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Provocative footage from “Nightline.”

Delhi residents don’t like people who look Chinese.

Nigerians call American blacks “akata,” or “wild animals.”

Why Are White Men So Angry?, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

They often dislike the way blacks act.

Black neighbors don’t want white newcomers planting flowers.

Oxford researchers say living in mixed-race communities promotes “passive tolerance” in whites.

Blacks don’t want whites put in charge of their failing school districts.

“If we retaliate, you can bring out your soldiers. We got some, too.”

Black woman thinks epidemic of “white thuggery” may justify violent response.

Zimmerman’s lawyer thinks there is racial bias in the justice system–but blacks are partly to blame.

White man who complained about “thug music” is guilty of attempted murder.

“White boy” is the most common slur.

Ethnic Chinese don’t like laws that favor Malays.

Racial tension continues to build.

A Canadian discovers Robert Putnam.

Racial tension in Australia.

Students in northeast India are demanding an “anti-racism” law.

Studies: Diversity can lead to “ambient cultural disharmony” that saps creativity.

A few people are waking up to the crisis.

Brazilian blacks use “racism” and “inequality” as an excuse for large, violent riots.

Tales from a French ‘hood.

War is obsolete. Instead, this is the era of massacre.

The Pursuit of Racial Amity, Fred on Everything

When it comes to race, “Maybe a little less togetherness would better preserve the peace.”

Hundreds killed this year in ethnic violence.

400 people rioted in the “Little India” district.

. . . in the region with the largest number of gypsies.

Trevor Phillips doesn’t like the fact that races choose to live apart.

Common sense is immediately denounced.

Last month, 400 Afrikaners rallied against dispossession.

Labour MP warns community could “explode” if gypsies don’t “change their culture.”

Russian economist: “We should brace ourselves for more social outbursts.”

What happens when a “conservative” reporter attends a racially aware conference?

After the Fall


Second NPI conference is held in Washington.


An Arab judge has banned some of the Likud party’s “racist” ads.

New Dominican constitution says children of illegal immigrants cannot be citizens.

School argues the US flag would inflame racial tensions.

Government forces diverse people together. The result is conflict.

Diversity in schools is a constant headache.

Russians are getting tired of Central Asians.

“Zaitokukai” members held a protest at a Korean elementary school.

A Brief History of American Race Relations


Conflict is inherent; tragedy is frequent.


Anatomy of a “random” black-on-white murder.

Blacks drove up and yelled “F*** Mexicans!” before shooting.

They bring in an “outside element.”

31 Killed in Indian Religious Violence, Christian Science Monitor

There have been 450 incidents of religious violence in India this year.

Cheap labor comes at a price.

Moroccans don’t like illegal immigrants, either.

The Bad, the Ugly, and the Good, Part I


The battle over Texas history.


Creation of Facebook group is being investigated as a crime.

Black mob violence and white altruism start early.