UN Cites ‘Serious’ S. Korean Racism

Bangkok Post, October 6, 2014

The UN’s top expert on racism outlined Monday “serious problems” faced by migrant workers and foreign marriage partners in South Korea, ranging from discriminatory exploitation and maltreatment to racist verbal abuse.

Following a week-long mission to Asia’s fourth-largest economy, during which requested meetings with ministers failed to materialise, UN Special Rapporteur Mutuma Ruteere said it was clear South Korea faced challenges related to its growing foreign community.

He called for better education, improved legislation–particularly on employment–and steps to ensure the media avoided “racist and xenophobic stereotypes.”

One of Asia’s most ethnically homogenous societies, South Korea has a small but rising foreign population which has not always been made to feel welcome.

Some complaints focus on examples of racial insensitivity, such as performers wearing black-face on TV, or recent advertising for a new cigarette brand “This Africa” which featured chimpanzees dressed as a news anchor and a news reporter.

Others voice direct experience of overt discrimination, particularly migrant workers hired as low-paid, unskilled manual labourers.

Mr Ruteere highlighted the plight of migrant workers in the agriculture and fishing sectors, who suffer tough working and living conditions, and generally work longer hours for less pay than their Korean counterparts.

As well as being denied their entitled share of the catch, non-Korean fishermen are “often subjected to racist and xenophobic verbal and physical abuse by ship owners and captains,” he told a press briefing at the end of his visit.

He also noted that current regulations made it difficult for workers to change employment and many were forced to leave the country in order to be paid their severance settlement when their contract expired.

Together with migrant workers, the other main source of immigration is women–mostly from China and Southeast Asia–who come to marry South Korean men.

Mr Ruteere said the marriage migrants often lacked adequate protection in the event of separation or divorce, especially when no children were involved.

They are “in a particularly vulnerable situation, as many are afraid to report domestic violence for fear of losing their residence permit,” he said.

“You can see there are serious problems. They are problems that need attention by the authorities,” he said.

Marriage migrants have forged a significant demographic change with the number of “multi-ethnic” children born to mixed marriages rising from just over 44,000 in 2007 to nearly 200,000 by 2013, according to government data.

In rural areas, where most mixed marriages take place, some projections suggest 49% of all children will be multi-ethnic by 2020.

While Mr Ruteere said he had not been informed of racist practices at the institutional level, he noted the existence of “xenophobic groups” who argue that policies supporting multicultural families discriminate against Koreans.

“It is important for the government to dispel these myths,” he said. Mr Ruteere’s report on his visit will be handed to the UN Human Rights Council in 2015.


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  • revilo evola

    Mutuma Ruteere is a negro from Kenya. He is said to be the United Nations “expert” on racism. As near as I can tell from a quick search, the man spends his day going around telling other country’s peoples that they are racist. It just goes to show you how little blacks are thought of, around the world (apart from the liberal West, that is).

    Asians tend to be less infected with liberalism, and hence see a spade as a spade, and therefore make the correct call. Maybe it’s because Asian tv stations and movie companies are not run by the usual suspects, so they are not as liberally indoctrinated as we Whites in the West tend to be.

    Mr. Ruteere is the answer to a question that no one in South Korea is asking. This sort of thing may may play in Seattle, among brain dead Whites, but my guess is that South Koreans don’t need, nor do they want, an African telling them how to arrange their society. Perhaps brother Mutuma could try convincing the North Koreans. I’m sure they are more than happy to arrange a suitable reception for both him, and his ideas.

    • WhiteVeinKratom

      You certainly have it right about [b]Seattle[b]. Most are multi-culti. This place is being overrun by brown and speckled-brown rabbits.

      C’mon everyone! Let’s all hold hands and sing Kumbaya!
      (makes me cough up a fur ball. -GAG-)

  • MekongDelta69

    As opposed to what? North Korea’s freedom?

    That’s where I’d send all the guilt-ridden, self-loathing, hypocritical White leftists in a flash.

  • What the UN sees as a bug, I see as a feature.

  • DaveMed


  • IstvanIN

    I would certainly agree that legal migrant workers in South Korea should be paid what they are due and not cheated and that woman should not be subject to abuse in SK, otherwise I say leave the South Koreans alone, no one is forced to move there or watch their TV shows. If the South Koreans are so racist, stay home.

