Report from Budapest (Updated)

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, October 5, 2014

A full report on the “forbidden” NPI conference.

Editor’s Note: The ending of this article has been updated.

It was a bold idea from the beginning. The National Policy Institute (NPI), an American organization, was to hold a conference in Budapest on “The Future of Europe.” In addition to well-known identitarians such as Philippe Vardon of France, Markus Willinger of Germany, and myself, the controversial Russian academic Alexander Dugin, was to take part. Hungary’s Jobbik party would provide essential support on the ground, and one of its elected representatives was to address the meeting.

However, about two weeks before the conference, Prime Minister Victor Orban came under pressure from the Hungarian Socialist Party and condemned the conference. His statement mentioned Prof. Dugin by name, and characterized NPI as a “xenophobic and exclusionary” organization. Those of us scheduled to take part began to worry that pressure would build on the Larus Event Center to cancel its contract to host the conference.

Things got worse. A little more than a week before the conference, the Interior Ministry issued a statement forbidding the meeting, and warning that all speakers would be stopped at the border or deported if found within Hungary. Again, Prof. Dugin was cited as a particularly offensive speaker, but others were cited as “racists” who might violate the Hungarian fundamental law that forbids “violating the human dignity of others.”

I arrived on September 29, the Monday before the weekend of the conference, and had no trouble with border control. Others were not so lucky. William Regnery, the NPI board chairman, was scheduled to fly in for a Tuesday meeting with the general manager of the Novotel City Center hotel, where a number of conference events were planned. Mr. Regnery had asked me to attend the meeting with him, but when I got to the hotel, I was dismayed to learn that Mr. Regnery had not arrived. The hotel manager confirmed that the Larus Center had canceled its contract. He also said that many people attending the conference were booked at the hotel and that since the meeting was now forbidden, he had to make a decision about whether to hold the rooms.

Later that day I learned that Mr. Regnery had been stopped at the Hungarian border by the police, put in a detention cell overnight, and deported to London. That same day, the hotel manager unilaterally canceled all the room reservations and planned events.

Likewise on Tuesday, I was shocked to learn that Jobbik support had completely melted away, and that no one was looking for an alternate venue. I knew that Jobbik representative Marton Gyongyosi, who had been scheduled to speak, had withdrawn, accusing the organizers of “racism,” but I assumed we still had some local Hungarian support. I was wrong. We had no one. Mr. Regnery telephoned from London and asked me to find a suitable venue. We were also in contact with Richard Spencer, the director of NPI, who asked me to find a private room in a restaurant for a dinner–for an estimated 70 people.

The forbidden conference was now big news. The press was full of stories about Russian extremists and American “racists” about to converge in Budapest. I was afraid it would arouse suspicions if an American phoned up restaurants trying to book a last-minute dinner for 70. I decided to wait until the next day, when I knew a Hungarian-American would be arriving, who could make calls in Hungarian.

We finally got to work on Wednesday, and found a charming, traditional restaurant that was willing to serve as many as 100 people in a private room. We took a taxi to the restaurant, worked up a menu, and made a down payment. We had a venue!–so long as we could keep it secret. We scouted the neighborhood and established a redirection point nearby so that we could tell people to meet there and be taken to the restaurant rather than reveal its name and address in advance. Mr. Spencer was thus able to send e-mail messages to everyone registered for the conference, telling them that the event was still on, and that they were to meet Saturday evening at the redirection point.

Mr. Spencer was to arrive the next day, and we were all worried he would get the same treatment as Mr. Regnery, but he slipped across the Austrian-Hungarian border by train without attracting attention. He gave a number of interviews to the press, and he and I met Thursday evening to toast to the success of the conference.

Disaster struck the next day. Mr. Spencer had sent a message to a number of supporters inviting them to meet him informally at the Clock Café in Budapest that evening. Late that night, an estimated 40 police officers descended on the café and locked it down for two hours, while they asked for identification papers and grilled people.

Some 20 people who did not have papers were taken outside for interrogation. Mr. Spencer, who did not have his passport with him, was arrested and asked police to let everyone else go. He was detained along with French-American journalist James Willy, whom the authorities appear to have thought had some role in organizing the conference. We have since heard from Mr. Spencer that he is safe and unhurt, but is likely to be in detention until Monday, when he will be deported. Fortunately, I was not at that gathering; otherwise, I suspect I would be sharing a cell with Mr. Spencer.

The arrest was a terrible blow. We don’t know how the police knew to go to the Clock Café, so we didn’t know how much our security was breached. I felt sure the police did not know about the restaurant, but did they know about the redirection point? This was a forbidden meeting. Would they arrest everyone who showed up?

Mr. Regnery had planned to come back to Hungary at the last minute for the dinner but after Mr. Spencer’s arrest, he decided that would be foolish. On Saturday morning we consulted by phone and had to make some hard decisions. Cancel for fear the police would break up the meeting? Tell only trusted people the name of the restaurant and tell everyone else the dinner was off?

I met with a trusted associate of Richard Spencer. We looked over the list of 65 or so people who said they planned to come to the redirection point and recognized only about 20 names. We sent them a message with the name and address of the restaurant, but told everyone else to go to the redirection point. I went directly to the restaurant, and another man went to the redirection point early, to keep an eye out for the police. If there were no police, he was to bring people to the restaurant. Otherwise, just the 20 or so people we knew would meet at the restaurant. How much did the police know? I packed a change of clothes and a toothbrush in my briefcase in case I had to spend the night in a cell.

As it happened, there were no police at the redirection point, and people were skillfully taken in groups to the restaurant. Before long, we had 76 people in all–more than half the original number of registrants–including guests from Sweden, Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, Slovakia, Britain, Ireland, Croatia, the United States, Spain, Canada, Russia, and even Mexico and Japan. To my disappointment there was only one Hungarian. He explained that the conference had been virtually unknown in Hungary until the scandal broke, and that a few others who had registered dropped out when the police prohibited the meeting.

We admitted three journalists who had been cleared in advance by Mr. Spencer, but kept out half a dozen more who showed up but had not been cleared. I stepped outside and answered their questions for 20 minutes, but decided not to let them cover the event.

Press Conference

Jared Taylor held an impromptu press conference outside the restaurant. He asked the cameras not to show his face for fear he would later be recognized and arrested.

Back at the restaurant, I welcomed everyone in the name of NPI. After an excellent dinner, I apologized for the thin program–only two scheduled speakers–but pointed out that speakers had been expressly forbidden to enter the country.

I explained that at least two other speakers had been directly intimidated. The Hungarian government had prevailed on the French to send the police to tell Philippe Vardon that since he was a “notorious racial activist” he was unwelcome in Hungary and would arrested if he tried to come. The Russian police told Alexander Dugin the same thing: He would be expelled immediately if he tried to come to Hungary.

I then introduced the only other scheduled speaker who was able to attend: the author and academic, Tom Sunic. Mr. Sunic lives in neighboring Croatia, and took real risks to come to Budapest. Croatia is not in the free-travel Schengen area of the European Union, and there was a good chance he would be turned back or even detained at passport control. It would be a considerable professional liability to have been officially rejected as an undesirable by a neighboring country.

Mr. Sunic spoke on the failure of the European Union. He pointed out that it was originally established as an economic community, and criticized the role of capitalism in dissolving ethnic and racial bonds: “Merchants have no country.” He spoke of the guilt that seems to be part of Catholicism and that causes Europeans to welcome Third-World immigration. Mr. Sunic urged all Europeans to rise above old antagonisms left over from past conflicts and to embrace a larger destiny. He stressed the dangers of petty nationalism that resulted in the terrible bloodshed in his own country, the former Yugoslavia, and concluded with a rousing call for all Europeans to work together to preserve their common culture and heritage.

My talk (full transcript here) was called “Towards a World Brotherhood of Europeans.” I argued out that it is not only on the continent of Europe that we find Europe but in all those places overseas where Europeans have built new societies. I said that I speak for many Canadians, New Zealanders, Australians, and Afrikaners when I call myself a European and refer to Europe as my spiritual and cultural homeland. I said that only Europeans–white people–could defend Europe and carry its heritage forward in a meaningful way, and that our people and civilization are under threat everywhere. I argued that the genetic and cultural effect of alien immigration is no different from armed invasion, and concluded that although the crisis is not sharp, nor the lines so clearly drawn, the struggle of our generation to defend Europe is no different from Marathon, Poitiers, the Siege of Vienna, and the Battle of Blood River.

Jared Taylor speaks to the

Jared Taylor speaking at the restaurant

We had booked the restaurant from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m., and the crowd was thick and exuberant until 11:30 when the management politely sent us out the door to catch the last subway trains home.

Walking tours of Budapest had been planned for Sunday, but we had no information on where to go to take the tours. At the end of Saturday evening, an enterprising young American approached me with what turned out to be a real inspiration. He asked me to send an e-mail notice to all registrants, inviting them to gather at Heroes Square on the Pest side, from which we could break into groups and visit the city’s historical attractions in pleasant company. About 40 people gathered at the square, and walked to such places as the Museum of Terror and the Museum of Fine Arts.

The American also organized a gathering at a pub that evening. Forty or 50 of us turned up, and joined in humorous and patriotic toasts to the many countries represented by conference guests. This was a jovial and even raucous evening that some considered the highlight of the weekend.

We all left Budapest filled with a renewed sense of commitment and camaraderie. The conference–abbreviated and cobbled together though it was–felt like a brilliant success in the face of outrageous police-state tactics.

And what did the United States government think about all this? The charge d’affaires in Budapest André Goodfriend did manage to say that “under U.S. law their right to express their views would be protected under the First Amendment,” but stopped just short of endorsing Richard Spencer’s arrest: “We’re glad to see that the government of Hungary shares our concerns that messages that a group like this promotes are abhorrent. We’re pleased to see that the government of Hungary is speaking out to reaffirm that it does not support those who promote racial or ethnic intolerance.”

Mr. Goodfriend makes us all proud to be Americans.

We look forward to future meetings with our European brothers.

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • Danimalius

    I am glad to hear Mr. Spencer is unharmed. NPI and our fellow European comrades have stood up to tyranny in the modern age on our behalf and earned everlasting honor, while the regime in Hungary and its henchmen have earned shame. Remember this event, when European man did not back down from the liberal machine.

    • propagandaoftruth

      I’m surprised the Hungarian gubbamint was so histrionic and self hating.

      Oh, socialists plus less than apt opposition equals libtard oppression and censorship.

      There are indeed messages and ideas so dangerous to the world libtard establishment that they must be censored, their adherents jailed and gagged.

      Propaganda of Truth. Very subversive to systems built of lies.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        As I stated above I think a lot of it is the cloak they wear and the way they frame their arguments. When you stand up and say that a large portion of the population is worthless or that non-whites are sub-human etc. it sets off a reaction. Then you can go call yourself a victim, but rather it seems like a play. They purposely expect to be hated and then when *surprise* they are punished they cry foul. This is what keeps pro-white policies out of the mainstream.

