If Affirmative Action Is Doomed, What’s Next?

David Leonhardt, New York Times, June 17, 2014

Affirmative action as we know it is probably doomed.

When you ask top Obama administration officials and people in the federal court system about the issue, you often hear a version of that prediction.

Five of the Supreme Court’s nine justices have never voted in favor of a race-based affirmative action program. Already, the court has ruled that such programs have the burden of first showing “that available, workable race-neutral alternatives do not suffice.”

The issue appears to be following a familiar path in Chief Justice John Roberts’s court. On divisive social issues, the Roberts court first tends to issue narrow rulings, with the backing of both conservative and liberal justices, as my colleague Adam Liptak has noted. In later terms, the five conservative justices deliver a more sweeping decision, citing the earlier case as precedent. With affirmative action, last year’s case involving Texas could be the first stage.

Beyond the Supreme Court, eight states have already banned race-based affirmative action, and four additional ones, including Ohio and Missouri, may consider bans soon.

Despite this reality, many supporters of affirmative action are in some version of denial. Top university officials say that the court hasn’t prohibited their approach yet and say they hope it never will. Few colleges or companies are trying innovative approaches.

Two new books aim to fill the void. They lay out detailed visions of an affirmative action that would combine racial and economic diversity–in contrast to the current version, which has done little to promote economic diversity. Above all, the books answer the common liberal concern that economic-based affirmative action is a bad substitute for race-based affirmative action.

“Race-based affirmative action is a blunt instrument that doesn’t help the vast majority of black and Latino kids,” says Sheryll Cashin, who is the author of one of the new books, “Place, Not Race” (Beacon Press), as well as a Georgetown University law professor and a former clerk to Justice Thurgood Marshall. “And ironically it engenders resentments that make it harder to build multiracial alliances to build investment in education.”

The insight of both books is that the obstacles facing many black and Latino children can be captured through a set of variables that are, on the surface, race-neutral. A system based on these factors, rather than race per se, would be undeniably constitutional and more politically popular.

The most obvious of the factors is income–but it is not the most important. Supporters of today’s affirmative action often point out that a strictly income-based version of the program would produce much less racial diversity, and they’re right. Fewer than one-third of households making $40,000 a year or less are black or Latino, according to census data.

But income alone understates the challenges facing many minority children. Black and Latino students are more likely to live in poor neighborhoods than white and Asian students with similar incomes. Black and Latino families are also less wealthy than white and Asian families. And black children in particular are much more likely to be growing up without two parents in their home.

Proponents of a new kind of affirmative action prefer an approach that focuses on wealth, neighborhood and family structure, as well as parents’ income, education and other factors. {snip}

The second new book–“The Future of Affirmative Action,” which comes out Tuesday–includes a detailed analysis of class-based systems, from Anthony Carnevale, Stephen Rose and Jeff Strohl. The bottom line is that they would vastly increase economic diversity while leaving broadly similar racial diversity. Under some systems, particularly those that emphasize students’ high-school rank, racial diversity would increase. Using high-school rank–as Texas has done–is so powerful because of today’s high levels of economic and racial segregation.


But here’s the paradox for defenders of today’s affirmative action: Their best hope of salvaging some form of it is to make race secondary and class primary.


An affirmative action based mostly on class, and using race in narrowly tailored ways, is one much more likely to win approval from Justice Kennedy when the issue inevitably returns to the court.


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  • MekongDelta69

    Oh please – ‘Affirmative’ (i.e. Negative) Action will never go away.

    ‘Diversity’ and race hustling is a multi-billion dollar business and they’re NOT going to give that up – EVER.

    • TruthBeTold

      If the courts decisively strike it down businesses and school will no longer be threatened by the force of law. They will have less pressure to comply by force.

      What will likely evolve is a new form of ‘grievance’ and ‘victim’ which won’t be backed up by law but by threats and intimidation from the usual suspects.

