Is Catastrophe Inevitable?

Alex Kurtagic, American Renaissance, October 12, 2012

How liberalism may lead to collapse–and Western rebirth.

Guillaume Faye, Convergence of Catastrophes, Arktos, 2012, 220 pp., $28.05 (soft cover)

Convergence of Catastrophes is the third book by French author Guillaume Faye to be published by Arktos in English. If you have read the other two (Archeofuturism and Why We Fight), you will recognize in the title a familiar theme in the author’s critique of liberal modernity: the idea that liberalism has unleashed a series of catastrophic processes now converging towards a cataclysmic global implosion.

I was keen to read this volume because it promised an elaboration on one of the key arguments Dr. Faye makes in Archeofuturism. This proved to be the case, though one difference is that Dr. Faye’s prose has shifted to reflect a higher degree of rage, directed at Europe’s and particularly France’s liberal establishment.

Dr. Faye frankly addresses the unfolding, slow-motion policy car crash no politician wants to talk about. Though in a different order and separated into more categories, he identifies the following lines of catastrophe converging in the West today:

  1. The collapse of the earth’s ecosystem, caused by overpopulation, half-hearted or absent environmental policies, and the belief that the Third World needs to be “developed” to the American standard—which Faye thinks would require several earths’ worth of resources.
  2. The degeneracy of European culture and man, brought about by egalitarianism, secularism, and social liberalism.
  3. The clash of civilizations, particularly between a degenerate Europe and a vigorous Islam, which Faye considers extremist by nature and never moderate (Dr. Faye deems the idea of a secular, moderate Islam a myth invented by scared Western politicians).
  4. The demographic coma in Europe, resulting in a shrinking and ageing population, and the lack of political will to reverse this with pro-natalist policies rather than immigration.
  5. The colonization of Europe by settlers from the Third World, who see the continent as a welfare El Dorado and whose continued arrival will increase ethnic tensions to the point of ethnic civil war.
  6. The giant economic crisis caused by the failure of the casino economy of finance capitalism, which will lead to a collapse worse than the Great Depression and to universal poverty and a new Middle Ages.

The tone of Convergence is lighter than in Archeofuturism and Why We Fight, though each page drips with sarcasm, cynicism, and animated exasperation. There is no mincing of words here.

Dr. Faye takes the darkest view of everything, predicting always the worst possible outcomes. In his view it is too late; for decades the warning signs have been ignored, suppressed, and explained away by politicians, academics, and the media. Nothing has been done. They have let structural problems grow worse in the belief that disaster will somehow be averted or that things will magically work themselves out. Though he does not state it explicitly, it is clear that Dr. Faye has no hope of any kind of counter-cultural movement with the power to halt the final cataclysm.

Towards the end of the book, Dr. Faye outlines three possible collapse scenarios: a soft one, a hard one, and a very hard one. In the soft one a total systemic breakdown is averted, but Western societies live on impoverished and in a state of permanent crisis. In the very hard one there is total breakdown. Western civilization is destroyed and the world population collapses, ushering in a new Middle Ages. Dr. Faye considers this both the most likely and the most desirable scenario. For him, history is cyclical. We are at the end of a cycle, and the harder scenario clears the decks for a new beginning, founded on entirely different—and better—philosophical suppositions. For this reason, Dr. Faye believes that this grim convergence of catastrophes is positive and necessary, and that the prospect of a new beginning should be reason for hope.

For the future, Convergence offers the vision outlined in Archeofuturism: a diversified world with a highly developed zone in the northern hemisphere and agricultural or subsistence societies in the south. Dr. Faye sees this as not only environmentally more sustainable, but as a more accurate reflection of the diversity of human societies; only a fraction of humanity, in his view, is suited to a techno-industrial society.

I generally agree with Dr. Faye’s thesis of converging catastrophes, but I fear it includes a slight element of wishful thinking. It seems Dr. Faye looks forward to the collapse; his attitude is the mirror image of the liberals’, who are either complacent or in denial. This may lead him to paint a scenario that satisfies him and that begins to unfold within his lifetime—in other words, he imagines he will be there to gloat as liberals bite the dust. He also suggests that Europeans will rise naturally from the ashes, without stressing that this depends on what we do now; it is not the natural outcome of collapse. This assumption is dangerous, because there are no guarantees of anything.

I am less willing than Dr. Faye to predict cataclysm sometime within the next eight years (when he wrote Archeofuturism in 1999, he predicted disaster by 2020). Nor would I assume that the lines of catastrophe will all converge within a narrow timeframe, or that European man will necessarily exist in the post-collapse world, even in smaller numbers.

To begin with, collapse scenarios can take a variety of forms, including forms in which the collapse would not be recognized as such by those living through it, or even by those living after it. A soft collapse, for example, can be one in which life remains pleasurable, so collapse is never widely recognized as such. Standards of morality weaken, the race degenerates, and a culture dissolves gradually, giving way to another that takes over therapeutically, subtly enslaving people who do not mind because they love their slavery. There may be a few bumps here and there along the way, of course, but, on the whole, this is how it unfolds. Does this not sound like the collapse of WASPdom in the United States?

Dr. Faye’s soft collapse scenario I would describe as either “deferred” or “slow.” In the first, the collapse has already occurred, but the final cataclysm is endlessly postponed, more or less like the financial crisis we are living through now. Through subterfuge, ways keep being found to levitate what should already be on the ground. In the second, the collapse unfolds gradually, in a managed and technocratic manner, and the social temperature is always kept below the threshold needed for a revolution.

One can also debate the “hard” convergence thesis. We can accept that various catastrophic trends are in place, but will they converge close enough together in time for a complete collapse, or will the catastrophes hit in succession over a long period? It is conceivable that each line of catastrophe may progress at a different speed, and that some will prompt a delaying action, thus weakening the convergence.

For example, global warming may be slowed significantly if electric cars are improved enough to trigger a phase out of the internal combustion engine over the next 10 to 15 years. In 2004, when Convergence was originally published in French, the electric car was still a distant prospect; now it is getting closer, and with decreasing petroleum reserves, it may soon make sense for motorists to make the switch. A technological breakthrough could potentially take the environmental and even the economic trend out of the equation, or at least slow them down, though this may not matter a great deal if the other trends continue.

Of course, this does not argue against the very real prospect of declining economic conditions, continuing political paralysis, and so on; it simply argues in favor of what Dr. Faye may consider the worst and most insidious of all scenarios: a “soft” convergence and a protracted or deferred collapse, whose final denouement occurs so far in the future that there are not enough of us left for it to matter any longer.

The important point is that the outcomes of collapse are not foreordained: They depend on what we do now. If some form of collapse is inevitable, then it is imperative that we establish today the bases for the world that will follow that collapse, and that we seize control of the process—including precipitating it artificially—so as to ensure for us the most favorable outcome. I believe Faye would agree with this, although he does not say so explicitly.

I must refer to this book’s latent anti-Americanism. It is only a minor part of the narrative, but it is a flaw, and Jared Taylor’s foreword points out Dr. Faye’s careless conflation of America with the American government. For many Americans, their government is their number-one enemy, and is distinct and separate from America. In Convergence, Dr. Faye accuses America of trying to weaken Europe by promoting free trade and multiculturalism, while practicing protectionism and controlling immigration to the US, when, in fact, America enthusiastically practices the same policies it promotes in Europe. Fortunately, and as Mr. Taylor points out, Dr. Faye has since revised this position: In a speech delivered in Nashville at the 2012 American Renaissance conference, he described Americans and Europeans as brothers in arms.

Dr. Faye speaking at the 2012 American Renaissance conference.

The philosophical foundations of the American republic are classical liberalism, but I believe it is essential—even if difficult—to separate liberalism (Americanism) from America, and to re-imagine America in philosophically non-liberal terms. To this we would need to look at the parts of American heritage that existed before, or beyond the reach of, classical liberalism. One can think of the early colonial period (before) and the wild West (beyond). This may prove vital in the effort to guarantee the continuity in the 21st century of white Americans and white American culture in the New World.

Do not look to Dr. Faye for a practical action plan; his purpose is to frankly assess present trends in the West and to point out that any cataclysmic outcome marks a beginning as well as an end. It is up to each reader to decide his course of action and translate what he has learned into effective action. For more concrete policy matters, Dr. Faye has just published Mon Programme (My Program), but it is available only in French.

Despite its imperfections, Convergence is a compelling and furious read, addressing important topics with an honesty that is rarely found and never with such intensity in a single volume. Futurology is very subjective, so one must be lenient with predictions—particularly those involving complex global events; but Dr. Faye’s analysis is fundamentally correct and will be read with profit by anyone who wants to understand how the liberal global experiment will eventually end.


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Alex Kurtagic
Alex Kurtagic is a publisher, cultural commentator, novelist, musician, and artist. He is the author of the dystopian novel, Mister (Iron Sky Publishing, 2009), the founder and director of Supernal Music, and editor-in-chief of Wermod and Wermod Publishing Group.
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  • Puggg

    Even if you thing global warming as a problem, electric cars won’t solve it because they require electricity (i.e. coal) to charge.

    As for the collapse scenarios, I think another perhaps less brutal future is the Iceland scenario.  What we saw in Iceland is after the financial crash hit Iceland, they reset, returned to reality, punished the voodoo pseudo-capitalists of wealth transfer mightily, and returned their economy to what worked for centuries.  The rest of the western world could very well do that:  Imprison the banksters, push the wealth transferrance industry to an irrelevant background, and reemphasize real wealth creation industries, such as agriculture, mining and manufacturing, especially the latter.

    Dr. Faye considers secularism to be a threat.  It could be a solution more than a threat, and I’m saying this as a religious person.  From what I’ve seen from most organized religion these days, the less of it there is, the less multi-racialist delusions we’ll have to endure.

    • haroldcrews

      If by less religion you mean zero of the diversity cult I’m in full agreement.

    • anonymous_amren

      Global warming is still a problem regardless of whether we “thing” it or not. This convergence of catastrophes wouldn’t happen if left-wingers and right-wingers would listen to science rather than mindlessly following their ideologies in the face of proof they are wrong about something.

      Electricity can be, and is, generated in many different ways that don’t involve burning carbon or releasing methane or other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Which is why we need electric cars, or electric public transport (public transport actually works in places that don’t have black people).

      Secularism is our ally. Get secularists opposed to Islam and you start to break the hold of political correctness over them.

      • No, “global warming” is not the problem people think it is. It is not caused by mankind either. The earth has been warmer in the past, such as during the Roman Empire, and colder in the past, such as the cool period during the middle ages.

        • Carney3

          Why do 97% of actual climate scientist disagree with you strongly?  They say global warming is real and caused by man.  Sinister global conspiracy?

          • MikeofAges

            Scientists are vulnerable to cultural miasmas, too. It’s all just too convenient how the “findings” of science fit in so perfectly with the ideology.

    • With the following video, which lasts only a few seconds, I can prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt that catastrophe is certainly inevitable:

      –watch this, and then you too will weep for mankind.

      • There will be a “Million Muppet March” before the election to protest supposed PBS budget cuts.  It might be the closest thing this world sees to the Toon Town scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

        Maybe at the MMM, some of the famous cartoon Kool-Aid pitchers (“Oh Yeah!”) can show up, because Obama’s America needs a lot of Kool-Aid drinkers.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        Et tu Mickey?

      • We’ve had four years of dopey

    • Carney3

      Electric cars, like all electric devices, don’t care where their electricity comes from.  Solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, wave, biomass, nuclear fission, hydro-electric dams, natural gas, coal – it’s all the same to your electric device, which only cares about current, volts and amperes.

      So saying that electric cars require coal is ignorant.  You may be saying that they IN EFFECT do as a practical matter since coal supplies about half our electricity, but that’s changing as coal’s share of our electricity source is plunging thanks to fracking causing a flood of natural gas in the market causing an 85% drop in the price of natural gas in the last several years.  Natural gas is still a fossil fuel but causes about half the CO2 output of coal.

      But most importantly, electric cars emit less EVEN WHEN POWERED BY COAL.  Because electric cars are so efficient, using about 80% of their stored energy for movement, while internal combustion engines use only about 20% of their fuel energy for movement and waste 80% of it on unneeded heat.  That means a coal plant charging up an electric car with the energy needed to move a given distance emits less in doing so than a gasoline car does while moving the same distance.

      THAT is why greens are such huge backers of electric cars.

      • For now, electric cars are heavily government subsidized golf carts for the SWPL crowd.  When a semi-trailer can be run like the Chevy Volt, then we’re getting somewhere.

        I hold out more hope for hydrogen fuel cell technology.