  • CaptainCroMag

    In rural areas, where most mixed marriages take place, some projections suggest 49% of all children will be multi-ethnic by 2020.

    This is seemingly bad news, but on the bright side for Korea, these mixed marriages are overwhelmingly to other Asian ethnicities. At least they aren’t flooding their country with MesoAmericans or Sub-Saharans.

  • Whitetrashgang

    The only problem with racism is if you don’t have enough.

  • Jason Wiley

    With some first hand knowledge of this, the only part of this article that is true is the rural guys are bringing lower IQ Southeast asian brides in. That doesn’t bode well down the line, and I would frequently mention this. The rest is nonsense. I liked the place and was treated well. Generally very clean and modern- no graffiti, crime, hispanics or negroes, except for the occasional african exchange student or military congoloid.

  • If the Koreans are smart they’ll keep all migrants out, including the white ones. Too many white liberals in Korea and the place would be ruined. God help them if they’re allowing blacks and mestizos into Korea.

    • The blacks and Mexicans there are generally US servicemen, who are eventually rotated home. My suspicion is that the majority of foreign workers are from southeast Asia, probably the Philippines.

      • Bossman

        Most of these Filipinos and Filipinas who go to Japan and Korea are sex workers and janitors from what I’ve read.

        • Whitetrashgang

          So your not a janitor?

          • Bossman

            I worked as a janitor off and on when I was a student getting my degree in computer science.

          • Whitetrashgang

            Did you get a job with your degree?

          • Bossman

            Short answer is yes but not after much effort.

          • propagandaoftruth

            So you’re not really a Mexican?

          • Bossman

            No, I’m not Mexican but I’m interested in their culture and I see them ultimately as fellow North Americans. And they will become more so as time goes by.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Sex workers? sounds like an oxymoron.

        • Hotel maids as well.

  • John Smith

    Hmmm…I wonder what the reaction from the anti-white media cabal would be if this exact scenario was occurring in Norway, Sweden…

  • Conrad

    I am convinced that racism is normal. God made the different races and planted the desire to survive in each of them. It’s God’s way of protecting the diversity that He made. It’s the forces of evil that are merging the races & nations. As they merge conflict grows. This allows the NWO crowd to increase control over people in the name of “keeping the peace.”
    Mixing is the problem here, not racism.

    • Guest

      It is normal, it’s a survival mechanism. Every human is endowed with it!!

  • Truthseeker

    100 years ago Korea was under Japanese imperial rule and suffered many atrocities. At the end of WWII they regained their independence, but then the Korean War broke out, devastating the nation and dividing it into two countries. South Korea was then under a brutal dictatorship until the late 80’s. After going through all that hardship, are they suddenly obligated to cater to any outsider who comes along? Let the Koreans be as “racist” as they want. It’s their country.

  • dd121

    Korea for Koreans. What’s wrong with that?

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Switzerland for the Swiss.
      America for Americans of Northern, Caucasian European ancestry with a European Diverstiy Lottery for all others from other parts of Europe. (Caucasian, only)

      • dd121

        That’s the way I see it.

      • benvad

        Where were you in 1965? I wish someone had poisoned Ted Kennedy.

    • RegisterToPost

      The issue is when poor rural Korean farmers marry SE Asians and have kids. The resulting kids are then ruthlessly mocked and bullied in schools. There’s a big push for multiculturalism and inclusion but it seems to extend only to Asian ethnicities.

  • Truthseeker

    As a non-Korean who spent over a year living in Korea, I can say that most people there are nice. Sure, some gave me dirty looks, and some discriminated against me in small ways, but so what? I was there voluntarily, and I had my own country to return to if I didn’t like it. To be sure, I’ve heard that non-White foreigners generally get treated worse there than White foreigners, but hey, our race has earned its reputation. At the end of the day, Korea belongs to the Koreans, and the way they do things should be whatever serves their best interests as a people.

  • Bossman

    So these Koreans are very racist and xenophobic? Why are so many of them coming to North America and South America? They should stay where they are.

    • Whitetrashgang

      So should you.

