Interracial Marriages in U.S. Reach a Record

Miriam Jordan, Wall Street Journal, February 16, 2012

Marriage across racial and ethnic lines has reached an all-time high in the U.S. amid fading social taboos and a more diverse society.

About 15% of all new marriages in the U.S. in 2010 were between individuals of a different race or ethnicity, more than double the share in 1980, according to a report released Thursday by the Pew Research Center. Among those married in 2010, 9% of whites, 17% of blacks, 26% of Hispanics and 28% of Asians married outside their ethnic or racial group.

“Intermarriage in this country has evolved from being illegal to being a taboo to being merely unusual,” said Paul Taylor, the Pew official who edited “The Rise of Intermarriage” report. “With each passing year, it becomes less unusual,” he said.

Behavioral, attitudinal and demographic shifts, including immigration, have contributed to the intermarriage trend, which the report analyses based on historical data and Census Bureau figures from the annual American Community Survey between 2008 and 2010.

In particular, attitudes have changed since the Supreme Court declared antimiscegenation laws unconstitutional in 1967. Until then, whites were still banned from marrying nonwhites in 16 states.


Younger adults, especially those under the age of 30, tend to have a more positive view of intermarriage than older adults, according to a Pew survey that is part of the report. College graduates are much more likely to regard intermarriage positively than those with only a high-school diploma. {snip}

Out of the 275,500 intermarriages in 2010, 43% were white-Hispanic, 14.4% were white-Asian, 11.9% were white-black and the rest were other combinations. Mixed couples are most likely to reside in the Western states, where 22% of all newlyweds between 2008 and 2010 found a partner outside their group.


Black-white unions are the least common, and black men are more than twice as likely to marry whites as black women.


As intermarriage has climbed, a demographic paradox has concurrently emerged. The rate of outmarriage among Asians has declined, most likely because the pool of people who are members of the same group and of marrying age has swelled. The share of Asian newlyweds who married outside of their group dropped to 27.7% in 2010 from 30.5% in 2008.


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  • Anonymous

    See?  A lot of us have been saying for some time that “racism” is extremely trivial problem that is  not more than 2% responsible for the plight of its supposed “victims.”

  • Anonymous

    Words cannot express the disgust I feel when I see the white female-black male combination.  I mean her family line essentially ends right there.  Her kids will never have the same opportunities that she would have.  My cousin is involved in such a relationship.  This represents extremely poor parenting on the part of the white family.

    Black women, on the other hand, are beyond unattractive.  They don’t even compute as female to me.  I’ve seen internet stories about how black women have a very hard time finding men to marry them.  I don’t pity them.

    This is what opened my eyes up and made me a race-realist.

    Like Jared Taylor has said, I want to preserve the race.  Miscegenation is a crime against your family.

    Others may argue that immigration is the problem, but miscegenation is what is destroying us.  Both need to be stopped and reversed.

    •  To Anan7:
       You say black women are beyond unattractive. Is that so!?! Well, if you look at Vanessa Williams, Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, Vivica Fox, Toni Braxton, Iman, and Tamala Jones, i think your  mis-guided theories would be disproven. Have a good weekend!!

      • I W

        Ugly, ugly, and ugly; so what is Your point?
        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and my eyes beheld none in your list.

        • IW:
          That’s because you’re devoid of class and taste.

      • occa0577

        Those women are very beautiful, I agree. I have seen darker-skinned black women who are beautiful and nice as well. It is all personal preference. I don’t  believe that any one race is better looking or uglier than the other. I believe that some people on this site make such ugly comments because of blacks’ extremely violent attacks on whites.  I believe there are about 800,000 incidents per year in the U.S. alone. White on black attacks are extremely rare. Many of the people on this site have been brutally attacked by blacks or have had loved ones who were victims. Such a situation is ugly and you can only expect  negative comments about the black community. The anti-white media continues to hide such crimes and promotes an anti-white agenda, while black on white crimes continue to escalate. It is unfair to state that all black women are unattractive and violent. It is a mean, unfair statement, and it is simply not true. However, blacks brutally and violently attack millions of whites…you can’t honestly compare that to calling someone a name. 

      • mikejones91

        Most of those women have white in their bloodline. Who cares what someone else says about your women. I am not sexually attracted to black women. I’ m just not. And I am NOT a racist. When did sexual preference become racism? I like white women. I like their noses, their voices, their eyes, hair, ect,ect. Just like I am sure you like black women for the traits that are appealing to YOU. People (on average) just prefer their own kind. Its not racism, its human nature. Don’t get worked up about it. Just let it be. 

    • You are absolutely right: immigration does not directly destroy our bloodlines. It does not split apart our families and destroy our clans. Miscongenation and non-white adoption is a massive existential threat to our race.

    • Dylan Lowe

      But genetic flow has always happened across the Eurasian continent, and between Africa and Europe; which is clearly demonstrated by the human genome project.

      There is no such thing as a ‘pure’ race; but at least 30% of whites in America would have at least one non-white ancestor.

      Like it or not, there’s nothing you can do to stop it; since most of the global village are outside the territorial bounds and remit of the United States.

    • Dylan Lowe

      “Miscegenation is a crime against your family.”

      But it’s only a “crime” if your family is racist and bigoted. Such an opinion is based on your own value judgment, which has no basis whatsoever in the US legal system.

      Besides, it’s the remit of Congress to define what is and what isn’t a “crime”; but it’s not for ordinary people like us to say what we think is “criminal”.

      What is criminal has to be codified by statute to begin with; but there can be no concept of any crime without the law.

  • Anonymous

    At least the intermarriage rate between whites and blacks is the lowest of the percentages. The overall white intermarriage rate is also still the lowest. There is still some resistance to this; especially when it comes down to it being your own daughter, sister, any relative or close friend.  People can ignore it when it’s someone else on the outside.

    • Anonymous

       I agree, for some reason it seems a lot worse when its a relative.

  • Old news:

    Pew 2010

    Pew 2012

    As I see- I may be wrong, I’m tired & sleepy- but this is exactly the same report published in June 2010.
    So, now is February 2012. What has, of earth-shaking importance, changed ?
    Actually, Whites marry Whites 95%+. And ?

