America in 2034

Joseph Kay, American Renaissance, June 12, 2014

The triumph of the boring.

Every weekday for two weeks–from June 9 to June 20–we are running essays by race-realist commentators on the future of American race relations. Specifically, we have asked them to imagine what America will be like 20 years from now. The ten contributors to the series, whom we will publish in alphabetical order, are:

John DerbyshirePaul GottfriedGregory Hood, Joseph Kay, Paul KerseyTom KuhmannGavin McInnesFred ReedRichard SpencerJared Taylor.

It is our pleasure to present our fourth contributor, Joseph Kay.

Since the 1930s the black civil rights movement has hitched its wagon to the political process, and by 2034 that wagon will have come to a halt, even sliding a bit backwards. Its “big” agenda, for example, public accommodations and ballot access legislation, will be ancient history. Almost nobody alive will remember a world without affirmative action, racial gerrymandering, calls for greater diversity, and all the rest. Nevertheless, All the King’s trillions, and All the Queen’s invasive social working will not have brought about economic equality.

In fact, growing Hispanic power will have overtaken black political clout so that the black agenda will be largely defensive. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus, thanks to the spread of citizenship and new-found political consciousness, will be larger than the dwindling Congressional Black Caucus, whose impotence will be reflected in theatrical foolishness, for instance, demanding anti-racism laws. Many older blacks will express nostalgia for the Obama administration and the race-obsessed Eric Holder as “the good old days.”

Obama and Eric Holder

A fond memory in 2034.

The federal courts, once the black man’s great friend, will be the enemy as it reverses or severely restricts myriad racial preferences. Meanwhile, voters will have chipped away at once-sacred affirmative-action measures. Some 46 states in 2034, up from eight in 2014, will have constitutionally prohibited race preferences in state programs, including college admissions. The racial ideologues that once dominated the federal bureaucracy will have retired to giving fiery speeches at Progressive fund-raisers.

But not all news is bad news. There will be permanent black-run cities, or at least neighborhoods. Occasional “we-must-do-something” rhetoric aside, nobody honestly believes that Camden, NJ, East St. Louis, IL, Garry IN, Birmingham, AL, and a dozen more can be cured of chronic crime, widespread unemployment, inept administration and similar pathologies. Their persistent financial problems will have been solved by states assuming all financial responsibilities and managing most day-to-day administration.

Elsewhere, for example, in Washington, DC and Philadelphia, all-black enclaves will be designated “Historic Neighborhoods,” off-limits to yuppie homesteaders or business-friendly empowerment zones. The upshot will be steady, permanent employment for black fire-fighters, police officers, and other functionaries. Residents of these “homelands” will also tolerate underclass criminality such as petty drug dealing–behavior impermissible elsewhere.

The surrender to an obdurate reality will be clear in the silence surrounding “welfare reform.” It will have been almost four generations since Lyndon Johnson’s ill-fated War on Poverty and a half century since the Clinton-era put-them-to-work welfare overhauls, but there will be a permanently dependent black underclass. Habits are hard to reverse after nearly four generations of not seeing any adults get up in the morning and go to work. Section 8 housing, EBT cards, food stamps, school breakfast and lunch programs, among other government handouts, will be like Head Start: politically untouchable, even for skinflint Republicans. These programs gradually expand as the black underclass grows disproportionately, thanks to the low birth rate among well-educated black women.

A similar sanctity will also apply to “diversity” in the private sector. No academic or government study will have demonstrated diversity’s bottom-line benefits, but its alleged value will be deemed “settled science.” All major corporations will have raised tokenism to an art form, as well-paid black executives visit inner-city classrooms to entice students to choose careers in nuclear engineering. Meanwhile, smaller, under-the-radar firms will fudge statistics on workforce diversity by hiring Chinese and Indians as their requisite non-whites. This will be tolerated officially as the price to pay for US economic competitiveness.

Meanwhile, the cultural black/white divide will be unbridgeable. “Black English” will be officially recognized, and experts will be hired to translate it into Standard English. Underclass black fashion will increasingly reject anything “white,” and the result will be chronic unemployment. In particular, employers will be mortified by the prospect of being legally coerced into making “reasonable accommodations” for outlandish behavior and obscenity-laden speech.

The most notable change will have occurred in education. Schooling, top to bottom, will generally be racially segregated, a shift for the most part welcomed by blacks themselves (including the well-educated), since this guarantees thousands of jobs. “Black themed” schools obsessing over self-esteem will be ubiquitous, and considerations of “cultural competence” will eliminate the need for African Americans to pass “white” certification tests. That these schools will be unruly and even violent will further add to employment possibilities where the aim will be merely enticing kids to show up to sustain state funding. Zero academic progress also means that these make-work positions will be permanent. Since newly arrived immigrants will happily perform the jobs once done by blacks, the terrible work habits of these graduates will hardly be an economic crisis.

Self-segregation will apply equally to higher education. In 2014 there were 106 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), but by 2034 the figure will have fallen to 45. Still, thanks to generous government and private foundation support, the survivors will enjoy stellar facilities, well-paid faculty and, in some instances, impressive research institutes to attract leading black scholars. The dramatic upgrades plus generous scholarships will have alleviated much of the pressure on elite universities to admit more black students, an arrangement that will satisfy everyone.

Overall, race relations in 2034 will be judged a success, though not by the standards of the earlier civil rights movement. Inequality will remain pervasive, but few blacks will be angry, even those who are technically poor. The expanding underclass will thrive on its goodies-rich dependency, a modicum of cultural autonomy, and the election of rabble-rousing black office holders. Meanwhile, middle-class blacks will enjoy sinecures, especially in government. Those who would follow in the footsteps of 1960s violent black nationalists will, happily, now hold well-paid tenured positions at HBCU’s and will be busy organizing conferences denouncing lingering white racism and micro-aggressions.

Historically, this “domestication” from violence-tinged “black nationalism” to apathy is hardly unusual. Recall the late 19th century “Indian wars,” which some believed were never-ending and would render parts of the Southwest permanently uninhabitable. Today, of course, the “Indian problem” has long been forgotten. Let’s be thankful for boring solutions.

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Joseph Kay

Joseph Kay is a retired academic who suffers from compulsive truth-telling disorder.

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  • Puggg

    What am I supposed to take from this? That we can say “nanny nanny boo boo” at blacks as things get worse for whites in the next 20 years? I’ll be 61 years old in 2034, I’ll probably live to see it, though I don’t think I’m going to like what I’m going to see unfold.

    Just because things get bad for a group we don’t like doesn’t mean things will get better for us.

    • TruthBeTold

      This is a think tank series about possible futures.

      Nothing is written in stone but it helps to anticipate trends.