      • Bossman

        I’m in my beloved America. I don’t feel like going any place else. There are a few countries that I would like visit: Egypt, Israel, Germany and Mexico. And maybe even Cuba when it becomes free. That’s about it.

    • Greg Thomas

      I say the same thing regarding your beloved La Raza mexicans invading this country.

  • Magician

    What is the writer trying to say? Most blacks and whites marry someone of his or her own race and that’s normal. Even most black athletes, for whom money is never a problem, marry black women

    Why should indigenous locals marry someone outside his or her race just to prove he or she is not a racist

    “migrants often lacked adequate protection in the event of separation or divorce”

    Oh then what do you suggest, should it become illegal to divorce? Divorces do happen even among same race married couples

  • Korean guy

    Well I remember reading

    “South Korea to become extinct by the year 2750” which appeared on here on Aug 25


    You will always read bad (but rarely with any reasonable supports) things about South Korea on the Internet….

    • propagandaoftruth

      How do you guys like all the half black war “love kids” we’ve left behind? Or do they all come over here?

      RoK and a hard place – either insane commies or black genetic importing Americans. Well, I think you guys should get back together with the Japanese and renegotiate the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity sphere, but for real this time, and concentrating on containing China, without relying on America.

      I know the Japanese were pretty evil from about 1920 to 1945, arguably longer with you guys, but…they’ve morphed into the world’s weirdest nerds ever and you guys are strong enough to demand a fair share of the spoils. You still aren’t as nerdy as the Japanese, but close.

      But seriously, Japan and S. Korea are both high IQ, productive nations with similar polities and economic interest, as well as a common potential bully to consider. The faster you guys chart a course away from us the better – for you, friend.

      • Brady

        The September 1991 issue of Amren mentions how Japan liked them:

        “One of the consequences of the post-war occupation of Japan was a crop of mixed-race children, left behind when the Americans went home. The half-white children were grudgingly tolerated. The ones who were half-black were bundled off to Brazil, along with their mothers.”

        • Alexandra1973

          Probably figured the half-White children wouldn’t dumb the population down as much as the half-black.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Of course. Sometimes the Japanese, sheltered and ignorant of the true nature of the Congoloid, mistake him for some kind of weird fairy tale creature or swarthy negrito Asiatic leprechaun, like Webster some years ago, or Michael Jackson.

            But wiser heads prevail and ship the produce of such silliness far away for the most part. Sounds reasonable.

          • benvad

            I live there and I see a couple in my kids school, they’re treated alright but no one fawns over them like the half white kids.

        • benvad

          Eureka!! Brazil can be a mulatto dumping ground.

      • benvad

        They self esteem/ insecurity along with their racial hatred of Japanese would never allow it. They’ve been insulted over national identity and were conquered, that’ll never leave.

  • MBlanc46

    If the United Nations ever had a useful function in the world, it hasn’t had one for a very long time. It’s long past time that the curtain be rung down on the farce on the East River.

    • benvad

      The U.N. became useless from the emergence of these crappy African republics, when they were given membership in the organization that’s the day it went to hell.

      I wish we’d leave the U.N. And destroy that building in NYC.

  • redpill99

    perhaps SK should ban migrant labor.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Best advice, and the nicest for Mutuma Ruteere: Mind your own dam’d business

  • 4321realist

    Every race/ethnicity in the world in whatever nation they inhabit has an imbedded trait to prefer his own kind and to be uncomfortable and unfriendly to people who move into their areas and want to live there, especially if they bring their cultures, language and lifestyles with them.

    It’s perfectly natural, and for this writer to single out South Korea for the way every homogeneous group reacts tells me he is either a programmed Orwellian fool who has been conditioned to over ride his naturally embedded traits, and now espouses politically correct dogma like a conditioned lab rat, or he thinks it furthers his career to be that way.

    Perpetuating the species is a very deeply ingrained trait that is on a par with the instinct for survival, and some might say it is the same thing.

    Since people are born that way, it is necessary to mentally conditioned every person at a very young age or they will react to what comes naturally for them.

    And perpetuating the acceptance of a multicultural/multiracial society by the majority of a population requires diligence 24/7/365 or some independent souls just might get the idea they would rather engage in civil war than put up with something that is innately offensive to them.

    If there has ever been in the history of this planet a “man-made” anything, it is the creation of a rainbow utopia. It hangs by a thread on a daily basis.

