Posted on September 23, 2022

What Is ‘Our Democracy?’

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, September 23, 2022

Credit Image: © Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press

President Joe Biden’s midterm campaign message is that he is defending democracy from former president Donald Trump and his supporters. At Independence Hall, he says “MAGA forces” are a threat to the country. Among their sins is their promotion of “authoritarian leaders” and “[fanning] the flames of political violence that are threat to our personal rights [and] to the pursuit of justice.”

President Biden has overwhelming media support for this campaign, and it’s working; he and the Democrats are up in the polls and are almost sure to keep the Senate, if not the House. Even with the country arguably already in recession, the GOP is muffing it.

Still, one wonders what President Biden means when he says his opponents are “authoritarian.” What rights would he grant us? Do we still have free speech? At a recent summit, the President said that social media platforms must be “accountable for spreading hate and fueling violence.” We already know that the government, even under President Trump, has pressured media companies to ban people they don’t like. The Biden administration failed to launch a “Disinformation Panel” that would be run out the Department of Homeland Security, but it didn’t change its policies. It’s just less open about them. The federal government telling companies what speech they should ban is a perfect example of “authoritarianism.”

It’s not just about race. According to a lawsuit filed by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, “dozens of federal officials across at least eleven federal agencies” tried to impose a “massive, sprawling federal ‘Censorship Enterprise,’” with the “intent and effect of pressuring social-media platforms to censor and suppress private speech that federal officials disfavor.”

The FBI is now being told to manufacture cases. According to a report from the Washington Times, FBI leaders are pressuring agents to “create domestic terrorist cases and tag people as White supremacists to meet internal metrics.” “We have more people assigned to investigate White supremacists than [supremacists] we can actually find,” one agent said.

The article was based on comments from unnamed current and former FBI agents, so we have to be skeptical. Still, the FBI appears to have baited men into planning a ridiculous scheme to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The FBI paid an undercover informant $54,000 over seven months for his efforts. The feds got convictions after a second trial, but some defendants were acquitted in an earlier trial. “[T]he Justice Department will not tolerate violent extremist plots,” said a former U.S. Attorney. It’s doubtful there would have even been a “plot” without the FBI.

Suspects in the Governor Whitmer “kidnapping plot.”

The FBI operates in semi-secrecy; the administration openly tries to censor speech. At Mr. Biden’s “United We Stand” summit, the President once again cited Charlottesville’s “Unite The Right” rally as what motivated his campaign. He also recycled the old line from George W. Bush that America is “literally, not figuratively” based on an idea. He intoned: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. . . .” The White House official transcript inserted “women and” before “men” in brackets.

Thomas Jefferson, didn’t mean egalitarianism was self-evident or that the country was based on it. That is why he is being canceled. Administrators remove his name from schools. Charlottesville no longer celebrates his birthday; Monticello spits on him. The woke understand him better than President Biden does. The President can’t base American identity on one snippet from the Declaration while our rulers are expelling its author from the civic pantheon.

By modern standards, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, and every other Founder was a racist white nationalist. They believed they were building a nation by whites, for whites, rooted in the traditional liberties of Anglo-Saxons. One cannot understand the Declaration without understanding this.

Portrait of Thomas Jefferson by Gilbert Stuart, ca. 1805-1807. Credit: Album / quintlox

If we really are to base a nation on the idea of absolute egalitarianism, we are basing it on what may be the stupidest, most self-evidently false idea in history. People are not equal. Races are not equal. Nations are not equal. The modern Left can’t even take refuge in the vague legal equality that the Founders alluded to. They have built a racial caste system that openly discriminates against whites and Asians, while those with official privilege hector whites for their privileges. Most whites, with good reason, are afraid to fight back.

But some will. Some will also say the unsayable. Races are different and their differences have consequences. Whites are being replaced in America and even on the mother continent. “White Privilege” is an excuse for elites to wield power over us. If saying so is hateful, then the truth is hateful. A war against “white supremacy” will never end because it is a war on biology. Even President Biden himself seems to endorse the “Great Replacement.” During the Obama Administration, then-Vice President Biden praised the way an “unrelenting” stream of immigration” will turn whites into a minority, which will somehow be a “source of our strength.”

President Biden recently told the Hispanic Congressional Caucus that continued immigration means “y’all are going to own the country, man.” He keeps bragging things we are supposed to pretend aren’t happening.

