A Muslim group has been banned from a university after segregating men and women during a debate.

Visitors to the event at University College London were told to use men’s or women’s entrances.

Organisers Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) told women to sit at the back, while men and couples were sent to the front. Three people who objected were ordered to leave.

The segregation was halted only when one speaker, US scientist Lawrence Krauss, stormed out.

Ignoring audience jeering, he told an organiser: ‘Either you quit the segregation or I’m not interested.’

He returned when staff allowed men and women to mix.

The public debate on Saturday was on the subject ‘Islam or Atheism: Which Makes More Sense?’

Atheist Mr Krauss was joined by another guest, Greek Islamic convert Hamza Andreas Tzortzis.

Audience member Dana Sondergaard wrote on her Facebook page: ‘After watching three people be kicked out of the auditorium . . . Dr Krauss bravely defended his beliefs of gender equality.’

iERA spokesman Saleem Chagtai insisted men and women ‘naturally’ separate in ‘normal Islamic events’. He said: ‘There were a number of ladies who used their free will and didn’t want to sit with the opposite sex.’

UCL issued a statement saying iERA would never be allowed to hold events on its grounds again.

Yesterday, Mr Chagtai told MailOnline: ‘In all normal Islamic events people will naturally often separate themselves: men with men and women with women.

‘It is de rigueur, in a way that is not too dissimilar to practices in Orthodox Jewish communities.

‘The issue that UCL had is that it it can’t be enforced.  But because of the limited space of the auditorium, there were a number of ladies who used their free will and didn’t want to sit with the opposite sex, so we needed to cater for that.’

He said iERA had been told by UCL that segregation was against their ethos, and had intended ‘to stick to what they said in letter and spirit’.

Mr Chagtai said his organisation was now conducting an internal investigation into what happened on the day.

He added: ‘We need to take their criticism like this very seriously.  We feel it’s the honourable thing to do to see if there was anybody that influenced segregation on the day from our staff.’

Atheist writer Richard Dawkins called the segregation ‘sexual apartheid’ and called it a ‘disgraceful epsiode’.

Writing on his blog, he said: ‘University College London is celebrated as an early haven of enlightened free thinking, the first university college in England to have a secular foundation, and the first to admit men and women on equal terms. Heads should roll.

‘Isn’t it really about time we decent, nice, liberal people stopped being so pusillanimously terrified of being thought “Islamophobic” and stood up for decent, nice, liberal values?’

UCL’s press office issued a statement saying iERA would never again be allowed to hold events on the university’s campuses.

It said: ‘We do not allow enforced segregation on any grounds [but]… it now appears that, despite our clear instructions, attempts were made to enforce segregation at the meeting.

‘We are still investigating what actually happened at the meeting but, given IERA’s original intentions for a segregated audience we have concluded that their interests are contrary to UCL’s ethos and that we should not allow any further events involving them to take place on UCL premises.’

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  • bigone4u

    Muslims, indeed all third worlders, want desperately to bring their culture and customs to the economically advanced, relatively prosperous Western nations they come to. That’s the difference between previous generations of immigrants and the latest round. The earlier groups came to the USA (and I presume Britain) with the desire to become traditional Americans and Englishmen. The current group seeks to get a free ride on the economic gravy train while undermining the laws, customs, traditions, and the entire culture of the host nation. These immigrants are a deadly parasite that is infecting the whole of Europe and the USA. The infection must be reversed or the patient will die.

    • The__Bobster

      Well, most of them wanted to become traditional Americans.

    • fakeemail

      To be fair, the people bringing them here don’t want them to be Americans or Englishmen. They just want them to be cheap labor and votes.

      What madness to brings masses of people over who come from the stock of entirely different races and ancient enemies and make-believing that the legal formality of making them your “fellow citizen” will make everything a-ok.

      • White Mom

        Sand turds. Every last one. Muslim is a sand turd. No use for them. The have no basic respect for Christianity. And cheap is expensive in the long run. Cheap labor sucks the country dry of money for social services. No more third world turds please!