    • Diana Moon Glampers

      You, me, and Alexandra1973. We are a little club.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Blacks will continue to claim Degrees and Jobs they have not earned in the near future. The dung is already hitting the fan with their incompetence, but not enough, as yet, to awake most wealthy White Lefties from their naive dream world. Quite a few prestigious White neighborhoods are going to have to be wracked by petty violence at the hands of educated Blacks, and the reality that the Black temperament is not changed by education and money will have to destroy the neighborhoods of wealthy White Lefties. Once this happens, these Lefties will become racial realists overnight, and White enclaves will swiftly secede. It will be game over for Blacks at this point. Hispanics will treat them as the intellectually inferior degenerates they are. The wealthy Blacks will long for their former White enablers, but they will be gone forever to seceded White homelands.

      • TruthBeTold

        That for me is the big question.

        Will whites be allowed to form their own enclaves?

        All we have ever wanted is to be left alone in our own neighborhoods. Those outside our neighborhoods are envious of what we can achieve on our own and they can’t.

        Their excuses for their failed neighborhoods are ridicules and can be distilled to ‘the racist white man won’t let us live in his racist white neighborhood’ (why they demand to live with racist white people is right in line with black logic) and, ‘the racist white man works to destroy black neighborhoods with racist practices like red-lining’.

        The problem is always that they can’t do on their own what we can do on our own. Hence they depend on racial conspiracies to explain their failure.

        We might be able to separate and at first radial blacks will be tweerking in the streets. But over time, their neighborhoods will fail, as they always do, and they will standing at our gates looking in with envy and hate and once again blame racial conspiracies for keeping them out.

        We’re talking basic animal survival strategies. There are ants who survive by working to build their own colonies and then their are ants that survive by plundering successful ant colonies.

  • Puggg

    What am I supposed to take from this? That we can say “nanny nanny boo boo” at blacks as things get worse for whites in the next 20 years? I’ll be 61 years old in 2034, I’ll probably live to see it, though I don’t think I’m going to like what I’m going to see unfold.

    Just because things get bad for a group we don’t like doesn’t mean things will get better for us.

  • Diversity Fatigue

    I think the brothers will find that the Hispanics will not be handling them with kid gloves as whites do. Black ploys of guilt trips and/or threats will not work with the new majority.

    • LHathaway

      ‘Tolerance’ training about disadvantaged black men is taught to Hispanics, too. They have the additional tepidity found among those who are newcomers.

      • Funruffian

        That’s right. Hispanic youths are being fed the Kool-Aid. Meanwhile, their parents will try to teach them right and not to confide in the Blacks as they face a similar dilemma as our White forebears did in the 60’s till now.

    • John_HD

      That’ll be one of the only good things that will come from the immivasion. I think whites can still thrive in a majority Hispanic society (though I’d prefer our 1960 demographics.) Though blacks don’t realize it, this present time, as pathetic as this is, is their high water mark. It’ll be all downhill for them as Hispanics take over demographically. They are not cowed by blacks whining about “racism”, and will not allow themselves to be attacked without retaliation. What Obama and Holder are doing, facilitating the invasion to break white hegemony (in their minds, forever,) will serve to hasten blacks downfall. Talk about your pyhrric victories. I wonder if it’ll be as violence free as the author seems to suggest by lack of mentioning possibilities of violence.

      It’s going to be tragic watching America’s slide into third-world conditions (except for the black comeuppance) over the next 20 years.

      This has been an interesting series of articles.

      • Jack Whistler

        Having been told to my face that hispanics want to kill all the white men, and enslave the girls once they are the majority (in between their lunch-break, and their impromptu class on how to steal cable) I do not look favorably on our race’s fate when the southern parasites become majority.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          I agree. We Whites will secede, with our enclaves allowing no Negroes or Hispanics. Once we have seceded, the Hispanics will inherit a Negro problem. How they solve this problem will not be our concern.

      • Diana Moon Glampers

        Survive, yes. Thrive? Only if we don’t coddle them, and allow whites to rise as a ruling minority. I don’t see it happening.

        • John_HD

          In most hispanic countries, it is the White(er)s that are in charge. So, it’s not theoretical. It already happens. Now, there is, or would likely be, a difference here, in that in Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, etc, they all speak a common language (be it Portuguese or Spanish). So, though they are racially clearly white (or more white) than the Mestizos they share the country with, they are not entirely perceived as ‘Other,’ because of shared culture. I see no reason why a similar scenario would not play out here, particularly if the Hispanics in America learn English and we share the same (cesspool of a) culture, (and if you own a television and/or have the misfortune of having your children “educated/indoctrinated” in this country,) they will share, to a degree, such a culture. Hopefully your kids will have learned from you what utter rot such a culture is. Nonetheless, if people have grown up here, and if their parents did too, this is the only culture they’ll truly be familiar with. Sure, it’s going to take on characteristics of the place they left behind, because demographics define how a place is, by and large, but I see Whites remaining at the top of the food chain here.

          Mind you, I regard the immivasion as a great tragedy, but if we become a minority, our kids and grandkids can be in charge still, if they are regarded as being of the same culture as the Hispanics. A big if, I grant, and it depends on the Hispanics coming, at some point, to regard themselves as being culturally Americans (a sliding scale that their people will have affected,) and I suspect, as their numbers grow in real and relative terms, they will increasingly regard themselves as Americans, so the culture gap will likely diminish.

          Anyway, I see American whites as remaining atop even as the demographics change. Would that our demographics didn’t change, but the die has been cast. No putting the toothpaste back in that tube.

          • Diana Moon Glampers

            While it’s true that lighter skin=higher social class all over the world, it sometimes results in Haiti c. 1804, or South Africa, present day. I think the latter is more likely.

          • John_HD

            Doubtful. The whites in Haiti and SA were vastly outnumbered by blacks. There will still be a good couple hundred million whites here, even in another 25-30 years. No way they (we) allow ourselves to be massacred.

          • Grantland

            “the die has been cast. No putting the toothpaste back in that tube.”

            Bah – another ninnying, limp-wristed nanny-mommy pathetiticism. No wonder I so despise the “White Nationalists”.


        • Grantland

          Bah! I say White Men with guns install a small, clean and rational government and kill anyone who gets in our way. Then we kick the brown arses of the invaders out of our lands and hang any(one) who breaks our new-established righteous Rule of Law. How d’you like them apples?

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        A series of White enclaves will secede, I predict, when Negro sociopathy destroys wealthy White neighborhoods, causing White elites to quickly return to the racial realist tenets of their forebears. Jews will be part of this, bolstering White secessionism and becoming fanatically pro-White. They will be as fanatically pro-White, overnight, as they are presently anti-White and leftist, as they will have suffered Pogroms in their wealthy White neighborhoods at the hands of Negroes, and possibly Hispanics. Most Jews, overnight, will shamelessly begin speaking like Robert Weissberg, and will be front and center in spearheading secession.

    • TruthBeTold

      When blacks support Hispanic immigration, it’s because they believe they and Hispanics are building a non-white coalition to take down the white man.

