Posted on July 24, 2015

What is a Cuckservative?

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, July 24, 2015

The main issues in American politics are mass immigration, demographic change, and the new Culture War against implicit symbols of white identity. A celebrity businessman is now the leading GOP candidate for president only because of his banal truism that illegals from Mexico commit crimes. The overwhelmingly white base of the Republican Party is coping with the brutal reality that European-Americans will be a minority in the country they created. Even the Left is gripped in internecine warfare as an older generation of white progressives grapple with a multicultural monster of its own creation, as minority activists would rather agitate about “white privilege” than suffer through boring speeches about jobs or infrastructure.

The racial question is at the center of American politics and culture. Every new controversy or scandal simply reveals a new facet of the issue racially conscious whites have been debating for decades.

At a time when the Republican Party ostensibly controls Congress, President Obama is unilaterally enacting racially charged policies on immigration, housing, and law enforcement that will have incalculable consequences for ordinary Americans — and there has been no real resistance from the majority party. The only notable thing the Republican-controlled legislature has done is pass a secret trade agreement that has the effect of enabling more immigration — “the worst bill Congress has ever passed,” in the words of Phyllis Schlafly. On top of all this, Justice John Roberts — appointed by George W. Bush — has cemented the legitimacy of Obamacare.

Conservatives should be steamrolling a lame-duck president. Instead, the GOP might as well not exist. Grassroots Republicans who thought they had retaken the government are confused, angry, and powerless. They worked for Republicans in good faith, but get only scorn and contempt. They’ve been deceived, cheated, and exploited.

In short, they’ve been “cucked,” or cuckolded.

The Dissident Right received one of its periodic media boosts yesterday when Conservatism Inc. functionaries Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller and Erick Erickson of Red State discovered and denounced the insult “cuckservative,” which is being used against the Beltway Right.

These spasms of attention from “conservatives” don’t usually last, but this one is different.

The perfect storm of anti-white aggression by minorities and the media, the abject Republican surrender on virtually every issue, the insurgent candidacy of Donald Trump, and the sheer vacuity of what passes for intellectual debate in the Beltway Right has finally led many Republicans to understand Conservatism Inc. has failed. More than that, Conservatism Inc. has always failed. If every political life ends in failure, to quote Enoch Powell, the American conservative movement is unique in that it began with failure.

As it stands today, after decades of electoral success, the conservative movement has not only done nothing to cut the size of government or preserve traditional values, it has managed to literally endanger the continued existence of the national community. The wholesale dispossession of the ethnic core of the country and the utter political and cultural transformation of American society can’t be defended by any definition of “conservatism,” no matter how expansive.

We can’t even call the Beltway Right self-interested. Even within the pages of its own publications, the conservative movement concedes that leaders such as Ronald Reagan could no longer be elected because of the massive demographic change it has presided over.

Yet this isn’t why they are cuckolds. While the demographic transformation — what the French are now calling “the great replacement” — is important, the fact that “conservatives” dare not lift a finger against it is the least of their sins. They’re cucks because they take pride in degradation and defeat.

Cuckservatives glory in advocating positions that hurt their own supporters and humiliate themselves. They act thrilled and proud when they throw one of their own to the wolves. Like Rich Lowry, they might even thank the people who alert them to the dissidents in their midst. They make self-evidently foolish arguments that ideologically disarm their own constituents and reward their foes. They completely accept the moral standards of people who despise them.

They are like a man who tries to appeal to a woman through acts of submission; they inspire not desire but disgust. Each new conservative surrender inspires only further contempt in the hearts of leftists, which of course encourages conservatives to capitulate even more eagerly the next time. And since the conservative base remains overwhelmingly white — this proves it is “racist” — there will always be a next time.

There’s also the variety of cuckold who gets a thrill from watching another man mount his wife. Such a creature possesses the illusion of control. He can tell himself that he is directing this obscenity and thus remain, in some way, the dominant figure.

American conservatism is perhaps best summarized as maintaining a posture of command even as the reality of control is lost. Thus conservatives cheering on the demographic transformation of the country tell themselves they remain leaders in the new America. The cuck in the corner begging to be degraded is still technically the “man of the house,” for all the good it does him.

