Conversation with a Conservative Comanche

Joseph Cotto, Washington Times, June 30, 2012

In contemporary politics, the views of Native Americans are rarely considered.


Fortunately, Dr. David A. Yeagley is doing something to change this.

The great-great-grandson of Comanche dignitary Bad Eagle, he has been called “an American Indian Leonardo DiVinci.” Bringing his work as “an author, scholar, classical composer, concert musician, (and) portrait artist” into the equation, this should come as no surprise.

Nonetheless, Yeagley’s political perspectives have surely attracted the most attention. {snip}


Joseph F. Cotto: Support for center-right politics in Native American cultures is not, generally speaking, thought of as being widespread. How does your ancient heritage tie in with your contemporary political views? 

Dr. David Yeagley: The preference of preservation is the pith of conservatism. To conserve, to reserve, to hold on to a tradition, an identity, a way of life—this is essential conservatism. No people in America are more focused on their traditions, however unrelated to present necessity, than are American Indians. American Indians represent the most conservative people in the country, if even by intuition and unarticulated ideology. Indians are simply conservative, albeit without political rhetoric. Indians live conservatism, rather than campaign for it. It is the way of all real Indians. I personally consider this obvious.

I recognize in America the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant as the foundation of the country and the society. All else is historical addendum. I believe the WASP has the obligation to make every effort to preserve the American identity, both socially and governmentally. It isn’t a matter of having the right to. That is a given. It is a matter of grave responsibility. As I honor the American Indian conservative instinct of preserving Indian nations (or wistful facsimiles thereof), I honor the WASP America, first and foremost. All else must be considered addition, not foundation. Yes, there are a number of other significant European peoples (nationalities) which had major roles in the building and shaping of modern America; however, they are simply not the foundation, and they must never be thought of as equal to that foundation, or as important.

No one would expect a Nigerian to become Chief of the Cheyenne, or a Lithuanian to become Chief of the Apache. And no one would consider an Indian tribe racist for being exclusive, intolerant, or non-egalitarian. Nor do I expect the WASP to turn over America to aliens, foreigners, or non-white leadership. This is catastrophic, obviously. Even the classical Greeks knew multiculturalism doesn’t work. Aristotle said the foreign element would never feel equal to the blue-bloods, no matter what concessions given them, or status they achieved. They are forever a source of discontent, and actually inimical to a democracy.

Cotto: In American politics, labels have been overused to the extent that terms such as “conservative” and “liberal” are now essentially meaningless. Why do you suppose that this happened?

Dr. Yeagley: I don’t consider the terms meaningless at all. Conservative means wanting to hold on to historical values and culturally established morals and mores.  Liberal means to undo all that has come before. {snip} Liberals are indeed the racists, for the whites have, and the darks have not. Therefore, the darks have been wronged by the whites. Liberalism is a godless social evaluation based on materialism, exclusively. {snip}


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  • JohnEngelman

    There are conservative aspects to my thinking. I am pessimistic about human nature and human potential. I think there is often wisdom in tradition. I distrust abrupt social and political changes. Nevertheless my conservatism is without affection for rich people. I do not believe in socialism but I do not dislike it. I accept capitalism but I do not like it. 

    • Eagle_Eyed

       If you don’t like capitalism, please give up the goods capitalism has begotten.  Your car, advanced medicine, electricity, indoor plumbing, the internet, your cell phone, advanced hygiene, etc.

      • JohnEngelman

        All of that exists under Scandinavian Social Democracy, which is the closest approximation of democratic socialism. 

        • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

          Exists, yes. But how much of it was developed under said system?

      • Capitalists side with the left on just about every social issue, and that includes immigration.

  • The__Bobster

    Cherokees want to expel the blacks because there is a limit on the amount of free stuff that the government will provide and they don’t want to share.

  • KenelmDigby

    Things have really come to a pass when an Amerindian, a descendant of the original posessors of the land, speaks more sense and truth about the plight of White America than White leaders (the disposessors of Amerindians), themselves.

