Black Mobs Now Beating Jews in New York

Colin Flaherty, World Net Daily, July 1, 2012

If Chaim Amalek had his way, no one would know that mobs of black people are attacking and beating and robbing Jews in the New York area.

Or that they shout anti-Semitic epithets.

Or that they target Jews because “they don’t fight back.”

“Such information can only serve to heighten racial tensions between these two groups,” said Amalek, an alias for New York video blogger Luke Ford. “Let us all look beyond the issue of race (in any event a mere social construct) and instead celebrate our diversity.”

In this case, the New York Post saw a pattern that most other media outlets never see. To some, it was jarring.

“Anti-Jewish crime wave,” read the June headline about a series of recent anti-Semitic attacks. “In the most disturbing incident, a mob of six black teenagers shouting, ‘Dirty Jew!’ and ‘Dirty kike!’ repeatedly bashed Marc Heinberg, 61, as he walked home from temple in Sheepshead Bay (in June.)”

This is one of several black mob attacks on—and robberies of—Jewish people in Brooklyn over the last two years, leaving broken bones and life-threatening injuries in their wake.

The assaults are part of a larger pattern in the New York area and around the country: Black mobs assaulting, robbing, destroying property and creating mayhem—hundreds of times in more than 60 cities.


In February, four black people beat and robbed an Orthodox Jew in the New York suburb of Monsey. They were charged with hate crimes after it was determined they targeted the victim based on his religion. {snip}


Ford and others, such as MSNBC news anchor Melissa Harris-Perry, say the media should not report news if it makes black people look bad. But most racial crimes and violence from black mobs in the New York area are usually not reported—not by the mainstream media anyway.


Many of the commenters said the story should have identified the race of the miscreants—if only to protect the community from future mayhem. That was too much for “brooklynborn,” who said, “I am embarrassed for my fellow Americans who flaunt their racism so publicly. What they did was offensive, but the conditions of where we


On Staten Island in December, two police officers were hurt trying to control a mob of 50 black people attacking a single family home. Firefighters finally disbursed the crowd with fire hoses to get them away from the officers. Several pictures and videos show some of the action.


In May of 2011, more than two dozen black people on a “rampage … terrorized” a Dunkin Donuts. The “swarm mob” attacked patrons, destroyed the fixtures and stole food, reported the Daily Mail, which published the story with pictures.


Last summer, a Bronx man said he was taunted for being white and beaten by a black mob on a subway. No charges were filed, and police refused to list it as a hate crime.


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  • WmarkW

    ” In this case, the New York Post saw a pattern that most other media outlets never see.”

    Must be repeating same lies that Fox News does.

  • “Ford and others, such as MSNBC news anchor Melissa Harris-Perry, say the media should not report news if it makes black people look bad.”

    This largely the de rigueur yet unspoken ethos in the media today.
    WE know it and We who see it and question it are marginalized as ‘racists’.

    Stating the prevalence of black crime is considered a ‘hate fact’; a truth so common and obvious that it must not be spoken in polite company lest one be condemned, vilified, and marginalized for speaking such truths. 

    •  Here’s a truth for them: There have been 836 black serial killers in American history since 1865. Quick – how many can you name?

      I didn’t think so.

      Search on the the phrase “Sons Of Japheth” for more info.

  • Hirschibold

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Generals always fight the last war. Most Jews across a left-right spectrum are more afraid of the boogeyman resurgence of white Nazis than the much more real and overpowering threat to not only Jews, but all of western civilization, by way of unassimilable immigrants and an African fifth column contingent. I’ve spent years around blacks and Hispanics, and they generally feel one of two ways about Jews. They either don’t see them as a distinct people, and despise them like any other group of white people, or they hate them even more than they hate other white people.

    I have as many problems with Dinesh D’Souza as anyone else, but he did a good job of pointing this out in his book “The End of Racism.” Blacks and Hispanics are more racist/antisemitic than anyone else. They hate everyone who isn’t them and when no out-group is around they will kill each other in order to amuse themselves and satiate their blood-lust.

    Yet, despite the unwavering loyalty of Red State America to Israel, the white evangelicals’ assertion that Jews are “God’s chosen people,” and the total lack of hostility from most American white gentiles, American Jews (particularly on the Left) still fear a couple of white guys on a bass fishing expedition more than a Muslim with a brick of C-4 strapped to his chest. Don’t ask me why, I suppose it’s just reflexive lazy paranoia.

    •  I think I can answer your last paragraph.

      I have found that Jews dislike inordinate attention paid to them, whether it’s negative attention (anti-Semitism) or positive attention (philo-Semitism and/or the patronizing attitudes from fundagelical Christians).  They despise Red State America precisely because of their “unwavering loyalty to Israel.”  I only wish Hunter Wallace’s dream of replacing fundagelical Christianity in the South with a Dixie equivalent of the Anglican Church would hurry up and get here.

      I remember awhile back I had an argument with an anti-anti-Semite slash Allen West fanboi on James Edwards’s blog.  One of the few right things he said was that philo-Semitism is a form of stalking.  I know I wouldn’t like being stalked, and neither does anyone else.  Of course I say that from a position of someone who isn’t important enough to be stalked.

      • Hirschibold

         It could be a case of “Methinks the Lady Doth protest too much,” that the gushing philo-Semitism of a Glen Beck could be a fait accompli of some kind, I guess.

      • MikeofAges

         I don’t think this is really true in the large, although it could be true for some individuals. Jews worked very hard in the face of often adverse circumstances to get ahead in America. Voting Democratic is a habit for them, just as it for other immigrant groups both European and non-white. It is only too bad that the Democratic Party so regularly betrays the creed of its voters, even blacks and Hispanics.

        • Horsehockey.When the Civil War ended the jews descended on the South to offer what Jesse Jackson might call “predatory lending” to cash poor blacks(and whites,too I guess),on what land they had been given. Reconstruction was trying,rightly or wrongly,to give the freed blacks some stability;then the jews came. They raped them. This led to general Order 11,the best thing Grant ever did,expelling the jews from several staes. Can you imagine that being done today!? jews led the slave trade;jews raped the freed blacks. jews dominated black entertainment, the only really valuable thing blacks have to give.  (A funny aside;That old fraud,Irving Berlin,was convicted of violating the Sherman Act,as jews took over the songwriting biz. only THEY were allowed to write songs, Then the lousy dumb bastards brga that they have some  “special”musical ability!!! “I guess”,they opine,”its because our ‘faith” praises G-D in song…” Kiss my grits. But PLEASE knock off the ‘jews work hard’ crap. The Balck Palgue worked hard,too.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             Could you provide some valid historical documentation for these claims?  All I have ever found was that a small amount of Jews were in the South, bringing merchandise such as the first nice clothing and little luxuries for Southern women since the end of the war.  They pedaled their goods from door to door, then little shops.  Macy’s was a direct result of this history.  The land fraudsters who grabbed up land were none other than fellow Southerners who profited themselves on the sufferings of their fellow whites.  But you’ve managed to have an army of Jews doing every sorry thing and mastering all persecutions in the South after the war.  Remarkable.

          • WhitesRdumb

            Mark Twain wrote about the jew stealing from the black man.

            I find it strange that jews like to use the racial slur “anti-Semite” when they encounter someone they don’t like. Jews claim Judaism is a religion and not a race. The word “Semite” refers to a racial group from the area in the South Eastern part of the Mediterranean, and not to a religion. Most jews are not Semites: They are AshkeNAZI.

            jewish logic: It is not anti-Semitic for the non-Semitic jews in Israel to murder Semites in Palestine, but it is anti-Semitic to dislike a group of criminals in Israel that are not Semites.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             I can’t reply to “WhiteRdumb” – but I do want to reply. 

            I am familiar with Mark Twain’s writing.  It is quite a stretch to use his anecdotal commentary to prove the litany of accusations that were made here. But providing documentation is not just mentioning an author of fiction, it is providing sources exactly.  No court of law would find your reference of any value or of any proof.

            Mark Twain also wrote;  “The cure for Christianity is actually reading the Bible.”

          • Marcy Fleming

             General Grant issued an order forbidding Jews to sell to the Union Army. Obviously he had some basis for his order which Lincoln seconded.
            Jews are forces for both good and evil. At least 35% of the Communists who took over Russia were Jews and it might twice as high.
            Some of the more vehement anti-Communists like Ayn Rand were also Jewish.
            Condescending whitewashing of your kind is as bad virulent anti-Semitism.
            It’s a much more nuanced subject than you or the haters of Jews make it out to be.

          •  Jews DO tend to work hard. It’s one way they’ve managed to survive for many centuries. But they tend to spend just one generation, and out, in menial jobs, moving up in the economic hierarchy. You could say the exact same thing of East Asians.

          • alltoohuman

            East Asians aren’t trying to genocide Whites.

          • kerrysmith

            Wow. Raping blacks and ‘taking over’ songwriting (I wonder how that was accomplished, anyway?). But you left out poisoning wells and mixing children’s blood into the matzoh. Since you’ve already compared Jews to bacilli (a standard Nazi trope), I conclude that there is literally no charge against Jews that you would not endorse. I’m not even Jewish, and I have to say that you sound ridiculous.

          • kerrysmith

             WhitesRDumb, below, seems determined to prove it. Tip: Ashkenazi means someone from Ashkenaz, just as Pakistani means someone from Pakistan. “Nazi” means a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. No relation, get it? As for Jews using the word ‘anti-semite’, it was invented by a French non-Jew who wanted to give Jew-hatred a ‘scientific’ rather than a religious basis. So, no, ‘anti-semite’ is not another linguistic device used by The Evil Chosen to fool dimwits. Try again…..

          • kerrysmith

             As to Marcy Fleming’s comment: wrong again, Marcy: Lincoln countermanded Grant’s order as soon as he learned of it. In future, try the argument that “Abraham” (a suspiciously Hebraic name, you’ll admit) clearly did so because he was receiving bags of gold from Hebrew traders. That will go down well with the Stormfront element on this site.

          • holyflower

            Darius: “When the Civil War ended the jews descended on the South to offer what Jesse Jackson might call ‘predatory lending’ to cash poor blacks . . . on what land they had been given. Reconstruction was trying,rightly or wrongly,to give the freed blacks some stability;then the jews came. They raped them. This led to general Order 11,the best thing Grant ever did,expelling the jews from several staes. ”

            What garbage, Mr. Darius Jackson.  General Order 11 was issued early in the Civil War — Dec, 1862 — NOT during Reconstruction.  General Order 11 was “part of a campaign against a black market in Southern cotton, which Grant thought was being run ‘mostly by Jews and other unprincipled traders.'” (Wikipedia).

            General Grant wanted to shut down smuggling during the war.  General Order 11 was revoked by Lincoln a few weeks later.

      • They DESPISE Red State America  REGARDLESS of its position on Israel. Sheesh! How in the name of God can anyone be a philo-semite??How can you admire this species??? Wow!! John Wayne Gacy may have murdered 37 boys but he was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo clever about it. Wow ya gotta admire him!!

        •  It’s an insane worldview to be sure.  Jewish opinion on P-S isn’t monolithic, but most disapprove.  If I were, say, Icelandic, it would creep me out if there were throngs of people who weren’t Icelandic acutely interested in the culture, affairs and politics of Iceland and its diaspora.  Like, uh, okay….

    • Sheila Dinehart

      You said “American Jews (particularly on the Left) still fear a couple of white guys on a bass fishing expedition more than a Muslim with a brick of C-4 strapped to his chest”

      I found that to be quite a statement…how unfortunate that you may be right, ha!

      “…reflexive lazy paranoia.”

      …become a kind of genetic collective pathology.

    • Detroit_WASP

      Well said.  

      To all the screw-ball Jew haters:

      Gee I thought you said the Jews were in league with the blacks to destroy the USA?  I guess these blacks didn’t get the memo!

      • mikejones91

        It really doesn’t make sense. The NBPP is a Muslim group as well. I guess stormfront didn’t get the memo.

      • Here’s a memo for you: The Civil rites act (as well as the 1965 Immighartion Act) was written by the jewish establishment. Norman Podhortez was the author of that odious piece of shite,that has gone pretty far,wouldnt even a dim-bulb like you agree,to ‘destroy America.”  

        • Eagle_Eyed

           And was passed by a majority gentile white nation.  Your point?

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             Well, it was deceptive in that Kennedy assured everyone that it would not result and any significant demographical change.  But he had to know better and any thinking person would have had to have known better.  But that was before The Great Society came into fruition and the attendant programs, the Feminist Movement, etc., that all worked together to change the demographic.  Whatever the details, the result all these decades later CLEARLY is chaos.

            I don’t know if it can ever be remedied.  But one thing I do know, it won’t be remedied by exaggerations and lies.  Being any sort of realist means finding facts and analyzing them effectively, not making them up.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           No it was written by one Jew and one Christian; namely, Emanuel Cellar and Ted Kennedy.

          • Ingsoc

            No true.  Kennedy was a stupid, drunk, womanizer. He was the front man and “face” of the bill.  It was written by two Jews:  Hart and Cellar, reflected in the official title:  Hart-Cellar Act of 1965.

            “Senator Jacob Javits played a prominent role in the Senate hearings on the
            1965 bill, and Emanuel Celler, who fought for unrestricted immigration for over
            40 years in the House of Representatives, introduced similar legislation in that
            body. Jewish organizations (American Council for Judaism Philanthropic Fund,
            Council of Jewish Federations & Welfare Funds and B’nai B’rith Women) filed
            briefs in support of the measure before the Senate subcommittee, as did
            organizations such as the ACLU and the Americans for Democratic Action with
            a large Jewish membership (Goldberg 1996, 46).
            Indeed, it is noteworthy that well before the ultimate triumph of the Jewish
            policy on immigration, Javits (1951) authored an article entitled “Let’s open the

        • kerrysmith

           Anyone who wants to know who wrote the Civil Rights (not “rites’, Darius) Act can check   Needless to say, magazine editor Norman Podhoretz was not the author, and judging from the names in the entry above, it looks as though mostly non-Jews were involved in the writing. The bill appears to have been an initiative of the infamous Kennedy brothers, and was signed into law by that notorious Jew, Lyndon Baines Johnson 🙂
          Darius, before you call other people dim-bulbs, please do your homework and learn to s-p-e-l-l.

    • mikejones91

      You said it best, friend lol. People (the average/typical sheep) has this perception of the evil white man when they hear words like “hate crime”/”supremacist”/blah blah blah. For me (again, this is only me) that whole “neo nazi” white guy thing is so “90s”. As in so outdated it bothers me that this topic is still brought up and made to appear relevant. 

    • Lets look at what you are saying: “.Yet,despite…loyalty of Red State America to Israel …Gods chosen people…total  lack of hostility”,Jews still have negative feelings toward our Race. Hmmm. Extremely negative feelings towrad our Race. Jews were behind the Twin Sisters:The Civil Rites Act & The 1965 Immigration Act,two laws that trashed the hell out of White America. The media.movies,TV,and political elite relentlessly despises US,as they toady to Jews. Now…maybe its not the jews who are misguided and dumb? Maybe its NOT the jews who dont know who their eneny is?? Maybe they know damn well who their enemy is…but WE dont seem to. Ya think?? 

      • WhitesRdumb


         Almost every anti-gun law in the US in the last 50 years has been written by jews. The jews love to claim that Hitler banned guns, but that is not true. The Treaty of Versailles and the jewish controlled Weimer Republic banned German civilians from owning guns: Jews, of course, could own anything they wanted. One of the first things Hitler did when he came to power was allow German civilians to own guns to defend themselves from jewish violence and jewish rape. The laws were not as liberal as the ones in the US, but they were better than what the U.S. has today: Civilians were allowed to carry concealed weapons, and own machine guns. jews have also been behind the anti-gun laws in England, Australia, and Canada; not to mention the Soviet Union and Eastern Block countries.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             I can’t reply to “WhiteRdumb” – but I do want to reply. 

          I am familiar with Mark Twain’s writing.  It is quite a stretch to
          use his anecdotal commentary to prove the litany of accusations that
          were made here. But providing documentation is not just mentioning an
          author of fiction, it is providing sources exactly.  No court of law
          would find your reference of any value or of any proof.

          Mark Twain also wrote;  “The cure for Christianity is actually reading the Bible.”

        • anarchyst

          You are correct.
          It is interesting to note that the 1968 Gun Control Act is a word-for-word copy of the 1938 German Gun Control Act . . .

    • It’s partly due to Hollywood’s depiction of “bad guys” in a whole host of action movies. Ever notice how they’re always chosen to look as much like “Nazis”, or like liberals’ notion of what “Nazis” look like, as possible? That is to say, blondish hair, blue eyes, Aryan features, etc. Meanwhile the “good guy computer genius” is usually Samuel L. Jackson.

      • Nazis are sexy. “Good guys”, on the other hand, look like……ugh, Samuel Jackson. 
        Not quite a successful propaganda for “good causes”.

        • ed91

          no good guy I know looks like sam jackson..

          maybe Andrew Jackson.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Melissa Harris-Perry leaves the MSNBC faculty lounge long enough to tell us how to us how to discuss the Trayvon Martin episode:

    • Hirschibold

       The worst thing about Melissa Harris Perry is that she refused to discuss the abuse of women in the Muslim world because she was afraid a catalogue of their crimes would lead to Islamaphobia. Yet she has no problem in repeating the false info that Zimmerman/Trayvon was a white black incident, even if it leads to violence against whites. Some violence against whites (and we’ve already seen the blowback) is what she actually wants.

