Posted on June 2, 2020

A Nation of Dupes Led by Fanatics

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 2, 2020

Divided America

America’s longest lasting reality television program is “Race Relations.” Like all reality television shows, it’s scripted. Last week, we had a very special episode. Beloved character George Floyd died after he was detained by police. In grief and rage, demonstrations, protests, and riots broke out across the country. The most powerful companies in the world, including Nike, Citigroup, Amazon, Twitter, Microsoft and others, funded the public relations campaign. In an exciting guest appearance, everyone’s favorite television villain President Donald Trump called Floyd’s family and was roundly booed by the studio audience.

The monster of the week is former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. He may now be the most hated living man in the world. In 2018, the local paper ran a profile of his wife, a contender to be first Hmong Miss Minnesota. “Under all that uniform,” said Kellie Chauvin of her husband, “he’s just a softie.” The pro-diversity puff piece said Mrs. Chauvin volunteers for an organization called Hmong Empowering Women. The same paper now reports she’s divorced her husband and says she’s “devastated by Mr. Floyd’s death.” There’s no reason to doubt her, nor the sincerity of protesters from New Zealand to Dublin.

Some of this could be motivated by cynicism. By getting on the right side of a controversy, a person can protect wealth, status, and the appearance of virtue. However, I think most of it is real. In an age of mass media, many people find relationships mediated through a screen more significant than those in the “real” world.

A real man named George Floyd died on May 25, but this has almost nothing to do with the “George” that people are talking about today. Floyd had arrests for theft and drug possession, ultimately serving five years in prison for armed robbery. He had at least five stints in jail. In the age of #MeToo, a “sexist” joke can end your career. Floyd once entered a home and threatened a woman at gunpoint. However, media assure us he was “turning his life around,” and the six-foot six-inch 200-pound Floyd was, like Mike Brown, was known as the “gentle giant.”

The gentle giant’s last acts on earth were trying to scam a shop owner and resisting arrest. That doesn’t mean Floyd deserved to die, but it does mean a fight was inevitable. A team of three police officers couldn’t get him into a squad car. He claimed he didn’t want to go in because he was “claustrophobic.” Would “white privilege” let you get away with that? He was also claiming he couldn’t breathe even while he was standing up.

Maybe he was telling the truth. Officers could have been negligent for not calling medical help right away. However, police were confronting a muscular man who was struggling. Force was inevitable. Mr. Chauvin may not be guiltless, but that doesn’t make him a murderer.

What evidence we have suggests Derek Chauvin had no intention of killing Floyd or had any idea he may have been doing so. He would have to be insane to do it while videoing his own actions and knowing he was being videoed by others. The initial autopsy reported “no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation.” The toxicology report says Floyd had fentanyl in his system and died of a heart attack. An “independent” autopsy ordered by the Floyd family attorney says Floyd was asphyxiated. I suspect this case will turn on whether the “knee to neck” technique was taught or tolerated by the Minneapolis Police Department. If so, Mr. Chauvin could conceivably be acquitted, but Minneapolis would then have even worse problems.

Former black nationalist and antifa supporter Keith Ellison, now Minnesota’s Attorney General, says there must not be a rush to judgment. Mr. Ellison is trying to “protect this prosecution,” which is his job. He recognizes that Derek Chauvin must be convicted of something. However, he probably also knows it is not a simple case and there is a chance he will lose if he brings unrealistic charges and the jury examines the evidence carefully.

However, to much of the world, this case is not just simple; it’s mythic. In their minds, the murder conviction is just a formality. George Floyd’s aunt says that the third-degree murder charge isn’t  good enough; it’s “toying with the family.” She wants all four policemen who were on the scene “convicted of murder.” Republican Marco Rubio has already called Floyd’s death a “murder.” From the corporate world, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink called it “murder” and another sign of “how much work we have to do to build a stronger, more equal, and safer society.”