  • .

    It would be easy for anyone to feel bitter had their lands been invaded. But Dr Yeagley has the intellect and maturity to see that the US is not only a great country but that all Americans benefit from it being a great country. And that for it to continue as a great country it has to retain the foundation on which the current greatness was built. The alternative, though possibly satisfying for some discontents, would ultimately prove catastrophic for all as the nation is torn apart. That’s easy for WASP’s to see because it fits one’s natural instinct to prefer one’s own. But it’s not so easy for a non-WASP to see because it goes against that natural instinct. Huge respect for Dr Yeagley for being able to overcome an instinct that I find very challenging myself.

    • zimriel

       From a Comanche perspective, they did a lot of invading of peoples’ lands too, so they’re not as bent out of shape as other ndn’s on that topic.

  • refocus

     The whites will never be permitted to have their own territory, sans all others, with their own media, educational system and cutting edge military.

  • Mulder

    I read a lot of Dr. Yeagley’s thoughts on his web site, which I found via a link here on the AmRen conference with the list of guests. He has lived a fascinating and difficult life, overcoming numerous physical maladies, yet his attitude is gratitude.

    This article is good, but I have to take issue with the term Native American. I was born here in America of German and French Canadian parents who are  citizens. I am a Native American.

  • robinbishop34

    “if we do not reclaim this lost living and breeding space, we will be
    surrounded by a rapidly expanding and heavily armed, and very hostile
    nonwhite majority…it will-with 100 percent certainty-be over for
    Native Born White Americans.”

    Pass this along.

  • Moderator


  • MissBonnie123

    I agree with what you’ve said, but how do we do this?  We certainly need some answers so we can begin taking action.

    I’ve learned a lot from reading articles and comments on Amren, but now we need solutions. 

  • ageofknowledge

    So obvious yet the modern liberal simply cannot or will not grasp the obvious solution… hence the problems we see around us today.

  • ageofknowledge

    He’s a paleoconservatist in the true sense of the word.

  • Kurt Plummer


    Native Born White Americans have no choice other than to reclaim lost living and breeding space..if we do not reclaim this lost living and breeding space, we will be surrounded by a rapidly expanding and heavily armed, and very hostile nonwhite majority…it will-with 100 percent certainty-be over for Native Born White Americans.

    Then we are truly dead because we will not engage in ethnic cleansing of high value areas like California for risk of losing our paladin status as defeaters of the Nazis.  And the Southwest is simply too arid to be worth it.  The East is a multicult hell and the Midwest is rapidly becoming hispanicized.  Which leaves only the upper midwest as saveable, largely because it is being ruined by black, both native and immigrant.

    If it’s going to come down to a fight, the world may let us off with establishing our own homeland.  Particularly if the alternative is hearing us scream to the heavens “Why are you so insecure that you want a bunch of white separatists anyway?”

    As a means of shaming them into letting the ‘racists’ go.

    But if we turn America into a civil war zone two things will happen:

    1.  The USD will be replaced as the principle oil currency and as interest rates rise on the strength of the Euro and Renmimbi, debt holders will come looking for payback.

    2.  The only thing left in the U.S. worth a damn will be real property.  And that means that we will be forced to fight anyway over an expanse of land that is too great for our reduced numbers to hold against BOTH ‘foreign’ (UN) and local ethnic forces.  Not so if we retreat to a land whose value as breadbasket means a great reluctance to sterilize with the effects of industrial warfare.

    It is one thing to secede from the federal goverment which I am all for. But secession that allows China’s genetic borders to penetrate deep into the former “America” is suicide.

    Already happening.  From Vancouver to Michigan, America is now seen solely as commercial property, not as a land of our ancestors which we intend to bequeath to our descendants.  Why do you think that all these other races are being thrust upon us if not to force the Bowling Alone effect by which whites _lose their race-nation pride_.  And so become reluctant to fight for what they no longer feel any attachment to as the black man to their right and the hispanic to their left.