        • We have enough oil and gas to last the US 300 years. All we need to do is allow people to get it and bring it to market. It takes energy to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. Talking about “hydrogen fuel” is the same thing as talking about electric cars. Hydrogen is just the form that the energy is in at the end of the process, what are you going to use to create it?

          • Carney3

            You’re correct about hydrogen.  But wrong about oil.  We have natural gas, but our cars can’t use natural gas.  Most optimistic assessments of our oil supply misleadingly include “shale oil” which is backbreakingly expensive and commercially and geo-strategically irrelevant.

        • Carney3

          Family sedans crushingly out-sell heavy duty trucks. Electric drive is already practical for family sedans, so we should act to encourage that tech rather than unnecessarily wait until the comparative handful of giant trucks can also run on that tech.

          Having said that, there are already some electric only buses with more to come. A smarter option for heavy duty and long distance travel is liquid fuel – based not on oil but on alcohol made from biomass, natural gas, and coal.

          Hydrogen is a farce. The fuel cell stack requires platinum, running the per-vehicle cost up into the hundreds of thousands. Hydrogen fuel must be made from electrolizing water (using enormous amounts of electricity at sky high cost) or processing hydrocarbons such as natural gas with an energetic loss in processing so great that it’s pointless – might as well directly use the natural gas itself, or a cheaper derivative (methanol), as a vehicle fuel instead. That’s not all – hydrogen (being the smallest molecule in existence) leaks through the smallest seals, gaskets, etc, even straight through solid steel (embrittling it in the process). Hydrogen is flammable at a higher wider range of fuel-air ratios, and needs much less energy input to ignite (even background static electricity), so pipelines, stations, cars, and garages will regularly explode. Especially since it is so light you have to compress it (more than any other gas) heavily into a fuel tank to get a worthwhile amount, creating enormous bursting pressure, requiring the tank to be very bulky and heavy for strength, cutting into range and passenger/cargo space, and adding to wear and tear. Did I mention hydrogen, even the cheaper natural gas version, costs much more? Etc etc

        • Carney3

          Also, calling a highway speed, full sized, full featured family sedan a “golf cart” is like calling a gasoline only car a “lawn mower.” Misleading.

          As for government subsidized, yeah and so what? Even Adam Smith supported subsidies for sail cloth to prevent Britain becoming dependent on its enemies for that era’s source of vital transportation motive power. Even von Hayek supported government intervention to counteract monopolies and cartels, and he was talking about PRIVATE SECTOR ones, making acting against OPEC — a gang of foreign socialist regimes — even more justifiable. Subisidies are not a Mark of Cain justifying scornful rejection in all cases regardless of circumstances. They are merely a tool in the policy toolbox, a tool that won’t fit most circumstances but the right tool in others.

          So subsidizing alternative fuel and alternative energy i- -something we should actually be proud of, because it means we have the kind of traits we (and especially those of us on this forum) like to congratulate ourselves for: discipline, long-term thinking, willingness to look beyond higher up front cost for longer-term benefit, ability to grasp diffuse broad long term problems rather than only being able to focus on immediate concrete short term issues, and thinking about the next generation and our people as a whole rather than only “what’s in this for me right now?”

          • Esmithton91

            go away………. pay for your own stuff

          • Carney3

            OIl induced crashes aren’t going to go away.
            Oil funded terrorists aren’t going to go away.
            Oil-caused pollution isn’t going to go away.
            And the money I have to pay in extra taxes to take care of all that stuff and clean up the mess YOU insist on making isn’t going to go away.
            Unless and until we break free from oil.
            Until then, are YOU wiling to personally BY YOURSELF pay the ENTIRE price of all that stuff? Or are you going to keep free riding on MY back for it?

      • Saying that solar power is sufficient to produce the energy needed to run electric cars is ignorant. It is very ignorant since people who say this have not even done the simple math required. 

        • Carney3

          You call me ignorant twice and accuse me of laziness, but you did not read my post. Nowhere did I actually say that solar can carry the full load.

          Actually many people already run their electric cars entirely on the solar panels on their home rooftops.

          However, my support for electric is not based on an assumption that solar can handle the full load. It’s based on our extreme need to bankrupt our jihadi enemies, to run our transportation on something other than oil. Since very little of our electricity comes from oil, shifting to electric is a great way to cut off the crazies from our money.

          And even from a global warming perspective, even using coal to power electric cars is much better than gasoline, because electric cars are so efficient they emit less CO2 (via the power plant) per distance traveled than gasoline cars do.

          • you are correct, I did not read your full post. Sorry, but I have no patience for people who talk about green energy, most people don’t at this point so you may as well get used to it. You can only come to a persons door selling BS once or twice. Sorry but the BS peddlers have been around for a long time and they all beat you to my and others doors. The door gets slammed in your face the second you start spouting about “green” anything. My time is valuable. I do not read posts from people once they are know “greenies”. I have better things to do with my day than listen to you or others like you. Go torture your wife , kids, family, or whoever you usually burden with your overthought, overwrought nonsense. Not having it. 

          • Carney3

            Meanwhile, you would want YOUR opinions to get a respectful hearing, of course. You would want people who disagree with YOU to listen and be open to changing their minds.

            Incidentally, as I have said a few times already on this thread, my main motivation in backing alternative energy is national security, secondarily the economy, and the environment is only third. In fact I would still back breaking free from oil if the alternatives were dirtier, because it’s that important to bankrupt our terrorist enemies and free our economy from the threat of oil crashes.

            I understand you’re terrified of greens. Stop sniveling, dry your tears, come out from under the bed, man up, butch up, and get over it. We worked together with Stalin to win World War 2 (JOSEPH FREAKING STALIN!) without buying into his whole agenda. We worked together with Mao (MAO!!) as a check on the Soviets during the Cold War; did the same with Islamists – and yet we did not become a Maoist or Islamist nation.

            In the great global struggle of our own time, we can do this or that thing that greens would support, without buying into their whole agenda.

            Yes, alternative energy involves government intervention in the economy. Stop the eeking and shrieking. Instead of dainty prissy refusal to sully the pure market (which doesn’t exist especially in energy thanks to OPEC), we need to dive right in and get our hands dirty right up to our elbows, do WHATEVER it takes.

            None of that requires accepting global warming as real.

            Which I will say I have been increasingly forced to do despite my inclinations, and my dislike of greens, based on the crushing evidence.

            If you want lefties to set aside their cherished values (egalitarianism) and their emotional reaction to cultural groups they dislike (sumg preachy judgemental thickly accented Southerners who talk about Jesus a lot) to accept the scientifically proven realities of race, you’ll have to do the same thing with the values YOU cherish (non-intervention in the economy) and set aside your antipathy toward cultural groups you dislike (smug preachy judgemental hippy-dippy greeny-weenies and left-leaning eco-Marxists) to accept the FACTS that science insists is real REGARDLLESS of your precious sensitive FEEEEEEEELINGS.

          • not reading your posts Carney, you can enjoy talking to yourself

          • Carney3

            Childish of you to stick your fingers in your ears and refuse to listen.

      • newscomments70

        Right now, electric cars are priced out of range for the average worker. The Tesla models have some impressive specifications. The others have too short of a range at less than 100 miles. Improvements will continue. I imagine the cars will become less expensive and more efficent in a decade or so. 

        Problems remain though. Torque on electric vehicles is abysmal. An electric car cannot pull a trailer. My UPS driver has a “hybrid” delivery truck. I asked him his opinion on the vehicle. He told me “great, as long as there are no hills”. If you drive the truck on a hill, and even worse, in bad weather, you have a major problem. 

        Furthermore, you assume that electric cars create no enviromental damage. Entire forests are destroyed by battery fabrication. It is an extremely toxic fabrication and disposal process. Can you imagine 150 million car batteries? 

        • Carney3

          Up front price is high, but total cost of ownership is competitive because maintenance and “fuel” costs are thousands lower for electric cars. As for range, more than 75% of Americans drive less than 40 miles a day – electrics thus have more than enough for the daily commute, evenings out, weekend errands, local social visits and recreation, etc.

          Electric cars have 100% instant access to all their torque, all the time. A contrast to the rising and falling engine noises of an internal combustion engine going through its gears, only having full torque a part of the time as the process continues. Tesla Roadster salesmen like to ask their customer passengers to turn on the radio – and then floor it as the passenger reaches forward. The G forces are so great the passenger can’t touch the button.

          Very few normal people need to pull a trailer or need a UPS truck sized vehicle.

          I never said electric cars have no environmental impact, nobody does. It’s a stupid argument, like when Politically Correct people refute a common sense observation such as “men tend to be stronger and more violent than women” by pointing to a weak passive man here and a strong violent woman there. What matters is the overall big picture. And net and overall, electric cars are FAR cleaner. Crocodile tears shed by anti-greens over the impact of electrics are not convincing anyway. Bona fide greens track this stuff closely and are huge backers of electrics. EV batteries are recyclable by the way.

          • newscomments70

            I hope that electric cars are successful. I like the Tesla products. I recently watched a documentary about automobiles. The first automobiles were outrageously expensive and unreliable. Critics would laught at them as they watched early, broken-down autos being pulled by horses. The criticism of electric cars reminds me of early criticism of internal-combustion automobiles. The pollution caused by battery fabrication still concerns me. 

          • Carney3

            EV batteries are recyclable. And bona fide greens strongly back EVs because total emissions from start to end are MUCH lower. Even more important than the environment are the immediate economic and national security considerations.

    • I live in secular Sweden, we have much cultural-marxism.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Mr. Faye, like some amren posters, appears to have a “worse is better” philosophy: in other words, we should welcome the transformation of the West into a Third World police state because it will wake up sleeping whites. Or bring about a collapse that will lead to a better world.

    This is a very dangerous mindset. We should be fighting the anti-white elites tooth and nail, not cheering them on.  

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty


      The liberals and anti-Whites cannot hold things together much longer. The welfare state, race relations and overall social fabric is falling apart. Let the whole world see that liberal ideology is a failure, let the whole world see how violent and hateful diversity truly is. When liberalism has exhausted itself and proved itself worthless, we can casually come in and re-establish the republic “without firing a shot”. 

      • HamletsGhost

        If only it were that simple.
        The problem here is that liberalism is a religion, and as such is impermeable to reason, logic, or basic facts. Its adherents have a vested psychological and physical interest in keeping themselves in controlContrary to re-establishing anything without a shot, we will face a police state with massive, unlimited powers to crush dissent and jail thought-criminals indefinitely. The government is already building an air armada of drones to watch us and kill us at presidential command. The powers that be know that they are running out of carrots, and are making enough sticks to beat us when things fall apart.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          The police state will never come into being. Every aspect of the government is literally become to “diverse” to function. You can’t have black/latino/White/muslims working together during a race war. Nationalism is on the rise and that is the precise antidote for globalism.

          We are better informed now than ever before in history. The Rothschilds never had to counter the internet before, in the past, all they had to do was buy out the media. When things get worse, people will seek answers as to why this happened. Then they will come to understand marxism, the Fed, globalists, fiat currency, HBD, etc.

          • HamletsGhost

            I didn’t say we wouldn’t win. I’m saying that victory will not win itself. We have to somehow find the collective will to throw off our chains. They won’t fall off by themselves.

        • OMG!! WE’RE ALL DOOMED! DOOMED I TELL YA! DOOMED!!!! Get a grip buddy.

          • HamletsGhost

            Get a clue dude.

          • get a prescription dude, and start using it

          • HamletsGhost

            I think I see your problem. Like too many Americans, you think all problems are fixable with a prescription.

      • Freyr

        The Trans-Global Elite, the CFR, the Bilderbergers, the Rothschilds, etc are well beyond such dichotomies of Left and Right. They are also waiting for the collapse and may well have planned it. They will be far more ready than we are when it comes.

        • NYB

          Absolutely right.  The financial dynasties don’t live day to day.  They plan well into the future, trying to ensure their fortunes are inherited by their descendants.  The Rothschilds, for example, have endured centuries. 

          The elites want their deeds and rights to property to survive wars and upheavals.  While they welcome disaster capitalism, they want enough of the system to survive so that they may retain their position of control.

          Whites must be more like them. 

      • yes, Faye is pessimistic because he will not even let himself consider  the possibility of a conservative, ethnocentric Europe rising again. He would rather go down, and have all of Europe and the West go down with liberalism than abandon it.

        • Carney3

          What makes you think Faye doesn’t support a conservative, ethno-centric Europe? 

    • Agreed. 

      There is an air of defeatism and denial. 

      I’m trying to think of an historical example in which a culture was balkanized, then managed to re-emerge from the ashes of ruin stronger than ever. 

      I can think of none. 

      But I can think of plenty that never re-emerged. 

      We’re next.

      • Study Roman history, especially the Punic Wars and Hannibal’s march through Italy.

