Posted on June 17, 2014

America in 2034

Gavin McInnes, American Renaissance, June 17, 2014

Every weekday for two weeks–from June 9 to June 20–we are running essays by race-realist commentators on the future of American race relations. Specifically, we have asked them to imagine what America will be like 20 years from now. The ten contributors to the series, whom we will publish in alphabetical order, are:

John DerbyshirePaul GottfriedGregory HoodJoseph KayPaul KerseyTom Kuhmann, Gavin McInnes, Fred ReedRichard SpencerJared Taylor.

It is our pleasure to present our seventh contributor, Gavin McInnes.

I’m going to assume everyone is taking the Derbyshire route on this collection of essays and insisting “We Are Doomed.” I disagree. In fact, in 20 years, when blacks, Hispanics, and whites are all equally represented in the population, we will be better off. I don’t dislike minorities. I hate white liberals and the good news is, their days are numbered. The myth of “diversity is our strength” is contingent on nobody trying it. When we’re all forced to live side by side, we’ll quickly realize we are incompatible, and agree to disagree. The blind utopians at the New York Times will be crushed and the rest of us realists will be dancing in the streets.

You can already see this in the South. Southerners live with blacks in real life, and the feeling you get when hanging out there is everyone’s moved beyond the myth. Charleston, South Carolina, is about 50 percent black and 50 percent white. There are black bars in the black part of town and if a white person walked into them, the bruthas would be all, “I ain’t mad.” The same goes for the sprinkling of blacks in the white bars there. Both sides realize exactly how much diversity is their strength and how much must be chalked up to irreconcilable differences. It’s been said that Northerners love blacks in theory but hate them in practice. With Southerners, it’s the opposite. Soon, the entire country will be Charleston and that town is a helluva lot less irritating than the Upper West Side of New York City.

Jim Goad lives in a phenomenally black part of Georgia and has for a very long time. He’s also known as one of the most racist people on earth. He doesn’t take African dance lessons and try to feign ebonics when buying his groceries. He goes about his day and minds his own business as do the blacks around him. Race doesn’t come up in his neighborhood. They have bills to pay.

The only people bothering Jim are whites. This conflict is well summarized in an argument he had on the Atlanta subway recently. People with low IQs designed the chairs on MARTA so some are literally impossible to sit in. Despite this plainly evident truth, a white man (who had all the trappings of a liberal–come on–you can just tell) demanded Jim put his legs forward into a space that is about two inches wide. Jim called the guy a “pussy” and then a “dick” so the man went running to the police. Jim called out to the all-black train, “This is the type of guy who’d raise his hand and tell the teacher she forgot to give us homework,” and they laughed. I love this story because it shows a white liberal trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and then demanding government regulation when reality gets in the way. Blacks aren’t the problem. It’s whites. Black people hate the tattletale on the train. America does too.

This idea is much more clearly explained in Charles Murray’s Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010. Dr. Murray is best known to readers here for The Bell Curve, a surprisingly controversial tome of research that linked race and IQ. A common misconception of the book is that it purported blacks are stupid and we are all incompatible. Instead, the book makes it very clear you have to start with a blank slate when you meet someone because it’s quite possible he will not fit the stereotype. There is giant overlap on IQ tests, and thousands of Asians are dumber than thousands of blacks and thousands of blacks are smarter than thousands of Asians. You’d be a fool to assume you weren’t dealing with one of those thousands from these groups. In that sense, it’s an anti-racist book. I’ve heard the authors’ motive for publishing it was more harmony, not less. If we could scientifically prove large groups are doing better or worse than others because of science, we could get over all this Orwellian obsession with insisting everyone should turn out exactly the same.

IQ distribution by race.

IQ distribution by race

Coming Apart focuses on those who don’t “preach what they practice,” out-of-touch whites who live in gated communities and have a thought process that is even more parochial. They are able to go off on wild tangents because the real world isn’t there to slap them in the face, and they are able to enforce these made-up rules because they’re relatively powerful. I believe these people are not only bad for whites because they’re so goddamn annoying but they’re also very bad for blacks.

The white liberal ethos tells us blacks aren’t at MIT because of racism. They say blacks dominate the prison population for the same reason. They insist America is a racist hellhole where “people of color” have no future. This does way more damage to black youth than the KKK. When you strip people of culpability and tell them the odds are stacked against them, they don’t feel like trying. White liberals make this worse by then using affirmative action to “correct” society’s mistakes. When blacks are forced into schools they aren’t qualified for they have no choice but to drop out. Instead of going back a step to a school they can handle, they tend to give up on higher education entirely. Thanks to the Marxist myth of ubiquitous equality, this “mismatch” leaves blacks less educated than they would have been had they been left to their own devices.

We are not doomed. We’re blessed. We have been living in a country where very loud and somewhat powerful people are able to mire us all in their mythical idea of justice. This politically correct manifesto is taught in schools and enforced in the workplace. It sucks up trillions in tax dollars and gets people fired on a regular basis. It’s more than just a waste of time; it’s tearing us apart. The only thing that can stop it is a heaping dose of reality. Once the man on the train realizes you can’t force someone to sit in a seat that doesn’t fit, he will get off the train. Then, we can all go to work in peace.