Posted on December 15, 2021

Waukesha Feels Abandoned After Tragic Parade Attack

Dana Kennedy, New York Post, December 13, 2021

For her whole life, 67-year-old Sharon Millard was so shy, she used to ask her identical twin sister to go on dates in her place in high school.

But ever since Nov. 21, when Darrell Brooks allegedly plowed into dozens of people at the Waukesha Christmas parade, killing six people, including an 8-year-old boy, and injuring up to 60 others, Millard has felt compelled to speak about the atrocity she witnessed.

One of the people killed was Millard’s fellow “Dancing Granny,” 79-year-old Virginia “Ginny” Sorenson, who was tossed up in the air like a rag doll by Brooks’ SUV, police say.

“No one ever saw him coming,” Millard told The Post. “He was going so fast. All I knew is I saw Ginny fly up in the air and land in front of me. I saw her curled up and blood was coming out of her like a river. I was standing in blood.”

Brooks is a violent 39-year-old career criminal, registered sex offender and amateur rapper from north Milwaukee with a rap sheet going back to 1999, who allegedly punched the mother of his child in the face early last month and then drove over her, leaving tire marks on her leg. Despite the severity of that crime, he was released five days before the Waukesha rampage on a cash bail of just $1,000 set by liberal Milwaukee County prosecutors.


Screenshots of Brooks’ Facebook page, under his MathBoi Fly rapper handle, were mysteriously deleted right after the parade murders, and showed that he had praised Hitler, backed Black Lives Matter — and called for violence against white people.

“So when we start bakk knokkin white people TF out ion wanna hear it…the old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT!! PERIOD,” he wrote under his rap name, MathBoi Fly, along with a middle-finger emoji.

Brooks’ case has become a cause célèbre — not in the mainstream media, which was slammed for initially saying the deadly attack was caused by “a car” that drove into the parade, but by an increasing chorus of influential podcasters like Joe Rogan and online pundits who claim Brooks and his victims in Waukesha have been “swept under the carpet” by the press because the case doesn’t fit their agenda.


The massacre happened just two days after Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of reckless homicide and intentional homicide after he fatally shot two people and injured another in Kenosha, which is just 52 miles south of Waukesha.

Some locals told The Post they wonder if Brooks was influenced by the outcry over Rittenhouse’s acquittal — especially given his social media posts — maybe to the point of driving into the parade.

Brooks apparently was driving away from another domestic violence episode on the day of the murders, but cops said they were not pursuing him. He drove the car in a “zig-zag motion” so as to “strike and hurt as many people as possible” — not unlike the terrorist who drove a truck in a zig-zag fashion into a beachside Bastille Day celebration in Nice, France, in July 2016, killing 84 people.

“We’ve got six people dead and teenagers so badly injured they will have to learn to walk again — at Christmas,” state Rep. Cindi Duchow, a Waukesha resident and a Republican, told The Post.

Said Duchow: “Because this was a black guy who did it, the media doesn’t want to cover it. They were all over the Rittenhouse case because that kid was white. Race doesn’t matter to us here, but the media makes everything about race.”

Some state lawmakers from the Waukesha area are outraged by the decision of Milwaukee DA John Chisholm’s office to release Brooks on $1,000 bail even though he had the highest score on a risk assessment test.

Chisholm’s office put out a statement after the parade attack, admitting that the state’s bail recommendation was “inappropriately low in light of the nature of the recent charges and the pending charges against Mr. Brooks.”


But state Sen. Chris Kapenga (R-Delafield) was so disgusted by the low bail, he has begun a campaign to oust Chisholm, by sending a letter to Gov. Tony Evers.

“The left was so sympathetic to Kyle Rittenhouse’s victims but they’re not saying a word about the victims here,” Kapenga said. “It’s not fitting their narrative. The reality is that this person [Brooks] is pure evil and the left’s soft-on-crime policies are blowing up in their face. But they want to ignore it and hope it goes away. Meanwhile the parents of the 8-year-old boy killed at the parade are having to face their first Christmas without him.”


But Waukesha residents also admit they just don’t know why Brooks did what he allegedly did, and are wary of appearing racist.

“We all have a backstory,” said Kristopher Mageske, 60, a regular at the Nice Ash cigar bar, the “Cheers” of Waukesha. “We all have reasons to screw up. If the guy [Brooks] needed help, he could have gotten it. I’m a lot more concerned with the devastation he brought on this community. It’s not just the people he killed and injured, it’s all their relatives and loved ones being affected for years to come as well. Whatever I say, I’ll look like some white supremacist, but you know what? I’m married to a Mexican-Indian woman, I have a son-in-law who’s black and three black grandchildren. Don’t label us here just because we’re conservative.”