    • Carney3

      Yeah, I seem to recall polls showing that even now, white South Africans believe in racial equality and think that giving up power was the right thing.  So worse is NOT better, it’s just worse.

    • Detroit_WASP

      I agree with Bad Mr. Frosty.

      There is no better cure for a liberal egalitarian than a good dose of reality. 

      Working as a cop for one year in Detroit would cure nearly all of them. 

  • For example, global warming may be slowed significantly if electric cars are improved enough to trigger a phase out of the internal combustion engine over the next 10 to 15 years. 
    Electric cars need coal to make the electricity.  Coal production requires oil.  Electric cars are not better, or perhaps worse, than gas cars.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Exactly, I don’t know why people gush over electric cars. You either need to build more coal or oil power plants or more nuclear plants. Not exactly a solution.

      • JohnEngelman

        We need to develop nuclear fusion reactors and green sources of energy. Because of the high start up costs that will require government investments.  

        • Tom_in_Miami

          Any opinions on the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor?  Here’s a good presentation of the possibilities of Thorium?  Sounds almost too good to be true, but I’m not sure that it’s not the answer to non-polluting energy (for electric cars, etc.) 

          • JohnEngelman

            It sounds like a good idea. I am particularly attracted to the lack of nuclear waste. 

          • Carney3

            Nuclear waste is a radically overblown issue.

          • JohnEngelman

            Who told you that? Rush Limbaugh? 

          • Carney3

            Reality.  Coal has killed hundreds of thousands, probably millions of people, even today killing over 10,000 every year in the USA alone.  Nuclear waste has killed nobody, and nuclear accidents less than 10,000 at most total all-time worldwide.  If we replaced every coal plant with a nuclear plant we’d save a staggering number of lives.

          • Eric Fowler

             If we built one now, the power would all be diverted to heat and light homes of the usual people … homes we built for them …

        • 1911ThePunisher45

          Yeah. Fukashima worked out real well there buddy, anymore brilliant ideas?

          • anonymous_amren

            Actually, Fukashima did work out real well, and it was a brilliant idea. Natural disasters will turn any infrastructure into a danger, and other kinds of power plants could have caused worse problems in an earthquake or tsunami.

        • Bantu Education

          Pie-in-the-sky.   Besides, none of this is really necessary (or much less necessary) if we were able to reduce our energy demand by 80%.  I believe that not only can this be achieved but the quality of life will be far superior to anything that exists now.  

          • Is this a joke? Reduce our energy “demand” by 80%?

          • Do you mean “foreign energy demand”?

        • uh, no, we don’t.We just need to let people get and bring oil to market. “Green” sources of energy are not practical, they never have been, they have always been a scam and this has been amply demonstrated in the past four years. All one needs to be able to do is simple math. Figure out how much energy each of your “green” energy source produces. Compare that figure to how much energy we need to run things. Green energy just can’t provide it, not even a fraction of it. We actually use MORE energy to raise corn and turn it into ethanol than the energy that doing so provides. It has always been a scam. the American public really needs to wake up on this one.

          • JohnEngelman

            Your analysis ignores the problem of the greenhouse effect.
            Also, the price of petroleum will fluctuate, but the trend will be upward as known oil reserves are depleted, and as more people throughout the world buy cars and consume gasoline. 

          • the greenhouse effect is nothing but a theory, it was never a fact. The evidence today points to the fact that there is in fact no greenhouse effect. We already knew this and the evidence has been before us forever. The greenhouse theory is that CO2 traps heat in the atmosphere. CO2 levels are not local, they are rather consistent worldwide. So then, at night, in the sahara desert, the temperature can fall as much as 100 degrees. Why does your greenhouse gas CO2 not prevent that? The answer is that it is not an effective greenhouse gas. Water vapor is a very effective greenhouse gas though. That is the one thing that is absent from the air in places like the Sahara Desert, the Kalahri desert, the Gobi desert, Death Valley CA etc. That is why such environments lose their heat rapidly once the sun goes down. The greenhouse theory is that CO2 creates a barrier and the radiant heat is reflected back inside, as if the border between space and the atmosphere was a piece of glass. Clouds reflect heat back and trap it. CO2 does not. 
            The correlation between rising CO2 levels and rising temperatures has been misunderstood. Rising temperatures CAUSE CO2 levels to rise. Rising CO2 levels do NOT cause temperatures to rise. Once again, we are all familiar with the fact that if you refrigerate a bottle of soda water it does not fizz as much when it is opened as a warm bottle of soda water does. This is because the colder water is, the more CO2 it absorbs and holds. 7 tenths of the worlds surface is water. When the earth’s temperature rises DUE TO THE SUNS ACTIVITY, then the oceans can not hold as much CO2 and they give off some of it, which raises the levels in the air.
            Recent research has tied all of earths cooling and warming to sun activity alone.

      • Carney3

        Nuclear power plants don’t emit carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gasses.  In fact they don’t emit conventional pollution like smog or sulfur either.  They do produce nuclear waste but stored in facilities like Yucca Mountain that is harmless.  Not a source of world changing disaster by any means.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          I like nuclear energy, but it scares the crap out of me. If we can create proven and trustworthy systems to deal with the waste, I’m all for it.

        • CO2 is not a greenhouse gas, if it were, then the temperatures in arid regions such as the Sahara desert would not drop 100 degrees once the sun went down. One hundred degrees, in a few hours, where is the greenhouse effect sir? The temperatures drop at the same rate now as they always have dropped. There is no water vapor in the air in these places. Water vapor, especially  in the form of clouds, does reflect radiant heat back to earth and trap it between the clouds and the earth. CO2 simply does not. It never has, it never will. You have swallowed a huge lie and have been running scared ever since.

          • Carney3

            Your post would have embarrassed me when I was a total global warming skeptic. I might even have thought you were a global warming believer trying to make skeptics look ignorant.

            Yes, the dryness of deserts, and the dry desert air, retains heat poorly, which is why deserts are colder at night than muggy jungles and swamps. Water vapor is a greenhouse gas.

            But Of COURSE CO2 is a greenhouse gas too. That’s why the surface of Venus is much hotter than the surface of Mercury, despite Venus being much further from the Sun’s heat. And the atmosphere of Venus has almost NO water vapor at all, but LOTS of CO2.

    • Bantu Education

      Sprawl is the problem and cars create sprawl.    We need to create much more dense living environments in which people can live, work, and play without the need for private cars.   There can still be cars but they would be shared to be used only when and as needed, which wont be that often.   How often do use your car for recreation?  The cities I envisage can be very beautiful, very stress-fee, and above all very safe as they will be able to select their residents just as some private apartment buildings do.  

      • so you are all about forcing people to live in certain ways. You are talking about government running everything, dictating everything. We have “sprawl” because that is what people have chosen when they have been free to do so.

        • Bantu Education

          Show me where I mentioned or even implied “forcing”?   If you show people a better alternative they will beat a path to its door.   “Build it and they will come”.   If you’re “happy” to live in a sprawl city and waste 3 hours travelling to and fro (not just to work, but shops, school, recreation, etc) then thats your problem.   I am thinking out of the box – smaller spaces in beautiful places.  Think cruise ships where people live at 100 times the density of a sprawl city – nobody is forced to go aboard, in fact people pay a lot to do so.   (I am not proposing floating cities – far too expensive – just providing a useful analogy of a self-contained city).

          • people who stroke themselves for “thinking outside the box” are people who never have and never will think outside the box. Get over yourself. People found a better alternative, the sprawl, and they chose that. You may not agree with it but that is YOUR problem.You want people to make a certain choice, and then you will label that freedom, but only if they make the choice you choose for them. Once cars became ubiquitous and cheap, people chose to live where only the rich lived before, in the burbs. Most people don’t relish the idea of riding public transportation. It means their choices and movement are restricted to the transportation lines and schedules. It also means living amongst minorities and sending one’s children to schools with the minorities, unless one is wealthy enough to send them to private schools.

          • Bantu Education

            “Public transport?”   “Living amongst minorities?”  I mentioned neither because both will be redundant.   You obviously have neither the imagination nor the intellect to comprehend what I am talking about and besides this is not an appropriate venue.   Carry on dissing every post you can find if that pleases your little mind.   

      • MikeofAges

        Who is “we”? Was there ever a “we”? Is there still a “we”? “We” does not often mean “everybody”.

    • Carney3

      Coal supplies about half our electricity, but that’s changing as coal’s share of our electricity source is plunging thanks to fracking causing a flood of natural gas in the market causing an 85% drop in the price of natural gas in the last several years.  Natural gas is still a fossil fuel but causes about half the CO2 output of coal.

      But most importantly, electric cars emit less EVEN WHEN POWERED BY COAL.  Because electric cars are so efficient, using about 80% of their stored energy for movement, while internal combustion engines use only about 20% of their fuel energy for movement and waste 80% of it on unneeded heat.  That means a coal plant charging up an electric car with the energy needed to move a given distance emits less in doing so than a gasoline car does while moving the same distance.

      THAT is why greens are such huge backers of electric cars.

      • There is so much wrong in your post. You don’t know what you are talking about but think that you do.

        • Carney3

          So enlighten me.

          • I already know that is not possible, good day sir

          • Carney3

            Actually, I have changed my mind on many issues.

            I changed my mind on racial issues from the Political Correctness of my early youth to today’s clear-eyed realism and advocacy of the interests of my own kind.

            I changed my mind on alternatives to oil after reading the book “Energy Victory” by Robert Zubrin.

            I have begun to change my mind about global warming from being a total skeptic to grudging accepter, based on the crushing scientific consensus.

            I have changed my mind on austerity vs growth.

            I have begun to change my mind on which side I wished won the US Civil War, based on my growing understanding about Lincon’s views on “colonization”.

            My once totally solid Catholic faith is less firm now in the face of the science on issues like evolution, and despite my dislike of the New Atheists on culture-war issues.

          • go tangle with someone else sir. I have no tolerance for the same old “green” BS. Not reading your posts and I feel sorry for people that do.

  • How about both?  Cheer them as they dig their grave . . . 

    then push them in!

  • Jay11

    I think about these issues all the time, and I am usually pessimistic about the future of earth in general.  We must colonize the stars.  Can you imagine life 500 years in the future when there is no oil, gas or coal?  When the earth is circled with pollution? 

    • JohnEngelman

      I am afraid we are stuck on this earth. 500 years from now there will probably be colonies on the moon and Mars, but it will cost a lot to maintain them. The cost of traveling to another solar system where our kind of life is possible will be prohibitive for as long as I can see into the future.  

      • Periapsis

        If off world colonies acheive a critcal mass, what in the world given our nature makes people think they would neccessarily want to retain ties with the people still living on Earth? Indeed, they may decide to return and re-conquer the Earth, which they came to regard as an enemy. If anything, whites demonstrated over the centuries their tendency to sever all ties with the nation or nations they seceded or otherwise split off from. Sometimes they return as very hostile invaders and conquerers. Can you imagine what could happen if one of those colonies becomes very powerful economically and militarily, and they decide to invade Earth in a War of the Worlds scenario? If Islam takes over the world, you can bet the Muslims will be unable to fight off such an invasion force, who never need show their faces. They can obliterate cities from orbit or even farther away. Maybe that would be the best possible thing that can happen to us. Russia being conquered by the Vikings actually saved them from being wiped out by Asiatic Tartar invaders, because it put a stop to the infighting outside invaders always seek to exploit. No, human nature is not going to change in 500 years, and the same sort of disagreements, oppression, envy and hatreds will be behind wars of the future. They will merely shift to a new battle field. The photo below is of unarmed re-entry vehicles from an MX ICBM plummeting to their targets, without a nuclear warhead aboard. This sight will be part of any future wars centuries from now.

    • Carney3

      Read “Energy Victory” and “The Case for Mars” by Dr. Robert Zubrin.  Brilliant solutions to both the energy and space issues.

  • Occidentus

    Oswald Spengler saw this catastrophe coming nearly a century ago in “Decline of the West”.  Civilizations, like all organic entities, are born, they grow, mature, age and eventually die.  The interesting question is the future of our race post-Western civilization.  The main historical precedent is te collapse of the Roman Empire; we would do well to take a close look at that.  

    • JohnEngelman

      Since Oswald Spengler wrote about the “Decline of the West,” most in the West have gone on to enjoy the highest standard of living most humans in the world have ever enjoyed in the history of the world.  
      Progress is not inevitable, but neither is catastrophe. 

      • Guest

         The recent period of prosperity doesn’t contradict anything that Spengler said. In fact, he believed that as High Cultures played out all of their inherent possibilities, they would evolve into Civilizations where the rule of money dominated.