    • Impertinent

      The other 5% are farm hands in Indiana.

  • Anonymous

    The intermarriage rate for Asians is HUGE. If there is ever a predominant population of mixed race people it will be white-Asian, and Hispanic too, where, when involving Hispanics you don’t know exactly what you get always.

    Asian genes will be bred out first though.

  • Anonymous

    Oh joy.  Last week, I saw 3 young white girls with black boyfriends last weekend at the mall.  That’s a new record.  If I saw a white girl with an Asian guy I wouldn’t care in the least.

    I am disgusted to see young white women with black boyfriends because I know that the girl is very likely not terribly smart and probably doesn’t have a father in the home.   She will generally get knocked up and then De Andre’ will move on to another one.  

    I saw an elderly white man with his two half black grandchildren in a restaurant the other day.   I’ll bet the man’s daughter was in rehab or jail and left him and grandma to raise the kids for De Andre’….I felt sorry for gramps.

    It’s going to start raining frogs any day now.

    • Impertinent

      Yea..” Last week, I saw 3 young white girls with black boyfriends at the mall…”

      Among the so called “enlightened” black tribalists…black is beautiful until they they can get their hands ( and other items ) on a white chick. Any white chick…even if she’s a fat, ignorant slob….which they usually are.

      Ask Heidi Klum what she thinks now that she’s soiled her ancestry.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with the fat ignorant slob part…..unless the black guy is a pro athlete or as you pointed out, a singer.  They are able to attract beautiful white women with their big hard thobbing wallets.  

        Again, I find it funny that Robert Kardashian helped get a black murderer off and now 2 of his 3 daughters are now mixed up with black men.   Karma perhaps?    

        • Anonymous

          Okay moderator… size, unattractive and wearing sweat pants that are too small! 

          • mikejones91

            You forgot hoop earrings, Jordan Bball Shoes, Roca Wear jacket with fur on the hood. Than and a beat up Buck Regal. 

        • crystal evans

          One thing about the Kardashian girls is that they have body parts that normally black women such as a big butt that black men seem to like. They also do not have the baggage that many black women have.

    • I have seen that at malls near me: normally (above 70% of the time) after I
      get the background info on such girls I find that they are either Jewish
      or claim to be part-Injun. At that point I don’t care, that is for
      others to cry over. I would not have been interested in them anyway.

      Sometimes I see Slavic girls with thuggish types, often black: I think many are prostitutes and practically slaves.

  • Anonymous

    In the South, at least, a major driver of miscegenation was not just forced busing for racial balance but the consolidation of small community high schools into giant factory-like institutions — usually built in some remote cornfield — for the purpose of integration, among other reasons. 

    My small county, for example, had 12 small high schools in 1965, one of which was black.  By 1990 there were three very large consolidated, integrated high schools.   There was simply no way the federal and state governments were going to get any serious amount of integration with the 12 community-based high schools.  And there was nothing more important to the white elites of that era than forcing other whites children into integrated schools.  There were other effects of this consolidation movement:

    As University of Chicago professor Christopher Berry notes in “School Size and Returns to Education: Evidence from the Consolidation Movement, 1930-1970,” a paper he produced while a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard:

    “As late as 1930, American schools were small, community-controlled institutions, most employing a single teacher. From roughly 1930 to 1970, a rapid movement toward centralization and professionalization reduced the number of schools by more than 100,000 . . .”

    “As [David] Reynolds observes, in the pre-consolidation era, the local school ‘was typically the key neighborhood institution binding neighbors and linking them to the larger social and cultural world around them.’ Thus, consolidation of the local school district, and in particular loss of the local school, threatened a community’s social cohesion and economic vitality.” (Reynolds, David, There Goes the Neighborhood, University of Iowa Press, 1999) [David] Reynolds observes, in the pre-consolidation era, the local school ‘was typically the key neighborhood institution binding neighbors and linking them to the larger social and cultural world around them.’ Thus, consolidation of the local school district, and in particular loss of the local school, threatened a community’s social cohesion and economic vitality.” (Reynolds, David, There Goes the Neighborhood, University of Iowa Press, 1999) Families have been reduced by the modern administrative state to providing children to be managed by the state.

    • crystal evans

      The majority of those who consolidated those high schools have their kids enrolled in private schools along with the majority of public school teachers.

  • Anonymous

    Clay/Ali even spoke of this on a UK liberal talk show. You can find it on youtube. Despite telling us what we wanted to hear, I have heard that he invited scores of white women to his hotel rooms. 

  • Anonymous

    This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.

    • Yes, the native St. Louisan said it best so long ago.  He probably couldn’t get tenure in the literature department of the university in St. Louis his grandfather founded.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a problem with Asians, Jews or any other group who is smart, productive and pulls their own weight.   I guess you don’t get that.

    • Alexandra Spears

      I have no problems with Orientals or Jews either, but I believe that one should stick with one’s own race.  I have always felt like that.  You don’t have to have an issue with a certain race to be against an interracial relationship with someone from that race.

      • Wayne Lo

        Do you not consider Jews white?

        • We the Jewish people are a distinct ethno-racial entity. We may be Caucasoids, but we are definitely not white!

      • I could never date a Jewish girl no matter how attractive… my kids would be Jewish by their laws and thus would have a totally different life than my own.

        It isn’t a racial thing: I would probably be okay with a Lebanese Christian woman, and they are also “Semitic” (as was, by the way, Europa herself). It is a rather a religious/legal/cultural thing.

    • kjh

      What you don’t get that this not about “hating” anyone. Nobody on here has advocated hating Asians. What this is is about is the fact that if Whites race mix, they end up breeding their race out of existance and do not carry on their racial genes and those of their ancestors and group. The same goes for Asians who race mix or any other race. It’s not hate to love your own culture and want it to continue. It’s perfectly natural for ANY race to want this.

  • Tammy Tyree

    I would bet that the interracial children produced from out-of-wedlock couplings of black men and white women dwarfs those from the 9% black-white statistical marriages.  Black men seldom marry.

