thought their favorite buzzword was “disenfranchisement”.

  • Bill

    The LA Times. What can you expect from a rag that says allowing more mestizos into the US WILL REDUCE GLOBAL WARMING!!!!! That pinko rag isn’t even worth lining your parrot’s cage anymore. I’m sure that’s exactly what Stalin said about the Cossacks too, before he tried to wipe them out. Good enough to fight the motherland’s foreign and domestic wars, but too fiercely independent and filled with honor to be tolerated by that same motherland.

  • sbuffalonative

    I got as far as SPLC and I stopped.
    More ‘cut-and-paste’ journalism. The SPLC provides them with their ‘facts’ and the journalists happily (and easily) write their article.

  • guest

    This article proves that patriotism no longer exists in this country. Americans who fight for what’s really best for this country are now seen as
    more dangerous than any foreign terrorist group. We’re expected to be
    this great “melting pot of multiculturalism” and being patriotic is now wrong and politically incorrect. What ugly times we live in today.

  • MobyWhite

    I had a Diversity Encounter today, so now I’m an Extreme Patriot.

    Why is it the more contact I have with blacks, the more extreme I become? Is it just me?

    • YngveKlezmer

      It is definitely not just you. Exposure to Black behaviors has made me a racial realist. It has caused me to realize that segregation is the only way we can preserve our European culture and heritage. The Southern states had the right idea in the good old days. Segregate Negroes, and make miscegenation against the law. None other than Thomas Jefferson expressed the firm belief that Blacks are too different from us to be integrated into our culture. He was right on the money.

      • Molly

        Those that posted these comments and everyone that upvoted them… be ashamed.

        • Michael_C_Scott


      • Smitty

        You so called Jews are too different from us to be integrated in our culture. Go back to Israel. Leave us alone ya parasitical worm. You Jews are worse than blacks.You cannot stand Whites talking amongst themselves so you have to listen in

        • YngveKlezmer

          I can see that you assume I’m Jewish because of my screen name. I won’t bother saying whether I am or not, as the key point is that Ashkenazi Jews are White, have been a part of White European culture for many generations, and have contributed positively to European classical music and literature. There were more than a few Ashkenazis who were crooked business people and bankers, and that was what caused the German people to follow Hitler. That I will never debate, as that is what happened. To deny the contributions to European culture of the Ashkenazi, though, and to think that all Ashkenazi are crooked business people or Liberal pro-Black race hustlers is just plain lunacy. To believe, or allege these things is no more sensible than saying that all Sicilians are Mafiosi. Such is obviously not the case. Sicily did produce the Mafia, yes, but most Sicilians did not approve of, or participate in, the Mafia. Likewise for most European Ashkenazi with regards to the crooked banking/business problem.

          By the way, if you have any doubt about the fervency of my racial realism, I encourage you to check out some of my other posts. Am I pro-Semitic? Absolutely. As you can see, I agree with Jared Taylor on the Jewish question. I also agree with him on Blacks, Hispanics, and Arabs. That is why I post on here. As far as SPLC, they are repulsive left wingers. A lot of them are Jewish, of course, but that doesn’t keep Jared Taylor from including men like Robert Weissberg in American Renaissance. I am just glad that Jared Taylor includes racial realists of Ashkenazi descent in American Renaissance. This shows that he understands the reality of the Jewish question in terms of White Nationalism.

          • Glickstein44

            Does jared include racial realist of jewish descent who criticise jewish power & influence…any such kind of jewish speakers critical of such being invited to speak at the next Amren conferance? Would he invite Kapner or Toestler or the most recent Jewish geneicist from John Hopkins university to speak at the next Amren conferance on what his findings were concerning Ashkenazi not being semite?…This is for both you and another poster Michael Scott to read. When you are done i would like to hear your opinion on the article or anyone else who ventures to read the article.


            Shepardim are the real descendants of the Hebrews/the seed of Abraham–Ashkenazi are imposters….many former “jews” have admitted as such.If your Ashkenazi that fact may not set well with you but the truth often-times isn’t pleasant.Since you have been “following” me you can look up the links on my posts concerning the same.Looking forward to your “honest” opinion on the article.

          • YngveKlezmer

            Excellent article. Jared is right on the money here. He is explaining why he has men such as Weissberg, Levin, and Mayer Schiller speak at American Renaissance conferences, and puts Liberalism in a realistic frame of reference. He mentions Episcopalians, a church that is currently quite mired in Liberal nonsense. Not all Episcopalians agree with the crazy stuff their church is validating, but their church is at the forefront of gay marriage, miscegenation being pushed, and the rest of the crazy Liberal social agenda.

            Jared Taylor is the most intelligent mover and shaker in White Nationalism, and this article makes that clear. He is too intelligent to buy into this idea that Jews invented Liberalism. He knows that the big picture on Liberalism is more complicated than that. Liberalism is a cancer that has infected huge portions of White America. Jews such as Norman Lear have been front and center in brainwashing anti-White notions into the heads of the White masses, no doubt, but so have all of the Liberals. Joe Biden, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and the Lyndon Johnson have also done immense damage. We can thank Bill Clinton for “politically correct”, for silencing open public dialogue about poorly behaved non-Whites. I think that most of us could agree that “politically correct” has possibly caused the most damage of all to our rights to be White racial realists. Before the current climate of political correctness, courtesy of Bill Clinton’s Presidency, we never worried about being fired from jobs for speaking the truth about Black degeneracy.