      • Dr. X

        Yeah, since Spengler wrote the West has enjoyed the highest standard of living ever, but it’s also true that since Spengler Westerners killed 75  million of each other in World Wars I and II, and communism, a Western ideology, killed probably another 100-150 million.

        Westerners enjoyed the highest standard of living ever because, specifically, the UNITED STATES imposed prosperity and and order BY FORCE upon a bunch of fratricidal morons in the process of committing civizilational suicide. The United States “re-made” Germany and Japan in its own image, by force. And the U.S. did so because it firmly believed that it, and the white men who founded it, were absolutely better, superior, wiser, and more moral and decent than everyone else.  And the United States that did this was a segregated nation; it’s elites were 100% white.

        You’re right –nothing is inevitable — but the difference is that today we have an nonwhite president who seeks to “re-make” America, not the world,  and elites who hate and despise their own country.  As long as that remains true, we are indeed finished.

        • JohnEngelman

          Which elites are those? Name members of those elites. What evidence do you have that they “hate and despise their own country?” 

          • David Ashton

               The answer about naming elites depends on the semantics.  The notion of traditional sovereignty and patriotism is not upheld by many who have had poweful influence in the CFR, certain Foundations, the Bilderberg and Davos gatherings, UNESCO, and international banks & corporations; a list of names, and quotations, can be supplied if you agree on the definition of “despise their own country”.
              Then there are the lower-level personnel who run history, anthropology and lierature college curricula and so forth that provide a one-sided malign, guilt-inducing view of the European and north American heritage; a neo-marxist development that certainly entails detestation or denigration of much western achievement as valued by most people of a different outlook. A list of these people is so extensive that it would be pointless to waste AR space on it.

          • JohnEngelman

            Where I agree with you is that an almost exclusively white plutocracy is enriching itself in ways that reduce the standard of living of nearly everyone else in the United States. Republican economic policies of cutting taxes for the rich and the size and strength of the government assist this plutocracy. 
            Since 1980 real after tax income for the richest one percent of the United States has soared, while for eighty percent of the country real after tax income has declined. 

            Democrats have been complicit in some of this, but the GOP has been the prime mover, and wealthy Republican clients have been the beneficiaries. White blue collar Republicans have not benefited economically from their votes for Republican politicians.

          • Bantu Education

            Yes, white achievements and great white men (DWEMs, dead white european males) have to be dissed, diminished, trivialised, excoriated, or simply forgotten – because any positive mention of them “offends” our culturally-enriching DIEversitoids.   Why does it offend them? Because they offer convincingly indisputable evidence of white superiority.  And, as we are nowadays taught, that is impossible since all cultures are EQUAL.   

    • Other theorists have come along since Spengler to offer solutions however.

      Francis Parker Yockey thought it was possible to stave off the Decline for example.

    • Bantu Education

      The present era is indeed ending very soon – and the reasons for it are those we discuss here and by the French gentleman.   I dont believe the Mayans predicted the end of the world this December, but maybe a new beginning – one that will begin very badly, but will in time evolve into a much better civilisation than we have now.   

  • Clearly we in the west are experiencing the ‘soft collapse’. The problems are obvious and everywhere but are ignored as irrelevant in the long run (bumps in the road) or claimed by many they will sort themselves out (with the help of more  laws and government intervention).
    The credo of liberalism: There Shall Be No Objective Standards. Liberalism is the denial of objective standards. Without standards, there is chaos; anything goes.  
    I don’t know what’s coming and when but our current course in unsustainable. Without common social norms, it’s a free-for-all.
    We are on the brink of a new Dark Age.  

    • Dr. X

      Yeah, RIGHT NOW we’re experiencing the “soft collapse.”

      But when the Iranians get the bomb and embargo all oil transiting the Straits of Hormuz, and oil hits $500 per barrel, and “urban” Americans are stabbing each other to death over the last gallon of gas to put in their pimped-out Escalades before the pump runs dry, we’re going to find out what the “hard collapse” is like.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    It’s hard to predict the future. Case in point is Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock, published in 1971.

    Toffler looked at the momentous social changes going on around him (women’s lib, “gay rights,” cohabitation, etc.) and also predicted massive technological progress. He predicted the rise of androids so realistic that they would be hard to tell apart from real people, but failed to see the rise of the personal computer, cell phones and the Internet. 

    He also overlooked continuing and worsening racial strife, since, after all, we’re not supposed to notice that the races are unable to get along very well with one another. One of his most hilarious boners was that someday people would be able to change their skin color at will, making race irrelevant, as if race is nothing more than a matter of skin pigmentation.

    More sophisticated technological predictions are those made by inventor Ray Kurzweil, who sees all technological progress, including healthcare, genetics, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, as progressing at an exponential rate, just as our computers have gotten exponentially faster over the last 30 years.

    He sees global warming as largely a non-issue, since solar energy is also advancing exponentially. Solar energy now only satisfies 1% of our energy needs, but he sees it as doubling every two years, so it is just 7 doublings away from providing 100% of our energy needs (about 17 years from now).

    On the other hand, technological progress could have catastrophic results for the economy. Already, technology is destroying more jobs than it creates. Witness the demise of newspapers and travel agents. Stock trading, financial analysis, and tax preparation can now be largely automated. Self driving cars are already a reality, with the potential of putting all bus, truck and taxi drivers out of work. Automation could well lead to a drying up of the job market (and ultimately, increased racial strife.)

    • Barrack Osama

       Never heard of it. That’s pretty hilarious actually.

    • Bantu Education

      One of his most hilarious boners was that someday people would be able to change their skin color at will, making race irrelevant, as if race is nothing more than a matter of skin pigmentation.

      Alvin Toffler, eh…..sorry, no prizes folks..!

  • bluegrass91

    Own a weapon, and possess ammo.  It need not be revolution: only protection.  We all must be protected for there is nothing more dangerous than the coming unknown.

     Learn a skill: how to make soap, carpentry, get familiar with home gardening.  Once the Western ponzi-scheme either crashes or slowly crumbles, human resource managers and stock market gamblers will become nothing more then pasts of money and queer occupations.  Gun-Smiths, farmers, soldiers, even plain old manual labor: anyone well adapted to labor of the hands will be well adapted to an economy simplified by necessity.

    Make a network: is your extended family divided across America, or are they merely in the next State?  Get to know them better, their jobs, their interests, their skills and demeanor.  Keep in mind that as the bonds of economics weaken, the bonds of blood grow only stronger and more important.  You and your family are not enough: the clan, the tribe, the village is the only thing capable of truly ensuring you in the simplified dangers of a post-collapse world.  Know your mayors, your police officers, your sheriffs, your local farmers and local businessman.  Know how to contact them, how they think and how they feel about a world increasingly unfamiliar.  It needs to be only a casual connection, for such a simple thing can be the seed for unparalleled and life saving cooperation.

    Right now, began to prepare yourself for poverty.  Winter is approaching, so turn off the heat and wear a sweater and start a fire. Acclimate yourself to a cold house in a cold winter, so when the grid may not provide what you need it will not feel so alien, so shocking.  Prepare your own food, for restaurants will clearly be the first to go.  Eat simply, and cheaply, will Thai food still be around when Wall Street is nothing more than boarded stone buildings? 

    Good luck everyone.  There are no guarantees that we will survive the inevitable collapse of the West, whether it be mad-max or a slow and grinding Brazillification.  There is only the guarantee that we will not survive modernity in its current form if it were to last forever.

    Thankfully, we’re smarter, and we know all rotten things will die.

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      Very wise words, stay armed, stay vigilant. You may not know it, but you have friends everywhere, you just have’nt met them yet.

      • LOL,everywhere, except on this message board. In general I agree with you, it’s just that I wouldn’t trust some of these posters with guns.

    • alas

      Good advice, ever though of making a small handbook and upload to internet? It would probably be a big success.

  • Life doesn’t chew you up and spit you out, it just let’s you sit there. 

    Ever since Malthus, thinkers have been predicting collapse along these lines.  More often than not, their own malaise is the source behind the forecasts.  People think they want Road Warrior so they can start anew.  Dissatisfaction with the present social hierarchies is a powerful inducement.  Come tomorrow, you realize a number of “Black Swans” have changed the landscape – but you are still not on top.  You’re just older.

    We have very serious problems and their is a great wealth transfer occurring.  But the West still most of the cards and I for one have grown sick and tired of such gloom.  No great endeavor was borne of pessimism.  What the West needs is a changed of perspective, not more of this.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    I’m frankly disgusted with having to explain our foreign policy to Europeans, whom we’ve saved from the brink twice not that long ago.  The French especially should appreciate the US military.

    The hundreds of billions and thousands of brave American souls sacrificed should be reasons enough to oppose 12 year wars in the thankless nether-regions.  The reason the French hate our power is because they’re jealous.  If they had the means, they’d be trying to tell other countries what to do just like us.

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      Hitlers Germany was the best thing for the white race. Why do you think the entire world had to come against him, and his brilliant vision of a unified white Europe?

      • Giuseppe Verdi

        A “brilliant vision of a unified white Europe”? That’s your invention, not Hitler’s. Why don’t you do a little research here? Take a look at the plans that Hitler had for the Slavs, especially the Russians. He saw them as Untermenschen almost as inferior as he saw the Jews. Do you not consider Slavs to be white then, because he surely didn’t want unity with them (unless conquering and largely eliminating or enslaving them is your idea of unity).

        And what about the millions of slave laborers he took from all corners of occupied Europe? Was making blond-haired Dutchmen do forced hard labor in horrific conditions in underground V-2 rocket factories a sign of his grand white solidarity?

        Hitler cared about Germans; he didn’t care at all about white people in general. He was a nationalist, not a white supremist. He especially looked down on American whites, whom he saw as inferior European mutts without a real heritage. You may like Hitler, but unless you are a German from Germany or Austria, it’s highly doubtful he would have liked you, much less felt a sense of unity or solidarity with you.

        • 1911ThePunisher45

          Well if this website would stop restricting my first ammendment I’d tell you how wrong you are about Hitler, and his Germany, you probably think he started WWII, it was Stalins Russia that acually started it with the winter war of 1939. Everything you’ve just spewed is leftist propaganda about the only man who stood up to Inernational Z***ism.  

        • Potocki

          Well said, Verdi. I always get frustrated when one of our would-be-saviors flashes his never-die Nazi credentials. Every article like this has its William Pierce and Francis Yockey pluggers in the comments, and if you examine Mr. Kurtagic’s own record of activity, there is just one degree of separation from you know who, with lots of prattling about the Aryan Race, various Indian or pseudo-Indian (e.g. Savitri Devi) “Aryan” sages, carrying water for a prominent Croat Ustasha protector, etc.

          Hitler is the worst thing that ever happened to the white race. What we are experiencing now is the tail end of the price that destiny exacted for Hitler. Our solutions, however anti-multiculti, anti-immigration, anti left and honest about Jewish leftism,  do not lie in any quadrant tangential to the Third Reich

        • TeutonicKnight67

           Hitler regretted war with England because he saw them as fellow Nordics. He admired their martial spirit so much that he adopted the English officer moustache after WW1. He also admired American Western Machismo and especially American suppression of the Indians and Negroes. 

          • should we really care what Hitler regretted?

          • TeutonicKnight67

             Sounds like Churchill’s “Anglosphere” position. I agree. However, Hitler was correct about the Jewish roots of Marxism/Bolshevism.  Jewish contributions to Western civilization are unquestionably great and should be recognized, but they have also been responsible for spreading Communism and its insidious cousin “Liberalism”.

          • TeutonicKnight67

             No. not really. Just making the point that he wasn’t as virulent toward the west as he was toward the peoples of the east.

    • Magnus Von Magnus

      In a sense they do. They lecture us about our foreign policy, but they all but control their former colonies. Sure these countries have their own presidents, but they’re still puppets of France, at least when it comes to trade and foreign policy. I spent a lot of time in French West Africa, so I know this to be a fact.

      But you’re right on about jealousy. In fact, a French couple living in Africa explained to me that French hostility is caused primarily by two things: 1) The way we swaggered around the nation after liberating France (“Why do they think they’re so special? We fought too! What about our French Resistance?!”), and 2) their delusions of grandeur, meaning that they believe themselves to be the pinnacle of human civilization, yet they lead the world in practically nothing (“Why aren’t we the greatest country in the world, even though we’re really the most awesome civilization in the world? It’s those stupid Americans’ fault!”). That one really gives them a headache.

      • Fascinating projection pal !

        What was the name of that movie again, or was that a skit from SNL ?

        Sorry pal, but French public opinon doesn’t revolve around your made-up quotes… Are you kidding ?

        What really gives me headache here, is insecure Americans like you who feel the need to put down their fellow Whites from overseas to justify their own “delusion of grandeur”.