      Boycotts and threats of calling someone or a business a ‘racist’ still have teeth and too many people aren’t willing to fight the charge in public and fold.

      • LHathaway

        So, far, banning affirmative action only affects the government hiring/schools funded by the givernment. And so far, in states that have banned affirmative action, private companies can continue to use affirmative action to their hearts content. No doubt they try and ‘pick up the slack’ and ‘remove the harm’ these ‘bans’ on affirmative action have had.

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          It also continues unabated in the public sector, schools and universities – even in states where its banned – through outright lying and lowering of standards. Steve Farron’s “The Affirmative Action Hoax” goes into this in great detail. Your average black with a post-graduate degree cannot even read a bus schedule.

        • r j p

          The problem with AA is once an entity becomes sufficiently black (or brown) no White wants to work there i.e. it has been destroyed and become just a black nesting place until shut down.

          • MooTieFighter

            Same occurs in communities and areas of towns. Like many other cities we have a “black mall”. It’s the old mall that simply began to be a hang out for blacks and whites started avoiding it. The stores are shutting down one by one (in the black mall), and now more blacks (an less whites) are going to the new mall. So it’s starting all over again. Productive areas of cities that become overrun by blacks fall apart and successful/hard working people and business move.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Affirmative Action sets the tone, but it isn’t required in a lot of places. It’s the tone; the implementation of the anti-white, hetero, male religion. AA translated into Diversity & Inclusion, which means you will engage in demographic preferences whether they are required or not, that is where 90% of the reverse discrimination damage gets done. “The hive knows what to do.”

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        Striking down Affirmative Action will do nothing unless the concept of “disparate impact” (i.e. discrimination allegedly proven through percentages of a company’s workforce that is black or brown) is also tossed. As long as your company can be sued for insufficient black/brown dead weight, quotas and affirmative action will continue whether it’s legal or not.

        • maxsnafu

          ^^^Post of the day.^^^

      • AndrewInterrupted

        The hustlers at the EEOC & DOL shake-down employers in a variety of ways. They are infamous for using ‘The Chicago Way’. We saw that with the IRS targeting the Tea Party. That’s classic ‘The Chicago Way’.

        They will also call in anonymous “tips” to health departments, OSHA, DEP, EPA, etc. to harass them into producing diversity offerings–payroll sponges.

        Pall Corp. was recently shaken down that way in Putnam, CT. They received $200,000 in OSHA fines after defying the EEOC shake-down machine. That, according to an old acquaintance.

      • SFLBIB

        “If the courts decisively strike it down businesses and school will no longer be threatened by the force of law.”

        Schools are not threatened by the law; schools invented affirmative action. That’s why UCLA, et al, are fighting tooth and nail to keep it.

        Remember Proposition 209 and the courts upholding it? Heather MacDonald [who is known to be polite] makes this observation:

        “In 1996, Californians voted to ban race and gender preferences in government and education. Ten years later, the chancellor of the state-funded University of California at Berkeley, Robert Birgeneau, announced a new Vice Chancellorship for Equity and Inclusion, charged with making Berkeley more ‘inclusive’ and ‘less hostile’ to ‘underrepresented minority . . . groups.’ This move is just the latest expression of the University of California’s unrelenting resistance to the 1996 voter initiative, in every way possible short of patent violation. Stasi apparatchiks disappeared more meekly after the Soviet Empire’s collapse than California’s race commissars have retreated after voters tried to oust their preference regime.

      • M&S

        If anything, I think that the ‘minor nobility’ (what would have been once termed hedgelords) of Americas wealth classes are starting to realize that their agenda to get richer from what is here and those of the ‘high aristos’ (globalists) are on divergent trajectories.
        Because the latter’s policies have driven so much business into the international sphere looking to set up their own power base that destroying nation states and all elite class structures who reside in them can be the only outcome.
        There is now significant back pressure to keep America from becoming a sucked dry husk, collapsing upon itself as an investment hell of non growth, social welfare, service culture.

