Posted on March 15, 2013

Immigrant Releases Overwhelm Homeless Shelter

KRGV, March 13, 2013

The Ozanam Center in Brownsville is filled to capacity, and the shelter’s management said Washington politics are to blame.

Ozanam Center Director Victor Maldonado said the number of people at the shelter went from 40 to 85 in less than a week.

All of the people at the center are from Mexico and Central America.

One Honduran citizen arrived at the center last week. Federal officials told him he was being released because of budget cutbacks in Washington.

“I’ve been here for five days. They came and dropped me off here. They left me here and never came back. They said they would come back for me,” the man said.


Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents said they would return for the Honduran citizen. The man said he would not wait for the agents.

“My plan is to go to Houston and go to work so I can help my family back home. I got to do that so we can have some money,” the man said.

ICE agents said they will issue an arrest warrant for the man if he doesn’t show up for his immigration hearing.