        I’ve lived in France for many years myself, and you couldn’t be more wrong about what the average Jacques thinks of the US or France.  Most people there don’t believe  that France is the pinnacle of human civilization at all, YOU LIAR. 

        Like many American francophiles, they simply prefer their lives to be defined by their own cultural values (i.e., food, art, intellectual enlightenment) instead of our dumb down, one size fits all, commercialized and materialistic values which they get fed ad nauseum through globalisation.

        The French are entitled to preserve their identity in their own country just like us.  Until they start invading the US through mass immigration, I suggest you back off and focus on all these Non-Whites here who can’t wait to replace YOU.

        Talk about clueless again   !

        • Magnus Von Magnus

          “Most people there don’t believe  that France is the pinnacle of human civilization at all, YOU LIAR.”

          I’m not a liar, and I’m not making anything up. So you lived in France for a while. SO FREAKING WHAT. That makes you an expert? I lived in and visited many Francophone countries for more time than you, and have more French friends and acquaintances than you’ll ever have.

          YOU’RE irrational. And rude. You’re a name caller, projecting thoughts on me that I never said. I never defended American foreign policy. You want to see someone putting down their fellow man? Take a good look in the mirror.

          And I’m NOT tearing anyone down. I love France (except Bordeax. I really do dislike that place.) and its people, and you don’t have to believe that. I still stand behind my quote of them thinking themselves the pinnacle of civilization yet leading the world  in practically nothing. It’s true, and your few years of living in France doesn’t give YOU the right to b**ch at me and act as if you’re so freaking enlightened.

          Go take your Midol.

        • so what, the USSR had the world largest micro chip!

    • “The reason the French hate our power is because they’re jealous”.

      What are you, a 12 year old neocon still hoping to find those WMDs ? 

      Last time I checked France is still part of NATO and has been supporting us wherever it made sense (i,e: Lebanon, Koweit, Bosnia, Afghanistan).

      For the record, we didn’t invade France to liberate the French but to stop the Soviets for taking all of Europe as they were well on their way to Germany before us.  Do I need to remind you that we couldn’t have done it without the Brits and Canadians as well ?

      The French and other Europeans know that all too well, and we sure reaped the fruit from that strategic operation as we became the only Western power left while Britain, France, Germany and Italy were  in ruins.  This was not only what got us out of the Great Depression, but provided us a technological and economic prosperity unequal in World’s history.  Do you even know how many European scientists moved to the US after WW2 and actually led many of our scientific breakthrough, you know like Wernher von Braun with the US Army and then NASA ?

      Nice little rant, but maybe it’s about time you get a clue about our foreign policy instead of parroting the same ol’ cliches about the French.  They are our fellow Whites and aren’t the only country in Europe, ok ?

      • Magnus Von Magnus

        Why do you keep putting words into other peoples’ mouths? Who the heck said anything about WMDs? Who’s justifying any war? Eagle Eyed just said that we don’t have to justify our actions to anyone in Europe. And my point above (that you freaked out over) was that the French are indeed jealous of our power, and they do meddle in the affairs of other nations, especially their former colonies.

        And sadly, you’re a bit misinformed about French history. We *did* liberate France. They *were* occupied by Germany. Well, the Northern and Western parts were occupied, which included, you know, the capital? The actual seat of the government? Yeah, we might have acted arrogantly after liberating them, which no doubt offended them, but it doesn’t actually change history. That’s not bashing anyone. That’s not parroting clichés.

        But seriously, I’d like to be on friendly terms with you. And you are very *very* right that we as Whites should get along and not tear each other down. And my comments came across as very negative, and for that I was wrong. Sorry about that.

  • pc must go

    Bring it on!

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    All the elements necessary to create a first world society exist in European blood. After Europe was decimated by the Black Plague, they rebuilt, after Europe was burnt to ashes in WW1 and WW2, they rebuilt. South Africa, Australia and the US were wilderness before the White man turned them into paradise (compared to the 3rd world). 

    In the Dark Ages free thinking was replaced with servitude to dogma. The printing press, Protestant Revolution and the Renaissance awakened us from our slumber. We are in a new Dark Ages. Free thinking has been replaced with servitude to the dogmas of egalitarianism, social justice and diversity. The internet and coming financial and national revolutions will awaken us from this nightmare. It will take some pain and some blood, but I have faith that, once again, Western Civilization will rise from the ashes. 

    • TeutonicKnight67

       Don’t be so quick to attribute the “Dark Ages” to the Universal Church as you seem to imply . The Dark Ages were a direct result of the scourge of Islam. It was Islam that nearly destroyed Europe, not The Church. In fact, the Church was directly responsible for preserving European society and the Reformation resulted from nascent Germanic Nationalism more than a desire to “reform”

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        The fall of Rome had more to do with ushering in the Dark Ages than the Church.  In a lot of the ways the Church held Europe together, something like a necessary dictatorship to get a nation through tough times.

        • Rome fell because of an ever growing bureaucracy and an ever increasing state budget, which led to harsher and harsher taxation measures. As taxes became greater, more and more people managed to get themselves off of the tax roles. That resulted in the burden becoming greater on those who were left on the roles. Eventually, if one worked on the estate of someone who was off the tax list, or on a reduced tax list, then one was also exempt from paying taxes. Thus “feudalism” was born. Once the protection of the people depended more on their local landlord and not the central state, the central state lost it’s role. Tax collection methods were extremely harsh near the end of the empire. It often involved torture. There are accounts of people selling their daughters into prostitution to pay their taxes . Once affairs reach that stage then there is no interest in most people in keeping the state going.
             One should study Chinese History if one wants a clear view of what is happening. The pattern in Chinese history is that several lesser states emerge, war with each other, and eventually one state is victorious and has all of the territory. That state starts out strong. Then the bureaucracy grows, the number of Eunuchs grows. Corruption and decay set in. Taxation levels increase. People are taxed into poverty. Peasant rebellions erupt. All seems lost but then a n emperor comes along that breathes new life into the dynasty. The dynasty experiences a period of restoration where the bureaucracy is reduced. The unjust laws and taxation and corruption are all exposed and reduced. This sometimes only lasts for the life of the restoration Emperor and sometimes it lasts a little bit longer. In the end though, the system of government falls into the same malaise and corruption and eventually warlords emerge in new peasant revolts and parts of the empire break away into new states. Each new small state has it’s own emperor. They go to war with each other and eventually  one of these states is victorious over all the others and a new Dynasty is formed.
            Chinas history repeated itself over and over but Europe’s history was a little different because the geography was different. Europe’s geography never allowed for the homogenization of  it’s ethnicities and cultures.There were also always  external peoples at the gates. China has a great desert to it’s west and great mountains to it’s southwest. The north, being siberia, is not capable of supporting large populations to continually menace China although there were two peoples, the Mongols and the Manchurians, from this area that did break into China during times of extreme weakness at the end of Dynasties.
             It is extremely silly to think that moslems will somehow be able to do what no group has done before, which is to erase the mountain barriers of Europe, conquer it and homogenize it. No, more likely they will end up becoming concentrated in pockets here and there, and eventually either being assimilated or expelled. Their history would be much like that of the Jews in Europe. The inroads the moslems are making in Europe today are due TOTALLY to the liberal states of Europe and the welfare money they are given to reproduce on. This is coming to an end though as sentiment in Europe is quickly changing and becoming much more Eurocentric. A moslem empire once controlled almost all of the Balkans and yet the moslem population in these areas is restricted to very small pockets, the largest of which are Bosnia and Kosovo.

      • Also, the “Dark Ages” were indeed dark. There is evidence that the little ice age was caused by increased volcanic activity which put particulate matter in the upper atmosphere, thereby blocking solar radiation. There is also evidence that the sun had less sunspot activity, thereby producing less solar radiation . During this time, areas that could once grow grain in northern Europe became unproductive. There was an acute fall in the production of food all over Europe and when resources become scarce societies become more rigid and superstitious. Face it, we are always at the mercy of God or nature or fate, whichever you wish to choose. Even so Western, European man, has the ability to innovate, invent and build things that soften or even eliminate the blows of an ever changing environment.
           The pessimism of people such as Faye is nothing new. It almost always comes from a liberal or a statist and the solutions they propose almost always involve more state control and less freedom. For them, freedom is always the problem. A liberal’s motivation always boil down to one thing- great, immense, incredible vanity. Where before, the doom predictors could offer more statist solutions, now they are forced to see that such solutions will always fail, and offer no hope. Instead of allowing the possibility for people to be freer, and free to organize for the protection of their self interests along racial and ethnic lines, instead of that option they choose death. In other words, their egos are so great they would rather die than admit they are wrong. And people with such huge egos do not wish to die alone, they wish to take, or wish, everyone in their world into the grave with them. Many old people get like this. They see their end coming and they can not tolerate the idea that the world could possibly go along just fine without them. Hitler is a perfect example of that. He gave orders for all of the gauletiers to destroy Germany once it’s defeat was imminent. He wanted the German people to all starve to death with him.

  • JohnEngelman

    During the twentieth century the world survived two wold wars and a cold war. The cold war ended without a nuclear war. The birth rate is declining, and with it the dangers of over population. 

    Because I am a history buff and a natural history buff I think easily in terms of hundreds of years, thousands of years, and millions of years. The human species will not become extinct. Those with the most intelligence will prevail. Human evolution will continue.

    • anonymous_amren

       Human evolution is the problem. We are evolving into stupid savages.

      • JohnEngelman

        The dysgenics practiced during the twentieth century was a temporary aberration.  As superior intelligence becomes increasingly necessary in order to earn a decent standard of living the ascent of man will continue. 

        •  Did you forget that the intelligent people are being taxed at rates that reduce their family size in order to breed the stupid people on welfare? I’m afraid the situation is the OPPOSITE of what you think it is. We are headed for a situation where there will not be enough intelligent people working to satisfy the aggressive dullards on wlefare. There will come a time when white America will be faced with people at their door who are the exact same type of people as the bus driver and the 25 year old girl in Cleveland that had the altercation on the bus. that all started because she didn’t want to pay the bus fare.

          • JohnEngelman

            By signing the Welfare Reform Act of 1996 President Clinton ended Aid to Families with Dependent Children as a lifetime entitlement. As it becomes increasingly obvious that poverty is a biological problem there is less willingness to subsidize the illegitimate children of the unemployable.
            Also, even before 1996 ADFC only took up one percent of combined government budgets. 

          • we just added 15 million people to the food stamp program. The Welfare Reform act, that Clinton only signed under Republican pressure, has basically been gutted. It is also being ignored by the bureaucrats that are supposed to be administering it.

    • David Ashton

      As Keynes said in a not entirely dissimilar context (the 1929 crash) “In the long run WE are all dead”.   Things do not happen entirely by accident, and we need to use our intelligence now to secure the best possible options for our own white children and grandchildren.

  • Danimalius

    Does Faye’s name rhyme with “hey” or with “hi”? This is bugging the hell out of me…

  • razorrare

    For the Record…

    During the Amren convention it seemed some speakers were practically cheer leading for the Neocon foreign adventurism. Perle, Wolfowitz, Crystal, Feith, Abrams, Libby and their ilk would have loved to hear our leaders enlisted in their proposed World War IV for Israel. I need not remind you that almost all these men in the Neoconservative movement are in fact former Trotskyites who subverted traditional conservatives and have been for open immigration as well as every kind of movement destructive of European American heritage and rights. These facts are abundantly clear.
    It was in that context that I asked the question of Guillaume Faye, I praised his stirring speech, and asked as politely as I could, that in regard to the old Islamic invasions of hundreds of years ago, another middle eastern group in Western society worked to undermine our defenses. That historic fact shows them to have opened the gates at both Constantinople and at Grenada to the invaders, and that they have been the primary force that has opened the immigration gates of the West in the last 50 years. I asked him what suggestions he had in dealing with the internal part of our problem, the subversion of our means and our will?

    My question was rather mild, in fact, far less stringent that the strong remarks of Amren’s recently featured Conference speaker, Joseph Sobran. Faye responded by saying “The danger of the Jews is not the same as danger of the Arabs,” he said. He continued: “The Jew is” — and here he had to have Taylor interpret a French expression — “the hole in the dike.”
    “The water is immigration,” he continued. “We must fight on two fronts, but not by the same means. We must be very acute in our strategy. The best thing is to not speak about the Jews. They don’t exist. For me, they are like Eskimos.”
    I could have responded that the ocean will be out there no matter what. That we can do little about the level of the ocean but we can maintain our dikes. And, if indeed extremist Jews are “the hole in the dike,” how do we address this hole in our dike if we are not even allowed to speak or even know of it?

