Belgistan? Sharia Showdown Looms in Brussels

CBN, July 5, 2012

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  • anarchyst

    It’s the “tribe” that is pushing this multiculturalism and diversity stuff .. .

  • CuriousQuisling

    This is very scary.  Belgium and Europe in general needs to begin controlling its borders, just as the United States should.  

    Jared Pierce

  • frederickdixon

    I have just returned from a cruise in the Baltic visiting many beautiful places inhabited by beautiful people; Bornholm, Gotland, Tallin, Stockholm, St. Petersburg. In most of those places the number of  “people of  colour” was zero. In St. Petersburg I saw a handful of people of oriental appearance and the tour guide was proud to announce, as proof of the city’s “diversity”, that it now had a mosque – one mosque in a city of 5,000,000.  Even in Stockholm, often cited as a hopeless case, I saw very few non-whites and the only mixed race family of the entire holiday – a white man with an oriental woman and a couple of children. So do not despair just yet…. unless, like me, you have to come back to London, oh dear what a return to reality!

    • Imthatbull69

      Well that is great news (somewhat). Except for the part when you came back to reality in London. The grass is always darker….My grandmother was born in London but migrated to The U.S after the war. I would love to send her there before she dies but I’m not sure If I want her memory of the once beautiful city to be tainted. She doesn’t watch much news so in her mind, its still the good old blokes still running the streets. The worst she had to deal with was pickpockets. But now, its Muslim street/drug gangs. Human sex slavery….Tragic.

      • I suppose it depends how much it would upset her to see such a different population and society.

        I am not from London (I am from northern England) and hate the idea of
        ever having to go down there to London, but perhaps not everywhere is so

        There may be pockets here and there which with some very careful
        planning of routes and events could shield the worst from her. I think a
        Londoner would have to help you out with that though.

        Mind you, as soon as you get off the plane and into the airports and
        stations etc you will be confronted with it.  Unless you arrive at some
        obscure airports at silly-o-clock in the morning or something.

        If she is likely to be upset and distressed that things are so
        colonised, noisy, frantic busy and chaotic, perhaps it is best to leave
        it ‘good’ in her memory. It’s a tough call. I wouldn’t know what to

        I am sure you will have seen the BNP “wembley” video – so if she comes
        from Wembley or the East End, Tower Hamlets, etc and wants to go back to see old haunts, I would definitely
        forget it!

        For some more of the worst aspects of modern Britain in general, you can
        see my documentary on youtube called “Tales from a transforming

        Of course, it points out many problems, but it is not quite as
        relentless in real life as it looks in the documentary.  There are still
        some good aspects left……for now…..I think…..

    • ATBOTL

      In Stockholm, the immigrants live in far out suburbs.  You may not have seen them, but they are there and growing rapidly.  

  • Rodger Jensen

    we need a resurgence of Catholicism in Europe. In my opinion that is the only hope for Europe’s declining birthrate. My Catholic friends (all white by the way) all have between 6 and 11 kids. My confused liberal cousin who doesn’t believe ‘organized religion’  is already in her mid thirties, has two masters degrees, and guess what…she’s got no kids and probably will never have any.

    • Imthatbull69

      You don’t need religion to want to have a big family. I am NOT religious and plan on (hopefully) having at least 4 kids. “God” willing….

      • A friend of mine from High School is on her 5th child. I want to give her an award or something for producing 5 healthy white children.

    • Spartan24708

      I wish that I could have had more children. I currently have two and am trying to convince my husband to have another before it is too late age wise. Having kids was  a rough road, I have a medical condition that makes conception more difficult and it wasn’t discovered or treated until I was in my 30’s. I will teach my kids to not limit their family size and enjoy having a large family rather than seeing children as a burden. 

      • Have you thought of adopting a white baby?

        • Spartan24708

          There doesn’t seem to be that many out there and I wanted all my kids to be full siblings to avoid fighting.

  • Maximillian Heidenreich

    What Islam could not do by the sword, it will now succeed by the vote. The great flaw in democracy is that it can be turned into a dictatorship of the 51%. Remember, even Hitler was elected to power and no one thought he would launch the world into the Second World War. It would be foolish to believe that once the Muslims have the vote they will not plunge the world into barbarism. It idea of a “moderate” Muslim is a fiction. As the man said, Islam and Sharia Law, i.e. barbarism, are inextricably bound. The only solution is to cast them out of our societies. Let them do all the chopping of heads and hands where the come from.

    • Strider73

      Several years ago I read an article that stated “The only peaceful Muslims are apostate Muslims.” Unfortunately I can’t recall the source. But the author was certainly correct.

  • IstvanIN

    Poland is giving amnesty to their illegal non-white migrants.  Our genocide creeps ever eastward.

  • Hitler, right idea, wrong religion.

  • Vil

    I just saw a documentary that shows how (young) couples who have kids can hardly find a house or an apartment because landlords don´t want children in their apartments and houses. There even was a case where a landlord only rented out to childless couples who were willing to take precautions like the birth control pill, to ensure that they are not going to have children.
    It seems that in a few years only people who have been sterilized will be able to find a place to live…
    For whatever reason people no longer seem to even want children of other people around…  and even seem to try keeping others from getting children…
    Yet people still wonder why the birthrate in white countrie is going down.

    • Spartan24708

      Is this in the US? If so it is illegal for someone to deny housing based on having children, unless they are wanting a one bedroom or something very small. If you have a larger family I can see where it might be hard to find a rental since many rental agencies will not allow more than 2 kids per room due to overcrowding statutes. 

  • Spartan24708

    Islam is not compatible with western civilization. If this Muslim fanatic thinks that we have a dirty or disgusting society then he needs to go to whatever hellhole he came from and leave us all alone. 

  • Strider73

    The expulsion will happen only if the Europeans manage to re-arm themselves. Except for Switzerland (where, not surprisingly, the Muslims manage to behave), the people have been disarmed by their own governments. Their only hope is to obtain smuggled weapons. If they can’t get enough from the Swiss, then American and Russian dealers will need to chip in.

  • Strider73

    Belgium is a doomed country anyway. Sooner or later the Dutch-speaking Flemish will tell the French-speaking Walloons to take the proverbial long walk down a short pier, then secede.

  • This video is very sad for me. When I visited Belgium I was awed by both the cathedrals and the women in bikinis. Alas, both of them will be gone in a few short years.

  • It isn’t so much Christianity or religion vs atheism, but teleonomy vs abstractions (like reproductive choice, career equality etc). People ignore the function of men and women, and society enforces unsustainable attitudes as cultural norms through the education system and the media.

  • These “invasions” are a joke. The key to it all is assuming whites will remain totally passive and continue to pay for our race replacement. The truth is just 1 major event like economic collapse or a huge race riot could trigger a race war. Then the “invaders” will find themselves surrounded by violent, angry white people. It’s like building a house on a lion’s den.

  • Boereseun

    You only deserve as much or less ‘commitment’ as you got from the first man you had sex with.

  • 14POLK88

    I am praying for my white European brothers and sisters!! I hope you can throw the muslim dogs out! Then take care of your Government traitors !!