Posted on January 22, 2016

Chinese Reflections on Europe

David Zhang, American Renaissance, January 22, 2016

It has been five years since I moved to France from China for my studies. During that time, I have witnessed how this great European country has lost her traditional values and gradually become a shelter for Third-World immigrants. This article is about my personal experiences as a non-European foreigner.

I was born in 1986 and grew up in a middle-class family in China. I believed that I was living in a beautiful era, in which people did not have to suffer from disease, wars, or racism. I was happy to see how this old Asian country had finally opened her arms and welcomed people from all horizons. We were so eager to be part of the free, modern world that it had become almost “an honor” to speak English with foreign people. In Shijiazhuang, my hometown about 190 miles southwest of Beijing, there were many students from Cameroon and South Korea. I met some of them in the downtown bars and soon became friends with them. I quite enjoyed this exotic experience. I truly hoped that people from all over the world would come and live in China. However, I never wondered what it would be like if they decided to stay there and try to become Chinese.

Five years ago, I came to France on an engineering scholarship. I was attracted to Europe because of the beauty of European civilization. However, I am not European and can never be European.

French society tolerates only anti-white and, to a lesser degree, anti-Asian racism. I have learned that being an Asian foreigner can be a double negative. Many French people consider us annoying tourists or business competitors. I have generally been treated very well, but I once had a confrontation with a Frenchman.

I was waiting for a bus around midnight. Two young men–obviously drunk–were walking towards me along the deserted street. They stopped, and one asked in English where I came from and I answered, also in English, that I was Chinese. The other one got in my face and asked if I was tourist. I didn’t answer. He started slapping me, saying “you like this?” I lifted my arm to protect myself, and the other guy stopped him, saying this wasn’t funny. They went away just before the bus came.

I still don’t understand that encounter. I could have told them in fluent French that I was studying and living here, but I don’t talk to drunk strangers, and I don’t know if it would have made a difference. In any case, that was an exceptional experience, and I didn’t generalize this sad encounter to the entire French people. They were both drunk and bad-tempered. But if that could happen to me, I suppose it sometimes happens to blacks and Arabs.

This said, my guess is that Asians, especially tourists, are probably picked on more than anyone else, though not by the French. Arab and Gypsy thieves seem to concentrate on Asians, and blacks like to rob us. Each group has its own specialty. It is well known that Asian tourists like to pay cash, even for expensive products, and that since they don’t speak French, many of them don’t call the police.

Even Chinese who live in Paris are often victims. One, a hard-working and gifted engineer, decided to go back to China, telling me he was extremely disappointed that France allowed massive immigration from Africa. He is not the only one I know who left for that reason, and I know what they are talking about. Once in Geneva, in a dimly lit restroom at the bus station, an Arab-looking man came up to me and started talking about China and Chinese dancing. He tried to take me in his arms and dance a few steps, and I quickly pushed him away. It was only after I had gone out of the restroom that I realized that he and another man with him had picked my pocket!

Immigration means constant racial friction. One evening I went home by tram. When I got off at the station, a middle-aged Arab-looking man stopped me and began to insult me because he thought I had been laughing at him in the tram. I told him he had the wrong person. He then began to complain that people treat him badly every day. I was angry about his rudeness but I still felt sorry for him. Why didn’t he go back to his country, where nobody would mistreat him because of his appearance?

Again, though, it is hard to know what to make of this incident. He looked like a tramp, and people sometimes make fun of tramps. Native-born French tramps don’t get the red carpet treatment, either. The fact that he got angry at a fellow “foreigner” for laughing at him got me thinking. Maybe he thought that all immigrants should stand shoulder to shoulder against French “racism.” And, in fact, Africans and Arabs sometimes open up with me about what they think of Europeans.

One day, I met a schoolmate in a dining hall, and we decided to eat together. He was from Cameroon, and told me angrily about how his country had been exploited by white colonizers and how mean whites are to Africans. I told him all that was in the past and that now everyone wanted to live in peace, and that he was lucky to be able to come and study in France. He told me that this was the least the French people could do for Africans, and that he wanted to kill all white people. I was frightened by his anger–he seemed like such a peaceful person.

Africans and even some Arabs and Chinese have unloaded on me this way. I try to stay away from people like that.

