Boss, Coworkers: US Ebola Patient Knew He Had Ebola, US Trip Was ‘Desperate Attempt to Survive’

Frances Martel, Breitbart, October 3, 2014

A Liberian man who traveled to the United States four days after having contact with a symptomatic Ebola victim in Monrovia “knew he had Ebola,” according to his former boss as a FedEx contractor who said he abruptly left his job before the incident.

In interviews with the Liberian Observer, one of the nation’s largest newspapers, both Thomas Eric Duncan’s former boss, Henry Brunson, and an unnamed coworker agree that they believe Duncan knew he had Ebola when he boarded a plane out of Monrovia with a final destination in Texas. Brunson noted that, having come into contact with a pregnant woman who died hours after her interaction with Duncan, he knew of his disease. “If he were in Liberia, he was going to surely die,” Brunson told the paper, saying he was “glad” that Duncan was in a country with adequate medical resources.

Duncan worked as a driver for Brunson at the FedEx contractor SafeWay Cargo until mid-September. According to the Observer, Duncan was involved in a car accident at the end of the tenure at the company, and, according to workers, “having acquired an American visa, he did not care and never returned to work afterwards.”

Another unnamed source, described as a FedEx worker in Monrovia, told the Observer that Duncan knew he had Ebola, as well. ” {snip} The Observer notes that the departure to America, for the source and others consulted, appeared a “desperate attempt to survive.”


{snip} The Liberian government has announced its intention to prosecute Duncan for having left the country, stating that it has documentation in which Duncan claimed to have never come in contact with anyone carrying the Ebola virus and that such a lie is a criminal infraction.


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  • anony

    Surprise, surprise. These people have not even a casual relationship with the truth.

    They have no compassion for others, none.

    He was willing to put hundreds, if not more, at risk of contracting the disease.

    • propagandaoftruth

      And he was an incompetent fedex delivery guy as well.

      Go figger.

    • SentryattheGate

      He should be dropped off into the deep blue! He should NOT get treatment, that would reward him for his selfishness & complete disregard of others! And treatment would have others come too. Just like the illegals; we let them stay here, they get benefits, others see that and sneak across the border too!

      • DNA Explains It All

        I certainly don’t want a dime of my taxes going to his survival and ultimate spot on the welfare dole.

        • Periapsis

          He’s apparently going to die soon, an Yahoo news article states he is in critical condition. So in all likelihood in a day or two he will be dead and facing his maker. One hopes Hell does have a three headed devil dog guarding the gate.

          • Cerberus only doesn’t let folks out. Going in a completely different matter.

          • Periapsis

            Sure, that is why one hopes he won’t be leaving Hell.

      • Ella

        I have friends who have 20 to 70K worth of medical bills to pay on for many years to life as part for their “generous” repayment programs for US citizens. One even declared a medical bankruptcy, but no harp strings sing for Americans.

    • DNA Explains It All

      Negro’s have no problem turning anywhere they are allowed into absolute hell on earth and living in it so long as no one else is allowed to make and have better. Disgusting trait really.

  • Sloppo

    I expect this to happen a lot more if strict measures are not enforced to prevent it.

    • Countdown to Ebola-infected Africans being given special asylum status because Ebola patients in Western countries actually stand a chance of survival.

      • Paws

        The Nicaraguan and Guatemalan children have been welcomed in and are spreading disease too. Will Obama keep the Ebolas out? I doubt it.

        • SubverviusMagnus

          I had something very nasty recently, probably was the enterovirus.

        • thegodsofeden

          Hell no! They be his fellow countrymen.

        • Different disease, but the same idea.

    • AutomaticSlim

      Obammy lifted the HIV ban on immigrants in 2009.
      Why would he treats Ebola any differently?
      He wants Africans and other 3rd worlders in here no matter what.
      Disease or no disease, he wants blacks and browns to flood this country.
      All part of the plan.

  • AmericanCitizen

    This guy won’t be the first to run to America when he’s infected. Once others see that infected Ebola people are treated and not thrown out of the country, why not try to get here?