    Dr.Faye seems to be part of the problem…

    • the closet nazi’s such as yourself are very tiresome. You really are a one note wonder.

      • razorrare

        whaaaaaaaaaaaaa…did i hurt your feelings…go troll somewhere else gay boy.

        • no, you just keep beating that same note over and over. For people like you it is always the jews. Sometimes you come right out with it and sometimes you hide it with code words. But you seem obsessed to the point where it affects your rationality. I’m not jewish, you can’t hurt my feelings by insulting jews, you can just be annoying.

  • Willally5

    Wow, you might say im a little disconnected but i never heard before about Faye’s ideas, I have read some Psychology books and i think that the same way an addict has to reach a bottom (very hard, humiliating experiences) in order to stop his destructive behavior; we people of European stock have to live a catastrophe that wake us up from the denial trance and thus stop being too passive. By the other hand i think the author of this article is right in the sense that in the third World there are rich whites that as long as they maintain their position they don’t mind too much, living there and being culturally isolated (“people who do not mind because they love their slavery”)  the problem is that such comfortable position can only be sustained while there are first world countries creating all those things their money can buy, if we get in a global third world there wont be someone who give answers to or someone who invents and cares.
    America with her idea of “the melting pot” is similar to thinking that a good recipe can work with bad ingredients because Intelligent people, although by its own is not a guarantee of an advanced society it is a REQUISITE or prerequisite.

  • Normalcy bias may be our worst enemy.

  • Silviosilver

    The giant economic crisis caused by the failure of the casino economy of finance capitalism, which will lead to a collapse worse than the Great Depression and to universal poverty and a new Middle Ages.

    This is too stupid for words.  I can say with complete confidence the man simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about if he sees the slightest possibility of this.  Truth be told, however, I’m glad that’s what Faye (or perhaps Kurtagic, who is assuredly a catastrophist himself) thinks, since it makes it easier to disregard most of everything else he thinks.  Such a pity that WN has this habit of cranking out cranks like this.

    • This is why I agree with Norm’s point above re Iceland rather than Faye’s notion of a total reversal of the modern world.  The failure of casino capitalism will only lead to a collapse of casino capitalism.  It might temporarily affect the real world, but the real world can and will rebuild.  All it means is that after it does, business reports will be a whole lot more about real tangible wealth production, and words like “credit default swap” an “derivatives” will be consigned to the ash heap of history.

    • Alex Kurtagic

      . . . except that I am a known critic of the ‘worse is better’ fantasy . . .

      . . . have argued that ‘The Collapse’ is largely a wishful daydream . . .

      . . . have said that the cataclysmic collapse model is wishful thinking and but one of several possible forms of collapse, including slow, soft, and deferred ones . . .–TKIBPTog

      . . . have stated that catastrophism is a therapeutic strategy . . .

      . . . and the review above restates all of these positions quite clearly.

      Also, when Dr. Faye talks about a ‘new Middle Ages’, he is not telling his readers that after the implosion of the liberal system we will start building castles, donning suits of armour, and organising jousting events. He is saying, in a colourful and metaphorical way, that the complex system in the West will—and only temporarily— step down to a lower level of complexity until they recover and are rebuilt. 

    • Cannot Tell

      Can you share with me the reasons for your skepticism of Faye’s prediction of hard collapse?

  • The collapse of a fully industrialized State is a pretty new thing.  I look to the USSR as the model for how it occurs.  It helps that I am old enough to remember some of the events as well.

    The Soviets knew that stuff was deeply wrong in 1985, ( ) and couldn’t stop the final collapse in 1991.  We are in a very similar situation and are at about the 1987-1988 point in my opinion.

    Just as an aside, I kind of miss the ole’ USSR.  Sure I dislike the official Marxist ideology, but from a purely aesthetic, shallow, surface level it appeared to be this massive powerful Empire of White Men (Russians in this case) with all sorts of cool weapons technology.  (Indeed the Russians missile tech is still today a generation ahead of ours).  I just can’t relate to the American military anymore.  Way to PC recently.

    • The Russian missile tech is a generation ahead of ours? Really? What do you base THAT assertion on? Missile tech today relies on guidance technologies that rely on super sophisticated computers. Russia was behind us in this respect, very far behind us. Are you talking about launch engines? They do not have the capability to aim their missiles and hit targets that we do.

  • curri

    Other thought on catastrophe.

    Dysgenics everywhere:

    The collapse of creative  genius :

    Vox Day on economic collapse:
    2. As I predicted both in 2002 and in my 2009 book, The Return of the Great Depression there is no future for the present global monetary and financial systems. The giant international banks are insolvent and the monetary systems are doomed to collapse. This means that in the interest of avoiding this collapse, the monetary systems will be unified, first on a regional and then eventually on a global basis when the regional moneys begin to break down. The correct response would be to let all of the “full faith and credit” moneys fail and be replaced by the gold standard or some other monetary standard less subject to the bank-driven inflate-and-collapse cycle that has been witnessed five times in the United States alone, but that is not going to happen at this point in time.

    • …”This means that in the interest of avoiding this collapse, the monetary systems will be unified, first on a regional and then eventually on a global basis ….”
      I don’t understand ,the exact OPPOSITE seems to be happening as the Euro is crumbling under the strain of supporting different European governments, the worst case being Greece, and they keep threatening to remove Greece from the Euro.

  • History has shown that when liberals are in charge they end up running their respected countries to the ground financially which leads to a dictatorship that aims to clean up their mess.  The dictatorship is seen as too oppressive so the liberals rally to chip away at it until they’re in power again.  Then the cycle repeats again. That’s where we are now.  The pendulum seems to be swinging again.

    The rallying cry of liberalism in Europe is “never again.”  But what they don’t seem to realize is that they are the reason the fascists rose up in the first place.

  • JohnEngelman

    For as long as forty thousand years there has been a conflict between population growth,
    scarcity, and technological advances. The growth in the human population leads to scarcity. This inspires technological advances, which lead to more plenty. This in turn leads to more population growth and more scarcity.


    When the large, slow moving game animals became scarce new weapons were invented that
    made it possible to hunt smaller, faster animals. The first of these was the spear thrower. This greatly increased the range of the spear. Then the bow and arrow was invented. A hunter with a spear thrower might be able to carry several spears. He could carry many more arrows, and shoot them further.


    When the smaller, faster animals like deer became scarce agriculture was invented. As
    the population continued to grow agricultural methods developed to make it possible to get more food from a given area of land. Wind mills and water mills were invented to perform tasks that had previously required muscle power. When firewood became scarce coal was used. The industrial revolution made it possible to produce more goods more cheaply.


    The relationship between population, technology, resources, and standard of living
    can be illustrated with a equation:

    (level of technology x amount of natural resources) / population = standard of living


    A number of factors are reducing the birth rate, including the development of more effective methods of birth control and abortion. Nevertheless, the world’s population continues to grow. That is probably one of the factors behind the Great Recession. The Great Recession certainly contributes to the pessimism articulated in “Is Catastrophe Inevitable?”


    Computer technology makes it possible to produce goods and services more cheaply. It
    also reduces the economic value of jobs that can be learned by people of average and below average intelligence. Computer technology is what makes automation possible. It makes it possible for employers to send jobs to low wage countries.


    More people mean more consumers and more job applicants. By the law of supply and demand this means higher prices, lower wages, and higher profits. Population growth is one of the reasons for the growing income gap. Another reason is computer technology.

  • JohnEngelman

    Dr. Faye frankly addresses the unfolding, slow-motion policy car crash no politician wants to talk about. Though in a different order and separated into more categories, he identifies the following lines of catastrophe converging in the West today:
    3. The clash of civilizations, particularly between a degenerate Europe and a vigorous Islam, which Faye considers extremist by nature and never moderate.
    – Alex Kurtagic, American Renaissance, October 12, 2012
    Islam makes men more willing to fight and die, but Islamic obscurantism interferes with the development of science. Science, in turn is necessary for the invention and improvement of more effective weapons. Islamic schools emphasize the study of the Koran far more than mathematics and the hard sciences. 
    On a conventional battlefield a Western army can easily defeat one or more Islamic armies. The only reason guerrilla wars pose a problem is because we are not ruthless enough to crush hostile civilian populations. 
    The only reason Islamic immigrants threaten European countries and the United States with terrorism is because we allow Islamic immigration. 
    The disadvantages the West has in dealing with “a vigorous Islam” are self imposed and likely to disappear if the Islamic threat becomes more serious. 

    • HamletsGhost

      The disadvantages of the West are not self-imposed. The West has been infected by a terminal case of Mad Culture Disease. The alien prions have bored our collective brain with so many holes that we exhibit suicidal behavior that will destroy us all if not treated with extreme prejudice. 

    • robinbishop34

      “The disadvantages the West has in dealing with “a vigorous Islam” are
      self imposed and likely to disappear if the Islamic threat becomes more

      I don’t know. Something about being killed, raped, and oppressed by brown people gives too many stupid whites a warm fuzzy feeling.

      • JohnEngelman

        I do not really think so. There is a saying in the U.S., “A conservative is a liberal who has just been mugged.” 
        The typical white liberal in the United States knows few blacks. These few are exceptional, or they occupy subordinate roles without resentment. The first time a white liberal is the victim of black crime he may make excuses for the criminal or the criminals. After two or three crimes he begins to realize that there is a problem, and that it cannot be solved by social reform and social welfare spending. 

        • well, we agree on something at least.

      • Well, the MOST liberal of all European countries- The Netherlands, is doing an about face and abandoning all that is multiculturalism. I see the trend going in the direction of eventual expulsion of non European populations. Things went as multiculti as they could and now they are swinging the other way. Yesterday they were talking about tolerance for all cultures and today they are talking about how foreigners need to assimilate and respect Dutch culture. Tomorrow they will be talking demographics and the need to reduce the non dutch population. Things NEVER stand still, they always go in one direction or the other and now they are going toward Europe for Europeans.

  • Neanderthaldna

    Also very important in terms of what can be done now – what the Towson State students are trying to do. Organize – quietly at first.  

    1. We need to teach our children and call out wayward adults to NEVER be ashamed of our heritage, just the opposite.  A prime tool in the white genocidalist’s kit is this genocide of our heritage.  The evil whitey myth.  Taught in our “schools”, incessantly piped into our heads by lobotomizing pop culture…

    2.  We need to organize, as above.  Our right to free association, free dissociation too.  Emphasize all the positive things about our culture, our heritage.  Social organizations, educational and such.

    3.  Education.  Although not the panacea to all the problems our enemies claim it to be, certainly a major tool in the genocidalists’ set.  Brainwashing our precious children, our future.  We desperately need a national scholarship and home schooling facilitating organization.  Rescue poor whites whose children are suffering in the black cesspool that so many of our schools have become, the pet minority coddling ideological factories our universities have devolved into…

    • the war against the internal combustion engine and the whole industrial civilization is just an extension of, or another manifestation of the war on white people. Whites have built a civilization and technology that could totally wipe out all the other races today if we so desired. The whole CO2 lie is just a way to make us ashamed of our strengths, to demoralize us and send us down the wrong road. Yes, tell white people they are destroying the earth when the opposite is true. Take a totally benign substance such as CO2 and use that to build the myth on. The CO2 greenhouse effect was a lie from the very beginning. It was cooked up by socialists to destroy western industrial civilization. Young white people today, instead of being excited about going into industry and business, think that such things are the enemies of mankind, and feel shame for the progress of their forefathers. It is all brainwashing.

  • Ya, I’m a “worse is better” advocate, what of it?  One of the main reasons is that the doomsdayers seems so much more intelligent than the pollyannas. 

    I’m fully aware that doom has been staved off for a really long time now.  But it’s simple to me.  On the one side we have the awesome power of technology, which has saved us over and over again.  On the other side we have a litany of collapse-inducing scenarios.  The technocrats would have you believe that they are the future.  Their fatal flaw is that they don’t see that there are limiting paradoxes built into technology, just as much as in biology, nature, and existence itself.  We will not become gods, sorry folks, that’s not what we’re here for.

    Also, I think people build up the straw-man of a road warrior situation.  When in fact, living anything like the third world does now, would be complete collapse in my book.   And the soul-sucking postmodern hell people envision as progress, is certainly no alternative to me either. 