      • Hmmm…isnt that odd. EVERYthing seems to be against whites. Wow thats weird. Its almost as if WHITE people were targeted by…somebody. Somebody with lots of power. Who on earth could that be? the New Black Panthers? The Cong. Black Caucus?So hard to figger this one out…

  • Sloppo

    Perhaps some Jews should start another empowerment organization called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Except for the Ones Who Want to Kill Jews (NAACPEOWWKJ) … and phase out that other one they created.

    • IstvanIN

       They control the media, even they admit that.  Let us see how they deal with this.  Black on white violence was OK when it was us.  But as any reasonable person could have guessed, the proponents of dieversity would eventually become victims as well.

      • ……..“Anti-Jewish crime wave,” read the June headline about a series of recent anti-Semitic attacks.

        I certainly don’t see many “Anti-White crime wave” headlines around myself, makes me wonder what it takes to become protected class in the world of indentity politics, especially when being the liberators of WW2 didn’t seem to get us much credit. 
        ( For the record I’m more anti-hypocrisy than anti-Semitic, “one rule for all” is the true equality/parity that we Whites seem to be denied).

      • robinbishop34

        They control the media, even they admit that.

      • alastairabbacle

        The victims are the orthodox and hasidim.    The orthodox do not work in the media industry.  I’m sure the orthodox are pretty well aware of racial reality, seeing as how they live in Brooklyn.  The reason for their fear of reporting, would only have to do with avoiding anything that would cause the Blacks to riot.  

        Thus the orthodox do have an interest in maintaining racial harmony, while still being tough on Black crime.    This is  reasonable attitude. 

        • IstvanIN

           The Orthodox and Hasidic Jews looks down on us white gentiles.

          • Spartan24708

            Most of the ones I knew just wanted to be left alone. Most of the lefty ones look down on white (and every other race) Gentiles. 

          • Ingsoc

            Hell, I wish they would leave US alone.

          • The hasidix are the absolute scum of the earth. They have athriving industry of smuggling drugs into America. they also deal in the  Palestinian organ black market. They are utter trash.

          • alastairabbacle

            Yes, they do. This is because we are self-hating enough to hurt our own people.
            We should be as the Jews.

          • Ingsoc

            We should.  We whites should repeat every single day:  “Is it good for the White race?  Is it good for the White race?”  and go from there.  

            Notice I didn’t put up the prayer “Thank God I was not born a Jew” 

      • The__Bobster

        They admit it, but we are either so brainwashed that we don’t see it….or aren’t allowed to say that we see it.,0,4676183.column

        I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.

        In contrast, in the U.S., where to-encourage-the-others events like the firing of ESPN football pundit Gregg Easterbrook and CNN anchor Rick Sanchez for saying that Jews are not an oppressed minority in the media business, are carried out without any need for law, nor even any public controversy. Ultimately, this censorship and stifling are justified on the grounds of a genocide not 18 years ago, but 67 years ago, and one not in the U.S. at all, but in a country the U.S. was attempting to bomb flat. So, you’ve got to say, at least relative to what happens in the U.S., that Kagame has a case.

  • A ton of good, free “Crime Avoidance and Self-Defense Advice” here:

  • It should be the other way around.  They should report black crime. If the media would criticize black crime they would have to shape up or else. We would have better results. Why the protection? We’re living in a society where up is down and down is up. Also, any black reading this article knows he has it made in the shade.

    • In a nutshell, reporting any crime committed at the hands of diversity has been deemed “racist” by a MSM, terrified that “diversity is our greatest strength” mantra will be dispelled as the fraud that it really is.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Another Whitey Fail.

    Why didn’t he contact Holder, Beirich, Choen, Potok, Foxman, Sharpton, Jackson, and Jealous, LLC, for comments on the story?

    Whites who fail to reinforce our responsibility to hold the Diver$ity Indu$try accountable for Diver$ty Violence (TDB- Typical Diversity Behaviour) are failing to do their part.

    Every time a White misbehaves by saying a bad word in an unguarded moment, we hear screeching voodoo hysteria about the “long, painful struggle against slavery, segregation, and racism”.

    We need to do the same thing.  Every time blacks act all kepp’n it real up en heeah, we need to screech hysterically about our long, painful struggle to keep our life, liberty, happiness, and property while surrounded by Diversity that refuses to play by the rules and follow the laws of Western Civilization.

    White Humanity must accept the idea that the time has come to force the blacks to negotiate for the benefits we give them, instead of just expecting us to “do more” every time their feeling get hurt (they say their feelings get hurt, but it’s just voodoo- they don’t “feel” in the same way we do, so the White Man’s English word “feelings” shouldn’t apply).

    This will clear our heads-

    • alltoohuman

      Jews aren’t White.  If Jews are White then so are Arabs and Latinos since they too can have light skin.

      •  Please, enough with this “Jews aren’t White” nonsense.  Some Jews ARE white, some ARE NOT.  The Jews that live next door to me are blonde haired, blue eyed WHITE PEOPLE.  Hell if you saw us together you would think I was the JEW, not them!

        • MekongDelta69

          There are three races – Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongoloid. There’s no Jewishoid, Araboid, Spanishoid (‘Latinos’ is a made-up PC word, just like ‘Hispanics’).

          The problem with Jews is 67% – 75% of them are ridiculously, insanely liberal – and they have contributed in a major way to everything that has brought us to this point.
          (Unfortunately, so have uber-leftist Christians. Most of the institutions which USED TO BE conservative have devolved over the decades to become leftist – and ALL of them have contributed to our destruction.)

          However, there are 25% – 33% of Jews who are ridiculously, insanely conservative and they are completely overlooked. I could give you a link to a conservative Jewish site and if you (figuratively) closed your eyes, you would think you were on AmRen, Vdare and the few others like them.

          P.S. This was directed to ‘alltoohuman’. I hit the wrong key.

          • IstvanIN

             None the less, they still have two main goals: undermine European and European-American society and protect Israel.  Unfortunately, those two goals are not mutually exclusive and when they succeed with goal #1 they lose goal #2.

          • MekongDelta69

            You are 67% – 75% correct.

            The radical leftist Jews want to undermine European and European-American society, but they are also against Israel and are Pro-Palestinian / Arab / Muslim.

          • The jews are the enemy. To Son of Abraham  below who asks,”you have gained this tiresome prejudice how…”? I guess the damn fool stopped listening to the  tiresome PC jew-loving jew-praising jew-worshipping horsefeces that is slopped on us 24/7 and actually…oh God this is scarey…we shouldnt be doing this!!!!….its against Gods will!!!….b-b-but he did it… he did the Unthinkable! He…looked at the world…as it is. Wow. Just wow.

          • kerrysmith

             so much for the fiendishly clever, subtle Jewish conspirators.

          • ed91

            that’s your opinion…….  could be worth a nickle if anyone will pay you for it. 
            other than that, it’s only your opinion.

          • MekongDelta69

            Nah – that’s fact. And it’s worth more than a nickel.

          • Marcy Fleming

             You are right. Actually Jews voted closer to 85% for Obama in 08 and will do the same now.
            Mekong’s figures are fantasy.

          • The__Bobster

            However, there are 25% – 33% of Jews who are ridiculously, insanely conservative and they are completely overlooked.

            So how did Obongo get 78% of the jewish vote? You math doesn’t add up.

          • MekongDelta69

            You got those figures from exit polls, which aren’t accurate. A lot of people don’t want to tell a pollster (in person) that they didn’t vote for the black guy.

            Besides, I said 25% – 33%. Even if 3% of Jews lied to a pollster, it would hit the (lower) mark mathematically.

            But that wasn’t even the real point of what I was saying.

          • The__Bobster

            So you are saying that jews are either ridiculously conservative or ridiculously liberal, with none of them in the middle to boost MexCain’s count? Not very likely. From my experience, about 10-15% of jews are very conservative, with another 15-20% who could swing either way.




          • The__Bobster
          • MekongDelta69

            I read that when it first came out. It would take a post almost as long to respond, which I’m not going to do, not b/c I don’t want to, but I’ve learned from plenty of experience since the Net became widespread that 99.999% of arguments or disagreements on the Net wind up no place.

            I don’t write for a living, and I assume you don’t either, so to take my valuable time and energy (and yours) to wind up in the same place is fruitless.

            We’ve agreed on a bunch of things before, so now and then, the same people are going to disagree on one thing or another. It’s inevitable. Nobody is a clone of someone else. The important point is *how* you disagree.

            I agreed with some to a lot of what he said, but to make a LSS – race (which they put in ‘scare’ quotes to be PC – which is highly unusual for Vdare), tribe, ethnicity, etc., etc. are all different terms.

          • curri

            The radical leftist Jews want to undermine European and European-American society, but they are also against Israel and are Pro-Palestinian / Arab / Muslim.”

            That’s a tiny fringe with no power.  Do they have fundraisers for the Palestinians in left-wing Hollywood? 

          • MekongDelta69

            If you honestly think radical leftist Jews have no power, then you’re in disagreement with the people here who are saying they have TOO much power (which they do).

            Btw, you might want to look up “J Street” and a whole bunch of other powerful, leftist Jewish lobbies just like that.
            No – they don’t hold fundraisers for Palestinians in Hollywood… They hold them in D.C.

          • curri

            J Street is a joke. They just present themselves as “AIPAC  
            With A Human Face.” 

            But, who  are these Jewish millionaires and billionaires who support the BDS (Boycott, Disvestment and Sanctions) Movement against Israel. 

          • Marcy Fleming

             Replying to Engelman, you like that deletion policy because you endorse Jewish Supremacism and Racism.
            Mekong, nowhere near 25 or 33% of Jews are conservative.
            We vote 90% Democratic.

        • IstvanIN

           They do not consider themselves white, for the most part.  They consider themselves an oppressed minority, outsiders who must fight the white gentile majority.  Their wealth, success and insider status in American social and political circles notwithstanding.  Just look at all the politicians elected from non-Jewish districts, yet still they consider themselves the “other”.

          • alltoohuman

            Exactly.  Even Jared Taylor doesn’t seem to understand this.  He can say “they look White to me” all he wants but they will always see themselves as a different people, and Taylor as the Other.

          • ed91

             the real race problem I see is that blacks targets whites…………..  I’m not targeting anyone and don’t care what shade of tan they are…..  I know enough to watch out for blacks though because they are extremely racist and violent.

          • IstvanIN

             Mr. Taylor may be correct in that most American Jews are genetically European but, like Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez, do not consider themselves white and work against our interests.

          • JohnEngelman

            Jared Taylor’s policy of deleting anti Semetic comments is one of the things I like about this website. 

          • Marcy Fleming

             Engelman just wrote a little bit above that he was opposed to deleting anti-Semitic comments.
            Now he’s in favor of deleting them ?

          • Exactly. You know how its always the white man under interrogation. Is the WHITE MAN rayciss? is the WHITE MAN AUNTIE-SEMITE?  is the WHITE MAN this,is he that? As jews are the dominant social class in the USA,–just look how they are praised and coddled like lovers(!!) by the Amren whites,–maybe we should start asking THEM what they think. Look at the issues that are destroying our society:Affrimative Action,immigartion,civil rites,etc? the jews take the anti-white position in EVET CASE> The fool in the White house may or may not get re-elected;one thing is CERTAIN,tho. The jews are NOT having a recession,OK? the wealthy are doing GREAT. The jews will march out and vote Obama at the very least by 75%. The “man” who is destroying your childrens future. 75%,maybe 80. And you dumb chowder heads are blubbering your blisful memories of onec having lived next door to some dumb-assed jew. Whoopty-do!

          • Marcy Fleming

             Actually replying to Engelman’s query above, I have shown on other threads many instances of your ignorance.
            That includes the Palestine Conflict and Jewish Supremacism as well as all domestic issues.
            Go reread them, I don’t have to reinvent the wheel for you.

        • JohnEngelman

          The vast majority of Jews are white. The Ashkenazim are the most superior racial group in the world. 

          • Isn’t there some Asian Renaissance or Jew Renaissance site you can post at instead of polluting this site with your ignorant comments?

          • JohnEngelman

            How am I ignorant? 

          • anarchyst

            Let’s not get into this “chosen people” jewish supremacism crap. . .

          • JohnEngelman

             Insofar as I am suggesting that the Jews may have had some degree of unusual verbal skills going back to the time of Moses, I am naked before the evolutionary psychologists’ ultimate challenge. Why should one particular tribe at the time of Moses, living in the same environment as other nomadic and agricultural peoples of the Middle East, have already evolved elevated intelligence when the others did not?    
            At this point, I take sanctuary in my remaining hypothesis, uniquely parsimonious and happily irrefutable. The Jews are God’s chosen people.
            – Charles Murray, from “Jewish Genius”

          • Marcy Fleming

             Engelman overlooks the fact that if it wasn’t for massive illegal as well as legal immigration by Jews into Palestine there would be no State of Israel today.
            Israel has never been in any danger of annihilation and many Jewish authors from Rabbi Elmer Berger to Avi Shlaim to Zeev Sternhell to Noam Chomsky to Alfred Lilienthal have documented this fact.
            It was and is the Palestinian Arabs who have been in danger of annihilation since the illegal UN Partition of late 1947.

          • Vil

             Go to ~4:55. I don´t agree on all points Duke makes, but on most of them.


          • JohnEngelman

            I stopped watching the video when The New York Times was described as “a Zionist newspaper.” 
            Israel is a tiny country that has always been in danger of annihilation. Consequently I accept Israeli behavior I would object to if the United States behaved that way.
            Besides, violence against illegal immigrants, especially black illegal immigrants, is something some AR posters might approve of in the Untied States.
            For the record, I oppose violence against illegals. I just want them deported here and in Israel.

          • alltoohuman

            “Israel is a tiny country that has always been in danger of annihilation.”

            Except it isn’t.  Israel has hundreds of nuclear warheads, with many of them aimed at European capitals.  They’ve eve admitted this.  Israel isn’t under any danger.  It’s WE who are in danger of being annihilated.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Replying to Engelman above. So now Jews join his select approved group of minorities starting with ‘Orientals.’
            Give me a break ! No sane person could possibly like all the members of a given group.
            You have no idea of how condescending and actually tribalistic you come off.
            Just like our lying, phony President. All hat and no cattle.
            Christianity is indeed the Jews’ revenge upon the Gentiles as Nietzsche wrote which is my Irish Dad and Jewish Mom were both proud atheists.

          • Dave4088

            Some Jews have Caucasian physical characteristics but that’s where the similarities between Europeans and Jews ends.   Spiritually and mentally the Jews are an alien people.  And most Jews will hotly contest any claim that they are white Europeans, preferring instead to be known as Jews and only Jews. 

          • JohnEngelman

            Jews have never been alien to me. I grew up with them I have always liked them. 
            I do not see how Jews can be alien to a Christian. Nearly all, if not all, of the Bible was written by Jews. 

            BTW I am a Christian. I have read the Bible from cover to cover in several translations, including The Jewish Study Bible.

          • Spiritually and mentally the Jews are an alien people.  

            This part doesn’t hold water. Assimilated Jews are just part of a European cultural complex & nothing else.

          • Dave4088

             “I do not see how Jews can be alien to a Christian…..”

            The Old and New Testaments are diametrically opposed.  The OT is filled with Jewish hatred, vengeance, rapine and mass murder of gentiles while the NT is about love, peace and forgiveness.  The Jews continue to marginalize and undermine Christianity to this day.   Personally, I’m a deist but Jewish media moguls in Hollywood churn out movies with heavy anti-Christian bias.  

            Israel persecutes Christians.  An Israeli TV clip on you tube showed a young, attractive Jewish woman referring to non-Jews as “dirty goya”. 

            Still stand by your statements? 

          • anarchyst

            Jews are jews first and then members of a country . . .It may be that others DID develop elevated intelligence; we just have not discovered them.  For example, many mathematical concepts were originated by Arabs, the concept of “zero”, being one such concept.
            Another example is the abstract concept of individual LIBERTY, personal responsibility, the freedom to determine one’s role in life and a Constitution that “limited government power” (NOT limiting citizens power as was the norm in those days) is a uniquely white European/American concept.  Our Constitution puts limits on government, describing what government may NOT do. . .
            Jews, on the other hand, developed the concept of the “kibbutz” which is akin to hard “socialism” or even “communism”.
            As to Jews being God’s “chosen people”, I don’t believe it for a minute.  Much of the concept of being “chosen” was perverted from a purely spiritual aspect to one of a physical human “overlord” status.   Jews have been identified as the “chosen” people (from a ruling-class standpoint) with the Schofield translation of the Bible which misinterpreted the “covenant” as being of physical origin rather than the original “spiritual covenant” of the Old Testament.
            Too many Christian dispensationalists have bought into the “chosen people” to the detriment of all.
            Best regards . . .

          • jeffaral

            Dear John: Amren is there to fight anti-White discrimination, not to support jewish supremacism.

          • Ingsoc

            “Useful idiots” are always the first to be destroyed.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Racist nonsense is what your second statement is. The first sentence is true.

          • Ingsoc

            They are hypocrites, demanding a “pure” nation for themselves, Israel, while insisting that white nations become “mutil cultural.”

            They advocate building a wall around their own nation yet fight tooth and nail to keep a wall from going up along the Mexican border.  They deport their Africans while insisting that flooding white nations with backwards African, Moslems and Mexican dregs of the third world continue apace in white nations.

            Wanting to destroy whites and white nations is pure evil.

          • JohnEngelman

            You do not seem to know many Jews. “They” do not all think alike. Those who favor multiculturalism tend to be critical of Israeli treatment of the Palestinians. 