            I am so glad that Jared Taylor sees the big picture, that being that Liberalism is a cancer infecting White society, and that blaming this cancer solely on Jews does nothing to secure a future for European Americans. It would be nice if this issue was as simple, and cut and dried, as the Stormfronters want to believe, but that is simply not reality. If the Stormfronters were right, and Jews were actually the sole force behind the Left Wing Liberal, Diversity Insanity agenda, I would surely not have included “Klezmer”, Yiddish for musician, in my screen name. I include Klezmer in my screen name, and include it proudly, not just because I enjoy Ashkenazi folk music, but because I respect the cultural contributions Ashkenazi Jews have made to European culture, and realize that Left Wing Liberalism is not “their baby”. Plenty of American Ashkenazis are Liberals, yes, but not all of them. Plenty of them are also Conservative, and Jared has wisely harnessed, and included, their intellectual firepower in American Renaissance.

  • pcmustgo

    Well at the end of the day, the foreign terrorist groups are FOREIGN… that alone should make patriots better.

  • pcmustgo

    Patriot groups WILL get more “dangerous” to the government as America becomes more non-white. Within 20 years, America is going to break up. 20 years. At most.

    It isn’t just the racial change, it’s the unassimilation factor. These are foreign nationals who hate America. This is not going to work- or blend… fast enough.

    Had we brought them in in small numbers, these asians and latinos, and blended/miscegenated them quickly enough (the only way), it could have.

    Now we’re screwed. And all of them- Asians, Indians, Latinos, etc, will push for ever more immigration from their home countries.

    These people don’t mind crowding the way we do.

    • pcmustgo

      Also, they don’t mind poverty the way we do. I mean, if you’re an East Indian used to surviving on $1000 per year, immigrating to America and ONLY making $13,000 still won’t be so bad.

      For us, it’s going from $35,000 to $13,000… or $8,000 per year.

      • pcmustgo

        For them it will always be some kind of step up. For us, it’s just spiraling down.

    • YngveKlezmer

      Blended/miscegenated them quickly enough?? I should hope not. Miscegenation is the ultimate act of suicide for our people. Little to no immigration from non-European lands would have been preferable. These non-Whites will never melt into the Melting Pot, as the various European Nationalities did. The only reason the Melting Pot worked, in the old days, was because it was a melting together of White Europeans with a common racial heritage into a Pan-European melting pot. Infusion of non-Whites has created a contaminated, dysfunctional, boiling cauldron of what was a great Pan-European melting pot. We need to re-segregate, with an entirely White homeland available for our people to escape to.

      • Smitty

        Yeh,no Jews allowed…including you.

        • a multiracial individual

          Envy is an ugly emotion my friend…

          • Daisy

            Particularly on a jew…

          • a multiracial individual

            Let me know when you find an envious Jew.

          • Daisy

            Let me know when you don’t…

  • 1776is1984

    lol. the SPLC who would of thought? when they label the catholic’ nuns’ and the family research center as hate groups somthing is wrong and coming down the pike!

  • fakeemail

    A blatant call for ANARCHO-TYRANNY if there ever was one.

  • Bud

    With our budget problems I would suggest that we cannot afford this sort of scattershot approach to national security. We have to focus. We might start with an event that happened just a few weeks ago – the terrorist rampage of Christopher Dorner. We don’t have to guess what sort of people and groups inspired Dorner, he told us directly. and undoubtedly his local liberal paper, the LA Times, was one of the organizations he got his inspiration from. So let’s start by monitoring groups with a proven history of inspiring terrorism and murder – the LA Times editorial board, for example.

    Liberals, the left, are no-fooling 20th century totalitarians. This is movement completely controlled by the SDS mentality, and now that they have neutralized democracy through a policy of racist colonialism against the American people, they’re starting to openly bare their fangs, as in this article. Things are going to get ugly real soon, and they’re not going to get better.

    Next time anyone asks you why you need a thirty round mag point him to this editorial.

    Aren’t these the same hypocrites who go on and on about “McCarthyism?” Work for a foreign government, for a proven and known mass-murderer, attention from the government is criminal. Patriot acting “within his free-speech and 2nd Amendment rights” said attention is critical.

    • Someone at work gave me a lecture about 30 round mags – No one needs them for hunting, no one needs them for self defense, no one needs them for target practice, etc. You’re right, I said – BUT I do need them for Red Coats!

  • Howard W. Campbell

    One of my favorite movies of all time is “Best Years of our Lives” (1946). It tells the story of three servicemen trying to adjust back to civilian life after WWII. As with “The Manchurian Candidate”, it is one of those movies that is relevant now. The main thing you would need to do is to update the clothing and technology. Denzel Washington did a good job in the 2004 remake, But it just didn’t quite have the feel of the original. If you were to remake Best Years of our Lives today and make it realistic I could see the following things happening.

    When all three wanted to get on the plane, the TSA forces them to undergo extensive searches while the woman in a burqa get a free pass.

    Al Stevens (Fredric March): Instead of going back to his job as the banker; he would be forced to train his replacement and then shoved out the door.

    Homer Parrish (Harold Russell): Would be fighting with the VA tooth and nail for any kind of disability payments over the loss of his hands from an IED attack. The government would also take away his right to own a gun when he was caught shooting targets in his father’s garage.