        And some kind of Nazi fantasy is just that, a fantasy. The Nazis rose because some very wealthy people backed them up and Jewish banking really didn’t do a lot to stop them because they knew this would justify Israel. Maybe 20% of the population were actually Nazis. It was never a populist movement, but rather a group that siezed control. It’s unlikely to happen again since all the money and power is mostly in Jewish hands now and also the population as a whole never supported such ideas. You might get 25% of the vote during really hard times, but that’s about it. The only real way to protect European identity is to go mainstream with it and not be so threatening and confrontational towards others.

        • propagandaoftruth

          I don’t want to get too genetically determinist despite my Calvinist genetics, but I’ve kind of identified two forms of White that I do find detestable and contemptible – and some of the explanation must involve genetics.

          1. Suicidal Eloi. It’s really a form of mental illness I think, having been there, having slithered amongst. Morally and psychologically/sociologically it’s a vile form of…hyper-Whiteism. The culmination of all the best and most noble and self sacrificing and self sacrificing and self sacrificing lily pure Whiteness. It results in a suicidal self loathing goody two shoes who, like all the best suicidal ideators, craves company…and attention…and a messianic screed…

          Is too cowardly to just off himself.

          2. White negroes. Sure the “wigger type”, but honestly those microcephalic fetal alcohol syndrome “whites” are beneath contempt. No, I’m talking about the true herd animals that believe in some form of witchcraft to explain their own failures and limits, and resort to senseless brutality like a muzzie or negro.

          Like these guys.

          OK, no graphic.

          • propagandaoftruth

            These guys…

            Or not.

            The photo of the Croat Ustasa fellows sawing off the head of the Serb White because they considered Muslim Bosnians preferable to Orthodox Serbs. Wkipedia image.

            Technical difficulties.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Last try before a restart…

            3rd time’s a charm!

            There they are, sawing away. Not my Folk.

          • B.A_2014

            I’ve met a few liberals that deserve the saw. This is part of the problem with Pan Euro nationalism . There is so much bad blood between certain Europeans groups. These wounds need to heal and fast.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Sure and I’d like to blood eagle some folks myself…
            But…there’s this thing called the gallows. It’s simple, cheap, quick, and as civilized as capital punishment gets.
            And it should not be put in the hands of a bloodthirsty mob. It should be the ultimate tool of civilization, not an instrument of its demise.
            Apologies for preachiness. Day off. Getting hungary.

          • B.A_2014

            On the contrary comrade, a million heads should role and a blood thirsty mob are just the people to do it.

          • WR_the_realist

            Don’t be surprised to find that the blood thirsty mob is coming after you.

          • B.A_2014

            Unfortunately you are probably right.

          • propagandaoftruth

            And I’ll be the voice of reason and civility screaming for a gallows, lol…

          • HSkol

            Pardon my interruption, but Pan-Euro seems to be an American made device. Why worry about it? The Czechs hate the Germs, the Germs hate the French, etc. They are not all one in the same; and, they shouldn’t be. No wounds can heal in that old world. The ba$+ard$ quite strongly dislike one another – and, perhaps they should – they’re all very different . . . genetically, culturally, religiously. Libs and Cons of each group hate the next. No big thing.

          • M&S

            There is so much bad blood between certain Europeans groups. These wounds need to heal and fast.
            So that they can do what, exactly?
            What will a European Unity do in a land where the nature of the EU is one of a common market where half the participants haven’t got an economy worth a damn and the extant screed is that of “Hitler, bad! Invasion by poor, stupid, high criminal propensity peoples from abroad, good!”
            This when, at one time, the thought of Greeks, Rumanians and even lower Italians and Spanish having free travel throughout Europe was itself what gave people unity to stand as nations and protect their borders (and the Southern European countries are themselves being hit the hardest from ‘Mediterranean’ influx)?
            Even among whites, not all are equal. Many having been tainted by centuries of invasion and overrun are little more than the schismatic hybrids of the behavioral predilections of their darker halves in white skin simulants. The Roma for instance.
            Yet we pretend that their invasion and overrun of Europe is somehow better than that of the North African and Southwest Asian Horde advance already underway?
            Mr. Taylor needs to wake up. The best thing that could happen to Europe would be the collapse of the Euro and the sudden retreat of Pan-anything as people returned to what they knew and whom they trusted as neighbors and kin within their own affinity group.
            The Best And Brightest from the Core Euro nations (Czech republic, Scandinavia, Germany, The Netherlands) might then be attracted from one cultural center to another, based on what each offered in the way of relevant industry or educational benefit with the peripheral states serving, as always, as a filtering defense in depth to the credible threat posed by ‘migrant populations’ and climate change induced starvation, elsewhere.
            IOW: to write off the stupidity of the 20th Century to a lessons learned condition by which nothing changes.
            Pan Europeanism seems to instead be an exercise in how giving up your own population identity comes with no real adoption of a unified whole but only the still-fragmentive expectation of living in a dole state condition by which you cannot participate as equals with the dominance currencies as much as cultures yet still expect to be bailed out.
            This INDUCES resentment at the national level which accelerates the rate at which nobody gives a dime or a damn to even their own (vassalized) home states.
            Bluntly then, nothing good comes out of Eurocentrism because it simply doesn’t exist. Whites only want to stand better than other whites in our own snide little culture games and when our governments effectively retreat from the responisibility of ensuring we have a national system worthy of doing so (education, infrastructure, secure borders etc.) we lose all interest in everything. Because we have absolutely no desire to compete with blacks, Arabs and Hispanics at /their/ level.
            I can hardly think of a more vulgar insult to whites than the assumption that everything we built is now to be given to others and when they wreck it, we must begin again to struggle, at the residual levels they can compete with.
            It is utterly crass and barbaric. And it is being foisted upon us by those supposedly our betters.

          • FloridaGal2005

            And, those “in the know” know there are plenty of 80 and 90-year olds that need the saw. Hopefully, when it comes to this category of enemy, the saw will be last on our “To Do” list.

          • propagandaoftruth

            I recommend involving spry 80 and 90 year olds who still have their wits, can move about on their own, and have some fire in their souls, in the head sawing of those of their generation found guilty of race treachery and national treason.

            Let the young saw the heads of the young, the aged of the aged. Let the Jew saw the head of the treacherous Jew and the Gentile saw off the head of his treacherous own.

            Lo, verily and forsooth, let each saw onto the treacherous ones’ necks of his own, and then pile them up and shoot at them for target practice. Amen.

            Sounds kind of like post-modern Islam, what with all he head sawing and pretentious bloodthirstiness.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            This is the kind of moronic stuff that gets White Nationalist looking like fools.

            Keep posting stuff like this and see how mainstream it becomes. This will alienate most Whites.

          • propagandaoftruth

            This is the kind of moronic stuff that gets White Nationalist looking like fools.


            Keep posting stuff like this and see how mainstream it becomes. This will alienate most Whites.

            Did you look at the pic and not read the words? I don’t think you get me. Read more carefully.

          • Jimmy Joseph

            Ok my mistake.

            I feel like I’m fighting an upstream battle lol.

            Trying to make White Nationalism mainstream will require getting rid of the Nazi rhetoric and violence.

            However, it appears that the Stormfronters are incapable of doing this.

            The “Jewish media” will always be able to make them look like fools because of this stuff.

            It’s so easy showing them as redneck trailer trash that shoot guns and yell “Hail Hitler”, its almost a caricature.

            This is what keeps middle class and upper middle class Whites away from the movement.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Try not to let yourself get too sucked into it.

            I have a very dark sense of humor, have been banned from AltRight for ruffling some feathers there.

            This is about the only place I post. I’ll speak my opinion but try to cut these conversations short, because it really irks me after awhile.

            I agree with you. I believe it to be the second biggest obstacle to White awakening, after what I refer to as Messianic Democratic Totalitarianism.

            Right now I support something akin to Le Penism. Wherever she and the FN end up, at least they are on the way.

            As I’ve stated before, if the Jews are as powerful and monolithic as purported by some…

            What’s the point in struggling? Resistance is futile.

            I try to meet people somewhere in between. Of course there are many many obnoxious crypto-Marxist Jews and it is disconcerting but I still cannot tolerate rabbit hole anti-Semitism.

        • B.A_2014

          I would suggest you read the correspondence between Former chancellor Bruning and Winston Churchill if you want to know who financed the national socialists. You seem to have bought into much of the propaganda if you believe the Hitler government wasn’t one of the most popular governments in European history. Next you’ll be saying Hitler tried to create a race of blonde haired, blue eyed robots to take over the world.

        • Jimmy Joseph

          Correct Assessment.

          This Nazi type rhetoric is a big problem. Jared Taylor makes the White nationalist cause look educated and non-confrontation.

          Unfortunately, a large segment insist on making White Nationalist look like crazy Nazi types.

          Nazis even hated most other White Groups including “Slavs”, which they considered subhuman.

          We will require a more rational approach in the future. Nazism is long dead.

  • KenelmDigby

    You can rest assured that agents from the so-called ‘European Union’, (a misnomer if there ever was one since it is viciously and strenuously anti-White), ‘nobbled’ Hungarian authorities somehow into wrecking this conference.
    Now, I have no proof and no evidence, but you can be certain that it did happen.

  • There’s a part of me that thinks that someone in the State Department, maybe Victoria Nuland, gave Viktor Orban a call, and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

    But it’s probably more like that this event got caught up in the spin/agitate cycle of internal Hungarian and EU politics.

  • jayvbellis

    We need to do a better job of identifying specific individuals who are persecuting White race realists. We can’t fall back on the same old, same old “it’s the entire system doing it, so the system has to change”.

    Some &$&@ did this, they should be identified and lose some of their perks.

    • Shotgun

      Maybe you’re the man to start a “watchdog” website for us, Jay? Keep virtual tabs and post pictures of those on the left we need to keep a lookout for.

      • jayvbellis

        I am doing that now, but focusing on much smaller geographical areas, smaller groups.

        I was instrumental in outing Rand Paul as a terrible, anti White traitor, also Tyson Foods CEO Donny Smith.

        I am the #2 writer at Occidental Dissent

        • HE2

          Thank you jayv. Much appreciate what you are doing.
          I religiously read your contributions to OD.
          Keep up the good work. Your afterlife assuredly will be one of reward.

          • jayvbellis

            Thanks for the kind words . I should be at a race realist conference in Tennessee this month. If you are interested, hang out a bit at OD.

          • HE2

            You are most welcome, jay. I do hang out at OD, lurking, reading, but do not post.
            My internet time has to be somewhat limited.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Kudos! Thanks for you’re contribution to the struggle. I’m a pretty cynical and sarcastic bastard but for real…

          Thanks for what you’re doing.

  • jayvbellis

    If I was a Brit, or really anyone in the EU I would move to Eastern Europe. Everything is less expensive and political correctness is way, way less than in UK. Eastern Europe has already done Communism, they don’t want to do it again.

    This PC persecution in Hungary was just done on orders from the EU. I bet the Hungarian policemen will want to make up with our side after the heat dies down and buy us Hungarian and German beers.