          • Ingsoc

            Explain something: Why do Zionist Jews want a “Jewish only state” but support multiculturalism for America and Europe? They have a dual position for a reason.

            You and other retarded self-hating whites do not seem to understand that you’ve been duped by a group of people who consider themselves to be “God’s chosen people,” a people who are racially, intellectually, and morally superior to all others, whom they call ‘goyim’ (cattle).

            Don’t you find it odd how you are supposed to feel hatred and shame for your ancestors, and how you are supposed to race-mix yourselves out of existence, while the people who plant these ideas in your head are, themselves, fiercely ethnocentric and nationalistic and are always doing whatever it takes to advance their own ethnic interests? i.e., “Is it good for the Jews?”

            Judaism is a group evolutionary strategy. Jewish people and Jewish groups feel it is to their interests to have an America that is not Christian and not White.


Why are libs/reds so ‘effably’ stupid

          • anarchyst

            Your juewish supremacy attitude is showing . . . and it stinks!
            You should be ashamed of yourself . . .

          • JohnEngelman

            You should be ashamed of for disliking anyone who is not a Nordic Gentile, like I am. 

          • anarchyst

            Mr. Engleman . . .
            I don’t dislike anyone that treats me with respect but I do draw the line at your insistence on promoting ashkenazic superiority (a false doctrine) and the jews being a “chosen people”.  You are guilty of the very things that you accuse me of . . .
            Best regards,

        • Bill_der_Berg

          If my own brother champions mass third-world immigration, then he is my (political)  enemy.  Those Jews who oppose it are my allies.

      • Church_of_Jed

        They are lilly White when it helps our Cause.

  • I remember, back in the 70’s, that Hassidic Jews DID fight back. I heard, at the time, that Satmar Hassidim would only have to call out “Khop im” (“get him”) and other Satmars would come to his rescue and beat the black perp.

  • The “elite” Jews who are running the show do not give a crap about the “rank and file” Jews.  

    • IstvanIN

       Acceptable losses?

    • kerrysmith

       Yes, and that’s a funny thing about elites – the elite Gentiles don’t give a crap about rank-and-file Gentiles, either. Think I’ll get 22 “likes” for pointing that out?

  • Easyrhino1

    Well, in the interest of balanced reporting:  two white kids were seen vandalizing one of the benches at the park.

  • Athling

    The media has at their disposal ample means of not only exposing African crime but also shaming them by continual broadcasts of their crimes into every black home with a TV set. Make this a nightly event broadcast to a national audience of millions. Keep broadcasting it until Africans are psychologically conditioned by it.

    Isn’t this the preferred method used as a tool against Caucasians? It’s high time a floodlight of national attention is focused on these street urchins.

  • JohnEngelman

    Whatever happened to the Jewish Defense League? 

  • shawnmer

    Well, we might just as well pack it in, gentlemen!  We have it all wrong on racial disparities in crime rates.  This glittering  jewel of modern youth clarifies that this is all due to how we’re defining “crime.” 
    It took a few minutes of my jaw hanging open before I started laughing.

    • ed91

       I couldn’t make it through 30 seconds……  an albino black with dyed hair?

      a contorted argument with a lot of twists and turns………. 

      farrankhan with his 19 letters?

  • Something just occurred to me.

    This is the story about a mahogany mob.

    I am surprised that we have not yet heard a certain someone advance the theory that they’re bereft of food stamps, and/or their parents are starving.  I can’t wait for that certain someone to find a way to blame this on Christianity.

  • publius

    But most Jews will still vote for Obama and the other democratic candidates.

    • The__Bobster

      There is a small glimmer of hope.
      Obama in 10-Point Drop among Jews
      Among U.S. Jews, 64% support Obama, down from 74% in 2008 and similar to what Dukakis got in 1988.

      By Gil Ronen First Publish: 6/10/2012, 5:55 PM
      U.S. President Barack Obama currently has the support of 64% of Jewish registered voters, according to the Gallup polling agency. This is 10% less than the percentage of Jews who voted for Obama in 2008, and is similar to the percentage of Jews who voted for Michael Dukakis when he contended for the presidency against George Bush in 1988. Republican Mitt Romney enjoys 29% support among Jews.

  • Same with Obama, completely disowned his white mother and grandparents who did far more for him than is black father. Pathetic, more proof blacks and even half-blacks are worthless and ungrateful.

    • mikejones91

      He disowned his mother? What do you mean? Not disputing, just curious. Not surprised either, just never head anything about it. 

      • His mom “disowned” him,basically. She sent him packing to granny,like sooooo many white females with mullato mutts. She was too busy studying “Blacksmithing in the West Indies” to bother with Barry.

    • Bill Maher is of course half-white too. His dad was Catholic. His mom a jew. He REALLY is soooooo pro-Catholic its amazing. he is not like Obama at all!

  • I prefer the term black leadersh*t

  • Mahound

    Blacks behave like this towards whites all the time but it seems like it’s only when Jews are victimized that it’s news worthy.

    • ed91

       a black, gay jew walked into a bar.

      everyone clamored to wait on him……….  

      he walked out in a huff.

  • anarchyst

    When I was growing up, those of us who were race-conscious had a saying “behind every negro project / problem, there is a (certain type of) jew (involved in some way)”.  It turns out that certain (leftist) jews figured prominently in the civil rights (for some) movement in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  It is no secret that certain jews went down south and caused considerable trouble in many all-white, peaceful, tranquil communities.This is NOT an indictment of all jews, merely those who were (and still are) pushing the “multiculturalism” and “diversity” crap (on the rest of us).The “jews” I am referring to are NOT the religious jews (who are fine citizens) but the radical marxist atheistic jews of communism . . .
    It turns out that jews are reaping what they have sown . . . I feel for the innocents being hurt . . .

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      I agree. The Jews with whom I’m acquainted seem to be living in a fantasy world. One couple for example moved their son from the public middle school that he attended because he was being harassed daily by the Black “students” either because he was a Jew or more likely, because he was White. The family are not Chassidim and the kid doesn’t wear the anything that would identify him as Jew such as the Payot and I would wager that the average Mau Mau kid doesn’t know anything about Jews. His parents put him in a Quaker private school. However when in discussions with them I bring up the undeniable truth about the Dirty War being waged against us by Blacks they recoil in discomfort like turtles who retreat into their shells. According to the PC rulebook, the very fact that they pulled the kid out of school was in itself a racist act especially since the Quaker school is almost totally White and their son is extremely happy there.
      I don’t understand this mentality. It seems like the same mindset that prevented them from fighting back against the SA thugs during the 1930’s. 
      Then again non-Jewish Whites are also reacting the same way to what’s going on. 

      • No, the reasons are different. During 1930s in Germany, German Jews didn’t believe their own eyes- they consider themselves German (see, for instance, the tragic destiny of great mathematician Felix Hausdorff). These people who “recoiled in discomfort like turtles who retreat into their shells” acted like liberals, not as “Jews”. The same would be with “Christian” liberals.

        • ed91

          bardon, you aren’t biased are you?

          which makes me wonder, are you in the media?  in any aspect?

          it’s a bit like being gay…….. most of us don’t care if you’re jewish!

  • ViktorNN

    To Amren and any other bloggers/writers in the pro-white advocacy movement… please keep banging away on these stories. Don’t give up. There is a low intensity race war against whites in this country. There is no other way to understand it. We desperately need original investigative reporting on black mob violence. We need articles with such strong arguments that our ideas are impossible to ignore and seep into the mainstream. It happens with immigration, there’s no reason it can’t happen here.

  • .

    I’m not an expert on Jewish issues but I see no evidence of Jewish bigwigs being overly concerned about black violence against their brethren. So I don’t really see the problem being that Jews have some influence in the media so much as the wrong Jews having influence. And by that I mean left-wingers who’ve drank an extra helping of the liberal kool-aid.

    •  maybe because jews use blacks to generate wealth for them, much the same way Ringling Bros/Barnum & Bailey used animals in the circuses, every once in a while an elephant stomps on a trainer, or a lion mauls the the girl,  but as they say, the show must go on

      • ed91

         are they fronting the dope dealers?

        how else could blacks make money for you?   NFL?  NBA?

        •  you own the record company that distributes black music? you own the network that owns BET? you own the studio that produces will smith movies? you own a wig factory in NY?

          • Ingsoc

            Or the entire uber-money-making porn industry.

  • You have to wonder if blacks realize that jews are the biggest champions of the black race

    • Bill_der_Berg

      Except in Israel, perhaps.

    • The__Bobster

      You have to wonder if Jews realize that born-again Christians are the biggest supporters of the state of Israel. They trash them in the media every chance they get.

    • ed91

       there is a lot of realizing that slips right past black people.

      thanks for asking though.

  • Bill_der_Berg

    There was a time when journalists made a show of having a duty to provide their  readers with reliable information.  It’s good that they have dropped that pretence.  Readers have no excuse for not knowing that they are forking out good money to be deceived.

  • curri

    Elites are not always as hostile to the majority population as the ones that rule the US today:

    LET US say there was a coup at the top: that, after the war, intellectuals took the helm at the prestige colleges; that a new breed of intellectualized graduates duly emerged to claim (as these graduates always had) a large share of the nation’s elite positions; that the character of the elite changed radically in consequence. Today’s elite is intellectualized, the old elite was not. Why should that matter? What differences does it make?

    The difference is this: the old elite used to get on fairly well with the country it was set over. Members of the old social upper-crust elite were richer and better educated than the public at large, but approached life on basically the same terms. The public went to church and so did they. The public went into the army and so did they. The public staged simpler weddings and the elite put on fancier ones, but they mostly all used the same dignified words and no one self-expressed. They agreed (this being America) that art was a waste, scientists were questionable, engineering and machines and progress and nature were good. Some of the old-time attitudes made sense, some did not; but the staff and their bosses basically concurred. (George Bush was elected in part, Brookhiser suggests, because of public interest in restoring these arrangements.)

    Relations between the elite and the nation are very different today. The enmity between Intellectual and Bourgeois is sheepman against cattleman, farm against city, Army versus Navy: a clichÈ but real. Ever since there was a middle class, intellectuals have despised it. When intellectuals were outsiders, their loves and hates never mattered much. Today they are the bosses and their tastes matter greatly.
    Today’s elite loathes the nation it rules. Nothing personal, just a fundamental difference in world view, but the feeling is unmistakable. 

  • curri

    The hostile ruling elite doesn’t give a damn about Hasidic Jews: 
    To be immersed in the Department for any length of time is to know with absolute certainty that the battle of ideas, for the highest seat of power, for the basic outlook of the United States of America is over and it has been won by globalist, multi-culturalist, liberal capitalism. That is to say, the USG is currently fanatically devoted to a world-view that can best be described in shorthand as a mix between the Wall St Journal pro-global business and open borders stance and the ideology one would find in the Office for Multi-Cultural Affairs at a major liberal arts university.
    Mencius Moldbug (whose father was in the Foreign Service, and as he once pointed out to Larry Auster, when a person IN the Foreign Service and a person who grew up in the Foreign Service are telling you, who are NOT in USG that USG is fully and completely committed to the modern liberal revolution and is not capable of being reformed, one should LISTEN) is completely correct in noting that this view has hardened into an ideology and has intertwined itself so thoroughly in the popular mind with what it means to be “American” that nothing short of an intense crisis or a complete breakdown will bring about any change. Certainly, electing this or that Republican makes no difference to the Permanent Government.


  • Hm….as expected, although ca. 30-40% comments were on the issue, most turned out to be about “Jews”, their identity, influence etc. Just count comments on Jewish identity & compare the number with comments on other topics.

    Why so ?

    I guess it’s because many “host-nations” have this gut feeling about Jews both as foreigners & aversion towards their clannishness and will to dominate in adopted country. Both feelings are, IMO, perfectly natural & reasonable- to some degree. In the US, it is annoying to see real Jewish power in finances or influences in foreign policy or media (nobody cares about Jewish influence in, say, chemistry or ballet).
    Arguing that most Jews are assimilated and that they, by intermarriage, are rather swiftly losing their identity- doesn’t matter, since there is always small, but resistant,  Jewish ethnic core, very prominent in finances & politics- which is irritating.

    Will this animosity disappear ?

    No, it won’t. See- most Jews in the US are German Jews, Ashkenazim. In German speaking countries, they were super-German patriots. Many converted to Christianity, and their version of Judaism was visually Christianized (they introduced organ into synagogues). Neighbors (French, Poles, Russians) were rightly suspicious about them- they saw them, frequently, as German fifth column (surnames; even Yiddish, which is not far from standard German). Jewish Germans were so assimilated that they hardly retained any separate interests- unlike Jewish Americans. See a good book by Amos Elon: The Pity of It All: A Portrait of Jews In Germany 1743 – 1933

    Well, if antipathy toward Jews didn’t evaporate in Germany- it won’t in any other country.

    • alltoohuman

      “Will this animosity disappear ?”

      When you leave our lands and never return.

      • I’m not a Jew.
        But- you need a medical assistance, preferentially psychiatric.

        • Marcy Fleming

           Ad hominem fallacy again. Bardon.

        • ed91

          lighten up francis, there really is too many people………….

  • mikejones91

    They always say “why does race HAVE to be relevant when a crime is committed?”. Sure, in a perfect world, why not. But! They forget RACE is the MOTIVE in these attacks. Lets forget about ace. But wait–These Jews were attacked simply because of their RACE. Irrelevant? I don’t think so.

  • “Beating  jews”?  Go for it!! God bless ya youths!! 

  • if you’re a jew amd you are contradicting the assertion that jews are jew-supremacist and disdain other races…as the hipsters would say:Wow. Just wow.

  • alltoohuman

    Agreed.  There’s a difference between intelligence and having a unique ability to scam people with economic and moral rhetoric.

  • Again here is the white lamb wringing his hands at the naivete of the jew wolf!

  • OH ok. Case closed then. jews are white. I guess then dear old Hitler is off the hook as he did NOT commit “genocide” with the so-called holocaust(TM). And lets turn Izrael over to the Pallies,shall we? If jews are white,whites are from Europe,then they have NO claim on the land they stole,so give it back.

  • You seem to be able to distinguish the jew from the Superior Aryan just fine,even w/o Yellow Stars! Tho you dont care what I think,like  Roman Polanski with his 13 year old white “girlfriend” I am going to force myself upon you w/o your consent:If you are OK with the Immigration Holocaust that has raged thru my nation,as it has in every WHITE nation,but you applaud Israel  throwing out ITS immigrants,if you’re OK with massive universal discrimination against white men,but rage like a rabid rat at  Ivy League jew quotas of a hundred years ago,you aint no white man! Sorry tobreak your jew heart. Its all semantics anyway:If you’re “white” then you are the c*ck suckers who are murdering the rest of us. You’re traitors. However you lsice the kosher pickle,jews are the enemy of WHITES!! That little ma with the funny oustache wa son to something. Your destructive power cant be ignored,its got to be dealt with.

    • kerrysmith

      Didn’t someone above refer to Mr. Taylor’s policy of deleting nutbar anti-Jewish ravings? the policy, as they say, appears to have lapsed. Mr. Taylor says that Amren is ‘neutral’ on Jews. That’s fine, but does neutrality extend to providing a forum for obscenity-laced, fact-free raving? I’m not a philo-Semite, but I am an anti-anti-Semite for several reasons, not least of which is that people like Darius are a Christmas/Hanukkah gift to liberals.

      • Marcy Fleming

         By nutbar ravings you mean cogent criticism of the platitudes that most Jews (but not all) believe in.

      • JohnEngelman

        Hostility to Jews infuriates me and almost makes me physically sick. Nevertheless, I do not advocate deleting antisemitic posts. I certainly do not advocate the firing of those who criticize Jews in columns, the way John Derbyshire  was fired from National Review.
        Criticism of Jews is easy to refute. They have the highest IQ average of any racial group. With less than one percent of the world’s population they have won one fifth of the world’s Nobel Prizes. 
        Those who dislike Jews resent them because of their superiority and their success. 

      • Marcy Fleming

         Many fact-free anti-Islam and anti-Arab tirades have appeared here over the years so spare us your selective indignation.

      • KerrySmith:

        Notice that the comment you reference was deleted.  Unfortunately, many of this person’s comments must be deleted.  I hope the intended takes this as a subliminal hint.

      • Marcy Fleming

         This is in response to Engelman’s reverse racism.
        Jews are widely disliked not for Nobel Prizes that themselves are discredited ‘honors’ issued by Scandinavian Marxist hacks but because of widely perceived intellectual dishonesty in supporting every Communist cause except the Palestinians and for promoting multiculturalism in the West while setting up apartheid like structures in Israel/Palestine.
        Some of this hate is irrational as I experienced at the OO
        site but some of it has a basis in fact.
        If it wasn’t for AIPAC and Israel there would be very little
        remaining anti-Semitism in the West today.
        Mindless tribal philosemitism is not an answer to anti-semitism but the flip side of the same debased coin.

  • alltoohuman

    “And, further still, why did the Nazis require Jews to wear yellow stars? ”

    So they could easily identify the people who had wrecked their economy and culture and driven their nation into the ground.

  •  Do they ever ask why they have been persecuted?

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Have you, really?  There’s a now old book on the subject out there titled, “Demonizing the Jews,” by the recognized historian Joel Carmichael.

      There is no way to put it in a nutshell, in order to promote Christianity in Rome, the Romans could not be seen to be the party that condemned and crucified “Christ.”  Add to that that Paul was angry at the Jewish sect that he stole his ideas from (their rejection of him is detailed in Acts).  So scripture was produced (historically proven forgeries) that laid blame on the Jews.  This led to the start of persecution beyond the previous Roman suppression of Jews in Judea and Israel.  It was they who named the land Palestine after the War of the Jewish Uprising to humiliate the Jews.  After the Second Century Bar Kokhbar Revolt, expelled them from the region after a slaughter that has been claimed to be perhaps a million total.