    Fred Derry (Dana Andrews): He would be labeled a nutcase due to his PTSD and would be on every terrorist and no-fly list known to man. He could no longer even work in a pharmacy as he was considered “too dangerous” thanks to his war experiences.

    Wilma (Virginia Mayo): Homer’s girlfriend. She would have “come out” while Homer was gone and ended up marrying a woman at the end of the movie.

    Most of the dads in my neighborhood while I was growing up were WWII vets. Many probably had experiences that would show up on some government radar had they served in Iraq or Afghanistan. In this day and age, I could see 95% of the white males who served in WWII being labeled as dangerous terrorists.

  • Andy

    Frightening to you… reassuring to me. 🙂 What does a just government have to fear from groups taking it on themselves to protect their country?

  • concernedcollegekid

    More and more white people are starting to take notice of bad minority behavior. The media tries to combat this by frantically trying to convince everyone that gun-owning white men are all Anders Breiviks in hiding and that even if you haven’t seen them get violent yet, you will. And noticing minority violence rather than noticing all the dangerous closet Breiviks out there is “racist” of you.

    • Daisy

      Some survivors and critics have claimed that Breiviks did not act alone.

  • Joe Webb

    The reported number of Whites who trust their government in the US is now about 20%. This suggests that even liberals distrust government. I read recently that about one-third of households own guns. Guns and ammo have been selling briskly over the last couple months and also did so after Obongo was elected.

    All of this is good news. We are headed, if not over the cliff, then into protracted civil strife of a racial character. If the Demogogic Party gets its several million more votes from legalizing mexicans who are illegal immigrants, and the Repugnican Party continues doing its me-too Liberalism, especially racial liberalism, then we are headed for a one-party state, like Mexico.

    Then the guns will come out, probably. However, Mexico has pulled off the racial social congtract/ Deal for a long time, with Spanish Whites only about 10% max. How long this can last is not clear since the mestizos might be getting radicalized by the Aztlan/La Raza rhetoric of the invaders of the US,

    Then there is La Revolucion of the mestizo countries of South America, Bolivia, Equador, and espec. Venezuela. How far this goes is not at all clear to me, but it might go farther in Mexico than anybody can imagine.. A genuinely revolultionary mestizo and Indian movement in Mexico could further inflame the mexers here.

    The material spoils system in Mexico has worked. However, a spoils system is collaborationist, not revolutionary. When Race gets inflamed, then it becomes a matter of Will against Will, and assuming that Whites don’t cave in…this is the beginning of race war.

    I talked to a Mexican White today, He said that Whites lord it over the mestizos for the most part. He said , for example, that a White will jump the queue in a bank, and that the mestizos put up with it. So, the subaltern status of mestizos in Mexico has been “internalized” ….we will see how long that lasts.

    I doubt that mexers here in the US will put up with any kind of subaltern status, and that like the blacks, they will demand Justice! Here we go again, as per 50 years ago, but this time Whites will be outvoted and their pockets will be picked for Justice!

    Will we stand for it? I don’t think so. Most Whites are sick of Blacks and will not take the liberal babble bait a second time…for the mexers. Joe Webb


    • CrowBoi1977

      The Blacks could always say they were brought here ‘against their will’ to be slaves.

      Mexican border-jumpers can not make the same claim since they willfully hopped the Rio-Grande, and more Whites will be willing to reject their their racial-whinning because of this fact.

  • The S.P.L.C. said it so ya know it must be true, ha ha. But even if they are right we are still BADLY out numbered.

    Threat A National Assessment / FBI.

    MS-13 operates in at least 42 states and the District of Columbia and has about 6,000-10,000 members nationwide.

    There are approximately 1.4 million active street, prison, and OMG gang members comprising more than 33,000 gangs in the United States.

    US-based gangs have established strong working relationships with Central American and MDTO’s to perpetrate illicit cross-border activity, as well as with some organized crime groups in some regions of the United States.

    Approximately 1.4 million active street, OMG, and prison gang members, comprising more than 33,000 gangs, are criminally active within all 50 US states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

    • CrowBoi1977

      Most of these gangs are in Urban areas.

      Whites need to only cut off the electricity or the water and *presto* instant Hurricane Katrina and the gangs will be neutralized by the chaos.

      Also time honored siege tactics could be used against these Urban areas as well.

  • NYB

    This L.A. Times polemic heavy-handedly lectures its readership. It leaves no room in the political center for patriots, and no room for its readers to make up their own minds.
    The response of American patriots should be to always remember that they are the center of the political spectrum, and that their critics (like the L.A. Times) are irrelevant cranks, booing from the sideline.

  • ConcernedYoungAmerican

    Lots of good pro-patriot comments on the LA Times……and then there’s a Marxist named Helen insisting she knows the “mindset” of whitey and gun owners.

  • Zackersman

    “They are usually heavily armed, blinded by an intractable hatred, often motivated by religious zeal. They’re not jihadists”.

    lol, he didn’t even have the decency to say “They’re not Just jihadists”. The left, which may mean the mainstream these decades, seems to have safely returned to mantra ‘all people of color are good, all whites are bad’. They were worried there for a minute. In the jihadists, they finally found an evil that Wasn’t white.

  • Felix_M

    I see these patriot groups as a source of hope for Americans long sick of having their country poisoned by the likes of the SPLC and its members.

  • Puggg

    These groups should be closely monitored, with resources adequate to the
    task, even if it means shifting some homeland security money from the
    hunt for foreign terrorists.