    • Exactly! Our nations weakness in dealing with infected people who come here will only motivate others to do the same thing – all at the cost of our lives and the burden of the American taxpayer!

      • AmericanCitizen

        If Ebola was in South America every diarrhea ridden blood puking hispanic would be swarming our border – and there’s enough idiots in the country to let them in under humanitarian guises. How about thinking about Americans for once, and seal the border!

        • kikz2

          demand minimum 21 day quarantine for entering foreign nationals, especially Africans and travelers from there until this plague is contained and on the wane…

          i can’t dream can’t i?

          • No you cannot dream. Dreaming is only for 90 IQ Indio illegal aliens.

        • Teresa Nichols

          They don’t think of themselves as “Americans” anymore. I don’t know what people who’ve had the brains sucked out of them identify as, but it certainly isn’t as an American.

    • AutomaticSlim

      They already come for WIC, and then with their anchor babies, Welfare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Public housing, Head Start, etc..
      When will it stop?
      Probably at this point only with partitioning or some type of revolution.
      Too many White liberals and moderates in this country to overturn the laws allowing for these suicidal programs.

      • Ella

        Hispanics and 3rd worlders will keep on coming as the US Govt give out free gifts and benefits to them.

    • DNA Explains It All

      That we have not enforced a no fly zone over the whole of sub Saharan Africa already is insanity on a global scale. This is a bigger threat than any muzzie terror groups could ever amount to.

    • Periapsis

      This is how I would treat them. Because they are literally poison to us even when they are not carrying lethal diseases.

  • Of course he lied; that goes without saying. But I want to know who paid for his ticket.

    • JInSanD

      And why did he continue to lie and expose others once he got here?

      • AutomaticSlim

        For the same reason they spread AIDS around like jam on a piece of toast.

      • anony

        Because lying is part of their DNA. You know, “I dint do nuffin.”

  • MekongDelta69

    Again… He’s black. Our dictator will allow any black to do anything they want – without consequences.

  • The man probably knew he could get away with it because racially guilt-ridden Americans wouldn’t challenge him too much. He could, after all, deny he had the Ebola virus and simply pull out the ‘race card’ as a last resort.

  • Stan D Mute

    Typical african sociopath. Knowing he had ebola, he shacked up and puked Ebola virus all over his girlfriend and a bunch of children…

    Africans almost never bother to provide the least care for their own children, should we be surprised when they endanger others?

    • DNA Explains It All

      Not one damn bit. They employ a completely different reproductive and survival strategy. Flood the field with low investment offspring and hope enough survive to carry on. Weather is the normal African government.

  • The average IQ in Liberia is 67, mildly retarded. Lower IQ people tend to be concerned only with the short run, only with their own pleasure.

    He’s not capable of understanding the issues we’re talking about here, such as honesty, responsibility, altruism, etc. That’s why he must go and the border must be sealed now.

    These creatures have always been a drag and an annoyance. Now, they’re death. Seal the border.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      And yet it is the Liberians who are talking of prosecuting him, while we are all, “His exposed acquaintances find quarantine less than a picnic. The horror!”

  • Periapsis

    That is why if I was running the country, all travel to and from Africa would be banned, the border sealed and if necessary lethal force will be used to stop Africans from feeling Africa to bring Ebola here. Vaporizing them with fuel-air and other thermobaric bombs is doing everyone a favor.

  • Chip Carver

    It doesn’t matter whether this cretinous fiend lied to get in. What matters is that US “Officials” let him through, and let others like him enter the US while knowing that this epidemic is in full swing in sunny care-free Africa.

    How many others from that cesspool has the US Government let enter the US on purpose, hoping to spread a plague? None of this is by accident. If the govt. wanted to keep out third world diseases, it would close the borders to third world stone age peoples. Instead, that’s all our government allows in these days. It is an attack on whitey in the US, who is still as yet blissfully unaware that a horrible, ancient enemy has been at war with him, inside the gates, for a century.

    • SentryattheGate

      “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
      ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

      • Of course I have to respond to this one. I usually like to put a date with such quotes as some don’t know who Cicero was. I’m guessing he wrote this around the middle of the 1st century BC.