      Flash forward to the 14th century, when the Black Plague was raging through Europe.  All the means of the Church had been exhausted, from folk remedies (ring around the rosy, a pocked full of posies), to prayers, to a self flagellation cult that became dangerous in itself.  Finally, everyone settled on the idea that the Jews had poisoned the wells.  Ironically, the same wells that they had to draw water from, but this logic was never considered, along with any other because the logic of religious superstition ruled.  It saved the Church from blame so it joined in the accusations.  Jew and witch burnings and Jewish expulsions resulted.  Of course, this did not stop the Plague, but only added more fear and loathing into the mix.  However, the Church did manage to save itself.  One of the results of the ordeal was the Reformation, because some came to question the Church which some came to think God had abandoned due to its greed and obvious outlandish wealth.

      Also, from the beginning, the Church forbade its followers from handling money.  Jews had already been the suppliers of food and goods to the Roman army in Europe and there were already permanent communities of Jews in many places, famously the Rhinelands, where the Ashkenazi community had its beginning.  So since Christians couldn’t handle money, the Jews were there and were “allowed” to do that for Christians.  Jews were the suppliers of luxury merchandise to kings and nobles as well as their bankers.  They brought in diamonds and precious stones, as well as silks.  They ran the only medical school in Europe in Montpelier, France.  Europeans (beginning with the Dutch) learned trade merchandizing from them.  There is some evidence that Columbus was a Crypto-Jew, but it is certain that several Jews were on his voyage and the Queen’s banker, a Jew financed the journey.

      The fearfulness of the 14th century purge by the Plague remained in the minds of Europeans for centuries, even to our times.  Children’s songs like “Ring Around the Rosy” and even the motion of rubbing fingers together as if to strike a fire harken back to the 14th century paranoia.  The paranoia around Jews increased their isolation.  But they were too useful to expel entirely from Europe, so the phenomena of the ghetto arose and Jews interbred.  But this is the period when as science has found, the inherent Ashkenazi IQ rose, along with a couple genetic disorders peculiar to groups that are forced to inbreed long enough (French Cajuns in Louisiana).  By then, the habit and excuse of blaming Jews whenever things went wrong because both a political and social excuse for failure.  Hitler famously made use of this tradition.  The habit is still with us, as many posts here on Amren demonstrate.  Is it any surprise that Jews fear Christians?

      • Marcy Fleming

         I remember when you were spouting this crybaby version of eternal victimology over on the Occidental Observer site.
        Well, it was a change from the many diehard anti-Semites over there but it’s also inaccurate.
        Jews have not been the eternal victims at all times and in all places.
        Read Jewish History, Jewish Religion by Israel Shahak.
        He came to Israel from the Bergen-Belsen camp in 1946.
        Jews have been allied to repressive regimes as well as victims of them.
        The Hitler bogeyman obscures more than it illuminates on the complicated Jewish-Gentile relationship.

        • kerrysmith

          “Jews have not been the eternal victims at all times and in all places”. Duh, well, of course not. This is a classic straw-man argument. 

    • kerrysmith

      Hmnn, do whites ever ask WHY they’re targeted by blacks? Must be whitey’s fault, right? Same logic.
        And that comment drew 9 likes–amazing. Mr. Taylor, I understand that you’ll take support where you find it, but the more AmRen overlaps with Stormfront, the less influence it will wield.

  • Well, I agree- that’s what I’ve been saying all the time. One should add that Jews were not incredibly outnumbered; before WW1, there were ca. 20 M Jews in the world, ca. 65 M Germans, ca. 45 M French etc. During Nero’s rule in Rome, there had been ca. 7 M Jews- ca. 10% of the Roman Empire population- Germans and French did not even exist.

    Argument for Jewish creativity is basically about over-representation of Jews  in scientific, financial & artistic fields from ca. 1850 in most advanced Western countries. If they are described as a truly separate group, this poses some questions- simply because Jewish achievement is “hued” by host-country’s culture & not by any Jewish “spirit” (whatever this may mean), so separateness is very questionable: half-Jewish (and, according to Jewish law, full Jew since his mother was a Jewess) French novelist Marcel Proust, one of 2-3 greatest writers of the 20th- or any century- is apotheosis of French culture, not of “Jewish” anything.

    Also, a bit distorted picture of Jewish creativity follows from the fact that Judeophiles frequently count as “Jews” numerous creative people who don’t have any Jewish identity or have some tenuous connection with Judaism- say, one grandparent.

  • You know what he’s talking (although I don’t agree with parts of his rhetoric). “White” means white European phenotype plus Western culture. Therefore Lebanese Christians like Paul Anka are accepted as “White”. Most Jews in the US are “White” according to this description. But, subjectively, many-some Jews in the US retain ethno-racial (for racial, see OT rhetoric of seed, lineage etc.) primary loyalty other whites who settled in the US do not have any more- English, Italians, French, Slovaks, Irish, Ukrainians, Lebanese Arabs, …

    Phenotypically, Iranians are “White”, but their Muslim religion somehow sets them apart; Jews are more complicated case since they indubitably- vast majority- belong to European cultural matrix (unlike Muslims).

    Jewish leaders are concerned about high rates of Jewish intermarriage. OK, but- what about Irish or Polish intermarriage in the US ? So, although “White” by any rational analysis, US Jews retain much higher levels of ethnic identity & primary loyalty in comparison to other European settlers. And this primary ethnic loyalty sets them, somehow, apart from other “Whites” or whites.

  • C’mon- I know Kabbalah (among other wisdom doctrines). Jewish- not Hermetic- Kabbalah teaches that only Jews have a non perishable “soul”, Neshamah (and higher layers like
    Cchaya, Yyechidah..). In short- Gentiles perish at death, Jews don’t.

    That’s what Hasidim learn.

  • jeffaral

    Weren’t the Jews who created the civil rights movement and the SPLC??

  • alltoohuman

    “I wonder how long it will take for the Jews to realise that they are white people too”

    I wonder how long it will take for Whites to realize that Jews aren’t White, but middle eastern (Asian, in fact).  Their religion, morality, and worldview are completely at odds with White Europeans.  They belong in the desert, not in the US or Europe.

  • jeffaral

    Jews are a semitic tribe from the Middle East.    Consequently they are not White.

  • Just to clear potential misconceptions: the author, Colin Flaherty, wrote a book on Black mobs & this is, I think, the only piece on the subject. This article on the anti-Jewish violence is just a part of a bigger picture:

  • Vil

    It´s common knowledge that jews control most of the media. If you somehow didn´t know that till now, there must be something wrong with you…
    Jewish people also created Hollywood, which explains all the PC nonsense shown in the movies.

    Heck, there are even documentaries about the jews who created film studios in Hollywood.

    Herr Sohn des Abraham, Ihre Pro-Juden Ansichten interessieren hier so gut wie niemanden.

    • Marcy Fleming

       Your right. See the 1988 Neil Gabler book on Hollywood.

  • radical7

    This is anti-semetic paranoia nonsense.

    • The__Bobster

      Did they let you out of your playpen today, Jamal?

    • Marcy Fleming

       Learn to spell semitic.

    • ed91

       the return of the know-it-all……….  radical666

  • MekongDelta69

    Obviously, you don’t know me or any of my past posts for more than a decade. No problem.

    I’m way more against any of these ‘colored’ caucuses and groups and everything else than you’ll ever be and have been trying to fight against all that for a helluva lot longer than you.

    However, In the post you’re referring to, I was talking about races of people for a reason. Period.

  • KingKenton

    What can you say, welcome to the club…

  • anarchyst

    Message for Mr. Engleman – – –
    I don’t buy Mr. Engleman’s  “jewish supremacism” attitude. 
    Your “chosen people” statement does not hold water. 

     I (along with many others) REFUSE to buy into this “chosen people” crap.
    The “chosen people” idea came about with the Schofield translation of the Bible, which many dispensationalists use to elevate the jew to a supremacist position.  Schofield was a charlatan and con man . . .
    The ashkenazic jews are russian converts to judaism.  They are not jews “of the book”(hebrews).   Their conversion was done more for social and cultural means than for religious reasons.  
    You will find that most ashkenzic jews are atheists,  have a soft spot for communism (being the inventors of that flawed “system”), and strive to control any society that they choose to be a part of.  “Divide and conquer” is the way that they operate.  They infect society by blending in and seizing control of a society’s major systems–political, financial and entertainment and once in control, insist on mongrelizing everyone else but themselves.
    Ashkenazic success is based on ONE thing–NOT superior intellect (as you infer), but a healthy sense of cultural insularity and exclusivity.  You see, ashkenazic jews help each each other by “greasing the skids” in the examination process in their dominant fields,  insuring that only “their kind” make it to the top.  Cheating and lying are considered “means to an end”.  The Christian concpt of honesty does not apply to them.
    Looking back through history, there was a healthy mistrust of them for their insistence on “multiculturalism” and “diversity” for everyone but themselves.
    It is FACT that the jewish “holocaust” was engineered by zionists, beginning with the declaration of war on Germany by Judea in 1933.  Destabilization of the German financial and political systems was done so that they could more easily take control.  The Nazis were “pushed into marginalization of the jews–they KNEW who they were dealing with . . .

    • What a cr*p (except for a “chosen people”, which is a cr+p Einstein also dumped).

      Does this rubbish of a post need a refutation ? No. Flush the toilet …..

      • Marcy Fleming

         All you do is call names. That’s not refutation or even a semblance of argument.

        • ed91

           in the immortal words of Rod Steiger,

           “it doesn’t make him a bad person!”

          • kerrysmith

             Or that great line from Prizzi’s Honor: “Just cause she’s a thief and a hitter don’t mean she’s not a fine woman in de uddah depahtments”.

        • kerrysmith

          Catfight time:  Poor confused Marcy. Half the time she defends posters like ‘anarchyst’, the other half she scrambles to distinguish herself from ‘hard-line anti-Semites’. Is it an ‘ad hominem’ attack to point out that you need to work all this out, Marcy?

          • Marcy Fleming

             You better be more specific because there is no way to respond to the confused mess that you post above.

    • ed91

      everyone wants to be the chosen people..  I had an acquaintance who 40 yrs ago told me that he and his wife were from the 12th tribe or some crap……  everyone has to be special.
      however, no matter who it is, from brad pitt to ashley judd, if you live next to them or with them, they are immensely less special, due to the occurence of familiarity.   I love my alone time and am very grateful for every minute……….  FTW

  • Chaim Amalek sounds like a typical self-hating White man who wants his race to just gradually disappear into the brownish-blackish sludge that this country is becoming. He seems to forget  that as a Jew, he will also see his own ethnic group,  which has survived so many indignities for 3,500 years, disappear. For, make no mistake, “diversity” is a code word for, “Get rid of the White people.”

    As to the mainstream media, of course they don’t want us to find out about the brazen assaults by (mostly) blacks on White people which have been occurring during the past few years. If they became common knowledge all across the U.S., we might actually develop a re-ignited sense of racial solidarity, and start fighting back collectively to protect ourselves, instead of just hunkering down and taking it, or assuming that what happens to one White person or one group of White people in some other city is “no concern of mine.” Of course, the MSM are living in a time warp of 30-odd years ago, when they controlled all the dissemination of “news” in this country. With the Internet with its innumerable blogs, including a number of White nationalist ones; the American Renaissance racial realist website; the Thug Report website, and a number of others, including YouTube, this stuff sees the clear light of day nowadays.

    • alltoohuman

      “Chaim Amalek sounds like a typical self-hating White man”

      No, he’s a White-hating Jew, as they all are. 

      “which has survived so many indignities for 3,500 years”

      BS.  The jews have always been rich and powerful.  The idea of jewish “victimhood” is a myth they’ve concoted for themselves so they don’t have to feel guilt over the people they murder and screw over.


      Oh, if only they would.

  •  Well, assuming that’s true, and it may be just an opinion, I’d say you can hardly criticize a particular group for helping their own.

  • Marcy Fleming

     It’s not either/or. Ashkenazim Jews are white indeed as I know from my Mom and many others and yes there is a strong Khazar connection as well as many of other influences.
    Read The Invention Of The Jewish People by Shlomo Sand of Tel Aviv University. He makes a strong case that most of us are not descended from the ancient Hebrew tribes.
    A lot of real Nazi types get upset too when they hear this.
    Tom Segev, Israel’s leading popular historian has endorsed the Sand thesis.

  • sarah stein

     Mike Wallace would disagree with you. He couldn’t back away from being mistaken for white fast enough on the youtube video “Morgan Freeman on Black History Month”  The only time a jews will claim to be white is when they are sticking it to the white goyim. 

  • Marcy Fleming

     Maybe you could learn to spell Semetic………..
    Your last sentence describes what many of us feel about you too.
    One can oppose anti-Semites and Jewish Racists.

  • WhitesRdumb

    Those pooooooooooooooooooooooooor jewwwwwwwwwwwwwwws.
    They are always being puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuursecuted.

    “Orthodox Jews convicted of or charged with child sex abuse in Brooklyn
    should have their identities protected because of the community’s
    “tight-knit and insular” nature, prosecutors claim in a response to The
    Forward’s request for information about the cases.


    • Ingsoc

      Thanks for the links.  This is an absolute scandal.  Catholic priests who molest boys are plastered all over the media 24/7.  Yet pedophile rabbis are protected by the community and accusers threatened and shunned, or they escape to Israel:

      This is from the Reverend Ted Pike,

      The Associated Press reports that the Orthodox Jewish community struggles to contain what has been a closely guarded secret: pedophilia. AP says that, especially in areas most populated by Orthodox Jews (such as New York where 37 percent of Jews are Orthodox), widespread sexual molestation of children can no longer be denied. Yet “initiatives encouraging victims to come forward or offering support for those claiming they were molested encounter strong opposition, lead to death-threats in the Jewish community…”

    • That angers me.  These people are supposed to be “tight-knit” which means, the good ones surround and protect their Victims and they expel their bad ones.

  • Marcy Fleming

     How many do you need to ?

  • Marcy Fleming

     Secular Jewish relatives of mine in NYC have vouched for the Hasidim attitude. They also hate Blacks too.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Look up ownership of the major media and Hollywood.
    It’s not exactly a state secret.

  • I’m against censorship, but anti-Semitic loonies are flooding the site with spam & turning a respectable site of common-sense people into a lunatic fringe asylum. Critique of the Jewish Americans’ dominant socio-political behavior is one thing, and paranoid conspiracy nonsense filled with hatred quite another.

    Just, it may be that some Obamanistas are involved in the entire verbal flood.

    • kerrysmith

       You know that any AmRen story with the word “Jew” in it is going to draw hundreds of comments, a high proportion of them from loons. George Orwell once wrote: “there are two kinds of writing that will always get you a come-back. One is to attack the Catholics and the other is to defend the Jews”. Not sure that the Catholic part is true any more, but then, Orwell wouldn’t recognize the mess that “England, his England” has become….

    •  True, the sensationalists and caustic types make up a large percentage of the people that like to comment on “Jews” when these articles are put up; however, I now know that moderation is not in place to curb those types alone. Using Google cache and my own limited experiences with the moderation, I can tell you that it’s completely true that ingratiating to Jews(most especially Zionist Jews) seems to take a precedence over reasonable, rational, verifiable and factual concerns that White people have.

      Whether this stringent moderation is perpetuated and carried out as a general site policy or is simply a case of bad/overzealous moderators is the only question.

      • I am of the opinion that Jared Taylor, as a man of the world, knows real strengths & weaknesses of the “tribe”, and considers anti- Semitic paranoia to be something provincial & ultimately a waste of time. Personally, I’ve said on another topic what I think of the subject & c/p is enough:

        A few things have to be said about Jews in the US.

        1. most are assimilated & intermarriage rate is- for ethnic
        Jewish organizations- alarming, ca. 40-50% (mostly with other Whites).
        High levels of ethnocentrism Kevin MacDonald & other Judeophobic
        ideologues ascribe to “Jews” are confined to a small, but influential
        circle of Jewish ethno- nationalists who do not care much about their
        host country- in this case, USA. BUT- most Jews in modern history- last
        two centuries- have strongly identified themselves with their host
        countries (Germany, Russia, Austria, France, Hungary,Britain, USA,..)
        & made crucial contributions both to their adopted countries &
        world civilization. What MacDonald, or Israel Shahak, describe is,
        speaking in terms of Jung’s archetypal psychology, “Jewish shadow”, i.e.
        the sum of vices & malignant drives. But- a person is more than the
        sum of vices and destructive drives. To reduce someone to their “bad”
        traits is simply a demonization & not an objective analysis of a
        person or a group.

        2. Jews are, considering their entire history, one of world’s great
        creative peoples. I place them somewhere near English, Germans and
        French among existing European peoples. Italians & Russians are
        close, too. Other peoples (the Chinese, Japanese, Bengalis, Koreans, ..)
        are, due to cultural differences, very hard to compare, and ancient –
        not modern- Greeks are beyond comparison at all: they were gods who had
        walked the earth. Of course, there are great destructive peoples- I’d
        say that Mongols had been in that realm what ancient Greeks were in the
        creative area.