We see the premises of cuckservatism at work in the posts by Mr. Lewis and Mr. Erickson. Mr. Erickson says “cuckservative” is “a slur against Christian voters coined by white-supremacists.” Yet one of the charges against cuckservatives is they have utterly failed to maintain Christian morality in public life. What Pat Buchanan used to call “God’s Country” is a nation where the greatest hero in public life is a 65-year-old man in drag.

However, the key to understanding this position can be found in an earlier controversy, when both Mr. Lewis and Mr. Erickson disagreed with Ann Coulter for suggesting American Christians could most effectively serve their fellow citizens instead of morally preening by trying to save Africans. Mr. Lewis suggested Miss Coulter’s position was akin to an immigration restrictionist position, which constitutes a “cry of victimhood” and leads to a politics for the “angry and dispossessed.” An “aspirational” country like ours is one that welcomes more immigration (regardless of the source), sends charity outward, and has a dogmatic belief that the future can get only better.

Superiority is thus shown by not working in your own interest. As Mr. Lewis replied to Mr. Erickson’s initial tweet about cuckservatism, “They want you to be tribal — to only advocate policies that help your tribe. Otherwise you’re a cuckold.”

This is an implicit admission that cuckservatives are consciously not helping their tribe. They seem to think it would be immoral and would lower them somehow. Meanwhile, every other tribe on earth aggressively advances its own interests.

The original definition of cuckold — a man who raises the offspring of another — comes to mind when we think of conservatives’ apparent glee at the replacement of Americans with ethnocentric Third Worlders. But the moral calculus of men like Mr. Lewis and Mr. Erickson reflects a deeper perversion. Like the man who begs to watch as he is cuckolded, they reframe the reality of inferiority as a kind of weird proof of superiority. Their own degradation is proof of their imagined virtue and make-believe power.

The same mental gymnastics take place when it comes to ideology. One of Mr. Lewis’s objections to “racial tribalism” is that it betrays “Dr. King’s vision.” To make such a claim in 2015 reveals either astonishing ignorance or willful deceit.

King explicitly supported racial preferences for blacks and pushed policies more extreme than what Mr. Lewis describes as the “left” racial tribalism of “Netroots nation.” Since Matt Lewis grounds his surrender to leftism in his ostensible Christian belief, he might be also be interested to know that “Rev.” King didn’t just regularly commit adultery but denied the divinity of Christ.

Mr. Lewis’s stance is not uncommon. The fanatical insistence by conservatives that “Dr.” King was really a pro-American supporter of “colorblindness” — in defiance of all evidence — shows the coating of protective stupidity necessary for survival within the Beltway Right. More importantly, it shows how conservatives give progressives moral power over them, granting “the sanction of the victim.”

Anyone who knows anything about King’s life knows he would think today’s conservatives were racist, just as he despised the conservatives of his own time. Yet by denying this and pretending otherwise, conservatives prove their imagined superiority. Like the cuckold farming out his wife, they create the illusion of control even as they concede all power and dignity.

The real story is how a resistance to all of this has arisen. While the Beltway Right obsesses about non-issues like the Export-Import Bank, the Dissident Right is creating a vocabulary to fight “conservatives” who are more eager than their supposed leftist enemies to destroy racially conscious whites. While cuckservatives claim to adhere to abstract principles, wiser men and women understand that ideology is often the echo of racial, cultural, and ethnic interests. And since cuckservatives no longer bother concealing they care nothing for their own white supporters, frustrated whites are looking for alternatives.

The 21st century will be the Century of Identity, as ethnopolitics in the multicultural West replaces the phony Left/Right divisions of the past. While American conservatism knowingly and consciously subordinates the interests of its supporters to a suicidal “moral” vision, the successful political movements of the future will confidently assert the legitimate interests of its members.

As grassroots conservatives are gradually awakening to the reality that Conservatism Inc. is a scam, Beltway operatives will need to make a choice: They can reclaim their dignity and confront like men the forces they are destroying them, or they can sit in the corner and keep telling themselves they’re in control. They can prepare the new age — or they can continue as cucked bootlickers of men who despise them.