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Just 9 percent think race relations have improved.

Hispanics “used firebombs to drive the victims from their homes because of their race.”

Median white net worth is 13 times that of blacks.

56 percent of whites believe Obama failed to improve race relations.

Dutch researcher: The more diversity the more bullying.

The Truth in the Streets


Trump provokes the squabbling racial tribes.


“There IS a race problem. Your heads are in the sand.”

Is Diversity a Strength for America?


Remarks at a debate at Kentucky State University.


1,000 new migrants are arriving in Sicily each week.

Hundreds of migrants clash with Frenchmen calling themselves the “anti-crime brigade.”

The War on Afrikaans


A fight about language is really a fight about race.


Trump supporters and Hispanic groups debated across the fence.

35 percent of Americans worry “a great deal” about race relations.

Two reasons they cite are “racial tensions” and “crime.”

All we need to do is fix the persistent underachievement of non-whites with “public solutions.”

Non-white gangs in Australia know that scrutiny by authorities will be called “racist.”

Yet another black/white impasse.

One team held up a Trump poster and chanted, “Build a wall!”

One caste doesn’t like preferences for other castes.

Findings from large-scale study suggest “diversity causes a decline in social cohesion.”

There were punches thrown, students shouting “black power,” and threats of mass shootings.

That’s up from 30 percent in January 2014.

Germany on the Brink, New York Times

Straight talk on German demographics from the New York Times.

Only 33 percent of whites think they are “very or fairly good.”

More wit and insight from Fred Reed.

Tensions there “are no longer exceptional” in Sweden.

The fights–involving 200 to 300 students–were racial.

Troll thought he was posting anonymously.

But it’s not “genocide.”

Six blacks attack two whites.

Black vs. Muslims on a London bus.

Blacks say flaggers shouted racial slurs and flashed guns.

“Culture clash” may pit players against each other.

Black students didn’t like the flag.

They say they are defending their heritage.

Black man shot youth pastor only because he wanted to kill a Hispanic.

Study finds that as racial diversity increases, so does conflict.

Killer of white journalists was incompetent, short-tempered, and paranoid.

Shooter had fabricated “racism” complaints and had been fired.

Pat Buchanan says without radical change, Western nations will be “swamped.”

“Oink Oink . . . Bang Bang!”

Blacks shot a white man after an argument over the flag.

Your chance to tell the New York Times what you think the legacy of Ferguson is.

The numbers are nearly as bad as those from after the Rodney King riots.

East Africans chased white family out of public-housing complex in Calgary.

Some blacks complain of “racial battle fatigue.”

Says young people “aren’t thinking.”

A “refugee liaison officer” will get to the bottom of it.

As blacks move to the suburbs, “race-space wars will heat up.”

Hundreds march to protest the “racism.”