  • crystal evans

    How can white hispanic unions be interracial when hispanics are either white or black? Hispanic is an ethnic groups such as Italians, Germans and Swedes are.

  • crystal evans

    I would be willing to bet that the Asians that did that were new immigrants not those whose families have been here for several generations and live in upscale neighborhoods. I am Japanese and I would not tolerate anyone butchering a dog or a cow in my neighborhood.

  • crystal evans

    From what I have read, many mixed race Asian kids are claiming another race instead of Asian to get in to the most selective universities.

  • Anonymous

    White on black miscegenation is the most form common here in the south but from what I observe it’s always the lower class White girls/women, the morbidly obese and the drug users that are entering into these unions. A young lady raised in a middle to upper class family with old fashioned morals are almost never in these situations unless they are overly rebellious and looking to act out in the worst ways for attention or whatever reason.
    Honestly, other than the fact that there are some very physically beautiful women in mixed relationships that should be with a White man having beautiful White children, there is nothing else about them that a good White man would want, let them have them. That beauty is skin deep statement has never been truer than this era.

  •  You make very  accurate and logical deductions in regards to why the black/white rate of interracial marriage is the lowest of all of the stated combinations. Because it is virtually a one way street whereas the other couplings are probably much more balanced. (Except for mabye Asian Female/White husband)

    I have read somewhere that 2/3 of all black white marriages have a white female/black male paired together.  Even then, the true imbalance is still faaaaaaaar understated. If you factored in dating, I would venture to say that the imbalance would probably be between 10 and 15 white female/black male couplings for every one white male/black female pair.

    Then, if you were to go a step further (I understand that what I am about to say is largely speculation, but if my eyes are to be  believed…………) and factor in all the white women that are single mothers with black children (never married bump and run style) as oppossed to the black single mothers who have babies fathered by white men. Then I can see the imbalance being as great as 30 or 40 to 1 in regards to white female/black male pairings.  That is quite possibly the greatest imbalance in the history of cross racial mating. Minus of course a situation whereas one ethnic group of men conquer a different ethnic group on men and just take what they want through sheer force.

    As for myself, I dated mostly Mexican girls while growing up on the south side of Chicago. That was what was in my neighborhood. The Mexicans always treated me well. I have been in predicaments where I would be the only European American surrounded by 60 or 70 Mexicans. They never once caused me harm. I know that statement will not square well with many here on Amren. However I am speaking the truth. That is why I have always encouraged young white men who have something going for themselves to be atleast open minded when it comes to dating Latin/Asian/Indian/Middle Eastern females.

    Out here in Australia, I have seen a huge surge in White Auzzie men dating  Indian and Middle eastern females. (mostly Lebanese Christians like my own wife)  When I first moved here it was nowhere near as common as it is now. This is a good thing in my estimation.  As for Africans, I am of the opinion that they are of  a different breed than the rest of humanity. There is something fundamentally different about them. Genetically different. As a result, I would never marry or date black African women.

    Now, saying all that, I enjoy reading  All in all I think it is a very good site for educational purposes. It sheds light on certain things that get very little mainstream press.

    • Anonymous

      You seem like a good fellow, so I say this with respect… Race does matter!

      The science news regarding race is suppressed but it’s out there, new results are constantly coming in in dribs and drabs, and you have to practically make it a part time job to synthesize it all and make sense of it. 

      But the picture seems to be becoming clearer and clearer:

      The tens of thousands of years that different groups of humans lived apart in geographical isolation, under pressure from various environmental influences, has resulted in distinct human groups with distinct characteristics, IQ being one of the most notable.

      When you advocate mixing, you are advocating throwing out a unique genetic heritage that took tens of thousands of years to create. You can’t get it back once it’s gone.

      As someone who lives on the west coast of the US, I’ve had plenty of dealings with Mexicans. They’re a fine people in their way. About half of them have Spanish, that is, European, blood. This enables me to find some common ground with many of them.

      But almost all of them are Mestizos of some sort. That is, they have Amerindian genes. It’s a genetic “family,” if you will, that is very alien, very different from our European one. 

      I don’t think mixing the two should be a casual decision, personally. We’re only beginning to really truly understand in a scientific sense the biological differences that evolution has wrought.

    • I don’t consider Lebanese Christians “middle-eastern” anymore. They are Semites descended from the Phoenicians (Canaanites): Europa herself was from Tyre. 

      I consider them (and Armenians, Assyrians, and Copts) to be sufficiently “near-white” that I don’t see them as outside the bounds of mating the way true “non-whites” are. Moreover, their ancestors are part of the fringe of Western Civilization.

      Islamic women and Hindu (Indian) women though are way out of bounds though. For me, Jewish women are also, at least unless they accept baptism and the rejection of their people.

  • Steven Bannister

    It doesn’t matter if 50% of all marriages are interracial – as long as those marriages do NOT include Whites! Let Blacks marry Asians, etc

  • Anonymous

    It has been my experience that those who are the most upset and outraged at interracial dating , marriage and miscegenation are the very same people who have either participated in such activity or do so discreetly.

    This is particularly the case in regards to White men.

    • Wayne Lo

       Yes….I agree. Strom Thurmond for one. Actually had a black daughter.

      They hypocrisy of posters here is astounding. But not surprising. Where is the condemnation of white men with Asian women. There is some mild criticism, but none of the foaming at the mouth stuff we get when discussing black men with white women.


      And miscegenation does not just destroy the white blood line. It destroys the bloodlines of both partners.

      And white men have been the most eager, keen miscegnenists in history, basically miscegenating the Native Americans, Australians, and Maori races out of pure race existence.

      • Anonymous

        I agree. I can’t stand the Sinophiles infesting this site. Only losers chase Asian women.

      • Anonymous


      • Wayne, I fully agree with you. White men who couple with Asian women are traitors, pure and simple (and the women are also, to their own).

    • It’s my experience that white people who denounce “white racism” the loudest are actually “white racists” themselves, as if they’re overcompensating for the “guilt” of their true feelings by trolling WN-RR message boards.

