Posted on October 14, 2022

Verified Hate: Russian Asset Edition

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, October 14, 2022

Tulsi Gabbard is a former Representative from Hawaii. Progressives should love her. She was the first Hindu in Congress, she single-handedly destroyed Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign by attacking her from the left on criminal justice, and she supports gun control and an assault-weapons ban. However, she opposes America’s interventionist foreign policy and anti-white racism. Therefore, she is leaving the Democrats.

Miss Gabbard is a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve, but leftists decided that she’s actually a “Russian asset.” Also that she is a racist.

Remember, many people say no non-white can be racist, and Robin DeAngelo has explained that all whites are racist, so it took courage for Miss Gabbard to denounce “anti-white racism.” Why can this former Democrat do what so many Republicans can’t?

Columbus Day got the usual complaints from progressives.

The real issue here is that “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” and “Columbus Day” are incompatible. It’s the same farce as Virginia’s “Lee-Jackson-King Day” or the experiment of “Zimbabwe-Rhodesia.”

Christopher Columbus brought Western Civilization to the New World. Those who mourn this cannot be reconciled with those who celebrate it. The day being split into two different holidays is a sign we have (at least) two different peoples forced to live together. The sooner we separate, the better. Unfortunately, progressives are the ones who fight harder and who usually win for that reason. They won’t let us leave.

Here’s a self-proclaimed “award winning multimedia journalist” named David Leavitt. He’s best-known for calling the police on a Target employee who wouldn’t sell him a toothbrush for one cent. On Columbus Day, he took offense when state senate candidate Tina Ramirez said she would “refuse to join the radical left’s campaign to erase history.” Mr. Leavitt called child services on her, tweeting repeatedly that the government was too slow to respond to his complaint. The thread is over 10 posts; it reads like parody, but it’s not.

Miss Ramirez apparently has a black daughter, but that didn’t do her any good.

When users began mocking him, the journalist who tried to sic the state on a political opponent suddenly claimed he was the victim.

It’s easy to laugh, but America’s moral culture is rooted in victimhood. Claiming weakness and crying for the government, media, and activists to protect you is how you use power. Mr. Leavitt’s hysteria, feigned or not, was his attempt to wield power. We haven’t reached the point where celebrating Columbus Day will make the state take your children away, but that day may come.

If you don’t believe me, consider that Democrat Virginia state delegate Elizabeth Guzman will introduce a bill to “expand the state’s definition of child abuse and neglect to include parents who do not affirm their child’s gender identity or sexual orientation.” If your child says he’s trans and you tell him he’s not, he may not be your child for much longer.

There’s nothing surprising about this. The way the managerial state works is by breaking down any obstacles — such as families — that lie between the “experts” who manage the country and individuals. (You probably guessed that Miss Guzman is a social worker.) Presumably, if a counselor tells a child he is really “trans,” and a parent objects, the state could take the child.

The refusal of conservatives to defend biological realities and traditional identities, especially white identity, is what got us here. Now, activists want to abolish the family along with “whiteness” and several see the two as linked. If you won’t defend white identity, ultimately, you won’t be able to defend family. Mr. Leavitt’s neuroses are sickening, but they will be effective propaganda until whites who care about their children, country, and civilization get serious.

The trial of Darrell Brooks, the alleged killer in the Waukesha Massacre, is underway. You can read our coverage of it here. The national media are barely covering the story. Mr. Brooks faces murder charges, but not hate-crime charges, despite his anti-white tweets and raps. It’s quite a contrast to George Zimmermann, Kyle Rittenhouse, the McMichaels, and James Fields. Police and prosecutors poured over their records and internet statements for proof of racism. James Fields probably got a terrorism charge because he had posted a single meme.

Mr. Brooks’s racial views are being ignored by prosecutors, press, and politicians. It’s a trend. California governor Gavin Newsom recently signed a law preventing rap lyrics from being used as evidence in a crime, because rappers often come close to confessing in their “art.” Free expression, even fantasies about violence, are protected for blacks while statements whites make are held to a different standard.

With few exceptions, when blacks kill whites, it’s random murder. When whites faced blacks, such as George Floyd, Michael Brown, or Ahmaud Arbery, the cases became racial battles with national significance. Whites’ individualism and naïve belief in the “rule of law” make them behave like Eloi, victims to be slaughtered unavenged.

Two black men killed Elijah Dewitt, a young white man. His father has already forgiven the killers, though I’ve seen no evidence they asked him to. “We don’t need hate in our house,” he said, which is fine, but now he doesn’t have his son either.

DeWitt’s girlfriend also forgave the killers. After all, we don’t “know their situations.”

I’m reminded of the murder of Mollie Tibbetts. She was a young woman who seemed to be ashamed of being white. After an illegal immigrant killed her, her father took care to defend the “Hispanic community,” especially its cooking. When blacks killed anti-apartheid activist Amy Biehl, her parents forgave and hugged her killers.

These are spiritually broken people, who don’t even feel justified in being angry when their children are murdered. “Christian” forgiveness seems to be selective. Erick Erickson, one of the original cuckservatives, praised Elijah Dewitt’s father and said forgiving evil is the essence of Christianity.

He thought differently about protesters at the January 6, 2021 riot on Capitol Hill.

Darren Beattie put the question more brutally.

Why not? If forgiveness is to be universal and doesn’t even require a request for forgiveness or acknowledgement of wrongdoing, why not include Hitler?

I can’t say what is or isn’t “true” Christianity, but few Christians until the modern age behaved this way. They could at least tell good from evil and fight against evil rather than submit. Without men such as Charlemagne, Charles Martel, and the other warrior kings, Christendom would have been snuffed out.

In the eyes of our rulers, noticing black crime is more serious than blacks committing it. If a moral code requires suicide, I spit on it.

Matthew Yglesias, who probably knows better, is playing dumb again on Twitter.

The Black Lives Matter movement, supported by the media, made it far more dangerous for police to arrest violent black suspects. Without babysitting, blacks murdered each other more often and even had more fatal auto accidents. To reduce the murder rate, police must be allowed to do their jobs and arrest violent black criminals — and kill them if that is necessary.

The ultimate Twitter reply guy, Steve Sailer:

Was that so hard?

In Chicago, a black woman is accused of murdering and dismembering a white landlord.

Many Twitter users were jubilant.

There is much ruin in a nation, and many American cities are in ruins.

The Los Angeles City Council is in chaos because tribal leaders don’t think much of those outside the tribe. I will write more on this soon. The real scandal is that whites apparently have no representation in this city, while non-white chieftains wheel and deal with utter cynicism.

Maybe the Democrats are the real racists after all.

There’s another Black Panther movie on the way, despite the death of original star Chadwick Boseman. It will be another tedious celebration of imaginary black accomplishments, but also a great opportunity for racial marketing.

Whites, unlike Wakandans, have cultural achievements to be proud of. Unfortunately, those who run museums don’t want you to know about them.

Lame duck Liz Cheney (R-WY) and the other members of the committee investigating January 6 are still trying to make it a major midterm issue. It may not work. However, it is letting liberals vent their bloodlust against Ashli Babbitt, even by mocking her mother.

A traitor to what, exactly?

Upset by this? Educate yourself, bigot.

Either take a knee or stand tall. There are no other choices. If you are among those on your feet, I’ll see you at the American Renaissance conference.