        3. many AmRen regulars make the classical logical mistake:
        correlation= causation. True, many Jews in the US are involved in the
        activities not conductive to the health & stable, prosperous
        identity of the US (unrestricted immigration, SPLC, Soros,..)- but, this
        is not the opinion of most US Jews. Jews do not “run” Norway, Italy,
        Sweden, Britain,…, yet one can find in many of these countries
        patterns of self-destructive behavior noticeable in the US. It’s the
        decadent stage of civilization, something like attitudes of French
        aristocracy in 1770s & not the result of some devilish conspiracy.

        4. Most Jews in the US are Jewish Americans. They are assimilated &
        have contributed enormously to the US prestige, wealth & power (Salk
        in medicine, Minsky in technology, Feynman in physics, admiral Rickover
        in the military- submarines, Milgram in psychology etc.) If you weight
        the good & the bad Jews in the US have produced, the good is
        incredibly more important & “heavy” than bad (Soros, SPLC,..). If I
        were forced to compare Jewish Americans’ contribution to the US good
        life, power, culture, influence & health to Mexican Americans’, it
        would be- metaphorically- 1000,000 to 1.

        •  Soros is Hungarian, and the co-founder of the SPLC is a good ole white Southerner.

      • Moderator

        Housekeeping:  Notice that this moderator has a posting account now.  I will no longer have to amend people’s posts with bold text to insert a moderator’s note.

        I have explained this before.  AR’s position on those issues is neutrality.  We know this discussion will come up every time we have a story that involves Israeli immigration policy or Jewish victims of black crime in New York.  Therefore, when it does, we have to be careful to keep the discussion civil.

  • Apparently I’ve written something unpopular ’cause it looks like I’ve been blocked.  Oh well.
    Slater Gators.

    • ed91

      relax, it isn’t the end of life as you know it…

      everything will be alright, even in Amren edits or even deletes your post.  

      • I’ve never been able to relax and as far as life ending, it is ending.

        As for Amren, I’m only here to write my opinions.  My posts post automatically and because my post was held with that message, I figured I had been cut off until I wrote my Good-Bye post that actually posted and that’s why I’m confused about it.

    • zimriel

      I’m not sure how posts get edited here, but it’s common for a post to be locked up in moderation if there is a URL in it.

      I agree it’s no fun, since often when I post a URL it is to back up something controversial I’m saying. So I am left wondering, did I get blocked because they think I’m spam; or did I get blocked because of teh censorship!1!!.

      • No, I didn’t post a link, just quoted the article.  That’s a lesson for me I guess.

        censorship – I HATE it!!!  I understand the argument for being overwhelmed with agitators because I too get fed up but still, I’d prefer to take a little agitation than to lose one inch of Freedom.

    • KingKenton

      Did you use a “bad” word by chance? I’ve had posts flagged on other sites that use Disqus for using a word like, “c*r*a*p*’.

      • Okay.  It happened again.  I know what the words are.  I’ll tell what they are so you know what I’m talking about:  In the paragraph that begins with “Anti-Jewish crime wave”, it has insults that I quoted and apparently, it’s a problem.  I’m not sure why because I’m not saying those things, I’m quoting those things.

        Anyway, about those insults, they’re not words black people say and that was my point.  I doubted the insults ’cause really, when have you ever heard any black person sitting around insulting Jews?  To me, that accusation is just silly.

        • anarchyst

          Get used to it . . . any criticism of the “tribe” usually gets one “blocked” or even banned.
 is famous for blocking and banning due to its pro-israel “chosen people” stance.  To get around banning is to establish a different screen name.
          The key is not to give up.  Keep posting.  I,  along with many others enjoy your insightful posts and look forward to seeing them on Amren.
          Best regards,

  • jeffaral

    Jews have their own ethno state, Israel.   Time for them to go back home and leave us alone.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Dumb comment. US policy since 1967 is only what Obama restated before he caved into AIPAC.

  • ed91

     they are not very good sprinters or bb players either. 

    are there any jewish point guards?

  • ed91

     bernard goetz?

  • ed91

     it doesn’t matter and few care………….

    the really smart people are leaving the US——- 

  • ed91

     ahh, the old ilk game………………

    it’s so fearful to one of the “ilk”

    please, I give up, don’t put me in the      ‘ilk’

  • ed91

     heck, you have trouble controlling your train of thought, much less the media……

  • Don’t know how old you are, but when he was running for president in 1984, Jesse Jackson referred to New York City, as “Hymietown”. He did this in a private conversation, but it was picked up and reported by a Bantu reporter named Milton Coleman.

    It created quite a firestorm in the media, and Farrakhan’s NOI actually threatened Coleman with death for having reported what Jackson said.  But what I thought was incredible was that NOT ONE of the other Democrat candidates demanded Jackson get out of the race because of his remarks. Not one.

    Instead, Jackson actually went to the Democrat convention, and whimpered, “Please forgive me,’ like a whipped dog. Almost all of the Jews there did. 

    • Ingsoc

      b/c their goal is to destroy whites and they need violent, feral blacks to attack whites, move into white neighborhoods and be bused into white schools.

      What they don’t ‘get’ is that when black attack they ONLY see white skin, not that the person is a “benevolent” jew.

      Ironic, ain’t it?  No sympathy from me, you desire the destruction of whites , you get what you deserve and I’ll be happy to egg it on.

  • Ingsoc

    Or in attacking Iran.

  • kerrysmith

     If you didn’t see Jews in bitter conflict with other Jews, you can’t have spent much time in NYC. Not much time with your eyes open, anyway. I agree with radical7 that your comment has the flavor of paranoia, much as it may reflect your own personal experience.

  • kerrysmith

     Huh? hasidim are against abortion, too. what are you smoking?

    • Marcy Fleming

       95% of us favor legal abortion.

  • Dear Amren:  I’ll re-word my post okay?

    Black people don’t hate Jews, they hate White People so I really doubt this is a Jew Hate Crime.

    A few years ago I took some stuff (clothes, etc.) to the Local Shelter and was invited to a Church by the black fella there and I did go for quite a few times and I gotta say, Jews were never mentioned.  I liked them (the blacks there) and still do but they focused on stuff like trying to keep their herd in line and applying God to that, not what Jews did then or what they may or not be doing now.

    The blacks involved are probably a part of the ‘new’ blacks in America and simply attacked them because like us, they’re easy targets for them.  As for the Jews, they should know better than to trust being safe in New York.  They know New York is a real life jungle.

    • Bill_der_Berg

      So random attacks on whites are being treated as hate-crimes?  That’s refreshingly different from what usually happens.

  • kerrysmith

     or the opposite.

  • kerrysmith

     ah, my face is red! you beat me to the thought, and you DID get 20 ‘likes’. there’s hope for AmRen yet…. 🙂

  • kerrysmith

     Jews and Gentiles who can afford it generally take good care to live far from black neighbourhoods. The real gap is between people’s public statements and their actual voting-with-their-feet behaviours.

  • JohnEngelman

    Son of Abraham,
    Welcome to American Renaissance. Keep posting. 

    • Marcy Fleming

       An old member of the terrorist JDL and the great ‘lib’ welcomes him here. Sounds like tribal racism to me.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Responding again to Engelman’s recycling the racist Chosen People nonsense from Charles Murray. That rubbish is no different from Nazism and you know it.
    If your a Nordic I’m the Queen of Sheba.

  • I have hit the big red reset button on this thread.  Again, like the “Israel’s Operation Wetback” feature, this thread was in the process of melting down and needing a home.

    So we’re going to try again.  Be mindful of the fact that I will be wielding a heavier than usual baton.

    • KingKenton

      I wasn’t really following this thread that closely, though I did post a comment myself. What was the reason (specifically) for hitting the “reset” button?

      • You should feel thankful that you weren’t reading this thread too closely.  We love the sausage, but we don’t like to look inside the slaughter house.

        The reason was the usual sniping and incivility that always seems to come out of the woodwork when “J” or “I” comes up.

        When we had to reset the Israel’s Operation Wetback feature, the set of commentary after we did was a lot better than what was there before.

        •  You mean after you deleted a lot of truthful and reasonable comments, the following comments were more regulated? I don’t think I would go touting that as a positive accomplishment.

        • Marcy Fleming

           What a riot ! I guess if you pretend the dissent doesn’t exist then it really doesn’t, eh ?
          What Galt called the Blankout………
          Well at least everyone got the axe.
          Must not mention certain things………..
          Thanks for a great belly laugh.

          • We don’t mind this “dissent” of which you speak existing.  We just  don’t want it existing here on the pages of AR.  Similarly, certain by-products of human digestion belong in a water-filled floor-mounted porcelain bowl, not as a side dish in a five-star restaurant.

          •  Funny thing, I’ve seen pretty much the same analogy used by mainstream media outlets to excuse away their desire to remove dissenting opinions and replace them with more PC ones.

            By the way, comparing accurate and legitimate concerns of White people to a toilet isn’t too reassuring to actual pro-White people, now is it?

          • Celestial Time:

            We’re not removing dissenting opinions, we’re trying to prevent Three Mile Island, and a bunch of unnecessary yelling and screaming.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Then why are you removing dissent AND why are you censoring responses to your vile ad hominem attacks ?
            That quote from Jefferson is obviously hypocritical since
            truth is not automatic or axiomatic and is derived at through debate.
            AmRen is hardly a five star restaurant and your last slimey sentence above is pure projection.
            Thank you for proving my point to the T.
            It’s better to know what you are than to have illusions.
            Frankly the people who run this site are losers and it will be a great relief not to read their perpetual one down
            Gee, golly, Mabel, ain’t it awful, nonsense.
            Thanks, CT, you summed it up perfectly.

          • Nothing I typed out was any different than what “normal” people have already expressed concerns about. Nothing!

            Again, sanitizing comments so they don’t possibly offend a tiny little foreign country(the government and all of the XXXXXX-firsters) is a complete insult to any real followers of actual Western philosophies and ideologies, and certainly to any real Nationalist.

          • We “sanitize” comments not because we care about the affairs of the country in question, but because we want a sane and level-headed discussion.  And we must be even more vigilant on “I” and “J” stories, because it’s really easy for the discussion therein to devolve into shouting matches.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Again, why censor my response to your vile ad hominem attack as exemplified in the slimey last sentence of your comments above ?
            That Jefferson quote is a hoot, about as sincere as an Obama speech.
            You prove my points in spades.
            Five star restaurant ? A rat infested greasy spoon.

          •  It’s clear that we have different views on what constitutes sane and level-headed discussion. I can’t, nor would I ever, pretend to ignore the malignant elephant in the room any more than I can the death and destruction caused by the media-driven myths of multicultural harmony and civilized black people.

            Since I know what it’s like to moderate forums and websites, and the daunting task of actually running websites, I’ll make it easy on you and quit commenting and visiting this site. That will be my “sane and level-headed” contribution.

          • You made a mistake (so did I, when I invoked a sort of censorship). You could have just locked the possibility of further comments & thus settle the whole thing.
            I know these comments are just small pieces consisting of a few sentences- but, it’s irritating when you see that what you wrote is deleted. It’s frustrating.

          • Bardon Kaldian:

            First, The Top Floor doesn’t like it when comments are closed on a thread, because Disqus indicates as such, and The Top Floor thinks it looks unseemly.

            Notwithstanding that, if all I did was close the comments, there still would have been the same mostly uncivil comments visible to the world.

          • OK, although I’m not ecstatic about that, I understand delicacy of your position. Sometimes, you can’t please everybody. No hard feelings.

          • The enemies of true enlightenment and progress are rarely monolithic; therefore, the solutions to effectively combat those enemies can never be derived from a monolithic source. However, the one thing those enemies do have in common is the desire to control dissent…not to provide an avenue to actually address and fix dissent, but to simply control and silence it.

          • “I’ll make it easy on you and quit commenting and visiting this site. That will be my “sane and level-headed” contribution.”

            Giving me and others that last straw that we needed to leave as well.  What, did some corporation buy out Amren and I missed it?  These issues here to me are all part of the same package, to grind those of us into the same thought, same belief pattern that is acceptable to our PC society. Even this flaccid meeting place will eventually be denied to us, we all know it is just a matter of time.

          • Ran Kelvin:

            This particular moderator typing these words has been a moderator for just about six years.  What I describe has always been what The Top Floor has wanted from AR’s online (and now only) presence.

          • The__Bobster

            Yeah, over 100 posts down the tubes.  I guess they struck a nerve.

            July 1, 2012, 11:05 am 28Elad Nehorai is a writer living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.Elad’s websiteJews DO control the media
            We Jews are a funny breed. We love to brag about every Jewish actor. Sometimes we even pretend an actor is Jewish just because we like him enough that we think he deserves to be on our team. We brag about Jewish authors, Jewish politicians, Jewish directors. Every time someone mentions any movie or book or piece of art, we inevitably say something like, “Did you know that he was Jewish?” That’s just how we roll.We’re a driven group, and not just in regards to the art world. We have, for example, AIPAC, which was essentially constructed just to drive agenda in Washington DC. And it succeeds admirably. And we brag about it. Again, it’s just what we do.But the funny part is when any anti-Semite or anti-Israel person starts to spout stuff like, “The Jews control the media!” and “The Jews control Washington!”Suddenly we’re up in arms. We create huge campaigns to take these people down. We do what we can to put them out of work. We publish articles. We’ve created entire organizations that exist just to tell everyone that the Jews don’t control nothin’. No, we don’t control the media, we don’t have any more sway in DC than anyone else. No, no, no, we swear: We’re just like everybody else!Does anyone else (who’s not a bigot) see the irony of this?Let’s be honest with ourselves, here, fellow Jews. We do control the media. We’ve got so many dudes up in the executive offices in all the big movie production companies it’s almost obscene. Just about every movie or TV show, whether it be “Tropic Thunder” or “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” is rife with actors, directors, and writers who are Jewish. Did you know that all eight major film studios are run by Jews?But that’s not all. We also control the ads that go on those TV shows.And let’s not forget AIPAC, every anti-Semite’s favorite punching bag. We’re talking an organization that’s practically the equivalent of the Elders of Zion. I’ll never forget when I was involved in Israeli advocacy in college and being at one of the many AIPAC conventions. A man literally stood in front of us and told us that their whole goal was to only work with top-50 school graduate students because they would eventually be the people making changes in the government. Here I am, an idealistic little kid that goes to a bottom 50 school (ASU) who wants to do some grassroots advocacy, and these guys are literally talking about infiltrating the government. Intense.Now, I know what everyone will say. That everyone tries to lobby. Every minority group and every majority group. That every group has some successful actors and directors. But that’s a far call from saying that we run Hollywood and Madison Avenue. That the Mel Gibsons of the world are right in saying we’re deliberately using our power to take over the world. That we’ve got some crazy conspiracy going down.Okay. Fine. So some of that is kooky talk.But let’s look at it a bit deeper.Maybe it’s true: everyone lobbies. Maybe it’s true there are actors of every ethnicity out there. But come on. We’re the ones who are bragging about this stuff all the time. Can’t we admit that we’re incredibly successful? Can’t we say it to the world?I’ll give my theory for why Jews don’t want to talk about their control of the media.First of all, as much as Jews like to admit that so many of them are successful, and that so many of them have accomplished so much, they hate to admit that it has to do with they’re being Jewish. Maybe they’ll admit that it has something to do with the Jewish experience. But how many Jews will admit that there is something inherently a part of every single one of them that helps them to accomplish amazing things?The ADL chairman, Abe Foxman, was interviewed in a great article about the subject and he said that he “would prefer people say that many executives in the industry ‘happen to be Jewish.’” This just about sums up the party line.The truth is, the anti-Semites got it right. We Jews have something planted in each one of us that makes us completely different from every group in the world. We’re talking about a group of people that just got put in death camps, endured pogroms, their whole families decimated. And then they came to America, the one place that ever really let them have as much power as they wanted, and suddenly they’re taking over. Please don’t tell me that any other group in the world has ever done that. Only the Jews. And we’ve done it before. That’s why the Jews were enslaved in Egypt. We were too successful. Go look at the Torah — it’s right there. And we did it in Germany too.

          •  People like to brag boast and bluster.  Jews are a subset of people.

            According to me, Germans and German-Americans invented everything useful in this world, and are the only reason we’re not all still hunter-gatherers wearing animal skins. 

            Is it true?  No.  But will I continue to brag?  Yes.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             If you check out the history of Hollywood, you’ll find that it was Jews who started it.  Jews got into entertainment early on as an avenue that was opened to them and somehow their culture was suited to it.  I always loved the Max Fleischer cartoons, Betty Boop, Popeye, etc. etc.  His son Richard Fleischer was a movie director who directed among other films of note, “The Vikings” (1958) which was the first historically accurate rendering of the theme to that point.  He also produced and directed “Tora, Tora, Tora,” and important and incredible achievement.

            I know that Jews are being heavy handed in the media and prone to be Leftists, but I can see why they are;  their experience with white Christians makes them afraid to be alone with them.  The idea that they should stop and let things just happen would not be a very logical or smart thing for them to do.  From many of the posts typical of Amren, it is obvious that a new set of Pogroms and persecutions awaits them the moment they let their guard down. 

            And if you think that America just let Jews in and gave them the same rights, or access to rights as anyone else, you obviously don’t know much about the social history of  America.  This has historically been the same everywhere for Jews so they developed a strong tendency to “take care of their own.”  But Mormons do that too and that only required a few decades of oppression in the 19th century to produce.

            In many ways, the problems Jews present to us now are a product of our own historic mistreatment of them.  With groups like Blacks and American Indians, Hispanics, Asian, etc., these themes are overblown and in most instances over-wrought and exploited for political gain.  Regardless of Jewish proclivity to find the loop-holes in societies that they can exploit and prosper from, they never invaded any nation or region.  More often, they were invited, such as with Khazia in the 5th century or at various times by European kings, who always benefited from their activities and services.

