A Weekend of Fellowship, Part 3

American Renaissance, June 12, 2014

Talks by Adrian Davies and John Morgan.


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    What about the guy from Orania?

    • Mason Gull

      He was the one speaker that I wanted to hear, and now it looks like he’s either going to be the last one or they’re not going to show him at all. I hope this isn’t a scheme to sell conference DVDs.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        I agree. The Orania model will be the framework for multiple European-American secessions, in my view. So we can get these Chicago gangster monkeys off our backs once and for all.

      • Martel

        The scheme is to make all videos available for free, except the one for the Orania guy?

        • Mason Gull

          Call me crazy, but don’t think many people would pay hear a speech by Adrian Davies or John Morgan. If what I think is happening is happening, they’re selling the most anticipated speaker while providing the less interesting speeches for free.

          • Martel

            I assume you have missed the other speeches they have uploaded. John Derbyshire, Sam Dickson, Taylor, Jack Donovan, Ramzpaul and Douglas Whitman. Only the Orania guy hasn’t been uploaded. Go to the front page and look through the features.

          • Mason Gull

            I didn’t miss them, I just didn’t find any of them particularly interesting aside from Douglas Whitman.

          • Martel

            So you decided that they uploaded all videos except one from a guy who’s name I cannot even recall,,as some sort of marketing trick.

          • Mason Gull

            I suspect it, yes. There’s really no reason to have not uploaded the video.

            The man’s name is Phillip Craik, by the way. Nobody wants to say it because no one wants to risk using the wrong form of that name.

          • Martel

            That doesn’t make any sense from a marketing-perspective. Most of us would rather see Taylor, Ramzpaul, Whitman, Derbyshire or any of the speakers who are far better known then Craik. A teaser is never 90% of the product, and it never includes the best parts, that doesn’t make sense.Keep in mind that they have the right to keep all the content to themselves, they don’t owe you anything.

          • Mason Gull

            I don’t want to hear Phillip Craik speak because he’s well known, I want to hear him because he is speaking about real-world white separatist communities. His people are doing what we talk about doing. I don’t think that I’m alone in my anticipation.

            As for last your last sentence, you can take it and shove it. Just because AmRen releases these for free doesn’t mean I can’t criticize the inconsistent order in which they are released and speculate about dishonest business practices, especially since they provide a forum for me to so.

          • Martel

            ” speculate about dishonest business practices,”

            What dishonest business practices?
            They have the right to sell each one or only release one or two videos for free instead of nearly all of them. Instead of being happy with all the free material, you start to throw accusations.

            Is it a dishonest business practice to release all the most anticipated videos but one by one of the least known speakers, in a clever ruse to sell a few DVD’s where Craik speaks?

          • Mason Gull

            They have the right to do many things, but that doesn’t make it good or moral. I’m suspicious because the video hasn’t been released while all the other videos have. I don’t see the reason behind releasing the videos in such an inconsistent manner. The people running AmRen aren’t stupid, so I suspect an ulterior motive.

            Just because something is free doesn’t mean that it can’t be criticized. The most important speaker is being withheld, and there probably isn’t a good reason for it.

          • Martel

            A marketing scheme would not make any sense, so its likely some technical issues, withheld on request of Craik himself or it will be released later together with commentary. I have heard none of the participants say that Craik something which would be considered extreme, so I don’t see any other option than the options I listed here. I think its very generous to release almost all speeches(minus one) for free.

          • Terra Magnum Imperium

            Agreed, I rather been there in person but I appreciate Amren for posting the 2014 conference speakers videos free of charge…

          • Terra Magnum Imperium

            Mason, If it’s really bugging you that much then ask someone at Amren why Craik’s speech wasn’t posted.

          • Bryan Dennis

            This Mason guy sounds like he’s black.^

          • Mason Gull


  • Garrett Brown

    More you say??? REJOICE!

  • Martel

    John Morgan is clueless about Islam, and doesn’t understand how offensive the stance of Jobbik concerning islam and the middle east is for Western-European movements.

