Posted on April 18, 2023

2 Arrested for Allegedly Operating Illegal Chinese ‘Police Station’ in NYC

Jonathan Dienst, NBC New York, April 17, 2023

Two people have been arrested by the FBI on allegations they helped operate an illegal police station for the government of China in lower Manhattan.

The two are charged with conspiring to act as agents for the Chinese government. The FBI said “Harry” Lu Jianwang, 61, of the Bronx, and Chen Jinping, 59, of Manhattan, were arrested Monday morning at their homes in New York City.

“The defendants worked together to establish the first overseas police station in the United States on behalf of the Fuzhou branch of the (Ministry of Public Security),” the FBI said in a statement.

In addition to the New York complaint, two other complaints were filed – one against 34 members of Beijing’s Municipal Public Security Bureau, and another against a group of 10 people that includes eight Chinese government officials.

The common thread in the three complaints – that the suspects allegedly worked to intimidate, harass and threaten “wanted” Chinese nationals inside the United States.