      • rightrightright

        You don’t get much work out of muslims. 50% of muslim males are unemployed and living on benefits. 75% of muslim females ditto.

        The reasons for importing them is much more sinister.

        • AB7

          And even when they do work, eventually they start demanding special treatment including special break times for their absurd public displays of prayer to Satan, etc.

  • The__Bobster

    So now we know that lesbian feminists are higher on the pecking order than muzzies.

    • Cato

      If you watch what happens in university cultural studies departments, you’ll get a good idea of the pecking order: blacks at the very top, feminists well below blacks, latinos and Jews pretty close to the feminists, and Muslims don’t matter at all–it’s still not hateful to hate them, and many do it openly.

      • Nate Miller

        Bulls#*t! Here at the University of Indianapolis ( supposedly a conservative private Christian Methodist University) in the mid west, muslims are considered a highly protected spieces. Heck right next to the Christian chappel, the idiotic Pastors have even allowed the school to make a small washroom for these muslim savages to wash their feet and hands before their ridiculous prayers.

        Also, the inter-faith movement and attitude is such that while it is okay to show idiotic documentaries on the supposed victim hood of muslims in the west, it is absolutely taboo to criticize islam using facts and logic. All we have in our international department is studies and seminars related to the evil bad imperialist USA, Israel, UK vs the goodie good poor Arabs, Palestinians, muslims and Africans. Makes me want to puke. We need to stand up to islam which I firmly believe based on valid and reliable evidence is the single biggest threat to western Christian civilization more than anything else. I wish Amren showed more stories on islam and it’s evil rather than just focusing on blacks and hispanics.

        • a multiracial individual

          I have said this many times before… There is absolutely no current threat to Western civilzation that is greater than this desert religion. None…Whatever the #2 threat is, I can assure you it is a very, very, very distant second. People around here think that the world will be crushed by: “liberals”, blacks, Hispanics, homosexuality, Drugs, etc….Don’t make me laugh. If there is any consolation my friend, be assured Islam is not going to win in the end. If the West dies, the Chinese will eventually deal with the agressive raiders.

        • Cato

          Nate: I’m happy to see someone so like my ancestors: a member of the “turn the other cheek” religion (what Nietzsche called a “slave religion”), full of the militant spirit against Islam. In Europe, no question, Islam is the big problem. In the US (and here I have to disagree with you) we have much bigger issues with blacks: both criminal blacks and demanding-special-privileges blacks. Our politicians are so afraid of the R-word that they will give the most undeserving blacks anything they want. But I agree that Islam can become our biggest problem here if we let in the wrong sort of Muslim. We could let in–in small numbers–secular Muslims, like the affluent refugees from Iran and Algeria, without any problem. But, unfortunately, we are letting in huge numbers of refugee Somalis–psychologically damaged from years of war, illiterate, excessively pious, who will always feel like outsiders, and who will always represent a danger to our women (just take a look at the number of rape cases involving Somalis in refugee-friendly Denmark and Norway). Why are we being so stupid?

          • LaSantaHermandad

            “But, unfortunately, we are letting in huge numbers of refugee Somalis–psychologically damaged from years of war, illiterate, excessively pious, who …”
            They’re damaged because they’re genetic misfires along with most Sub Saharans.

    • Howard W. Campbell

      The lesbian feminists will probably be the first to be stoned to death once the muslims take over. Then you will also have forced sex segregation and everything else that Sharia law has to offer.

    • Daisy

      Okay, I’m just calling out various Amreners need to harp on feminists and lesbians. Where’s Bad Frosty who recently accused me of doing this when I most of the time am reacting to other posters?!!!

  • sbuffalonative

    Goodness, I’m surprised they took action. Generally they give them what they want. Maybe this is an indication of a newly forming backbone.

  • MobyWhite

    Since the staff allowed the sexes to mix, aren’t they subject to a Fatwah now?

  • Sherman_McCoy

    The public debate on Saturday was on the subject ‘Islam or Atheism: Which Makes More Sense?’

    How about, “Neither of the Above.”