    • Ádám Ferenczy

      Wrong. The prices of food and consumer goods are higher in Hungary than Britain

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        I see you are Hungarian Adam. I’m from the states, have visited Great Britain in recent years. Most of the English and Welsh I spoke with were far more racial realist than American Whites. They only foreigners they had any use for were fellow Europeans. They saw the Sub-Saharan Negroes and Arab Muslims as interlopers. Few White Americans will speak sensibly about such non-Whites clashing with our culture. Are Hungarians, by and large, racial realists?

    • stephengreen

      We are not Americans, we do not quite look at the world as ORION, we do not see ourselves as interchangeable units, whether we are Italian, English, Finnish, Serbian, Portuguese etc We see ourselves as a peoples with long rooted histories in one place, and of other related peoples undergoing similar problems. We cannot up and move to what is a wildly unfamiliar territory where we have no history or deeper attachment.

      • Periapsis

        A valid point, which is equally true for Americans. Many of us frankly WOULD be complete outsiders in Europe.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Of course we would. White Americans have a right to maintain our homelands, and our regional culture. My home is the lower Midwest. I want to stay here. We have huge swaths of America that are already cohesive White homelands. I’m in favor of secession/new states, such as a new state of Western Maryland. Western Maryland is typical of large sections of America that are White homelands. Seceding politically from the insane Leftists who welcome their own dispossession is what needs to happen.

          • HE2

            OHDeutsche, a tiny community within 32 kms of my mum and dad’s Southwest Iowa birth village has received several hundred Central American “unaccompanied minors,” except they are not all juveniles.
            This lie perpetrated by our sinister regime, of course.
            The community was not consulted and taken completely off guard.

            Iowa outposts struggle financially because the local kids grow up, leave for college and never return.

            I cannot help but wonder how this community will be able to support an influx of alien beings.

            You know danged well the govt will do what it always does, support them for a few months, then withdraw, dumping their care on the town’s tax payers.

            My aunt in formerly pristine rural Nebraska says in the last few years they have been seeing more and more border jumpers as well.

            I wonder what your ideas are about our Midwest’s ability to stay White.
            Historically Euro, it has to be a target.

      • Logan Smith

        Don’t generalize about “Americans”. Us Southrons are very deeply rooted in our land.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Yes. The rural South is excellent. My perception is that the same problem exists as in the North, with the larger cities containing “Africa in our midst”, as Jared Taylor says, but White family roots running deep and strong in the rural areas and most of the smaller metro areas, and most folks in those areas wanting to keep things that way.

          • Logan Smith

            Blacks really have never been a problem to us Southrons, since we all stick to ourselves. Blacks have this part, we have this part. What’s really a problem for us today are the Mexicans. They are bussed in, then they take over a block, a town, and before you know it an entire city is gone. Neither political Party is addressing this issue of ethnic displacement, and it’s very frustrating to us who have to watch as our home towns, where our families have lived for generations, are being invaded and taken over. The high school my mother went to is now black and Mexican, where it was once all white. The town I grew up in is now all Mexican, and that entire road (White Horse Road) is nothing but Mexican and black, where it was once White and black. They’re replacing us Southrons with Mexicans, because they’re more docile to corrupt and totalitarian governments and they work for much lower pay.

            The Democrats want votes, and the Republicans want cheap labour. No one cares about the native people.

        • stephengreen

          Logan, I did not mean you were all rootless, but that the ancient ethnic attachments had largely broken down into a more European/white one. This is especially so for those espousing racial identity.

          • Logan Smith

            I understand that. Sometimes I wish I could move to my indigenous homeland of Wessex, England so I could be with my people. However, it seems England is very multi-culti, and I understand I would probably be seen as more of a foreigner to them, than the Paki or Gypsy down the road. I would be considered insane for being a devout Christian, a racist for wanting to be with my fellow English, and ignorant for speaking with a Southern accent.

            I envy the deep roots the Europeans hold in their indigenous land, but I pity them for not realizing what they’re throwing away.

            I just do not understand it. Like sheep being lead to the slaughter, except the sheep know full well what’s at the end of the line, and yet they go along anyway.

          • Ragnar Redbeard’s Ghost

            It’s cowardice coupled with trendy elitism. It’s the end result of a consumerist culture.

          • Logan Smith

            I continuously ask this, but how much longer do we have to wait before people come to their senses in full? When will we regain our countries?

          • Ragnar Redbeard’s Ghost

            I can’t say for sure. But I guarantee Russia, China, and the other BRICS nations are shaking things up. They key to the degeneracy is the petrodollar.

          • stephengreen

            Ye Gods! They are uber strict here.

            Replied to you earlier. Seems to be lost in pending, no doubt due to a YouTube video I linked (entitled NOBLE LIFE – Sigurd ArLeben Project: Malmesbury Abbey)

            Here’s the reply:

            Just the accent would make you stand out. Devout Christians still exist, though not with
            pro-active ethnocentric views generally. No doubt not dissimilar to the USA. Yes it is very multiracial in the UK, Wessex not especially: REMOVED LINK TO UK DEMOGRAPHIC STATS Your children of course (assuming) would blend right in eventually.

            On a more general Wessex note, came across the man who produced this video at a recent meeting. You might not like due to the ‘old religion’ / ultra elements therein but is a nice consideration of Wessex history….

          • kjh64

            While North American and Australian roots do not go back as far as Europe, the roots in North American and Australia are very deep and do go back a long way.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Exactly. The distinctive national identities in Europe should be preserved. No European homeland should be ceded to the non-White hordes.

      • Ádám Ferenczy

        Orthodox people are not part of Western civilization. Nor culturally, nor infrastructurally. But they are less European genetically. See haplogroup researches at EUPEDIA.COM

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Yes, but what about Greece?? Very much Western Civilization. Poland and Slovakia fit the profile of Eastern Europe more than Greece.

          • Anna Tree

            Sadly, the Greeks of today are not genetically the same than the Ancient Greeks, including the IQs, due to a lot of miscegenation with their freed slaves thousands of years ago and because of the Turkish occupation etc

            I think future white racialist philosophers and scientists will have to go back centuries and get some dna and chart down what was/were the historical national dnas and make some average and then comparison and decisions will have to be made.

            Maybe scientists will be able in the future to sort alleles and be able to taylor future Greek children to become (or rebecome!) 100% Ancient Greeks or close. And be healthier and smarter too why not 🙂 like Prof. Watson eugenics advanced and wished.

            I think this not only for Greeks but of course for Italians or French willing to eugenically become more Italians or French, and maybe others.

            Scientists have done in vitro fertilization from three parents using mtDNA of thow mothers, to cut a part of the DNA that carries defective mtDNA.
            well blogs nytimes com 2013/12/16/three-biological-parents-and-a-baby

            That said, I am not sure this is good (I hope science will develop other ways, less dangerous or be sure that there is no danger at all)
            ipscell com

            So I am not sure this is good, ethical or not dangerous, but there is maybe a solution for those who want a fuller ancestry. Yeah, it looks very science fiction, but they do say in the first article that there are hundreds of children who have gone through this and some will be soon in their twenties! I wonder about their children and other things.
            The US has banned the procedures, but the UK is still doing it.

      • The Final Solution

        That is a really good point. I moved to Northern Europe recently and admit I would prefer a decent white community in America, the few that are left. I think a lot of Americans go to Europe and sort of think they are coming back to their homeland, when the reality is that they don’t fit in at all here. Europeans and Americans are very different and even though I can blend in and people here think I’m a local it still feels very alien to me.

        • Ádám Ferenczy

          The life quality and living standard average salary are bigger in meny Western European countries than in the USA. Deal with it.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Infrastructure unparalleled? Not in most parts of this country. Our highways are a wreck. Canada has a far better freeway system than we do over here. Navigate the freeways of Pittsburgh, NYC, Chicago, or Detroit and compare to Toronto. Our Highways are poorly maintained, and poorly engineered.

          • The Final Solution

            The US highway infrastructure is by far the best in the world. I know truckers who have driven in different parts of the world who can verify this. Canada and Australia do not even come close to the USA.

        • rightrightright

          The natural diversity among Europeans is vast, from Italy to Ukraine, Scandinavia, Britain, the USA, Australia. We really did not and do not need to import those from outside our complex and subtle civilisation. The only enrichment on offer from these outsiders is the brutal trashing of that which they cannot understand while they milk it nonetheless, blind to and uncaring of their comfortable sustenance’s source.

  • propagandaoftruth

    I hate Jobbik.

    I really feel for you stuck between government sponsored national genocide on the one hand and treacherously wacky/incompetent Jobbik…as your Folk’s “representative”.

    You guys need a Le Pen.

    Jobbik is a prime example of how well intentioned nuts – like Rick Santorum – can hurt more than they help.

    • LHathaway

      While it doesn’t matter to us, not being Hungarian voters, It’s small reminded to reject Jobbik over this. They may be just what Hungary needs.

    • Ádám Ferenczy

      Hungarians and Jobbik generally hate Le Pen’s daughter.

      • propagandaoftruth

        I mean, I get it.

        1. Different Folk have different propensities. White diversity. Some Folk may indeed be more goose steppy than others, so their phalanx should reflect this.

        2. Marine snubbed Jobbik and Golden Dawn. Nobody snubs like the frogs, and I’m sure it stings, but…

        3. Mdm. Le Pen must lead a future France, you understand, unlike the leaders of Jobbik vis-à-vis Hungary. France has a problem with goose stepping for some reason. So, if Marine were to chum it up with the hardcore goose steppers…she will never rule France. Paris is worth a te deum…

        4. If Paris merits a te deum, does Budapest merit an Alla al Akbar? Is it that desperate, Jobbik? You like the muzzies but hate the jews? Oh that’s a tried and true recipe for…victory?

        I’m a bit more tolerant of Golden Dawn because…

        1. No muzzie lovey dovey, and…

        2. They’ve at least actually broken heads in the streets. Scared the crap out of some slime – high and low. There is a place and a time for all things and who knows what tomorrow may bring? I would like to see some combination of Le Pen’s subtlety back up by a preparedness to break heads. Soft words big sticks.

        But little, powerless men with puffed chests and big sticks are jokes and their real lack of power will wreak havoc upon their failure.

        This will not be over tomorrow. If you’re in you have to be in for the long haul and fight for that which you will never see.

  • Black Swan

    Please watch your back, Mr. Taylor. I don’t want to see you “Arthur Tophamed.”

    Some of these police state countries, like Canada for instance, may not be so nice as to let you go or simply deport you, you may face real charges, punitive fines and hard jail time.

    Canadian patriot and freedom fighter Arthur Topham is to be hauled before the Canadian courts next year on trumped-up charges. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Arthur is an innocent man. His trial date has now been set. He will appear in court on 26 October, 2015, and his trial will last for two weeks until 6 November.

    At no time has Arthur advocated breaking the law. He has never incited anyone to violence. He has merely utilized his pen to express his political views in a rational and civilized way as any political dissident anywhere in the world would do.