            Still, it is true; people who are oppressed for long periods and subject to the sorts of impoverishment that most Jews were in Europe tend to develop a cultural ruthlessness that isn’t pretty.  I have a documentary on organized crime.  The history of organized crime in Russia is very interesting.  It does much to explain  how Jews (and many Russians in the U.S. now) were forced to operate under the Tzars.  I lived in the Balkans for a few years in the 1990s.  I saw the same sorts of cultural and personality tendencies in every ethnic group there, most of whom were either Christian or Muslim.  They all had mafias that developed during the 500 year Ottoman Turkish oppression.

            To pick a path with a reasonable chance for success, whites need to know and understand the causes for the conditions that exist, even if we can’t completely agree on their meaning.  But it is obvious that claims that Jews have done all the bad or 100% bad is bad for whites because blatant falsehood is never a basis for a solution that could even have a snowballs chance in ….

            Maybe there is no solution.  I really don’t think that there is; the conditions we find now are terminal.

          •  I know that Jews are being heavy handed in the media and prone to be Leftists, but I can see why they are;  their experience with white Christians makes them afraid to be alone with them.

            This makes no sense.  The world is filled with non-Christian non-Whites.  They are the vast majority.  Let Jews go live with them if we’re so horrible.  The fact that Jews act as though every White Christian nation is their rightful living space puts the lie to your assertion.

            And the idea that Jews are dumping on White Christian Americans because the White Christian Germans persecuted them is risible, given the fact that the former saved the Jews from the latter.  This is the thanks we get?  And then we get “pro Whites” taking the Jews’ side and blaming everything on the White Christians.  Sheesh, the TV is one powerful mind-control tool, I’ll say that much.

            The idea that they should stop and let things just happen would not be a very logical or smart thing for them to do.

            Right.  They should be proactive.  They should proactively lobby their fellow Jews to lay off.  To support equal rights for Whites and Jews (Jews get an ethnic state in Israel, then Whites get to have ethnic states too; Jews get to keep Whites out of their ethic state, Whites get to keep Jews out of theirs).  They should proactively look to stop pissing people off.

            I couldn’t read any more of your “Jews first, Whites a distant second” nonsense, so I’ll end my reply here.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             What you apparently don’t know is that modern archeology and research have shown that the Jewish history in the OT was created as a story during the period the Babylonian Captivity to unify the Hebrews to help rally them and give them an identity.  They are actually the original Canaanites who probably rebelled against an unjust king and rule.  So it is all a tale, including Exodus.  Modern archeology has found that the builders of the pyramids were not slaves but middle class Egyptians who donated a period of time in labor just as Christians and later Mormons and even JWs donate time and talent to building their houses of worship.  (It is also the way Stonehenge was built.) 

            You’re also wrong in your timeline.  Jews started coming to the U.S. in the late 19th century and began entire industries, notably the entertainment industries.  But oppression of Jews existed then right up through WW2.  You don’t seem to know much about social history.

            That Jews have been successful wherever they go is due to several things, among them, the fact that their religion is about laws so they were ready made for the profession of law, then the fact that they were one of the first literate groups in the world that held together.  They somehow kept good enough relationships out side Europe (there was even a Jewish community in China) and they became merchants – traders who could be trusted due to the strict code of ethics inherent in their religion.  They were trusted bankers and movers of precious goods like Jewelry.  Oppression against Jews came from Rome because the Romans insulted their God and set up their own gods in the  Temple.  Its a well known, but often misunderstood and misrepresented story full of opportunists and tragedy that was hugely helped along by the superstitious darkness that Christianity brought into Europe.

          • razorrare

            looks like the la kosher nostra got to elad nehorai…his article now goes under the penned name…Manny Friedman

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             I am responding to your deleted comment to me.  I realize that the issue is complex and full of contradictions.  However, when people automatically indulge in Jew bashing, making continued, outlandish and traditionally biased and dangerous claims of evil doing, I try to challenge that because that sort of hard wired lying actually hurts the white race as much or even more than Jews.

            I recall your postings on the subject in the past to some degree.  Presenting guesses like “no one knows the number” maybe as much as three times more,” is not an argument, it is meaningless fluff.  What we do know is that Jews as a group did not do very well at any particular time in the history of the Soviet Union and were often subject to the same sort of persecution that they were under the Tzars, except they weren’t allowed to leave.

            I may not know much detail about the full activities of Jews in the South during reconstruction, but I know that even more of the oppression dealt out to whites AND blacks (in the form of exploitation) came from “Christian” whites, and many of them Southerners themselves.  I have a text on Reconstruction and I am going to search for more succinct information today.

            I once found a website about the KKK by a man who was descended from a leader during Reconstruction.  I got more positive history concerning Jews in the South than negative.  That is also where I learned that it was often Southerners who amassed land from other whites using real estate frauds and the like.

            I am always interested in more information and fact.  But saying that just because Grant and Lincoln prevented some Jews from selling to Union troops must mean something, doesn’t prove anything.  It may just as well be that their favored people (don’t forget that Grant’s administration was riddled with Reconstruction scandals, including nepotism in appointments). 

            Unlike you, I will not draw conclusions or even tend to based on a “this happened, so it must mean this” sort of forensic investigation.  My apparent habit of having a pro-Jew bias only appears so because I constantly find myself responding to the same broad based condemnation of Jews and an ignorant notion that Jews did nothing but cause trouble in European history.  If that is whitewashing, then I am guilty.

          •  He’s selling “Jews first, Whites a distant second.”  So, naturally people who put Whites first and Jews a distant second” aren’t buying.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             To your comment on the history of Jews as oppressors;  All you are saying is that Jews have been involved in the same roles that everyone else in a given historical epic was.  I know that.  It is the extreme ideas that I am addressing.  Those types take facts like those and pretend that it was just Jews or mostly Jews, when that is not true.  Those exaggerations are used to justify radical ideas for things like eliminating Jews.

            You just want to be the only one commenting on Jews.

          • Philo-Semites can’t help but sound like leftists.  That’s because they are leftists.  “Those exaggerations are used to justify radical ideas for things like eliminating Jews” is textbook leftism.  Like “those ideas are used to justify lynching blacks,” or “those ideas are used to justify violence against homosexuals” or “those ideas are used to justify violence against women.” Even though nobody brought up the violence/elimination argument until the leftist mentioned it. Fallacies (slippery slope/strawman argument in this case) are all leftists have.

            Same spots, same leopard.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             You wrote to me in a post that has been removed with much of the former discussion regarding Jews during the Reconstruction period in the South. 

            I have been reading through my book on the subject; “Reconstruction; 1863-1877, America’s Unfinished Revolution” by Eric Foner,  DeWitt Clinton Professor of History at Columbia and edited by The Editors of the New American Nation Series chaired by Henry Steele Commager, Simpson Lecturer at Amherst College after 20 years as a professor of history at Columbia University, the Pit Chair of History at Cambridge and the Harmsworth Chair of History at Oxford.  And there are more qualifications and references for him and his co-editor Richard B. Morris.

            It is 690 pages long.  I found only one reference to Jews in the South so far and it doesn’t help your claim or guesses.  It was in a section regarding the activities of the KKK.  Regarding a “reign of terror in Jackson, a plantation county in the panhandle of Florida where 150 people were killed.  Among them was a Jewish merchant named Samuel Fleischman, resented for his Republican views and reputation for dealing fairly with black customers.  (Footnoted bto Charles L. Flynn, “The Ancient Pedigree for Violent Repression: Georgia’s Klan as a Folk Movement.)

            I will continue to look for some hint of evil Jewish activity in the South as you and a couple others alluded to.  But offering direct references is required to solidify such a claim not antidotes  and assumptions.

            As for Mark Twain’s comments; he was known for being sarcastic.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             I Goggled “Jews in the Reconstuction South,” and found this in an online history summary.  Apparently, there is a book on Jews in the Civil War.  There were early Jewish settlers in the South and they fought by the thousands in the Confederate Army.  I have not yet found any reference to US Grant or Lincoln preventing Jews from selling to blacks for any reason.

            “As the southern states began seceding from the Union in 1860 and 1861, Jews rallied to the Confederate cause. Thousands of Jewish men served in the southern armies, while Jewish women, in accord with their gentile sisters, threw themselves into the war effort, sewing uniforms, knitting socks, rolling bandages, preparing boxes of clothes and provisions, and working in hospitals to care for the sick and wounded.

            After the war, during the period of Reconstruction, some South Carolinians of Jewish descent, including the notorious “scalawag” governor, Franklin J. Moses, Jr., supported the Radical Republicans’ drive to build a new society. However, most backed the Redeemers’ crusade to restore white rule. Jewish women such as Octavia Harby Moses and Phoebe Yates Levy Pember were prominent in memorializing the “Lost Cause.” In the shared experience of defeat, Jewish Confederates demonstrated their fierce sense of belonging.”

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             I have found what must have informed your distorted claim that Jews were prevented from selling to blacks,… something that sounded strange anyway, where and when would General Grant need to invoke this while Lincoln was president and the war under way?

            In the manner most of the “experts” posting here on Amren tend to distort or completely misrepresent history by referring to a historical period, here is the entry from Wikipedia that came up when I Goggled “US Grant stops Jews from selling to blacks – Lincoln supports”

            “General Order No. 11 was the title of an order issued by Major-General Ulysses S. Grant on December 17, 1862, during the American Civil War. It became notorious for its instruction for the expulsion of all Jews in his military district comprising areas of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky. The order was issued as part of a campaign against a black market in Southern cotton, which Grant thought was being run “mostly by Jews and other unprincipled traders.”

            Following protests from Jewish community leaders and an outcry by members of Congress and the press, it was revoked a few weeks later by order of President Abraham Lincoln. Grant later claimed it had been drafted by a subordinate and that he had signed it without reading.

            The order has been described as the “worst official anti-Semitic act in American history.”[1]”

            You are NO SCHOLAR, Marcy Flemming.

        • Do you mean comments that hold no meaning?  I mean, comments that are nothing but insults?  If so, I missed them.  I admit, I didn’t read them all, just many of them.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            One of them may have been where you expressed your wish that I be sent to a “Muslim country,” the idea being that my experience would inform me of the reality of Islam and bring me perhaps up to par with all you know about it.

            Well, guess what?  I DID live in a Muslim county, or right next to one, for several years.  I took a position with an orthopedic surgeon in the Balkans for the sheer adventure of it in the 1990s.  I had patients who were Catholic, Orthodox, Muslims, and what I really like to term “unbelievers” (which I prefer for myself rather than “atheist.”)  What I found (as I had already in Ireland, Mexico, and Holland) is that people, regardless of their religion, appreciate someone who treats them as human beings and with care and compassion.  When it came time to leave, many of them came the airport and some even wept to see me go.  It was remarkable and profound experience.  Nothing like you imagine. 

            I would do fine anywhere I went because when someone needs help, no matter who they are, I tend to respond to that need first.  Everyone appreciates that, regardless of their politics or religion, except for perhaps the most insanely anti-social terrorist or politico (like Stalin or bin-Laden, Hitler). 

            I had a colleague went to Iran at the same time I was in the Balkans.  He became well liked and defended by the women because he found a way to help the women recover from the brutal birthing methods they often practice there where they break (dislocate forcibly) the coccyx bone (tail bone) during delivery.

            You are way over your head and ought to be more cautious when flinging your words around in posts.

            I saw the development of the 1999 crisis in Kosovo develop and witnessed the NATO Bombing Campaign close up.  The fact is that real life and history is far more complex than your limited exposure has afforded you.

    • Was my post really that bad?

      • My reset wasn’t an indictment against any one person. 

  • Vornak

    An interesting read:

    http://www.blacksandjews (dot) com/BJQuotes%26Facts.html

  • Dave4088

    It’s disappointing that the thread was reset, but whatever. 

    Blacks have largely stopped their frequent attacks of mestizos especially since the latter have now overtaken them in sheer numbers.  But mestizos, racial failings aside, consider an attack on one of their members as an attack on the entire race and react accordingly.  This is why the black supermen of the Bloods and Crips of California have had to agree to a truce since they are being harried by mestizo gangs and have been reduced to a shell of their former selves in the golden state. 

    I know of one case in another state where a mestizo schoolboy was beaten up and robbed by black “youths”.  A violent mestizo gang in another town arrived to avenge the attack and serve a warning to blacks who might think attacking them is ok.  The bottom line is the blacks got the message.  As in prison, non-whites may have their problems and occasionally engage in racial infighting, but they take care of their own when it counts. 

    The police and court system of the U.S. simply don’t intimidate blacks into law abiding behavior.  The threat of collective retaliation and retribution from an opposing race are the only things blacks understand. 

  • alltoohuman

    Jews are super.  They’re a beautiful, truth-seeking people who bless every nation with their presence. 

    Is that better?

  • anarchyst

    The abstract concept of individual LIBERTY, personal responsibility, the freedom to determine one’s role in life and a Constitution that “limited government power” (NOT limiting citizens power as was the norm in those days) is a uniquely white European/American concept.  Our Constitution puts limits on government, describing what government may NOT do. . .
    Jews, on the other hand, developed the concept of the “kibbutz” which is akin to hard “socialism” or even “communism”.  As the inventors of communism, Ashkenazic jews have put millions of people into abject misery and suffering.
    As to Jews being God’s “chosen people”, I don’t believe it for a minute.  Much of the concept of being “chosen” was perverted from a purely spiritual aspect to one of a physical human “overlord” status.   Jews have been identified as the “chosen” people (from a ruling-class standpoint) with the Schofield translation of the Bible which misinterpreted the “covenant” as being of physical origin rather than the original “spiritual covenant” of the Old Testament.
    Too many Christian dispensationalists have bought into the “chosen people” to the detriment of all. 

    • I don’t know about what you write but I will say this:  Jesus changed the Rules.

      Different Subject:  How do you really know that what the Kings said is what God said?  I question that because for one, God is not cruel and two, the best and ONLY way to keep people in line is through fear so I say, could be possible the Kings lied.

      • anarchyst

        You are absolutely correct.  Jesus did change the rules.  From a vengeful God of the Old Testament to one that promoted love and harmony of the New Testament, it seems that the “attitude of God changed.  This was a turning point in human development.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           But the “rules” he made don’t support any racial or ethnic privilege. 
          That has been my point to you in many posts.  Just list a chapter and
          verse that does, please.

          That it was a turning point in human development may be true, but I doubt in the way you imagine.  The “pagan” Romans did more with their development of plumbing, architecture, civil law and order, ( that famous list from Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”)., not to mention continuing on in the traditions of the Greek Philosophers.  Read history, try a classic;  “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.”  You will find that in fact, Christianity was a major cause of the darkness of the “Dark Age,” and the success of the underground of philosophers, which carried the scientific curiosity, the knowledge and drive of the Classic Age) had to triumph over heavy Christian oppression. That took a thousand years.  The West rose again in spite of, not because of Christianity.

          •  So, you love Jews, and hate Christianity.  Anything else you want to tell us, Mr. “White Advocate”?

          • UNOMYNAME

            You’re myopic.  You can’t handle the thoughts or examine  yourself, but seek to defend.

            Do not put words in my mouth, mister.

            As I said to another, I don’t waste my time hating something that doesn’t exist to me. The historical facts are that Christians have drawn more blood in the name of Jesus and God than any other group and a good deal of it was Jewish blood (communist dictators did not kill in the name of atheism, but “the people”).

            You’re cheating.  The OT pertains to Jews alone, not to any group that wishes to claim it’s about them.  In the NT Jesus’ first supposed mission was to the Jews, but when they “rejected” him, it was to all and not exclusively to Jews.  This negates the effect of your NT quote.  More over, Paul in his endless clarifications, made it clear that everyone, except perhaps Jews were to be included.  Jews had to stop being Jews and convert, period.

            It is typical when losing a debate or over challenged, to propher up assumptions as accusations.  I disbelieve Judaism just as I disbelief Christianity.  I can and do make a solid case that Christianity hurts white survival and that obsessive Jew hating only hurts whites by making them obvious as hypocrites and vicious even to the religion that  made theirs possible.

          • UNOMYNAME

              “Philo-Semites can’t help but sound like leftists.  That’s because they are
            leftists.  “Those exaggerations are used to justify radical ideas for
            things like eliminating Jews” is textbook leftism.  Like “those ideas
            are used to justify lynching blacks,” or “those ideas are used to
            justify violence against homosexuals” or “those ideas are used to
            justify violence against women.” Even though nobody brought up the
            violence/elimination argument until the leftist mentioned it. Fallacies
            (slippery slope/strawman argument in this case) are all leftists have.

            Same spots, same leopard.”

            You like to make simple come-backs like a black rapper would, but they don’t stand up under real critical scrutiny.  You want to assign labels and run away.  

            The reason I point out the problems with disparaging Jews every time the subject comes up is because I firmly believe that doing that doesn’t make our goals as whites who want to see the white race survive – any easier.  In fact, it makes it harder because most whites who are prone to or beginning to see themselves threatened as whites are repulsed by the sort of reflexive Jew hating that goes on typically in the White posting boards.  What about being reconciled with Jews?  In my personal life, I have Christian and Jewish friends.  They know what I think and they still believe what they do and I still think what I do.  What we have in common goes deeper than religion or ideas,  IT’S BLOOD.  But it is also the knowing of another.  I’m an outgoing and friendly man in person, who loves to discuss history and social effect.  I have come to focus on white issues, because the situation has become so dire, but all I see when I come to boards like this are many whites who like the mentally ill descriptor, repeat the same themes as if they will work for them this time.