There’s an increasingly religious feel to what we once dismissed as idle platitudes, particularly the insistence that we say “black lives matter.” Whites are literally genuflecting before blacks, as if they were holy figures, seeking forgiveness for generational sins.

This is akin to burning incense before an image of the Emperor, a show of submission to the state religion of diversity, what Paul Gottfried calls the “secular theocracy.” To many Americans, and perhaps even to clergy, the phrase Black Lives Matter is more sacred than the Nicene Creed.

Of course, there’s no evidence that blacks are being “hunted” by police. According to data assembled by Zach Goldberg from the Washington Post Shootings Database and FBI Uniform Crime Report, more police officers were killed by blacks than unarmed blacks killed by police in 2018 and 2019. Unarmed white suspects are more likely to be shot by black police officers than white officers. Blacks are actually less likely to be shot by officers than whites.

Who is killing cops? Disproportionately blacks.

How are we to explain extraordinary worldwide protests? Again, Mr. Goldberg (who identified and defined “The Great Awokening”) provides the data. The explanation is the dramatic rise in powerful media organizations putting every alleged “oppression,” and act of “racism” on the front page. “It’s not clear [sic] the extent that people appreciate how beholden their perceptions of reality are to the media,” tweeted Mr. Goldberg.

The journalists who accuse white advocates of “radicalizing” people are accusing others of what they, themselves, are deeply guilty of doing. This violence is on their hands.

(The entire thread below is worth reading).

We know from our own data that whites suffer disproportionately from interracial crime at the hands of blacks. Blacks hate the police because they commit so much crime and are so often restrained, arrested, and jailed.

It’s a fact – an indisputable data-based fact — that whites disproportionately suffer from crime at the hands of blacks, not vice versa. Objectively, we are their victims, they are not ours. Blacks commit a great deal of crime and are far more likely than whites to resist arrest; police of all races show remarkable restraint with them. Police brutality and “racism” are issues only because journalists have decided to make it one, and many people believe them.

This is a libel against whites. Attacks against “whiteness,” or defining it as an inherently oppressive social relation, is an attack against our immutable characteristics. Robin DiAngelo and other “scholars” of have told us that white privilege is ineradicable. Whites all have privilege and there’s nothing we can do to get rid of it.

So we must pay up. BET founder Robert Johnson now wants $14 trillion in reparations. That’s a cool, $333,000 for every black man, woman, and child, a figure that is about twice the median white family net worth. Would even this enormous sum be enough? Would we finally be done with affirmative action, set-asides, and racial redistribution?

I doubt it. Racial inequality is insoluble and thus demands that we fix it will never end. George Clooney said that after 400 years of trying we don’t have a “vaccine” for racism. Will another 400 years get us any closer? Sandra Day O’ Connor was naïve enough to think we wouldn’t need affirmative action by 2028. We will probably have far more expansive racial discrimination against whites by then.

The forbidden truth is that racial inequality exists because races are not equal. This can be denied, ignored, or censored, but the truth remains. Even the most sweeping and violent racial redistribution scheme would not solve this “problem.” If the state redistributed wealth perfectly across all racial groups, I’d still bet the racial redistribution of wealth would return to about the same five to ten years later. We are being ordered to pursue an impossible goal. When reality doesn’t change simply because people wish it would, we are punished.

We aren’t dealing with riots about George Floyd. We aren’t dealing with riots about police violence against blacks. We aren’t dealing with riots about Black Lives Matter. We’re dealing with an outbreak of religious fanaticism. Today, journalists, politicians, celebrities, and content creators fill the role that priests once did. Like figures from the Dark Ages, they tell us that evil lies within each one of us, but that “whiteness,” rather than Satan is the demonic force.

In The Machiavellians, James Burnham savaged those who disguise their true intentions with metaphysical, supernatural, or utopian claims. Such claims are “meaningless from the point of view of real actions in the real world of space and time and history,” he wrote. “[I]f they have some empirical meaning, [they] are impossible to achieve under the actual conditions of social life.” He was right. The flowery rhetoric about equality has led to smoldering cities and murdered Americans.

