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Seven officers hurt; one unresponsive.

Police are injured, businesses are closing early, U of M and some Metro stations shut down.

Mostly locals arrested Sunday, but police and the mayor blame “outside agitators” for riots.

“It’s a very delicate balancing act.”

Black Guerilla Family, Bloods, and Crips will unite against police.

She was filming “youths” when she was attacked.

School was right to make students take off US-flag shirts to avoid racial violence.

Company presses on with its “racism” media blitz.

Race Baiting and Ferguson, Hoover Institution

The DOJ report only makes race relations worse.

Former chair of Commission for Racial Equality blasts Britain’s “mealy-mouthed approach to race.”

Race Riot at Sea


The story of the mutiny on the Kitty Hawk.


Blacks and whites slug it out.

Jesse Jackson says black power hasn’t been a panacea for the city.

Chinese cop killed a black man. Race complicates everything.

Rough justice wasn’t limited to the South. No mention of whites who were lynched.

State senator complains that he isn’t fully black.

One attendee yelled “You white supremacist motherfucker” at the police spokesman.

More conflict between Han Chinese and Muslim Uyghurs.

“It’s an uncompromising look at race relations in the 21st century.”

Americans think race relations are the worst they have been since the LA riots of 1992.

In Support of Violence, CUNY Advocate

CUNY newspaper says rioting and looting are the next best thing to attacking the police.

One operator allegedly said dead cops “deserved it.”

Éric Zemmour says Muslims should be deported “to avoid civil war.”

A glimpse inside the mind of a black woman.

The Racial Order of Prisons


A fascinating account of how prison gangs operate.

Review by Jared Taylor

Poll indicates race relations are at their lowest point since 1997.

Map shows “bias” level in each state.

Sometimes stories are more convincing than raw facts.

Face to Face with Race


Firsthand accounts give up-close views of racial diversity.

Reviewed by John Engelman

Some threw bottles of urine.

Buchanan: Are Ferguson protesters suggesting we go back to “race-based lynch law”?

Obama on Ferguson: The Problem Is the Justice System, Not Violent Criminals


Americans are losing patience with baloney in high places.


Obama says the case “speaks to broader challenges that we still face as a nation.”

Columnist calls protesters what they are: a lynch mob.

One group of men protected their property with handguns and AR-15s.

They still think he was killed because of racism.

She says the Michael Brown shooting is a symptom of racism.

Just 15 percent of whites think Wilson should be charged with murder.

Politics and White Consciousness


An analysis of the 2014 elections.


White women who marry blacks are three times as likely to divorce as those who marry whites.

Forty Years that Unmade France


French bestseller chronicles decline of La Grande Nation.

Review by F. Roger Devlin

John Derbyshire reviews Face to Face with Race.

Black Power–A Done Deal, Fred on Everything

America is dominated from its slums.

No more racial separation after riots.

One protester yelled “F*** all you white motherf***ers” and spit in a man’s face.

Ferguson: Do the Facts Even Matter?


Or does race come first?


“Blacks and Latinos targeted each other with disturbing consistency.”

Whites chant “USA,” “Get a job,” and “Africa!”

White residents are also preparing to defend themselves.

Whites are surprised to learn their community is “racist.”