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Brainwashing not working as expected.

And the crowd gives her a cheer.

Seven of the top eight are black.

Asians outscore whites in most states.

Hardly any students scored in the top three ranges in math.

Map of population trends for Europe and Africa puts Mediterranean debate in perspective.

Policing in liberal Madison is even more racially lopsided.

Every city in the US may be guilty.

Hispanic home prices led both the bubble and the crash.

Maps show how increased lending to non-whites preceded the housing crisis.

Chart shows how Hispanic home values soared–then plummeted–over the past decade.

Crazy settlement to aggrieved black man finally thrown out after eight years.

Blacks have higher levels of self-esteem and narcissism than whites.

Chart shows the demographic reality of American presidential politics.

Company that tried to “boost minority lending” now pays the price.

Whites have abandoned Boston public schools.

“It’s less a theory of evolution than of devolution.”

The truth might make people think about immigration.

Hispanic default rate three times that of whites; blacks, more than twice.

Barack Obama’s not exactly what the media pretend he is.

In 2006, all the bad trends got worse; the goods ones reversed.

La Raza’s Lapdogs, American Conservative

Immigration debate illustrates what is wrong with American political discourse.

Fragmented Future, American Conservative

“The diverse” possess mounting power to punish dissenters.

Whites are too nice for nationalism, says pundit.

Columnist likes our report, but disagrees with our principles.

Steve Sailer reviews rates of imprisonment by race.

Alberto Gonzales favors quotas and defends non-enforcement of immigration laws.

Scam Watch,

The Southern Poverty Law Center has gotten rich off of “anti-racism.”

Football IQs, iSteve Exclusives Blog

Quarterbacks and offensive linemen are the smartest–and whitest–football players.

The Pygmies of the Andaman Islands, iSteve Web Exclusives Blog

Andamanese women have such large buttocks that they can stand toddlers on them.

Ethnic Electorate: Myths and Realities, The American Conservative

The belief that Republicans must appeal to non-whites proves journalists’ innumeracy.

Today’s mainstream conservatives refuse to acknowledge the great book’s insights.

Political correctness restricts the eminent biologist’s view of race.