        Another quote we should look up is the one by a prominent Greek historian about 460 BC, saying that bad dictators (they identified both good & bad ones) are characterized by preferring aliens [foreigners] more than their own countrymen.

        I googled for it fruitlessly, but really need to go thru my Kindle to find it.

        • Periapsis

          Whoever that Greek historian was, HE was absolutely right.

          • SentryattheGate

            Yep, human nature does not change! There will always be the power-hungry, and those who can never have enough money—the average person cannot imagine that mindset! That is why the average person cannot accept the FACT that there ARE conspiracies against US! What is destroying our country has been planned for decades!

        • SentryattheGate

          I look forward to seeing that quote, Claudius! Cicero was assassinated either right before or after Julius Caesar was killed.

    • kikz2

      exactly! they issued the visa……

  • Fed Up

    “A desperate attempt to survive” and to hell with whomever he might infect. Sums it up perfectly, I’d say.

  • B Baker

    “The Liberian government has announced its intention to prosecute Duncan for having left the country, stating that it has documentation in which Duncan claimed to have never come in contact with anyone carrying the Ebola virus and that such a lie is a criminal infraction.”

    So the Liberian Government is going to jail him for going to America, but Liberia declined to charge “general butt naked” a guy who during the civil war there openly admitted on TV to murdering 10,000 people, rape, cannibalism, training child soldiers, and killing children and eating them!
    I decline to hold my breath to wait for Liberia or the United States to ever bring this Ebola tourist to any form of justice. Wow this world is just getting worse and worse hourly! I am ALMOST at the point where nothing surprises me anymore.

    I have my passport and money set aside to get the hell out of here and back to the Philippines if Ebola takes off here like I think it might. These are really, really scary times we all live in. Pathetic, sad, and extremely dangerous times.

    • Who Me?

      If (when) Ebola really takes off here in the U.S. don’t count of the Philippines or anywhere else being stupid enough to let any Americans in. Most countries are smarter than that–only America continues to sit there with all doors open and nobody guarding them to keep infected vermin out. If your bug-out plans include travel to another country you would be smart to get there NOW, later will probably not be possible.

      • B Baker

        I agree but it would be foolish to detail explain a bug out plan here or anywhere online.

        One thing though, I’m now a dual citizen thanks to my wife. There are ways out.

        • Who Me?

          No, it’s always best to keep your plans to yourself, or at least confided only to close family members who need to know. The less people who know about something, the less people there are who can mess those plans up or accidentally tell the wrong people. I’m glad you have plans in place. Dual citizenship can certainly help in a lot of situations, not just this one.
          Here’s hoping this is not as bad as reported, and wishing you (and the rest of us too) all the best in getting through it.

      • The Philippines already has Reston, a filovirus related to Ebola, but which does not kill people. Reston has been found among both pigs and human workers on farms near Manila. The Philippines also has fruit bats, which can act as an Ebola reservoir. An outbreak of something occurred in Australia while I was living there, spread by fruit bats, which was killing horses, jockeys and groomers in 1998.

        Reston might actually be the key to an Ebola vaccine. If it does not kill humans, the idea might be to inject people with Reston. This may confer some immunity to Ebola. Of course, trials would have to be conducted with monkeys.

        Going to the Philippines does not seem like a very good escape strategy to me.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Here’s how the Ebola scam works: the Liberian government claims it will “prosecute” Thomas Duncan others who “lied” about being infected with Ebola. Consequently, any fears of being prosecuted for punished will take front and center as a possible “human rights violation” of the ill and dying. Hence, Mr. Duncan will claim asylum in the U.S and it’s not likely the Liberian government wants him back anyway. The threat of prosecution is just a cover to allow Dunan to remain in the U.S. — at taxpayer expense.

      • B Baker

        Agreed. It is small potatoes though when millions may die from this outbreak.

        Very scary times,

  • Luca

    Just as an HIV positive rapist can be charged with criminal transmission of HIV, so should this cretin be charged and sentenced back to the Motherland.