        It’s too late of course… We are so debt burdened and so unable to (as though we should want to) compete on the global economic stage of slave states that even companies who should know better are not only taking their manufacturing base but their entire R&D lab complex out of the relative safety of U.S. white ethnic commercial law protections and jumping feet first into the totalitarian Chinese equivalent where there is NO guarantee that they will keep anything, once they have given away the keys to the kingdom in our R&D methodologies.
        Of course China has the growth culture. She has the biggest automotive market, the biggest consumer goods market, a construction plan that begins with a highway system as big or bigger than ours, and a serious investment strategy in maritime power as both trade and naval capabilities.
        The U.S. is being treated to the same outcome as stripped Germany of something like 180,000 patents at the end of WWII. And people are starting to wake up and realize as they ask the obvious: “But wait! Aren’t we the good guys?!”
        Snort. Like power has ever been about ‘good’. And evil didn’t win WWII.
        It just took 50 years of Keynesian Conspiracy as butting our heads against a non-existent Soviet threat to wake up and smell the betrayal.

    • BernieGoetzFan

      Exactly! There will never be an end to affirmative action in my lifetime. Maybe 100 years from now, Hispanics will be such a majority that they will cut a deal with the Asians and the few whites that are left to end quotas for blacks. But by then what is the point?

      • John R

        Prediction: When Hispanics are the majority, Affirmative Action for blacks will end, forthwith.

    • M&S

      Of course it will. This is just the set up to saying “See, we told you it would work! Now the job is done!”
      The basis of AA was to destroy the class system of the U.S..
      As we approach that reality, those who are responsible for it will want it to be a ‘non factor’ as much as fait d’accompli. A historical condition which cannot be blamed on any but the dead or out of office.
      As much as Kennedy and his bunch have Hart Cellar as a Damocletian Sword hanging over their heads for essentially forever (as the push to destroy our ethnic homogeny continues), the industry and high level performance of white culture is essentially now all off-shored and/or ruinously intermingled with foreign national companies, so the need to keep denying whites equal entry to a society whose job positions are now all ‘equally’ service-job lobotomized to basic retail and government levels institutions, is gone.
      There may also be a perceived benefit inherent to saying: “There is no threat from immigration so long as there is no quota system giving education and job benefits exclusively to non-whites.”
      Which is the same as saying: “Straight to ditch digger jobs with welfare dependence attached!”
      It won’t last.
      People keep thinking that Stupid Matters. It doesn’t. Numbers Matter. When Hispanics become dominant population, they will control the democratic process, even if they have to wreck it with corruption and revolution to do so. And once they control government, they will be able to dictate the kind of society we have through the kinds of things money gets spent on.
      Want an active, technologically aggressive, ‘info dominant’ society? Then don’t let in a bunch of 90-95IQ, 3.2 TFR, 19 year generational interval, idiots.
      Want a backwards, socialist, welfare state with huge debt load and no way forward as even basic industries collapse for want of the national infrastructure to sustain them? Go Big, Go Dumb.
      In this, I think the elites are done with even continental nation states, the big thing in all the high level cultural discussion groups from the CFR onwards is a return to a ‘mediated feudal environment’; which suggests that individual countries are backwaters to multinational entities who have no national and thus no racial allegiances.
      This is the nature of power, always reaching for the next level of detachment from personal consequences to large state level failures as the rise of OWG.
      It is pure madness. Because it cannot possibly hope to represent, ‘equally or equitably’ all races in a world where the R-Breeding, sub-90 IQ, populations are going to form an effective 90-95% majority by the end of this century.
      But the nature of power is to seek itself, not to seek it’s place. And thus dumb, rich, people convocate together what they see as ‘their best interests’ in furthering the game of power for it’s own sake. Never realizing that that social construct is but an island floating on the permissivity of a much larger population acceptance of their elevated social condition.
      Whites and East Asians may put up with this, but the other races will not.

  • The notion that AA is teetering on the brink of extinction is the paranoid chicken little mentality of the left. (Too bad for that.)