    • refocus

      The trail will last two weeks because that is the minimum time required for a jury of morons to be made to believe that the accused is a bad person and must get the death penalty if possible.

  • Mack0

    Could a cadre of SPLC Allamvedelmi Osztaly members infiltrated the conference? Who knew a small gathering of people to discuss ideas could be so threatening.

    • anony

      “Who knew a small gathering of people to discuss ideas could be so threatening.”

      Every tyrant who ever lived knew!

  • Stephen Manning

    Mr Sunic is myopic about “Catholic guilt”. Northern Europe, thoroughly Protestant, is just as, if not more, stupidly welcoming of the Third World invasion. And both these branches of Western Christianity have only recently turned mushy under the epigenetics of post-war Progressivism, itself a toxically degenerative cancer of Christendom and the Enlightenment.

    • Alexandra1973

      Keep in mind that the Vatican is spearheading the ecumenical movement. Lutheranism is more or less Catholic Lite from what I understand. Protestant churches are walking hand-in-hand with Rome.

      That’s one thing I like about independent Baptist churches. There are preachers out there that recognize Catholicism as the harlot described in Revelation.

      • Periapsis

        I don’t doubt Greek, Ukrainian and Russian Orthodox Christians look at Catholicism that way too. I cannot in good conscience be a part of any denomination that enable the swamping of our people in our own lands by non-white, Muslim and hostile invaders. Neither can I in good conscience belong to any denomination that advocates Christian Zionism, which is a murder-suicide pact for our race. I am for those reasons and others most for the non-part non religious but if I had to belong to one, it would be Ukrainian or Russian Orthodoxy. At least they do not promote two of the biggest evils against our race imaginable.

        With regards to the OP, I am pleased the conference and Mr. Taylor were able to proceed despite the obstacles I was certain were going to arise. Good for you sir, I cannot spell out the ideas you explained nearly as well as you did. Thank you for putting into words even the intelligent among us find difficult to get others to at least give them a hearing, even if they may or may not agree with them.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          The Polish Catholic branch of the American Catholic Church was strongly identitarian for many years. Racial realism was implicit. The focus was maintaining the distinct Polish Culture, not allowing it to blend with Irish or Italian culture. Former Polish Catholic parishes have caved to Multicult garbage in recent years, welcoming Hispanics and allowing miscegenated marriages.

        • Sick of it

          Christians need to stick to the Bible and not the words of men. That would solve a lot of problems.

  • Ádám Ferenczy

    Jobbik and Fidesz hate each other. They will never be in one coalition.

  • stephengreen

    Congratulations Jared. In line with your speech, those active or mentally engaged in our communities are a fraction of the overall population, but globally we have a very large base with many possessing highly accomplished skill-sets. We need to have an online way of ingathering, concept testing and evaluating our response to our predicament. A comrade network that spans every major city in the Western world. Designers, lawyers, accountants, organisers and so forth. A patriotic Linked-In perhaps. I find it incredible that so few Hungarians were apprised of this event too!

    • DaveMed

      And doctors!

  • me

    Mr. Taylor and company,
    Thank you. It’s not enough, but thank you!

  • stephengreen

    Various festival type things have been organised in Britain by the BNP before they went off the rails. The difficulty would be access for controversial speakers: Gert Wilders, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Michael Savage have all been prevented entry. Wilders overturned the ban. Not our people exactly, but..Perhaps not advertising the speakers before hand might be an option. Build by experience, not by waving a list of notables in front of the world.

    Secondly, if I wanted to arrange a pan-European conference, I would try to get as many political organisations as possible to associate with it and agree to send a small contingent. The youth wings of all the ‘mainstreaming’ parties for instance. A weekend festival would be an excellent demonstration of brotherhood.

    • propagandaoftruth

      We need to brush up on Saul Alinsky some. I detest his ideology and find some of his techniques a tad distasteful, but…

      Very effective.

      I hate passive aggressive crapola. I really do, but to put it in a martial arts frame, when your opponent is huge and powerful use his strength and bulk against him. His fury too.

      Very effective.

      When the jester is the only guy who can tell the Truth and not burn, get a sense of humor. Insult your enemy with praise and ridicule him with endless accolades. Play the fool and laugh. Others will join in.

      Very effective.

      Don’t goose step or bash Jews or make lovey dovey with Muslims.

      Those things are not effective at all, for our purpose.

  • Cecil Broomsted

    Heaven forbid there be any racial unity among Europeans. That dreadful beast known as the EU will not have that! Too much money to be made off of foreign colonisation. Someday the tables will be turned and Europeans will regain their senses.

    • Periapsis

      Let’s hope that happens before they find themselves facing imminent extinction the way the Yadzhis are right now in Iraq. Better yet, let’s do what we can to plant the seeds of that awakening. I attempt to do that at every opportunity.

      • Cecil Broomsted

        I really have no doubt that whites will eventually start speaking out boldly and taking action. My question is how much suffering it will take before the fire is lit.

        • Periapsis

          It will take a lot of death and suffering, but when the fire’s lit it will be like a nuclear runaway blowing a white dwarf star apart as a Type 1A supernova. In other words, an chain reaction that once started WILL increase exponentially, unstoppably until we free ourselves from their interference in our nations, cultures and personal lives.

  • Periapsis

    Very soon it will do more than backfire, it will explode in their faces literally. At best they will be exposed as the agents of enemy influence they truly are. At worst, they will meet the fate of the likes of Nikolai Ceausescu at the hands of the populations they’re oppressing and exterminating.

  • Transpower

    And, in the meanwhile, Europe is kowtowing to Muslims…

    • Cecil Broomsted

      Oh yes. Had this been a gathering of Muslims for Islamic unity it would have been welcomed in most European countries. A very small elite of the business class is profiting handsomely off of these aliens while the ordinary masses are suffering because of them. What we have going for us is numbers. If enough of us finally rise up against our displacement then things will begin to change.

    • Dwight

      The one thing that all Europeans have in common and could be used as the grounds for casting all Muslims out of Europe (race) is verboten. As we saw in the Rotherham child rapes, we would rather have little white girls raped and impregnated by Pakistani men than mention race. So count on Europe becoming even more Islamicized.

      • Cecil Broomsted

        Interestingly, Paul Weston has now retreated from his previous correct position – that white Britons are being racially abused and displaced by non-whites like Pakistanis, and has went back to his former position – racial aliens are not the problem, it is Islam. So he is back to – bring in all the hordes of non-whites who are demographically taking over the UK, just keep Islam at bay. Right. That will solve it all, Paul. /sarc

        • Nevsky

          Why is Paul Weston so schizophrenic? Sometimes he seems like a pro-white English ethnonationalist, other times he talks like a civic nationalist. Make up your mind, Paul.

        • Trevor Pilsbury

          Non-whites brought Islam into the West. It naturally came right along with them. Sad about Mr. Weston. In the video he made about the Rotherham rapes he said that the Pakistanis were not the problem. Islam was. This is the reverse position he took in his video about the beheading of Lee Rigby. He had it right in that video.

        • Logan Smith

          What I don’t understand is why are European countries allowing non-Europeans to colonize their lands in the first place?

          • Linus Byfånelund

            Its because the germans lost world war 2. Europe was swamped by communism from the west and east and when the eastern variant failed the western variant took up the reins there as well.

          • Logan Smith

            Even with the Cold War happening, they still adopted Communism?

          • Sick of it

            Communism was all over Europe before WWII thanks to “the culture of critique”

  • Free speech is pretty much a fiction in today’s world.

    Telecommunications–most definitely including the internet–should be a means for like-minded people (including those most dreaded creatures, free thinker) to come together and share ideas and thoughts, but it’s quickly morphed into a monstrously effective control mechanism for the all-powerful elite in government and media.

  • MBlanc46

    So much for freedom of speech in contemporary Europe.

    • Tarczan

      The Hungarians did side with the Nazis.

  • SolStans

    I just wish there’d be some mainstream media coverage of Hungary pulling the plug on this conference. Even if 1 out of 100 heard about it and sought to learn what’s so “dangerous” about NPI, D.E., et al., it would be worth it.

    • Will never happen, unless it’s to brand everyone as ‘neo-nazis’ … a media blackout is one of their most effective means of silencing the ‘politically incorrect’

      • The mainstream media also tried to shut down reportage of the Knoxville Horror, though the prosecutor fainted at the trial.

        • Who Me?

          “completely unacceptable”

          Talk about an understatement!

  • WR_the_realist

    The Soviet Union didn’t die, it merely moved further west.

    • ThomasER916

      That’s because the Culture of Critique didn’t die.

      • Periapsis

        Nor were those who are behind it all slain or thrown in prison for sedition as they should have been.

  • American_cavalier

    This whole cluster is spy v spy nonesense. There was someone in the pack of speakers and/or attendees who NATO was seriously afraid of entering into the heart of NATO and were probably fishnetting the whole group looking for him and or his agents. Not saying Dugin was the one but regardless could you pick a more contoversial spied up anti NATO anti Western person to pick, especially with events in Ukraine already mucked up? I would certainly not invite him anywhere in NATO or Ukraine next time.

  • IstvanIN

    Hungarians seem to have forgotten the Államvédelmi Hatóságas as well as the revolution of 1956. Freedom of speech, thought and association are fundamental to the functioning of a free and fair society. People should be able to peacefully discuss their problems and concerns without fear of interference from the government or private individuals.

    As Voltaire said: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.

    As WR_the_realist said: “The Soviet Union didn’t die, it merely moved further west.”

  • Periapsis

    Never forget that witch Nuland is a member of the Tribe, and takes her orders from Tel Aviv, not Washington.

  • Jim

    The leftist forces in Europe and haven’t yet resorted to making race realists and their peripheral elements in France’s National Front or Britain’s BNP “disappear permanently,” but I can’t help but think that such measures and other Stalinist tactics aren’t too far off in the future.

  • propagandaoftruth

    I think the Hungarians are a beautiful and – to me – slightly exotic people. With those high cheekbones you guys age well.
    There is more of that third wheel in you guys isn’t it, what used to be called “Finno-Ugraic”? Yeah, linguistic can be different from genetic.
    I love White diversity and you wierdos are definitely part of the family. Kept the Mongols at bay for a while with your fusion steppes/knightly forces, rescued Christiandom over and over from the Muslim hordes, made an unfortunate choice in the Great White Suicide War, then the commies.
    Lord, please spare yourselves the negroes and sand negroes, brother. You’ve survived too much.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      I’ll second that. A little Slavic blood mixing with the Magyar is good. Polish and Slovak ladies are beautiful and lovely. For heaven’s sake, though, keep the non-Whites out. They will wreck your homeland. If the birth rate is low, welcome other Whites, and keep the Islamists, Negroes, and Asiatics out.

      • Ádám Ferenczy

        Slavic blood mixing means that Hungarians get mongoloid DNA from slavs.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Yeah, take in Afrikaaners.