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      As an atheist it bothers me to no end when I hear (and I’ve heard this on multiple occasions) Christians tell me they’d rather have an openly Muslim fellow in the White House than an atheist.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Well, as a Christian, I would rather have an atheist in the White House who respects our culture and Christian heritage, than a Muslim who is enjoined by his religion to stamp out the infidels.

        BTW, I don’t mind atheists at all, but it seems that ever more often, I am running into atheists who have a real chip on their shoulders about believers. It’s a shame, because you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar.

        • Atheists can be some of the most obnoxious proselytizing fundamentalists around.

          They need to just relax. Nobody really cares, and nobody wants to hear about it.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I fought pretty hard as an atheist. When the HVO had Catholic services, I turned away. I grenaded Serb trenches rather thoroughly before I was wounded. I don’t proselytize. There’s a famous picture of me with a sandbag of Hungarian stick-grenades on each hip and a Czech-rework G-43.

            I used up all those hand grenades an hour later. Nobody wants to hear about Jesus in a hand grenade fight.

    • a multiracial individual

      Belief in God everywhere in America:

      Blacks>Hispanics>Whites>East Asians>Jews…….

      Belief in the supernatural is more vigorous among non-whites.

    • Nate Miller

      Wrong! Atheism makes more sense. islam is a pathetic excuse for a religion much worse than scientology and mormonism in logical terms and worse than any other cult in terms of it’s propensity for evil, violence, hypocrisy, savagery, backwardness and sheer lunacy. Atheism on the other hand is the domain of the smartest people on the planet. Atheism is based on reason and scientific rationale & research, Islam is based on blind faith in complete crap devised by a hideous, insane, ugly, illiterate, pedophile prophet who plagiarized from earlier works in the middle east!
      I mean c’mon, comparing a brilliant, well read and articulate man like Christopher Hitchens or Sir Salman Rushdie vs an ignorant ugly muslim mullah is ridiculous.
      Btw, I’m not an atheist. I’m a Christian with liberal religious values based on rationalism.

  • ConcernedYoungAmerican

    You know, out of every non-white invading our nation, Muslims fill me with the most rage. Blacks and Latinos are leeches, while Asians are usurpers, but Muslims are openly chauvinistic imperialists that live over 1,000 years in the past in their own heads. If America doesn’t fall apart first, I can picture us re-invading France to liberate it from Islamism within a decade…

    • AB7

      Problem is, no one in the West, including America, will resist Islam, even after Europe falls to Islam Americans will still be deluded in their naive minds that the Constitution and “rule of law” will protect them from the same fate. The West is already lost, at this point we are just going through the motions. It will take a few centuries but the West WILL be Islamic. Modern liberalism has no answer for Islam. Since ALL religions are equal, since ALL people want the same thing, etc., they can’t admit that Islam is something that must be resisted and fought off.

      • White people will emigrate to the Russo-Germano axis forming in the East. But, you are right about the West. Unless it changes trajectory, our nations are done.

        • LaSantaHermandad

          To change our directory we need to change the present regime.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        The Constitution AND the Rule of Law are in their death throws as we speak. WE can’t speak our mind, we can’t defend ourselves, we can’t live in peace away from the primitives. Unless something happens soon, it’s all over.

    • sbuffalonative

      Let’s not forget the role of the UN and NATO. Look what they did in Bosnia.

  • T_Losan

    “Dr Krauss bravely defended his beliefs of gender equality.”

    But males and females are not equal, as any fool can see. The only problem here was that the organizers were Muslim and they expected women to sit in the back. Had it been some other sort of organization and women were given the prime spot, there would have been no problem. Islam has its faults but the West’s obsession with encouraging women to be men is a complete dead end.

    • tacheles

      You can recognize the different nature women and believe in equality before the law. There is no contradiction.

  • LHathaway

    “Islam or Atheism: Which Makes More Sense?”

    I’m surprised more poster’s haven’t taken a side. I’ll pick Islam.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I’ll pick atheism. Work well done – of any sort – doesn’t require a bronze-age “god” to tell me how much I love the product as well as the process of perfection.