    This type of secession is child-like magical thinking. Native Born White Americans will lose trillions of $$$$ in military,industrial,technologcal, and educational infrastructure to China,Pakistan,Iran and India.

    Already happening at warp speed sir-

    U.S. Loses High-Tech Jobs as R&D Shifts Toward Asia

    Outsourcing and Off-Shoring—the Globalization of R&D

    This nation has been systematically ripped open and it’s resources spread to the wind like a whale on the flensing deck of an oiler.

    The ‘good news’ is that with so much headed out, there is now not just room at the top for new solutions but absolute necessity for replacing resource intensive super grid architectures with much smaller, internally self sufficient, systems.

     The idea that Native White Americans will be able to recreate this very expensive infrastructure in some mythical White Homelands is nonesense..we will set back technologically and educationally 50 years at a minimum.

    Shrug.  You may well be correct but it won’t have anything to do with cost so much as profit and the perception that if whites cannot be made to bow their heads to the global supercorps, there will be others that might do so as well.

    We wanted to go self sufficient on oil.  We authorized exploration on the Continental Shelf.  Six months later BP faked a major accident that they couldn’t fix because a valve head casing was too badly cracked.  Taking advantage of certain tidal patterns, they made sure it looked horrendous and that the U.S. President looked like a total bumpkin in solving the problem or penalizing the offender.  Result: petroleum independence is now ‘too dangerous’ and six months later, a new moratorium is signed.  Six months after that, wave action in the mid-Gulf has near totally disippated the ‘massive spill’ of pollutants.

    Do you understand that we are in a situation where we are _not allowed_ to be what we are as the innovators and the dreamers who Take The Next Step?

    Do you realize that this amounts to racial genocide since, if we are not white in the traditional sense of leading the planet, we are not worthy of the standard of living and even territorial sovereignity that whites have used our leadership and organizational and scientific and engineering skills to traditionally demand special treatment in?

    The missing link in the argument of course being that whites are not just smarter, we are more diligent in control over our species population numbers.  Something which is itself being turned against us as China, India and Africa continue to breed like rats.

    The Mythical White Homelands are going to feel very crowded. Housing will be very expensive. Land will be very scarce.

    Two things.

    A.  We won’t be able to take everyone.
    Like The Ark, there simply won’t be room.  And those who are _preselected_ to go will have to be the courageous folks who dare to say the racist things which aren’t popular NOW.  While also maintaining a work history and specialist skills that are essential to the growth of a new nation from the old.  In this, we are truly seeing what makes the multicult terrified.  Because those who are Chosen will be those which are most sorely missed.  And the residual white trash and 7-11 clerk culture that we leave behind will be exactly what they have made of us: Useless To Our Own.

    B.  Maybe we won’t have to.
    If we can use private ownership to create white enclaves which rapidly source skilled specialists through a equivalent of ‘looking for the right kind of people’ (who are willing to donate eveything they have to buying up land and housing and and and for a generation or three) we can rapidly retool for an all-green society where, for instance, nobody pays a dime for electricity and has their mortgage covered by 10-20-100 other families.  When the fading remnant of white America _has a bright shining examle_ of what they are giving away, they may choose to ethnicize their own way of living.  And add their own states or fractions thereof, to a growing whites-only economy DIFFERENTIATED by a new currency.

    Membership has it’s white privileges.

    Water and agricultural land will be very scarce also.

    Especially in Montana and the Dakotas.

    Whites will need to look at doing things like what the Canadians are trying with old mine shafts that are used to hydroponically grow everything from Mushrooms to Pot to Strawberries.  Because in a sealed environment, you can grow all year and what you grow recovers all it’s invested resources.

    We could end up doing this across the face of a new white nation with people using Earthship (Southafrica, buried houses) technologies to free up farmland and provide high energy efficiency savings on heat and water use.  So that windfarms can also be miniaturized to the level of single home installations that come with the price of new ownership.