    • Anonymous

      No, your Bantu anti-White leaders tend to look White and mate White.

  • Anonymous

    At some point the science is going to become clear and inarguable (if it’s not already) – there is such a thing as “race,” there are different races, and the differences are significant.

    At that point people are going to have some frank discussions about miscegenation.

    For example, people will say that you can fall in love with anyone (well, I can’t but I suppose some people can), but if your white daughter of European descent has a child with a black man of African descent, their child will likely not be as intelligent as the mother. 

    At that point it will dawn on large numbers of people all at once that bloodlines matter.

    People who have kept theirs pure will be seen as having an advantage.

    The consequences of such scientific truth will be very profound and far reaching. And it could be messy too.

  • Anonymous

    I see many, many more white female/black male couples than any other and it’s not even close.  It used to be comforting that only the least attractive/lower class white females fell into this trap but unfortunately that isn’t  the case anymore.   
    I see white women from upper middle class and above with what look to be thug type blacks almost daily.  These women are much more country club than trailer.  

    The nightclub lifestyle which many young white women are into is also heavily black influenced.  

  • Wayne Lo

    Where is your condemnation of white men with Asian women?

    • Anonymous


      • You’re opposed to interracial marriage of some sort?  We’re making progress.

  • What a shame that whites are getting involved with this. However, how many of these marriages are white and another race? Probably about 1%. We must include black hispanic marriages, black asiean marriages and so forth. As for me, I’ll marry a white girl because I’m white, and because God says so.

  • B

    When you lump “race OR ethnicity” together like this, it means a marriage between an Irish and an Italian would be included in the 15 percent. This is liberal propaganda intended to make everybody think that interracial marriage is more common than it really is.

  • My God, do you people read the texts posted here ?

    IR marriage is the same as 2 yrs before. It’s just a Pew rehash of 2 yrs old “investigation”.

    White males marry females: 94.7% White, 0.3% Black, 1.9% White Hispanic, 0% Black Hispanic, 1.4% Asian, 0.3% American Indian

    White females marry males: 95.6% White, 0.7% Black, 1.6% White Hispanic, 0% Black Hispanic, 0.5% Asian and 0.3% American Indian.

    Stats are different for other groups- say, American Indian males marry 45.5% White females and 45.3% American Indian females; American Indian females marry 44.3% White males and 43.4% American Indian males.

    Etc. etc.

    I don’t understand why such a fuss about an old report.
    On the other hand, I perfectly understand sensitivity of the topic (I’m strongly against miscegenation with Blacks, although not very much against White Hispanics IF they assimilate).

    But- first get your figures straight. This is an old stuff, nothing spectacularly new.

  • Fidel Castro, for example. Also, my attitude towards Hispanics differs- racially- when compared to many other regular posters’ here, who dump all Hispanics to “non-White” category (similar attitude is towards Iranians and Jews). For me, Whites- with perhaps something “exotic”, but still Whites- are these people:

    (Iranian, Mexican etc.)

    I also don’t think that “racial disaster” is intermarriage with “tanned” Hispanics who are, more or less, European -looking with a part of “Native blood”-celebrity-wise,  Jimmy Smits comes to my mind, and Hilda Solis (I’m talkning about looks, not politics):

    A small amount of “Native” blood won’t hurt- but, I suppose many AmRen readers wouldn’t agree with me on this.

    •  I agree  with your statement.  I never understood the bashing of Hispanics either. While as someone alluded to earlier, the term “Hispanic” or “Latino” is virtually a useless term to use when discussing race in America due to the fact that how those terms are defined in the USA.
      This ignorance in regards to racial classification permeates all levels of American society.

      Most Latinos would have already assimilated into the American mainstream if there was some sort of common sense moratorium put in place in regards to immigration.  The problem is saturation. I have grown up around Mexicans. I was born and raised around them. I have never experienced racial hatred. The occassional slur during a argument or something aside. However there was never no genuine hatred directed towards me. I grew up dating Mexican girls and hanging out with primarily Mexican dudes. We played ball together, slept over each others houses, and had no real animosity towards one another.

      The blacks on the other hand showed me nothing but pure blind hatred.
      In fact the blacks (in my own personal experience) show hatred and ignorance toward everyone. Including Hispanics. The difference is that there are elements within the Hispanic community that can be every bit as violent as the Blacks. This element helps keep the blackmans natural inclination towards violence in check when he is the minority around Latinos.

      I think some (not all)  here on Amren are a bit paranoid when discussing racial matters. The truth is, I think most races have atleast some admiration for what the European has built and created. When we go to Lebanon to visit my wifes family, my children are given first class treatment in every regard.  I have worked, and lived around many different ethnic groups in my life. 

      I have never felt hatred directed against me by any group other than Africans/blacks.

  • Anonymous

    “But America still has a long way to go.”

    Exactly Whenever MSM “reports” a new racial demographic it sounds like it is reporting a ‘goal’ – “We now have reached ” … 

  • Anonymous

    People laugh when I say this, but , if the left continues to dominate discourse , eventually white on white marriages will be penalized or de facto illegal. 

    • Sorry, but this is nonsense. It isn’t even funny.

      • Anonymous

        why is it nonsense? At one time, mixed marriages were illegal, and countries which encourage ethno nationalism, like israel, it is still illegal… so it’s not a stretch to assume an elite who want ‘multicultural’ empires and end nationalism will do the reverse. Read about communist hungry and the forced sexualization of women, the discouragement of traditional marriage…

        Read this history of authoritarian empires-   Miscegenation was intentionally practiced to end national resistance, read this history of white slavery in countries like Morocco – the sultan would deliberately pair them with non-whites.  Most famously, Alexander had his generals marry Persian women. 

  • Anonymous

    In Pat Buchanan’s latest book he had story which was a side note, about demographic warfare: china sends the young females of a rebellious province (tibet i think) to work in factories away from the males – this is an intentional move to either have them breed out of existence or don’t breed at all. 

    The left does that here through selective admissions to universities – white males are discriminated against (unless gay) white women are actually favored – thus in her primary years for meeting a mate, a white women is exposed to overwhelmingly non-white men.  Anyone who does not think this is intentional is naive. 