    In a weird way I agree with that. “Closely monitor” these non-existent “groups” that only exist as figments of the $PLC’s imagination. And when they find out there’s no “there” there, then you have grounds to string up Dees and Potok and Berich et al for Federal wire and mail fraud.

    • brengunn

      The SPLC may exaggerate how many groups there are and their threat to the nation, but these groups do exist. They tend to be hardcore right wingers with a grudge against the government, they also are segregationists, gun nuts and survivalists.

      Wasn’t Tim mc Veigh in a group like that?

      • Puggg

        They tend to be hardcore right wingers with a grudge against the government, they also are segregationists, gun nuts and survivalists.

        Cool. Where do I sign up? I wonder if they take dogs.

        Wasn’t Tim mc Veigh in a group like that?

        Even the FBI admits he wasn’t, and neither was Terry Nichols. Terry Nichols’s brother was for a short time, but when he got too hot headed with insurrectionist bilge, they told him to scram. That goes back to what QD said about too many eyes and ears watching.

        • brengunn

          I’m not surprised that these groups are full of either FBI or informants, or both. Anyone with a real grudge, a violent grudge, would be better to stay well away from survivalist/segregationist/gun nut groups because the FBI will know more about you than you do yourself.

          In the 80’s, when the IRA started their bombing campaign on mainland Britain, their operatives were ordered not to socialise with Irish people, stay away from Irish pubs/clubs and not to live in Irish neighbourhoods because they were full of informants and MI5/MI6 agents. I suppose the smart domestic terrorists in the states have similar policies.

          I read recently, I don’t know whether it’s true or not, that there were more domestic terrorists than Jihadists. But they don’t inspire the same kind of terror in citizens as the Osama’s do.

          Considering, as is often said, that the Muslims hate the West and want to destroy it, they have to be the worst terrorists ever. You could hardly call it a campaign. There has been more incompetence than anything else. A lot of them tend to be loners that just want to belong to something. It’s pitiful.

          • Puggg

            I’m not surprised that these groups are full of either FBI or informants, or both.

            What most of them actually have more of than agents or informants are just plain ole honest people and true believers who want to be left alone and aren’t interested in insurrectionism, and are more than happy to call the cops on people that are up to no good. Real terrorism tends to come from the lone wolves.

            One more thing: You keep saying “survivalist/segregationist/gun nut.” Are you some sort of left winger or troll? Do you not realize where you’re at? A vast majority of AmRen regulars (this pup included) could easily be classified as at least one of those three things.

          • brengunn

            You keep saying “survivalist/segregationist/gun nut.” Are you some sort of left winger or troll?

            I don’t see how making an observation makes me a troll, I am a left winger, though not a militant egalitarian.

            I do have an interest in camping, hunting, fishing, knowing all the wild flora and fauna etc. I’m also not opposed to gun ownership for hunting and self defense but I’d like to see much stricter controls on who gets to own weapons and what weapons are legal. I don’t think large machine guns should be legal for anyone but the military. I don’t believe in racial segregation personally but I don’t get hysterical about it like some liberals do. Everyone should have the right to their own political beliefs.

          • somebody

            Sounds like you are on the wrong site Che.

          • brengunn

            Che? I’m guessing there’s no place for nuance in your political views. You’re a black and white man. Unlike you, I see the world in all kinds of grey, where being right wing doesn’t make you a Pinochet nor left wing make you a Mao.

          • somebody

            Babbling about how much we need gun control isn’t “seeing the world in all kinds of grey” it is borderline retarded.

          • brengunn

            I never once said anything about ‘how much we need gun control’ but that never stops people like you from being offended and throwing insults. It’s not a sign of retardation, it’s just moronic.

          • somebody

            “I’m also not opposed to gun ownership for hunting and self defense but
            I’d like to see much stricter controls on who gets to own weapons and
            what weapons are legal. I don’t think large machine guns should be legal
            for anyone but the military.”

            What do you call it?

          • PesachPatriot

            brenn, you might have a different attitude towards gun ownership since you live in the UK….in america the document clearly states “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” I was at my grandmother’s house the other day and was reading an article about all the new gun control measures are brilliant pols are trying to pass….sen patrick leahy of vermont asked why anyone would need and ak-47 or ar-15…he said “I feel perfectly safe with my .45 on my nightstand”….vermont is like middle earth compared to florida or georgia….people who live near detroit or chicago might need something a little more substantial than .38 snub nose or a .45 when things get ugly…I like and enjoy your posts….come to the states for a visit sometime.

          • American 2nd Amendment is based on a very similar clause in the 1689 English Bill of Rights.

            Patrick Leahy’s Vermont has had permit-less CCW (“Constitutional Carry”) for a long time. Tell him that, and his brain might blue screen.

          • PesachPatriot

            I did not know that the second amendment came from english laws….i always thought the right to keep and bear was a uniquely american thing. Vermont does have pretty pro-2nd laws, but no one really needs to carry up in the great white north….not too many aspiring rappers in burlington, mostly non-dangerous hippies making ben and jerry’s ice cream.

          • brengunn

            Thanks PP, likewise, I enjoy your posts.

            in america the document clearly states “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”

            That should be respected, but surely permits for hunting rifles, shotguns and pistols covers that law. Like the senator you mention, I can’t see the need to own those AKs and AR15s. I don’t know much about fire arms but I can’t see how those machine guns would offer any more protection than a shotgun or pistol. Unless your house is being broke into by an army, they should do the job, right?