  • david dorian

    When the pain and consequences for those who come illegally and those who enable it are greater than the benefits in stealing, parasitism and treason, then the invasion will stop.

    So until that is done, the parasites will continue to try and destroy my nation.

    • Your nation? Such antiquated thinking. If you say that in the streets of Miami you’ll be laughed at by some & hit over the head with a bottle by the others. The police won’t do anything to protect you and will just say “it’s your own fault for being so racist”.

      • It’s actually my nation; the rest of you only live here.

        • Periapsis

          If your ancestors fought, bled and died for it, then the U.S. is your nation. Doubly so if you bled for it. A helluva lot of my ancestors died fighting for this land, therefore this is my nation as well.

        • Bobbala

          Didn’t I see you in Braveheart?

  • A Freespeechzone

    The president of Liberia mentioned that this man was selfish to have exposed many to Ebola in his journey to the US—-and announced he is no longer welcome back to Liberia….

    Terrific…another export of diseased, ignorant takers in society….

    • Who Me?

      Oh, Liberia doesn’t want him back? Understandable, but WE don’t want him either, so what to do with him? Maybe… feed him to the fishies?

      • thegodsofeden

        NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! My God, I’d like to be able to eat a tuna fish sandwich every now and then.

      • Periapsis

        No, feed him to the crabs on the sea floor, no fish need be harmed. All Mr. Duncan needs is a pair of concrete shoes with lead insoles.

  • At this point, if white people avoid contact with Africans, for fear of contracting Ebola, will they be accused of “racism?”

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Pretty soon, you’ll be racist for not HAVING Ebola!

      • thegodsofeden

        Then I plan on being a racist!

    • kikz2

      frankly, and in the famous words of rhett butler.. i don’t give a damn…..well beyond it. i see eventually if the spread continues.. open season to be declared. this thing is less than 30miles from me.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    I don’t even know what to say. If further reporting confirms this story, every single person who works in that Dallas hospital who has a soul and basic human dignity should refuse care to this man. His behavior is unfathomably reckless and he is not capable of living in even his own society (something they seem to appreciate, even as we don’t).

    I already know that won’t happen. How did we get so insane? Don’t say liberalism because your Christian conservatives work as hard but quietly for the same end.

    • All true but “Christian” conservatives are hardly the only ones doing this..

      • Usually Much Calmer

        That Jews control our thoughts like Descartes’ evil genius is magical thinking.

        If they simply control our thoughts by virtue of controlling the media, why do we keep exposing ourselves to such base media? The last time I was on a plane the in flight movie was the Jackie Robinson story, the last movie I saw had a trailer for the James Brown movie. Jews can make these films (if they even do. . .don’t know, don’t care), but no one can make us watch them.

        • bilderbuster

          If they even do?
          Don’t know, don’t care?
          The fact that a tiny, but enormously powerful and hostile minority controls nearly all of the news and information of any White nation should concern all White peoples of all White nations.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            Jews control the media in a small town in Switzerland where that Eritrean woman with 3 or 4 kids at home and the rest in an orphanage needs a maid and a cook on the village tax base?

          • meanqueen

            Moderators, hello??? I was told that comments about Jews are not allowed unless the article is about Jews. Mine always get deleted, yet here are some more that are allowed to stand. What’s up?

        • Periapsis

          Indeed, that is why the best thing whites can do is boycott movies and unplug the Talmudvision too.

  • “He probably lied to authorities” … Probably? Probably? No, that he lied is one of several things we’re sure about, and which the MSM continues to hide as best it can.

  • A Freespeechzone

    ISIS and islam doesn’t have do a thing, but watch this country be afflicted by a pandemic of Ebola…then, at our weakest point…..attack.

    We lose…..and Obama, Democrats & RINOs own this….

    • Chasmania

      Ebola is too messy and harder to spread wide and deep, but Smallpox…. ?

      Really surprised some enterprising jihadi types haven’t splashed enough cash around to get either a compromisable bio warfare scientist to cough up some virus or a willing government willing to risk the wrath of the US supplying it for them.