    AA is a result of white people’s pathological altruism. To get rid of AA, white people need to ditch PA. What’s the likelihood of that happening any time soon?

    Legally speaking, AA is an outgrowth of the doctrine of disparate impact, and also the Civil Rights Act of 1991 requires businesses with 50+ employees to have an AA program. Do we see any real possibility of repudiating either disparate impact or that part of that law any time soon?

    • r j p

      Ditching AA would mean hundreds of thousands of negroes losing their jobs overnight.
      Without AA, no business or government needs a diversity department.

      • MooTieFighter

        Can you imagine businesses really hiring based on skill, behavior, experience and ambition? I don’t see it happening. We all know blacks would be S.O.L. if this really occurred. How many colleges do you really think would allow themselves to advertise a 1% African American admittance rate? They will find some other way to be anti-white, I can assure you.

        • r j p

          Get rid of college sports.

      • jane johnson

        We don’t REALLY need the US Postal Service anymore, either, but we still have it. Wonder why.

        • r j p

          Ever seen the face of a White person nearing retirement working in an inner city post office?

          • jane johnson

            Just as often as at the DMV.

          • r j p

            I meant how happy do they look, er miserable?

        • SoulInvictus

          Because it’s a lot cheaper than the alternatives.
          Price shipping a package via USPS vs. UPS and FedEx.
          Ebay and Amazon, for example, would die a quick death without USPS with the rise in shipping costs.
          The Postal Service is one of the few things I think the government should have a hand in. Their pay structure is retarded (cashiers making more than I did in my last IT gig), but that could be fixed.

          • r j p

            Good luck fixing the USPS.
            Farm the whole thing out to FedEx and UPS stores. The USPS probably owns enough property to pay off all of its debts.

          • SoulInvictus

            Maybe I’ve just been lucky enough to have a better experience with USPS.
            FedEx is way too high. And if they had to make a run to almost every house, every day of the week, I imagine the cost of a stamp would be $5.
            UPS is about the same and has been an irritation more often than not.
            As long as I go with Priority Mail, and about 95% of the time with regular post, then USPS has been superior and cheaper.

            I mean… for $5 and change I can ship a good sized Priority package all the way to Hawaii in 3 days. Fedex can’t touch that…

  • TruthBeTold

    “Race-based affirmative action is a blunt instrument that doesn’t help
    the vast majority of black and Latino kids,” says Sheryll Cashin

    A frank admission from a black woman.

    Now will all the whites who were aggrieved by this blatant discrimination receive compensation from the government?

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      You know the answer to that as well as anyone else here. Not a snowball’s chance in Hell.

  • Samuel_Morton

    Now that affirmative action has become an abomination that plainly discriminates while claiming anti-discrimination intent, the diversicrats are finding it more difficult to defend the policy. So they are twisting themselves into knots searching for more mysterious and esoteric ways to take away what whites deserve and give it to undeserving blacks.

    Their game is: How many variables can we come up with that target blacks, without saying that we’re targeting blacks? Surely they can get more creative than wealth, neighborhood, and family structure. I’m sure we could help them: proximity to MLK Boulevard, density of Churches Chicken, skittles sales per capita, murder rates, blight…

    • ThomasER916

      That’s the Culture of Critique – take from one Tribe and claim it for yourself.

  • A rose by any other name shall still stink. Libtards are always playing with words, with the outcome still the same. An African-American is still a Negro is still a … But playing with words keeps conservatives off balance and on the defensive.
    Keeping unqualified blacks and browns in the game is what it’s about. Getting them to the front of the line for admissions, scholarships, and jobs will never go away until we whites who pay the price for this madness withdraw from the system or revolt.

    • benvad

      Well said.