  • propagandaoftruth

    Bella Rosa,
    Great post. Please don’t be a stranger.
    Diasqus sux. If you don’t go back in and space out your “paragraphs” it detracts from the impact of your message.
    Bella Rosa.
    Marine Le Pen is beautiful in so many ways is she not? Aspiring European nationalists should attend her salon and stay as far from

    • Ádám Ferenczy

      Hungarians and Jobbik hate Marine Le Pen since the very beginnings.

      • propagandaoftruth

        And the French hate Sarkozy, HA HA!

        Hungarians should hate Sarkozy too. This could be a bridge between the two Folk.

        • Ádám Ferenczy

          Read about Sárközy, he is not Hungarian.

          • propagandaoftruth

            What? Part Jewish? Not Hungarian at all?

          • Ádám Ferenczy

            The largest Jewish community of Europe lives in Hungary.

          • propagandaoftruth

            I’ve heard that. Are they decapitating Hungarians in the street yet, lol?
            I wish I had a pic of that Nigerian negro muzzie holding Lee Rigby’s bloody severed head up to a camera in what had once been a quiet, pleasant little slice of heaven and cursing his welfare benefactors.

          • Ádám Ferenczy

            You tried to defend people of non-europan or semi asian culture and weird genetics: The balkanites and orthodox slavs

          • propagandaoftruth

            You hungies have some spitfire in you. I admire that and I hate to blunt the sword when it needs sharpening, you know?

            As it unfolds I think we’re finding that the Levantine Semite is a slightly different bred from the southern Arabian Semite. A lot of evolution can occur in a remarkably short period of time, in many ways.

            Inbreeding? No problem in the days of widespread infanticide. An engine of evolution as surely as genetic mixing of seperated inbred populations. Levatine Semites, Hebrew, Assyrian, Phoenician, etc., as well as autochthonous populations of the ancient Near East (neither Aryan nor Semite, like the Sumerians and Kassites), are a distinct group of genetics from the southern Arabian Semite.

            This is further complicated by the effects of Islam, historically speaking, acting as a pump for sub-Saharan genetics northward for centuries.

            Have you ever been around large groups of non-pet negroes my friend?

            I bet you something, as the genetic puzzle begins to resemble a completed work, you will find that the Sunni Muslim “Semite” is far more likely to have significant negro genetics and that the non Sunni Muslim Semite is far more likely to not, and furthermore to be genetically distinct from the “lizard eaters” as the Persians call them, the southern Arabian Arab in other ways as well.

            Nordic, Med, Vaguely Asiatic – the three main wheels of the big White tricycle. With some hard to classify autochthonous populations and some sketchy non-White here and there, hopefully the crème of the crop.

            Crème to the top, dregs to the bottom.

  • EvigtRegn

    It’s true as you say that eastern europe was long less developed, but before that “they” had Constantinople and the whole of East Rome which protected Europe from becoming Islamic. Had Constantinople fallen earlier when western Europe was chaotic, the muslims would have met little resistance and we might have had islamic nations where France and Germany sits today (and much more).

    Orthodox Christianity has been, and continues to be, skeptical against rationalism in religion which seems to have protected it from certain ill-effects of the cultural marxist-persuation that we today see in both catholicism and protestantism. The east was also generally less populated which indeed made those parts less dynamic.

    But all in all, I’d say that european civilization has several branches where some have more in common with others. In the great schism, some of them were divided, but the orthodox world has used philosophers mainly from todays Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain as their sounding boards, as their intellectual opponents, as their inspirations, just as most other europeans. They have not used chinese ones, not japanese ones and not islamic ones of any magnitude as far as I know.

    My point being is that we earn nothing by trying to point out the difference between western and eastern europe and saying that only one counts. Both are born of the same mother, even though they developed differently. Neither is a kin of actual asia. Some that have closer geography to asia might be influenced some more from there, just as some in southern Europe are more influenced by the islamic world than us here in northern Europe (although that changes now with the massive immigration of course…). But that influence was previously just natural.

    • Ádám Ferenczy

      Wrong. Constantinaples was greek, the advanced territories of Byzantine Empire were greek in Europe. Slavic balkan was always primitive.

      • EvigtRegn

        As far as I know, we were speaking about the orthodox world which includes greeks, romanians etc, not just eastern and southern slavs.

        Also about the map, I think it makes the mistake of putting Kazakhstan in the orthodox camp. It’s 70% islamic and perhaps 25% orthodox at best (the ethnic russians, ukrainians, belarussians).

        • Ádám Ferenczy

          Romanians were the latest nomadic nation of Europe.

        • Ádám Ferenczy

          VLACHS (Romanians) WERE THE LATEST NOMADIC ETHNIC GROUP IN EUROPE. Vlachs were known as late – nomadic people in medieval chronicles. The first romanian vlach churches were built only around the turn of the 13th and 14th century. No known archiutecture existed before that period. The romanian literacy and chronicles appeared only in the 15th century.USE Google books! (The word’s largest digitalized library, the largest collection of printed books) See the google book results (search the british american candian authors about medieval romanians Vlachs):

          Carleton Stevens Coon: The races of Europe, Page 614
          ” Vlach colonists are nomads living in black tents like those of … A greater variation is found in the cephalic index; on the plains of Moldavia and Wallachia, and in the Dobruja”

          Robert William Seton-Watson: A history of the Roumanians: from Roman times to the completion of unity, page: 12
          “The Roumanians undoubtedly preserved their nomadic habits to a very late date, as is proved by the existence of Vlach colonies in Moravia (the so-called “Little Wallachia” — long since completely Slavised)”

          Mandell Creighton, Justin Winsor, Samuel Rawson Gardiner: The English Historical Review page:- 615.
          “He shows that the Vlachs of the Balkan peninsula throughout the middle ages are nomads of the strictest type, … that Vlachs began to move north of the Danube to Wallachia and Transylvania ”

          Joan E. Durrant, Anne B. Smith Global Pathways to Abolishing Physical Punishment: Realizing Children’s Rights ( PAGE 210)

          “Between the 3rd century A.D. and the 14th century A.D., Dacia was invaded successively by nomadic peoples, including the … Romanians ”

          Norman Berdichevsky: Nations, Language and Citizenship -page: 181.
          “The “true Romanians” are held to be interlopers who were nomadic shepherds that migrated into Transylvania from the … then transferred to “Wallachia,” the traditional core area of the Romanian state located east and south of Transylvania.”

          Other elements in the population of Greece are the Wallachians or Vlachs, the Turks, and the Jews, but they have never … The Wallachians are a curious nomadic race

          David Bruce Macdonald – 2002 Balkan Holocausts?: Serbian and Croatian Victim Centered … page- 131

          “These hinterland Romans evolved into highland herdsmen, who for centuries led a primitive nomadic life”

          Lampe, John R, Jackson, Marvin R. Balkan Economic History, 1550 – 1950: From Imperial Borderlands to … page – 612.
          “Vlachs had first acquired their commercial connections in the course of moving their livestock seasonally back and forth between high and low ground. … Alan J.B. Wace and M.S. Thompson, The Nomads of the Balkans (New York: Books for Libraries Press, 1971)”

          Jane Perry Clark Carey, Andrew Galbraith Carey : The Web of Modern Greek Politics – page 73
          “shepherds and nomadic herdsmen, wandering through the Balkans and the north of Greece. On their early migrations they gave the Vlach name to various districts, including the province of Wallachia in present-day Romania”

          Chambers’s Encyclopedia – Volume 14. page:- 339.
          “The Vlachs are usually mentioned as following nomadic or semi-nomadic lives as shepherds etc. in wild mountain … nth century was known as ‘Great Wallachia’ and seems to have contained a relatively dense and settled Vlach population.”

          Denys Hay: Europe in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries page: 220
          “In the first half of the fourteenth century there also appeared there the two Romanian principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia. … or whether the Hungarians are right in their thesis that these Vlachs were recently immigrated nomadic shepherds”

          Frank Moore Colby, Talcott Williams, Herbert Treadwell Wade: The New International Encyclopaedia Voluma 20. Page: 219
          “Owing to their nomadic and predatory dispositions these Vlachs, as they are called by the Greek writers, were a … the autonomous Rumanian principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia, which grew rapidly towards south and east until the former”

          Isaiah Bowman: The New World: Problems in Political Geography page – 282
          “or Wallachians The Rumanians, or Wallachs (hence Wallachia), are of mixed race but of distinct speech, the Ruman, … Home places of the nomadic Vlachs The Vlachs , Rumanian nomadism is seen in its purest form among the detached”

          Norman Angell : Peace Theories And The Balkan War page: – 107.
          “It had been founded by a conquering caste of non-Slavonic nomads from the trans-Danubian steppes, but these were completely … This Bulgarian state included a large ‘Vlach’ element descended from those Latin-speaking provincials whom the Slavs had pushed … had established itself in the mountains of Transylvania, and was just beginning to push down into the Wallachian and Moldavian plains”

          Tibor Frank, Frank Hadler : Disputed territories and shared pasts: overlapping national histories in modern Europe, page: 251
          “Reference to Romanians in their preunification (1859) history was linked to the regional designation of Wallachia (today Oltenia and Muntenia) to the south … This designation relates to the nomadic existence of the Balkan Vlach population.”

          Paul Coles : The Ottoman Impact on Europe – page: 114
          ” nomadic pastoralism provided a new lease of life for the Rumanian-speaking Vlachs, migratory herdsmen whose native principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia had fallen under Ottoman dominion during the fifteenth century”

          Wace, Alan J. B. and Maurice S. Thompson. .:
          “The Nomads of the Balkans: An Account of Life and Custom Among the Vlachs of Northern Pindus.”

          • EvigtRegn

            I have a hard time figuring out what you’re trying to say despite the many quotes, or perhaps because of them. That the romanians came comparatively late? And that makes them less orthodox?

            All in all, I get the impression from you that you want to distance yourself as much as possible from eastern europe and this is your attempt to do so?

          • Ádám Ferenczy

            They were the most primitive population in Europe. Late nomadism = Mordor.

          • EvigtRegn

            Your reasoning seems very similar to a progressivist now. Those who believe that there is only one inevitable way to develop and that others who don’t follow that supposedly inevitable way is primitive without exception. Mordor as you say.

            But if that’s the case, then cultural marxism is progress. Then the Soviet Union was progress over pre-revolutionary Russia (perhaps in some ways, depending on what you value, but in many ways not).

            Personally, I have no problem with so called primitive living. There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. The main and crucial downside is that you will probably eventually be forced to accept foreign invaders with superior weapons as your rulers (e.g Japan was forced to open up and modernize due to outside pressure). If you could somehow avoid that, many of us can might as well be nomads.

            Just like the industrialization was great for our wealth and destroyed the health and environment of the time, our current lives glued in front of computers is also great in many ways for productivity, creativity etc but not for our characters. We’ve become wimpy and sorry excuses for humans that our forefathers would have looked down upon.

          • János Király

            Nomaidsm is the anti-tesis of civilization (civilization means settled community with villages and cities)

            Old nomadism “values denied the Sanctity of private property, the sanctity of human life, which were the basis of the settled (means civilized) people. Forexample, the biggest problem of modern gypsies in Europe is their nomadic value-system, which make their majority criminals.