We must confront three difficult truths. First, the protestors believe what they are saying. They may be subconsciously driven by fear, status anxiety, or materialism, but that does not mean they don’t authentically grieve for the late George Floyd, or, more accurately, the character that has been presented to them.

However, I believe they would be just as grief-stricken if reporters had told them to care about something else. Their feelings are real, but also manufactured. Many of the same outlets cheering on massive protests today thought much smaller demonstrations just weeks ago against lockdowns were a deadly threat. This is depressing, but also a source for hope. Under a different system, people would react the same way for better causes. Under a system more in line with human nature, we wouldn’t need such extraordinary media operations. There must be a massive campaign against what we say only because what we say is true.

The second hard truth is that the movement confronting us has no realistic demands. It is not operating in good faith. If we conceded its most sweeping goals, including massive reparations, abolishing police, or opening the borders, there would still be racial inequality. We would always be pressed to “do more.” It would never end, because those who benefit from the diversity industry have no interest in achieving the equality they claim is their goal. In any case, racial equality is as much as fantasy as “perfect justice” or “universal salvation.”

It’s not even desirable theoretically, because whatever they say, people don’t want equality. They want to distinguish themselves from others by building wealth, power, and prestige. Sam Francis argued that egalitarianism is so widely promoted precisely because it is an effective “political weapon,” something that rationalizes but also disguises the dominance of a new elite. Every elite has a myth that justifies its rule, from the Divine Right of Kings to the Will of the People. Racial equality is our ruling myth.

The final truth is the most difficult. People need myths. You can fight faith only with another faith. When we see people marching around the world, we see not just the power of media but the power of faith. Contrast this turnout to the pitiful white responses to the Knoxville Horror, the mass rapes in Rotherham, or the anti-white rampage from Corey Mohammed. These cases alone would justify mass rallies and even uprisings, but we do nothing, trapped by our own sense of fair play and faith in the rule of law. Unless whites can believe something different, we will pursue this false dream of equality, even if it destroys us.

Oswald Spengler defined Western Civilization as “Faustian,” driven to reach as far as it can go in all directions. This has positive and negative aspects. We can see two specific examples right now. America has returned to space thanks to SpaceX and the efforts of South African expatriate Elon Musk. However, black rioting overshadowed this achievement. We can’t simultaneously pursue greatness and equality. We can’t reach our destiny while we are held down by the diversity albatross.

How can we confront egalitarianism? There’s an obvious conservative critique. The egalitarian dream is impossible. Conservatives used to say “don’t immanentize the eschaton,” meaning don’t try to bring heaven to earth. This argument is logical but ineffective.

Our people are driven by impossible, beautiful dreams and a fierce sense of morality. Simply demanding that whites take our own side is not enough. They — we — need a faith, not naked appeals to self-interest.

Instead of liberty, equality, fraternity, we need order, hierarchy, and greatness. Egalitarianism isn’t heaven on earth, but hell unleashed. We dream of something higher. The dream we have is of a world brotherhood of Europeans, each with its own nation but working together to defend our race and common civilization. What we pursue is human excellence — advancing technological and medical progress, creating beautiful cities and monuments, conquering space, living our lives as works of art, unapologetically making ourselves smarter, healthier, and stronger. We want strong families and happy children in safe neighborhoods. We want an organic society in which we are not mere consumers laboring for Woke Capital. We want communities where kinship and culture count more than wealth.

It’s not just that we need separation. It’s not even that the logical conclusion of leftists’ own rhetoric about the ineradicable evil of “whiteness” means that whites should separate from non-whites. Whites need to be free, but free for something. We need to be free to be ourselves; free to pursue greatness

What’s the alternative? Take a look around the country and find out. We can’t even maintain basic civilized standards anymore. We don’t have to live this way. We don’t have to remain enslaved to the impossible delusions of fanatics and dupes. We must refuse to follow the script given to us. Otherwise, this decline will continue forever, and even our degraded society will seem like a lost paradise to those who come after us.