    • paul marchand

      Yep. Tax revolt or “red state” secession.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Congrats on your 100,000 views. 30 or 40 of them were mine. <;-D

  • D.B. Cooper

    It’s never going to go away until enough unemployed whites relive the Great Depression, and abolish it. They will also have to be willing to open up the high pressure water hoses, tear gas, and attack dogs on those who want to keep Affirmative Action.

  • John

    “Five of the Supreme Court’s nine justices have never voted in favor of a race-based affirmative action program.” My response is so what? The entire tone of this article, at least as much as I could stomach reading it, seems to completely ignore that the Supreme Court’s function is to determine the Constitutionality of a law, not to decide policy based upon their own personal agenda’s (or that of their “sponsor”). Seems like that most Federal judges have forgotten this judging by how many laws disallowing same sex marriages have been overturned for example. The judiciary, as well as the executive branch of the government, is once again, way off the reservation.

    • paul marchand

      Yes. So 5 justices have broken their oath, and trashed the 14th amendment. One more reason for the “red states” to secede.

      • ThomasER916

        Red States shouldn’t secede. There are still WAY too many White Conservatives who pray to Jesus for another miracle of equality. That’s our problem. Whites lack a religion that is truly White. Even though Libtards don’t join the military and hate it, most Whites who do wouldn’t want to see America split up. It’s best to collapse the system and use Militias to reassert Manifest Destiny.

        There’s a Website run by a European Hispanic called “The West’s Darkest Hour.” He’s detailed the problems in Latin America. For starters, it’s not Latin. The reason Latin America is a Mexican sh!thole is the Catholic Church gave the OK for miscegenation hundreds of years ago. The abolition of White identity through global “brotherhood” and race-mixing happened back then. Contrast this with the Protestant Whites who were seeking not just economic advancement but ethnic survival. They were anti-Papist, meaning anti-Globalist/Marxist/Internationalist/Miscegenist. To some extent Whites in America did “mix” but they were FAR more selective.

        Whites in America didn’t seek to rule over another people but to expand their own. The Spanish and Portuguese who built Meso and South America race-mixed, thereby extending their “family” and tribal bloodline to the non-Whites who have kept them in squalor ever since. If the Conquistadors were more like Andrew Jackson and less like King Solomon then we wouldn’t have an “illegal immigration” problem at all. In fact, we’d have a very different situation throughout the globe as Mexico and South America would be White nations, and probably Fascist.

        • TruthBeTold

          Christianity in Christendom used to be White until it was co-opted and became Judeo-Christian.

          Look up the term Judeo-Christian and see where and when the term was first used and what happened after.

          • ThomasER916

            I used to think that too until I studied further. You’re not going to convince me with semantics. If that were possible I never would have made it to Amren.

  • dd121

    AA has a political life of it’s own and there are forces who have a vested interest in never seeing it go away.

    • TXCriollo

      ya i agree but its getting harder to keep it going

      • dd121

        It’s kind of like Head Start. Everybody knows that it has been a total failure but no politician is standing up to say it’s time to pull the plug. They’d be shouted down as a racist. Same thing.

    • Glad you’d back. Where’s Bon?

      • dd121

        I have a log home in the mountains and often get away from electronics. Bon still posts, she has a lot of insightful posts.

  • MooTieFighter

    Oh no, what about the benefits of America being anti-white…I mean diverse.

  • ThomasER916

    “The bottom line is that they would vastly increase economic diversity, racial diversity would increase. Under some systems, particularly those that emphasize students’ high-school rank, racial diversity would increase.”

    The goal is still the same. Flood Whites with non-Whites. Turn every White nation into South Africa using the Joe Slovo model.

    The problem is the Culture of Critique. They benefit the most from not having Whites around. Destroy them and all of this magically disappears.

  • Affirmative action, multiculturalism, political correctness is all about money, all about expanding the supply of labor so as to depress wages by increasing supply, and about increasing the supply of worker-consumers.

    Affirmative action, multiculturalism, political correctness is about growth, GDP, about corporate profits and revenues.

    Until you understand that, we do not have a chance.

    You must first understand the fundamentals of this world before you can cause change.