      Hispanics have their own agenda and it doesn’t include blacks.

      Hispanics are using blacks as their stepping stone; co-opting all the civil rights benefits that should be going to them. Every Hispanic means one less job slot or college placement for a black man.

      Blacks don’t realize it because their brains can’t process future outcomes.

      • Ella

        Hispanics desire Hispanic communities and don’t want the government to force integration onto them as witnessed among Whites. Many Latinos don’t like White people and Blacks especially. They are out to survive and get what they can. They don’t understand “niceties.”

        • TruthBeTold

          Unfortunately, like blacks, Hispanics desire WHITE neighborhoods to live in. I know because I’m dealing with it.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Indeed. Hispanics, if we play our cards right, will inherit our Negro problem. They hate Negroes for the same reason any sensible White hates Negroes.

        • TruthBeTold

          While not the ideal solution, the animosity between rival minorities will give whites some hope for survival, an opportunity to redevelop a group identity, and hopefully the will to fight to protect our group.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      I agree. The Negroes will be forced to pay for their sociopathy when Hispanics are in charge. White enclaves will have seceded, will no Negroes allowed policies condoned by all. A smattering of Asians may live in seceded White enclaves, provided they are racial realists who also want total segregation from Blacks and Hispanics, and are focused on joining Whites in rebuilding a crime free society that strives for excellence. Most Jews will be hardcore racial realists at this point, as Black sociopathy will have rocked their wealthy neighborhoods and caused them to flee. With The Holocaust a distant event relegated to history books and recent Pogroms at the hands of wealthy Blacks in former Jewish neighborhoods, the Jewish norm will have become intense pro-White racial realism. Ashkenazi verbal giftedness will come to the fore in White secessionism, making secession happen quickly and efficiently.

      • SoulInvictus

        “Most Jews will be hardcore racial realists at this point”

        Nope, there’s no money in it.

        “and caused them to flee.”

        Last I checked, they have a nuclear powered, ethnic homeland/apartheid state to fall back to. And they’ve played no small part in robbing my people of that option.

        ” the Jewish norm will have become intense pro-White racial realism.”

        No. chance.
        Pro-tribe, yeah. But how is that different from any other day.

        “Ashkenazi verbal giftedness will come to the fore in White secessionism,”

        Not in my “enclave”.

        They don’t get to set the fire AND hide under our skirts when it all comes home to roost.
        As they are fond of saying. Never again. Never forget. etc.

  • Diversity Fatigue

    I think the brothers will find that the Hispanics will not be handling them with kid gloves as whites do. Black ploys of guilt trips and/or threats will not work with the new majority.

  • Steven Williams

    By 2034, the US will be marked #1 in crime rate and murder from other countries.

  • Steven Williams

    By 2034, the US will be marked #1 in crime rate and murder from other countries.

  • dd121

    We already have permanently black run cities like Detroit. We all know the result.
    I don’t think blacks will take their foot off the political gas pedal. I predict all minorities will double down on their agenda. The blame whites are assigned will grow more violent.

  • Anglokraut

    We could always encourage the child-free life among Blacks and Mestizos–the propaganda worked wonders on White men and women.

    “Guys, don’t let that hard-earned GED go to waste to pay for a baby you don’t even remember making–talk to your Obamacare doctor about FREE permanent birth control, and never worry about it again!”
    And that is how you strangle Idiocracy in its cradle.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      This would be excellent. Most Black males have an intense homo-erotic streak below the masculine posturing. I predict that homosexuality would become the norm with Blacks, both male and female. By using their own degeneracy against them, we could non-violently make the Negro race go extinct.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Overall, race relations in 2034 will be judged a success, though not by the standards of the earlier civil rights movement. Inequality will remain pervasive, but few blacks will be angry, even those who are technically poor. The expanding underclass will thrive on its goodies-rich dependency, a modicum of cultural autonomy, and the election of rabble-rousing black office holders.

    Plus, in 2034, blacks will have even more electronic goodies than they do now to keep them pacified, all provided by the White Man, of course. These will include, I predict, video games in virtual reality, provided by some successor to Oculus Rift, long after Facebook is just a memory. Popular titles will include: “I’m Gonna Git You, Sucka,” “Kill Whitey,” “Bust a Cracka,” “Grand Theft Whitey,” “L.A. Riots,” “Burnin’ Down the ‘Hood,” “Escape from Detroit,” and, of course, the ever-popular “Knockout Game, Virtual Edition.”

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      When the neighborhoods where the game designers lived are trashed by the Blacks they naively welcomed to their neighborhood, the munificence will stop literally overnight. No more such games will be designed.

  • Zimriel

    And again, the national debt is not mentioned.

    • El_Baga_Doucha_Libtard

      Yeah, it’s as though people believe that things are going to continue in a linear fashion. That is just not going to happen.

      Much of this diversity nonsense is sure to correct itself once our financial situation takes a meaningful turn for the worse. We are much closer to that than people realize.

  • Nice bit of original thinking by Mr. Kay. I believe an unstated assumption, though, is that the US economy prospers during this period. If it doesn’t, and I don’t believe it will, then all bets are off. Whites will reject paying for these “reservations” in which blacks dwell.

    There’s no mention of the effects of legalized MJ and possibly other drugs either. Drug gangs are likely to turn our cities into war zones. Public beheadings by muzzies are likely to become daily events as are honor killings of women and more calls for Sharia law. All of this will make us nostalgic for the days of black civil rights marchers and white TV shows like I Dream of Jeanie.

    • JP Rushton

      “There’s no mention of the effects of legalized MJ and possibly other drugs either. Drug gangs are likely to turn our cities into war zones.”

      I know, after prohibition ended, gangsters still sold alcohol and carried Tommy Guns.

      In Colorado, there are shoot outs daily between weed shops, with each killing each other in a bid to control their territory.

      Not to mention the biggest drug dealers of them all, pharmaceutical companies. Selling meth rebranded as Adderall and heroin as Oxycontin, these drug kingpins have untold amounts of violence between them. Just the other day, Purdue pharmaceutical did a devastating drive by attack on Phizer, killing dozens.

      We are surely headed for disaster.

      • Wholly Unconvinced

        Waaaiiiitta second… I sense some chicanery here… I almost think you’re FOR the legalization of marijuana.

        Fun sarcasm aside, if you’re willing to step outside your opinion box for a moment, bigone might have a point. If this was a white country, which followed the rule of law, then sure, im down with legalization. But what you’re missing is the fact that this isn’t a white country anymore, and its not getting any whiter.

        Yes, gangster violence ala prohibition more or less stopped with prohibition, but who were they gunning down with those thompsons in the first place ? Innocent families left and right ? Random killings to send a message ? Or were they shooting the people who endangered their profits, the police and perhaps other gangs encroaching on their market?