      I take absolute pride in my work and absolute responsibility for it. My religion is my work, and work is my religion. Everything is as perfect as I can make it, or my job is unfinished. If God does not understand me, then He is not God.

      I suspect that to His Eyes, any honest work is a variety of prayer.

      I was never baptized.

    • AB7

      Ever wonder why there are so few atheists in lands controlled by Islam? They are all cowards. Rather than admit they are an atheist, and therefore be killed by The Religion of Peace, they just play along to save their skin. Those Christians and Jews and Hindus who continue to hold on to their faith in spite of centuries of Islamic persecution in lands those other religions controlled for centuries before Muhammad invented Islam, show great faith and perseverance. Which again raises the question, why no atheists? Too tough a road for someone who really doesn’t believe in anything. A word of warning to any atheist thinking about becoming a Muslim, you will go to Hell for that, it isn’t worth whatever you think you may get out of it in this life, and even that isn’t much of a picnic frankly.

      • MBlanc46

        There is a well-known saying that “There’s no unbelief in Islam”. I can’t understand it fully, but, then, there was no unbelief in the West until the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. There’s never been an Enlightenment in the Islamic world. Perhaps that’s because there was never a Reformation.

        • AB7

          Islam can’t have any reform because Muhammad wrote into the religion that it is perfect and not a single thing can be changed. There is no subtlety to anything in Islam, nothing that can be interpreted. Jesus spoke in parables, the Bible is full of amazing connections through stories over centuries, it can be studied for a lifetime and one can still learn more. The Koran however is like the grunted commands of a drill sergeant, screaming at his troops to get over that hill, to kill kill kill, etc. Unless they are going to try to say that when the Koran says “kill the infidel” it ACTUALLY means “love your neighbor as yourself” or something along those lines, only a fool believes any sort of reform of Islam can happen. MOST (more than half) of the Koran is not nice things Muslims should do for other Muslims but rather full-throated hate-filled condemnations of non-Muslims in explicit terms for which no other possible interpretation is possible. If all of the problem parts of the Koran were eliminated, it would no longer be Islam.

        • AB7

          As to your point about unbelief, there was unbelief in the West always, no one can be a Christian except by their own personal choice. The Bible warns of false Christians, those who say they are but who are wolves in sheep clothing. With Islam, there is no change of the heart, it is merely submitting to the rule of Islam, following by rote the ritual prayers, etc. which can all be done whether one actually believes in Islam or not. But if one admits to not believing, you are killed, so in that sense there is no unbelief in Islam. Non-Muslims are said to be kaffir (a word worse than the n word is in the West) and they are those of unbelief, they are separate from Islam, in the “house of war” vs. Islam being in the “house of Islam.”

          • Michael_C_Scott

            One of the Pakistani Muslims I met in federal prison wanted me to marry his daughter. She was quite pretty, but his condition was that I convert to Islam. Of course I refused. His only convert was a mildly retarded guy the rest of us called “Mr. Potato Head”. Mea cupla; I hung that nickname on him. I was “Professor”, even though the real Professor Scott is my sworn enemy.

            As for false Christians, everyone who ever betrayed me was a Catholic. Without trying to sound like a complete Orangeman, I suspect they’re God’s men on Sunday and the devil’s the rest of each week.

            I obey the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would have them treat you”. Of course the natural corollary is “Do unto others as they have done unto you”, but that sort of “stuff” is what starts world wars. My daughter gets to have a happy childhood, so I am the firewall.

          • MBlanc46

            A European in, say, the twelfth century, would have been putting himself in a very dangerous situation to proclaim atheism. Heretics were rooted out and burned (e.g., the Cathars or the Hussites). Publicly acknowledged unbelief only became possible in the 18th century, after the great Protestant schism.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Islam means “submit”. I’ll submit when I’m dead.

    • Nate Miller

      Islam makes more sense than Atheism? Sorry to have to say this, but you are a lost cause. I hope there are no more people like you in our nationalist movement, because people with your pro-islamic mentality will undermine our movement and struggle.

  • anarchyst

    Islam is a political system masquerading as a “religion”. As such, adherents to this “system” should be required to register with the U S Department of State as “agents of a foreign government”. The same should also apply to the dual-nationality zionists infecting MY government.

