Posted on June 11, 2014

America in 2034

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 11, 2014

Every weekday for two weeks–from June 9 to June 20–we are running essays by race-realist commentators on the future of American race relations. Specifically, we have asked them to imagine what America will be like 20 years from now. The ten contributors to the series, whom we will publish in alphabetical order, are:

John DerbyshirePaul Gottfried, Gregory Hood, Joseph KayPaul KerseyTom KuhmannGavin McInnesFred ReedRichard SpencerJared Taylor.

It is our pleasure to present our third contributor, Gregory Hood.

In 2008, a conservative friend confidently told me Barack Obama’s election was a disaster for the Left. “After all,” he beamed, “they won’t be able to call America racist anymore.”

Let’s hope he learned his lesson. The only thing that stops the exercise of power is a countervailing power. Unfortunately for American whites, there is no countervailing power on the horizon to check an increasingly overt use of force against them.

If anything, technology will make things worse. Half a millennium ago, the printing press allowed information to be shared more widely. The result was an explosion of knowledge and a profound shock to the governing class of Europe.

In our own future, social networking, wireless technology, and new inventions will allow almost unlimited access to information beyond anything dreamed of by Gutenberg. Unfortunately for the West, the result will be the opposite of a renaissance. Far from the furtherance of human knowledge, the immediate future is a dispersed dictatorship of thought in which dissidents will be tracked, persecuted, and punished by private as well as government actors. The rest will be a culture ever more stultifying and shrill: a nightmare world combining the worst of Brave New World, 1984, and afternoon programming on Bravo.

In the early years of the Internet Revolution, many race realists expressed the hope that the Internet would provide a way to circumvent the liberal media. While it has never been easier to find out the truth about racial reality, repression has actually increased, rather than decreased, because of the dispersal of knowledge. The Internet has actually made it easier to shut down debate and use social and economic pressure against political dissidents.

The future of censorship is not commissars and gulags, but effective monopolies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter working with groups like the Anti-Defamation League to combat “hate.” This is already underway, and conservatives will accept the efforts as expressions of private sector autonomy.

The next few decades will see the end of the division between the “online” and “offline” world. Google Glass, which will be as ubiquitous as smartphones within a few years, is only the beginning. Soon, people’s identity, opinions, relationships, and work history will be available at a glance. More importantly, as Facebook has shown, most people will gleefully abandon their privacy.

The result will be an ever more extensive (and effective) witch hunt. Already, anonymous commentators in Sweden were (illegally) exposed by hackers, and the media showed no compunction about hounding them from their jobs. Donors will also be targeted. Already, “point and stutter” seems to be the sole occupation of American journalists.

The intellectual justification is already established. Because of “white privilege,” “trigger warnings,” and political correctness, this generation of liberal arts students will be incapable of understanding, let alone championing, white identity. Universities will abandon the pretense of debating issues or teaching the high culture of the West. Instead, they will embrace their role of training increasingly unqualified college students in egalitarian ideology.

The danger is that concepts like “white privilege” have no theoretical limit in terms of justifying government action. “Your rights end where my feelings begin”–at least if the crybaby is non-white. More importantly, be it out of moral belief, fear, or both, many whites will accept and perpetuate this.

This kind of thinking will increasingly dominate law, as a non-white America will continue to implement racial socialism. Already, Supreme Court justices have attempted to throw out referendum results on issues like affirmative action on the grounds that white Americans cannot vote on issues that affect the interests of minorities.

Contra excitable American conservatives, the future will not be FEMA camps, the repeal of the First Amendment, or a roundup of Christians. It will be White America’s death by a thousand cuts. Intelligent and educated lawyers, judges, activists, and legislators will justify ever greater burdens on a diminishing white middle class in the name of reparations for past discrimination. Even past enforcement of immigration laws will be remembered as a moral crime comparable to Japanese-American internment. And as all this rhetoric will be framed in terms of slave morality and legalese, American whites may feel unjustified in rebellion.

Not surprisingly, young whites will increasingly try to identify as other than European-American, claiming membership in whatever victim group is available. Denying white identity will be a matter of economic survival, not just a social statement. The heights of the economy and politics will become less open to social mobility, and those in even slightly privileged positions will grow anxious to guard what they have. Ironically, a media culture eternally crusading against “privilege” will create a social structure more rigid and “privileged” than ever.

The future will not be an easy return to white identity, or even an autocracy of Asians and SWPL’s ruling a Third World underclass. It will be more sinister–an increasingly overt period of repression in a post-America united by junk culture and deficit spending. No one will be safe unless he becomes a true believer in egalitarian ideology. And most whites, economically and physically threatened and under assault from an all-encompassing media, will try to keep it that way. This kind of repression has no limit. Absent a military, economic, or political counterforce, anti-white bigotry is pushing on an open door. The indirect nature of persecution and the inability to secure substantial funding for a dissenting movement will make it difficult to generate mass resistance.

One result may be that American whites will be just another “lost white tribe.” They will be embarrassed by their past and relieved to die out collectively. Even Afrikaners voted to embrace their dispossession.

But an alternative is that a new people may emerge from the crucible. Technology will also open the door to “revolution from the periphery” as 3-D printing, cryptography, alternate currencies, and closed networks will allow a vanguard to live apart from the mass society if they have the will. From this seed, a new folk could form from those spiritually empty whites looking for alternatives to politically correct consumerism.

Whites are entering a time of persecution. But it is in those times that spiritual sustenance and identity are created. The creation of a new people is as much a possibility as a long slow decline.