            You’re kidding yourself.  It may provide a sort of Gestalt therapy for you here online, but it won’t gain whites one bit of political traction.  In-fighting over religion further dooms any hope because some of you cannot stretch your minds enough to escape a toxic system of beliefs that have only held back whites, while whites like me made the progress for you.

            That ought to rankle you.  But rather than shoot back, think first.  I wouldn’t waste my time on any of you wordy race nerds if I didn’t care about the fate of the white race.

          •  You’re cheating.  The OT pertains to Jews alone, not to any group that wishes to claim it’s about them.

            I see.  First you dump on Christianity, then you start telling people what the “True Religion” “really” says.  Conveniently, that means that Jews get all the goodies, and Gentiles only get the universalist surrender theology.

            Got any more “pro-White” advice for us, Mr. “I love Jews and hate Christians, and Jews come first and Whites come in a distant second?”  Do tell.

          •  God broke his covenant with the Jews, and made a new one with all men.  This means that what he wanted for the Jews, he now wants for all men.  That means ethnic purity, ethnic solidarity, ethnic survival, ethnic prosperity, ethnic propagation.  God was a racist in the OT, so he’s still a racist now.  He would not have made the races if he wanted men to destroy them.

          • The historical facts are that Christians have drawn more blood in the name of Jesus and God than any other group

            Nonsense.  First of all, assertions like this are unverifiable.  Blacks don’t “do” history, so no one even knows how many people they’ve slaughtered down through the eons.  They beat the Nazis’ daily death toll in the Rwandan genocide (go look up the numbers if you don’t believe me), and that was with nothing more than small arms and machetes.  Second, they’re tendentious.  Christians have been far more numerous than most groups, and are different in kind than many other groups (e.g., they’re a “club,” not an ethnicity), so naturally they’re going to get high body counts – but what about per capita?  The Mongols probably outscore the Christians by a wide margin on any relevant scale (i.e., correct for their period of existence and the scope of their territory), for example. Atheists (Commies, Nazis) are way, way up there, too. They’ve sure as hell got the Christians whupped in the last 100 years (and communism is what, not even 200 years old?), so you’re talking ancient history vs. modern, too.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         But the “rules” he made don’t support any racial or ethnic privilege.  That has been my point to you in many posts.  Just list a chapter and verse that does, please.

        • Of course they do.  The Old Testament is leavened with ethnocentrism.  And Christ says “not a jot or a tittle of the old law will pass away.”  So there you have it.

          One great example of Jesus’ racism is when he tells the foreign woman who begs him to heal her child that he has come only for the sons of Israel.  In-your-face racism, no other way to describe it.  It’s only when she compares herself and her people to dogs begging for scraps from the Master’s table that he relents.

          Another good example is the Good Samaritan.  Israel was the crossroads of the world at the time.  Christ could have chosen a black or an Indian or any of the largely-Mongoloid central Asian peoples (all three would be known to Levantines), but he chose the Samaritans.  That’s because there was a raging debate at the time over whether the Samaritans were Jews or not.  His choice of Samaritan is telling; it’d be like a White Nationalist making a case for including Balkan Whites.

          There’s also the Scripture from the OT that says believers shall not choose a foreign ruler to preside over them.

          Then there are the myriad racist decisions on the part of old Yahweh himself. Kill this group, refuse intermarriage with that group, drive this other group from your lands. If it’s good enough for old Yahweh, it’s good enough for us, right? Then there’s the “you shall tolerate no foreign gods among you” bit. I can go on about this stuff forever.

          I don’t feel like finding you chapter and verse.  Scripture is scripture, it doesn’t depend on your acknowledgement or enlightenment.

          Oh, and to save you some trouble: I’m an agnostic.

          • UNOMYNAME

             You’re cheating.  The OT pertains to the Jews.  The NT makes it clear that it replaces that for everyone.  Most Jews didn’t accept that and remained Jews. 

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            You’re cheating.  The Old Testament pertains to Jews, not gentiles.  It is there for background and the NT is a replacement for everyone, including (supposedly) Jews.  Also, it is well known that Jesus’ supposed ministry was to the Jews.  It was later changed to everyone, so the case you cite is disqualified.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             Your outlook is no trouble to me.  I really don’t mind people having different outlooks than mine because most do.   It’s the dogmatic outlooks that have trouble with me. 

             I find it hard to believe that you are a studied agnostic, but more likely a lazy one.  You would have seen the problem with your arguments if you were actually using a critical review process rather than relying on what was left over from your previous religious training/brainwashing.

        • What in thee hell you talkin’ ’bout boy?

          Jesus is certainly Open to All, yes, this is True BUT, that in no way means Ethnicity is to be diluted, murdered or anything else that would put it in any sort of danger.May we all go our separate ways and finally be happy now.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             Ha…. as long as you get the last word, eh?

            You finally nailed it, it’s about faith.  Faith is for children and those who don’t want to think things out.  It’s easier.  But FAITH is JUST AN OPINION and has no more validity than any other opinion.  You just want an excuse to not have to think too deeply or work too hard.

            But there are other types of faith. Faith in oneself, faith in ones people, faith in ones culture.  Through your abandonment of all these for the sake of your religion of doom, you yourself demonstrate that you really have no real faith and guarantee the demise of the white race.

            You can say what you want, but the overwhelming history and practice of Christianity says different.  BUT IF what you say is true, then Christianity is condemned by your mouth because it has been used to justify killing all sorts of ethnic groups and people with other types of FAITH.

            I haven’t seen one poster in this thread demonstrate even a fundamental use of simple binary logic in their reasoning, which is  hardly present.

            Also, it’s the ones that must use insult who have no other recourse for argument.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Using your own questioning of what God said,  How DO YOU know that anything claimed in the Bible is what “God” said?  In Genesis, it says that God created man in his image.  Really?  Does that mean that God has sexual organs?  Who does he, …. see?  Who is his wife?  Then, we see a god more like unto the Greek God Zeus, living up in the clouds, with the emotions of the most possessive, weak, manipulative man imaginable.  In fact, the more one looks at it objectively, the more it really appears that ‘man created God in his image.”

        Once we got up to the clouds, surprise, no God, no heaven.  Now we have been exploring the universe for decades and there is no evidence of any supernatural being anywhere, just complex physical phenomena that requires the best minds with the highest IQs to fathom even theoretically through mathematical predictions.  At the very most, there is as much proof that your God exists as there is that the Easter Bunny or that renowned “Flying Spaghetti Monster” exists. 

        • anarchyst

          Just as man was “created” in God’s image, Noah’s Ark was actually a DNA bank.  Modern science can lend credibiliy to biblical “stories” as in ancient times, it was impossible for humans to understand the science involved . . .

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             Hardy, har, har…..  “Impossible for man to understand the science involved.”  This and other similar posts serve well in demonstrating the complete imbecility involved in the vacant reasoning believers use.  Thanks for the belly laugh.

            Modern forensic investigation has shown the opposite.  No Noah’s Ark has been found, but evidence of cataclysmic flooding has been.  It was likely due to a comet splashdown and broke an isthmus that existed between the Mediterranean and Black Sea. Ancient human habitations have been located under water in the Black Sea.  That however, is all it means regardless of how many different folk and religious myths have developed from it, and several have been shown to have besides the Biblical story.

        • vladdy1

          Okaaaay. So because puny humans sent out the Hubble and went to the moon, we now know there is no God. Gee, maybe He’s in one of the curled-up dimensions? The fact that He is God means he doesn’t have to prove himself to us. You sound like a 17th century citizen claiming there is no such thing as a way to move pictures through the air, because after all, they’ve invented all this stuff and still haven’t run across such a thing. Geesh! Why are, unbelievers so damn b***** when it comes to accepting those with other beliefs?

          (And yeah, we notice militant atheists always pick on the loving Christians and never the violent muslims. Easy pickins’, huh?)

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             Physics isn’t a belief, science isn’t a belief.  Science is a method, and the only method we have for investigating everything, including your or anyone’s claim for a supreme being.  The location of your god and his realm has grown so far off that it can’t be estimated.  But you say “HE” is there.  This is leaving the huge and wide ranging historical and archeological (also scientific) investigations around religions and claims of the supernatural out.  But just to cover it, they’ve been continually debunked by scientific, forensic investigations and researches of all sorts.

            Moving pictures through the air is about physics, not belief.  Your argument is for those religious types who once claimed that the earth was flat and it was sacrilege to claim otherwise, not me.

            “The fact that He is God means he doesn’t have to prove himself to us.”

            This is the classic Circular Argument.

            You guys keep parading your ignorance and emotionalism in posts for all the world to read and be impressed with the IQ of the typical Amren poster. 

            That you cannot comprehend me or understand these things is no surprise to me.  You can’t see that your claim for God because you say so because some religious myths say so if NOT proof of any god.  There is as much proof of your GOD as there is for the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, etc.  But to satisfy you on the larger point, there is also no proof for a god named Allah or for any supernatural characters in any and all religious mythology in the entire world.

            It is not for me to prove there is no god, even though the evidence is overwhelming.  Extraordinary claims require proof.  And as Occum’s Razor states, all things being equal, the simplest answer is the most likely to be true.  Believers have been straining themselves, even going insane for centuries insisting on religious fantasies while making grabs for earthly power, while common sense and every available scrap of observable evidence and logic says that it is a notion restricted to our imaginations.

            As far as I know there are and have never been militant atheists.  Atheists have never carried arms or killed in the name of atheism.   The killing done under dictators who seized power in communist systems were doing their butchery in the name of “the people,” not atheism.  Marxism simply recognized the collaboration of Church and monarchy in oppressing the masses throughout history, which was completely historically true. On the other hand, God and Christ has been invoked and used to justify the murders of millions of people, mostly white, throughout its history.  If we judge a tree by its fruit, then Christianity is the worst of all, even Islam.

            Islam is not the subject here, Christianity is.  Islam has no place in the West as far as I am concerned.   My concern is the problems that the continued clinging to Christianity poses for whites who want to be able to act to preserve themselves because Christianity works against that.  If Islam had been the dominant religion in the West for the past 1500 years, I would be arguing against it.  I do argue against it in other places.  After 9/11 I spent all night marathons for days doing online combat.  Your assumptions are simple and emotional and you don’t have the wit to realize or comprehend anything more because of your slavery to Christianity.

            But you are right, Christianity was so fraudulently concocted out of existing and pre-existing religions and so heavy handed in its attempts at psychological blackmail and coercion that its lends itself to easy ridicule.  Where Islam just claims to have a prophet of god, Christianity makes claims for all sorts of mythological magic but claims it to be factual, leaving in its wake a history of doctrinal forgery and frauds the the modern investigator finds easy to pinpoint.  The only way people like you go on is by ignoring it, and screaming all sorts of easily rebuffed insults at people like me.

          • You have No Faith.  It’s just that simple.  You will not convince us and we will not convince you and at this point, who cares?  Don’t change us and we won’t change you.  Fair?

        •  You want to have your cake and eat it, too.  You want to dump on Christianity on one hand, and on the other, you want to interpret Scripture for us and deny to us the right to interpret it for ourselves.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             I would say that you are the ones who want to have your cake and eat it too.   You want to ignore the vast weight of directives contradicting you while STILL insisting that you are Christians.  You really want to have Jesus and God as a war god pair, more like Odin and Thor than anything in the NT, but you are stuck on the names and the incredibly mutilated religious culture you want to call Christianity.

            There is nothing, no law, no violation of reason, or values that says that I cannot be critical of Christianity (or any religion) while also studying and arguing for what its documents, history, and actual words say, AS an unbeliever.  Often, atheists and agnostics BEGAN AS BELIEVING INVESTIGATORS AND SO KNOW MORE about the Bible than its followers because we have nothing emotional to defend.  I began studying Christianity in particular because I sensed at a young age that something was basically wrong with it.  For years, I was looking to find a reason to prove my suspicions wrong.  It turned out the other way around. 

             I had a seemingly inborn interest in history, and it turns out that one cannot study European or Western history without studying Christianity (and by extension a number of other religions).  I have studied Christianity all my adult life and I rely not just on my own bias, which I would argue I really don’t have because as an objective researcher, I really only want to know the truth of things.  I have read thousands of pages of the earliest and most scholastically accepted histories and analysis.  I have even visited all sorts of churches and other religious (pre-Christian) sites in Europe.   I have read the words and evidences of top researchers and even theologians, many of whom today are admitted agnostics, because that is where thorough study of Christianity (and religion) leads the intelligent and studied researcher.

            One of the main problems and causes of widespread hypocrisy among Christians is the idea that anyone can interpret the texts anyway they see fit.  In your case, since incest, murder, betrayal, etc., are in the Bible, you can do it too.  What is clear in your case and for the typical Amren defender of Christianity is that none of you are attorneys, trained in science or possess any knowledge of forensic investigation, or even the ability to think critically.

            I really don’t have a problem with anyone believing what they want.   My problem with Christianity aside for the real harm it has done to Europeans and the West over 2,000 years is how it can and IS being used against whites today.  Any argument, such as your easily debunked one for support of white exclusivity or dominance in Christianity is vastly overridden by the main directives of the faith.  Christianity creates hypocrites immediately this way.  White Separatism or Realism or nationalism or whatever you wish to call it is easily attacked and made to look foolish because most of its supporters insist that they are “the true Christians.”  It would be hilarious to me if it weren’t so seriously (and unnecessarily) a threat to white survival.

            Whites like you are putting your religion ahead of your race.  Our commonality as whites who care about the white race ought to be the priority.  What worries me about so many of you is that your Christian fanaticism is so strong that it seems to make you just as capable of murder of fellow whites as ever in history, it is just under the surface.  That is why I have yet to attend an Amren Convention.  I think that I can safely predict that the White Realist, or Separatist, etc., movement will not get anywhere while these conditions last.

          • I told you, I’m agnostic; I have no religion.  Kind of hard to carry on a conversation with someone who can’t even keep the basics straight.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             I don’t think it matters whether you are agnostic, atheist or a believer.  If you are arguing for Christianity or believing, my replies apply.

            You are looking for some sort of victory, or way to ignore the uselessness and error of your comments.  Try having a conversation with someone who can’t use simple binary logic when discussing a topic.

        • BECAUSE:  Much of what The Bible says makes PERFECT Sense and sounds EXACTLY like something God would Say is why.

          sexual organs – Who thinks like that?  I have NEVER thought about “sexual organs” when thinking of God or Jesus.

          I asked my Mother ‘if God is our Father, where did God come from’ (who’s His parents) and she told me, you’ll just have to ask Him when you git there and so, that’s my answer to you.

          Faith.  I reckon it’s called Faith.  You believe or you don’t.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             Oh yeah, it makes perfect sense.  That’s why people like me and legions of others have been able to pick it to pieces.  You still have not offered an argument that makes any sense.

            You offer the circular argument.  Your mother told you to ask God, so what did “he” tell you?

            It’s simple; if God created man in his image, that must mean what it says.  So how does it satisfy his needs?  Did Jesus have sex organs?  These are the sorts of questions that are used to critically review Biblical claims.  It doesn’t surprise me that you haven’t though of any of them or that your mother dodged the issue by telling you to ask “God.” 

            “Faith” is an opinion.  Having faith in obvious mythology and proven fraud doesn’t make you or your opinion better than mine or any other.

            The question I have been putting here is the concern that this delusion and the overwhelming effect of Christianity in the West is against white survival.  And that is what matters and why I have been arguing this issue on this thread.

            That you and other obsessive posters “don’t buy it” is not my full concern because you are not the only ones reading it.  The illogical and foolish way you and others have been replying to me tells the full story for all to see.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             “BECAUSE:  Much of what The Bible says makes PERFECT Sense and sounds EXACTLY like something God would Say is why.”

            This is the classic example of the Circular Argument.

            I believe that you think this makes sense, going by all your previous irrational comments and claims.  That is actually one of the big arguments against Christianity in particular; its system acts like a thought virus.

            Anyway, I am in good company.  Regarding what the Bible says.  Theologians and famously Mark Twain who wrote;

            “The cure for Christianity is ACTUALLY reading the Bible.”

  • anarchyst

    The “tribe” is responsible for the “multiculturalism” and “diversity” mess that we are in.  The “tribe” controls the mass media, is responsible for debasing our culture and controls the financial and political systems . . . in MY country and abroad.
    I used to chuckle when hearing certain sites speak of a _______ occupation government, but decided to check it out myself.  You know what??  They are right.

  • Celestial Time,

    Don’t leave.  We need people like you.  I believe like you, Free Speech is First for a Reason.

    Dear Amren,

    I did read most of the posts and I didn’t see anything terribly terrible.  Yes, there were some rude comments but nothing I thought of being worthy to wash away the entire thread of comments.  And yes I know, I don’t run the place, don’t work there and I’m just a guest here in your home but still, in my opinion, if you want rude comments, read the comments from some of the posters on Politico.  Now they can be rude and also crude.

    • When I was in the second grade, there was a time when as a generality, the boys in my class, save myself and my best friend, were acting unusually obnoxious.  Our teacher had enough of us, and temporarily farmed us out to another much more strict 2nd grade teacher for a week, and by “us,” I mean all the boys in her class, I and my friend, the one behaving, included.  Among our collective punishment was no lunch recess for a week.

      Once our collective punishment was through, I asked both my regular teacher and my mother why I and my friend were punished even though we didn’t do anything wrong.  They both had different ways of explaining the concept of collective responsibility, but I think I got the concept, in as much as a 7-year old truly could.