  • WR_the_realist

    Rather than import foreign workers and mistreat them, South Koreans should do their own manual labor and pay enough to get people willing to do the work. Then there wouldn’t be all the moaning and groaning about racism. The United States should do the same.

    • Alexandra1973

      Yep. If you can make it yourself, you should do so, only import what you can’t produce on your own.

    • redpill99

      like Orania

    • benvad

      Absolutely right just like we should do.

  • Adolf Verloc

    It’s a hoot that none of the government ministers could free up enough time for a meeting with Mr. Ruteere. Here he would have had dinner with Biden or Obama.

  • Stan D Mute

    I will never cease to be amazed by the cultural Marxists’ inability to see the irony of their agitations.

    So Africans and Chinese are horribly mistreated by South Koreans in South Korea? And this horrible suffering is so great that the mighty UN issues a proclamation on the topic.

    Yet NEVER is the question asked: “If South Korea so terribly abuses these Africans and Chinese, WHY do they go to South Korea in the first place? If it is such awful torture there, why do they stay?”

    How blindingly stupid must you be to feel sorry for someone who goes where they are unwanted and finds they aren’t warmly welcomed on arrival? How mentally deficient must you be to believe people travel thousands of miles to go someplace where they will be abused and then choose to stay and suffer the abuse?

    Like essentially ALL cultural marxist dogma, it seems you must possess not an ounce of capacity for objective reasoning to be a believer. It’s almost exactly like “modern art” which appears as if a band of chimpanzees were given some paint and a canvas. Yet the “enlightened” will “ooh” and “ahh” as if they’re looking at the most clever thing they’ve ever seen. It’s one thing if you’re just pretending to believe to gain social status but the true believers can only be insane. Literally insane.

  • RegisterToPost

    Korea has a sensible immigration policy. Like the US, it has a desperately poor country bordering it full of people eager to book it to the richer nation. Unlike the US, the border is mined and patrolled, and exit controls are rigorous. Visa overstayers are fined, deported, and depending on how egregious the violation is, banned.

    Permanent residence visas are granted either on marriage to a Korean, being able to demonstrate your worth to Korean society through a “points” system that takes into account education and employment experience, or residing five years on a professional employment visa (not manual labor).

    And on top of that, most Korean websites require a resident registration number for logins which is granted only to Koreans and those with a valid reason to be in the country.

    Korea has plenty of things wrong with it, but visa policy isn’t one of them.

  • LHathaway

    I’m sure the great-leader in the North will latch onto this.

    • The current NK Kim leader appears to have disappeared. Since he was a psycho, this is not exactly a tragedy. I hope very much that the Koreas peacefully reunify on democratic principles. Germany managed it.

      I met a pair of NK air force defectors here in 1998 after returning home from Australia. They wanted directions to Wal Mart, so I showed them. They seemed OK.

      • Ultimate187

        Korean reunification is not in US geopolitical interests. The American government wants the status quo, not peace.

  • rightrightright

    The situation in North Korea is now rocky. If the North gets out from under the rule of the little fat boy and his controllers, a mass of them will move to the South for work and will gratefully pick up the low paid jobs currently done by non-Koreans.

    I wonder if South Koreans are denigrated into submission with the mantra “doing the jobs the lazy Americans/British/French etc won’t do themselves”?


    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if the U.N’s top Racism Detective’s ever turn their keen, ehmmm, intellect towards the racism in Africa? You know, like the racist state of South Africa and it’s ANC Youth Leader Julius Malema, for instance? A very high profile political figure that literally issued threats of whole sale genocide of any and every White person in the country, on national TV. Some how, a high profile political figure threatening racial genocide on national TV. Seems a bit more serious than the dreaded South Korean monkey smoking a cigarette in a “This Africa” commercial, right?

    Again, does anyone know if the U.N. has ever gone hunting for racist in the dark continents of the world, like Africa? Or is being investigated by the U.N. for supposed racism a privilege reserved for White and Asian country’s alone?

    • benvad

      Forced expulsions of Indians, whites and Asian traders in Kenya, Tanzania and a multitude of other places not the least Zimbabwe.