    • AB7

      You reveal yourself to be a fool when you allow your hatred of Jews to affect your otherwise rational desire to defend your civilization from Islam. The very comparison shows you do not actually grasp the threat from Islam. As long as it is all still about the Jews to you, you might as well become a Muslim, the Koran is viciously anti-Semitic, Hitler couldn’t hold a candle to Muhammad who succeeded in Arabia of getting rid of all all the Jews whereas Hitler failed in Germany. And what the heck, you are half-stepping if there is a religion out there devoted to Jew hatred and you choose to go your own way.

      • anarchyst

        It’s not “hatred” of jews at all . . .there would have been no “threat” from islam had we not manipulated Iran’s political system in 1953 . . . Let’s not forget the Lavon affair and the deliberate Israeli attack on the USS Liberty . . .
        Your juvenile name-calling proves my point. I do not want to see MY country involved in any other middle-east “adventures” (having been involved in a South East Asia “adventure” many years ago). You will find that many State Department people (neocons) ARE dual-nationality zionists that have been “chomping at the bit” to get the USA involved in Iran (which is absolutely NO threat to the USA. As a matter of fact, some Israeli types have been stating that Iran was a threat to them 20 years ago. If Israel wants to fight other countries, I have no problem with that. Just keep MY country out of it.
        Look up the “Samson option” in which Israel reserves the right to nuke Europe (yes, Europe) if it is attacked by other middle east countries. Nice guys, those Israelis, huh??
        I urge you to do some research and find out for yourself that the USA is being manipulated into fighting wars that are not in our interest. Best regards.

        • AB7

          You are a silly person, devoid of any knowledge of history. I stand by my original comment.

          • anarchyst

            Thank you . . . we can agree to disagree . . .I would urge you to become a truthseeker. You will be a better person for it. As always, best regards

          • AB7

            I do not see it that way, I believe that you are delusional and your failure to know the truth about Islam makes you an enemy to your society and civilization. So I offer you no best regards, only trouble, until that time you get serious and learn the truth about Islam and realize just how idiotic it is to attack the Jews when they are on the front lines against the Muslims.

            Do some reading over at wwwdotthereligionofpeacedotcom, and start the journey of preparing to stop making a fool of yourself.

          • PesachPatriot

            anarchyst is not such a bad guy, but seriously, if israel or jews never existed there would still be conflict between islam and the west, mostly because of oil. Modern industrial civilization cannot exist without it ….the arabs are still sore about losing spain and the balkans, even though the islamic world stretches from morocco to india and they have all the world’s oil riches. I actually agree that any us government employee should not be allowed to have dual citizenship….i am a non-dual american citizen precisely because I am a proud american, love america, its history, its people and culture…I would only take israeli citizenship if I moved there for good.

          • anarchyst

            PeachPatriot, it is truly an honor . . . thank you for not name-calling. You are correct about oil being a part of our middle-east woes. I appreciate your views on dual-nationality having NO PLACE in our American government. That being said, I would prefer to live in Israel than in any other middle-eastern country. As always, best regards,

          • AB7

            Islam was the sworn enemy of America before America was even created! Had the Christians in Europe not fought off the Muslims, had the Muslims conquered Europe, America would not exist. It is idiotic to quibble about dual citizenship with Jews, when in comparison, THE MUSLIM RELIGION DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THE LEGITIMACY OF WESTERN DEMOCRACY OR LAWS. Muslims can’t really be a single citizen, let alone dual citizen. They belong to the Ummah, all state memberships to them are secondary and something they merely put up with until the time they can destroy the state and institute Sharia. Jews have nothing even remotely like that in any of their beliefs. And it is moronic to turn the trouble the Muslims cause for the Israelis around on the Jews! THE PROBLEM IS ISLAM, THE PROBLEM IS MUSLIMS, PERIOD, END OF STORY. ALL non-Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Atheists, straight, gay, bi, trans, ALL are going to have to JOIN TOGETHER IN TOTAL ABSOLUTE UNITY against Islam, or Islam WILL win, freedom WILL disappear, and all of the quaint arguments about dual citizenship will mean absolutely nothing.

