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Understanding Human History

An interview with Michael H. Hart.


This is the first federal crackdown on birth-tourism businesses.

US deputy attorney general: “We want China to cease its illegal cyber activities.”

How Democracy Is Losing the World

“The diversity our democracy has on offer is not selling.”


Chinese students are part of “China’s long arm.”

FBI: “The threat posed by Chinese government-sponsored hacking activity is real and relentless.”

He helped Chinese intelligence recruit Chinese engineers and scientists in the U.S.

“Cases of economic espionage from Chinese actors have sprung up one after the other.”

The most intelligent women in China are not having children.

Who Threatens American Democracy?

Hint: It’s not the Russians.


Even with proper care, there is no guarantee that “ideological illness” can be permanently cured.

He’s a U.S. citizen, but he steals for China.

Chinese are cracking down on illegal immigration.

The Chinese steal from the US about $300 billion in intellectual property each year.

If the black population keeps growing, “China will change from a yellow country to a black-and-yellow country.”

“Confucius Institutes” serve as “proxies for the Chinese Communist Party.”

China doesn’t issue groveling apoligies.

China wants to become the top superpower.

Authorities are cracking down on blacks in Guangzhou.

The Chinese government has limited air time for “artists with tattoos, hip hop music.”

Theft caused a US-based company to lose $800 million.

Chinese children’s books emphasize the value of persistence and hard work.

The Chinese Uprising Against Whites

What does 1900 tell us about today?


Important human traits may have developed in East Asia.

Donald Trump asked Xi Jinping to intervene on the thieves’ behalf.

Chinese authorities criminalize Koran due to “extremist content.”

Not all nations are afraid of eugenics.

He views the coming century as a competition for hegemony between us and them.

An egalitarian complains about the existence of common sense in another society.

The honeymoon period since Richard Nixon reestablished ties may be over.

The conflict would be unlikely to result in Western victory.

New frontiers of white privilege.

Based on a Soviet design.

“Abnormal” beards are also banned.

The Han don’t like the Hui.

Chinese immigrants riot in Paris after a police killing.

What Chinese College Students Think About Race

It’s not what you might expect.


Venezuelan media interview Jared Taylor.

Each year, an estimated 36,000 Chinese come to the US to give birth.

They give clients access to past SATs, which contain questions that are reused.

The Chinese Who Saw the Perils of Westernization

They cautioned their countrymen 100 years ago.


They’ll replace 60,000 employees.

First contact between Western and Chinese civilizations may have been 1,500 years earlier than previously thought.

Kun Shan Chun was naturalized in 1985 and started work for the FBI in 1997.

Chinese will use gene-editing technique to treat previously incurable lung cancer.

Most of the 100,000 Africans in Guangzhou, China have left.

A “vibrant” new industry corrupts American system.

He is a naturalized citizen from Taiwan.

Born in Taiwan, naturalized citizen.

The same thing happened in South Korea in 2013.