  • Bobbala

    I wonder how long it would take Obama to get the army involved were a state, or states, to seal their borders and airports …

    • bilderbuster

      Ask Governor Rick Perry if the Texas National Guard will act like greeters at Wal-Mart when they see Africans crossing the border like they do with everyone else.

      • kikz2

        all the fed has to do is declare a medical emergency… activate MSHEPA the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act and Perry has his gov nuts handed to him on a plate.. if a “health emergency” is declared, he’s neutered. He’ll no longer have power to call out the guard, they revert to fed control. this ‘row duck’ was legislated after 911, it’s been around since then.. waiting patiently.

        • bilderbuster

          I’m aware of that.
          I was being a wise acre pointing out Prick Fairy’s expensive PR stunt putting the Texas National Guard on the border to act as nothing more than uniformed observers.
          Anyone who still believes that the American government on either the Federal or State level is doing anything to uphold the laws or protect the interests of the Majority of it’s populace is truly delusional.
          Anyone even paying partial attention to the whole Ebola mess can’t help but notice that the US government has done absolutely nothing to prevent the Ebola virus from infecting Americans and everything possible to make it spread here.

  • Caucasoid88

    BREAKING NEWS: Liberals scream RACISM because doctors treating the African Ebola patient are predominantly white males! Said Rachel Maddow: “Really? Really? Is this honestly America in 2014? Thomas Eric Duncan faces greater risk of death due to lack of diversity in the CDC.”

    • Who Me?

      If true White Americans had any backbone, this ebony son of Africa WOULD face a greater chance of death because all his doctors and nurses are white. But no White American medical workers have any backbone or spirit of compassion for their fellow White Americans, so he is safe from having to pay for his crime, plus he is also safe from affirmative action “doctors” too. Isn’t he a lucky fellow?

    • kikz2

      you didn’t hear the f*cker being interviewed by gay blade anderson cooper? some ‘supposed’ ebola expert…. said we can’t close the borders to africans because of slavery…..

  • Malgus

    Mods and Admins, do me a solid and let this post fly…

    Folks, a guy over at Raconteur Report wrote an article that everyone should read, even if you don’t much care about Ebola… everyone should read it. His points are THAT GOOD. And he backstops his points with solid facts…

    Here.. http : / / raconteurreport (dot) blogspot . kr / 2014 / 10 / you-cant-handle-truth . html

    The short version is: We’re being soft soaped. Snowed. The cooing noises being made by the CDC are just that – cooing noises designed to get you to go back to Da Game or worrying about Kim Kardashian’s gigantic talentless backside…

    That moron who walked into that Dallas hospital with Ebola couldn’t have done a more thorough job of potentially infecting people if he had a team of experts from MENSA work out his Evil Master Plan…

    • thegodsofeden

      I knew it was MENSA! 🙂

    • Black Swan

      The first hospital he showed up at was most likely ordered to turn him away so he could infect as many people as possible while the CDC announced there is “absolutely no threat from ebola,” etc.

      I am convinced this is being done on purpose to infect the American population.

      • Malgus

        Previous post disappeared…

        Short version: I do not doubt there are people evil and vile enough in the current regime to use first swarms of infected South American children, then contagious Ebola-carrying Africans as bioweapons against us.

        Ebola Mary was allowed into the US – either intentionally or with feigned incompetence – allowed to stroll around infecting and contaminating at will, then this walking bioweapon strolled into a 1,000 bed critical care hospital in Dallas and effectively neutralized it. Anyone with more than two working brain cells won’t touch that hospital with a barge pole…

        I know if I lived within 20 blocks of that hospital, I’d either be bugging out, already bugged out or planning on bugging out…

  • Greg Thomas

    The Liberian government will prosecute this criminal, but I bet this government will not.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      No, the “threat” of prosecution is just an excuse for the bleeding-hearts in the U.S. to keep Mr. Duncan here. Don’t be surprised if the threat of “prosecution” is a tall-tale concocted to protect Duncan from being deported. Threats of gang violence has worked wonderfully to keep the “unaccompanied” children here in the U.S. — at taxpayer expense.