        Prohibition era gangs were essentially white gangs, arguments about jews and italians not being “white” aside, they most certainly werent brown. As such when prohibition was lifted, they didnt need to shoot the police or the competition, they switched to business mode and kept making a profit.

        The problem with wholesale legalization of drugs in america (lower case intentional) is that those gangs arent white. They ARE brown, and they DO kill just to send a message. They DO slaughter families, competitors, byatanders, and people who look at them the wrong way. “In Colorado…” yeah, amusing, but what color are the people in Colorado ? Legalize all drugs everywhere, and what makes you think that Jose is less likely to slaughter the family of a white “pot shop” owner who refuses to buy his pot solely from Jose’s fields ?

        The sarcasm was funny. But you really cant be so singleminded as to think Colorado’s reaction = the worlds reaction

        • I have lived in Colorado almost my whole life. I voted for marijuana legalization because I believe this will get the gangs out of the business of distributing it. I don’t use it, but I will not criticize those who do. I very much want it regulated like alcohol, because some dealers put other drugs in their product. Legalized and regulated, this would be uncommon.

          • Diana Moon Glampers

            While it’s true that black drug gangs will be relegated to moonshine style operations, black violence will increase with the legalization, as it will no longer be the convenient crime with which to charge the thugs (and justification for stopping/searching them) that allows the cops to take guns off of them on a regular basis. One less tool for our already hobbled police forces to keep them partially contained.

          • How could black violence possibly increase unless all whites are disarmed? They beat up people – sometimes to death – and call it a “game”.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            As long as the increase is in Black on Black violence, I could care less. As long as they re-segregate and leave Whites alone, I could care less how many “youfs” shoot each other over basketball shoes.

          • Grantland

            We hang the animals until they conform to human standards. Hang some sense into ’em!

          • JP Rushton

            The liberals wring their hands over how many blacks are in jail over drug crimes. The guy who wrote The Wire, which is a pretty accurate representation of blacks in the drug business*, says that the war on drugs in a war on minorities.

            But what they all miss but you and I get is that there will be more blacks in jail, since slinging dope is actually pretty small compared to what they will do if all drugs are legalized. The black and Hispanic gangs will turn to gun running, kidnapping, armed robbery, etc. to stay in business. The average weed slinging black will have to turn to robbery to supplement his EBT card.

            I am for legalization, but I know that it will bring more black violence in the inner cities. I am OK with that, for many reasons. But I pity the people who have to live near them.

            *Except for the ringleader, portrayed as a high IQ black who takes college courses so he can learn how to be a better drug kingpin. Not even close to reality.

          • SoulInvictus

            It’s another one of those little/big issues that defies all understanding.
            Imprisoning and ruining lives over smoking flowers with basically the power of inhalable beer. While growing Federal agencies, eating even more privacy and liberty, fostering violent cartels, and suffering huge court and prison costs…

            yeah… that all sounds totally worth it. over weed.
            It’s a foolproof litmus test for whether someone is a completely brain-dead Republican drone as opposed to an actual thinking, anti-Fed conservative.
            Because if you can support all that, over weed, you have problems.

        • kikz2
        • JP Rushton

          The violence will increase from the blacks and browns, for sure. But I doubt it will be related to drug businesses.

          Copy and paste from my other comment:

          “But what they all miss but you and I get is that there will be more
          blacks in jail, since slinging dope is actually pretty small compared to
          what they will do if all drugs are legalized. The black and Hispanic
          gangs will turn to gun running, kidnapping, armed robbery, etc. to stay in business. The average weed slinging black will have to turn to
          robbery to supplement his EBT card.”

          I see the DEA and the laws that allow cops to search your car or home if they think drugs are inside as huge infringements on my fourth amendment rights. No knock warrants and a militarized police to fight the drug war are not acceptable to me.

          Not to mention, the founding fathers would laugh in someones face if they thought that the federal government should ban a substance like marijuana or heroin. But also making an entire federal agency to combat it that eats up billions a year? Not even possible in the original America. But a standing army was also out of the question, so we have really come a long way from their original vision.

  • anew

    I congratulate the author on the originality of his hypothesis, even if his first prediction is that blacks will lose political power to the now more numerous hispanic population, yet he spends the rest of the piece writing about all the new privileges that blacks will have gotten for themselves. I guess he thinks that Hispanics and whites, and perhaps everyone else who is not black, will conspire to recreate a separate-but-equal system, one that grants blacks more perks than the old one. That is interesting. I don’t buy it, but it is interesting.

    For one thing, I think he lacks foresight in his prediction of the Hispanic population continuing to out-pace the black population. Latin American immigration is already slacking. They have the advantage of being right next door, so the stream is not likely to run dry, but look at the birthrates in Sub-Saharan Africa vs those in Latin America. A lot of those people are going to be on the move over the next generation, and with Europe (thankfully) becoming increasingly hostile to immigration, and the richer countries of East Asia not only hostile to immigration, but sheltered by languages unpopular on the African continent, they’re going to be coming here. I imagine that all the countries of the Americas, and probably Australia and New Zealand too (I hope these two are spared), are going to be getting a lot blacker. In 2012, we actually got more immigrants from Africa than from Europe, so it’s already getting going.

    And so far all the pieces in this series operate under the assumption that the US will remain intact; I not so sure about that. For the last generation or so, the US has been much more politically polarized than usual. On top of that, now that the Left has the popular edge, they are moving forward with their agenda at such a break-neck speed, the bell-curve of the population’s political ideological opinions is bound to become even more flattened in the center and lumpy at the ends. i.e. The difference between the South and parts of the Midwest from the rest of the country, and from the national establishment, will become even more exaggerated.

    This opens-up the possibility of secession. And frankly, we should welcome that. The new “conservative” country, or countries, would not be what we here want, but it would be much easier for us to break-off a chuck for ourselves from them, than from the US.

  • LHathaway

    Joseph Kay could work for a black publication. . It’s nice to see him predict an end to affirmative-action while noting, as it does now, bans on affirmative action permit private companies to discriminate to their hearts content, as long as that is done to the disfavor of white men.

    I don’t know about Hispanics displacing blacks. Blacks have such a stranglehold on affirmative action across the country, and political power, in the cities they inhabit, and on the school ‘tolerance’ propaganda, it’s almost as if Hispanics have been imported here to be the, silent, and often abused, underclass beneath them. The article notes Hispanics doing these ‘jobs’ everyone else wont do.

    When I say, ‘you know, it’s almost as if Hispanics have been imported here to be the silent, often abused, underclass beneath blacks’, perhaps I should have added another sentence after that, “almost like being a poor white”. Are there so few of us to go around now? I didn’t know that.