          • anarchyst

            It seems that you misunderstand my intent. I have absolutely NO USE for muslims, consider Islam to be a political movement masquerading as religion, with no place in MY country, and detrimental to both jew and gentile. but by the same token, resent the manipulation of MY country by a certain little country in the middle east. Please read “By Way of Deception” by Victor Ovstrovsky to see how the world’s best intelligence agency operates. As always, best regards,

  • Pat

    For anyone interested in this subject in today’s Daily Mail (Saturday, 16th March) there is a follow up article entitled – ‘Brits are too polite and sacred of offending vocal and aggressive muslims, claims former Obama adviser’.

    The ‘best rated’ comments are in agreement with him but point out that our own laws are stacked against us ‘racists’. They will always side with Islam as will most of our media. Islam has no idea of the concept of the freedom to worship or not and it never will.’

  • Ah, when lefties and Islam collide. One day the lefties’ heads will explode from all the cognitive dissonance.*


    /popcorn at the ready

    *although Lars Hedegaard remains an avowed lefty even after having been shot at in his home by an islamic murderer-wannabee, and his lefty friends have forsaken him, and the European lefty media despises him. So, maybe leftism *is* a mental disorder.

  • guest

    I live in one of the few white communities in California. Occasionally I am exposed to Mexicans. One a few occasions, I have almost been run over by them, but most of them i see are polite and sociable. We have the same religion, they usually speak English, and some of them could even pass as white. I was in a cafe the other day and a Muslim couple entered. The man was loud, belligerent, rude, and he was cruel to his passive, veiled, wife. They left the cafe in a rage while they were chain smoking. I could not imagine millions of such people living in my city or country. Our illegals are bad enough. Muslims seem much, much worse.

  • AB7

    Those who underestimate the threat of Islam note that Muslims working from the inside kept Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer out of CPAC, supposedly the conservative conference of the year. That is proof enough that there is zero chance the West will wake up in time to resist and turn back the spread of Islam in the West, including in America. So while you obsess over the Jews, the Islamic march goes on. And the Muslims are clever enough to bring up the Jews any time someone starts getting a bit too close to focusing on the problem of Islam.

  • a multiracial individual

    If all white muslims moved to an island created a new society the place would still be filled with pathology.

    • ConcernedYoungAmerican

      There IS such a place: The Persian core (not the entire country) of Iran. Persians are Caucasian, and once had a glorious civilization, until they were conquered by bastardized Arabs and converted. Yes, genetics are destiny, but the nature of your faith is just about as influential with regard to your ability to build a society.

  • Unperson

    ‘But because of the limited space of the auditorium, there were a number of ladies who used their free will and didn’t want to sit with the opposite sex, so we needed to cater for that.’

    No, we don’t need to cater for that. We in the West don’t need to — and as a matter of principle shouldn’t — cater for Muslims in any way. It’s bad enough that these civilizational termits are even in our countries in the first place; we certainly shouldn’t be changing our rules to suit them. Ever.

    Also, the only sane reaction to hearing a Muslim talk about “free will” is one of disgusted laughter. There is no system on earth that grants individuals less free will than Islam. It is even more totalitarian and intrusive than Bolshevism or Maoism. The average Chinaman during Mao’s vile and absurd Cultural Revolution had more choice and input about how to go about his daily life, than a Muslim under Islamic law.

    The only surprising thing about this story is that this time the Whites didn’t fold and let the Muzzies have their way. That’s how it almost always goes down. I don’t know how the Atheism-vs-Islam debate went, but I would score this event in London thusly:

    Western Civilization: 1
    7th Century Middle-Eastern Superstition: 0

  • Themistocles

    Segregation of the sexes is not something particular to the Middle East or the Muslims. Most traditional cultures used to maintain a separation of the sexes. It is only within the last hundred years or so that the West has allowed the sexes to freely intermingle. Even up until fifty years ago most unmarried couples were not unchaperoned, this idea started to break down after WWII with the advent of the suburbs and teenagers. Remember Babushkas? Remember even in the 1950s white women, even movie stars, for the most part covered their heads when out in public? Look at the Amish? What is White Culture? Is it the “culture” of post-WWII America?