    • LHathaway

      Your post is insane.

      • well, I would have to be insane, wouldn’t I? Letting used cars go at these low prices!!!

        • LHathaway

          lol. funny. keep sellin ’em.

    • me

      True! Crony capitalism is just another name for Marxist communism. True capitalism is what we have without usury, monopolies, and ‘governmental’ interference. True capitalism is when you have a fair trade for goods and services, without speculation, Wall Street, or ‘laws’ written by a handful of globalist billionaires. If you know anything about the true history of ‘communism’, and not the ‘histories’ that you read in the public ‘educational’ systems, you’ll find out who bankrolled ‘communism’ from the very start. (Along with ‘multiculturalism’, ‘egalitarianism’, and ‘anti-White ‘totalitarianism’.) And it wasn’t that slob Marx, who couldn’t /wouldn’t even support his own wife and kiddies. It was…..GLOBALIST INTERNATIONAL BANKERS! The ‘usual suspects’ of nation-wrecking, geld-worshiping, anti-Whites–along with anti-White, elitist ‘Whites’ who don’t see race as black or white, but GREEN. Do your research. The information is out there.

      • Alexandra1973

        You seem to have heard of the Illuminati card game. Twilight Zone kind of stuff, huh?

        • me


        • me


    • AndrewInterrupted

      Entitlement is about personal addiction.

      No bloated diversity darling has the character or the discipline to put the lid on the cookie jar.

  • paul marchand

    * If affirmative action is doomed, what’s next ? *
    How about the so-called Civil Rights Act, whereby a landlord and/or realtor were robbed of natural property rights, THUS cannot keep thugs out (lest the DoJ fine the crap out of them/him/her), THUS responsible tenants FLEE.
    THUS a white upstart family has ONE MORE racial/federal animus working against them in the federal stacked deck, and has to find an expensive apartment. Thus hundreds and hundreds of would-be modestly-priced apartments for middle class whites go to ghetto stage.
    Add the thievery of property rights in home sales, and restricting neighborhood contracts ( a basic human rights), and quotas in hiring, forced labor (it’s MY business, I can serve whom I please) , etc.

    • r j p

      He lost the rights to rent his own properties for 5 years.


    • Alexandra1973

      I’ve told my account a few times here about a half-black woman who lived across the hall from us for about a month. She had a black boyfriend (not the father of her son).

      By that point my husband and I were realists so we battened down the hatches. I bought a locking gas cap for my van, as we were at the point where gas prices were really beginning to rise. We found that the woman’s race-traitor mother was dumping trash (without bags) in our trash cans in the shared carport–those cans were for putting bags of trash in until we could set them out at the curb for pick-up. So we bought locks and chains and locked the cans to the inside wall–and locked them shut.

      After a month the woman skipped out on rent. I was usually up pretty late at night so at like 1 am they were tossing stuff into a U-Haul. The boyfriend was driving and he scraped the side of the truck against the fence while driving out. They’d also left some stuff behind.

      When the landlady was cleaning out the place, I told her about seeing the truck way late at night and she told me that the woman had basically skipped out on the rent, come to find out that she had a habit of doing so and that next time she’d be sure to do a background check first. She had just been afraid that if she didn’t rent to her she’d be accused of racism and I told her that we understood perfectly…and that it was a shame that you can’t rent to whoever you want.

      At any rate, my son got some free toys out of the deal.