            .come to the states for a visit sometime.

            I’ve been. I stayed in San Antonio, Texas for a couple of months during the 90’s. I enjoyed it, though the heat and the sheer scale of the country was a little overwhelming for a country boy from Ireland. I’d love to spend some time in the North, maybe the Pacific North West, where the climate is more temperate with huge pine forests,lots of rain and green grass. It looks like beautiful country.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            The AKs and ARs sold to civilians in the US are not “machineguns”. Fully-automatic weapons for civilians have been very tightly controlled here since 1932. Altering a civilian semi-automatic to fire full-auto would require a competant gunsmith about 8 hours of complicated machine work; Billy-Bob attempting to convert one in his basement would simply wreck a good rifle. Additionally, such a conversion would earn anyone caught with the weapon an instant ten years in federal prison.

          • Daisy

            Just steer clear of Jersey…and please try to understand that our system, culture, history is profoundly different from the european one, and that guns founded it for good or bad or both. (Anti-NJ comment was a joke.)

            Did you have a stance on the IRA and guns…many of which came from the USA.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            You already have all that gun control in Britain. Don’t ever tell us Yanks how we must live in our own country; we settled that issue at Concord Green in 1776.

          • brengunn

            Mike, I’m not telling anyone to do this or do that. But that doesn’t stop me having an opinion and voicing it. Pesach Patriot brought up Sen. Leahy’s proposal and I agreed with it. I also can’t see how a high powered rifle could afford a person more protection than a shotgun, but I don’t know much about guns.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I have political opinions, too, but I don’t meddle in the domestic policies of foreign nations, and I expect Americans to receive the same consideration from non-citizens.

          • brengunn

            Well, my opinions could hardly be called meddling, besides, they were rather benign and far from the aggressive anti-gun stance Europeans usually have when talking about America. Also, while you personally may not speak of domestic policies in foreign countries that is completely at odds to the American government’s actions, which can be quite domineering when a country’s policies are at odds with Western free market capitalism.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Certainly, but I do not do these things on my own hook.

          • Daisy

            It’s about the right of the people to rise up, not just about an individual’s right and the two are indivisible anyway. If there weren’t armed militias in 1776 there would be no US.

          • Puggg

            Well, even in the United States of America, a country you denounce as “full of gun nuts,” there are some 20,000 total combined Federal and state gun laws. (With more on the way). Real machine guns have been very very very tightly controlled since 1934, (and incidentally, were very rarely used in the commission of violent crimes either before then or after then).

            And if you think that there should be “much stricter controls on who gets to own weapons” — Guess who complains every time you try to do that? The Congressional Black Caucus. It’s ironic you denounce segregation yet say we need “much stricter controls on who gets to own weapons,” because denying (most) blacks firearms was a feature of the segregationist system.

          • Daisy

            Pugg what makes you so certain that these types aren’t interested in insurrection? My sense was that many were preparing for various scenarios, including and particularly those involving standing up to a tyrannical anti-constitution government?

          • Puggg

            It’s the difference between offense and defense. “Insurrection” implies offense.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Timothy McVeigh attempted to join several militia-type groups, and when he urged “striking back” at the government, he was told in no uncertain terms to leave. At the time of the OK City bombing, the FBI had undercover agents in EVERY SINGLE ONE of the militia organizations. Their problem was that this approach is absolutely useless at preventing acts by “lone wolves” like McVeigh and Nichols.

        On the other hand, how many black and hispanic gang members do you think there are in the United States? The FBIs own numbers show 1.4 million members in 33,500 street gangs. In Los Angeles, 58% of the murders are gang-related. These folks are the problem; not the conservative, white “gun nuts” and “survivalists” you mention.

        • brengunn

          The FBIs own numbers show 1.4 million members in 33,500 street gangs.
          In Los Angeles, 58% of the murders are gang-related. These folks are
          the problem; not the conservative, white “gun nuts” and “survivalists”
          you mention.

          I admit, that’s a very persuasive paragraph. My original comment wasn’t trying to elevate the white groups to the level of ethnic gangs, as your stats show, that would be ridiculous. Pugg was trying to deny the existence of these white groups altogether, which I refuted because it’s not the truth, not because I concur with the SPLC.

          An eruption by the Yellowstone super-volcano would kill all the crops
          and livestock between the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Mississippi

          I was under the impression that if that volcano erupted, it would be the end of the United States. Certainly, anyone living in Colorado wouldn’t have a chance of surviving. What is it, every 100 thousand years it erupts and it last erupted 100 thousand years ago. In a perverse way, I’d like to be alive to see it happen, though not so close to it as Colorado!

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I think we’re far enough away that not everyone here would die right away; I think starvation would play a bigger role. There’s a big caldera here in Colorado, named “La Garita”, near the town of Creede. It is extinct, but the explosive eruption 27 million years ago was one of the most energetic events on earth since the Chicxulub impact, and ejected 5000 cubic kilometers of material, enough to fill in Lake Michigan.

            You can find it on Wikimapia at 37 degrees, 45 minutes north, 106 degrees 56 minutes west. The size is impressive.

            As for Yellowstone, many of the eruptions from that hot spot are non-explosive. While the last super-eruption was 640 K years ago, the last major nonexplosive lava flow was only 70 K years ago.