  • italian guy

    I don’t know, maybe Mr. Taylor is right and you are simply heading toward a Brazil like country, with gated communities and ghettos/favelas around them… or you will end up like Kosovo, Crimea, Yugoslavia etc. and fight a massive civil war that will ensure the balkanization of the States, maybe you will end up with a full White nation separated from the (at that point) third world style ex-U.S.
    If it gets really bad and the “new majority” emanate actual anti-Whites laws and all, well I don’t think Whites in your country are going to take the same anti-White garbage the Serbs or South Africans got and do nothing, plus there are at least 150 Millions of you if not more and you won’t disappear into thin air.
    Nothing is lost when Europeans work together toward the same goal.

    • I want another civil war.

      • newscomments70

        I don’t mean any disrespect, I know how you feel…but that would be confusing. There are some whites that I dislike and some non-whites that I’m ok with. There is a gray area. It’s not easy to perfectly decipher friend and enemy.

        • We all have to die of something. I would want my death to matter.

          • newscomments70

            I hear you, and some conflict is probably coming. But do you have any black or hispanic friends? I do and I would feel badly if i had to shoot at them (but not at criminals). Also, there are some Asians who pass as white and there are some Asians that rabidly hate whites. It would be a confusing mess. I believe that both sides of the civil war will be multi-racial to some degree. There would even be some conservative blacks and white(ish) hispanics that would deseperately want to join the whites.

          • My wife is Japanese, but I am a ex-con, so my life is a bit complicated.

          • newscomments70

            You might want to secure their passports/visas while there is relative peace. In a time of civil unrest, everyone will be cramming to escape.

          • Grantland

            We’ll let you off with a warning Scott.

            Hey, just kidding there, private. HUP!

            (also a joke)

          • WR_the_realist

            Yeah, I hear you. I’d much rather shoot Harry Reid and John Boehner than Ben Carson, if it had to come to that. My criteria would be: Who is ruining this country, and who isn’t?

          • John Boehner’s eyes look creepy to me.

          • Jotun Hunter

            life is tough, there is no easy way to do this – or much of anything else. There will come a time when sentimentalism will be over, and it will also be responsible for what happens. And if nothing is done, the result will be even worse.

          • I am 3/16 Amerind and Sayaka is Japanese. Lots of folks here do not want my family “joining” with them, and I very much do not my descendants to look like President Oogabooga.

          • SoulInvictus

            You get the problem though right…
            In this hypothetical, post-cataclysm, fantasy-land secessionist utopia people dream about, if sympathetic Scott families are allowed, how does that not eventually end up with the same mess the US currently lives in?
            And from that point, the whole problem with diminishing european stock overall.

            I can see it both ways, because for the vast majority of Americans, that whole “pure blood” ship sailed a long time ago. Kind of hard to cast stones in a glass house of mutts.

            Honestly, in a StuffImpactingTheFans situation, it’s not like there’s going to be a lot of these folks banding together (and that’s assuming there would even be any communications to allow it). You can barely get Amrenners together for drinks.

            In all likelihood you’d end up partnering with whatever familiar faces you felt comfortable with, family and neighbors of various colors.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            I’ve encountered some very bright children resulting from a White/Oriental pairing. Bright and attractive as well, with very nice temperaments. To me, the Oriental/Asian issue is a different ball of wax from the Black/Hispanic issues. Asian/Oriental immigrants are generally intelligent, hard workers, and as law abiding as Whites. Even the poorer Asian countries are low in crime, and reasonably pleasant. I’ve read here on AmRen that Asians may have plenty of rancor for Whites, but have never perceived this in my interactions with Asians. I have a good friend who is Chinese descent. He has a strong work ethic, gives credit where credit is due in his dealings with others, and is not impressed by Negro behaviors and attitudes.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            I don’t understand how a racial realist White can actually be friends with a Negro. Acquaintances, yes, but to actually enjoy and prefer their company?? I used to genuinely try to like a couple of the Blacks I know, but ended up deciding that this was just stupid. With their horrible attitudes towards others, even law abiding, articulate, educated Blacks are rarely pleasant to be around. Their horrible attitudes towards others are just too disturbing for me to prefer their company. Tolerate when necessity dictates, yes, but never prefer.

        • Wholly Unconvinced

          A quick point to add here is yes, it would be confusing … To many of us, NOT to them. For them it would be as simple as “shoot on sight when theyre white” which would lend “them” an immense tactical advantage.

          • newscomments70

            White liberals sipping lattes in Santa Monica have a tragically false sense of security. They are so comfortable…everything will be alright, soon the racists will be a minority and we can have a liberal, socialist utopia. I remember Phil Donahue talking down to Jared Taylor, “Everything will be ok when whites are a minority. Just relax and let it happen.” What will happen to the useful idiots when the crap hits the fan? How far will their hearts sink and their jaws drop?

          • SoulInvictus

            Would love to see video of that.
            I can’t even understand people that …think? that way.
            The total lack of reason or thought about long term consequences, or the simple obscenity of the question which would be decried if it were voiced to anyone else… (Don’t worry Israeli, it’ll be better when your numbers have been reduced and you’re replaced by hostile outsiders. Don’t worry black South African, it’ll be better when the whites are a majority again to improve your society…)

            Taylor seems very, very reserved…. but deep down he really had to have been suppressing some violent urges at that moment. There’s no way he could believe anything he espouses to and not.

      • LHathaway

        I suspect most white American men, do, on some level. Might be interesting to research at what age they do wish for such an outcome? And are there any white men who, in the heart of heats, don’t wish this? Perhaps American white men over 70 years of age or so, and white boys under 13 or so, wouldn’t hope for this?

        You may want this. . but you’ll just have to settle for stories about bread lines in Zimbabwe, ‘economic decline’ in the US, and crook colored politicians in the news, often being betrayed by their mistresses. . .

        Oh, how the world suffers, from turning their backs on all your whiteness, surely that will make you feel better.

        I hope that is enough for you.

      • Dave West

        I predict many more Cliven Bundy’s as rural whites realize that their issues and concerns get tossed aside in favor of inner-city minorities. Just wait until the power struggle begins over water-rights; rural reservoirs in majority white areas supplying minority dominated coastlines and city’s.

      • Peter Connor

        You will probably get it after the financial collapse of 2019!

        • I will be 54 by then, but I have been in the Provisional IRA since I was ten. In 1991, when I was 25, I used a tomahawk, a G-43 and hand grenades against the Serbs in Croatia. I am not religious, but after what the Chetniks did to the Croatian women and girls, I was so angry I was literally shaking with fury every morning.

          • Anglokraut

            I’d ask if you could give weapons and tactics advice, but that would probably get both of us in trouble.

          • I would suggest never providing warnings.

          • Anglokraut

            As in not mentioning that you are armed? Makes sense. I really do need to learn how to shoot–not to harm others, but for the skill aspect.

          • I am never equipped with firearms, because I do not need to be so.

          • Anglokraut

            That may be singularly the most bad-a$$ comment ever made at Amren.

          • Anglokraut

            I have no idea why, but neither of my replies to this comment have been posted.

