Posted on October 5, 2014

Towards a World Brotherhood of Europeans

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, October 5, 2014

Editor’s Note: This is Jared Taylor’s address to the National Policy Institute’s “Future of Europe” conference in Budapest, Hungary. The event was held despite persecution from the highest levels of the Hungarian government. Mr. Taylor’s comprehensive write-up of the conference is here.

It is a great honor to be speaking to you today and I would like to thank the sponsors and organizers for making this wonderful occasion possible.

I have many opportunities to speak to my American friends, so I would like to address my remarks to our European comrades.

I am grateful to be able to speak to you in my native language. We Americans are very bad at foreign languages, and I especially thank all of you in the audience who are making the effort to listen to me in what is for you a second or third language.

We are here to talk about the future of Europe. So why am I, an American, speaking to you?

Of course, it is because although I am a citizen of the United States I am a European. My country was founded by men who were, in every important respect, European. Their language, their religion, their culture, their institutions were all profoundly and exclusively European. Their blood was European. My own ancestors were mostly English but some were Scots, Dutch, and French Huguenot.

Europe is my ancestral home, my spiritual and cultural home.

It is also the ancestral home for millions of other sons and daughters of Europe who live thousands of miles away. They live in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa. Many people from those countries are with us in spirit this evening, because for them too, there is nothing more important than the future of Europe, for they too, in their far-off lands, have also created Europe.

Ladies and gentlemen, when I speak of Europe, I mean a priceless cultural achievement built over millennia by our ancestors, but I also mean an equally priceless genetic heritage. Our culture as Europeans cannot be separated from the distinct people that created it. We Europeans, all of us, are united at the most basic level by biology. We are of the same tribe. We, in this room, have a much closer physical kinship to each other than to anyone whose origins are outside of Europe.

I believe that in order to understand Europe, to love and to defend it, it is essential to realize that we are of one race. No other race of people could have built Europe, and no other race will defend it and carry its unique civilization forward in a meaningful way. In this sense, our people and our civilization are one and the same: Where you find our people, you find our civilization; where you find our civilization, you find our people.

Europe is our extended family, and it is natural for us to love our family and wish for it to prosper. Each of us will die, but each of us plays a tiny part in the history of Europe, and we hope and believe that this magnificent pageant of our people will never die.

Let me talk a little about race. It has become common for intellectuals to say that there is no such thing as race. Like so many forms of insanity, this one originated in the United States. The theory is that race is a sociological illusion, and that races are arbitrary categories. This idea is so wrong and so stupid that only very intelligent people can persuade themselves to believe it.

It should not be necessary to refute something that is obviously wrong. Just look at a Central-American Indian and a European. The differences are obviously real, obviously biological. Anyone who denies this must have ideological motives.

And racial differences can be unforgiving. We assume that a mother is more closely related to her child than to any other child on earth. This is not always true. Let us imagine a Danish woman who has a child with a Nigerian man. Danes and Nigerians are so genetically distant from each other that the Danish mother is actually genetically closer to any random Danish child than she is to her own half-Nigerian child.

Race is the product of tens of thousands of years of separate evolution that have produced not only racial differences in appearance but also in ability and temperament.

It is the unique characteristics of Europeans that explain why European societies are unmistakably similar, whether they are in Central Europe or on the other side of the earth in New Zealand.

But why am I talking about race, at a conference about the future of Europe? It is because there can be no Europe without Europeans. There can be no Europe without people like us. Only men of European stock could have built Europe on my continent, and only men of the same stock can preserve Europe on this continent.

The threat to Europe everywhere is very great. As you may know, in 1960, the population of the United States was 90 percent white. Until 1965 the United States had immigration laws that were designed to keep it European. Since that change in policy, non-white immigrants have poured into the United States, and now my country is only 62 or 63 percent white. Current projections are that in just 28 years, whites will be a minority.

My country is rapidly ceasing to be an outpost of Europe, and with catastrophic results. And yet, rather than recognize catastrophe or understand its cause, Americans are determined to believe that catastrophe is not catastrophe–that it is instead a blessing.

The official ideology of America is that “Diversity is our strength,” and by diversity is meant every possible mix of race, language, religion etc. Many people will tell you that “diversity is America’s greatest strength.”

Of course, diversity is a terrible weakness. It pits different groups against each other and destroys trust. In every part of the world, when peoples who are different in language, religion, or race try to share the same territory, there is conflict. This is virtually a law of nature, but American ideology attempts to rewrite the laws of nature.

The American worship of diversity is sometimes comical. At one time, General George Casey was in overall command of the American forces in Iraq. He said, and I quote, “I firmly believe that the strength of our army comes from our diversity.” He is saying that the US Army is strong, not because it has better equipment or better training, but because it has blacks and Mexicans and Filipinos in it. This is the sort of crazy thing Americans love say.

The American “diversity” ideology really means national suicide through immigration: the replacement of European people by non-Europeans.

I have written a book about what is happening in my country. I think you will find it instructive, because the American sickness is coming to this continent. In the long term you face exactly the same threat we do. In Britain, for example, the current projection is that whites will become a minority by 2066. France and Germany are moving in the same direction.

In 1900 the population of the continent of Europe was three times that of Africa; by 2050, just 150 years later, the population of Africa will be three times greater than that of Europe. Will those Africans want to stay in Africa? No, they will want to live here.

