Tenth American Renaissance Conference (2012)

March 16 – 18, 2012, near Nashville, Tennessee

Ours is an era of fear and self-censorship. Virtually no whites are willing to break taboos about racial differences in IQ, the costs of “diversity,” or the challenges of non-white immigration. We are different. We believe these are vital questions.

At this conference, attendees heard some of the most courageous academics, authors, and journalists of our time discuss the forces that will determine our future. This was a remarkable group of speakers and guests — undeceived, outspoken, and committed to the defense of Western Civilization. Click on the title of a speech to watch a video of it on BitChute.

Speakers included:

Richard Lynn Richard Lynn — “Eugenics and Dysgenics: A Promise Denied.” Professor Lynn has written more prolifically and incisively on the question of race and IQ than perhaps any other scholar of our time. AR has reviewed no less than five of his books, each of which is a classic.
Guillaume Faye Guillaume Faye — “America and Europe: Brothers in Arms. A French Point of View.” Mr. Faye is a prominent French author and nationalist, best known to English-speakers for his books Archeofuturism and Why We Fight. This was one of his very rare appearances in the United States.
Robert Weissberg — “A Politically Viable Alternative to White Nationalism.” Dr. Weissberg is Emeritus Professor of Political Science at the University of Illinois, Urbana. He is the author of 11 books; the most recent is Bad Students, Not Bad Schools.
James Edwards James Edwards — “A Winning Mindset for Effective White Advocacy.” Mr. Edwards is the host of the taboo-breaking radio program The Political Cesspool and is the author of Racism Schmacism.
Donald Templer Donald Templer — “The Geographic Distribution of Intelligence: Evolution, Migration and Dysgenics.” Dr. Templer is Retired Professor of Psychology at Alliant International University. His most controversial research is in the field of race and intelligence, and racial brain shape.
Alex Kurtagic Alex Kurtagic — “The Great Erasure: The Remaking of White Identity.” Mr. Kurtagic is a novelist, musician, and essayist with unusual insights on race and Western Civilization. He lives in Britain.
David Yeagley David A. Yeagley — “The Dread (or Fear) of Whiteness.” Dr. Yeagley, the great-great-grandson of Comanche leader Bad Eagle, calls himself “the sole voice of conservatism among Indian intellectuals.”
Jared Taylor Jared Taylor — “Why We Are Right.” Mr. Taylor is editor of American Renaissance. He is the author of Paved With Good Intentions, and the primary contributor to the collection, A Race Against Time. His latest book is White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
Sam Dickson Sam G. Dickson, Esq. — “A Benediction for Heretics.” Mr. Dickson is an attorney and long-time racial advocate. He will be addressing his 10th AR conference.