          • Sangraal

            ‘I have been in the Provisional IRA since I was ten.’
            Not sure if serious…

            Were you hired by the Croatians, or did you choose to fight with them over the Serbs?
            I gather the atrocities in that conflict where more evenly distributed than the Western media coverage would leave you to believe. Having first-hand experience, what is your opinion on this?
            I’ve heard some horror stories. We often talk on here of brutality and atrocity in African wars, but that conflict wrenches any moral high ground we might purport to stand on right from under our feet.

            And that’s just for the 20th century. Black monopoly on barbarism is a recent phenomenon.

          • I’ve been Provisional IRA almost my whole life but I was never a Communist.

          • Sangraal

            Did you grow up in Ireland? If not, I would question how a 10 yr-old American could be a member in any meaningful sense.
            Communism is the least of my quibbles with PIRA, CIRA, et al. I’m more concerned with the indiscriminate terror campaigns that killed civilians and children, and the sectarian hatred of fellow Celts and their Anglo cousins over something as petty as denominational and state-national differences.

            Have you ever considered writing memoirs? They would be a stirring read, I’m sure.

          • It was in Oxford, England in early 1977.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Whites brutalizing and killing other Whites, all over religion. I remember the TV footage well.

      • Sangraal

        The sterile peace and material comfort of the Modern West’s brave new world is spiritually stifling. Any virile man would long for a chance to prove his valour in the crucuble of war.
        At the same time, though, I don’t want to see my country and my people torn apart my violence and bloodshed. I hope the Ukraine conflict is resolved swiftly, and I wouldn’t want it to spread.

        • You don’t want to prove that. It is pure misery and filth. How “valorous” is pissing one’s pants? I always did it first thing. I knew I was going to do it anyway, so getting it over with seemed proper. Everyone else did, too. I got drunk after every patrol. Not very heroic, and usually I was still drunk the next day, as I needed a lot of rakija. Beer took too much time. It isn’t like in the movies. You can’t see anything and you can’t hear orders. You’re basically screwed and you know it. I shat my pants during a heavy shelling. That’s not very good. Battle isn’t “heroic”. It is the second worst thing in the world. I was never raped in jail, but the heavy shellings we received made me feel as if I had been castrated and then sodomized. It didn’t get easier, either.

          Rocket artillery is the worst thing in the world. It’s all over your position before you know anything. No registration shots: slammo.

          As little as I like Muslims, I felt pity for the Iraqis on the receiving end of our MLRS rockets. Massed rocket artillery is too much for anyone to take. If a fellow isn’t crazy when it starts, he will be by the time it is finished. The Serbs routinely clobbered us with that stuff. You absolutely understand right away that you are going to die, and some guy 15 miles away is just doing his job.

          • Sangraal

            I don’t doubt that. It’s a longing I would dread to satisfy, but it’s there nonetheless, nagging at me when I walk through a crowd of sedentary consumer drones. That’s the tragedy of it.
            ‘Where they leave a desert, they call it peace’ – Calgacus

            It sounds absolutely grim.
            But why do it then? You obviously stuck around rather than get out at the first opportunity. And why wish for it again? There’s got to be more to it than losing control of your bodily functions.

          • Wars are fought for political reasons. I believed in independence for Croatia, which was a political matter. Someone had to do it, so I volunteered. I would be a hypocrite had I not.

            Wars are always fought for political objectives. I completely agree with the permanent expulsion on blacks from North America. Unfortunately, when I say “By any means necessary”, everyone knows what I am talking about.

          • Sangraal

            Most people would be content to be hypocrites.
            It’s axiomatic that wars are fought for political reasons – for states – but for individuals, it’s a rare man that puts himself through such an ordeal for politics. I commend you for that.
            If I felt that my political objectives vould be served by fighting, I would like to say I’d fight, but they wouldn’t, so here I am. How convenient, right ;). In many conflicts, I’d feel like a hypocrite for taking one side over the other as much as I would for sitting it out. The Irish conflict is a prime example. And the Balkans, for that matter, although in a much less personal way.
            I even grudgingly admire the jihadis who go off to fight in Syria, even if I utterly reject their cause. Modern life just doesn’t cut it for some people. I’m sure many of them are taken aback when war doesn’t cut it for them either.
            A part of me would like to volunteer in Ukraine – but I don’t see either side having the moral/political high ground, and I don’t want to throw my life away in another people’s war.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            We Whites fight for a cause. Even non-White Caucasians fight for a cause. Jihadists are defending what the believe in. Negroes just fight. The Negro mind is not guided by loyalties and principles. It is guided by gratifying immediate urges. Hedonism and ego cause Negroes to fight without provocation.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Exactly. A soldier is expected to fight. Caucasians and Asiatics do their duty as soldiers. Violence, though, is rare off of the battlefield. This is where we are so different from the Negroes. They fight for entertainment, not for a cause. Negroes enjoy gratuitous violence. Even Caucasian Islamists in the Middle East fight for a cause. Negroes attack others randomly. Abe Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson were aware of this. You can’t reason with a Negro. They knew that, for this reason, Negroes could not live peacefully amongst Whites. The Negro mind does not operate in a logical fashion.

          • Grantland

            “Rocket artillery is the worst thing in the world. It’s all over your position before you know anything. No registration shots: slammo.”

            Man, you haven’t been on the receiving end of a Rooikat 105 artillery squadron (not battery – 14, not 8) salvo. We range with a GPS shell (sometimes 2) that silently self-destructs about 3/4 to target. Then a 3 or 4 Multiple-Round Simultaneous Impact unannounced arrival.


      • Einsatzgrenadier

        We need another civil war. I would rather stand and fight than see this country become an extension of Mexico, a third world hell on earth filled with rampaging black and brown savages and other predatory nonwhites. I would rather die knowing I did something to make the lives of future generations a bit more pleasant, then continue living a peaceful middle class existence doing and saying nothing.

        As the old adage says: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

      • Wholly Unconvinced

        In response to both you and Italian, as delightful as civil war sounds, or, realistically, a race war, chances are it would be our end, not our new beginning. Incompetence aside, if it happens, our major challenge would be the indians/mestizos, and if you think for a moment that in the heat of such a confict, Mexico and other 3rd world hellholes woudn’t take advantage of the chaos by jumping into the fray, i think youre sorey mistaken.

        Whites are powerful, especially when enraged, but we’d be fighting a war against enemies who are already firmly entrenched behind our lines, already better armed than us, generally speaking, (ill address that below) as well as attacking across our entire southern border. Maybe even aerial and waterborne assaults if other better equipped nations jump into the fray. We have no common tapestry or ideal to stand for as a nation, that i think, is one of the major designs of our open door immigration policies, we’re a fractured rabble of.religions, races and ideals, and that makes us as a whole, weak and decrepit. Vulnerable to attack, and it gets worse every day.