          • EvigtRegn

            I don’t worship “civilization” in itself. But yes, many technological developments would have been hard or impossible under nomadic living.

            The problem with gypsies is not their nomadic ways but that they tend to act like parasites making them close to unanimously hated throughout Europe. But there are e.g nomands in todays Mongolia that live nomadic lives without stealing, just surviving with their own herds, living simple but in many ways quality lives.

          • János Király

            Wrong again. Traditional nomadic lifestyle means: robbery with murder, theft, All nomads lived criminal life until the modern era.

            Mongolia that live nomadic lives without stealing” when Buddhism were introduced, it normalized them.

          • EvigtRegn

            It wasn’t wrong since you admit that they with buddhism they live lives without stealing, murdering etc. Thus it is possible to be a nomad and not do these things obviously. Then it would seem that staying put in once place is not necessary, but instead ideology/belief is.

            In what context did they murder and steal? They were conquerers, but that does not set them apart from farming societies. Conquering was normal for the time period.

          • János Király

            nor romanians and other balkan late nomadic people, nor the gypsies were conquerors.

          • EvigtRegn

            I meant the mongolians. How did the romanians end up where they are without conquering?

            The gypsies seems to have always been marginalised so yes, not conquerors. Not sure if living like a parasite is better.

          • Sick of it

            They were also instrumental in preventing the Ottoman conquest of Europe. But I get it, old ethnic hatreds and whatnot.

          • János Király

            Wrong. It was Autria and Hungary which stopped the Ottomans. Orthodox balkan countries had no stone/brick castle fortress systems which can stop the Ottomans. Most balkanic Orthodox nations became allied of the Ottomans (like many times the serbians and romanians)

            Traditionally, the orthodox balkan people hated more the catholic-protestant western christian civilization more than the Ottomans.

          • Ádám Ferenczy

            Wrong. Many Orthodox countries fought agains Austria and Hungary, an supported the Ottomans like romanians and serbians.

    • Sergey Tokarev

      Hi! Sorry for off-topic. Do you have an idea where I can publish this article in Finland? Would be nice if you looked at it. Regards.


      I don’t want to browse for wise quotations about importance of history as a determinant of the future. Let me quote only Nietzsche: ‘Future belongs to those who have the longest memory’. It is important to see history without rose glasses. It influences today’s and tomorrow’s decisions.

      Let me begin with a shocking statement: Finland was wrong in Winter War. This is 100% certain. No doubts about that whatsoever. SU was right. This is 100% certain too. There is no ‘everybody’s own truth’, there is not a slightest chance that both were wrong or both were right.

      Defense is built on capacity. There was an interesting incident during Soviet-American talks on nuclear disarmament in 1980s. US negotiator told his Soviet counterpart that he shouldn’t trust words or agreements, that defense is based on capacity. Funny that US negotiator taught credulous Soviet collegue. Why he did this? Because if you want stable peace, you think about mechanisms. If you create advantage for yourself – you don’t make peace more secure. If you develop too strong a shield, you are as responsible for arms race to follow as much as when you develop too sharp a sword.

      There are seldom perfect analogies between historic events. In case of Winter War there is though. In 1978, to the best of my knowledge, a demilitarized zone was agreed upon between Israel and Egypt. In case Egyptian military were placed in this territory – this would cause imminent danger to Israel, to its very existence. Good that Egyptian politicians showed wisdom and statemanhood in this case. They didn’t lose an inch of territory, nor did they lose sovereignty. Instead, they got increased security and neighbourly relations.

      Finland deployed long-range artillery in a region adjacent to Leningrad. This was an imminent threat to the city. Given that Hitler was present at military parade in Finland, Finland’s allegiance left no questions. Soviet negotiators offered two options: territory exchange or demilitarization of the zone adjacent to Leningrad. Finnish govt was split, but eventually refused both – generous – options.

      Egypt accepted the only option offered. Finland failed to choose one of the two. Why? We can only guess. Most likely, far-from-saint, or frankly tyrannic, nature of Stalinist Soviet Union made a negative impact on decision-makers. Bias. Such decisions must ony be made with clear minds. So Stalinist Soviet Union was right, and Finland and the League of Nations – entire world – were wrong. One more example that ad populum/bandwagoning is, indeed, a fallacy.

      Don’t be mistaken. I don’t try to belittle valour of Finnish soldiers, who sincerely believed they were defending Motherland. Were they? No, they were not. They were sacrificing their lives and killing even more Soviet soldiers – yesterday’s farmers – in vain. They lost anyway. They didn’t stand a chance. When Finland ran out of all kinds of munition, including rifle cartridges, Soviet troops could move as far as they wanted. They didn’t move any farther than it was necessary to make Leningrad safe. They didn’t use such chance in 1944 either. So SU intentions were noble. SU cause was just. Discussing whether provocation used by Soviets as a pre-text indeed took place means distracting attention from a forest to a tree. I trust Finns that there wasn’t such provocation. It was used perhaps to justify the war in the eyes of Soviet citizens, understanding little in security issues.

      I realize that this article won’t be easy for Finns to accept. It wasn’t a pleasure for me to discover that Famine in 1932-33 was purposeful, or read complains of Circassians about genocide of one and a half centuries ago, or crimes against humanity committed by glorious – for us – Suvorov in Novorussia in second half of 18th century. We had achievements, feats, and horrible crimes in our history. No human society is perfect. It is important to draw correct lessons from the past, step over past differences and move on. There is Russian proverb saying ‘He who mentioned the past should lose an eye, and he who forgets should lose both’. Won’t it worry you if Germans refused to acknowledge horrible crimes of Nazism? Of course it would. Fortunately Germans face their past as it was, and there is little anti-German sentiment as a result. They are not viewed as a threat. Russia faces past as it was, too. Russia is not a theat either, despite relentless propaganda campaign. Ukraine, by contrast, glorifies Nazi collaborators. Ukraine is a threat to own population, and possibly to neighbours in the future. I don’t mind being called by Ukrainians ‘Slavo-Finnish subhuman’ though. We have been good neighbours for many centuries. We have similar saunas (I prefer wet Russian one), similar furnaces. We even share national beverage – kvas. There are many Finnish ethnicities in Russia. Hopefully they will thrive, keeping their unique identity.

      I don’t know the personalities behind pro-NATO campaign. You know them better. They are evil, dishonest people. You can guess where they are coordinated from. They try to make the region less safe for personal gain, because whether you talk about Monroe’ doctrine, Yalta agreement discarded by the USA or anything else – you talk about capacity to attack. Neocons, or more correct NeoLoons, who have hi-jacked US foreign policy, are creating dangerous capacity. ‘If you don’t hear the drums of war you must be deaf’. Kissinger. Do you want to be on the wrong side of history only because of bias? Is is up to you to decide.

      • EvigtRegn

        Hey Sergey!

        Your english has improved a lot since last time I read anything by you I’d say 🙂 I think there are some small grammar mistakes but the argument is clear and easy to understand. Very well written.

        Sadly, I’m not finnish and while swedish is used in Finland too, it’s a small language there these days, only used by about 5% of the population.

        What did you have in mind? A finnish newspaper?

        • Sergey Tokarev

          I know you are Swedish. I thought you could know where I can try to publish it. I don’t have anything particular in mind, but I believe my argument is important. I don’t know whether it should be translated or not. All Swedes understand English, and I hope most of Finns. Thank you for appreciating my article. Staying in touch.

          • EvigtRegn

            Yes, they probably understand but if it is published in a newspaper, they often translate just to make sure everyone (including the elderly) understands.

            I found this:


            Its newspapers in Finland by popular web ranking. So perhaps you can go to their websites and send them e-mails and see if they want to publish it as a debate article? You may have to use google translate on some of them to find the correct e-mail adresses. I’m sadly as lost when it comes to finnish as I assume you are, finnish being an entirely differrent language group.

          • Sergey Tokarev

            Thanks a lot. I see you argue with Americans about Snowden. They really hate freedoms they had once. Such bizarre people they are. Staying in touch.

  • EvigtRegn

    Interresting pictures, but I wonder a bit about the skin tone one there. What’s up with Australia? They still have a white majority population yet it looks there like they are a part of Africa/largest part of India?

    And it looks to proclaim that the people of Crimea (just to take an example from an area with much footage recently) has about the same skin tone as east asians?
    I haven’t been there myself but I’m seen a lot and those that weren’t crimean tatars (about 12% of pop there) looked very white. Canada also looks more tanned on that picture than I’d expect white canadians to look like 😉

    Or is that some sort of historic “before the europeans came” image?

  • adplatt126

    These totalitarians let every monkey in the universe settle permanently in a nation where no one wants them, but if a few fellow ethnics arrive on mere visitation to discuss some “controversial” ideas, they are detained, arrested and treated like hostile invaders. Unbelievable. The tyranny and totalitarianism have become truly oppressive in the Western World. There is not a legitimate government left in the West. The purpose of these actions is to intimidate anyone with a different idea. Parasites and criminals and ebola patients welcome, but free thought is strictly forbidden.

  • One for the history books. Congratulations to our brave brothers and sisters fighting to save and regenerate the best of the West.

  • Evette Coutier

    Jared, should you new nickname be “Mr. Bond” or Goldfinger?

  • Logan Smith

    Are you sure the News won’t twist their story to fit the original narrative?

  • Evette Coutier

    There appears to be a greater motivation to be a capitalist than a genetic realist. Apparently, for most people greed supersede the motivations of genetic identity. We should accept this reality and embrace it. When whites truely realize that multiculturalism and diversity are dark paths that lead to banana republic poverty, and that our alternative is a life of peaceful abundance, we will be in a position to influence a significant percentage of the white population. It is common knowledge that people vote their pocketbooks. Now is the time to assist others in making the connection between ethnic diversity and their continued lower standard of living, the lack of a future for their kids, and the losses that diversity has cost them already. The other appeals don’t work largely in America because for the most part whites are isolated from direct contact with blacks. But their finances are not insulated from the burden blacks place on society.

  • Gary John 金白龍

    Which western nations have the most freedom of speech, regardless of content?

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    Those Southern Boys definitely got it right. White racial solidarity has always been stronger in the South. Necessity is the mother of invention. My guess is that Hungary has few non-Whites, but a pretty strong presence of Jewish Leftists.

    • TJ

      its not just racial. its ethnic.

    • Anna Tree

      There is also a trend lately for some Hungarians to want to get closer with their Asiatic and/or islamic past…

      • Periapsis

        That must be why there’s not a lot of love between Hungarians and Ukrainians, not to mention Serbs in particular.

  • LHathaway

    Mr. Taylor is getting quite a reputation for jetting about making clandestine or persistent speeches. Unlike his Earth-shattering Banned in Halifax speech (which should be translated into Hungarian as soon as possible), this one kinda sucked.