  • humura

    If the US SC voted 5-4 that race-based AA is unconstitutional, Holder would urge everyone to defy the ruling until Congress reacted. Obama would call the Congress into a special session to deal with the crisis. Assuming the House refused to pass a new AA act (a big assumption, as many Republicans are liberals who favor the policy; it became national policy under Richard Nixon), Obama would declare AA still legal, despite the US SC. He ignores laws anyway.
    California passed an amendment barring race in admissions, but a new book out shows how the AA officer now has a new title but the same role in making sure new hires are “diverse.” The machinery of AA, the Comissars of Liberalism, already have their posts in every Human Relations, Personnel Office in the nation. AA will not disappear until they are purged. Reagan failed to try. Bush I signed the 1991 CR Act that finally made the anti-white discriimination legal. GOP nominees on the US SC voted to retain and expand it. The GOP elite does not care because their kids do not need scholarships.
    And each day 1000 more kids cross the border, and they will receive AA benefits before the poor white kids in your neighborhood, who are law-abiding American citizens.
    Who is responsible for this legalized hatred of whites? How do we end it?

    • ThomasER916

      Q – Who is responsible for this legalized hatred of whites?
      A – The Culture of Critique.

      Q – How do we end it?
      A – Ending Universalism among Whites, return to tradition, and the racialization of Whites.

  • shawnmer

    “Fewer than one-third of households making $40,000 a year or less are black or Latino, according to census data.”

    I’d like to hear more detail on that state because it doesn’t mathematically add up. How can there be much higher rates of poverty and below average income, yet the share of blacks and Hispanics below this threshold is no higher than their presence in the general population? They have to be a significantly higher proportion of the under $40k’s.

    Am I missing something?

  • Truth Teller

    Affirmative action is not doomed at all. The big corporations totally love it. So does the medical industry. Prop 209 was supposed to end it and discrimination against Whites in California state and local goverment is worse than ever.It’s no longer a quota system, it is banning Whites from employment.

    The colleges have used an alternative to race based discrimination for decades. It is the poor, poor, pitiful me essay. Pull it off the internet, begin with wailing about being black, hispanic or gay and you’re in like Flynn on full scholarship.

    Los Angeles is still about 29 percent White. But I haven’t seen a White supermarket clerk, bank teller, or any other chain store clerk since about 1990.

    • TruthBeTold

      I don’t believe big corporations love it. They’ve just learned to adapt to it for survival. It’s like knowing how to play the game.

      That being said, I don’t believe any of them are going to give it up because even without the force of law they still have to contend with race hustlers and public opinion.

      Beside, AA isn’t dead yet so let’s not count our chickens.

      • adplatt126

        Whites need to organize and fast. If you walk into a super-market and see none of the employees are white and either is the manager, stop shopping there. Boycott businesses that discriminate against your own, because they are discriminating against you and your kind. I do. If you don’t meet discrimination with discrimination, wealth will gradually aggregate in those groups that don’t give it out to whites, but only keep it amongst their own. You can’t win if you play by different rules, particularly those that disadvantage you. We need to start placing pressure on the banks, the major corporations, etc. If you hate where the country is headed, stop giving money to these people who are carrying the nation there!

  • JohnEngelman

    I do not believe we should place people in positions where they are not able to perform adequately.

    I do believe we should do more to help the working poor. Help would include stronger labor unions, a higher minimum wage, and a better funded public sector of the economy funded by a more progressive tax system.

    As a basic value assumption I believe that those who play the game by the rules should be treated with more economic decency than they are treated by the law of supply and demand.

    • Alexandra1973

      You raise the minimum wage, prices go up accordingly. How many times have we had a minimum wage hike and we still have “working poor”?

      Back in 1989 or 1990 there was an increase. At the time I was working at a nice suburban bakery. I remember the manager telling us that because of the increase they were going to up the prices a little bit, ten cents more for a loaf of bread, for example. Back then, at the age of 16/17, I figured out that you’ll only be back at square one.

      Labor unions are pretty useless from where I stand. I’ve worked in a union shop. It’s like a form of “gibsmedat.” That being said, I’m not against any kind of agreement between a company and its employees, but don’t make your demands unreasonable, and there should be mutual respect.

      How we can help the working poor: Deport all illegals. Stop outsourcing jobs. If we can make anything here, we should do so, instead of importing. Declare a moratorium on immigration. In effect you’ll decrease the labor pool.