    There will be Chinese-North Korean type high rise apartment complex living for most Young Native Born White Amerian Families. Life is going to be very unpleasant for millions of Native Born White Americans in the mythical White homelands.

    If it’s with whites, I would still be able to relax for the first time in years.  You have no idea what it’s like to live around the foul mouthed, loud, and aggressive posturing of ethnies on a 24:7:365 basis until you take a step back and realize just how -tired- you are of alway being on-edge.  Always evaluating whether this is threat or that is something that could spill over onto you.  If the guy who just wandered down the aisle of bunkbeds is lost or scoping potential targets.

    While this is not uncommon among the whites I deal with either, the difference is that whites _will not tolerate_ crime amongst themselves.  We live by a set of rules that are older and harder and that honor code is EVERYTHING to what makes us who we are.

    In the nonwhite areas there will be explosive population growth..massive species extinctions and draughts. All the pollution and disease of these nonwhite areas will make its way to the mythical White Homelands…unless the secessionists have discovered new laws of physics that I am unaware of.

    Whites will get their goods through ports on the GOM or Hudson Bay/Great Lakes.  We will not accept goods from other parts of the U.S. and indeed, I do not anticipate production lasting very long once things hit a certain tipping point in terms of ethnography.

    We will profit from continued access to the highway system as a means to enable left/right coast trade (since it would be asking for war if we didn’t) but these routes and the truckstops/railheads that support them will be isolated and largely automated so that there is minimal contact.

    Will their be pandemics?  Yes.  But if the country goes downhill as rapidly as I suspect it’s going to, better that whites be among whites with _white doctors_ and unstressed medical systems to keep us safe.

    Since the only reason for Obamacare is the rise of a superpopulace whose numbers are so great that only by regimenting healthcare (ala UK) in lockstep with long delays between diagnosis and treatment will ‘everyone get the same level 1 care’.  Level 1 being the most basic and least comprehensive.

    Pull us out of that system and we will at least be able to treat ourselves better than the blacks and hispanics are treated in a state sponsored system hijacked by breeding numbers. 

    In the end, there will be ecological collapse in the Mythical White Homelands..and the remnant Native Born White American population will be wiped out.

    Not while I live to kill the bastards who dare try it.  Because it is whites who know, intrinsically, the value of balance.  It is the other ethnies who breed to stagnation all resource profitable areas of the world.

    According to _Eurabia_, in 1953, there were 80 million Arabs on the Saudi peninsula alone.  By 2003, there were 320 million.  That’s a FOUR HUNDRED PERCENT INCREASE in a bloody desert.

    Mexico City, at roughly 21.4 million people is the third or fourth largest in the world.  More than half of those being the ‘Colonias’ (slums) of the greater metro area.

    The question as I see it is this:  Do we want them next to us where we cannot murder them because that would be just too uncivilized and apt to drop the UN down on our necks?  Or do we want them across a frontier where there is at least a chance for us to survive their self induced Malthusian Outcome?

    The answer, for me, is robotics.  Because you see, I’m not gonna fight raging horde of ethnics who want back into the latest white refuge because they can’t build anything on their own.  I’m going to automate and force multiply my army the same way I do my lettuce pickers.

    Indeed, there is every likelihood that /tomorrow/ those soldiers will _be_ stoop labor.

    Because that is how smart whites deal with labor shortages and the refusal to do 4 dollar an hour back breaking menial labor.

    It is the libiots and the Neocons with their hidden agendas that want immigration for all the wrong reasons.  Because they are gutless weasels that refuse to use technology as a tool.

    Secessionists are fools who are out of touch with reality. There is a massive heat wave in the American South right now. When you leave the safey of central air conditioning you are hit by a furnance blast. There are going to be major news stories in a few weeks or days about lakes,ponds,streams, and rivers drying up in the American South.

