Posted on January 17, 2021

White Men: America’s Greatest Asset

Lipton Matthews, American Renaissance, January 17, 2021

Editor’s Note: This essay was written by Lipton Matthews, a black libertarian who writes for mainstream publications, such as The Federalist and Intellectual Takeout.

In America, companies and universities discriminate against whites, and white men in particular. To cite just one example, Heather Mac Donald notes that elite universities admit many unqualified non-whites: “From 2013 to 2016, medical schools nationally admitted 57 percent of black applicants with a low MCAT of 24 to 26, but only 8 percent of whites and 6 percent of Asians with those same low scores, according to Claremont McKenna professor Frederick Lynch.” Some diversity programs benefit white women, but never white men.

However, unlike American corporations, at least some Chinese recognize the value of talented white men want to hire them:

American company men may find a savior in China Inc. As corporations try to make their ranks more ethnically representative, many experienced — if white and older — males will find themselves without a job. Chinese companies, deterred from acquiring U.S. firms with valuable intellectual property, can recruit their discarded human capital instead.

. . .

Some of those hitting the streets, resumé in hand, will have value for the right employer. Economic research firm Sonecon put the price of intellectual capital of U.S. companies at $9.2 trillion in 2011. . . . Chinese companies that have bounced back from the pandemic might even be able to offer more competitive pay packages. It may be a less direct way to get at American intellectual assets, but then companies are made by people, not patents.

Some lefties may find this amusing, but losing talented white men to foreign interests is a serious problem. White men are an indispensable asset; indeed, they have been the driving force behind the West’s unique creativity, individuality, and overall success.

While Asians score well on IQ tests, they lack innovative personalities. In one study, researchers argue that notwithstanding an IQ advantage, Asians are deficient in the attributes responsible for invention:

Most scientific discoveries have originated from Europe, and Europeans have won 20 times more Nobel Prizes than have Northeast Asians. We argue that this is explained not by IQ, but by interracial personality differences, underpinned by differences in gene distribution. In particular, the variance in scientific achievement is explained by differences in inquisitiveness (DRD4 7-repeat), psychological stability (5HTTLPR long form), and individualism (mu-opioid receptor gene; OPRM1 G allele). Northeast Asians tend to be lower in these psychological traits, which we argue are necessary for exceptional scientific accomplishments.

Whites — especially white men — also excel at entrepreneurship. The website Entrepreneur lamented in 2018 that, “The stereotypical image of an entrepreneur is male and the data illustrate that, unfortunately, this is the case.” The website also reported that “[W]hite entrepreneurs are more common than minority entrepreneurs. Black-owned firms represent only 7 percent of all U.S. businesses. Hispanic-owned firms represent 10.6 percent and Asian-owned firms, 4.3 percent.” Since the West is individualistic, and men are more individualistic than women, it is unsurprising that the majority of successful entrepreneurs are white men. Traits correlated with entrepreneurship such as individualism and tenacity are overwhelmingly concentrated in white men.

White men made Western civilization great. If Americans want to suffer economically — the way Uganda did after its black politicians expelled the country’s successful Asian minority — then business and political elites should continue to dismiss white men. But if America wants to retain superpower status, white men must be valued.