  • LHathaway

    These people go on about culture, religion, trade, jobs, morals, immigrant blight (which probably hurts us),. . when will they ever talk about whites? Individually, or as a whole. Even the most mainstream republican, in this country, is already proclaimed to be possibly a racist, or a racist – to one degree or another. The liberals who vote anti-immigration because of Islam – can’t they come out in defense of white interests? Even if you can’t stomach the idea of advocating for a specific white person, how is it not relevant to note the very real fact that people of color are reproducing themselves, and more are moving in, while whites are not. The inevitable outcome, unless something of some kind changes, will be the eventually extinction of whites, but hey at least the people of color left behind are members of the conservative party and speak proper english (or French). It seems to me the problem is that this kind of speaking out cannot be done, at least in the current environment? Do conservatives find advocation so far beyond the pale? Can liberals, who support every cause, not bring themselves to support human rights for whites, too? Even if, as Jared Taylor writes, every immigrant and person of color in their countries is a noble unending sufferer of racism, and every white privileged or racist, to one degree or another, does their ‘privileged’ status neglect them to be unworthy of survival? To be honest, this idea, this status, that only people of color can experience racism, is itself a breach to the rights of whites. It’s certainly not equal treatment. It ignores racism against whites. It ignores anything that happens to them

    Perhaps these nationalist will win elections, and by their efforts this will change and we will be the race that can speak it’s name. .

    Enoch Powell spoke about whites.

  • LHathaway

    Did Adrian Davies do his speech with actually no notes at all? Even Jared Taylor had to look down to his notes once to introduce one of his speakers. .

    • Yes, Adrian Davies does look to have given the speech naturally. It always impresses me when people can do this. It is quite a rare thing these days, isn’t it.

      I don’t mind at all people referring to a plot or a path of their speech, providing it is a good speech, for I know I could not even give a speech with notes! But to have none at all and to just naturally know it all by heart is quite something.That was one reason why I held (the late) Jonathan Bowden in such high regard.

      Adrian Davies is not somebody I know too much about – but I seem to recall some kind of involvement in the British Democratic Party that split off from the British National Party – and I have seen him host “The IONA London Forum” meetings on various online videos at youtube.

      The only problem I have with this particular speech is the content that seems to generally cling to politics and political party movements. There is an increasing sense by many of us – especially here in England – that it is time to look at other ways to go.

      The gains in some European countries are good, but they are still quite tiny within the bigger scheme of things. It is a step in the right direction, but there is a sense that all the eggs are being put into one basket of an idea – democracy – that is controlled and manipulated by powerful people against our interests.

      I thought he may be a little bit too biased in favour of UKIP, – but he does highlight some of the flaws and recognises it for what it is. His point about ‘liberal nationalism’ is also quite good – although I personally do not recognise such forces as proper ‘nationalism’ because they are not ethnically based.

  • LHathaway

    lol, these countries all have ‘center-right’ ruling coalitions. . Could this be do the effect, the threat and influence of the far-right?

  • Martel

    The “peaceful religion” of Islam has as much respect for local traditions and sovereignty as does American liberalism. Never mind that Muslims are the primary enemy of us Dutch, English, Scandinavian and Belgium patriots . Mark Beisicht, Tommy Robinson, Lars Hedengaard, William Nygaard, Lars Vilks and Kurt Westergaard all barely escaped assassination, Theo Van Gogh did not. Only weeks after his dead Muslims bullied his son when he was walking through his neighbourhood in Amsterdam. Our Turkish adversaries are pushing to capture Europe by controlling Turkish immigrants and pushing for mass-immigration into our countries If you expect anyone here to respect such an alliance, you will be sadly mistaken.

    • John Morgan

      It’s obvious that you didn’t even listen to what I said, or you would know that Jobbik does not favor immigration from Muslim countries (or anywhere else) into Europe – quite the opposite, in fact. As far as immigration itself is concerned, the problem you should be raising is who and what is behind mass immigration into Europe? The answer is Europe’s own liberal elites, not the Muslims themselves, who are merely being used as pawns.