  • Anonymous

    Wayne Lo:
    I agree totally! The  hypocrisy on this website among some posters knows no bounds

  • Anonymous

    Never forget that the Pew Research Center is an offshoot of the Pew Charitable Trusts (, a far-left Funder.

    Once you know that, the rest is easy to figure out.

  • Anonymous


    Another thing I noticed is thatn anyone who dares to disagree with the conventional wisdom on this website is automaitcally assumed by you and others of your ilk to be  “Black”, “Marxist” ora “White Hating Trolls.”
    Such people who are so paranoid and myopic in their viewpoints are the real “fools

    • You’re right.  Not everyone who disagrees with our worldview are blacks, Marxists or White-hating trolls.  The truth is that they’re often all three.

  • Anonymous

    Question Diversity writes:
    “It’s my experience that white people who denounce “white racism” the loudest are actually “white racists” themselves, as if they’re overcompensating for the “guilt” of their true feelings by trolling WN-RR message boards.”

    The fact is that cognitive Dissonance is very commonplace among bigoted people.

    • Went way over your head, it did.  You are that oblivious — Then again, that’s something I should have realized when you started in on your bit about talking trees.

  • Anonymous

    In regards to mating across racial lines, any non-White ethnic group that does so learned such behavior from White men.

    • That’s the only thing we taught the world.  Meanwhile, we had to learn our pyramid construction techniques from blacks.

      • Anonymous

        The Egyptian civilization was a Caucasian civilization. There is plenty of DNA from Egyptian mummies. That demonstrates that the Egyptians were more similar genetically to Europeans than to Negroes south of the Saharan Desert. 
        The Caucasian race evolved east of the Sinai Peninsula. Caucasians in the Fertile Crescent invented agriculture ten thousand years ago. What seems to have happened is that as the agricultural population grew it expanded across the Sinai Peninsula, and populated the Nile Delta.
        Directly south of Egypt was the nation of the Nubians. These were a Negro nation who learned urban civilization from the Egyptians.  Once the Nubians conquered Egypt, and established a Negro dynasty of pharaohs.  This lasted about one century. On one occasion the Egyptians conquered Nubia. For the most part relations between these nations were peaceful, and based on trade. 
        What we associate with the ancient Egyptians was invented by whites, and passed to the Nubians. The Bantu learned agriculture from Nubia about three thousand years ago, and iron technology from them roughly five hundred years later. Iron weapons and tools enabled the Bantu to spread throughout Africa, absorbing and replacing stone age hunters. 
        Nevertheless, the Bantu never developed writing and mathematics. That seems to have been limited to Nubia and Ethiopia until the Europeans conquered Africa.

        • Engelman, IrishCane:

          Chill out.  I’m playing a game of whack-a-troll.  Give me another week of this fun, and I’ll have both radical7 and that “Anthony” saying things that are so stupid and insane they’ll run away in shame.

  • Anonymous

    The offspring may turn out differently, but their kids are both the same in that they aren’t white.

    Likewise, the socio-economic position of white men with Asian women may be very different than that of white women with black men, but they are they same in that, generally speaking, they both display “weakness” outside of their race treason. It is well appreciated here that the white women who go with black men lust for a certain exaggerated, animal masculinity, and that the fact that they have to put in less work to attract black males appeals to their lazy souls, but the white male-Asian female phenomena is the mirror image of this. White men who go for Asian women are too scarred, or too lazy, to go after a white woman. Instead they take comfort in, and are attracted by (remember, attainability is itself attractive to these betas), the submissiveness and exaggerated femininity of the less-demanding Asian women. White women with black men may be overweight trailer-trash, but white men with Asian women are pencil-necked wieners, unconfident even in their cautious hipsterism. 

    White men with Asian women may be less despised by their upper-middle class white peers than are white women with black men by their low-class white peers, but they probably get even less respect from their peers. 

    It’s also worth noting that since 2/3 of white interracial marriages are with Hispanics, you can safely assume that the true white interracial marriage rate is probably really 5-7 percent, as at least a third of the white-Hispanic marriages are with white Hispanics.

  • Anonymous

     I said he SEEMED like a good fellow.

    If he’s a troll, then eff him.

  • Ed

     I wonder what a geneologist or geneticist would say about your statement?

    Every mating of a man and a woman would be ‘forever altering your genetic heritage’.

    I agree that producing a child is of the utmost importance……..  but the guidelines on the races seems a bit fuzzy at the edges……….

    • Anonymous

      Remember that races and ethnicities are pools of genes. So if a white marries a white, they already have many genes in common and their child’s genetic traits will echo that. However when a white reproduces with a nonwhite, they have fewer traits in common such that the white parent would have more genes in common with any other random white person than with their own child.

      For more info on this, see

  • Wayne Lo

    Your post implies that you disagree with the fact white men who date asian women are losers.

    And you are angry because I have called out this fact.

    “Anything to lie and put down the White race. “

    So calling out white ‘race traitors’ who date Asian women is putting down the white race? Really? I’m sure many upright and honest white nationalists should agree with me on this one.

    It is quite obvious you are a white man with a yellow woman…..that is the dead give away.

  • Don’t miss an obvious point, here. There is another way of looking at this folks.

    Racial intermarriage has been legal for nearly half a century (longer in most states), yet MORE than 9 out of  10 whites chose to marry people of their own race. Once something becomes  legal, it is viewed by a great many mindless non-thinkers (of all races)  as being ethical or sensible. To most intelligent people, there is a higher standard than what is just legal.

    It’s logical that there would be a movement towards intermarriage by the groundless, rootless elements of white society. Yes, there is a trend moving towards intermarriage, but it won’t continue forever. Many jews have married outside of their ethnicity, put there are still a huge number of purely jewish people worldwide.  White Christians of European descent are far greater in number.

    If there was ever a group of whites that would want to marry across racial boundaries, it would be white South Africans after apartheid, since blacks are now the politically dominant group there. But do they? Some do. But most DON’T, and never will. They have a much lower intermarriage rate than the USA.