        California, our entire west coast, is already mexico controlled if war breaks out. Allowing an unharrassed path for supplies, troops, etc to position themselves for an attack eastward, florida essentially the same, allowing for enemies to easily be reinforced by water, and again, the numbers keep getting worse.

        As far as better armed, how many whites legally own fully automatic weapons? Due to the ban on sale of all newer assault weapons, the people who have them are, as always, the criminals, as anyone who has lived in certain areas of california could tell you, the stutter of an ak 47 in the middle of the night can attest to that.

        Anyway, civil war might not be such a welcome prospect after the first month or so, when mexico invades to support their beleaguered citizens against the tyrinnical whites.

        • Sangraal

          I’d like to think Russia would intervene on your behalf. But I think Putin’s anti-American schadenfreude might get the better of him in such a situation.

          • Mr. Putin has an agenda that is completely his own.

          • Sangraal

            Yeah, he’s not the great white saviour many would like to believe.

        • Grantland

          Mexico City can eat nukes if they so desire. With the clean new warheads, the direction of the winds would be less important a problem for radiation as for the stench of vaporised Mexcrement.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        This time, though, Whites need to not shoot each other. Extermination of the Negro race would be preferable, with only unredeemable Whites being snuffed out. I’m referring to the Wig&er boy Meth Heads, and the female mud sharks. Also, any White Libtards ignorant enough to die in defense of Negroes. War is hell, though, as you know better than most of us. I prefer secession of the remaining White areas of our country. These would be large swaths of territory geographically. If we had to fight to defend our borders, okay, but with as little loss of life as possible.

  • MBlanc46

    This is the first of these essays that hasn’t left me depressed, at least so far as blacks are concerned. If Mr. Kay is anywhere to being correct, the entire nation–even Negroes–will have Negro fatigue. The black underclass will be like a Disney park–which no one with half a brain will go near. The bit that he does say about the Hispanics, though, is cause for concern.

    • TruthBeTold

      One trend I foresee is that once Hispanic clout surpasses black clout, blacks are going to realize they’ve been hoodwinked.

      By the time blacks wake up to Hispanic self-interest it will be too late.

      I anticipate much grumbling and resent towards Hispanics by blacks.

      • MBlanc46

        I think that Hispanics are just about there already, and there’s already much grumbling and resentment.

        • TruthBeTold

          The black brain is stuck in neutral. They haven’t figured out what’s happening to them yet.

          • MBlanc46

            They’re sure not the sharpest knives in the block, but whenever blacks and HIspanics come into geographic proximity, there’s usually some violence.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Blacks do not think logically. By the time they figure out that the Brownies are not going to put up with their routine, it will already be game over for Blacks. As PesachPatriot pointed out, Hispanics are going to make White Southerners in the good old days look rather gentle when the crack the whip with the Negroes. Things will be very violent. Whites will hopefully have seceded in a series of White enclaves, where our main concern will be defending our borders. We may have borders in some locations that resemble The Gaza Strip.

      • Dave West

        This will make some blacks very resentful but nobody else will care. They will long for they days when they complained to “racist” whites about “driving while black” and “institutional racism.”

  • Medizin

    How can the U.S. possibly survive, racially, economically, and politically until 2034 without intervention? It’s a mess, now! We need a pro-White president, House and Senate. Wishful dreaming, I know.

    • Jesse James

      In the words of Adam Smith, “Be assured young friend that there is a great deal of ruin in a nation.”

    • Easyrhino1

      We had the closest thing to that in 2012, a guy who wasn’t pro any group, Dr. Ron Paul.

  • Dave West

    Black “power-struggles” are only about as powerful as the liberal media makes them out to be; if the 1964 Civil Rights debacle was ignored by media outlets of the Northeast it would have fizzled into the night without a whimper. Once the white libtard baby-boomer generation looses its prominence as the heads and newscasters of these organizations (FOX, MSNBC); I predict that hispanic concerns will make their way to the front stage and the plight of “oppressed” blacks will be long forgotten.

    It will be hard to convince the new brown underclass that black “struggles” are more important or just as important as theirs. Sob stories about “shopping while black” and the “legacy of slavery” will be replaced by a more irritating and more aggressive hispanic victimhood prostitutes. Especially once the white taxpayer gravy train begins to run out and hispanics realize that their living conditions are not much better in the United States than in Latin America.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      You have a point. Older Generation X Whites are more race realist, generally, than Boomers. All we can remember is talk about racism paired with Whites coddling Blacks, and Blacks acting like a&ses for no good reason. We also remember when Boomers were viewed as naive young adults by the older folks who ran things, who thought that their desire to coddle Negroes was balls to the wall stupidity.

  • Valmont

    In 2018, delicious new formulations of Colt 45 and Purple Drank will cause sterility.

    • Anglokraut

      That’s what I’ve been saying!

    • SlizzardAjeosshi

      From your mouth to God’s ears

  • WR_the_realist

    The assumption in this article is that an ever shrinking white population and and ever growing Hispanic population (with no guilt about black people) will be able and willing to support an ever growing black parasitic class. That doesn’t sound to me like a stable situation. Affirmative action will return once there are enough blacks and Hispanics (and few enough whites) to vote it back in. Look at how the California legislature is trying to put affirmative action on the ballot — now that the plurality in that state is Hispanic. In any case, even if affirmative action is forbidden we all know that universities and municipal governments always manage to sneak it in through the back door.

  • JohnEngelman

    At the same time that the third world population of the United States increases, scientific evidence in favor of race realism will also increase. That evidence is uncongenial to the argument that whites are responsible for third world poverty at home and abroad.

    I am not sure what the result of this conundrum will be. There may be more hypocrisy as more people say publicly what they privately know to be untrue.

    Consider the problem. How do you say this to a friend or co-worker? “I like you, but I think you belong to an inferior race.”

    Whites and Asians may become more skilled at publicly smiling, while looking knowingly at each other.

  • Galton Terrell

    Boring satire. How many ways can you twist the same basic white nationalist narrative? It’s fun watching you run in circles.

    • Some of us want Civil War Two. I am terrified of rocket artillery, but I always took my tomahawk, because that never ran out of ammo.

      • Galton Terrell

        You really don’t CW2. Every last militia in the US can be wiped out in a matter of weeks, and then the cause will be in worse shape than it is now. Better to take a look at yourself and realize that life is treating you nice. Be wise an enjoy your moment.

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    The author has a very good chance at being an accurate prognosticator. However, reflect that all expansions of the Feral Gummint have been unconstitutional, defined by the clear language and intent, using letters and recorded history of the Founders as background and supporting evidence.

    Broadly speaking, the Constitution was designed to limit gumming, to be the retiree on the sidelines, allowing the players to compete and play out the game. It was not intended for the retiree to don a jersey and jump onto one team’s roster and “help’ them out because they were losing. Now was the retiree supposed to change the rules before or during the game to “level the playing field”, or add extra points to the scoreboard, singularly and captiously, or at all.