    Sir, by 2100, there will be massive shortages, the world over, on simple things like poteable water, healthy food and white people to help fix things.

    We may be as little as 4% of the population by then and there will be absolutely nothing we can do, by example, by force or by self-removal from the idiocracy to self assert our right to exist as an independent people.

    We will be the Jews.  We will be the Parsi.  If we are not damn lucky, we may end up the new Indians.

    That is the reality we -have to- deal with.  Not a weather vagary two weeks out.

    It will be hard.  It will be dangerous.  We may not save more than 20-40 million people out of the 150 who refuse to be proud of being white now.  But what we will do is save the _population density_ landarea as gene pool by which our people have a future.

    Those who have absolutely no control over their reproductive rates, including the oh-so-wise Chinese and the oh-so-smart Indians.  And all the blacks in Africa.

    Will be the ones living elbow to elbow with no more hope than they do now.

    And I will laugh.  Because so long as New America has nukes and survivable delivery systems for same, they cannot touch us.  Which means they will have to butcher each other to crawl back out of the entropic ooze they have bred down to.

    I want a very large ocean..the Pacific Ocean is about the right size..between China and America. If the secessionists have their way, China’s genetic borders will extend right up to the borders of the Mythical White Homeland of the American South and Idaho.

    I want access to sea trade and the GOM or Hudson Bay give it to me.

    Two hundred bulldozers digging a 20ft X 10ft trench four miles long each, per year, will give me the minefield I need to secure my landwards side.

    What’s more, if I am forced to it, I will salt the earth with radionucleides and very lethal, prion based, biologics.  If I am sitting on the American Breadbasket, any attempted overrun of our lands will be the act of the salamander eating it’s own tail.

    >> As one famous American Historian-Frederick Jackson Turner-said during his lecture at the 1898 Worlds Fair:The American Frontier is now physically no more. The secessionist fools act as if we still had a had a frontier on the scale of the North American Colonial era.
    Wat Tyler had the right idea in 1381.

    I find it strange that you quote someone from the middle ages as having a more relevant answer to a racial as societal survival question while implying that the Frontier Days are somehow anachronistic.

    This is a self erected strawman argument because nobody is arguing for either.

    Let me tell you about the realities of the mid west.

    Less than a half hour by marvelous superhighway outside of Springfield, MO (a fading industrial town where once they made plastic cups and where every street is -still- labelled Battlefield and Republic and National), there exists a small house on an ex dairyfarm, owned by a 94 year old woman who still rents her family’s land out to other whites to graze their cattle on.

    She has not one but three massive gardens from which she cans and is very active in her church.  Her boyfriend is 91 and still drives his tractor managing his own farm (fell off, got run over and is back at it after a broken pelvis).

    They live under a sky so pure a blue and so unpolluted by urban lights you can see every constellation in the heavens and the clouds just never seem to stop rolling overhead.  In the fall, there are more reds and oranges and yellows on the trees in Missouri than there are in all of New England.  There is fishing and waterskiing and hunting on lakes so huge they still have ferry boats taking people on day-tours.

    In winter, it is seldom above 75` and it rains every day. Snow that wouldn’t even last a second on the windshield in Colorado paralyzes these people in a way that is so funny in it’s quaintness.

    In summer, it’s a veritable sauna with temperatures on the order of 90-105` and humidity that is seldom below 85%. You have to wash your bedding twice a week or the whole house smells of mildew.

    Unless you have central air.

    My great aunt doesn’t believe in such ‘new fangled’ stuff. She likes doing laundry and the heat bakes her bones and makes her feel good.

    And all of it is going to waste.

    Because even my great aunt’s grandchildren are all in their late middle age and so the dairy farm sits unused and likely never will be again.  While her old tiny house sits on a property that could easily support 4-5 2,500sqft homes in their own little dells behind hills and -still- be a useful farm.

