Posted on June 20, 2014

Race and America in 2034

AR Staff, American Renaissance, June 20, 2014

What will American race relations be like in 20 years? That was the question we put to a group of hard-headed commentators. The results were 10 essays that we published — one each day — from June 9 to June 20, 2014.

Some of the answers may surprise you, and some may provoke you, but they are exactly what you would expect from American Renaissance: thoughtful, undeceived, and free of conventional pieties.

Here are our authors, in the order in which they were published:

John Derbyshire — “The Narrative” will hold firm.

Paul Gottfried — A real break from the leftist revolution.

Gregory Hood — To the catacombs–for now.

Joseph Kay — The triumph of the boring.

Paul Kersey — Our flag will still fly on the moon.

Tom Kuhmann — More of the same.

Gavin McInnes — We are not doomed.

Fred Reed — Hispanics could go either way.

Richard Spencer — The Howard Beale theory of history.

Jared Taylor — Local communities are finding their own way.