      If I screw up in my capacity of one of an undisclosed number of AR moderators, everyone who ever was, is or will be in any official capacity with AR/NCF is hurt.

      It would have been one thing if this thread in its previous incantation had only a few bad comments.  But there were so many that The Big Red Reset Button was the only viable solution.

  • Bill_der_Berg

    I suppose that it’s comforting to know that the media take seriously their responsibility to keep their readers in the dark about what’s going on.

  • These “issues” were still an “issue” in the old paradigm.

  • This format is better for a dialogue.

  • Bill_der_Berg

    The Ten Commandments are all very well, but there are times when  the  advice  given by John Derbyshire, in his version of ‘the talk’,  might be more useful.

  • jeffaral

    If it’s verboten to mention the J and I words in a critical context, so I infer it’s allowed to mention this same words in a complimentary context.

  •  We don’t mind this “dissent” of which you speak existing.  We
    just  don’t want it existing here on the pages of AR.  Similarly,
    certain by-products of human digestion belong in a water-filled
    floor-mounted porcelain bowl, not as a side dish in a five-star

    So, you admit you censor dissent.  And compare dissenters’ opinions to feces.

    Celestial Time:

    not removing dissenting opinions, we’re trying to prevent Three Mile
    Island, and a bunch of unnecessary yelling and screaming.

    you’re denying that you censor dissent.  And comparing dissent to
    “yelling and screaming.”  Well, yelling and screaming is what leftists
    do when people dissent.  So, you can either ban them, or cave to their

    And we must be even more vigilant on “I” and
    “J” stories, because it’s really easy for the discussion therein to
    devolve into shouting matches.

    Right, because nobody is more shrill than a philo-Semite defending his (often adopted) tribe.

    awful lot of double-talk to spin the fact that yes, you do censor
    opinion, and yes, you do sound a lot like a leftist when you explain
    why.  As I pointed out on another thread, “right-wing” kiddie-pool sites
    like Amren, SBPDL, etc., are teeming with leftists pretending to be
    conservatives.  They’re just not as leftist as the current PC
    mainstream.  They want Whites to be able to shout “we secede!” to the
    Blacks and Browns, but then they want a veto if the English want to
    secede from the Irish, or if the Southerners want to secede from the
    Union, or the Gentiles want to secede from the Jews.

    You claim to
    be avoiding shouting matches, not opinions, but you nuke entire
    threads.  The “why” of this is blindingly simple: philo-Semites are the
    ones who turn the discussions into shouting matches (just like
    “anti-racists” do).  They have no arguments (just like anti-racists), so
    they throw feces.  And we can’t go deleting only the philo-Semites’
    (feces-flinging) comments, now can we?

    If you come up with a
    consistent set of rules, you can ban people who violate them.  E.g., no
    ad homs or implied ad homs is easy enough to enforce.  And people who
    have something to add besides ad hominem will gladly avoid the fallacy. 
    People who have nothing better to say will wind up banned.

    that’s not really what you want.  You want to be able to say “no, we
    don’t censor the topic,” then do precisely that.  So you can have your
    cake and eat it too.

    I’d actually prefer an open ban on the topic to this PC-leftoid doubletalk.


       Censorship is deleting or preventing certain words or comments from public or even private view.  One only needs a motive to make it so, no government required in the definition.  Be honest.

    •  You seem like a level-headed fellow.  The first thing you should try to understand about the “hot heads” on my side of the fence is that we’re sick to death of being muzzled.  We’re muzzled EVERYWHERE WE GO in the 99% of society that observes the rules of philo-Semitism.  And it sticks in our craws to be muzzled anywhere in the 1% of society that claims to be ruled by pro-White sentiment.

      I know perfectly well that some people ostensibly on my side of the fence make asses of themselves (I suspect a non-trivial fraction do so on purpose).  And I have no problem with the administration here taking steps to keep things civil (in fact I welcome it – the knuckleheads aren’t doing me any favors, quite the contrary).  One of the best ways to do that is to make sure you give people a vent for their opinions, as long as they follow the rules in how they express them.

      I’m a fairly intelligent guy.  I can follow any set of rules of civility that don’t amount to censoring my opinions.  Yet, I’ve always had more trouble expressing my opinion here than I have at Steve Sailer’s blog.  And Steve doesn’t have a budget.  He doesn’t have to nuke threads.  Why is that, when Sailer isn’t even ostensibly pro-White?

      As for the “Kiddie Pool,” well, past experience has taught me that the shoe fits.  Things do seem to have improved here, though.  If you mean what you say, then you should just enforce the rules of civility and stop nuking threads.  If certain posters can’t follow the rules and make themselves too much of a burden, then ban them.  They’ll get the picture and adapt, or they’ll wander off to greener pastures.  I can tell you now you’re probably going to have more trouble with the other side of the fence.  All they have to work with is deception and fallacy.

      •  I think one error in your way of thinking is that you label everyone not in agreement with you on that issue a philo.  Really, there aren’t that many philos.  They’re almost all nuts, granted.  But there aren’t that many.  There are also Jewish thinkers, people opposed to anti-Semitism out of principle, and most people, who don’t care either way.

        The person to whom you are referring (the original commenter, not the moderator’s note) I contend has a personal motive in criticizing Christianity.  He denies it all the live long day, but vitriol that constant almost always has a personal motive.

        • If that was part of my way of thinking, then I would be in error.  It is safe to assume that most of the people who broadly disagree with me on the issue are philos, though.  True agnostics are as rare as hen’s teeth on the issue.  They wind up driven into one camp or the other by social pressure.

          I disagree that there aren’t many philos.  It’s the default position in western societies.  That’s why it’s an issue of contention on pro-White sites.  The matter is settled everywhere else.

          We can argue semantics and definitions all day (e.g., people who are opposed to anti-anti-Semitism out of principle), but it’s somewhat tiresome.

          •  The term philo-Semitism means something to me, such that I don’t think every plain jane dispensationalist low church Christian is a philo, even though I agree with neither sentiment.

      • Yet, I’ve always had more trouble expressing my opinion here than I have at Steve Sailer’s blog.  And Steve doesn’t have a budget.  He doesn’t have to nuke threads.  Why is that, when Sailer isn’t even ostensibly pro-White?

        Because Jared Taylor has a professional reputation to keep beyond AR.  That gets hurt greatly if AR has a bunch of bent cross rhetoric on it with regularity.  As great a mind as Steve Sailer has, the reality is that he has no professional career beyond his socio-political commentary. 

        Things do seem to have improved here, though.

        “Improved.”  By whose standards? 

        • Because Jared Taylor has a professional reputation to keep beyond AR.

          Fair enough, but there’s a point at which one simply chooses free speech over its enemies (no matter how many times they utter guilt-by-association fallacies; really consider that fallacy for a second – it’s like saying America’s reputation is hurt greatly by allowing “ANTI-SEMITES!!!” Freedom of Speech).

          It’s hard to put too much emphasis on that point; people are using the fact that you allow free discussion against you – you really want those people as friends? “ZOMG JT doesn’t censor peoples’ opinions – there are mean people posting on his site! Lynch him!”

          “Improved.”  By whose standards?

          Free-speech lovers’.

          Any American Renaissance will have to include a renewed and radical appreciation for Freedom of Speech.

          • Jared Taylor’s desire for that particular question not to be discussed that much (preferably not at all, but it coming up in a medium like this is a fact of life) in AR doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to to come up at all, or wants to use the power of government to make sure it isn’t debated elsewhere.

            There are many places where it is discussed.  Click on your screen name to find such a place.

            I might not like broccoli, and I may not want to see any of it in my refrigerator, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy it and eat it.

          •  But to continue the metaphor, you do give people dirty looks for discussing broccoli at your house, throw them out if they bring broccoli over, etc.

          • Sure, because it’s “our” house.  Actually, Jared Taylor’s house.

          •  Actually, to really complete the metaphor, when Jared throws a party and finds out someone was discussing broccoli, his bouncer throws everyone out, whether they were discussing broccoli or not.  Or at least, this happens at some of his parties.

            Hey, you’re right, it’s his house.  But you can see why some people might characterize it as the “kiddie pool,” right?

          • Now we’re getting somewhere.  However, what’s not perfect about this analogy is that broccoli hardly offends anyone.  The row over the I and J and Z stuff is too hot to handle.

            Speaking of analogies, you annoyingly keep calling AR a “kiddie pool,” even though you want to soak your feet in it.  What would you consider to be an Olympic-standard pool?

  • redfeathers

    Is it controversial to say that black on white attacks aren’t very important to the MSM, politicians, etc., except when the white people are jewish or gay?


    Modern theologists (since the 18th century) have found no less than 400,ooo errors of translation in all the oldest manuscripts and Bible versions in existence.  Today the count is greater and unknown, but there are more errors in translations up to the Bibles in use today than there are words in them. (Source; Bart Ehrman “Misquoting Jesus”).  What makes you think you’ve somehow got it right?

    Of course, it’s all really man made mythology, all of it; Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Pagan beliefs, etc.

  • MekongDelta69

    To Svigor and Moderator (btw, I tried to click the ‘Reply’ link and it doesn’t work for the comment below, so I’m posting this here, not that anyone really cares).

    I came back to this thread after a couple of days and couldn’t find any of my comments (or anyone else’s for that matter) and subsequently read why.

    I’ve noticed in the past (on AmRen), whenever the subject of Israel or something having to do with Jewish people is posted, there are even more comments than the (now seeming – and sadly – mundane) topics of black and/or brown crime, etc., etc.

    For just a tiny example (of thousands), Svigor and I completely disagree about this particular subject. (as do many other posters with other posters.) (i.e. I’m pro-Israel and pro-(conservative) Jews and he’s not.) However, I agree with a lot of what he said in his post below (except for saying ‘philos’ turn discussions into shouting matches. Actually, if you read very carefully, it’s ‘antis’ who do that.)

    I’ve been around here since the beginning and I’ve seen a lot of moderators (and posters) come and go. Their names used to be on the hard copies of AmRen’s mastheads. Some of them have created their own sites and I’ve even remained ‘friends’ (friendly) with one of them.

    There are some things I don’t get (no matter which side of the argument you fall). Why are Israel and Jews referred to as “I” and “J”? Why does Mr. Taylor (with whom I also have a friendly – if infrequent – email ‘relationship’) have to be referred to as ‘Top Floor’? (This isn’t a military mission here, of the kinds I used to be involved in.)

    And since every time an article is run about Jews and/or Israel generates so many problems, and you have to ‘reset’ / edit / delete comments, why run them at all? Being a moderator is a subjective job (and it can be definitely no fun at times), so why subject yourself to the grief?

    • However, I agree with a lot of what he said in his post below (except for saying ‘philos’ turn discussions into shouting matches. Actually, if you read very carefully, it’s ‘antis’ who do that.)

      That might be your assessment of the former set of comments in this thread, but in general, when it comes to the I & J stories, I think the culpability for starting the shouting match can be shared among all four sides (philo, anti, anti-anti, Jewish).

      Why are Israel and Jews referred to as “I” and “J”? Why does Mr. Taylor (with whom I also have a friendly – if infrequent – email ‘relationship’) have to be referred to as ‘Top Floor’? 

      I like to be metaphorical.

      Keep that in mind if I ever use the phrase “need to know basis.”

      And since every time an article is run about Jews and/or Israel generates so many problems, and you have to ‘reset’ / edit / delete comments, why run them at all?

      Because that’s why Jared Taylor has moderators.  He expects us to keep the lid on it.  Bad job by us when we let it spin out of control.  I’ll be metaphorical again:  A journey of a thousand miles does begin with a single step, but doesn’t always involve paved roads.  Anything worth having is worth working for, and similarly, anything really worth doing is worth enduring the difficult patches. 

      I’ll stop now before I run out of cliches.

    • For just a tiny example (of thousands), Svigor and I completely disagree about this particular subject. (as do many other posters with other posters.) (i.e. I’m pro-Israel and pro-(conservative) Jews and he’s not.) However, I agree with a lot of what he said in his post below (except for saying ‘philos’ turn discussions into shouting matches. Actually, if you read very carefully, it’s ‘antis’ who do that.)

      I can’t really disagree with this, for several reasons.  First, you said I wasn’t “pro-Israel” or “pro-(conservative) Jews,” and the fact is, I’m not.  But I want to clarify that that doesn’t make me anti-either.  I’m absolutely not anti-Israel.  I’m just not pro-Israel, either.  I’m pro-White.  That means I can be pro- or anti-Israel, depending on what’s good for Whites.  My views on Israel are somewhat complex and I’d love to discuss them with you (or anyone else) if you like. As for conservative Jews, I’m not a conservative, so you’re barking up the wrong tree there; I body slam conservatives on a regular basis.  Second, I really don’t have much more than sporadic experience reading Amren (especially over the last few years – I used to read here more regularly) so I’ll defer to your experience on the culpability of “philos” and “antis” locally.  In my experience, “philos” just can’t handle open discussion.  They fold like cheap tents.  Which is why they tend to congregate where they’re protected by site policy.

  • razorrare

    Joel Stein
    December 19, 2008
    I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.
    How deeply Jewish is Hollywood? When the studio chiefs took out a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago to demand that the Screen Actors Guild settle its contract, the open letter was signed by: News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jewish), Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey (Jewish), Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jewish), Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (surprise, Dutch Jew), Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish), CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel), MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish) and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish). If either of the Weinstein brothers had signed, this group would have not only the power to shut down all film production but to form a minyan with enough Fiji water on hand to fill a mikvah.
    The person they were yelling at in that ad was SAG President Alan Rosenberg (take a guess). The scathing rebuttal to the ad was written by entertainment super-agent Ari Emanuel (Jew with Israeli parents) on the Huffington Post, which is owned by Arianna Huffington (not Jewish and has never worked in Hollywood.)
    The Jews are so dominant, I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies. When I called them to talk about their incredible advancement, five of them refused to talk to me, apparently out of fear of insulting Jews. The sixth, AMC President Charlie Collier, turned out to be Jewish.
    As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood. Without us, you’d be flipping between “The 700 Club” and “Davey and Goliath” on TV all day.
    So I’ve taken it upon myself to re-convince America that Jews run Hollywood by launching a public relations campaign, because that’s what we do best. I’m weighing several slogans, including: “Hollywood: More Jewish than ever!”; “Hollywood: From the people who brought you the Bible”; and “Hollywood: If you enjoy TV and movies, then you probably like Jews after all.”
    I called ADL Chairman Abe Foxman, who was in Santiago, Chile, where, he told me to my dismay, he was not hunting Nazis. He dismissed my whole proposition, saying that the number of people who think Jews run Hollywood is still too high. The ADL poll, he pointed out, showed that 59% of Americans think Hollywood execs “do not share the religious and moral values of most Americans,” and 43% think the entertainment industry is waging an organized campaign to “weaken the influence of religious values in this country.”
    That’s a sinister canard, Foxman said. “It means they think Jews
    meet at Canter’s Deli on Friday mornings to decide what’s best for the Jews.” Foxman’s argument made me rethink: I have to eat at Canter’s more often.
    “That’s a very dangerous phrase, ‘Jews control Hollywood.’ What is true is that there are a lot of Jews in Hollywood,” he said. Instead of “control,” Foxman would prefer people say that many executives in the industry “happen to be Jewish,” as in “all eight major film studios are run by men who happen to be Jewish.”
    But Foxman said he is proud of the accomplishments of American Jews. “I think Jews are disproportionately represented in the creative industry. They’re disproportionate as lawyers and probably medicine here as well,” he said. He argues that this does not mean that Jews make pro-Jewish movies any more than they do pro-Jewish surgery. Though other countries, I’ve noticed, aren’t so big on circumcision.
    I appreciate Foxman’s concerns. And maybe my life spent in a New Jersey-New York/Bay Area-L.A. pro-Semitic cocoon has left me naive. But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.,0,2313474.column

  • godzillabloggs

    It would be interesting to know is the mainstream media in New York reported this  crime, or rather series of crimes which took place over years.  The victim was Jewish  and the perpetrators were black.

    Four men repeatedly ‘raped and pimped out young woman
    for eight years starting when she was 13’



    •  Godzilla, I haven’t exactly made it a point to stay abreast of the kinds of disparities you speculate about, but in my experience the media doesn’t have an obvious bias here.  Generally speaking, Jewish media types  tend to throw their little folks to the wolves just as readily as they throw ours.  But Jews are far better insulated against NAM aggression than Whites, so it’s not as though both groups are paying the same price for the media’s crimes.

  • ThomasER916

    There was a time I would have cared that Jews were being targeted and beaten by blacks. That time has long passed.

    David Sirota wishes the Boston Bombers were white.

    Tim Wise dreams of a day when whites are a beaten and beleaguered minority.

    Barbara Specter pushes Multiculturalism and mass immigration on white countries while keeping Israel a racial and ethnic state.

    The list could go on forever but I’m really no interested in typing forever. Joe Slovo pushed for the end of an ethnic state that welcomed him only to hand it over to the blacks and make anti-white racism and genocide a moral agenda. Once the blacks took over the Lithuanian Jews jumped ship and moved out, blaming whites for “anti-Semitism” but never able to see that they, the Jews, were the ones who demanded “Multiculturalism” all along because of their anti-white, anti-Christian hatred and racism. Apparently that’s happening again in New York.

    No doubt Amren will delete these comments so I’ll just post it with a link to remind people why Amren is made of fail.

  • benvad

    The Jews are all for these animals, now is great that their getting at taste of what whites have to endure. I’d like to send the groids to israel.

  • benvad

    They encouraged this disaster? Now it’s time the reap it’s benefits.