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When there is a racial incident all prisoners of that race are locked down.

They don’t get along with the country’s Muslim minority.

Whites may have killed blacks with arrows.

Promoting Hatred in America


We’d be better off accepting the truth.


America in 2034


We are not doomed.


America in 2034


More of the same.


Students will take a “Stop Hatin, No Mas” pledge to solve the problem.

Reparations—Again!, AR Commentary by Jared Taylor

Ta-Nehisi Coates and the magic words.

Keeping groups separate with “physical and political boundaries” maintains peace.

A rise of 5 percent since 2001.

Police kill menacing Hispanics. Hispanics riot.

More Mush From Our “Leaders”


Chuck Hagel addresses the Navy.


Hispanic administrators said to be picking on black students.

Hispanics drove out blacks in the past.

“The African-Americans and the Hispanics, they were just attacking each other today.”

The Nuer are killing the Dinka.

Realtor: People from India and China “are not people who are house proud.”

Asians out of step with other non-whites on racial preferences.

Separation may be a solution to “massive ethnic-religious cleansing.”

Provocative footage from “Nightline.”

Delhi residents don’t like people who look Chinese.

Nigerians call American blacks “akata,” or “wild animals.”

Why Are White Men So Angry?, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

They often dislike the way blacks act.

Black neighbors don’t want white newcomers planting flowers.

Oxford researchers say living in mixed-race communities promotes “passive tolerance” in whites.

Blacks don’t want whites put in charge of their failing school districts.

“If we retaliate, you can bring out your soldiers. We got some, too.”

Black woman thinks epidemic of “white thuggery” may justify violent response.

Zimmerman’s lawyer thinks there is racial bias in the justice system–but blacks are partly to blame.

White man who complained about “thug music” is guilty of attempted murder.

“White boy” is the most common slur.

Ethnic Chinese don’t like laws that favor Malays.

Racial tension continues to build.

A Canadian discovers Robert Putnam.

Racial tension in Australia.

Students in northeast India are demanding an “anti-racism” law.

Studies: Diversity can lead to “ambient cultural disharmony” that saps creativity.

A few people are waking up to the crisis.

Brazilian blacks use “racism” and “inequality” as an excuse for large, violent riots.

Tales from a French ‘hood.

War is obsolete. Instead, this is the era of massacre.

The Pursuit of Racial Amity, Fred on Everything

When it comes to race, “Maybe a little less togetherness would better preserve the peace.”

Hundreds killed this year in ethnic violence.

400 people rioted in the “Little India” district.

. . . in the region with the largest number of gypsies.

Trevor Phillips doesn’t like the fact that races choose to live apart.

Common sense is immediately denounced.

Last month, 400 Afrikaners rallied against dispossession.

Labour MP warns community could “explode” if gypsies don’t “change their culture.”

Russian economist: “We should brace ourselves for more social outbursts.”