    • Bobbala

      Are you kidding … this is just a setup for the mass Liberian rescue from Ebolaphobic “persecution” and resettlement in Idaho, Wyoming, Texas, …

    • Black Swan

      This government will label the ebola carrier a political refugee and offer him immediate citizenship, along with his 90 or so ebola-infected relatives that will be flown in to receive treatment in the U.S. at taxpayer expense.

      Funny, isn’t it that an African dictator has more sense than the president of the United States?

      Who’s a thought that we’d ever look to an African dictator over the president of the U.S.?

      • anony

        “…African dictator……president of the US… but, wait… oh, never mind.

        • Who Me?

          exactly what I thought!

  • Do you really believe all these wild news articles AmRen comes up with? Ebola? Really? How come I’ve not heard of all this on the MSM? It because there simply is no ebola threat, people there know better than to panic.

    Instead they talk about real world concerns like Isis in the mid east, how Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters are being persecuted for trying to be “more like us”, and that unemplyment in Obama’s economy is at an all-time low.

    • Black Swan

      The media do a good job of diverting attention away from the very real threat of ebola, cover for Obama when he says he won’t stop travel from ebola-infested countries, then trot out a government agent like the head of the CDC to soothe Americans’ fears that ebola is any kind of threat.

      All while ebola is being spread around the U.S. as fast as possible. 3,000 soldiers are even being sent in to ebola countries to pick it up, bring it back and make sure the disease is spread here.

      The government and media of the U.S. are beyond evil.

  • RacialRay

    After investing many thousands in American taxpayer dollars to save this pickaninny’s life, we will surely keep him here, on the dole, that he might be a shining beacon to other infected Africans.

    Hey, ‘soup’s on’ in America!

  • mobilebay

    If and when this man survives, he should be imprisoned for premeditated attempts on the lives of all those with whom he came in contact. He knew exactly what he was doing and didn’t care. Throw the book at him!

    • He could probably be prosecuted under post-9/11 laws for possession of a weapon of mass-destruction (the Ebola virus). Since he deliberately transported it across international borders, the crime would instantly be federal.

  • kikz2

    i hope he/his genetic progeny disappear from the Earth….and that’s the nicest thing i can think of to say.

  • fgbrunner3

    Impeach Obama Now

  • Magician

    ….. Everyone’s all time favorite villain in the world has something to say

  • Christorchaos

    Not saying that it would be out of the question for a person to fly to the United States for humanitarian medical treatment. But this has to happen with the full knowledge of the government, and in an orderly, cautious and prudent, fashion. But with so-called anti-racism running at a fever pitch, such is impossible.

    • Black Swan

      And who pays for it?

      As an American taxpayer, I believe I should not be forced to pay for medical treatment for foreign nationals who arrive on our shores expecting expensive treatment and hospital beds that should go to American citizens. There are enough destitute medical leeches here as it is.

      I am sick of “humanitarian” treatment for non-Whites, the vast majority of whom would like to see us dead – but not before they steal our resources, technology and living space.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    By the end of this month it will be considered ‘racist’ not to have Ebola.

  • KyraNelson

    Shouldn’t we all be doing something besides complaining about a government that at best is a bunch of leftist addled morons, or at worst actively trying to kill us? One quick Google will get all the information regarding Senators, Congress, etc. Let’s send them some letters how we really feel. Also the state & local level.

  • GeorgeRA

    Every one coming into contact with Duncan or anyone who has or who is
    suspected of showing symptoms of Ebola must be quarantined including
    those people on the plane with Duncan or anyone at the airport that had
    contact with Duncan or anyone at the airport who got close to Duncan,
    anyone who gave him a ride, taxi,friend,bus,relative,etc.
    Those more
    than five thousand American troops in Ebola Land now must be
    quarantined before returning to the US and they must be quarantined from
    each other so that if only some soldiers have contracted Ebola they
    cannot give it to all of the more than five thousand troops there. This
    must be done before that five thousand potentially Ebola carriers can
    returned to the US.

  • The number of cases seems to be declining.