I have talked about race and immigration with French roommates. I sensed that they were very worried about how blacks and Arabs have changed the face of France but they are afraid that if the National Front took power, France would be pulled towards Nazism. They tend to blame the government for segregating blacks and Arabs instead of treating them equally. It is certainly true that, whether or not it was conscious government policy, immigrants have clustered in low-cost housing in suburbs that have become bywords for violence and poverty.

"Germany triumphs on all fronts." Eiffel Tower under German occupation, 1940.

“Germany triumphs on all fronts.” Eiffel Tower under German occupation, 1940.

When I talk to the French, every time I use the word “race” to try to explain that different groups have different natures, they get frightened and tell me that “race” does not exist. They insist that we are all part of the human race.

Of course, occasionally someone speaks frankly–and is punished for it. Last September, a UMP Euro-deputy and former cabinet member, Nadine Morano, said that “France is a Jewish-Christian country of the white race that welcomes foreigners.” This remark, which would have made absolute sense in every African and Asian country, resulted in her being ostracized within her own party, and she was forced off the list of candidates in the regional elections. In France, any discussion of race and religion must be banned because it evokes the Third Reich or the war in Algeria. The French government has even tried to eliminate the concept of race in all government records and activity–yet still tries very hard to fight racism.

I began to wonder why Arabs and black Africans were so hostile to Western people, yet so eager to come and live in Western countries. I first heard about race differences in intelligence in a critical account of Richard Lynn’s work in the Chinese media. I then found both Chinese and French translations of Philippe Rushton’s Race, Evolution and Behavior. I also read The Bell Curve. It has not been translated into French, so I had to order it from Amazon and read it in English. I also read some books by the great evolutionary biologist Ernst Mayr, some of whose books have been translated into Chinese and are on the Internet. I therefore learned that many people believe there is a genetic component to lower black performance, but I still felt it might be because African people, on average, live in more miserable conditions.

At the end of my course of study, every student was supposed to participate in a complex academic project with a real-world application. I was assigned to lead a group with two other members, a student from China and a student from Cameroon. The Chinese did not speak French very well. At first, I was afraid he would be confused by the difficulty of the language and the complexity of the project and give up. What actually happened surprised me very much. The African student quickly grasped the main issues of the project. But every time he ran into a difficulty, he complained, and worked on something else instead. I tutored him and gave him papers in which similar solutions were clearly outlined, but he was unwilling to read them because they were too long. It took the Chinese student a long time to figure out the problems, but instead of complaining or taking shortcuts, he concentrated and worked hard until the problems were solved. It was the African student who gave up, and the Chinese student who succeeded.

This story sounds like a fable for children but it set me thinking about the problem of Africa. I have come to believe that the chaos and lack of economic progress in Africa are the result of their lack of motivation when faced with complex problems. I also think they tend to be satisfied with little and therefore do not work very hard to get ahead. The French welfare system also makes them apathetic. They survive on a small income rather than strive for a better life.

Racial preferences are now practiced in France–even though they should be an insult to anyone who works hard to get ahead. This, combined with a generous welfare system is what, in my view, explains why so many Africans come to France. The idea that they were colonized and suffered from discrimination is just an excuse. Muslims enslaved black Africans for thousands of years, but not very many blacks want to live in Algeria. African people also choose Europe because of its cultural influence. They see the Western lifestyle as the gateway to success.

The West has promoted “democracy” and “universal values” in Africa, but the result has been military dictatorship, corruption, and violence. Western values are clearly not suited to Africa. Western values, without the absolute authority of white rulers, appear to destroy African societies.

Different races should live under the different political structures that suit them. Asians have also come under the influence of Western culture and politics, but have not adopted them completely. In Asia, absolute political authority, strict social/family hierarchy, and hard work are what make a country run correctly. This is why Singapore and, now, China have been so successful. Korea, Japan, and Taiwan are more similar to the Western political model but they, too, are distinctly Asian in their respect for authority, hierarchy, and family.

As for race, most Chinese people are taught from childhood to be proud of being Asian. The idea that the races are equal is unimaginable. It is almost impossible to find any discussion in China about the idea that Asians and blacks even could be equal. Most Chinese simply have no interest in Africans. In Mao’s time, “Afro-Asian-Latin American” was an alternative for “Third World.” Africans were supposed to be our faraway brothers in the struggle against capitalism and imperialism, but no one really cared about them.