  • LHathaway


    “and people were skillfully in groups to the restaurant”. I think the word was intended to be ‘went’

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    I live in an area, here in the states, with a lot of German, Polish, Slovak, and Hungarian ancestry. A lot of Poles are very Nordic looking in the Balto-Slavic fashion. Blue eyes with light hair/complexion, but usually with a heavier bone structure than most Scandinavians. A lot of Hungarians are tall, but lack the heavy Slavic build, frequently blue eyes/light hair/complexion. There is a distinctive Hungarian nose, usually beak like and pointed, rather large. Few Poles or Slovaks have the Hungarian nose.

    • Ádám Ferenczy

      You confused Jewish Hungarians with ethnic Hungarians. Historic fact: Nearly half of the “Hungarians” are not ethnic Hungarians in the USA, but Hungarian Jewish peope.

  • HE2

    This is terrifyingly reminiscent of “The Lives of Others,” a German film that portrays East Germany’s oppressive STASI [The Ministry for State Security].

    Normal citizens were forced to invent all manner of cat and mouse maneuvers to publish articles, meet together, even hold private conversations antithetical to the State’s agenda.

    This same brand of Communism seems alive and well in Europe.
    I find it ironic that Russia does not even have to play the game.


    • Ted Cunterblast

      It did. Investigations are ongoing, and action will be taken.

      • HE2

        Ted C, is the [probable] mole identified?

        I think we need to consider scheduling these conferences in Greenland, Iceland, or a non EU country.

        Hungary and other Euro states are too far down the road to full-on oppressive Marxism.

        The whole scenario detailed by

        Mr. Taylor reads as a grade B spy vs spy film script.

  • The usual cliques in the British government usually like to grandstand about their great “British values” like democracy and ‘freedom of speech’. Most of the public seem to lap it up and believe we still have it…..but we don’t, not really, and nor does it seem to be the case elsewhere in Europe.

    Next time some liberal idiot starts on about ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘liberal democracies’ etc, we now have yet another example of where it is a falsehood in Europe. The opposition are clearly living in fear that their whole world can come crashing down, otherwise they wouldn’t really care would they? It is only “talking” – not planes full of hooligans from around going “bashing” non Europeans.

    I gather you’ve all heard about the “non-violent extremism” legislation being put forward by the British government.

    This is where they plan on banning organisations, preventing people from attending or giving meetings that may ‘incite’ other people in some way and it includes people who, for example, think that 9/11 and 7/7 were not as the officialdom suggest.

    It is all themed around “anti-jihadi”, but of course they will use it for all of us, in particular the “far right” (as they call it). It is all quite depressing and quite frightening that, in theory, all dissent from the “mainstream” is being pushed out of bounds.

  • William Hinkle

    Congratulations to all involved. Happy to hear this turned out as well as it did – hope for the future.

  • I hope Richard Spencer is safe. Maybe next year there can be a conference here in America where free speech is not as repressive.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    A major reason for the conflict is that White Nationalists groups tend to have a lot of offensive remarks, hate etc. such as what often happens in the comments here. They seem like they purposely try to offend others and create some kind of conflict or argument. And really all this does is destroy the ideas they supposedly advocate for, to such a degree that I wonder if most WN aren’t actually secret Zionists or leftist. I don’t really see how preserving white heritage or white human dignity really needs to be framed in an ideologue of hating others or even in being in conflict with all other political ideologies. WN needs to come out of the extreme and go into the mainstream much more. This doesn’t mean just having some hateful neo-nazis don suits and “pretend” to be more moderate, but rather having genuine leaders with a more populist ideology.

    It really should be presented in a way that is less threatening towards non-whites and less threatening to average people. But beyond that it seems like a lot of these groups and leaders thrive on negative publicity, being hated, drama etc. Most of these online neo-nazis just like the attention and like being some kind of villain in the eyes of others rather than having any real interest in preserving Western heritage or the human dignity of white people.

    • IstvanIN

      I agree. I have often made the argument that I am a WN BECAUSE I want to preserve our modern, liberal, open society and I realize that a liberal society is only possible in a White/European society. A liberal society requires a certain degree of innate civility and a voluntary adherence to the social contract. We had that to a large degree up until the 1980s/1990s. Blacks must be forced to act civilized. Public schools now require full-time security or police to maintain order because of the large third world “student” body. When I was in school cops were not a required member of the staff and that is just one example of how third-world people can not function in a liberal, free society.

      The “WN” nationalists who drag our Hitler at every turn (and lets be honest, he isn’t good PR regardless of the truth about him) and the assorted other negative comments do not get people on our side. Our message should be both honest and positive, and from my point of view the survival of our people is a positive.

      • LHathaway

        “Blacks must be forced to act civilized”.

        Thanks for adding a sane, reasonable, positive comment that will show us in good light (sarcasm) and also helping draw attention away from blacks and people of color and onto whites and our interests.

        • IstvanIN

          I also said we should speak the truth and the truth is that blacks have an inability to function in a first world society without strict oversight. Look at any American city that they are the majority in or that they run. When the MSM starts talking about how a something is unfair to blacks or that we need to spend more money on them because of something we did we need to point out the truth.

        • Martel

          It sane and reasonable observation. And as far as I can see, it is the truth. Perhaps I would have phrased it as ”blacks are forced to act as Europeans, instead of allowing them to find their own place as a people, we should not expect or demand of them to go along with this”. Its more diplomatic, sure. But Amren is both a place for people to develop arguments and theories acceptable for the public as well as saying the truth, bluntly.

          • LHathaway

            we need white unity because blacks are racist. They are proud of it. blacks are encouraged to be race conscious, meanwhile, some white kid proudly declares ‘i have plenty of black friends’ a statement that shows his favoritism of those of color at the expense of whites and that same kid will be chastised for being racist, against people of color.

    • 4321realist

      “A major reason for the conflict is that White Nationalists groups tend to have a lot of offensive remarks, hate etc. such as what often happens in the comments here.”

      I disagree.

      The major reason for the conflict by the Hungarian politicos is that they see anybody or any group that actively fights against their foolish scheme of importing more tax units and consumers into the EU by encouraging third world
      immigration (to make them an economic powerhouse on a par with the US) as a serious danger. They don’t care one whit about passionate rhetoric. Their great concern is that the truth espoused by people opposed to their schemes will cause their entire house of cards to topple.
      People embracing any ideology based on exaggerations, half-truths, lies and nonsensical theories are terrified of the truth, not self-damning statements their opposition might make about them or their ideas.

      They’re hanging by a thread right now with periodic riots, terrorism, and much pressure and fighting by the various tribes who are growing more contentious about one thing or another that seems to be getting worse as time goes on….not better. Now ISIS has entered the picture which means terrorist attacks will be the norm again. It was Angela Merkel who said “multiculturalism has been a failure.”

      The elite’s bought into a hare-brained scheme that they can now see is going to take all their power and concentration to keep from turning into a civil conflict on a grand scale. They saw the possibility of everything falling apart, but they expected the catalyst, if there was one, would be introduced by anti-immigrant groups and nationalists, so they sought to employ a kind of unilateral Orwellian strategy to shut them up. “Hater,” “Xenyphobe,” ‘Racist,” all were employed to intimidate the opposition into silence.
      What they didn’t count on was the militant animosity by the third world hordes themselves and their eager embrace of radical Islamic groups who are infiltrating Europe right now, revealing that they’re really amounting to nothing less than home grown terrorists who hate anything but Islam and Sharia Law.

      Groups today who are openly advocating nationalism are armed with data that reveals this entire multicultural scheme to be an utter failure. If they are growing in numbers and refuse to be silenced, along with the growing tensions from the failed third world diversity tribes, the elites see their nations as in a truly very precarious position if nationalist ideas catch on to a substantial percentage of their populations, and if they’re not obstructed or, better yet, silenced altogether, these same elites can see themselves refereeing a civil conflict between third world hordes and natives who finally realize they have been tricked and are fed up with the whole idea of multiculturalism.
      Without passionate rhetoric there is no real opposition to anything. Alex Jones did more for the Second Amendment by screaming at Piers Morgan than any “reasoned” argument ever did, because radical leftists lie and distort so much a logical argument means absolutely nothing to them….though I don’t advocate outlandish responses and think logic shouldn’t be used.
      Likewise Newt Gingrich did more to get the truth out with his bomb throwing than any other politician ever did by appealing to the people with calm restraint.
      But it’s important to know when to use both bomb throwing and cool logic.

  • B.A_2014

    It sounds like Jared Taylor saved the day. I hope no harm comes to Richard Spencer. Let’s hope all the press leads some of our people to Amren and similar sites.

  • Calufrax

    Betrayed by Jobbik, what a surprise….

  • Martel

    Just back from Budapest. I missed the raid on Friday. but I was able to make the dinner on Saturday, the “walking tour” and the meeting in a little Romanian restaurant on Sunday. Even though the organization of the event pretty much collapsed, I had an amazing time. Met some very interesting individuals from all over the world, got the opportunity to chat with Taylor and there was a level of camaraderie you simply can’t find anywhere else. Big thanks to my buddy from the US for taking the initiative and organizing the events on Sunday, especially the meeting on Sunday evening which I consider the highlight of this event.

  • George Costanza

    Jared! You should have an event in Italy, you should host it in the northern region of Padua.Where I feel you will be better received. Have you heard of the Lega Norda or Fourza Nouza?

  • Adolf Verloc

    The U.S. has a more absolute concept of freedom of speech than almost any other country. Most European countries have anti-racism laws and laws against Holocaust revisionism and other “unacceptable” beliefs. For all our faults and for all the organizations working to stifle free speech, we have it pretty good.

  • Tarczan

    All of my grandparents immigrated from Hungary. My parents spoke fluent Hungarian, but sadly they never passed it on to their children.

  • Martin Martin

    Our leaders are the bravest most clever men in the world. Inspiring.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    These men will be remembered in future history books. And the lines from Jared Taylor about how we are all Europeans, gives me shivers.

    • Chasmania

      Yes, but HOW they are remembered will be determined by the winner of this war. If the progressives win he will be an example of a bigoted fascist. This fight we face is more important than we can fully grasp I believe, it’s simply too big to fully grasp and the enormity will only be revealed by time.

  • Sick of it

    “I personally share Jared Taylor’s views on the Jewry published on this site a while ago. I stand willing to be stoned, but I don’t have an
    issue with them.”

    Then don’t complain when they wreck Europe with their strange ideas. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    • Anna Tree

      The white traitors, Jewish or not, will be deal with: so indeed Zuckerberg, Soros, Spectres etc.

      But some Jews are proud white racialists: I also agree with Jared Taylor, actually more precisely, my criterium are dna and white racialism, not the sub-group one is from, so not to reject the atheists/Christians/intellectuals white racialists because of their peers…

    • kjh64

      The problem isn’t Jews, most of the people responsible for this in both Europe and North America are White gentiles.

      • Sick of it

        Funny, I recall America and Europe being very different before a certain group had an unusual amount of influence in every area of life.

        • Anna Tree

          True but maybe it is a faulty assumption that correlation between two variables implies that one causes the other.