  •  I am not a troll Anon. I post under my real name and state my genuine opinions on matters. My time is too valuable to post just for the sake of ruffling feathers. I state my honest observations in regards to what my own eyes see. These observations may not square well with you, but they are never the less very real.

    As regards to Viktors comment.  You are right, I do understand that there are very real genetic differences between the various breeds of man. That is plain for anyone to see. I would never deny that. To deny the differences of man would be to deny reality.

    That being said, when it comes to intellectual ability, or the ability to develop civilizations, I do believe that the group differences between most breeds (aside from sub-Saharan Africans) of man are not that great.

    In Asian, there were many advanced civilizations. The  Chinese dynasties, the Japanese, the Mongolians, etc.

    In the Middle east there were numerous highly advanced civilizations. The Sumerians, Egyptians, (I know technically Africa) Hittites, etc.

    That being said, the black African has never developed beyond a stoneage existence. That is why I stated in my previous post that I believe the Sub Saharan African is fundamentally different to any other of mankinds various peoples. 

    • Well…

      1. Lebanese Christians are White (Paul Anka, gen. George Joulwan, sen. George Mitchell,..), so, this is not a real issue

      2. your figures are, IMO, overblown. Stats show that:

      a) in Black-White marriages ca. 70-75% is BM-WW, so it’s ca. 2.5-3 times more frequent union than  WM-BW

      b) cohabitation stats show that this kind of union is ca. 4 times more frequent than the reverse one

      c) for biracial children, there are no reliable stats. One just cannot figure out & can be easily misled. For instance, on Black forums, biracials with White father far outnumber those with White mother- say, more than 10 to 1. Then, the gender of biracials is yet another confusing factor. Honestly, no one can be sure about this category.

      3.White Hispanics yes (even those a bit “exotic”), but true Mestizos are, IMO, not very desirable partners. Extreme AmRen racial purists are wrong, but one has to draw the line, somewhere.

  • To Stivd:
     Tyra Banks has very little white blood and Iman, who’s married to music/ movie star, David Bowie, is pure African. Think about that. Thanks!!

    • Jay1

      Iman is east african so has indian/arab in her blood lines, both caucasoid races.

  • Anonymous

    The interracial stats are limited to marriage and thus misleading. There are plenty of single white women who copulate with blacks and produce mixed-race issue. Where is the statistical accounting of that? The tragedy is that these women help spread the social pathology and decay that is so prevalent among blacks (astronomical illegitimacy, absent, useless inseminators, feral offspring, crime, irresponsibility, dependency, etc. etc.). I know of several white women (sometimes also her closest relatives) who were victimized and even murdered by the criminal element brought into the family .

  • Anonymous

    You are in denial. His daughter was a light skinned Black woman who had verification that she was indeed StromThurmond’s daughter.

  • Anonymous

    Then why are there so many White Male/Asian females couples. They are far more numerous than Black Male/White female couples.

  • Anonymous

    I have never mentioned my race to anyone. That is you (and others like you) assuming things.

    • Don’t assume.  It will make the first three letters out of the fourth letter, but not the fifth and sixth letter.

      • Anonymous

        Very clever. I guess you have watched your share of Benny Hill.

  • Sure, but it’s not the point: many AmRen readers are against Hispanics as such & deny that they can be white. I agree with your comment, but it’s beyond issue of White- not “La Raza”- Hispanics.

  •  +++++ There are people who even believe (because of the lies) that when a German marries a Swede, it is interracial!!++++

    Sorry, my comment is not a particularly intelligent one, but….bwaahahahahahhhh…

  • Well, being gay is not an unsurmountable obstacle- you can be a sperm donor. In fact, you can have 20-40 children.

  • Hookup culture & one night stands & & huge porn industry & idolatry, virtually deification of entertainers (singers & actors & athletes, “celebrities”, have always been something expendable and not in the center of public interest).
    I don’t blame Blacks, they can’t do otherwise. I blame Whites, male & female, for this Nero-Caligula “lifestyle” of promiscuous living. Dignity, self- esteem, self-restraint .. are hallmarks of a civilized human being.

    And this ?

    • NonWhite Caucasoid

      Totally agree.

  • I know this is personal & you don’t need to answer, but: how your biracial relatives did in life ? Family and career-wise ? Are they Black in their social contacts, mixed or predominantly “White” ? 

    Just curious, because this is an eternal issue among Blacks-  which side W-B biracials “prefer”.

  • Oh, well, this portal needs a bit of diversity, anyway …;^))

  • Anonymous

    I believe the term “Hispanic” is a linguistic delineation.

  • radical7

    Your point being?

  • WHAT? Can’t you read?  I totally agree that White men who date asians
    are LOSERS! I said I don’t care one whit about YOUR bloodline, I care
    only about the White bloodline.  Your people can date any race EXCEPT
    the White race as far as I am concerned.

    Whilst I do agree with the central message of the comment, I’d say things are not to simple.

    White people who marry & procreate with Asians are not necessarily “losers”. Their progeny is frequently “whitish”, although most AmReners would fiercely dispute this (well, I’m not a White nationalist, but a White supremacist who’s not afraid of small race mixing with Asians, now & then).
    For instance, Nora Jones (phenotypically, not mentally) is acceptable in my book:

    Also, I wouldn’ call Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) or Woody Harrelson “losers”. They just have a yellow fever, and their progeny is already rather “bleached” & will in short time have been assimilated into White race mainstream. As did many Russians, from Lenin to Yeltsyn.

    Don’t get me wrong: I’m attracted only to White women-physically, emotionally, intellectually, culturally, spiritually. But I’m not afraid of small amounts of White- Latino, Asian, Polynesian, north Indian (not Black, they’re too different )… race mixing since I believe in strength of our phenotype, genotype & culture.

  • StivD

    Asian genes are not usually dominant in a white asian mix. 