And throughout Europe, governments are permitting millions of aliens to flood into their countries. Our rulers do not understand that a nation has no more precious treasure than its culture and the distinctive genes that made that culture possible. These treasures must be protected by the most powerful means possible, and that is the state. The state is betraying its deepest obligations when it permits large numbers of aliens to settle in a country. From a cultural or genetic point of view, immigration is no different from armed invasion.

Immigration policy is a national policy of evolution. Immigration determines the future genetic makeup of the nation. If immigrants are from Somalia or Honduras, it means the host population has suddenly evolved in the direction of Somalia or Honduras.

This, of course, is why the idea that there is no such thing as race is so pernicious. It is a way of preparing people for their own extinction. It is a way of telling people, “No, no. You’re not being replaced by aliens and strangers. You are being replaced by yourselves.”

Only white people believe this nonsense. You can be sure that Japanese or Pakistanis do not think race is an illusion.

The theme of my talk today is the need for a world brotherhood of Europeans. We must think not in national terms but in terms of our common destiny as a people.

Please note that when I speak of a brotherhood of Europeans I am not saying that all European are the same. Not at all. Within Europe there are many nations, and within these nations there are many regions, each with its own beautiful and distinctive differences. I hope all these nations and regions will endure and prosper.

What I ask of you is to think of all whites anywhere in the world as your European brothers. We Americans and New Zealanders and Afrikaners do not live on the continent of Europe, but we are Europeans. We are part of your family. Needless to say, our governments do not speak for us, indeed our governments often try to silence us, and even though you may not always hear our voices we are there: You have brothers across the sea.

At the same time, I would urge you to think close to home and not only across the sea. It may be easier to think of an American like me as your brother than it is to think of your immediate neighbors as your brothers. And by this, I mean to say that I know what was done to Hungary by the Treaty of Trianon. I know that you have disputes with your neighbors, and grievances are hard to bear, decade after decade.

And yet, I propose to you that it is the survival of our common civilization that is the great prize, and sometimes in order to gain the great prize it may be necessary to give ground on smaller prizes. The central issue of our time is whether Europe and European man will survive. I hope you will not wait for the Algerians and the Chinese and the Africans to come among you to realize that your neighbors are your brothers after all.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking: “What can an American know of armed invasion and defeat in war? What can an American know of the humiliation of having one’s nation torn to pieces?”

Well, some of us do know something about that. All my male ancestors of military age served in the armed forces of the Confederate States of America. They had a nation, with a government, an army and navy, a national currency, and a postal service, and fierce sense of peoplehood. They fought bravely to defend their nation from invasion for four years, but they were utterly crushed, and their nation was destroyed.

When I was younger, I was angry at the North. I used to like to read about the victorious battles of the Confederacy, but now I don’t even like to read about our victories. Even the victories were tragedies. They were victories only because we were more successful at killing our brothers than our brothers were at killing us.

It is the same for the First and Second World Wars. These were the Peloponnesian Wars of our people. They were material and spiritual catastrophes, and many European nations still carry deep wounds from these wars.

The Confederates and their descendants eventually had to come to terms with defeat. I cannot predict how the wounds in Central Europe will heal, but I believe they will heal more quickly if we remember the greater threat that all Europeans face.

This is of urgent concern to me because I have not lost just one nation. After losing the Confederate States I am now losing the United States. I am losing it because my government, which once defended Europe and the genetic heritage of Europe, has opened the gates to invasion. My country is becoming a monstrous, unheard-of mix without an identity of any kind. America’s own rulers are piling up the bonfires that are destroying it.

And this, my brothers, you must not do.

Although the United States is destroying itself, it is still very powerful and influential, and it has the arrogance to think it has the right to impose its ways on the rest of the world. The United States is today the greatest enemy anywhere in the world of healthy, European nationalism and self preservation. If you wish to commit suicide, the United States will help you. If you wish to live, the United States will oppose you.

It is worth remembering the remarks of the American general, Wesley Clark, who was in charge of the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. As he explained:

There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th-century idea, and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.

What he was saying is that France must not be French. Hungary must not be Hungarian. Italy must not be Italian. Every country must become a meaningless stew, just like America.

This is the insanity that has overtaken my country.

The greatest threat to all of Europe is this poisonous ideology of diversity that my country wants to force upon you. Western Europe has already swallowed an enormous dose of this poison. The United States and Western Europe will use their wealth to bribe you, to try to make you embrace diversity. The United States is also a source of much cultural poison in the form of movies, television, and music.

I believe the former members of the Warsaw Pact can hold the line, but it is a race against time. Will they establish themselves as culturally and racially confident nations before they are poisoned by the sicker but wealthier West? Or perhaps the healthier Central European nations will support Western identitarians and save all of Europe. I believe these are the questions on which the future of Europe will turn.

Let me conclude by reiterating the main themes of my talk this evening. First, Europe is wherever we find Europeans, whether they are on the continent of Europe or across the sea. Second, what we Europeans all hold in common is not merely a culture, a history, a way of being, but also the common kinship that we call race. Third, Europe, wherever it is found, is in a life-or-death struggle against displacement by aliens who will transform our societies in ways that would make them unrecognizable to our ancestors.

We must be, all of us, comrades in this great struggle for the defense of everything that we love, in this struggle for the defense of Europe.

Today, the lines are not so clearly drawn, the crisis is not so sharp, but for our generation, this is Thermopylae, this is Poitiers, this is the Siege of Malta, this is Blood River.

Men of Europe, my brothers, we must stand together. We must struggle together, so that together we will prevail.