    Springfield is suffering creeping diversity and terrible post-industrial blowback but it is still a place where you can go and sit in a white served restaurant and eat all you can stuff your face with from a clean buffet for 9-10 bucks.  Not fast food crap.  But corn and potatotes and green beans and salad and steak as thick as your thumb is long.  And then they open the desert bar and you are looking at about a thousand varieties of pie.

    They had to roll me on the airplane to come home.

    And it works and it’s cheap because everyone buys in.  Everyone knows each other and this is how they socialize.  Farmers work hard to grow food in the day they don’t like to spend hours in a kitchen cooking it in 90+ heat at night.

    If we could bring a million whites to Springfield’s greater surrounds.  And if those white folk _knew_ that they were making a major life-choice alteration to their existence in choosing to supply real food, free from competition from the likes of ‘Salmonella Tomato’ Mexico and ‘we drug our beef stupid’ Brazil and ‘melamine is our middle name’ China, the entire region would pick up and become vital again.

    Just on farming for a white homeland.

    And it _still would be empty_.  In the ways that count.  For hunting and fishing.  For teaching our young men and women what is that is important to living a good life.  As a place for growing families not ethnic politics or junk conumerism as corporate tax base.

    There IS SPACE for whites in the middle of our nation.

    And if we lived for ourselves and not for global corporatism, there woud be jobs.

    The attitudes of those who are there is more or less friendly to our goals.  A nation for our people.  A right to practice the religion of our people.  And freedom from poverty, crime and overpopulation.

    Only a clinging sense of loyal patriotism might stand against secession.

    And we need to overcome that, in a hurry, to begin recolonizing our own core.

    Because my great aunt is typical of the age out of the population there.  And the Hispanics are seeing this farmland and moving in on it with the same eager glee that they envied in the corporate farms of their own benighted narco kleptocracy.

    And once middle America becomes fully latinized we will be in the same position I hope to put them in: dependent on an alien ethny to supply our own food.

  • KingKenton

    Outstanding comment by Dr. Yeagley. It is something I will quote in my upcoming letter to the editor of our local and uber-radical left small town newspaper (not that it will probably even get printed). This seems a good time to mention an outstanding book I recently obtained, ‘A Fate Worse Than Death: Indian Captivities in the West, 1830-1885’, by Gregory and Susan Michno. The book lays to waste the lies of the Liberals who portray the Indian as harmless victim of pioneers. In my opinion, it also serves as something of a tribute to our ancestors who endured so much hardship in their quest to make a life for themselves.
    It can be found at

  • Southern__Hoosier

    “No people in America are more focused on their traditions, however unrelated to present necessity, than are American Indians.”
    Traditions, like casinos? Drunkenness? Trash all over the place?

    “I believe the WASP has the obligation to make every effort to preserve the American identity, both socially and governmentally.”
    Another White man’s burden. We also have an obligation to preserve the snail darter and the spotted owl.

    “Yes, there are a number of other significant European peoples
    (nationalities) which had major roles in the building and shaping of
    modern America;”
    I thought this country was built by African slaves and Europeans just stood around and watched.

    “And no one would consider an Indian tribe racist for being exclusive, intolerant, or non-egalitarian”
    True only, Whites are “racist for being exclusive, intolerant, or non-egalitarian”

    “Therefore, the darks have been wronged by the whites.”
    Again all the Whites fault.

    “American Indians represent the most conservative people in the country,…”
    What about the Amish?

    “Indeed, the free market is perhaps the deepest liability of capitalism or America’s republican form of democracy.”
    Spoken like a true conservative! The free market is evil. And how do you have capitalism without a free market?

    “As long as the immature can buy, and worse, vote, the situation is volatile.”
    True only the elite should be able to buy and vote. The rest of us will just run around naked till we starve to death, since we can’t buy food and clothing.

    ” Individual freedom shouldn’t be idolized. ”
    Sounds like something Stalin would have said.

    “No man is an island.  What you do does affect others. ”
    “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us is a book published in 1996 by First Lady of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton. ”

    And I love your traditional dress Dr. Yeagley

  • Are you sure that Mr. Yeagley is not White ?