  • Ed

     since anon, the post below, has no ‘reply’  to click on I’ll do it from here.
    whatever animal is made a pet is chosen by the pet owner.  If I make a chicken a pet does that mean no one can eat them?   Pet is only a word you are throwing out.   Maybe I have pet fish.   so, by your proclamation, I shouldn’t eat fish?   weak argument……. worse than weak……

  • NotAHypocrite

    The thing I like most about the comments are when some of these “Realists” write on and on about how they condemn black-white pairings, but apparently white-asian is just fine. Hypocrites.

    • Tell me about it.  I Love My Fellow Whites but I wonder, how can they turn away from their Fellow White People?  How?

      I won’t deny one True Love BUT, can’t you find it within your own Race?  That is what I question.  I don’t feel they give/gave their own Race a fair chance.

  • I’m one of those who wishes for Pure Breed to Breed with Pure Breed.

    I’ve always been like that.  Not taught, just always felt.  I like Europe being slightly different.

    The French have their Ways as do The Germans, The Brits, The Swedes and Fins and Icelanders too and on and on We go…

  • A-HA, Busted – Anon aka anon ? A man and a woman? Troll Alert!

    Btw, Anon ( the woman) and Anon ( the man) – yes, I’m speaking to all those schizoid personalities within you – nice try with your idiotic bashing of non white men. Get a life, a real job and don’t piss of your black boss ( whom you so envy) and his attractive white wife!

  • Hmm.. some mixed kids don’t look too Black. For instance, I found this pic of Susan Rice (along her husband, parents and Obama). Kids are hers:

  • Most comments here stressed what we already knew- Blacks  & Asians & the rest simply don’t fit in our standards of physical attractiveness. OK, this is settled- at least, I think so.
    My other angle would be: other races’ facial features are, more or less, stylized compared to ours. Asians & Blacks simply do not have that kind of facial expressiveness (even if they’re “good looking”) Whites are capable of.

    I noticed a long ago in the Renaissance & Baroque portraits (Titian, Rembrandt,Holbein jr., Duerer, Leonardo, Velazquez, ..)- White women & men have potentially highly expressive & noble faces, and this does not diminish with time- on the contrary. With the advent of photography & camera it became even more obvious.Both East Asians & Blacks are somehow facially schematic- their faces are not nearly comparable to ours in expressing grief, joy, sadness, aristocratic hauteur, nobility, dignity, triumphant ecstasy, elation, thoughtfulness, determination- even confusion & drooling idiocy.

    They got- my rough estimate- less than 50% of our facial expressiveness and individuality. Not only East Asians, but Blacks, too.
    The only “sub-race” with facial features radiating potential nobility of spirit are some North Indians. Jiddu Krishnamurti in his 50s- 60s is a good example od this (not in his 20s and 30s, when he looked like a stereotypical Hindu Gypsy).

    •  There are Near-Eastern women* who also fall into the grey area. I know of one Armenian girl from Lebanon who is not of particularly ideal proportions but her blue eyes and smile could melt the iciest heart. So what if she is from outside Europe? Technically, Iceland and the British Isles are not part of the European continent either.

      *Only the non-Muslim ones, I mean (Muslim women-if you can see their faces- generally look dour).

      • Armenians are expressive, and also Lebanese Arab Whites. But not dark Arabs (Nasser etc.)

        • I don’t give a damn about any Muslims anyway, but they are normally a lot darker than their non-Muslim neighboring ethnic groups (that shows in the Copts and Assyrians also). I really can’t justify making a hard distinction between those from traditionally-Christian Near-East communities and Greeks.

          As I remind people, Europa was Canaanite princess from Tyre.

    • NonWhite Caucasoid

      I agree with you, and most North Indians have to be in this category as they are Caucasoid just with darker skin tone, but by no means Mongoloid or Negroid.

  • You’re living  an illusion. What do you think, whence did the surname “Blackmore” come ? White phenotype is also a product of mixing. What I’m saying is that in the modern world one cannot avoid race mixing completely, and if so,  we can try to turn this to our advantage.

    Complete racial purity- which is, anyway, anthropological nonsense-  is absolutely unrealistic option, and this has to be the starting point. All the rest is just naive & self-defeating.

  • It sure would be nice if we could all just have Rights to our own Countries and by this I mean:

    A Country for those who don’t mind a little asian, “new” race(s) and don’t mind being second to their asians and,

    A Country for people like me who don’t like Foreign people and can finally, be left alone and never again have to listen to our Fellow White People telling us how we need to accept non-whites, make a “new” race or have them tell us how asians are “smarter”.

    •  Yes, this country should be split three ways: a Black zone, a White zone, and a multiculti zone.

      The Sinophiles here are disgusting, seemingly hellbent on creating a new Master Race that will dominate all of us, even if it means destroying our own civilization and people.

      • I just don’t like mixing because each and every time it’s done, it’s a loss of White Blood and I don’t like it.

  • But be aware, some of them won’t hesitate to make you dead first.

  •  Spaniards are white, so they don’t count. There is nothing good about Eurasian mixture: it is a certain threat to the vitality of our race if it reaches a high enough degree.

  • All I have seen is a bunch of confused, alien video game addicts and the like.

  • To Ed below: after a first cousin it is no longer incest. Furthermore, incest itself does not produce problems, it only increases the possibility that maladaptive traits already in the bloodline will be expressed.

    Race-mixing, on the other hand, guarantees the expression of negative traits.

  • Typically half of Jews “breed out”. However, the most fertile section of the Jewish community are the ultra-Orthodox, who more than make up for the loss. 

  •  His mother was “part Cherokee”, not White. Check your facts.

  • The simple answer is that Whites are an ethnic group in the United States, and the primary type of Americans. They are defined by having no or negligible non-European ancestry. They will be identified as White by police officers and muggers.

    Generally speaking, I consider the White American ethnic group to exclude non-Anglophones, Jews, those born as subjects of the British Crown, and any who convert to Islam. What you get are the people you meet in the small towns and truly American areas of this country.

  • Wow!

    I saw a girl with a black at the store some time ago and gave her a very disapproving motherly look and I felt she knew she was wrong because she never looked away from my eyes but next time, I’m gonna say something right in front of their non-white “friend”.

    Or, take them to the side and say something but whatever I do, I won’t let it go with just a “look”.  Us “strangers” can step in and say something to ‘our children’.