        • YngveKlezmer

          Exactly!! Black and Hispanic gang-bangers, and a few White wigger boys here and there who wish they were Black, are the ones committing most of the crimes, not some good old boys with a few hunting rifles. If the Government employed common sense, they would be focused on Black culture, and the degenerating influence of Black culture on young Whites, not on some good old country boys who like to hunt, work hard, love their families, and want to keep America as a European culture.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I don’t think they could be prosecuted for fraud unless the feds are dim-witted enough to actually pay money for the ficticious drivel the $PLC calls “intelligence reports”.

      • Puggg

        People make donations to the $PLC.

  • Old Ways

    Does anyone actually still believe anything the SPLC says?

    • Yes:

      1. 90% of the mainstream lamestream media

      2. 90% of career bureaucrats in the Justice Department and Federal law enforcement

      3. 100% of the women over the age of 60 who live either in the Upper East Side of Manhattan or in hills sandwiched in between downtown Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

    • Daisy

      I think the danger is more in how they’re framing the discussion of patriot and militia groups, and in the extent to which the government and media filter it’s propaganda.

  • Bill

    With Morris Sleaze’s tribal connections and his lies about the thousands of right wing hate groups out there, kinda makes you question the veracity of the same tribe’s claim of 6 million killed at Dachau alone, doesn’t it? Which, by the way, they keep rounding down, and then back up again. Could it possibly be the same agendas by the same liars?

  • Glen

    White supporters of Randy Weaver in Idaho did nothing but stand around “being outraged” as law enforcement murdered his son and wife. White “militia” groups quickly disbanded after OKC because they didn’t want to be associated with a “movement” discredited by the death of children. That’s the real nature of “the peril” the SPLC is selling. The “threat” posed by the hyper-individualists over at, completely sold on Ayn Rand’s philosophy of universal selfishness and “Austrian” School business propaganda, is not much greater than that posed by Christopher Dorner. Even to suppose that a group of hyper-individualists could manage some level of minimal cooperation without entering the mental self-destruct mode, the threat posed by such a group would be far less than that posed by well-organized urban “youf” gangs. Dangerous individuals? Maybe. Dangerous groups? No.

  • MobyWhite

    Patriots should give up on their silly notions of Freedom and choose Diversity instead:

    Cultural self-awareness

    Empathizing with others

    Learning by interaction

    Avoiding Stereotypes

    Relating to others who are different

    Being more flexible

    Tolerating cultural ambiguity

    Knowledge of how culture shapes world view

    Learning about other cultures

    Being less judgmental

    Communicating more effectively

    Listening and observing others

    Adjusting to feedback from others

    Being appropriately consistent

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Sort of like telling rape victims to relax and enjoy it, right?

  • Good question! Who is more dangerous, a bunch of ragheads or White organized and angry men? Some people take their Freedom and Liberty seriously and don’t like a bunch of needle nosed nazi dip sheets bothering them.

  • PesachPatriot

    I think a long time ago some english guys in red coats called samuel adams, george washington, thomas jefferson, paul revere, ben franklin and marion francis terrorists….the average gun owning american isn’t preparing for conflict with the government….no one can take on tanks, f-16s and drones….they’re getting ready to deal with flash mobs and rioters. The average gun owner sees society swirling the toilet faster and faster and doesn’t want to be completely unarmed the day the grocery store is empty or all the ATM’s read zero… 2008 the entire global financial system was about 72 hours from completely collapsing….people who are good at math have already figured out this round of musical chairs is almost over and when the grid goes down its a lot better to have food, water, medical supplies, etc than a bunch of 1’s and 0’s on a bank computer in a burning city….

    • brengunn

      I have to laugh at the people who think that gun ownership as the only thing preventing a tyrannical government. That Washington is afraid of a bunch of suburbanites with semi automatics and shot guns.

      What the government is really afraid of is political lobbies with war chests full of dollars. Any congressman who steps out of line gets loads of negative press, has their life scrutinised for bad behaviour, has their bills stepped on by other congressmen who are in the pocket of the lobby etc.

      All the while the people are spoon fed their propaganda about freedom, and they swallow it whole, everytime.

      • What the government is really afraid of is political lobbies with war chests full of dollars.

        Actually, that’s what government, especially elected officials, respond to, is lobbies with bags of money.

        I have to laugh at the people who think that gun ownership is the only
        thing preventing a tyrannical government. That Washington is afraid of a
        bunch of suburbanites with semi automatics and shot guns.

        Yet, a big percentage of that government can’t wait to disarm those suburbanites if they could get away with it. It’s strange that screaming fanatics like Dianne Frankenfeinstin and Kill-a-Deer Cuomo never scream about disarming black ghetto thugs.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Dianne has a concealed carry permit in California, which makes her unusually hypocritical even for a commie.

          • Think about it, though. Is it really hypocrisy, or is it just her communicating in a subtle way that she thinks she’s literally a better person than either you or I or anyone else reading these words are? In her eyes, we’re not really human beings.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            If she believes that – and she probably does – why is she an elected official in a representative democracy, when the North Korean Politbureau would be better suited to her?