          • propagandaoftruth

            That’s the lynchpin of the whole Boasian sociological miasma…

            Incapacity to distinguish correlation from causation. Refusal to recognize ideologically unacceptable causation as well, of course.

          • Sick of it

            That’s like questioning the correlation between demographics and crime statistics. I don’t have a favorite minority, but, apparently, quite a few people on Amren do.

  • This was the first NPI Conference in years that I’ve missed. It just reminds me that there is only really one international crime that is detested by those in control, and that is the crime of being against multiculturalism. I can’t say it is the crime of being proud of one’s heritage because many throughout the world: Latino, African, Jewish, Palestinian, Arab, Chinese etc. are encouraged to be proud. But to be against the doctrine of multiculturalism, to believe in the virtue of separation and parallel development, to be proud of European heritage…these things are not allowed on an international scope. And it makes us “dangerous heretics”. It is a label I wear proudly, even if discretely. Praise for those leaders who experienced real persecution for the cause, Mr. Regnery, Mr. Spencer, and others. Next time, I will try to be there. And maybe even share a cell.


  • FloridaGal2005

    I thought the Hungarians kicked the bankers out of their country? Obviously, it was a ruse.

    All the leaders of EU countries are globalists. Their elections are probably also rigged. The EU is the brainchild of the bankers. And, all EU leaders have no loyalty to the European peoples regardless of nation. Remember the ago old adage: judge them by their actions and not their words.

    • 4321realist

      “The EU is the brainchild of the bankers.”

      Yes and other elites who think they know what is best for us.

      It irks me to read or hear anyone call these dopes and miscreants overly intelligent just because they have been successful at making a bit of money. The correct words to describe them are devious and deceitful. They have transformed and altered much of Western culture, but it isn’t due to any “intelligence.” The fact that they have money, power, influence and control of the organs of communication, academia, and the entertainment industry puts them in a position to successfully manipulate things to get the result they want on almost anything.

      • Sick of it

        A good chunk of the richest people in the world made their money by taking away that which belongs to other people or through something akin to a monopoly. It’s not hard to make money that way.

  • MekongDelta69

    Communism used to be their oppressors.

    Now, it’s multiculturalists who are their oppressors.

    • 4321realist

      That’s true.

      They’ve rid themselves of one totalitarian ideology only to embrace another that is probably worse, because the one that controls them now is robbing them of their identity as a people.

      • curri

        Yeah, the ideology of the American Empire.

  • propagandaoftruth

    Neocon? Hmm…

    I like to think myself more a fascist, but without the complete contempt for representative governance, and without the urge for puffy chested foreign military adventurism.

    I call it “phalangism”.


    “Well, maybe we should get in touch with our distant Turkish cousins and reconsider Islam.”

    Le Pen. Future ruler of France, existentially threatened by Islamic hordes.

    Jobbik – let’s be friends with muzzies.

    All goose stepping aside, you don’t see a problem here?

    Neo-con eh? Closer to bizarre paleocon perhaps.

  • propagandaoftruth

    Well I detest Sarkozy regardless.

  • propagandaoftruth

    You know, come to think of it, I’ve never gotten along with Hungarians on the internet. Hardly ever.

    Well you guys have fun with Jobbik and try not to let too many muzzie negroes in. Best of luck, buddy.

  • 4321realist

    Reading this account by Jared Taylor reminded me of the ones I’ve read relating WWII experiences by the underground in Europe trying to side step the control of the Nazis with danger at every turn, in order to complete a mission.

    It’s also very much like a freedom movement in Stalinist Russia wherein the operatives are trying to keep the KGB from arresting and detaining important figures who have information that is considered dangerous to the existence of the party because it is true and could well mean their downfall if it gets out.

    Which, come to think of it, is EXACTLY what the experience amounted to.

  • travis scott

    Way to go Jared! We’re proud of all of you. Thank you for your work.

  • I know it’s easy for me to say, but I wouldn’t be so quick to describe such an arrest as a “terrible blow.” Every modern movement of consequence has had its leaders arrested for their beliefs. It’s a feather in Spencer’s hat.

    • Martel

      I have been collecting feathers in my hat for a while, its the reason I regret not having been there on Friday. As you say, its a badge of honour to be there when the authorities show their true colours. It is a shame Spencer didn’t experience the great atmosphere amongst the crowd which varied from traditional conservatives, identitarians, national socialists and those in the middle. Interesting discussions, great laughs and watching participants with opposing views finding middle ground. The latter includes myself, mostly in my discussions with various national socialists. One discussion even got a bit heated, but we certainly left as friends.

      Its a shame many didn’t show up, it was worth every penny. I did take a jab at Ramz for not showing up on Saturday after asking him to do a toast, though his reasons are understandable.

  • The problem with that is you’d have to send the emails to all attendees – but some of the attendees are moles. So what would you gain?

  • How ‘we’ got to this state is no doubt quite a complicated affair. As you can imagine, I think it has been a chip-chip-chipping away for the last 70 years.

    Worryingly, after so many generations of this, many people do not even seem to have the concepts of ‘free speech’ when it comes to having the right to “offend” other people.

    Likewise, freedom of association has been destroyed – such as you cannot have “white political parties” or “men’s golf clubs”.

    Nobody seems to be able to defend these things any more, and the Conservatives, whose job you’d think it would be to do so, have failed so badly that I doubt any of their MPs could (or would) be able to argue such points.

    A whole generation of youth has been born and raised under the last Labour reign of government….complete with all the liberalism and brainwashing concepts to the point that I doubt they would ever challenge them or themselves to think differently.

    People have been trained to “keep off” various subjects, except for if they find themselves in familiar company and feel “okay” to speak up.

    This has only helped to further make any “counter view” more shocking. It is also the worst kind of censorship….self censorship.

    There was a case in Birmingham this year where somebody was imprisoned for verbally abusing “minorities”. The liberal judge (aren’t they all?) decided to make an example of this man and went off on a rant how there was “no place” for the defendants views in “modern society”.

    The “left” have their grasp over things, albeit often pushing against an open door with a largely liberal-minded society (or a society that doesn’t care)…..and true to form, they stamp down hard on dissent because they fear what would grow.

    It is a bit like the liberal version of the “broken windows” policing concept.

    In general though, it is a bit like “brave new world” or other dystopia novels, where the people have been embracing their slavery and now often fail to realise they are slaves and living in a soft dictatorship.

  • Ted Cunterblast

    André Goodfriend’s statement confirms our suspicions that the US regime, working in concert with a ‘mole(s)’ attending the conference, put pressure on the government of Hungary to scupper the event. Investigations are ongoing.

    • curri

      My bet is that a thorough investigation would uncover the hoof print of Victoria Nuland.

  • Ádám Ferenczy

    Turan gypsy.

  • Martel

    I appreciate the update.

    -The Dutchman.

  • I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when we have idiots like Mr Goodfriend stating that the meeting and the participants in the meeting are “promoting racial or ethnic intolerance”.

    They make it sound as though rabid ‘neo-nazis’ on steroids are flying out to Hungary in their stereotypical DrMartens shoes and shaven heads to kick people’s heads in and ‘stir up’ the people of Hungary to go out and do likewise as much as possible.

    They make it sound like Mr Taylor and Mr Spencer are going to be stood at the front of a stage, spit coming from their mouths as they rant and rave about how we need to go out and bully and curse every non-white face we see.

    They make the conference sound like a load of angry white males plotting in a back room, twiddling their moustachios as they come up with cunning plots about how best to set fire to crosses on people’s lawns, or how to herd all the non-Europeans into some kind of chamber without anybody noticing…..

    It is plainly absurd to anybody who knows anything about anything. Yet so many government officials, liberals, general public, believe all this “scary” nonsense – nonsense that is never really spelled out but is always implied.

    Liberals can go about their business unhindered, to plot all sorts of world changing ideologies and positions. They can organise their affairs, host their conferences, invite their speakers. They are often very radical if one thinks back to how things were socially in the 1940s.

    Yet a group of mild mannered intellectuals, whose only purpose is to care for and preserve the European / Caucasian peoples in their own homelands (and established outposts), whose only desire is to find amicable and peaceful ways to avert the disaster of our eradication from planet Earth…….no….they cannot possibly be allowed to spread their “hate”.

    They may well have “hate”. But contrary to the idiots that think they know what they are talking about then they in fact don’t, the hate in the true nationalist and in those guests present is not for the next brown or black face he may see – it is for the establishment and various other elements who are responsible for setting about our racial destruction.

  • Periapsis

    Or they will get steamed like seafood in a steamer.

  • Sick of it

    A European citizen? Does that mean you do not have your own nation? Tis a pity.

  • journey

    What the global elites did to Russia, South Africa, and Rhodesia is now happening to
    all Western societies. They have used brainwashing and guilt propaganda very effectively to control and take over what the whites have created and built. Unfortunately, most whites are asleep at the switch. And the ones that are not are helpless and powerless to stop the destruction of their neighborhoods and countries. The crashing of Western societies is well underway as the whites become the minority in their own countries.

    The Chinese, Japanese, etc., currently will never allow what is being imposed on whites (massive low IQ third worlders) to occur.

  • Fredrik_H

    Jobbik has been held as a anti-semite, neo-nazi bogey man in the liberal euro media and Orban has been painted as an hungarian Putin by that same media so I must say this shutdown surprised me.

    I guess the media either feeds us BS or they are now so far left that anything remotely looking like a true-blue conservative looks like a nazi in their eyes. Now, none of THAT wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Casper Flannigan

    Frogs and seafood are not halal. Maybe bled like goats is a better analogy? Remember who the current European cultural Marxist shock troops are. We really need a great flood or some such biblical scale disaster.

    It’s really that bad.

  • Epiminondas

    You’re the bravest man in America, Mr. Taylor.

  • Martel

    No, it definitely wasn’t RamzPaul, and I actually can’t see RamzPaul doing that ^^

    ‘Just’ a great and talented young man who stepped up to the plate when it was needed.

  • Martel

    Blame the black beans for the Mexican kids. A diet consisting out of 50% watermelons and 50% purple drank is too blame for black underachievement.

  • Anna Tree

    I apologize Andrew, to high-jack your thread but it is for good news: the new Hungarian Premier promises to be different:
    amren com/news/2015/03/hungarys-premier-rejects-immigration-multicultural-society/

    Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban denounced multiculturalism and liberalism Friday and vowed to fight a rising wave of migration that he said is threatening to turn his country into a “refugee camp.”
    In his annual state of the nation speech, Orban called a multicultural society “a delusion” and defended his conservative government’s attempts to abandon “liberal social policies” that he accused of rejecting Christian culture.
    “The Hungarian man is, by nature, politically incorrect. That is, he has not lost his common sense,” he said.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Wasn’t Jared Taylor chased out of Hungary recently? Or was that Bulgaria?

      • Anna Tree

        I don’t know, unless you are talking about Sept/Oct 2014, and so it was in Hungary.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          I remember he and Spencer were stalked by jack-booted Hungarian thugs. What a wonderful reversal of fortunes for Hungary. Maybe Jared was the catalyst? One man CAN make a difference.