  • Magician

    This person must have been hired by the U.N. because of that “We have to hire some black males nowadays just to prove that we are not a racist organization or a company” affirmative action.

    I am still not quite sure what this U.N. guy is trying to tell the readers.

    It appears nothing more than one of the 5 billion “I am going to pick on a country that is free from wars and economically stable and the majority of the locals are not black because

    1. I am bored
    2. I want some attention from others but I am not attractive or talented enough to let me get some attention
    3. The more I write politically correct things the faster I get promoted nowadays”


      I’m gonna go with Number 3: “The more I write politically correct things the faster I get promoted nowadays” as being his prime motive for writing this.

  • Lagerstrom

    Glad to hear it South Korea!

    • benvad

      Thats really their problem not ours, the have no problem invading our territory with anchor babies and not assimilating.

      So I’m glaring they’re getting a taste of what we have to live with.

      • Lagerstrom

        Aye, but if European / White countries felt the same way, we’d be a hell of a lot better off.

        • benvad

          Of course you’re right.

        • benvad

          True, but their problems are still not ours.

  • Jack Burton

    “In rural areas, where most mixed marriages take place, some projections suggest 49% of all children will be multi-ethnic by 2020.”

    Absolute nonsense. Those of Korean descent who have foreign citizenship are classified as “foreign nationals” and “non-ethnics.” They are half or more of “foreigners.” Most of the rest are other Mongoloid ethnics.

    • benvad

      99% of foreigners are immigrant Chinese (from Korean provinces). Kind of like an Dialect speaking Italian American moving to Italy, a fish out of water sort of speak.

      • Jack Burton

        No, wrong. Can you not read? It’s not even that bad. Half or more of “foreigners” are actually ethnic KOREANS that have citizenship in a different country.

        • benvad

          Who are you? Kid statistics? The point here is that the ones invading them are East Asians and not blacks or mestizos. So it’s like France being swamped with Poles apart from unpronounceable names it ain’t too bad.

  • Augustus3709

    I knew a Korean once. People thought he was a Mexican, and he was actually a bully believe it or not. We were “cool” though, but he was always getting into trouble. Eventually expelled.

  • John Smith

    If foreigners want to take money from the Koreans, they should expect to not necessarily be welcomed in a mostly homogeneous culture. I expect that the “foreigners” we’re talking about are non-whites and from low-status countries. I expect the Koreans don’t like whites marrying their people either, but they certainly can’t say that they come from economically and socially inferior countries. The obvious solution to such discrimination is to GTFO.

  • benvad

    My wife hated white rednecks because of their bigotry and looking down on her. She especially couldn’t stand the idiot Koreans probably like yourself?

    • Anonymous

      Calling me whatever nationality is neither bad nor true. I would much rather live amongst the Koreans than in Detroit or Venezuela. That being said, I still enjoy being English. You accuse me of being other nationalities because you’re jealous.

      • benvad

        Deal with Kim Jong whatever and quit eating dogs! What did they ever do to you?

        ENGLISH?? Don’t make me laugh, get back Pyongyang or put a real name or avatar and quit hiding behind the anonymous sign alright there chicken little?

  • benvad

    By the way I never said I was consistent in my views.
    How it works is like this, what’s good for me is good for me, and that’s it!

    • Anonymous

      So basically you’re a sociopath. You want foreigners to get out of Canada, yet you want to be able to invade any country you wish. You want to ban others from having interracial marriages, yet you yourself have an interracial marriage.

      I hope that hordes of Blacks and Hispanics invade your country and marry your female relatives.

      Note to other amreners: why do you keep on letting this guy slide by?

      • benvad

        That’s exactly right! The reason being there’s a bunch of other guys married to East Asians besides me. If that’s your issue then all I can say is eat your heart out.

        Go to Stormfront and air your frustrations there. That’s a white nationalist board, do you get it?

  • benvad

    You guys seemed to love Paul Ince as an “Englishman” ‘sarcasim off’

  • bultak23

    The problem is partly related to the words used in these languages. Namely, foreigner. 외국인 or 外国人. Not American, or Egyptian, or whatever, just lumping all people as Korean or foreign, or in Japan as Japanese or foreign. By categorizing and not seeing an individual we tend to exclude them from our circle of empathy. One way of overcoming differences is to talk about similarities.