      • Daisy

        It’s not necessarily suburbanites themselves that they fear but the synergy between more ‘rural’-ish types and suburbia and guns. And gun ownership isn’t the only thing preventing tyranny, although it’s intrinsic to resistance. Whole dictator-led regimes, in, say, Brazil, were installed based on who had a rifle under their bed, for one eg about guns in the hands of an individual. If the Weimar Republic hadn’t passed gun control laws the Hitlerites used there may never have been a Third Reich.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Civilian gun ownership isn’t the only thing preventing a tyrannical government. Another important ingredient is an educated public who know what their rights are. This makes the dumbing-down of US school curricula a bit sinister, even though the ostensible reason is so the blacks and Mexican’ts don’t feel inferior. Yet another element is a strong middle class of people who are accustomed to making their own decisions in life, especially – but not limited to – financial ones. The outsourcing and insourcing (H-1b) craze in employment is also suspect in this light, even though the reason for these is so the greedy plutocrats can acquire cheaper labor (this worked so well with slavery that they want to try it again).

        • brengunn

          A strong middle class is, I think, the most important factor in a stable and free society. Countries with a small group of upper class or aristocracy and a large peasantry are always in danger of despots and violent coups. A lot of those countries are heavily armed but lack a large professional class to hold government to account.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Interesting you just said that about a strong middle class. You must be some variety of failed socialist.

          • brengunn

            You must be some variety of failed socialist.

            How so? Because I recognise the role of a strong middle class has in healthy democracies?

            I wouldn’t call myself a failed socialist, I strongly believe in many principles which are socialist, the welfare state and socialised healthcare, free public education, progressive taxation, nationalised utilities companies(water, electricity, gas,), nationalised railways, regulations in the housing market(especially the buy to rent market), regulations in the banking sector and separation of the savings and loans from the investment/trading wings, mutuals and co-ops.

            I don’t believe in the monolithic Soviet style state, more a left wing Western European outlook that seeks to combine the better elements of both systems, while avoiding the red in tooth and claw economic liberalism of Capitalism and the suspicion and bureaucracy of Socialism.

            I have no problem with hierarchies, I believe that they are natural and right, trying to erase them is futile. It’s the gap between top and bottom that I have the problem with. Countries with a smaller gap between the top earners and those at the bottom live in much happier and stable societies, therefore, any work that closes the gap is desirable.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I have 79 US and foreign patents awarded, and I won’t work a regular job precisely because I won’t support slackers.

            We receive no government handouts. We just want nothing to do with them. My health plan is “don’t get sick”. I won’t work to pay taxes to help a bunch of black smokers, over-eaters and drug-users. If I ever get something like cancer, I know how to use a plastic bag, but since I seem to be immune to disease, I doubt even that will be a problem.

            Since you self-admit having no problem with heirarchies, perhaps you should accept the fact that we Yanks are better.

          • brengunn

            Since you self-admit having no problem with heirarchies, perhaps you should accept the fact that we Yanks are better.

            We look on you as nouveau riche in-laws, you’ve got money and pluck but lack the breeding and taste of old money!

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Exactly. My wife is from a famous Imperial Navy family and says the same thing.

          • brengunn

            My health plan is “don’t get sick”.

            That just seems illogical to me. You’d rather die than have a black smoker benefit from socialised healthcare? I can’t understand that reasoning.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Barring more battle wounds, I’ll probably live past 100 anyway. Even if I do not, I don’t see the point in working to support them. I accept the inevitability of my own death, and am comfortable with it.

            Being afraid of a certainty is just silly.

            Even if I were utterly immune to disease, an accident would eventually claim me, so it is a certainty.

            I would rather not die at all, but since that is inevitable, I would like my life to have meaning, even if just for me, and I refuse to work to support blacks while I am alive.

          • brengunn

            What if your little daughter was to get sick? Or if your wife became chronically ill? Having payed a portion of your income tax towards a national healthcare system means they would be treated and nursed back to health without you losing your life savings or your house to pay for it. It would also mean, were you unfortunate enough not to have the means of paying for treatment, that they would be treated anyway. It’s perverse thinking, to deny your family such things because of your dislike for the indolent and indulgent.

            Socialised medical care is one of the noblest and most humane achievements of our era.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            We have state-run programs for the indigent for that, bu if Ariadne or my wife became ill, I would take out another mortgage on my house. If Ariadne died, I would put on old clothes and hang myself in the basement.

          • brengunn

            Why would you put on old clothes? Because you don’t want to ruin them if you void your bowels?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            My will demands cremation. No sense in wasting good clothing.

          • Daisy

            Yet on another thread you criticized plutocracies.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            On this one I did. I approve of capitalism, provided the folks running the Big Electric Train Set aren’t completely arrogant about it.

  • Michael Ryan

    they are blatantly political someone should go after their 501c status

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Absolutely, but I’d settle for someone as careful and erudite as Mr. Taylor suing them up one side and down the other for libel.

  • USMC Gunny

    Oh hell, the Southern Preposterous Lie Center said it, we all know it’s bound to be the gospel truth.

  • Fed Up

    Sounds more like meaningless b.s. from the SPLC than a rational, believable “threat.” I have a lot of gun-owning friends. Certainly I own a number myself, and am and always have been into reloading my own ammo. But I have yet to meet anyone who is stupid enough to think we could or should take up arms against our own government!

    So why in hell should I take the nonsense in this article seriously?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      The people who want us to take up arms against our own government tend to be imbeciles like the military “analysts” cited by Spotlight magazine who identified wheeled 6 X 6 Canadian “Cougar” armored cars as Russian-made tracked BMPs. The fact that the trainload of Cougars and Bison troop carriers were painted white for UN operations really sent these conspiracy kooks into a tizzy (never mind that Canada has participated in almost every UN peacekeeping operation since the UN was founded). They also did some freaking out about former Soviet military support vehicles stored before their conversion to useful things like fire trucks prior to re-export. I guess the fact that Americans were being paid good wages to do this conversion work didn’t cut any mustard with them. The same dingbats also think thermite is used in controlled demolition work and that thermite brought down the WTC (they don’t even know what thermite is or what it actually does). Thermite is simply a mixture of powdered iron oxide (rust) and powdered aluminum. Once you get it burning, the reaction goes

      Fe2O3 + 2 Al –> Al2O3 + Fe.