      • Martel

        Describing Muslims as mere pawns sounds great, until you analyse the activities of the Saudi’s and the Turkish Diyanet. They have been pushing for mass-immigration into Europe for decades(In the Netherlands it is law that Turks do not have to integrate), armed with OPEC’s willingness to push up prices and by offering their lucrative markets to European corporations. They are hellbend on controlling Europe, which makes sense from both an economic and religious perspective. The Muslim Brotherhood opened its offices in Switzerland even before the “New left’ conquered Europe. I won’t waste your time by listing all the ways Muslim organizations are expanding their political clout in Europe and the US today.

        Jobbik can oppose immigration all they want, that will be irrelevant even if they become the majority in their own parliament, they cannot do anything against EU policy. What actually may happen is that when Muslims are immigrating into the region, Jobbik will not support criticism of Islam. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they help organize interfaith conferences in the region. Anyone who underestimates the willingness of Muslims to increase their political power within Europe is uninformed about this matter. European Muslims are incredibly well organized, have access to unlimited funds, and have no intention of allowing Europe to close its borders or reducing the inflow of Muslim immigrants.

        While Erdogan wishes to revive the Ottoman dream and flood Europe with Turkish immigrants, Jobbik is proudly announcing their ethnic bonds with the Turkish people. It makes any decent European who knows what Islamists are doing in Europe stick to the stomach. I don’t know anyone who will even consider such an alliance.

      • Guest

        You are different from other speakers in that you are entering a give and take with commenters. I am not sure this is such a good idea. You have the spotlight with your speech being posted here. I think you should take a cue from Jarred Taylor and refrain from the temptation of defending your thesis from commenters. It is like being drawn into a whirlpool. It is like gambling and thinking you can beat the house. No, you had the spotlight and should not concern yourself with the comments on these boards. If your speech was good enough to be posted than that is all you need. There will always be those who will find a fault with something. Do not be tempted to win at a rigged game. My original comment had it’s origins in something that had no connection at all to the substance of your speech. It was a venting of a frustration that I had in using this video as a pictorial reference.

      • Bryan Dennis

        I agree with the gentleman’s comment below, don’t engage in debate within the comment section. At most, post a thank you for compliments. It’s bad form Mr. Morgan.

  • M.Magog

    Perhaps Morgan is new to being a speaker but one criticism I have is that he needs to speak more without reading it off of a paper, he spent most of his time looking down and not out towards the audience.

  • Sick of it

    A speech can go much more smoothly off the cuff. Especially when talking about one’s personal experiences. You certainly had no need to be nervous, as you were among friends.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    I enjoyed meeting Philip Craik at the conference. He is extremely impressive in person: well dressed, clean cut, attractive, carries himself well with confidence,…..a great white man in every respect. Too bad there isn’t a video of him on here yet.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    I’ve enjoyed these caricatures and it appears as though the artist’s name may be hidden in Adrian Davies’ sleeves but I can’t make it.

    Any guesses?

  • M.Magog

    you’re young. many of us have found that as we get older some things that were difficult and we thought we would never master ended up becoming easy.

  • JohnEngelman

    No where in Adrien Davies’ talk was there mention of European opinion polls regarding immigration.

    While a large immigrant population exacerbates unemployment during a sluggish economy, Adrien Davies made no mention of whether or not immigrants have higher crime rates than the indigenous Europeans with whom they live.

  • Martel

    Aren’t the Khoisan the oldest inhabitants of SA?

  • Evette Coutier

    The cause needs trained and skilled activists at the local level, and it needs to reach the next generation of race realists. Fellowship is the starting point of the movement, but it needs to grow in scale and scope if we want to be instrumental in procuring the future of our people. It’s time for the next phase.

  • David

    I understand your reason for some measure of privacy. I’m very inspired by Orania, and I’m wishing you continued health and growth from far away!