5 More States Get Waivers from Education Law Rules

Motoko Rich, New York Times, June 29, 2012

The Obama administration granted waivers to five more states seeking relief from key conditions of the No Child Left Behind education law on Friday. In exchange, the states agreed to enact new standards and evaluate schools and teachers based on students’ academic progress.

State officials and critics of the 2001 federal law have long complained that it was unreasonable and unrealistic in requiring every student to demonstrate proficiency in math and English by 2014.


{snip} Friday’s action by the administration brings to a total of 24 the number of states that have received waivers, and applications from an additional 13 states are under review.

The department’s approval of requests from Arkansas, Missouri, South Dakota, Utah and Virginia on Friday came the week after the federal Education Department declined to approve an application from Iowa, on the grounds that the state had not demonstrated that it would adequately measure teacher performance.


The administration’s waivers emphasized serving students with disabilities, English language learners and students from economically disadvantaged families. Mr. Duncan said that under No Child Left Behind, many of these underperforming students were “literally invisible” because they were not always counted in state reports of academic progress.


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    “…the states agreed to enact new standards and evaluate schools and teachers based on students’ academic progress.”
    THIS is the crux of the problem: in modern, ‘progressive’ liberalism, THERE MUST BE NO OBJECTIVE STANDARDS.
    No one must be held to or judged by someone elses standards. One can’t expect an ancestor of a slave to meet the same standards as a child of ‘white privilege’. YET, they want and expect equal outcomes.

    •  Of course we would never think of evaluating the STUDENTS based on the performance of other students around the world.

  • In a way, I approve of these waivers.  All 57 states ought to get waivers, because NCLB should be repealed.  Teachers should not be held responsible for being unlucky enough to get a class room full of low IQ blacks and/or Hispanics.

    The common bon mot is a quality teacher for every class room of students.  The real goal should be a quality class room of students for every teacher.

    • I approve of these waivers because blacks have been complaining that it was No Child Left Behind that was the cause of their low academic achievement.

      Now that they’re not required to follow the NCLB guidelines, I expect to see black scholastic achievements soar.

      (And when they don’t, I expect to hear about a whole new set of theories as to why the waivers didn’t work).

    • Robert11110

      That kind of thinking takes away from the idea that there are plenty of bad teachers out there.  Teachers who don’t teach but just give the assignments out and expect the students to learn it on their own.  Teachers who come to work on certain days and don’t feel like being engaged in the classroom and decide to pop a movie in the DVD player to keep the students occupied or some frivilous exercise to kill the time.  Are students at fault?  Yes.  Are teachers also to blame?  A resounding yes. 

      •  To be sure, there are bad, rotten, incompetent teachers. 

        But that’s not what Official America means by “bad teacher.”  What they mean are competent whites trying teach low IQ blacks or Hispanic.

        You’ll sometimes see “stings” of a teacher doing nothing while his or her students are goofing off.  But notice that almost all of those stings are against white teachers who have black students.  What do we expect these teachers to do?  Teach these ineducable allergic-to-learning dunces?

        • Robert11110

          Back in the 1950’s blacks were able to learn in the classroom so what’s happened?  The curriculum certainly hasn’t gotten tougher.  If anything it’s been dumbed down.  I think Washington DC spends more money per student than any other place in the country and yet the results are less than stellar.  The worse off these “underprivileged” kids are the more Uncle Sugar throws money at them.  The schools know those extra dollars can fund salary increases and all kinds of bennies and perks so it’s in their best interests to keep those kids perpetually learning disabled so the black principal can be  fly in his shiny new caddy with gold spinner rims, dirty black tinted windows, blinking Christmas lights and wheelbarrow tires.  Cut all this waste out and fund everyone the same, link pay to performance, establish a national teaching standard, put hidden cameras in the classroom and fire anyone who doesn’t live up to that standard.  Establish a nationwide database for prospective employers to keep these people from teaching in other schools.   Then let’s see how performance improves.

          • Back in the 1950’s blacks were able to learn in the classroom…

            Why do we believe that?

            Only milliseconds after SCOTUS handed down Brown v Board in 1954 (“Back in the 1950s”), Robert “Tut” Patterson, author of Patterson’s Axioms, founded the Citizens Councils movement (later organization, much later the CofCC succeeded the CCA in an organizational sense).  Why would he have bothered reacting to mandated racial integration in schools if “back in the 1950s blacks were able to learn?”

  • I always thought it was stupid to penalize teachers when crack baby Trayvon didnt score as well as a 2 parent child on a math test.

    • IstvanIN

       Yup.  The Republicans always say it is teacher tenure and the teacher’s unions that are the reason “bad” teachers can not get anything into Shitavious’s head.

      • The__Bobster

        I’m waiting for the day when teacher’s unions blame bad students for their failure to learn.

      • JohnEngelman

        Republicans feel more comfortable blaming Democrats and unions than addressing racial realities. 

    • JohnEngelman

      One of the results of No Child Left Behind is to make public school teachers even less willing than before to teach poor blacks and Hispanics. 

  • Teachers have been given the wicked task of educating Mexico’s illegal invading illiterate and anchor spawn. Why any teacher puts up with this nonsense is beyond me.

  • Athling

    Please stop wasting billions of our tax dollars trying to put a camel through the eye of a needle.

    Spend our money wisely. Allow white and east Asian students to be trained for the more cognitively demanding professions. Blacks and Hispanics can be trained for manual labor occupations that require little or no thinking.

    Thank you. That is all.

    • JohnEngelman

      They should also be taught to obey the law. 

    • Robert11110

      The orientals (there’s no such thing as east Asians) and Hispanics should go back to their own countries and educate their own children in their own lands.

  • JohnEngelman

    Every country where students outperform American students is a country where the population is nearly all white European or nearly all Oriental.

    • The__Bobster

      If you remove the spoonies and the Mestizos from the equation, we’re pretty competitive.

      • WhitesRdumb

         That is pretty good considering that the whites are doing it in chains and with a knife in their back

  • JohnEngelman

    No Child Left Behind was supposed to end the race gap by 2014. It has not achieved that. It does not seem to have reduced the race gap. It does not seem to have achieved anything at all. 
    If you pour a quart of water into a cup the cup does not grow. You waste three cups of water. 

  • ncpride

    Maybe when we have the stupidest, most ignorant, illiterate population on earth that can no longer compete even a little on a global scale, they’ll face reality and only teach the teachable and kick the others out to pick fruit, and clean toilets. Eh…. who am I kidding? They’ll continue to drag the whole country down first.

  • xthred

    So I guess it is now established and unchallenged that Obastard can issue waivers to laws.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    These waivers are right, but for the wrong reason. 

    No doubt Obama grants these waivers in order to encourage/coerce states into spending more on educating the dull, illiterate, non-native children (while the white gifted kids are ignored).  The real problem, of course is addressed well in Robert Weissberg’s “Bad Students not Bad Schools.”

  • Sloppo

    The “no child left behind” policy should be called the “everyone waits for the slowest child” policy.

  • Epiminondas

    The amazing idiocy of the Bush administration was on full display when this bill was passed.  If anyone had doubted that the Bush family were liberals before this, there was no doubt afterward.  So here we are ten years later trying to figure out how to gracefully back out of this educational bear trap.  Pursuing radical egalitarianism will be the death of this nation.