      It doesn’t burn very fast, though it burns really, really hot. As a college student, I once melted a hole through a concrete sidewalk with an empty aluminum soda can I had filled with thermite.

      The same idiots probably also believe that it is “Jews” who cause their two-week old milk to spoil in the fridge and some openly insist Hitler didn’t actually intend to helotize Poles, Ukrainians and Russians, in spite of his having written extensively about doing just that. They also believe Japanese are being “unfair” for their export-driven economy, deliberately ignoring the fact that they must import nearly all of their raw materials and much of their food. They appear to think – to the extent they can “think” at all – that East Asians are a unified, conspiratorial mass, when in fact they can’t stand each other. Chinese fear Japanese, Koreans hate them, and Japanese regard both of them as inferior. Vietnamese hate Chinese, and Hmong hate Vietnamese. Thais regard Ankor Wat as their own, and hate Cambodians. In Burma, the Kachin, Karen, Shan and Lahu can’t stand the Bamar majority, and everyone there hates the Muslims. In the Philippines, the Catholic majority hates the Muslims, who appear to provoke the same reaction in every nation they blight with their presence. In western New Guinea (Irian Jaya) the blacks are fighting the Muslim Indonesian army, with utter denial of quarter on both sides. When Indonesia tried resettling Madurese Muslims on land in Borneo about 15 years ago, the displaced locals killed them with spears and machetes and ate them. The Indonesian government officially refers to Australia as “South Irian”, which should give our cousins Down Under some pause for thought.

      The conspiracy nut-job groups are simply right-wing versions of the $PLC without the money or instant access to media and government agencies.

  • Angry White Woman

    “They are white, right-wing Americans, nearly all with an obsessive attachment to guns, who may represent a greater danger to the lives of American civilians than international terrorists…. These groups should be closely monitored, with resources adequate to the task, even if it means shifting some homeland security money from the hunt for foreign terrorists.”

    These two sentences say it all. It means our “own” government is more intent on persecuting White, heterosexual Christian males than in apprehending foreign terrorists.

    Like most posters here at AmRen, fully half my ancestors were White, heterosexual Christian males. (The other half were White, heterosexual Christian females…) I have a father, husband, brothers and a son, all of whom are White, heterosexual Christian males, and not a single one of them are terrorists. Neither are the White males (sexual orientation and religion unknown) I see in the course of my daily life. To see them increasingly vilified, marginalized and ostracized is infuriating. Where are the rest of the white women like myself who can SEE what is happening to our men, and band together and DO something about it? Can something be done to dissolve the Department of Homeland Insanity before it’s too late?

    • Smitty

      Most posters here are Jews.

  • CrowBoi1977

    ‘They are white, right-wing Americans, nearly all with an obsessive attachment to guns, who may represent a greater danger to the lives of American civilians than international terrorists.’

    ‘They are White’?

    Isn’t racial profiling illegal? The L.A. Times is coming close to encouraging an illegal activity (racially profiling targeted at Whites) and the time may soon come when they may need to be sued!!!!

  • Smitty

    Jews are more dangerous than foreign terrorists.

  • Fr. John+

    Oh. the Los An-HELL-eez Times, and the SPLC. Nothing to see here. Propraganda a la Pravda- from the same ethnic supremacist cabal…

    • Glickstein44

      Yes,this same ethnic supremacist cabal that owns the msm can promote & support policies that are genocidal to Western Culture …they can and do incite other races to rape & kill other White Americans.In reality it is this group that is the biggest threat to the survival of Western Culture and the White race.Why isn’t their name on the “Amren” list as the no.1 threat to Life & Liberty?

      • Michael_C_Scott


        • Glickstein44

          More like a stranger on a strange website that bans those searching for truth no matter how much it hurts… 😉

          • Michael_C_Scott

            OK; I at least will not heap calumny on you.

  • Ready 2 Act

    Thank GOD for SPLC. Thats how I found this site. (One of the so called hate sites)

    • Michael_C_Scott

      We don’t actually have spade-tipped tails and cloven hooves. My own tail must have been docked at birth. I found this site back in 1997 via The League of the South and Tom Chittum’s site “Civil War Two”. I wish I could find “Dixie” played on a banjo again.

      I’m suprised this is a “hate” site. We quarrel a bit here, but there’s mostly respect. We’re sarcastic and cynical, but the regulars here are wonderful, and I’m happy South Buffalo Native has returned. I hope Margaret will. Others worth reading include, but are not limited to Bobster, Still Moderated, Mekong Delta and Ivan In. John Engelman can be irritating at times, but it seems he is honest. Bon is a real treasure, and I don’t understand why she stays in California, but there you have it. We’re just people.

      We don’t burn crosses. We just sit tight and wait and talk.

  • Luca

    I checked the SPLC Hate Group list and they forgot the biggest hate group of all, the African American population , membership 42 million. A journalistic oversight, I’m sure.

  • Sloppo

    Is the SPLC on the SPLC’s list of hate groups?