In Africa, the Chinese government finances countless infrastructure, energy, and construction projects every year. Thousands of Chinese engineers and technical workers are sent to help develop Africa, and they send back natural resources in return. This has not improved our impression of Africans. The news from Africa is always about extreme poverty and social instability. Also, the Chinese who return from projects in Africa have many stories about incompetent black workers who nevertheless always want higher pay. That is why sometimes we take over Chinese workers to Africa rather than hiring workers locally.

Still, I truly hope that Africa’s economic takeoff will be achieved with China’s help, and Africans will finally stay on their own continent.

Why have Asians kept their sense of race while whites have not? Perhaps there is a genetic difference that protects Asians. The explanation may also lie in what is, for me, an important difference between whites and Asians, and that is the European scientific mind. Europeans showed their superiority to other races by their brilliant manipulation of abstractions–abstractions that have led to a better world through science and philosophy. Let me remind you that it was Europeans who invented the concept of race–but it is also Europeans who try to prove through science that race does not exist and that humanity is universal. Alas, errare humanum est. The white man, the master of abstraction, has gone on to invent an abstraction that may yet annihilate him: multiculturalism.

For Asians, there is no artificial separation between man and nature. In that sense, what is human does not end with human beings but includes everything with which we interact: animals, the earth, water, air, and the sun. One finds these ideas in Asian religions. However, this does not mean that Asians do not distinguish between a Turk and a Japanese. Cultural differences are manifestations of racial differences. At the same time, Chinese do not care very much about what happens outside their own circle–whether cultural or biological–and that leaves them with the strong sense of cultural and family identity common to Asians. We are not so easily misled by abstractions.

Despite the general acceptance among race scholars in the West that East Asians are more intelligent than whites, very few Chinese consider themselves superior to Europeans. The huge success of Europeans in modern times and the darker coloring of Asians easily lead Chinese people to think that they are situated between Europeans and Africans in terms of intelligence and social capacities.

From Human Accomplishment, by Charles Murray.

From Human Accomplishment, by Charles Murray.

At the same time, China wants to have more influence on the modern world. The sense of having lived in the “Celestial Kingdom” for thousands of years has pushed China into a kind of intellectual competition with Europeans. This desire to catch up with the West has contributed to the economic boom of the last 30 years. Without the heavy burden of liberal ideology and a history of colonization, China could play a leading role in the developing world and become the new hegemon while maintaining a majority-Asian population.

Whatever role China plays in the world, I am deeply pessimistic about the future. Conditions are evolving and will continue to evolve but it is not easy for me to imagine a realistic solution.

Without the constant socialist and human-rights propaganda directed at whites and their children, whites would not face today’s cruel reality. The ideology of multiculturalism and the hatred of European culture are two sides of the same coin and come from the same sources. And they are found everywhere.

In France, the Left and the far Left are behind the daily blasts of hatred directed against the state of Israel. Israel is the favorite target of those who hate colonialism, racism, European culture, and, ultimately, whites. It always boils down to the same arguments. To attack Israel is to attack a Western country that has an identity it chooses to defend. In attacking Israel, the French lose the capacity to defend their identity as Europeans and Frenchmen–while the bosses get cheap labor and the Left gets more voters and clients. All this, despite the fact that just one of the many riots and disturbances on both sides of the Atlantic should have been enough to prove that the concept of multiculturalism, invented in Leftist laboratories, is a fraud.

In this context, I note Eastern European countries, even those in the Schengen free-travel zone, have very few non-whites. Ironically, it may be that for whites, poverty is the only guarantor of separation and homogeneity.

In the richer West, whites do not understand the seriousness of the threat, but as Mao Tse-Tung used to say, “a single spark can start a prairie fire.” With information today so easily available on the Internet it is possible for today’s young whites to learn the truths the media always try to hide.

In France, the Paris attacks of last November prove once again the failure of multiculturalism. These attacks, together with the onslaught of Syrian refugees, will no doubt push the French towards greater resistance against Islam. This will encourage more Muslim immigrants to engage with the Islamic State. A race war in Europe is not out of the question. For those who wonder whether today’s feminized Europeans still have the backbone to fight for their civilization, I note that the rooster is the symbol of France, and the French often say that “he crows even with both feet in shit.” One must never underestimate the potential of an awakened people.