Posted on January 20, 2023

Nikole Hannah-Jones: “Racial Healing” Is on White People

Ian Schwartz, RealClearPolitics, January 18, 2023

At an MSNBC town hall entitled ‘National Day of Racial Healing’ on Tuesday, ‘1619 Project’ author Nikole Hannah-Jones said the onus on “healing” is on white people because the people who caused the harm need to do the fixing.


“Why don’t we get over it? Nobody wants to get over this more than black people… {snip}I think, who really needs to heal are white people,” Hannah-Jones said.

“I think that the idea that — yes, we have gone through a lot, we have experienced a lot of trauma. We are still being harmed. But the people who caused the harm are the people who need to do the healing, the reflection, the fixing, right?” she said.


“But, really, if we were just left alone, we would be healed by now,” she said. {snip}