  • David Ashton

      A few brief comments from an Englishman:
      (1) I came independently to the same list of problems as Faye, appreciate the analysis by Kurtagic, and look forward to seeing Faye’s proposals as soon as possible.
      (2) Spengler in my view is the best of the prophetic culture morphologists, though uniquely distinctive with his exclusive personal philosophy.   But writing nearly a century ago he was too attached to the classical precedent and did not follow through fully his own brilliant analysis of the peculiar Faustian character of our western civilization, namely the possibility of “extension” in time as well as space by the use of science.  He was perceptive in warning the National Socialists against zoological antisemitism, ring-fencing Germany and a Napoleonic venture in Russia, and in warning us all about the eventual combination, now imminent, of race and underclass war.
      (3) The case for a Union of Europeans (as distinct from the current “EU”) remains – in alliance with Americans and the British overseas.  There is no reason to repeat Hitler’s errors regarding Slavs or Jews.  Personally I found Yockey’s prolix “Imperium” unsatisfactory when it first appeared and it is a non-starter today. 

    • Spengler’s greatest weakness is that he underestimated science & technology in the 20th century. OK, let me try to be, for a short- time, sci-fi: imagine that one country developed some absolutely dominant weapon, a sort of UFO which can destroy 10 million people in one laser-like beam shot.

      Who could put up any resistance ? 

      • razorrare

        no need to imagine…

        UK, Israel seeking to develop SARS-like race-specific bio-weapon
        patrickslattery Oct 11, 2012 |
        Commentary – This report carried by PressTV regarding a virus that targets the Arab genome comes 14 years after newspapers around the world carried a story about Israeli attempts to develop just such a weapon. Moreover, the Zionist thinktank Project for the New American Century stated in its September 2000 report entitled Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century that “advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.” -psBritish and Zionist health experts are working on a SARS-like race-specific bio-weapon, which could be capable of creating a global threat through triggering a massive ethnic cleansing, it has been claimed.The claim was made following the identification by the World Health Organization (WHO) of a new SARS-like race-specific virus that targets people of Middle Eastern descent. The original SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) resulted in the death of numerous people in Hong Kong.The Zionist-led Israeli regime has been seeking to spot specific genes carried by human of Arab decent in an attempt to develop a race-specific bio-weapon that could covertly be exposed to Arab populations in order to commit a massive ethnic cleansing whenever necessary.Anonymous intelligence sources have also claimed that work is underway to create genetically modified bacterium/virus as a bio-weapon which could be deployed through the air or water supply.According to intelligence sources Israeli Defense, working with a British defense apparatus at Porton Down, is seeking to produce this race-specific bio-weapon.Earlier in September, the first case of SARS-like virus was indentified in Qatar. The victim was transferred to Britain, where it was discovered that the coronavirus was similar to SARS as far as its structure is concerned. The second case was a Saudi-born woman who died after being attacked by the new virus.The symptoms of the new SARS-like virus have been said to be fever, cough and other respiratory signals.SARS suddenly surfaced between November 2002 and July 2003. An estimated 8,098 people of Asian descent were infected and 774 of them succumbed to the race-specific virus. (From PressTV)

        • Strider73

          Robert Heinlein described something similar in his novel Sixth Column, though it was a much different type of technology that the scientists developed to specifically target the Asians that had conquered the US.

  • Guest

    Why do people keep talking about the collapse as if it’s something that could happen in the future?

    The collapse is happening RIGHT NOW. The US, in particular, has been declining for the last fifty years, at least.

    Historical events like this take generations to play out.

    There’s no need to speculate about what the future US will look like, either. The future is appearing all around us right now.

    “Present trends form future results.” — Gerald Celente

  • JohnEngelman

    An almost exclusively white plutocracy is enriching itself in ways that reduce the standard of living of nearly everyone else in the United States. Republican economic policies of cutting taxes for the rich and the size and strength of the government assist this plutocracy. 
    Since 1980 real after tax income for the richest one percent of the United States has soared, while for eighty percent of the country real after tax income has declined. 

    Democrats have been complicit in some of this, but the GOP has been the prime mover, and wealthy Republican clients have been the beneficiaries. White blue collar Republicans have not benefited economically from their votes for Republican politicians. 

    This is not being done by the Bilderberg Group, the Tri Lateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, or the Illuminati. There is no conspiracy. It is happening openly.

  • razorrare

    I must refer to this book’s latent anti-Americanism. It is only a minor part of the narrative, but it is a flaw, and Jared Taylor’s foreword points out Dr. Faye’s careless conflation of America with the American government. For many Americans, their government is their number-one enemy, and is distinct and separate from America. In Convergence, Dr. Faye accuses America of trying to weaken
    Europe by promoting free trade and multiculturalism, while practicing protectionism and controlling immigration to the US, when, in fact, America enthusiastically practices the same policies it promotes in Europe. Fortunately, and as Mr. Taylor points out, Dr. Faye has since revised this position: In a speech delivered in Nashville at the 2012 American Renaissance conference, he described Americans and Europeans as brothers in arms…

    Is Dr.Faye really that much out of the loop? I find it hard to believe that an educated man like himself could entertain the idea that America is responsible for weakening Europe through promotion of free trade and multiculteralism,and then makes it even harder to believe when he states,”while practicing protectionism and controlling immigration to the U.S.” …

    Americans with Faye’s mindset would say that it is Europe who promotes free trade and muticulturalism…i certainly have never been of that mindset…i have always put the blame on ideology that promotes egalitarianism,secularism,& social democracy(marxism).History has shown time & time again this ideology is promoted effectively by elitest jews…

    Dr.Faye should be aware that Islamists in France are there mainly because of the pressure exerted by CRIF,the representative body of jews in France,which has agitated continuously for an open borders policy with France–at the same time, CRIF has been a dedicated supporter of Israel and its “Jews-Only” closed borders policy…if things get to anti-semetic for jews in France because of the monster they themselves created,they can always emigrate to Israel…isnt that what they did in South Africa–Apartheid(things got hot and they emigtated to Israel while unfortunate gentiles was not welcome to emigrate anywhere even though they are being slaughtered)…Israel is in fact calling all jews to come home…

    Pam Geller–“If Iran Attacks,Israel Should Nuke Europe”

    Pam Geller–Supports Norway Massacre–Geller is commended by the jewish SPLC–“Blessed with sultry hollywood sex appeal and a sassy scythe-like wit-a personable Ann Coulter and articulate Sarah Palin rolled into one–Geller would ride the parks project protest to super stardom.”….ah,but the jews dont exist for Dr.Faye…they are a mere hole in the dike…

    And then there is this…Why is This Not Treason…this writer certainly dosent blame the U.S…


    • David Ashton

        Geller is an unbalanced individual, but this is not true of other Jews including the wide political and religious spectrum inside Israel.  WNs have their own crackpots too.
         No point in aliyah before or after Israel, and Europe, are completely destroyed! 
         However, it seems unlikely that Muslims would deliberately annihilate their holy city of Jerusalem along with the Palestinians. The danger is a possible first strike by Israel on Tehran, and just conceivably on Mecca, not against Europe (including CRIF and the new Jewish communities in Germany).
         There is some coincidence of interest among ordinary Jews and Gentiles in stopping or reversing Muslim immigration.  It is true that in the former case this recognition of self-interest is belated, but it has undermined their earlier support for a multi-culturalisation that they historically find safer and more congenial than exclusive monocultural nationalism. But this change of outlook needs to be utilised positively and adroitly by WN strategists, who should act more intelligently and humanely than Potty Pam, or than those old leftists still running various “official” Jewish or Zionist organisations, whose minds remain closed in an anti-Hitler time-warp.

    • razorrare

      My intention was not to be critical of Pamela Geller,but to point out the hypocrisy and dishonest intentions of  those groups like the SPLC who makes it their job to smear & defame others as haters or hate groups whose ideologies or beliefs dont correspond in lock step with theirs…Pamela Geller is no crackpot…I mentioned her because she,like Dr.Faye seems totally unaware of elitist groups and organizations that are jewish that are behind the promotion  of mass global multiculturalism in formerly historical White countries… Geller’s statement (these monsters went on to import the next generation of jew killers” is similar to Dr.Faye blaming their(France/European) immigration problems on America….It is the elitist globalist jews that has created this monster by promoting it…

      I am not aware of any WN crackpots that are received warmly by the MSM and are  not on the “hate list” of the SPLC…I am aware that James Edwards has been invited as a guest on CNN but he isnt a WN…like me he calls himself a paleo-conservative. Jared Taylor isnt a WN either snd when he is asked to label himself he preferably calls himself a race realist…I believe Taylor fits comfortable in a paleoconservative suit as well. Loves tradition and respects his ancestors greatly.

    • Other Guest

      “It takes an evil of unimaginable depravity and barbarity to conceive and execute such carnage.” – Pamela Geller quote regarding the Norway massacre.

      “target Israel with a nuke, that she retaliate with everything she has at Tehran, Mecca, and Medina……………”
      ((new paragraph = new thought)) 
      “Not to mention Europe. They exterminated all their Jews”

      “The communists over at the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of the gravest threats to freedom in the United States”

      • razorrare

        You might find this interesting…Political Cesspool Radio Hour 2:Fox News Contributor says Israel should Nuke Europe if Iran Attacks…Posted SUN 14 OCT 2012…start listening approximately half way point…poster Ahxsehl should not listen to it cause according to him James Edwards and Keith Alexander are “closet nazis” as well…

        • razorrare

          other interesting related reading…readers comments to article  Israel Should Nuke Europe…

          • wow dude, let it all hang out why don’t you. Are you dressed in your black and red today?

        • You know, I am really flattered that I got under your skin so much. I feel like I have such power over you, it is like, when you leave the computer, you will still have me in your head, and there is nothing you can do about it. It is like I planted a little seed of irritant inside you that will just keep growing, and as you struggle against it you will reveal ever more of the thoughts and beliefs that you usually try to camouflage.

  • I’m skeptical about all this. Futurology is hopelessly ineffective. I’ve read 1-2 Herman Kahn’s books & they were wrong about almost everything.

    IMO, we should concentrate on shorter-term tactical advances & struggle with more pressing issues: non-European immigration, “diversity” mythology, media promotion of miscegenation, creeping totalitarianism, exposure of White plutocracy’s inadequacy, forging bonds between all white peoples, from Alaska to Vladivostok (longer route),….

    Some of you may think differently, but I’m convinced that most of the civilized world is tired of blacks & Muslims and wary of China.

    White student unions in many US universities would mean much more than all apocalyptic scenarios.

    • razorrare

      Without much ado, i agree…

    • bluegrass91

       You can never be too prepared for uncertainty.  However, “crash-hypothesizing” can be too common an escapist fantasy for many of us on the alternative right. 

      We should be planned and set to win whether a next great depression looms or if it will be decades more of business as usual.

    • Yes, for white people to openly embrace a white identity, and to seek to protect their interests by organizing would be a great first step. 

      • Carney3

        Now there we’re in agreement. 

    • David Ashton

       Absolutely right on the immediate tasks ahead, even for those who are sure that Faye is probably right on most points and we need to keep our eyes open as we proceed.
       These tasks urgent and vital tasks are more than enough to keep us busy.

  • Angry White Woman

    To anyone here thinking that nuclear power is the last, best answer to our power shortages, I have one word: HANFORD! (Look it up anywhere, Wikipedia has a pretty comprehensive overview, and surprisingly truthful for Wikipedia.) 
    The worst case of what can and will and did go wrong with nuclear power. Also if I can, I’ll try and post a short video clip of Obama, when asked about Hanford on one of his campaigning stops in Eastern Washington. He hemmed and hawed, and finally managed to mutter that he didn’t know a thing about it, and he’d “look into it and get back to us later”. Of course we’ve never heard another thing about it. Cleanup has been put on a back burner–again… I can’t say Obama is unique in that respect, every president since Kennedy has tried to shove Hanford and it’s cleanup down the rabbit hole, and nobody in eastern Washington state expected any different from him.

  • Paul

    ‘ global warming may be slowed significantly if electric cars are improved enough to trigger a phase out of the internal combustion engine over the next 10 to 15 years’ ??

    Come on Alex, I always respected what you had to say but that must be your personal opinion. There is absolutely no scientific evidence for man-made global warming, Or your suggestion that an increase in electric cars would have an effect.

    • Man made global warming has pretty much been debunked as a great fraud. The CO2 greenhouse effect is also a great fraud. CO2 is not a greenhouse gas.

      • Carney3

        CO2 IS a greenhouse gas.  That’s why Venus is hotter than Mercury, despite being further from the Sun than Mercury, because Venus has a thick CO2 atmosphere (and basically no water vapor by the way).

  • Boxer_us76

    A Change is coming and re-birth will necessarily result from
    our situation. It’s hard to believe that the Founders ever envisioned that our
    current banking-media-government cabal would be allowed to do what they are
    doing. This is surprising given the European experience they could have learned
    from. But other firewalls remain.