This fiscal year, a record of more than 2 million illegal immigrants were arrested at the southern border. The Border Patrol reports more than 8,000 “encounters” every day. This is indistinguishable from foreign conquest. Immigrants become voters, and if they are non-white — which most are — they have privileges over whites. This puts the colonists’ revolt over a tea tax in perspective.

A recent decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals means that Americans — or at least Texans — may be able to talk about this. The Court found that tech companies do not have the right to censor individual users. However, this may just be rearguard action. At the federal level, the White House is pushing for more censorship, and left-wing journalists have successfully pressured companies to deplatform or debank their enemies. Efforts by states won’t be enough, and with the GOP unlikely to retake Congress, free speech will be found only on alternative platforms that depend on alternative financial systems.

There is good news in the bad. Journalists and politicians like to hype up the “threat” so that the panic will never end. That means more people “canceled.” That means more people to support parallel institutions.

At the same time, America already has a real crime wave. You could hear police sirens during President Biden’s speech in Philadelphia, a city on pace to break the homicide record it set last year. Soros-supported DA Larry Kramer cruised to re-election in 2021; does no one care about the bloodletting? “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want,” said H.L. Mencken, “and they deserve to get it good and hard.”

Other places will get worse. Illinois is abolishing cash bail, so in already-chaotic Chicago, criminals will be quickly back on the streets. Chicago recently counted its 500th homicide of the year, especially impressive because of bad aim. Last weekend, from Friday to Sunday, criminals shot 45 people but killed only five.

If the Democrats keep Congress, we’ll probably see another push for gun control. A New York court recently ruled that citizens can sue gun companies. This essentially means that a company is responsible for whatever someone does with its product. No business can operate that way. Without guns, whites cannot defend themselves, but calling the police can be dangerous for a potential white victim.

In what kind of “democracy” are the people so stupid that the internet must be censored to protect them from “disinformation”? Even purely factual information must be hidden, lest people draw the wrong conclusions. If people are so stupid that they must be protected from facts, why should they vote? A young child can decide to change sex but a grown man mustn’t research political issues or medical care?

If you think that’s deeply sick, you are still sane. However, you better keep quiet, or you might find yourself approached by someone who thinks you should attack government officials. Don’t be too hard on him; informants are just doing their jobs.

In “Our Democracy,” white Americans have no collective political representation but bear collective responsibility for the failures of others. It is a theatrical regime that invents imaginary threats to justify more power. There are elections, but of what value are they when information is controlled and censored? Non-whites vote as blocs, so democracy can’t correct itself and becomes a racial head-count instead. Crime rates could triple in Baltimore, Memphis, and Chicago, but Democrats will still rule.

“Our democracy” is also “literally” based on an idea so stupid and false that most of American life is defined by trying to avoid its implications. We say we believe in equality so we can make enough money to move away from diversity. Unfortunately, there are fewer places to run and we can’t all go to Martha’s Vineyard. At some point, we must make a stand.

Gingerbread cottages in Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard. (Credit Image: © Ellen Creager/TNS via ZUMA Wire)

It’s difficult to see what “Our Democracy” has to do with our traditional liberties, our identity, or our heritage. The true flag of the regime is the intersectional banner that excludes whites — the very people who pay for it all. We are stateless drudges.

We are no longer part of “their democracy.” We subsidize it and get contempt in return; we naively play by their rules and are punished for our virtue. After the years of false starts with President Trump and MAGA, we should start talking seriously about white nationalism again. We want a state that can be a refuge for Western Civilization as our historic nations are destroyed. We want a lifeboat for our people to survive in in a world that scorns us.

Our system cultivates the worst. We offer an alternative. We must. This can’t continue.

While President Biden muses about using F-15s against political opponents, I can assure him we have no desire to “rise up” against him. We just want nothing to do with him, his allies, or his phony “Democracy.”

President Biden’s speech is part of the madness of a system that is no longer fit for purpose. All we should be talking about are the best ways to survive under it until, from the bottom up, we build the homeland our destiny demands. This will be peaceful — through construction, not demolition. It will begin with a secession of the mind — what Sam Dickson calls “abjuring the realm.” It will be the revolution in the hearts and the minds of the people who John Adams spoke about.

We are peaceful. We are builders, not destroyers. Joe Biden and his pets in America’s cities are doing a fine job of destruction on their own. If journalists, NGOs, and politicians want to know who is inciting racial violence, they can look in the mirror.