    We are in deep trouble because of the thoughts and actions of sequences and generations of lesser men, lesser in wisdom, experience and morality. We decline because the roadmap and plan handed to us, turnkey has been deviated, usurped and deliberately distorted.

    With a few extra amendments (Mark Levin) and strict interpretation, The Beast could be starved of MONEY and funding, thus making it “run out of gas”. That and returning the original intent and meaning to treason, subversion, and insurrection contra the Declaration and Constitution should produce salutary results.

    To be humane, these criminals should be offered a choice between Ole Sparky, the noose, or a bullet, or a massive overdose of heroin.

  • Anglokraut

    My boyfriend is Canadian, and I spent last Christmas with his family, getting raked over the coals of being a barbarous, gun-loving American. I don’t know if I earned points for honesty for saying the same thing about having millions and millions of Africans. Doesn’t seem too likely.

    • SoulInvictus

      Michigan isn’t too far of a drive if they want to argue the point and put their butt on the line to back up the talk.
      A little dose of Detroit would go a long way towards curing indoctrination poisoning.
      But kind of your fault for going Canadian. All we’ve got going against us here and WN girls are going Canuck…?

  • ImTellinYa

    This sort of helpless, passive, reasonable-sounding extrapolation implies that things will go on as they are, and we will be expected to, once again, adjust. That is unacceptable, and it won’t happen that way in any case.

    The government has proved many times over in the past 20 years that it is the enemy of its own country. Obama’s regime is unique only in that it is openly the enemy of the U.S. and the Whites who built it.

    If we are to have any chance at all of saving our White country, we WILL have to deport many millions of nonWhites whether or not they are legal, illegal or even if they are citizens. This will happen. It will not be pleasant. And it will require that our present “government” be rendered powerless to stop it, or that our current gang of criminals and traitors and cowards be replaced by something vastly more concerned with the future of the U.S. and the Whites who built it. This will not happen through elections; those are as rigged as in the old Soviet Union now.

    Otherwise, by 2034, sooner really, the U.S. will simply be gone.

  • Tardola Anthony

    I suppose in the future “White enclaves” will be the equivalence of the background from the 1972 classic movie “Deliverance”, huh!?! Enquiry minds would like to know. TGIF!!

  • Grantland

    These creatures are eloi. They must have no say in our serious considerations.

  • Funruffian

    Having worked in Oakland for the past three months I can see that the entire place is filled with human trash. A strong majority of the people are unsophisticated scum. Putting race aside, you would have to be a complete liberal fool or idiot to reside in this poor excuse of a city. Even the Whites are low class devoid of any social skills or etiquette.

  • Funruffian

    Having worked in Oakland for the past three months I can see that the entire place is filled with human trash. A strong majority of the people are unsophisticated scum. Putting race aside, you would have to be a complete liberal fool or idiot to reside in this poor excuse of a city. Even the Whites are low class devoid of any social skills or etiquette.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    I hope this author’s predictions about Blacks are correct. If so, current Black enclaves will stay as such, and incursion into White neighborhoods will be minimal. He doesn’t address the problem of Blacks more easily being pushed through Universities than Whites/Asians, ending up in jobs where they are obviously intellectually inferior to White/Asian co-workers who have properly earned their positions. This is the general workplace picture these days with educated Blacks, as Universities and employers coddle them more than ever. Such Blacks move into formerly White neighborhoods, bringing noise and contention, and occasionally some of the violence of their ghetto cousins. My prediction is that aforesaid Affirmative Action Abusers will continue to form enclaves, and that White/Asian neighbors will move due to violence, noise, and bad attitudes from these Blacks. These areas will be in city/suburban areas with formerly few Blacks. As Whites leave, petty drug dealing and assaults will be tolerated as normal, encouraging White Leftists who originally planned to stay to move, and become racial realists. When they leave, these former Leftists will be politically influential in secessionist movements. If enough of them go public shamelessly with their stories of Black degeneracy by educated, higher income Blacks, secession of White enclaves will have the support of most Whites, as racial realism returns to being a norm amongst Whites. When our enclaves secede, Blacks will be ignored as they whine about their fate at the hands of a Hispanic Majority. Hispanics will, at this point, institute Jim Crow style segregation with Hispanics as the dominant group, relegating Negroes to the subserviency they deserve. Negroes will pine away for the White munificence of the present era, but it will be gone permanently. White Negro loving Lefties will be rare birds again, as Whites head to newly seceded homelands, and slam the door permanently on Negroes and Hispanics.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    It is hard to believe such naïveté prevails amongst our Brethren in Europe. Negroes are incorrigible, and it doesn’t take much exposure to them to see this reality

  • Ella

    And Whites just keep on running looking for new places to develop. It is a never ending game with realtors, banks, and local taxes. US still has much land to develop and revitalize as the flight continues.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    Conservative, racial realist White ladies are dedicated to their husbands, and have no use for Oprah, Whoopie, and Behar.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    This is exactly what we will inherit. I don’t want to live in Mexico. We Whites may generally be part of an upper class, and Hispanics, best case scenario, would allow and prefer our Northern/rural enclaves to remain White. Hispanics are accustomed to hot weather. They may even respect our desire to keep some of these areas White.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    Blacks only respect that which they relate to: Slothfulness, Benefitting off of the labor of others, Recreational Sex, and Violence as entertainment. Slothful Hedonism rules with Negroes. Their inability to acquire a true moral compass is the number one reason segregation is essential for the preservation of our White race and culture.

  • Mary

    I disagree that Hispanics will ever have to bear the brunt of political correctness.
    This was a role written exclusively for Whites. When Whites decline and Hispanics ascend, a new (more Latin American) society will emerge. It will not be the Old America overwritten by a new people. And there is absolutely no substantive evidence in history that would indicate a demographic group would “not have it that bad” while undergoing a precipitous decline, and while being vilified by the media and penalized by the government.
    There may be more White-Hispanic pair bonds, but the culture and physical appearance of offspring arising from these will generally be more Latin than Anglo American. Any evidence of Anglo Whites will incrementally recede. And we will be just like several other poorly run, poorly educated, and poverty stricken lands from south of the border.

  • Jeroniomus

    I don’t think we’re going to make it to 2034 without a reckoning from the good Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus. Reverend Malthus has fire and brimstone for all of us, but those who have lost touch with the land and especially are dependent on government, lack human relations abilities, and lack useful skills, will find the advent of Reverend Malthus especially harsh.

  • Jon

    I will be 60 and feel the same way. Yes, nothing is written in stone and i also believe the elite rich will live in gates communities with armed guards so they do not have to deal with the blacks and other non-whites who live here. I say if blacks wants to separate themselves then lets build them a walled community and while the educated black women are having few kids the low income blacks and those in gangs are have a lot of kids. I really do not see the Nanny state going away in 20 yrs.