    • AB7

      In any discussion of the problems of Islam, any comparisons to other religions or cultures are false comparisons. Making such comparisons does nothing except reveal ignorance of Islam on the part of the person making the comparison. Nuns wear habits, out of choice, that is 1000% different than Muslim women who are forced. And even if they tell a naive westerner that they “like” wearing the burqa, they are only saying that because they would be killed if they said otherwise, but the naive westerner is too naive to grasp that. The inequality of women, and non-Muslims, is WRITTEN INTO THE CORE DOCTRINES OF ISLAM which cannot be changed, they are not merely customs or cultural artifacts.

      • Themistocles

        Sorry but the West did used to have enforceable codes of modesty and decency. Muslims stone adulteresses, in the West even up to the 20th century adultery was punishable by a prison sentence. In terms of modesty a women who disregarded the norms of her community was shunned, this is what feminists are referring to when discussing the oppression of patriarchy, once however they became “cultural artifacts” -as you, Guest, put it- they ceased to be relevant. Hence what you see today post-sexual revolution and the decline of the Western birth rate.

  • Lygeia

    The choice isn’t between atheism or Islam. That is a false dichotomy.

    How about trying to practice Christian love of one’s fellow human beings whilst being cognizant of their shortcomings?

    • Dude

      Replace “human beings” with “pure Whites of good genetic quality” (who don’t tend to be Christian anymore, thank God).

      • Lygeia

        You need to be careful here. People of other races are still people deserving of human dignity. They are just not our equals. It is the white man’s burden that it is our responsibility to civilize them. We do not descend to their level of hated, nor do we only equate whites with being human beings, because if we do this we lose our superiority.

        Also, you don’t have to be a Christian to appreciate the concept of Christian charity and mercy. That being said, Christians are allowed to protect themselves and defend themselves, and Islam is our enemy.

        • Dude

          The White man has no obligation to civilize anyone. Our attempts at helping them failed, except for increasing their numbers exponentially. I also don’t believe in a morally justified category called “human beings.” I believe in a hierarchy of life forms with no clear dividing lines, except for where there happen to be gaps, like between the lowest living hominids and the highest apes (which isn’t even very big).

          • Lygeia

            Blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, and Asians such as the North Koreans, desperately need to be morally guided and restrained by enlightened whites.

          • Dude

            Maybe they need to be kept down, but not helped up.

    • AB7

      Try being more specific, what do you believe should be the Christian response to Islam?

      • Michael_C_Scott


  • starlight

    The “teachings” or “fundamental concepts” of Islam are a perfect recipe for a disaster.

    It first teaches it is ok for men to rape any woman who is not wearing a burka. (Technically, they can rape any normal typical woman in North America, Europe or East Asia as soon as they get off the plane)

    and it overly segregates men and women and it makes the men have even stronger, uncontrollable urge to “violently explore” women. It might still be in common in Japan for men to “feel superior” to women but at least they are not overly segregated and they do not teach that women without burkas on deserve to be raped

    Imagine how a muslim guy in his late teens or early twenties, who only saw women who were covered from head to toe all his life, gets off the plane and sees all those smiling blondes wearing shorts would feel….

  • LaSantaHermandad

    You want to see arrogance at these bastards who come into a country and gloat over the probability of the end of Britain and the British.


    • LaSantaHermandad

      Forget the above. It’s become inaccessible. HMMMM!

      • LaSantaHermandad

        In a nutshell. He’ speaking before an audience of Muslim “British” ( I wanna puke at the very concept) citizens and reveling over the possibility that in the next few years the MPs will be entirely Muslim and that the PM will also be a Muslim. His name is Shahid Malik. Perhaps he can be googled. When are WE ALL going to rise up?

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Moderator. Perhaps you should remove the above in case the link contains a virus.

  • odious liberal

    Islam is a hate cult peopled by sub-human garbage.