  • Kenner

    One of AA’s big lies is that white woman have benefited more than any group from affirmative action. We need an ad campaign that shows white women who’ve been victims of racial quotas speaking out.
    The lie keeps white women seeing white men as the problem, and aggrieved non-whites as the solution. We need to flip this.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    The fact that blacks receive Affirmative Action proves that white racism is a myth. How can whites be truly racist against blacks if blacks are granted even more opportunities for educational and occupational success than whites? If anything, a strong argument can be made for the existence of black privilege, but not white privilege.

    The persistence of widespread black failure, despite the enormous amount of financial assistance blacks have received from the federal government, is the result of black biological inferiority. Only millions of years of evolution and selective breeding can fix what blacks suffer from.

  • John R

    Affirmative action is doomed? As John Wayne said, in “The Searchers”: “That’ll be the day!”

  • SoulInvictus

    Been saying this a long time… I’d have much less problem with aid of various types if it were solely need based. I’ve never understood how anyone could rationalize giving scholarships (or anything else of the like) to an affluent or middle class black kid over a dirt poor white kid. Even by lefty logic it makes no sense.

  • kikz2

    …the trending ‘disparate impact’ push-back seen in the education system in attempts to prosecute blacks for behaving like blacks (lawless/violent) is a direct contra-indication that any facet of AA is fading in any way. i’m sure 7 ways to Sunday, that it’ll be wound into the latest yammerings of ‘WT di-it’ and ultimately be expounded on in upcoming whooping/screeching !UH! breffless non-sequitur negroid inter-collegUt duh-batez, which will win natl. accolades in the msm, and awards by the The Cross Examination Debate Association [CEDA].

    ….Duh dis-parrot im-pak haz UH!-uhffekt da nigga’z UH!-uhbiliteez ta UH! tap dat sheeeit and git UH! ohyeah….chak-lit cov-ud-friedchikinwatamelon….F*K white time!no-whut-i-mean-hawm..*combo-nosepick-crotchgrab*

  • antiquesunlight

    “Supporters of today’s affirmative action often point out that a strictly income-based version of the program would produce much less racial diversity, and they’re right. Fewer than one-third of households making $40,000 a year or less are black or Latino, according to census data.”

    This is typical. Dark people are so equal that they cannot stand the possibility that there skin color won’t give them an edge in admissions/hiring. And it’s typical in another way: who cares about poor white people? They’re white, so they definitely don’t need a fair shot at getting into college or getting a job. What we need are as many dark people as possible, even if they’re morons.

  • Transpower

    I believe in strict laissez-faire capitalism and a strict meritocracy. Every other system amounts to an attempt to get something for nothing.


    The only official justification I’ve heard for AA is to achieve diversity because “diversity is our strength.” So, where is the proof of that?

    I suspect the real justification is that, “It is not politically possible to have an all-white institution.”

    • Alexandra1973

      If we’re all equal, then how can we really have diversity?

      Leftist double-speak, that’s how I see it.

      • SFLBIB

        Leftists cannot reconcile their double-speak, as you point out. Other questions include, “If morality is relative, how can Leftists claim the moral high ground?” and “If morality is relative, why should we accept theirs?” Then there is Buckley’s “Liberals claim they want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.” Double-speak was invented, I’m convinced, overcome the problem of reality and truth. Since “A” and “Not A” both cannot be true at the same time, they had to re-invent truth. The answer to any question becomes, “Whatever the Party says.” One clever attempt is polylogism [do an internet search].

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    Affirmative Action has done what it was intended to do. Give unqualified blacks access to a middle class job, a middle class education, and a middle class life. Some intelligent and otherwise alert blacks have taken advantage of this tremendous opportunity. Unfortunately a large majority of them have neither the inclination or the drive to excel at anything in life, not even dressing properly and leaving the house for work on a regular basis.

  • RonanTheLibtardian

    If he does no business with the gummint (under $50,000 a year) he can have 99 employees. The 50 employee low water relates to companies who do some bidness wid duh gummint.