  • mikejones91

    See it White Women like you that drive the black “racist” crowd INSANE. Especially the ones who aren’t openly racist. The ones with white friends but get some sick thrill from being with a white woman. Like they are getting the white man back or something? haha, I dont get it. We need to face it. Whites prefer whites, blacks prefer blacks. (most of the time). And that drives ppl crazy. Especially black men who believe for some reason, that ALL white women secretly long for them. I can usually tell (9 out 10) if a white woman has a black boyfriend. For the most part, they all share common “attributes”. Hoop earrings is a must.. Basketball sneakers. Usually Jordans/Air Forces. They just have “the look”. I’m sure you know what I am talking about. The look that they are either going out with a Klansman, or a black man. If that makes anysense lol. It does to me. They look trashy, simply put.

  • mikejones91

    Even worse, the white women they choose are straight dogs most of the time. I have seen some very handsome black men, who could date ANY black woman he wants, choose some overweight/underweight white dog. Like Chris Rocks says..” A black man will kick a hot black woman in the face to be with a thick white girls”. Stay with your own. Theres nothing “diverse” about a mass of coffee colored mongrels.

  • NonWhite Caucasoid

    Why don’t we let sexual selection determine who reproduces with whom? If you don’t know what that is than I’d suggest look it up. It’s perhaps more powerful than natural selection. Where natural selection eliminates unfavourable attributes in the environment, sexual selection picks the right ones. And women have that power to choose whom they reproduce with. So let women determine if they want to keep a blood line going or mix it up.

    • Anan7

      ” So let women determine if they want to keep a blood line going or mix it up.”

      I think interracial marriage should be legal the same reason I think suicide should be legal.

      If these women want to have dumb, ugly, crime-prone kids, so be it. Mine will have an edge over them.

      People who endorse non-White immigration are the same ones that are responsible for the epidemic of rape in Norway, USA, and Great Britain. They are the same ones responsible for Detroit, New Orleans, and East St. Louis looking like they do.

      People who advocate racial mixing are the same ones who advocate the destruction of the great Western Civilization.

      • NonWhite Caucasoid

        So how do you define race? I understand that there are major differences between Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid everyone knows that. But it gets a bit more complicated when you start looking within the same race. For example, contrary to conventional belief, all Caucasians are not white. In fact white is not even a race, it’s a skin color. Race is defined by more prominent and tangible features, such as skull shape, facial shape, angles of the bones, hair type(not color), and so on. So when subsets of same race, for example a Mediterranean Caucasoid, and a white Caucasoid reproduce I don’t think there is any genetic superiority lost in fact it may even be enhanced, nore does it mean end of the bloodline in any which way.

    • Robert Campbell sr.

      So, because of racism, which exists within all nationalities, we are to subjugate our ethnicity, culture, heritage, religion, and form of govt to communists using multicultural diversity and tolerance to elevate a creation of their own to accomplish their nefarious ends??? Extreme sympathy and empathy transformed into justifiable racial self-eradication of dominant cultures???

      Racism is real and it exist everywhere naturally because each takes pride in their own race, culture and heritage. The commie media only harps on white racism in order to destroy all things white. We have been invaded by our enemies passing themselves off as oppressed citizens on all levels and we have allowed our own down fall through accepting their political, economic, religious, and social subterfuge…

      Other ethnic groups on the streets do not like white men and see us as the devil, something to be eliminated, the evil oppressor. They see and treat white girls as tools of revenge, folly, exploitation and blatantly say so without consequence. Dope up and knock up the stupid and progressively indoctrinated white girls to self-eradicate by encouraging relationships with boys of color in our schools, institutions and media. 50% school drop-out rate with little chance of good employment….

      I watch our neighborhoods being transformed into third world socialized ghettos and all that goes with it with out real Americans firing a shot. Single parent mothers dependent on govt subsidies dominate the culture. Jails and prisons are pact costing trillions. Either we have become a nation of lazy and frightened cowards, or we are hopelessly indoctrinated against ourselves…lost forever…

      This has all been set in motion by the secular elitists years ago and it will take bloodshed to stop it now, and that might not save our Christian Constitutional Republic either. Too many people dependent on govt jobs, handouts, mental drugs, street drugs, or are progressively indoctrinated to the point where they are incapable of self-defense and independent thoughts of intelligence….

      Going down the road to multicultural subversion and destruction….

      It’s all a planned political shell game to screw us even more and it didn’t matter which political puppet got put on the throne…

      I really overestimated the intelligence and awareness of the voters. I knew there were huge numbers who were totally disconnected with reality, but I thought they would be a minority. We are doomed to continued very high deficits and excessive spending that will drain far too much wealth out of the private sector. Crony mercantilism to steal the peoples money and line the pockets of Obama’s friends will continue with still more enthusiasm. Obama will rule more and more by decree and ignore Congress. Entitlement programs will collapse because there will not be enough money to pay for them. The only possible way to do that was to free up the economy and businesses to grow the GDP faster than government. Under Obama, this will not happen. We are doomed.”

      • NonWhite Caucasoid

        This is a funny rant, lol. Blame everything on the gov’t and other races for your own failures. One way to go about fixing things I guess.

  • Dylan Lowe

    Now I see that the First Amendment is seldom ever respected on this forum; as there are many of us here who are too afraid to face reality, and come to terms with limitations of our own tunnel vision.

    First Amendment???

    LOL. What a joke!

    Or perhaps this site is even more so than the First Amendment!?

  • Dylan Lowe

    “This is why I think it is a mental illness on the part of some Whites who do. It has to be”

    But who are you to say what is a “mental illness”?

    Since you are not a psychiatrist you are hardly qualified to give a professional viewpoint as to whether such behaviour could be construed as a “mental illness”.

  • Dylan Lowe

    “I will not never ever marry or sleep with someone outside my race. Won’t do it.”

    But who gives a damn what you think?

    Since most of the commenters on this forum are a useless and PATHETIC bunch of people; a useless MINORITY whose opinion is no better than Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians; and no better than gays and transgendered people in America.