  • Robert11110

    The preference of preservation is the pith of conservatism. To conserve, to reserve, to hold on to a tradition, an identity, a way of life—this is essential conservatism.

    Yet this concept seems to be absent from modern conservatism.  I see fellow conservatives worrying about racism and constantly  fawning  over the latest token minority “conservative” they dig up.   I’ve posted several comments on Free Republic about the need to preserve Western Civilization amd about the changing demographics and two diffrent accounts have been disabled  by the moderators.  Eurocentrism or I believe it’s called Atlanticism along with national identity are cornerstones of conservatism or it least they used to be.  How many politicians outside of  Pat Buchanan really talk about it?

    • KingKenton

      I’ve posted several comments on Free Republic about the need to preserve Western Civilization amd about the changing demographics and two diffrent accounts have been disabled by the moderators.

      Apparently ‘Free Republic’ isn’t very Free, how ironic…

    • Southern__Hoosier

      If “this is essential conservatism, ” then Blacks would be very conservative. Most Blacks have done quite well in maintaining the ” tradition, an identity, a way of life,” of their slave ancestors.

      They work only when made to work. They are illiterate. They expect government to take care of them like  o’l master did. Most don’t know who their father  was. They have a  new master, the Democrats. In the days of slavery there were Black overseers that were loyal to their masters in exchange for a better cabin, scraps off  o’l master table, better clothes and choice of slave women for the night. They were essentially race traitors, since they put the interest of o’l master above their own people. Today the Black overseers are called by such names as The Black Caucus, NAACP, and Rainbow Push, just to name a few

  • zimriel

    “No one would expect a Nigerian to become Chief of the Cheyenne, or a Lithuanian to become Chief of the Apache.” No-one NOW would expect it…

    But it did happen that the Comanche adopted non-Comanches and raised them to, er, chief status: Jesus Sanchez is one famous example. That’s leaving aside mixed Comanche like Quanah Parker – and like David Yeagley himself, who seems to be from a Mexican family brought into the Comanche nation before he was born.

    Being “Comanche” in the 1800s seems much like being “Muslim” in the 600s or “Mongol” in the 1200s. If you proved your worth and loyalty: congratulations, you’re a Comanche. (You all must read Pekka Hämäläinen on this.) Yeagley is pro-Comanche enough that I’ll respect his wishes and call him Comanche.

    As for how it affects us here on AmRen: it goes to how we accept such-and-such as “white” or “American”. Perhaps if America were a warrior band like the Golden Horde we could be more accommodating.

    • Southern__Hoosier

      “Yeagley is pro-Comanche enough that I’ll respect his wishes and call him Comanche.”

      Which is more than we can say about Elizabeth Warren.  Perhaps she will now admit that her family is actually white, but were adopted by the Cherokees. She might even produce the “official” adoption papers the way Chairman Obama produced his “official” birth certificate.

  • Look how quick the “Tea Party” was quick to embrace Herman Cain for president. If he didn’t resign for that sex scandal, he’d be looked on as the “Tea Party favorite”. Or, look at the 2010 elections, where between them, Sharron Angle and that Christine Whitman (I believe that was her name, the CT senate candidate), were intellectual pumpkins who didn’t have the brains that Nature gave the Bactrian camel. Both of them were “Tea Party” favorites.

    The Tea Party is so masochistic, it doesn’t care how much blood spews forth from its self-inflicted wounds, as long as it gets its rocks off in the process. That’s the impression I get.

  • “Dr. Yeagley: I don’t consider the terms meaningless at all. Conservative means wanting to hold on to historical values and culturally established morals and mores.  Liberal means to undo all that has come before.”
    Therefore, in contemporary American politics, and that of my country the United Kingdom, there exists no conservatism within mainstream politics.

  • David Ahenakew, the Canadian activist for First Peoples, he was a great man.