Posted on October 18, 2022

Government in Los Angeles Is Tribal Warfare

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, October 17, 2022

“In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.” – Lee Kuan Yew, founder of modern Singapore.

Our rulers, like all elites, use a political formula to justify power: “white supremacy.” It explains why blacks and Hispanics can’t succeed like whites, even though they get racial preferences. The cure is to discriminate against whites until we reach “equity.” Since differences are inherent, “equity” is impossible, and it becomes a justification for constantly expanding government power.

But what happens when whites are politically irrelevant? Leaders of different ethnic groups may complain about white supremacy, but in many American cities, whites are irrelevant. It’s non-whites who battle other non-whites over district boundaries, jobs, contracts, power, and public handouts.

In homogenous states, democracy divides people in many ways, but in a multiracial state, it divides them mainly by race; elections are racial head counts. Even neoconservative Bill Kristol admits this. Behind closed doors, politics is the division of territory and loot. The Mafia’s Five Families shared the loot with more dignity.

In Los Angeles, city council president Nury Martinez and members Gil Cedillo and Kevin De León spoke frankly about dividing power and territory. Los Angeles County Federation of Labor president Ron Herrera was also part of the conversation, which was caught on tape.

Miss Martinez used words about blacks that wouldn’t be allowed at an American Renaissance conference or in comments to AmRen articles. President Joe Biden told her and the two other council members to resign. Miss Martinez did so, though she said that she hoped her career would inspire “all little Latina girls across this city.” Even in disgrace, she claims victimhood. It’s quite a legacy for the first Hispanic woman to run the city council.

Los Angeles councilwoman Nury Martinez speaks during a Planned Parenthood rally. (Credit Image: © Ronen Tivony/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press)

The two other council members are hanging on, even though one LA city council meeting has already been canceled and protesters are insisting that the other two buckle. I doubt they’ll last long.

What were their sins? Council president Nury Martinez compared the adopted black son of city council member Mike Bonin, a white homosexual, to a monkey. She called Mr. Bonin himself a “little bitch” and suggested his black son was a fashion accessary. She said the child should be beaten instead of being raised like a white person. She also called Oaxacans from southern Mexico short and dark, and wondered how they even got here.

While journalists paid the most attention to Miss Martinez’s “racism,” the real reason President Biden should want these people gone is because they showed the way “Our Democracy” works. They were talking about redistricting, and three Hispanic council members were trying to increase the political power of their tribe. Blacks have a disproportionate share of power (20 percent of the council but less than 10 percent of the population) while Hispanics have less than a third of city council seats despite being almost half the population. The Hispanics want “their seats.”

Miss Martinez talked about protecting “Latino districts” and preventing others from “taking away our assets.” Kevin De León, partially responsible for making California a “sanctuary state” and who eagerly stokes white guilt, was brutally realistic about black political power and demographics:

When you’re at the side of the curtain, it’s like this big voice, it sounds big. It sounds like there’s thousands. And then, when you actually pull the curtain, is that you see the little Wizard of Oz. You know what? It’s the same thing.

Kevin De León, 2012. Photo credit: Neon Tommy, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I wish whites understood black protests as well as he does.

Gil Cedillo said that in a group of 100 people, if 25 are black, they are all shouting. Ron Herrera, who has resigned his labor position because of the conversation, said, “You have 100 people [and if] 52 of them are Mexicanos, I feel pretty good about my chances of beating your ass.”

Los Angeles city councilman Gil Cedillo speaks during an event to officially launch the countdown to MLB All-Star Week, May 3, 2022. (Credit Image: © Image of Sports/Newscom via ZUMA Press)

Miss Martinez was also blunt about other groups. She said that California state representative Adrian Nazarian and council member Paul Krekorian — both Armenian — know they don’t have the numbers for “an Armenian district in the Valley” but still “want as many Armenians in that district as possible to be able to play.”

Labor leader Ron Herrera said that former state assembly member Richard Katz “and his crew have an agenda.” Miss Martinez replied that they [the Jews] “cut their deal with South L.A.” As for Los Angeles County district attorney George Gascón, “Fuck that guy.” “He’s with the blacks.” The DA is notoriously soft on crime and is facing a recall. There are lurid reports about crime in Los Angeles.

Three black members of the city council said that after this discussion leaked, “[it is] a very dark day in LA politics for African-Americans, the LGBTQ+ community, and Angelenos who have put their faith in their local government.” In Casablanca, Captain Renault was “shocked, shocked to find that gambling’s going on” in Rick’s café. Tribal and ethnic chieftains organize their own group. They get loyalty in return for patronage. The invention of new sexual identities or questionable claims of non-white identities is just a way to get into this racket.

The crime is not that Miss Martinez is practicing politics, but that she was honest about how “Our Democracy” works. And why shouldn’t Hispanics get more power in line with their population?

Critics say that the problem is that the discussion reflects a “zero-sum” outlook on local politics. Instead, political leaders should focus on “coalition building” between Hispanics and blacks. A coalition against whom? Whites. Thus, even in a scandal where no whites are to blame, “white supremacy” is still the problem.

The New York Times’s Charles Blow, who has cheerfully written about “white extinction anxiety,” suddenly finds himself troubled by the “racial, ethnic tribalism of her [Miss Martinez’s] political calculations.” He suggests a different approach of uniting “disadvantaged groups,” instead of “doing the work of white supremacy” by being “anti-Black, anti-Indigenous, anti-Jewish.” It’s hard to imagine Jewish groups are disadvantaged in Los Angeles.

Columnist Jean Guerrero at the Los Angels Times calls for a “new generation of Latinos at the helm — ones that can rewrite the zero-sum rules imposed on us by white supremacy.” “None of the conversation’s participants appear to understand that multiracial solidarity is our only hope to build a city that can stand as a true beacon in the fight against fascism and white supremacy,” she wrote.

Los Angeles is not facing “fascism” but crime, corruption, and sprawling homeless encampments. When Los Angeles was a white city, it was a middle-class paradise. Now it has a Third World population and Third World problems.

A columnist at NBC writes that this scandal gives us a chance to confront the “colorism and white supremacy in the Latinx community.” Using the word Latinx shows how little he understands. He thinks “our representatives should address how our system targets Black families, resulting in the overrepresentation of Black people in our jails, unhoused population [i.e. homeless], and child welfare system, among our police killing victims and in other areas.” The city needs the exact opposite: law and order, a cleanup of the favelas, more people in prison, and real efforts to make the city affordable and safe for middle-class people.

You aren’t going to get those things without a white majority. Los Angeles had it, lost it, and the result was inevitable. Non-white columnists shouldn’t be surprised that their tribal chiefs are reduced to squabbling over the leftovers of Western Civilization. Whites don’t figure at all in the politics of some major cities. A white mayoral candidate is even claiming to be non-white to improve his chances. And “white supremacy” is the problem.

Whites have no obligation to save these squabbling children from themselves. Instead, the challenge for us is to develop white representation and build power. Still, we can be thankful to the Los Angeles city council for confirming what we knew along: Los Angeles is no longer an American city but a tribal free-for-all, where different “communities” battle for the scraps we left them. They don’t even take their own rhetoric seriously, so neither should we. Let’s turn our back on them and build a future for our own people in a country of our own.