    Subordinate governments, geography, and an armed population
    are the most important. State and local governments will compete for the loyalty
    of an armed and agitated population when the currency fails. Some of the
    thousands of formerly subordinate governments will offer a safe and welcoming
    environment for desirable compatriots. These governments, some likely not
    arising from universal suffrage, will be able to set their own rules for who is
    welcome in their communities, and who is not, when the federal monopoly on the
    use of force disintegrates. The power vacuum will not last long.


    Those governments who advocate for the true interests of
    their communities will thrive and be able to attract talent from across the
    land. Those governments who try to pander to the status quo will attract what
    they attract, quickly run out of resources, and fall into chaos. Communications
    will be established between functional communities. Lines of resistance will
    form. The importance of tens of millions of American riflemen should not be


    Due to the conditioning, ethnic cohesion, and distinguishing
    visual characteristics of America’s ‘under-served’ groups, most regions in the
    former United States would not be looking at another dark age. They might be
    looking at a couple of dark months. And then, rising from the failed New World
    Order and lots of tears, are sure to arise one or more new nations. It could all
    be very healthy.

  • JohnEngelman

    A temptation when predicting the future is to extrapolate current trends into the future. The novel 1984 was based on George Orwell’s insight that the battlefield had come to be dominated by weapons that were too expensive for part time rebel groups to buy, and too complicated for them to learn how to use. He assumed therefore that the future belonged to ever larger political units. 
    This has not happened because of the growing importance of guerrilla warfare and terrorism. In addition, nationalism has proven to be stronger than he suspected.     
    In 1981 the movie “Escape from New York” was released. This movie looked forward to 1997. The crime rate had continued to grow. Manhattan Island had been transformed into a vast prison camp where hardened criminals were dumped and left to their own devices.
    In 1981 the crime rate had tripled since 1960. New York was called “the mugging capital of the United States. It was reasonable to assume that things would keep getting worse. Nevertheless, the over all crime rate began to decline after 1980. The rate of violent crime began to decline after 1991. Currently, New York city has one of the lowest crime rates of any city in the United States. 
    Because of the Great Recession it is tempting once again to predict the fall of Western civilization. The Great Recession will pass. Two factors give me a cautious optimism about the future: the birth rate is declining; democratic governments are spreading throughout the world. In the United States the continuing decline in the crime rate is an additional reason for cautious optimism. 

    • David Ashton

       The birth-rate comparisons world-wide are not a factor for much optimism, especially if the west absorbs more non-western populations rather than promoting birth-control among their source-regions.
        It is true that many fictional predictions which extrapolate current trends are thereby mistaken.  The book “Things to Come” got some timing right, but the film version amusingly has the old fashioned-clock, an old-fashioned rocket and an old-fashioned racial composition.  “Brave New World” is more technically accurate in some ways than “1984”, but the latter has a symbolic significance with regard to politically correct language and visual surveillance. 
        But the political rule should be: prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.
        This whole subject awaits a new good book.

  • “Don’t worry, be happy!”, a line from a popular song. What it really means is that there is no one who is more pathetically miserable than a person who does not have faith. It is no accident that those in “academia”, those who consider themselves “intellectuals”, are today the most dour and morose of people. They abandoned God a long tome ago. As they grow older and see their end is near, they, having become their own gods, can not see the world continuing after they pass from it. It is all vanity. They can not bear the thought of others living and prospering after they are gone.

    • Bantu Education

      Are you having a bad day?   Or do you always behave like an arrogant bombastic bore? 

      • you are entitled to your opinion and I am having a good day, even better now that I know that I have ruined yours!!!!

        • Breathe deeply & repeat: “It will pass, it will pass, …..”

          • are you saying I SHOULD inhale?

        • razorrare

          How about a post where the message is,”you are a closet nazi” that gets a pass from the moderator who deletes others for his or her definition of  incivility…why dont you try explaining your reason why you think i am a “closet nazi”…did i hurt your gay jewish feelings?

          • well, when you blame everything on the jews, whether it takes you one paragraph to get to that point or a 10 paragraph post till you finally get to that point. Then yeah, most people think you have “jew” issues. LOL, and so now I am “gay” and “jewish”. Wow, well, to bring up another song “it’s five o’clock somewhere”. but my guess is you’ve started early unless you are on the other side of the globe.

        • Bantu Education

          Wasn’t referring to this post specifically, but the other 20+ “dumps” you have excreted all over this thread.  

          • razorrare

            yes, i checked his activity map and he has a total of 32 comments with 18 likes…indicative how “tiresome” his posts are…probably a splc or adl troll…

          • truth is never decided by concensus. But I see you two have found each other, it is a lovely thing! He can tell you to live in a small box, ditch your car and ride a bike or walk or take public transportation, live off of solar electricity and the resultant brownouts. then, when you are consuming 80% less energy and are fed up with it you can blame it all on the jews. You two are HILARIOUS!

          • you know, if you stopped breathing you would cut down on man made CO2. Now if you really care so much, you might just consider it.

  • Jay11

    I look around and think a lot of that catastrophe has already been set in motion.  Erase the white men.  Vilify their past.  Belittle their achievements or assign them to others by rewriting history.  Make them appear stodgy and irrelevant and not ‘diverse’ and ‘vibrant.’  

    Use the media to make them appear as buffoons or evil oppressors.  A few can be shown as good, but they must be utterly dependent on the smart women and wise minorities who guide them at every turn.  No more white heroes or brave men unless they were created by ‘collaboration’.

    Here is a small illustration of the problem as it is going on:  I just got the Target weekend circular.  We know how they are about ‘diversity,’ but this time was different.  Something new happened that has never been tried before.  I counted 9 whites vs 19 non whites used as models in the circular.  

    All 9 whites were female, and every last one was shown paired up with non-whites.  Young black boy/blond girl close and touching.  Blond girl and asian boy yucking it up together.  Two pairs of women exercising with each showing a white woman with her black best friend.  All children under about ten years old were non-white period.

    So out of 28 models, not a single white male, man or boy, even in the male clothing section? 

    Look around in advertising, TV shows, popular culture (except for New Direction, when was the last time you saw a serious boy band of whites?), even in literature all we get is a steady stream of exotic ‘vibrant’ writers like jamaica kincaide, junot diaz or jumpha lahiri etc.  In schools we are being erased or demonized.

    It is accelerating every year.  Only gay or metro pretty boys are acceptable white characters now in society.  The traditional American male is slated for extinction.  Do you think we will have any rights in the land our fathers built 20 years from now?

    • Corporate America and the government are really not that different. Don’t let a circular get you down. Reality is quite different. When I go shopping I don’t see many interracial couples. I see alot of white children from white families. If the circular offends you send a letter to Target saying why it offends you and tell them they lost your business for good.  Businesses that rely on minority base are never that profitable. White people need to stand up and be heard, that is all. If you sit their like a scared silent bunny, then you will be walked all over.

      • ArturoPendriago

         Has anyone seen the new Bank of America commercial?  A blonde white girl and a bantu with their arms around each other.  I have a CC from them that I never use and promptly cancelled it after seeing the commercial.

    • Bantu Education

      Belittle the white men and their achievements, indeed.    Thats why they came up with DWEM – Dead White European Male – 4 words all meant to imply negativity.    The only surprise is they didn’t insert Racist to make it DWERM..!    

  • Carney3

    One key issue Faye misunderstands is that the problem is not overpopulation per se, but overpopulation of the wrong kind of people.  A densely populated world of only whites would not experience a resource collapse or crisis, because we’d have enough high IQ people to keep innovating and finding new resources, and new ways to use, re-use, and recycle existing resources, and to get much more out of the resources we expend.

    • TeutonicKnight67

       If we stopped supporting Bantus worldwide, nature would take its rightful course and they would wither on the vine. No free money, no free food, no more vaccinations and free medicine and watch how quickly the herd would thin. It really is no different than animal husbandry. BTW – the same natural principle would apply equally as well to moslem world.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        Exactly, if the 1st world cuts off the lifelines, the 3rd world will descend into war, famine and eventually, equilibrium. Harsh, but true, these people should not be given access to Western food and medicine, they cannot handle it. 

      • Carney3

        But they’re adapted to a high death rate, by having a high birth rate.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          Like the unevolved animals, they too have “litters” to ensure survival

  • Revjjones
  • IKantunderstand

    Let’s just cut to the chase. Ah,  such an American expression! We Americans have dominated the world for at least 100 years. Actually, not that much time in the overall scheme of things. However, one thing is perfectly clear: the rest of the world cannot have the American standard of living. Period. End of argument. Despite what open border advocates think, there is NO ROOM FOR THE WORLD to reside in the United States. Here is the best that can be accomplished without wholesale genocide: Pay talented White people to move to Africa and help redevelop the stuff that White people already developed the first time around. Restrict birth in Africa.In China. In India. Outlaw mosques everywhere except the Mideast. Encourage local culture, not American! American hegemony over the world needs to end. We are no longer exporting good ideas. Especially when it comes to muti-culti crap.  We have forced this concept on European nations. WTF? We have forced it on ourselves. Just because it worked in America with disparate White people, doesn’t mean it works with non White people. Another American fail! Allow the rest of the world to be themselves. Africans managed to survive before the first Europeans got to Africa, they can survive without any further European(White) assistance. Once upon a time, everybody in the world had to fend for themselves. Trust me, that is no fairy tale, and it is time we returned to that.

  • xthred

    There is no global warming.

  • razorrare

    Not a misquote…Geller updates/edits older articles like she did in the 2010 article…much like wikipedia does.

  • Carney3

    97% of economists most certainly do not advise what you say. In any case, the US is NOT in a debt crisis. Lenders are happy to lend us money at extremely low rates, 2% and below. Wouldn’t happen if we were in a debt crisis – if that were the case lenders would be very leery and demand very high rates.

    Too many on the right wrongly think we have a jobs and growth problem because we have a debt and deficit crisis. That’s exactly backwards.

    What we actually have is a jobs and growth crisis, which contributes to our deficit and debt problem. Getting people back to work and the economy moving again is the best way to bring up revenue and ease the upward pressure on spending (less demand for safety-net programs).

    It’s not a climatologist’s job to predict tomorrow’s weather. Climate is not weather, it’s weather over time.

    I get that groupthink, social conformity, grant-money pressures, and the like can produce a false consensus. But there is plenty of reward money – fossil fuel funded think tanks and pressure groups offering jobs and grants, sympathetic media outlets and publishers waiting to publish your articles and books and get you on TV, etc., waiting for those who prove global warming false – it’s not as if the incentives only flow one way.

    And the reality is that when people dig into this issue, the conversions go much more often from skeptic to believer than the other way around.

    Dumping irrelevant outside emotions and political / culture war issues into global warming is a distraction. Many on the believer side do the same thing – painting skeptics are Southern-accented “racists” etc. But the water and air and chemical reactions don’t CARE about our cultural conflicts. They keep happening regardless of our feelings, and regardless of whether people who are pointing out reality are people we dislike. 2+2=4 even if Robert Mugabe says so.

  • William Allingham

    We racially conscious people have to organize and unite, if naive liberals want to be dissolved in a semi-savages mass, its ok. We have to secure for us, European stock, a territory that would be our fort. As long as we secure that place from undesirables  we can let them destroy themselves or live in a new stone age, we dont even have to intervene, just to protect our zone. 

    That would be fair for all involved and we would be standing for ourselves without any attack but that would stop aliens from keep insulting and making fun of our good will.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    If something as humble as blue-green algae can change the atmosphere simply by breathing oxygen into it, why can’t we?  The photosynthesising bacteria did it through sheer force of numbers, growing unchecked and unchallenged, and caused a major environmental crisis for the primitive life-forms of 2 billion years ago.

    We’re not just spewing CO2 into the atmosphere, but tons of other chemicals as well, thanks to factories and cars constantly spitting them out 24/7. 

    We could have a high-tech society without threatening the natural world – IF OUR NUMBERS HAD BEEN KEPT BELOW 3 BILLION WORLDWIDE. Maybe even below a billion would have been best.

    Frankly, this whole changing-atmosphere mess can be blamed on the soft-headed brotherhood of man idiots like missionaries and aid workers, going around and stopping nature from doing its job in the third world.

    Now we have India and China (total population, what 2 and a half billion right there?) spewing out pollutants even worse than we ever did!

  • MikeofAges

    Back to the Middle Ages? For many people that would not be a problem. For many, a return to worldwide feudalism and pre-technological standard of living would be a small price to pay for getting rid of the hated and confusing world of the “machine”. Shorter life spans, smaller populations, authoritarian control a small price to pay for the coherence gained. Even for some whites the deal would be a fair bargain.

  • Epiminondas

    He loses me with talk of “global warming”. If this guy really believes this nonsense, then his credibility is severely impacted. I agree that a societal collapse is probably the only way out of this liberal asylum our civilization finds itself in. A new Dark Age may indeed be our path to resurgence.